Perverted Uncle James
(M/Ff, inc, oral, cons)

by Kysa Braswell

I recently discovered that my Mom's brother is a pervert. Well, maybe not a pervert, but he gets his sexual kinks in strange ways. I live at home and attend a local community college. Uncle James came to live with us after he separated from his wife. I first suspected something when I was doing laundry one day and found that several pairs of my panties had dried cum in them. Male cum. Then I discovered a peephole in my bedroom wall, the other side of which is the guest bedroom where my uncle sleeps. I looked around in his room and found a bunch of hardcore fuck books and magazines, even a pair of my panties. I decided I'd have some fun with my uncle.

Instead of going out on Friday night like I usually do, I told everybody at dinner that I was staying home to study for a big exam for one of my courses. My folks went off to a party and my uncle hung around to watch a ball game on TV. Until I came into the TV room wearing a new see-through negligee I bought especially for the occasion.

I walked in with my blonde hair in a pony tail. Well, I should say that I bounced in, since my braless boobs led the way, quite visible through the flimsy material of the negligee. And when my uncle saw me, his eyes bugged out and his jaw went slack, and he looked shocked, all right. And before he could say a word, I had parked my butt in his lap and put my arms around his neck and given his a big hug, mashing my plump C-cup tits against his chest and wiggling my butt against his rapidly-responding 9-inch prick.

"Terri, what?" he sputtered.

"I just wanted my favorite uncle to know that I love him very much," I said, batting my brown eyes and smiling, the picture of innocence.

"Innocence," hell. My stiff nipples pushed at his chest like bullets and his prick nudged against my ass. My pussy was soaking wet and I could feel it on my pussy hair. I knew that if I could feel it, then could my uncle could hear my pussylips smack when I walked.

"Well, I'll leave you alone to watch the game," I said, still rocking knowingly on his prick. "I'm going upstairs to my room to... read... or something." I kissed him on the lips and slowly got up. I purposely looked at his lap to see that I had left a damp spot right over the tented fly of his pants. I couldn't help but let out a little lustful groan at the sight of my pussy juice staining his bulging pants. I wiggled my ass and looked over my shoulder. "Don't stay up too long," I said.

I went straight to my room, stripped and got on the bed and opened some of the magazines I'd taken from my uncle's room. I'd purposely left my door ajar so I could hear him come up the stairs. His own room was between mine and the stairs, but he'd have to pass my room to get to the bathroom to take his nightly shower.

I was looking at the magazines and languidly fucking my pussy with my finger when I heard Uncle James coming up the stairs. He went into his room and I just knew he would make a beeline for the peephole. I leaned back and my pussy was aimed toward the wall as I stuck my forefinger deep inside my pussy. I started cumming immediately at the thought of my Uncle James watching me through the spy hole. I bet he was whacking his huge prick like crazy.

I pulled the finger out and licked it, then I sucked it like it was a real, throbbing, hot prick. My uncle's cum-swollen prick. The cock that was just beyond that wall, iron stiff, wanting to explore the depths of my pussy and to have me lick it and suck its slippery load out and swallow every drop like a good little girl.

I played the nasty nymphet role for all it was worth. I thumbed through the magazines, mimicked poses and said things like, "Oh, I want a really big cock inside my belly!" and "I'm so hungry for cock and a belly full of hot cum!" I didn't know if my uncle could hear, but I knew I was giving him an eyeful, all right! My pussy hair was matted with my cum and a wet spot was growing on my sheets. But I didn't know how I was going to get my Uncle James to actually give me what I needed.

Out of sexual frustration, I looked directly at the peephole, shoved my finger deep into my pussy and let my tongue loll out. I winked and blew a kiss at the spy hole, hoping my uncle would realize that I knew and that I wanted him. Surely he recognized the magazines! Ohgod, I needed a real prick - his big ol' cock inside me now!

It seemed like forever ticked by. Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement outside my door. James! I thought. But I waited. I groaned and whispered as I pumped my pussy, "Oh, I need it! Gimme, gimme, gimme! fuck me... please Uncle James?"

Finally, James eased the door open. He was wearing his bathrobe but his hand grasped the erection that stuck out from below the sash. He was pumping slowly, his face flushed and sweaty. I turned, letting my legs splay wide and giving him a grand view of my hot, soaking slit of lust. He moaned as his eyes took in the sight of my sweaty body and I pulled my hand away, all slick and coated with my juice, and I held it out towards him.

"Please, Uncle James?" I whispered. He stepped closer, his eyes locked on my basted finger. His prick was leaking and the dripping precum served to lubricate his pumping fist. He stood beside my bed watching my writhing body. He wanted me but I think he would have been content to just stand there and watch and jerk off. But not me. I wanted more. I wanted his immense prick so badly.

Again I held the my fingers toward him. This time he reached out with his left hand and took it from me. He brought it to his face and held it under his nose. He inhaled deeply and then began licking my secretions from the shaft. That's when I made my move, quickly sliding to the edge of the bed and swooping for his purple knob, like a hungry bird pouncing on a fat, juicy worm. Before Uncle James knew it, half of his yummy prick was inside my mouth and my tongue trilled the sensitive underside of the head as I inhaled the freshly sweet male scent of his crotch.

