Bare-assed Niece
(Mm+/Ff, inc, size, teen)

by Kysa Braswell

Mandy Winfield was awakened by a sound somewhere in the big old house. Had she really heard something, or had she been dreaming? The sound came again and, startled, Mandy jumped up in bed.

But who could it be? Her husband, Len, was sleeping soundly next to her in their big kingsized bed. Her niece, Mia, who had arrived just that morning to spend a few weeks with her Aunt Mandy and Uncle Len and their family, was sleeping in the guest room right next door to Mandy's and Len's master bedroom. And, listening now, Mandy could tell that all was quiet from within the guest room.

That left her children, whose separate bedrooms were farther down the hall of the second floor, Doug, Diane, and Winston. The three kids each had their own bedroom so Mandy knew it wasn't the sound of them talking or roughhousing that had awakened her. Her breath quickened and her heart hammered in her chest as she rose and threw on her robe and stepped out into the hall to investigate. As she walked down the hall toward her kids' rooms, Mandy felt a quickening in her pussy and, once again, she realized just how horny she was. She and Len had a marvelous fuck life but that evening, they had quarreled and had gone to sleep without their usual torrid fuck session. And now Mandy was paying the price for that quarrel. She moved her right hand down between her legs and almost unconsciously began to rub her hungry cunt as she moved toward the bedrooms. In his room down the hall, Winston Winfield was jerking himself off. He had been super horny all the day, ever since his sexy 14-year old cousin, Mia, had arrived. He had never seen such a gorgeous, sexy chick! And, when he had accidentally stepped into the bathroom while she was toweling off after her shower, the boy had seen her huge E-cup tits and golden fleece of cunt hair, and he had had a raging hardon ever since.

Now, as he jerked himself off, he found himself thinking about not only Mia and her beautiful little pussy, but his 11-year old sister, Diane, and her little cunt. And, now, he was even going so far as to dream about fucking his own mother! Even though the young boy had never fucked anyone before, he found himself wishing fervently that he could fuck and suck all three of the beautiful females who were, right that moment, sleeping not far away from him. That is, he thought they were all sleeping. What Winston didn't realize was that, as he jerked himself off, one of the objects of his lust-filled fantasies was making her way quietly toward him.

Winston was lying back on his bed, his face flushed, his breathing uneven, his eyes tightly closed. Even though he was only a boy, his body was reacting just as a full-grown man's would. And the teen had the build of someone much older, too tall, lean, and muscular. He was already the object of many sex-filled fantasies enjoyed by his female classmates, and even a few of his teachers!

Winston worked out with weights which just added to his naturally muscular, sturdy build. His chest was broad and strong and already very hairy. The muscles in his well-developed arms rippled with the movements of his hands as they closed around the thick, long, ten-inch prick that was now hard with desire.

Unknown to Winston, his mother, Mandy, stood in the doorway, rooted to the spot, watching him as he teased and stroked his prick. The sight of her boy's beautiful; big cock etched itself into her feverish, horny mind. She didn't move, didn't make a sound except for the thudding of her wildly beating heart which rumbled through her brain.

Oh God, she thought, he's my own son, and only a boy at that! I can't stand this! He's making me so hot! I should get out of here before he sees me!

Winston's face was contorted into a mask of need and desire as his head thrashed from side to side on his pillow. His hands move faster and faster, trying to relieve the aching lust in his groin. They pumped lewdly up and down on the shaft of the boy's young, hot, throbbing prick. His eyes were still tightly shut, and he was unaware of his mother's presence as, almost against her will, she stepped quietly into his room.

Mandy could hardly believe what she was doing. Her mind had surrendered to the commands of her horny body, and to the hungry lust that lurked in her juicy, hot pussy. She spoke them in a voice choked with emotion and need.

"Winston," she whispered. "Winston, honey."

She had to call out once more before her husky voice penetrated the young boy's lustcrazed mind. His eyes opened wide in shock, and he jumped suddenly from the bed, in a frenzy of panic.

His hands groped wildly, trying to cover his huge hardon, and he felt like running, wanting to get as far away as possible from his mother and the shame that consumed his entire body. He tried to speak, to find some words to explain to her, but his young voice only cracked and his mouth worked soundlessly as he stared helplessly at his beautiful, sexy mother.

"Winston," Mandy cried out softly when she saw the shame in her son's eyes.

Realizing that this experience could set the tone for the rest of his sexual life, she resolved to handle it the best way for her beloved son. She could not turn away now. That would probably traumatize the boy for life. He would always think of sex as dirty and shameful. She cared too much about her youngest child to do that to him. Instead, she would have to convince him that there was absolutely nothing wrong with what he had been doing.

"Honey," she murmured, reaching out to him. "Don't worry, Winston. There's nothing wrong with what you were doing."

Winston moved toward his mother and fell into her arms, shuddering and beginning to sob convulsively. Again and again, his body shook with surprising force against the fullness of his mother's heaving tits, his voice tortured with terrified moans.

"Darling, Winston, it's all right," she crooned to him, wanting to console him and, at the same time, wanting to feel the throbbing heat of the boy's young body as it trembled against hers.

She led him to his bed and sat down beside him, cradling his head against her huge, firm tits, unaware that she had opened her robe to let her son's tear-stained face rest against the softness of her warm, full flesh. She just wanted to make the boy feel better, to take away his agonizing shame.

She only wanted him to feel safe with her, to know that she hadn't meant to frighten him or invade his privacy. She wanted to cry out to him that he had done nothing wrong, that everything would be all right.

Instead, all she could feel was the heat of his young, manly body against her, and suddenly she leaned back with him, just to hold his quivering body against hers.

Accidentally, her hand brushed against the thickness of his young, hard cock, jutting out obscenely and gleamingly moist from his hairy crotch.

Oh no! her mind screamed silently. Please no! Not with my own young son! He's only a teenager, just a kid!

"Winston, honey, don't cry! Don't feel so bad. It's all right, believe me," she heard her voice cooing to him. "You haven't done anything wrong. It's completely normal to jerk yourself off sometimes. I even do it all the time myself! "

Winston gasped and his cock lurched and hardened even more. And, hearing his mother's lewd words, he stopped crying and almost laughed outloud. For, now he realized that his mother thought he was so upset just because he had been jerking himself off! If she only knew, he thought with amusement... how many times he had made himself cum over the years. He had long ago come to terms with that part of his life!

What his mother didn't understand was that the reason he had been so upset was not because he had been jerking off but because she had caught him jerking off! And because he felt guilty for having such lewd fantasies about fucking his own mother! He was really more embarrassed than ashamed.

Mandy's hand still rested on her son's crotch, and now her fingers enclosed the throbbing warmth of his thick and swollen prick. They probed for the sensitive and cum-bloated fullness of his young balls, her wrist scraping along the jutting thickness of his lurching cock as her palms felt the tickling of the young hairs that covered the soft sac.

She heard her son's voice through a misty haze as he moaned and groaned passionately beneath her obscene touches.

"I love you, Mom. I love you... I love you," he moaned.

Mandy couldn't even remember having removed her robe but suddenly she was completely naked on the bed beside her young boy.

"Don't talk, honey. Let me do it. Oh Lord, I need you so much. Soooooo much! Just don't move or say anything I won't hurt you. It'll be beautiful. Let mama show you. I promise you you will love it!" she murmured, hardly able to believe that she was saying such lewd words to her own son, but unable to stop herself.

Her soft hands caressed her son, her fingers encircling his big, hard cock, her lips and tongue searching for his. Winston began to writhe beneath her as though he were possessed, his hips arching up and over to hers as she stretched out beside him and leaned above his reaching body. He had never known that such burning flames could consume him the way they were doing now.

This was a dream come true for the young boy. Only moments before he had been jerking off while thinking about fucking his sexy mother. And now, here he was, Iying in her soft arms with her mouth pressed against his and her hand on his cock!

He was afraid to move at all, afraid to lose the lusting sensuality of the feel of his mother against him, afraid that if he moved the bubble would burst, and he would find out it had all been a dream after all.