"Terri!" he gasped, dropping the finger and grabbing onto my shoulders as his prick lurched in my mouth and began spitting his huge cum load down my throat. I held his balls in one hand and stroked his thigh as steaming wads of his cum shot rope after rope over my tongue and straight down my throat. Oh, God, he tasted so good! "Uh, huh!" he grunted as his prick came a flood, shamelessly feeding me the nectar of life. How wicked of him and how wonderful. Every niece should be so lucky to have an uncle as juicy and tasty as my Uncle James.

His massive 9-inch prick finally softened, but just a little bit. James pushed me back and dropped his robe. "Now it's your turn," he said as he laid on the bed and directed me to straddle his face. I did so and before I lowered myself onto my uncle's tongue, I strained and released some juice from my pussy, dripping in one long, shiny thread. James caught it on his tongue and hungrily sucked it up. I smiled and lowered my wet cunt to his waiting mouth, holding onto his head and gasping at the first touch of his tongue on my tender labia.

James has a long, thick, active tongue, I quickly discovered. It quickly squirmed deep inside my channel, wiping my juice from the walls and tickling me as nothing ever had. I fingered my clit, rubbing the tip of his nose in the process, and wishing I could fuck his nostril with my prick-like button.

"Ooh, Uncle James... you eat my pussy so well... hmm, going to cum soon... yeah, like that! Oh... oh, yes-s-s! Now, now! Cumming!"

I did, too, sending a river of pussy juice into his mouth. I heard him gulping and he held my thighs tightly, keeping my bucking body parked firmly on his face. I eased off of him and lay next to him as I caught my breath. I kissed his cunt-flavored lips and fondled his long thick prick.

"Fuck me with this," I said, both a plea and a command. But he said my folks were due home soon. I begged him to return after they went to sleep and I lay awake waiting until after midnight when my uncle quietly entered my room. He removed his robe by the dim glow of the night light and settled between my welcoming thighs. His rigid prick slid comfortably into my pussy as if it had been there a thousand times before.

My folks were asleep down the hall so I managed to keep the moans and whispers to a minimum as Uncle James drilled my pussy and churned my juices. My fingernails raked his back and sank into his flexing ass cheeks. Ooh, my uncle sure knows how to fuck his little niece! He fucked me with long, deep, powerful strokes, better than any fucking I'd ever had. None of the guys I'd had could compare with the way my own uncle plunged in and out of me, sending a zillion bolts of pleasure throughout my body.

Uncle James sank far into me and didn't move as his cum squirted into me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist as I came with him. I fell asleep with my uncle in my arms and with his hot cum simmering inside me.

Naturally, when I awoke, Uncle James had slipped out of my bed and returned to his own room. But after that night my uncle and I couldn't get enough of each other. I fondled his prick under the dinner table while talking with my folks about business courses at school. My uncle would squeeze my boobs whenever he could. And every night, either he would sneak into my room or I'd go to his for some heated fucking.

Two weeks ago my folks went out of town for the weekend. Uncle James and I made the most of it, too. I let him fuck me in the ass ("Drive it home, James!") and he let me stick my finger up his ass, so we both lost our anal cherries. When my finger made my uncle cum, he shot out gobs and gobs of cum, much more than he usually does. I should know. I swallowed it all and I had two more mouthfuls than usual.

Uncle James asked if I'd ever had sex with another girl and I said yes. Two weekends ago James and I went to my friend's apartment. Cindy said she'd never heard of an uncle doing it with his niece before and she and I had done some messing around over the years so she was eager for a threesome.

Cindy was fascinated when I went down on my uncle's prick. And James asked Cindy if she wanted so me as well, so both of us sucked his prick. Cindy and I got into a pussy-eating 69 and he took turns fucking my tight little pussy and her really hairy pussy. I wasn't jealous or anything. Not even when he slid his prick into her butt. She wiggled like a fish on a hook and whimpered into my pussy, but she loved it. James spurted his cum inside her so that made her raw flesh feel better.

Not long after that, Cindy strapped on a black dildo and I mounted her. James got behind me and worked his prick in my ass, just like I'd watched some women do in fuck videos. Double penetration! My girlfriend's dong in my pussy and my uncle's prick in my ass. Hmm, it felt damn good! Believe me, it's great when you get fucked by your uncle and your best friend at the same time!

James and I are trying to figure out how we can get our own place without pissing off my folks. Naturally, they have absolutely no idea that James and I are getting it on under their roof. While the current arrangement is okay, we really would like to spend the entire night together without worrying about being caught. I've even been talking with Cindy about the three of us getting a house. That way the three Of us could get it on all the time. But Cindy has a boyfriend, so that just might be a bit of a problem.

We do need to be careful, though. I almost got caught sucking Uncle James' prick yesterday. I was still swallowing his jism when Mom walked in from work. Mom would freak if she knew that her little brother was hiding his salami inside her daughter's horny pussy. Of course, if she knew how good he was, she might want some, too!

The End
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