Over and over again, they pressed their lips together, their tongues mashing hotly against each other, their saliva mingling obscenely Mandy moaned with lust into her son's open mouth, and she realized that she had never felt quite so excited in all her life.

Winston's muscular young body trembled as his mother's fingernails traced their burning way across his flesh. The loud pounding of his excited heart seemed to rise up into his throat and his cock hardened and swelled even more as his mother continued to stroke it.

His entire, young, inexperienced body ached and lusted for the older woman, and he knew that he would never feel completely satisfied until he felt the thrill of his cock buried up his mother's little tight pussy.

He ached with painful swelling in his young groin, and suddenly almost sat bolt upright, the force of that lewd thought hitting his mind with the force of a hammer. He was really going to do it! Somehow, he knew that that was what his mother wanted too! He was going to get to fuck her!

On the heels of that exciting idea came the frightening thought that he might not be able to give her what she wanted. After all, he had never fucked anyone before, and he didn't really know what to do. What if he really messed it up? What would his beautiful, sexy mother think of him then?

"Mom!" he suddenly cried, breaking their passionate kiss. "I don't know how to funk! I'm sorry but I've never done it before and I don't know how!" His face flushed with embarrassment.

"It's all right, darling. Don't be upset. Mama will show you how. Just lie back and relax, and let me do all the work. You'll love it, I promise," she whispered into his ear.

Her hands reached for him again and she slowly stroked the throbbing rod of teenaged cockflesh between his quivering thighs.

"Do you like that, baby?" she asked. "Does it feel good?"

"Ohhhhhh, yessssss,"' he moaned, his voice slurring with lust now.

She laughed softly. "The best is yet to come, darling. Pretty soon my hot little pussy will be tight around your big beautiful prick, and it will squeeze all of your delicious young cock-juice out into my thirsty little pussy!" She continued to stroke her son's prick and Winston could feel his cock swelling and growing to an even greater length and thickness. Mandy could feel her son's prick throbbing lewdly against her hand, and it turned her on so powerfully that her pussy began to twitch and drool hen own juices.

Winston was squirming and thrashing around on the bed now with the pleasures that were racing through his whole body

The aching pain in Mandy's cunt was slowly being replaced with hot anticipation and the knowledge that soon she would fuck her son's super-thick ten-inch prick up into her hungry pussy! She moaned softly. She needed to feel her pussy bursting wide open with the force of a wild, gushing cum. She closed her eyes tightly and licked her dry lips with her wet tongue as she continued to pump her hand up and down her son's big, pulsing prick. Gone completely from her mind now were any thoughts that this young boy beside her was her own son, that he was only a kid. She felt nothing except the burning touch of a thick, hard, pulsing cock in her clasping hand, knew nothing except the hot, tormenting desire that rose steadily in her aching body like a ready-to-erupt volcano. She knew that only her son's cock stuffed up her pussy could give her the hot, exciting orgasm she needed so badly.

"My tits, darling! Hold them, touch them, suck them! I want you to play with my tits, Winston!" she cried obscenely.

Winston's hands reached out eagerly but uncertainly, trembling and unsure until his fingers felt the hardening stiffness of her large rosebud nipples. He touched them gently at first, until his mother pressed them harder into his hands, and then, he began to roll and pinch them between his fingers, almost cumming on the spot from the delicious, forbidden sensations that raged through her body from his aching loins.

"Please, darling, kiss my tits, lick them for your mother," she moaned against her boy's ear.

Grinning with anticipation, Winston took the tender, pulsing nipples into his mouth, softly grinding his teeth against one, then the other.

"Ooooooh, yessssss, just like that, darling! That's just right!" she cried softly.

Winston heard his mother's moans and was afraid he was hurting her. He pulled his head away, afraid this she was in pain, but she quickly pulled him fiercely back to her throbbing mounds of titflesh.

"Oh, please don't stop, Son! Please! It feels so wonderful! Sooooo good."

Then he felt her hands with their sharp fingernails groping and searching down between his thighs, scraping and teasing the tender, sensitive skin until his legs shook and he spread them eagerly beneath her touch. She turned him over gently, pushing his head away from her until he lay before her on his back, his legs spread lewdly, his throbbing cock jutting up into the air, visibly pulsing.

"Just lie still, darling," she cooed while she traced her hands over his entire young body, down his chest and across the curve of his hips to his thighs and lower legs, and then back up, her fingertips once again reaching the rising shaft of his obscenely waving huge prick. As though her fingernails were small butterflies, she ran them up and down against the tight, trembling underside of his cock, sending violent shivers through him as she stroked the taut skin, across the pulsing veins and up to the ridged, purplish head of his hardened rod of cockmeat. Then her hands moved down again until they caressed the fullness of his down-covered balls and tickled the curling strands of soft, fuzzy hair.

Winston lay beside her, moaning softly, unable to do anything but to allow his young, manly body to writhe and tremble beneath his mother's skillful, hot touch.

"Just let me touch you," she crooned over and over into his ear. "Just relax and let it happen. Just enjoy! Let your mama make you feel good!"

Her hands moved away from him as she braced herself with them and lowered her face to allow her mouth and tongue to follow in their path. Her lips brushed his ear and then slid down the side of his neck and across his chest.

The manly expanse of hair on her son's chest thrilled Mandy, and she turned on even more, feeling her pussy itch and burn with hot, unrelieved desire for the young boy and his big, gorgeous cock.

For what seemed like forever, she moved her warm, wet lips and the tip of her moist, glistening tongue around his rib cage and the puckered nubs of his male nipples. Slowly, she moved down and even farther down, past his navel, across the flatness of his lean belly, until her tongue touched the bottom of the thick cockshaft that rose lewdly from his groin.

"Oh, God, Mom!" Winston cried out and his hips arched convulsively at the unexpected touch of his mother's burning lips on his young, hard prick.

Its throbbing fullness seemed to keep getting bigger and bigger with the teasing flicking of her hot, spearing tongue.

"Ohhh, goddd, Mom!" he cried out again as her mouth closed around him, taking his big, hard, throbbing cock into its warm, wet depths completely until the boy could feel her teeth and the back of her throat against the broad smooth head of his prick.

His hips rose again and again uncontrollably, burying his pulsing, oozing prick inside his mother's moist, hungrily sucking mouth. Suddenly, Winston felt a jerking sensation building somewhere deep in the very bottom of his aching balls, and he knew that he was about to blow his scalding cum right into the depths of his mother's throat.

Mandy knew it too and she pulled her clasping mouth away from her boy's cock with a soft wet, sucking sound.

"Not yet, darling. Not yet. We have to wait a while. It's going to be better if you wait. Trust Mama," Mandy murmured.

She pressed him flat back against the bed and forced herself to keep her hands from touching his jerking cock for several moments until she could see that the forceful pressure of his young cumjuice had slackened.

Then, she raised herself to her hands and knees and moved over to straddle him. she could hardly wait to feel her son's big, throbbing prick up her pussy!

As Mandy straddled her horny, muscular young son, preparing to fuck him, she felt her pussy twitching and throbbing with horny impatience.

She had thought at first that she wanted him to be on top of her while they fucked. But now, she was afraid that if she touched him too much or if she made him move around too much, he would shoot his load before she had a chance to get his big, gorgeous prick inside her tormented, wetly oozing cunt.

"Winston, darling, don't move. Let me do it. Let me do the moving," she murmured, her face flushed, her tits heaving.

As she asked, Winston lay completely still, trying to will his young, impatient body to wait, to tell his aching balls to hold on to the release they so desperately needed.

He felt her knees pressing against his sides and he could even feel the heat that poured out from the hot, velvet cuntslit between her widely splayed thighs. He closed his eyes tightly, knowing that he would shoot off then and there if he continued to look at his mother's exciting pussy.

Mandy positioned herself, lowering her hips until the edge of her son's hot, throbbing cock brushed against the pulsating, bloated lips of her cunt. she waited, poised in anticipation, knowing deep inside her aching body that this would probably be the most exciting fuck of her life. she needed a complete, total release, and she knew that her boy's prick would give it to her!

Then, she dropped her hips, abruptly and forcefully. Winston's cock ground up into her tightness like a battering ram, eased only by the pussyjuice leaking from inside her hungrily clasping pussy.

Her son's cock slammed up into her horny cunt until she thought she would faint from the intense pleasure that shot through her entire body.

"Ohhhhhhh, yessssss!" she cried out, and her body shook from the trembling spasms of pure lust that spread through her like rolling tidal waves.

"Aaaarrrggghhhh!" Winston moaned, his eyes rolling back in his head as he felt the exquisite ecstasy of his mother's hot, juicy pussy engulfing his cock to the hilt.

The young boy stared up at his mother with lust-glazed eyes. God, she looks so gorgeous, he thought, especially with my cock sticking up her pussy! He saw her eyes glaze over with a strange, hot look as she worked his wide cockhead more firmly between her puffy cuntlips. She was holding his prick very tightly in the hot grip of her demanding cunt.

Mandy raised herself up and then, with no warning, she stiffened and jammed her small, tight cunt down hard on her son's cock. Winston jerked with shock and lust as he felt his prick plunging deeply again into her wet, puckering pussy hole.

"Ohhhh, Son, it feels sooooo good!" Mandy groaned loudly. She licked her lips excitedly and moaned over and over as she felt her son's big prick filling her pussyhole with its hot, pulsing meat.

Her cunt sank down farther on his rigid prick, until her pelvic bones crushed her pussylips against the base of his prick. His cock was inside her pussy to the hilt now, and she could feel it throbbing lewdly against her cunt walls.

"Oh, yeah, Mom, fuck me! It feels soooo hot!" Winston cried, tossing his head from side to side in a frenzy of fuck-lust. "Fuck the shit out of me!"

Mandy rolled her eyes in pleasure. She felt so fucking full with her son's huge cock filling up her entire hungry pussy. It was the most exciting and pleasure-filled feeling of her entire life.

"Mmmmmm, soooooo good, Son," she moaned as she worked her pussy up and down his big shaft.

She was giving herself the best fucking ever, raising herself almost off Winston's prick, then lowering herself again until it was completely embedded in her hot pussy. Over and over, she fucked herself, feeling her pussy growing hotter and wetter with each exciting thrust of her crotch over her boy's big, pulsing cock.

Mandy's pussy gushed out buckets of hot pussyjuice, which oozed out her flowing cunt and trickled down her trembling legs. Her son's prick was slick with her cuntjuice as she continued to pump the big ten-inch cock in and out of her tight pussyhole.

With a series of excited moans and groans, Mandy moved her cunt faster and faster over Winston's pulsing, throbbing prick. He began to lift his hips up from the bed, forgetting that his mother had told him not to move. He thrust his hips up toward hers as she pumped her cunt down over his bursting cock.

Mandy was humping up and down on her son's young, hard prick like a fucking machine. She clenched and unclenched her cunt muscles as she pistoned her cunt up and down on Winston's slick, rigid prick.

"Ohhhh, fuck me, Son, fuck meeeee!" she cried, rapidly shoving his huge cock in and out of her grasping pussyhole. She was more turned on than ever to feel her son's backfucking movements as he continued to thrust his ass up from the bed and shove his prick into her pussy even as she rode him skillfully.

Her sexy, lush body slammed up and down on the boy's cock, fucking him over and over. She could feel her stomach muscles churning and tightening with a hot, rising excitement as she fucked them both closer to their much needed climaxes.

Winston's balls began to tighten and he groaned aloud, jerking his ass off the bed, humping his mother back with each thrust of her pussy down his prick.

Winston instinctively shoved his bursting prick up into his mother's pussy with each downward thrust of her tight cunt. And, finally, the boy knew that he had to take charge. He loved the way his sexy mother was fucking him, riding his big prick like a wild bronco! But, suddenly, his sense of masculinity surged through him and he knew that he had to be on top of her, fucking his big cock in and out of her juicy pussy.

Almost before she knew what was happening, Winston had skillfully rolled over, holding tightly onto his mother, until he was on top of her and she was breathlessly beneath him.

Sensing what was going through her son's mind, Mandy smiled, only to glad to see that he was ready to take charge now.

"Do it, Son! Fuck me! Fuck your horny mother!" she cried hotly.

Her hips ground uncontrollably into the squeaking bed and soft, mewing animal-like sounds escaped from her passion-clenched lips as she waited for her son to fuck her brains out!

"Please, darling! I need you inside me! Please fuck me, Winston!" she cried again and again. "Now," she moaned, her entire body writhing and twisting impatiently. "God, I'm so hot for your cock!"

"Don't worry, Mom! I'll fuck you really good!" the boy cried as he moved between the woman's undulating thighs.

He gasped with excitement as his hugely thick, throbbing cockhead nestled against the pulsating opening of her hot, juicy cunt. He began to work his cock between her soft, fleshy pussylips, making the woman moan with pleasure. Then, with a sudden lunge of his hips, he fucked the blood-engorged head of his prick furiously into the throbbing lips of the beautiful woman's straining cunt.

"Ohhh, yessss," Mandy cried, throwing her head wildly from side to side.

Winston plowed his big, throbbing ten-incher deep into his mother's tight, clenching pussy, pushing great ripples of soft, pink cuntflesh before it. She jerked convulsively as the huge rod of flesh raced into her belly, crawling around inside her, filling every crevice and pushing her inner organs out of the way. Again and again, he pounded into her, pushing every single one of his ten inches of his massively swollen prick into the hot, juicy tightness of her cunt. He paused for a moment then slowly, very slowly, he began to move his hips back and forth again, her soft, mewing moans filling the air. A hot, pounding pleasure tingled through the woman's sexy, lush body. Her hips began unconsciously gyrating in an abandoned rhythm with the increasing speed of the massive, swollen prick that continued to fuck into her.

"Ohhh, Son! I love the way you're fucking me! And you've never even fucked anyone before! You're a natural fuck, Son! You're soooo good! Fuck me haaaaard!" Mandy cried.

His mother's obscene words drove him into an even more wild and frenzied fuck-movement and he pounded mercilessly into her until it seemed as though she had to burst wide open from the tormenting pleasure her body was absorbing.

Each time he drove his prick down into the depths of her hot, juicy pussy, Mandy thrust her ass up from the bed, matching him stroke for fuck-stroke. Their crotch hairs ground obscenely together, exciting them all the more.

"Oh God, Winston! Don't stop! Don't ever stop, honey! It feels soooo great!" she cried, churning her upturned asscheeks faster and faster, trying to keep up with the monstrous pole of cockflesh that drove relentlessly into her desire-racked pussy.

She groaned as the handsome young boy slipped his hands under the moons of his mother's asscheeks, raising them and at the same time straining his prick into her with all the young, manly strength of his hips and thighs.

Mandy moaned incoherently as she wound her long, slender legs around his hips each time he fucked into her. she worked her strong cunt muscles against her boy's cock, hugging him tightly against the smooth velvety folds of her pussy walls. Then, she loosened her musclehold, allowing him to slip back out so he could fuck into her again.

Her pussy squeezed tightly around his rigid cock until she could feel every inch of hot flesh on his throbbing rod of meat. She screwed her asscheeks up tight against him until she could feel the swelling, cum-swollen balls pressed hard into the wet, wide-stretched crevice below her cunt. The soft, fuzzy skin danced teasingly against the sensitive outer ring of her small, naked ass, sending shivers of lewd pleasure surging through her body. Nothing else in the whole world existed for the woman at that moment. There was no tomorrow, no yesterday, no other man, only her wonderful young son, Winston, and the tormenting sensations he was making her feel right this moment, only the deep, dark hole of lust and flesh, of belly slapping against belly.

"Fuck me haaaaaard, darling, throw it into me!" she begged, gasping with excitement and pleasure. She was approaching her orgasm, and she twisted and contorted, spreading her legs wide apart and then pulling them up higher and higher, bending them at the knees, spurring him on with her heels as she dug them into his hard-muscled asscheeks. Then suddenly it began! Mandy could feel her insides splitting almost painfully and deliciously as the head of his deeply sunken prick suddenly flared into a hugeness that seemed to fill her entire body. It began to spurt a flow of hot, thick cum like an erupting volcano into the welcoming hole of her pussy.

"Cummmmmiiinnngggg!" the boy cried, throwing his head back and groaning with pleasure as he shot his load into his mother's cunt.

All of Mandy's senses suddenly exploded in flashes of whirling colors and lights. Again and again, her body burst forth in an ecstasy of orgasm, and waves of hot, forbidden pleasure crashed down around her.

As she felt the last spurting jets of Winston's cum shoot thickly into her still-spasming pussy, she looked up at her son with a tenderness and love that she had never felt before.

Bright beams of moonlight fell across the white-paned windows in young Mia Winfield's upstairs bedroom, creating patterns of light and shadow. As the young blonde virgin stepped into her room, she felt a sudden twinge of loneliness.

Maybe I should have gone into town with the others, she thought, throwing herself down onto her bed. she was at her Uncle Len's house to spend a few weeks with him and his family and, that particular night, he had taken his wife, Mandy, and Mia's three cousins into town to see a movie. Of course, he had wanted to take Mia, too, but she had begged off, pleading a headache.

Now, she admitted to herself that she had been lying. She had not really had a headache. What she had been troubled with was far, far worse.

For what the young virgin had was a raving case of the hornies! She was used to being horny a lot of the time. That was nothing unusual. But, lately it seemed as though she was the last virgin left in the world! She was feeling hornier than ever until trying to relieve the insatiable hunger in her tight little cunt was all she could think of!

She hadn't gone to the movie with the others because she knew, from past experience, that she wouldn't hear a word spoken in the film. During the entire movie she would sit there, rubbing her thighs together, trying to satisfy the longing deep in her cunt. And then, she would finally be forced to excuse herself, go to the restroom and fingerfuck herself to orgasm.

And then, even after a gigantic orgasm which would send buckets of pussyjuice down the young girl's thighs, she would still be horny! And she would have to admit to herself what she had been having to admit to herself for a while now, ever since her horniness had become so intense that only a big, fat cock could give her the kind of relief she really needed.

Finally, she slid off the bed and ambled slowly to the dresser. She turned on the lamp and began to remove her clothes and get ready for bed. As she looked at herself in the mirror's reflection, she couldn't help but feel a surge of pride sweep through her.

For Mia was an extraordinarily beautiful girl. She looked admiringly at her soft, shimmering blonde hair which fell gently down her back. She was proud of her sparkling blue eyes, her full, sensuous lips, her dazzling white teeth and shapely, lush body.

As she began unbuttoning her blouse, she could feel her big tits pressing tightly against the confines of her bra. She would have to buy a larger bra soon. Her tits, already unusually large, just seemed to keep on growing!

Placing her blouse on a hanger, Mia looked into the full-length mirrors on the wardrobe in her room. Her long, slender legs always attracted a lot of attention from the young boys at the high school and even some of the male teachers seemed to get hardons when she let her skirt slip teasingly over her knees.

She removed her skirt. Slipping out of her sheer panties, already moist with her juices, her eyes glanced up and down her body in the mirror. She removed her bra and looked with pride at her full, ripe tits, with their taut, rosered erect nipples, just waiting for some boy's hot hands to play with them. Reaching up, Mia gently massaged her lush tits. And then her hands wandered down to her flat tummy, finally reaching down to stroke her moistening pussy. She liked touching the down-soft, curly blonde pussyhair. As she let her fingers smoothly slide between the moist pink lips of her cunt, she felt her jutting red clit, quivering and hard. It was so exciting, rubbing her own fingers over her rigid little clit, and she could feel her juices drenching her hand as she teasingly rubbed it up and down. As she turned on more and more, Mia parted her legs wider, thrusting her hips forward, increasing the speed of her finger stabs. She found herself imagining that a man was licking her pussy. She could almost hear the loud slurping sound of his mouth pressed tightly against her hot cunt as she ground it into his face. As she looked at her mirrored reflection, the young blonde teenager saw that her face was contorted with lust-filled passion. If only she had a huge, throbbing prick plunging in her hot pussy this instant! She knew what she would do. She could feel her cunt muscles tightening on the imaginary long, thick, hard cock stabbing into her cherry cunt. She could see her lush tits juggling, her nipples taut as she thrust her hips forward, responding to her finger stabbing inside her juicing pussy.

Just then in the darkness, the intruding noise of the front door being opened caused her to freeze for a tense few seconds. And then she recognized her cousin Doug's footsteps as he came up the stairs toward her. Noiselessly, slipping her sticky fingers from her horny little pussy, Mia tiptoed to the dresser, turning out the light. She hastily slipped between the sheets and lay down, still completely naked.

A few moments later, Doug opened the door to Mia's bedroom and stood framed in the light from the hallway. Mia gasped when she saw that her older cousin was as naked as she was!

His muscled young body was turned sideways as he peered into the dark room, trying to find Mia. His naked ass and thighs were easy for her to see. In fact, she could see everything! She watched him, totally mesmerized by his beautiful masculine body as he continued to search the dark room with his eyes.

The young virgin felt a tingle of lewd excitement surge through her body. As he turned slightly in the doorway, she could see his big cock, which looked as if it were already semihard!

She swallowed thickly, trying to fight the rising lust in her pussy as, to her surprise, Doug reached for his prick and slowly began to slide his fingers up and down its thick length.

Mia could not take her smoldering eyes off what she was seeing now. The muscular young man's big cock was swelling in size! With firm, long strokes, he continued slowly pumping back and forth on his big, pulsing cock. He let his hand move swiftly up and down the hard shaft, making it stand out stiffly from his hairy loins.

The thick, knobby head of the boy's prick was starting to ooze cream. At this point, a small moan of fuck-lust escaped the girl's lips as her naked cousin walked into the room and over to the bed where she was lying.

"So there you are," Doug said, grinning.

"I... I went to bed," she said foolishly, not knowing what else to say.

Doug laughed. "So I see. And do you like going to bed all by yourself? Aren't you lonely?"

Doug stared into the girl's eyes, gazing down hotly at the lush contours of her body, neatly outlined by the sheet she had covering her.

"Well, I... sometimes I get lonely, I guess," she said, faltering.

Suddenly, Doug reached down and whipped the sheet off the young girl's body. Mia gasped in shock and tried to cover her pussy and tits, even though she was growing more and more excited with each passing second.

"No, don't do that, Mia," the young boy murmured as he reached out and took her hands from her crotch and chest. "Never hide anything so beautiful. You have the most beautiful big tits and little pussy I've ever seen. Let me look at you, honey."

He stared with lust at the girl's ripe, full tits, and at her beautiful, juicy little pussy nestled between her legs. From the sensuous way Doug was leering at her, Mia could almost feel his lips pressing across her tits, his teeth biting down on her naked, stiff nipples. Seeing her face flushing with lewd embarrassment, Doug turned on even more.

"I'm glad we're here all alone, honey. We can have ourselves a lot of fun," he slurred, his voice strained with lust.

His words made Mia suddenly realize something that had been nagging at the back of her mind ever since she had first heard her cousin's footsteps on the stairs. Doug had left for the movies with the rest of the family! What was he doing back here now?

Ste looked at him, about to ask the question but, as if reading her mind, Doug smiled down at her and answered her question.

"I told my parents I wasn't feeling well and I hitched a ride back here. I knew you were here alone and I had to be with you," he said softly.

"But why, Doug?" she asked, already knowing his answer.

He laughed again. "Don't you know, honey? Don't play games with me. I know you want the same thing I want."

His voice was husky as he reached out, his hands touching the girl's big, trembling tits.

"No, Doug, no." she protested as he began to squeeze and rub her fleshy mounds of titflesh.

At this point, the young virgin's mind was spinning with lust-filled desires she had never experienced before. A determined smile played about the boy's lips as he let his hands wander down her naked, trembling body.

"Oh, no... no... Doug, please don't," she protested, her voice growing weaker and weaker

Doug felt a surge of sexual electricity charge through his body. His huge cock was throbbing, his balls aching with lusty desire. file could hardly wait to feel himself entering her tight little pussy. And his words had a mesmerizing effect upon his sexy little cousin as he spoke huskily.

"Don't worry about the folks. They won't be home early, Mia. We've got plenty of time."

He began to slowly stroke her smooth shoulders, staring hungrily at her tits. He settled onto the bed next to her as the girl unconsciously made room for him. Gazing at her lewdly, Doug could see the ripe, red distended nipples, visibly pulsing before his very eyes.

His blood-engorged prick throbbed with desire. He could hardly wait to slip his tongue back and forth shamelessly over her nips.

Reaching out, he brought his hand gently up against her ripe, swelling tits, brushing them obscenely back and forth.

And, with that move, the horny young girl found all of her doubts disappearing. She told herself that there was no point in fighting her cousin. In fighting him, she was really just fighting against her own desires, desires which were all but consuming her lately. And here was Doug, handsome, sexy, virile Doug, offering her precisely what the young virgin had been longing for so long now - a big, stiff cock to quench her horny desires once and for all!

Now, the blonde teenager responded with delight as a shudder of sexual excitement spread through her sexy, young body, making her pussy moisten even more.

Doug caressed her erect, throbbing nipples, letting his thumb slip freely back and forth.

Glancing down, Mia could see her cousin's big pulsing prick lurching obscenely and she groaned with excitement.

"Oh, Doug, Doug," she moaned, trying to wiggle away from his tight grip on her naked body.

But Doug was just beginning. He slipped his hands back around her waist. Once she tried to squirm away from him, thinking that she should try at least one more time to stop this thing from happening.

Doug knelt between the girl's legs, spreading them wider with his strong hands. Suddenly, Mia felt his hot, wet lips sliding crazily back and forth across her glistening virgin cuntmound.

"Ohhhhh, God!" she cried, her entire body jerking insanely as if just touched by a live wire.

The boy's instinctive sexual urges drove him on as his tongue stabbed mercilessly in and out of the young blonde's soft, fuzzy cuntslit. Mia could hardly stand it. No one had ever done that to her before, and she thought she would go mad with excitement and desire.

Mia's head rocked from side to side as Doug's hot, wet tongue swept across her juicy, trembling cuntslit and she was overwhelmed with desire. Her cousin had stirred something within her she had never experienced before. She had thought she felt insatiably horny before but that was nothing compared to the hot pounding lust which possessed her now.

Doug brought his hand to the girl's moist crotch. His middle finger slowly slid into the damp folds of her trembling cuntflesh. She moaned with excitement, reaching down and gripping her cousin's head.

As Mia ran her soft fingers through the boy's thick hair, he became even more aroused. She liked what he was doing to her, and he knew it. Parting the moist folds of her little virgin cunt, he licked the quivering pink flesh.

"Oh, God, yessss!" the young girl cried, thrusting her hips up from the bed and driving her pussy harder against her cousin's mouth.

The fragrant aroma of Mia's sexy cunt opening propelled Doug's tongue into action. He slid it slowly up and down the length of her welcoming cuntfolds.

"Ahhhhhh," Mia moaned loudly, unable to even pretend to struggle any longer. Her cousin's fiery tongue was pumping in and out of her virgin cunt in a depraved, obscene way that turned both of the youngsters on beyond belief!

Doug's hands greedily cupped the soft globes of her round asscheeks as he buried his face in her crotch, tongue-fucking her in pistoning movements. He was probing deeper, deeper, inside the throbbing, aroused cunt.

Tears streaked down her cheeks as she trembled with wanton fuck-lust. The muscular, handsome young man was feasting on her pussy, his tongue lapping, licking, sucking noisily as he fired her up.

"Ohhhh, ahhhh, yessss, eat meeeeeeeee," Mia gasped, unable to struggle against her own wanton cravings any longer.

Whimpering with desire as Doug continued to flip his hot, wet tongue in and out between the pouting lips of his cousin's pussy, she felt him lustfully suck on her erect clit. she was afraid she would go mad with excitement.

Doug's teeth bore down gently as he nibbled her clit. All of Mia's defenses suddenly disappeared. She gasped as she gazed down at his head between her legs through lust-glazed eyes. She thrust her crotch up against his sucking face as he tongued her over and over again.

Clutching Doug's head, her eyes squeezed shut, her crotch grinding up against his handsome, juice-smeared face, she knew she would be cumming soon, and she could hardly wait. No one had ever done this to her before, and she felt a surge of warm affection for her cousin.

"Ohhhhh, Doug, it feels sooooooo good, don't ever stop! Make me cum, honey, make me cum!" she cried lewdly, feeling his hot, hard tongue lashing out obscenely at her exposed pussy. He pushed his face against her cuntflesh just as hard as he could and sucked and sucked, making the young girl tremble with fuck-lust and excitement.

"Cummmmmmmmmiiinnngggg!" she cried suddenly as a hot sexual ecstasy surged through her body. she moaned in an animalistic frenzy.

Doug continued to fuck his tongue in and out of the girl's spasming pussy and she tightened her strong cuntwalls around the substitute cock, making the boy gasp with pleasure.

Feeling his cousin cumming so powerfully against his sucking mouth was almost more than Doug could bear. His nine-inch prick lurched crazily, and he knew that if he let himself, he would cum. But he held back, determined to wait until he was in the young blonde's pussy before he dumped his load.

"Suck meeeeee, ohhhhhhh, Doug, eat me, eat meeeeeee," Mia screamed as she continued to cum.

Doug's hot tongue hungrily lapped her cream up, swallowing all of her shooting juices as quickly as they poured out of her pussy.

His hands clasped her asscheeks tightly, clenching them as he sucked noisily. Whether it was lewd sucking sounds he was making against her pussy, or the wanton way he squeezed her asscheeks, or his teeth biting on her stiff clit, she couldn't tell, but the lewd sensations within her were rising once again.

"Cummmmmmiiinnnggg!" she cried again. Even as her powerful orgasm thundered through her, she knew she would never be satisfied - really satisfied - until she had her cousin's big cock plunging into her cunt, right through her cherry!

Still panting hard from the torrid tonguefucking her cousin, Doug, had just given her, Mia admitted to herself that what she needed now was to feel the boy's long, thick cock plunging into her virgin cunt.

She ached to feel his broad, muscular chest crushing against her firm, heaving tits. She felt totally helpless now, and she knew that her lust-crazed desires had completely taken over. I must have him, she thought as she gazed down at his stone-hard cock. She didn't want to risk losing the chance of having him pop her little tight cherry for her, and she knew she could not turn back now.

She tried to imagine what it would be like to have his throbbing prick sliding into her hot pussy and she moaned with a hot, rising excitement. She could already feel her small hands reaching up to grip his shoulders, to run down his muscular firm back to his bare ass...

Slowly easing his tongue out of her cunt, Doug smiled fondly at his beautiful younger cousin. He could see from her lust-filled expression that she wanted the same thing that he did.

"Grab my cock, baby. see how hard you've made it? Play with my prick, Mia!" he commanded.

Reaching out her hand tentatively, Mia excitedly gripped her cousin's rock-hard prick, squeezing it and feeling it pulse against the palm of her hand.

"Oh God, Doug! Your cock's sooooo big! And it feels sooo good in my hand!" she moaned ecstatically as she felt the prick harden even more in her grasp.

Mia no longer felt any inhibitions or guilt feelings. She was spurred on by the thrill of anticipation and by the incredibly sexy thrill of her cousin's cock in her hand, twitching slightly against her flesh.

Gripping his big nine-incher lewdly, the young virgin pulled his prickshaft back and forth. She could feel her own raging cunt heat as Doug's lust-bloated balls slapped against her hand as she pumped back and forth with a vigorous hand grip.

"Feels great, baby," Doug moaned, thrusting his hips up to force more of his prick into his cousin's hand. "Now be honest, honey. You want me to fuck you."

Even though she had already admitted to herself that she wanted her cousin to fuck her, it was not easy for Mia to hear Doug saying the lewd words.

She released her grip on his throbbing cock and turned away slightly, her thick golden hair falling about her shoulders.

Doug's eyes swept over Mia's sexy curves and he could see that there was nothing to do but to fuck her and fuck her fast. He knew he couldn't take a chance on the young girl changing her mind and making him leave. Already, she was turning away from him and, he knew that the longer he waited, the more chance there was of him missing the fuck of his life!

Every moment he lost now was a moment he could be enjoying her sexy, lush body. He was so turned on he could hardly stand it and he wasn't going to let her put him off another second.

Her back was to him now and he moved toward her, pressing his body up close against hers. she could feel the throb in his huge cock as he pressed it hard against her naked asscheeks and she trembled with excitement.

"You want to feel my cock in you, don't you, Mia?" he whispered. "Just stretch out on the bed... let's fuck, baby!"

Just hearing her handsome, virile young cousin say the word "fuck" sent a shiver of desire racing up and down the young blonde's spine. He could feel her trembling, and he knew he head her. He had absolutely no doubt now that she would let him fuck the holy shit out of her!

His hands moved around her and caressed and teased her big, throbbing tits, pinching her taut nips relentlessly. Again, Mia felt the waves of hot, sensual desire rushing through her body and she moaned with lust in spite of herself.

The more that Doug's hands touched her, the more the young blonde turned on, and the more her desire won out over any remaining doubts.

The young boy gently moved his hands down to her hairy cuntslit and once again stuck his middle finger inside. The wet, pouting lips of her pussy gave way to his finger sliding inside of her. A small moan of animalistic lust came from deep in her throat as she squeezed her eyes shut, enjoying the boy's lewd touch as his finger continued to probe inside her.

"Stretch out on the bed," Doug whispered.

Slipping his fingers from her pussylips as she began to stretch out on the bed, as he had told her to do, he watched her lying there naked before him and his cock jerked and hardened even more. As her eyes gazed lustfully up at her cousin, he straddled her eagerly. She could feel the hugeness of his fleshy, hard cock sliding impatiently back and forth across her quivering virgin cuntslit. It made her tingle to feel the blood-engorged head of his pulsing prick waiting to lurch forward into her puckering pussyhole. The head of the boy's cock was igniting all of the pent-up passions in the girl's body, and she knew she had to have it in her now. But Doug was going to make her beg for it, to delay the inevitable. Her hand reached down and grasped Doug's rigid cock. She stroked up and down over his hardening shaft. It aroused her even more to see the exciting drops of white cum oozing from the tiny slit at the crown of his prick.

"Go on, baby," Doug said, grinning down at his sexy little cousin. "Stick it into your cunt."

There was something about the boy's virile, masculine voice giving Mia a lewd command that turned her on beyond belief. Without saying a word, she pulled his prick to the moist lios of her pussy. She felt the tip of it slip inside her wet cunt.

"Oh my God," she whispered with excitement, holding her breath and thrilling in the lewd sensation of having Doug's throbbing cockmeat riding in her fiery virgin pussy.

Her eyes closed dreamily as the pulsing flesh entered her cuntsheath. Moaning throatily, she felt his impaling thickness slowly sliding into her. All doubts, all shame, all guilt were swept away now in the face of her wanton desire. By making the girl beg him for her virginfuck, by making her guide his cock into her little tight pussy, he was turning the young girl on more than she had thought possible.

"Oh, Doug, fuck me! Fuck me!" she cried suddenly.

She splayed her legs wider, granting the boy easy access to her open cunt. Lewdly, her young, muscular lover slowly eased his huge shaft into her moist, heated cunt. she groaned as she felt the thick, blunt head of Doug's prick sliding inside her. And, suddenly, the elastic opening of her pussy gave way as Doug rammed it to her.

"Aieeeeeee!" Mia cried with pain/pleasure as she felt her cousin's big, throbbing prick popping her cherry.

"Ohhhh, ahhhhhhhh, arrrggghhhh," she whimpered as the tip of his huge cock drove past her tight pussy. She wanted it all, every fucking inch of his nine-inch cockmeat. Nothing else mattered to her now.

"Fuck me... fuck meeeeee!" she cried out eagerly. "I want your big cock inside me! Every fucking inch, Doug!" she yelled, not even minding the red-hot pain that filled her pussy. The overwhelming pleasure she felt far outweighed any pain, and what pain there was only added to the thrill of having her cherry popped by her sexy cousin.

"Ohhhhhh, Doug, fuck me hard!" she cried.

All of the young virgin's long pent-up desire came into play now. She desperately needed to satisfy her intense sexual cravings. Why was he sliding it into her so slowly? She needed to be completely filled up with him!

But the young boy knew exactly what he was doing. Teasing her, tantalizing her, making her beg for his huge shaft... it was all part of his erotic pleasure. Lust contorted his handsome, young face as he lost himself in the excitement of her fresh, virginal, beautiful young body. He grinned as he pushed forward. He hovered over her and she was helpless beneath him. The pulsating head of Doug's throbbing cock disappeared into the hot hole of her pussy. Doug shoved forward, his chest crushing down hard against her ripe, rounded E-cup tits. He rammed his thick prick forward with all of his muscular strength in his thighs and asscheeks. Mia felt his throbbing cock gliding into her cunt in a pistoning movement. The tell-tale sound of the jangling bedsprings showed just how hard he was pumping his cock meat into her moistening pussy. The young boy was beginning to sweat now and Mia didn't mind it a bit. She was starting to sweat, too, as he slapped his body against hers, turning her on all the more.

"Ohhhhh, ahhhhh, it's toooooo much, Doug!" she cried out hotly. "I can't stand it! It's sooooo good! Fuck meeeee!"

Doug's rock-hard cock tunneled in and out of the young blonde's small, tight cunt. The exciting assault on the narrow cuntchannel made Mia feel as through she were coming apart under the sharp impact of his driving prickmeat.

But he wasn't stopping now. The lust-contorted features of his handsome face, his sweating body, the weight of his muscular chest crushing against her tits, combined with Doug's fiery, plunging prick driving up hard against her cuntwalls, thrilled Mia almost to orgasm. Just like in her dream, Mia reached up for the boy's broad shoulders with her small, soft hands. She let her hands slip smoothly back and forth across his muscular shoulders as she began to gently massage up and down his broad, rippling back. Mia loved the thick, long prick filling her cunt and she felt she couldn't get enough of him. Doug's heavily veined, rock-hard cock plunged hard against the walls of her cunt, which clasped greedily around his sliding shaft in a rhythmic, responsive movement.

"Oh, yeah, baby, feels great! Hug my cock! That's the way!" he groaned, marveling at the skillful way his sexy little cousin was fucking back at him and grabbing his big cock with her strong cuntmuscles.

If he hadn't known better, he would have thought she was a pro! But he knew for a fact that she was a virgin, or had been until that lewdly exciting moment when Doug had popped her cherry with his big hard cock!

Mia's pussy muscles steadily contracted as his huge prick continued to ride her. By clasping and releasing her grip on his thrusting prick she could feel a shiver of sexual electricity flashing up and down her spine. Her body was on fire to be fucked.

"Ohhhhh, ahhhhh, yessssss, like that," she begged as he felt him desperately driving his cockmeat first one direction and then the other.

"Ahhhhhhh," Mia groaned helplessly, lost in a world of lust, unable to catch her breath as her cousin savagely fucked her.

She could feel her narrow pussychannel being stretched wider by Doug's driving cockstabs. He burrowed in deeply with his big, hard nine-inch prick, throwing his ass in gear as he fucked her furiously. Her hands reached out to grip the firm round globes of the boy's asscheeks. She squeezed his taut ass, closing her eyes in sexual ecstasy as he rode into her with plunging, writhing cock stabs. Heatedly, her body twitched and twisted beneath his. He could see his thick, fleshy prick as he pulled up. Then he was driving back between her legs, her tender, swollen cuntlips stretched tightly now as the rubbery rim clasped firmly around his glistening, driving cock. He watched it plunge in and out slowly as he changed the tempo of his cock thrusts.

"Oh yeah, baby, yeah," Doug cried, turning on even more as he watched his little cousin's body twitching beneath him.

"Mmmmm, soooooo good, Doug, sooooo good, fuck me!" Mia responded, wanting him to ride his prick in her all the way. She wanted to feel its throbbing thickness plunging in without mercy, to feel his balls slapping lewdly against her tightly clenched, quivering asscheeks.

"Fuck me... fuck me, Doug," she panted, her voice trembling with emotion and her big tits heaving from the exertion of her fucking movements.

The boy's skewering prick drove in and out of her hot, juicy pussy with a slow, hypnotic rhythm that set the girl's body on fire. She pumped back in perfect time to his driving cock thrusts.

He thrust the full throbbing length of his lusty prick into her, feeling the cunt clasp of her cuntwalls as she gripped his prick. Then, he slowly withdrew his deeply imbedded cock, pulling out gently and letting it rest on the wet and swollen lips of her pussy.

Once more, he wanted to see that burning glaze of hot, lewd desire in the girl's lust-filled eyes. He wanted to hear her beg for it. The young blonde's face contorted in passiondriven desire as he let his cock rest there.

"Fuck me... oh, God, yes, fill me with your prick. My pussy needs it soooooo baaaad!" she gasped.

With a triumphant grin, Doug rammed forward now with all of his savage strength. The full throbbing length of his cock rode deep into her helpless little cunt. Over and over, he thrust his raging cockmeat into her. With each wet, thudding stab he could feel her pumping back to meet him.

Reaching underneath her now, Doug clasped the full, trembling cheeks of Mia's ass. He gripped them hotly in the palms of his strong hands, squeezing them as he continued to drive his cruel, raping prick into her moist, clasping cunt.

"Oh, my God... I can't believe how... good it feels... Doug... fuck me hard!" she panted, her face flushed with emotion

She gazed up with lust-glazed eyes at the boy's muscular shoulders, his firm, set jaw and erotic, blazing eyes, and she felt deliciously, excitingly helpless and feminine.

He forced her legs over now so he could have even deeper entry to her hungry little cunt. She was bent over so far that it was hard for her to breathe. But she didn't really care about that because each time the boy did something to increase his own fuck pleasure, he also intensified Mia's feelings of ecstasy.

She felt her cousin's big, hard cock pistoning in and out of her cunt, and her pussy released flood after flood of hot, thick cuntjuice, which drenched the boy's prick, trickled down the girl's trembling thighs, and splashed wetly onto the bed below.

His firm, bloated balls slapped obscenely against her ass each time he drilled into her. She could feel a waft of cool air in her ass crack as Doug spread her legs even wider to get still deeper penetration in her pussy.

Doug's chest pressed down on her, keeping her pinned in her uncomfortable but exciting position. His hands gripped her big, firm tits, squeezing them painfully, pinching her taut, blood-engorged nipples, hurting them in a pleasurable way as he continued pistoning in and out of her tight pussy.

"Mmmmm, Doug, soooo good," the young blonde teenager moaned, enjoying the erotic sound of her cousin's heavy balls slapping against her tightly clenched ass.

Her body pitched back to his meaty, throbbing cock stabs. She reached for his asscheeks, squeezing them with wild abandon as he rode his hot, pumping shaft into her moist, slurping cunt.

"Ohhhh, ahhhhh, yessss, yessss," Mia gasped over and over. "Ram it to me, Doug! I love feeling your whole cock inside my little pussy! Every fucking inch of it!"

With an excited groan, Doug continued driving his cock steadily into her wetly sucking cunt, more turned on than ever by her lewd words.

Parting the boy's asscheeks, Mia fingered his tight ass. She massaged his prostate gland and he stiffened with pleasure, ramming his cock home all the harder.

"Oh, yeah, baby, that feels sooo hot!" the boy cried, fucking her harder than ever now.

With long, hard lunges, he went on thrusting his surging prick into her grasping cunt. Savagely, he propelled his pulsing prick into her. Mia's hot, firm tits heaved and trembled, her hard nips pressing against his chest as he moved back and forth.

All that meant anything to the two youngsters at that lust-filled moment was the passionate, desperate need to cum. Doug continued driving his thick, pulsing cockshaft in and out of her pussy, driving all nine-inches inside her clenching cunt.

Mia quivered under him, stabbing her middle finger all the way up his hot, tight ass as she felt the exquisite pleasure of his big, hard cock driving into her with fiery, relentless stabs.

His hands urgently gripped her tits impatiently, squeezing the nips until they were blood red. Then, suddenly shoving his hot, raging cock- meat in her all the way, he exploded into her virgin cunt.

"Cummmmmiiinnnggg!" he cried as several wads of hot, thick cum shot from his bursting prick and buried itself up the young girl's pussy.

"Oh, God, it feels soooo good!" Mia cried, beginning to cum, too. The hot, excited feel of her cousin's jism splashing lewdly against her cunt walls was all she had needed to bring her off.

"Ahhhhh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck, fuck, fuck," she babbled as she came and came again.

She slipped her finger out of the boy's tight ass and locked her trembling legs around him as she pumped back up to him, waves of orgasmic pleasure washing over her.

"Ohhhhhh, cummmmmiiinnnggg," she groaned as she came with her cousin.

The next afternoon, Len Winfield walked up to his pretty, sexy daughter, Diane, who was reading a book in the back yard. He licked his lips excitedly as he approached the pretty teenager, realizing that it had been too long since he and Diane had fucked each other.

"Hi, Daddy," the young girl murmured, looking up from her book and thinking, not for the first time, just how lucky she was to have such a handsome, young-looking, virile man for her father.

"Hi baby," he smiled down at her. "Why don't you and me go into the guest house and fuck?"

Diane grinned. The thought of going to the guest house with her father made her feel tremendously excited. She could think of nothing she would enjoy more than being alone with him and there was a waterbed in the guest house which would be incredibly exciting!

"Where's everyone else?" she asked, looking toward the main house.

"It's okay, baby. I covered it. They think we're going for a walk together," he said.

As they walked down to the secluded guest house in the rear of the back yard, Diane's thighs rubbed smoothly together and her big tits bobbed in her light dress. Len kept glancing over at his beautiful, sexy daughter, his hardon swelling more and more.

In a matter of seconds, they walked through the shrubs and bushes that surrounded it, and entered the guest house, closing the door behind them.

Lust welled up in the man now as he grasped Diane, whirling her around and pressing her down onto the waterbed. Diane gasped with excitement and desire as she landed flat on her back. All of a sudden, Len was straddling her, pulling up her skirt quickly. His large, rough hands stroked the nylon-enclosed roundness of her slender hips, then moved up to play with her big, beautiful E-cup tits through her light dress.

"Oh, Daddy," the young girl moaned.

Len's hands were squeezing and rolling her large tits, feeling her nipples stiffen to spikes through the thin fabric that separated them from his grasp. His eyes were shining eagerly now and he clenched his teeth tightly. He felt his balls tingling and his cock hardening more and more.

"Ahhh, yesss, Daddy, yess," she whimpered hotly.

Len grasped the zipper at the front of her dress and yanked it down, making one of her big, round, lily-white tits spill out. He clutched the firm globe hungrily. A flash of lewd heat radiated through Diane and she moaned over and over.

They tongue-kissed each other passionately again and again, their hot, hard tongues swirling around their mouths, their saliva mingling obscenely. Finally, Len broke their torrid kiss and smiled down at his daughter.

"C'mon, baby, let's strip!" he said eagerly. Within seconds, the two lovers had stripped each other and lay naked on the waterbed.

"I'm gonna eat you now, baby, and I want you to suck my nice big cock," Len murmured.

"Mmmmmmm, oh yeah, Daddy!" Diane cried.

He kissed her flat tummy and his hands at her hips began to squeeze her asscheeks. She clutched his head hard and began to push him down. She wanted him so much she could hardly stand it!

Soon, he touched her already juicy cunt with his mouth. He moaned as he felt the soft, meaty pussygash pulsing against his eager lips.

"Yes, yes," Diane breathed eagerly.

Len wasted no time now. His hot mouth urgently began to lick at her pussy. He let out a lust-filled groan as his mouth smacked against her swollen, wet cunt, muffling the sound.

Diane writhed on the waterbed, continuing to clutch the back of her father's head as he breathed in her heady aroma of aroused teenaged pussy.

His head twisted in her hands, his mouth working eagerly at her soft, damp cunt-flesh, wriggling against it, opening her sizzling slit ever wider. His tongue poked between her bloated pussylips. As she felt his tongue licking her up and down, she cried out in passionate abandon.

"Ohhhhhh, yessssss, lick it, Daddy! Get your tongue in me!"

Len was plunging deep into her cunt with his tongue, fucking her with it, sloshing his saliva up and down her cuntslit. Her clit tingled and throbbed. The encircling muscles of her pussy grasped greedily at his slippery, wet tongue. He kept his hands on her firm asscheeks as she ground her crotch against his sucking face. She was bucking back at him now, letting him know just how much she wanted it.

"Suck me, suck me, fuck me with your tongue!" she begged.

The man's tongue plunged into her cunt like a miniature prick. When he pulled his tongue out of Diane's clutching, pussyhole, he swabbed up and down hotly along the length of her soft split. He stroked her firm, throbbing clit with its wiggly velvety hood, and her splayed lips, which oozed juice, drenching his tongue.

He licked down further, drawn by the curving swells of her asscheeks as he spread her thighs wider apart, exposing her entire body to his lewd gaze. Panting now, she felt him licking her ass, and she moaned excitedly. The tickling sensation of his hot, wet tongue lashing against her small, tight ass had her turned on beyond belief!

"Okay, baby, I'm gonna swing around," he told her, moving his tongue from her ass. "Now you can suck on my prick."

"Ooooooh, goody, Daddy!" Diane cried.

The young girl could hardly wait to lick and suck on her father's big, hard ten-inch prick. It was the biggest, thickest, longest cock she had ever fucked or sucked, and she loved it!

He swung his body around so that his crotch was even with her face and returned his attention to her cunt, lapping up and down along her fuzzy outer lips and then delving between them.

Diane went to work too, letting her tongue stroke up and down around his asscheeks, tickling at his sensitive ass. Her hand gripped his thick, throbbing cock and she pulled up and down on it rhythmically. The two of them were hotter than pistols now, totally surrendering to their wanton fuck-lust.

"Suck on my ass, baby," he ordered.

Immediately, her tongue pumped up his tight ass. Her hand continued to pull on his aching prick as she felt his tongue fucking in and out of her pussy. She worked her strong cunt muscles around his tongue and was rewarded by a muffled groan of pleasure.

After tongue-fucking her father's ass a few times just the way she knew he liked it, she went to work licking up and down the length of his thick, throbbing prick. She wanted to grasp that big hunk of cockmeat with her mouth and swallow it whole. As she licked and tickled at the sensitive ridge of his twitching prick, she finally opened her mouth and let him drive his cock inside. It felt so good to have her father fucking into her mouth with long, lusty thrusts. She gripped his round, firm asscheeks and continued to suck her Daddy's cock as hard as he could. His cum-laden balls hung heavily, pulsing and tingling. They ached with a tremendous load of jism. As Diane continued to suck her father's cock, she felt his tongue lashing hard against her jerking clit and she moaned with pleasure. Len was moving his tongue back and forth expertly between the teenager's clit and her small, tight pussy. He seemed to know just when to stop fucking against one part of her horny pussy and when to begin licking and tongue-fucking another part. Meanwhile, Diane's pussy was shooting out gallons of thick, creamy fuck juice, which the man eagerly lapped up, swallowing the delicious tasting girl-cum. Diane brought her mouth down hungrily over the man's mammoth 11-inch cock. Her fingertips massaged his balls while his other hand grasped his thick prick and her mouth moved wetly upland down his shaft. She could hardly wait to have him shoot his load into her mouth. She loved the way her Daddy's cum tasted!

"Wow! That's how to suck a cock, baby!" Len cried, raising his face from her cunt for a moment. "Yeah, you're really sucking my cock good! Suck me off, baby!' Then he buried his face once again in her muff of cunthair.

He gripped her bloated pussylips with both hands and, lewdly spreading them apart, rammed his hot, wet tongue back into the horny pussy. He stuck his tongue in and out of her puckering pussy, wincing with pleasure as he felt her strong cunt muscles closing obscenely around it.

His cum was just about ready to shoot now, and he was eager to unload it into her hot, sucking mouth. He had taught her how to suck cock a long time ago, and now he was enjoying the fruits of his excellent teaching skills!

His hips lifted as her hands gripped his firm asscheeks while her mouth quickened its cocksucking pace. she loved sucking her Daddy's big, hard cock, and she wanted it to go on forever. But, at the same time, she was eager to taste his cum.

Eagerly she awaited his gushing, creamy cum, knowing it would soon come hurling down her throat. She wanted to suck and lick him between his well-muscled legs until he emptied his lust-bloated balls right into her belly. Len felt the volcano-like eruption of his aching cock begin deep in his churning balls. He felt it boiling hot and he gripped her asscheeks hard as he continued to tongue-fuck her juicy little pussy. Spurred on by the hot, lewd tingling ecstasy created by her father's tongue fucking into her pussy, the young girl gave all of her energy to making her father cum, sensing that he was ready now

She could feel his big prick lurching and jerking crazily down her throat and she knew it was only a matter of seconds before his balls spilled their creamy load into her eagerly sucking mouth.

As Len continued to fuck his cock down the young girl's throat, she tightened her strong throat muscles around the big, hard hunk of cockmeat. She could tell by his muffled groans of pleasure that she was giving him the blowjob of his life! Suddenly, Len tore his mouth away from between his little girl's legs and cried out as he began to cum.

"Cummmmmiiinnnggg!" he yelled, slowing his face-fucking thrusts to an exquisitely sexy rhythm of deep, throat-skewering movements that milked out the onrushing flood of his cum.

Diane moaned excitedly around the thickness of her father's cumming cock as she felt his jism rushihg into her mouth, splashing lewdly against her throat as she continued to suck him off.

The combination of feeling his cum gushing into her mouth and down her throat, his cock throbbing between her lips, and the delicious taste of her father's cum all thrilled Diane so much that she began to cum, too.

Hot, exciting waves of orgasmic pleasure washed over the pretty teenager as she continued to suck her Daddy's cock. Her own juices shot from her pussy and dribbled obscenely down her trembling thighs as she came powerfully.

With a series of raspy, gasping moans, the young girl emptied her father's balls down her quaking throat. She had to have his cum, all of it. Hungrily, Diane gulped, swallowing his thick flood of jism in great mouthfuls, her arm tightening around his naked hip and her tongue swirling hotly around the quivering shaft of his prick as it flailed about in her mouth.

She emptied its potent load right down her gulping throat in rivulets that drained from her cheeks, trickling lewdly from the corners of her lips. she gulped, swallowing again and again, wheezing for air through her nostrils.

Len seemed to keep shooting for an eternity, gushing streams of white, hot, thick cum that only partially satisfied the hot flames of lust that his big, hard cock had stirred in the girl's shameless loins.

When he finished cumming, he slid his cock wetly from her lips, down over her chin, staining the flesh of her neck and chest with drops of cum.

Len's eyes focused on his daughter's cunt now. Easing two fingers into her cunt, he kept sliding them teasingly back and forth, making them wetter and hotter. Pulling his fingers from her juicy pussylips, he suddenly slipped one slick finger up her trembling ass while he brought his face back down over her quivering pussy.

"Ahhhh, yessss, Daddy, yessssss! Eat my pussy again!" Diane cried excitedly, burning up with desire.

After Len had his finger gliding up her ass and his mouth pressed tightly over her cunt, he changed positions. Sliding his finger from her crotch, he reached up to play with her big, firm tits, letting his fingers pinch the large, hard, throbbing nips.

"Ohhhh, yessssss, that feels sooo good, Daddy! Rub my tits! Pinch them! Hurt them!" Diane cried insanely, writhing and twisting on the waterbed, her movements making the water slosh around beneath them, her body and her father's rising higher and higher in the air from the waterbed's movements.

Feeling the warm water below her, and feeling her lush, ripe body being tossed around on top of the waterbed while her father's hand continued to pinch her tits all combined to fill the young girl with a hot mixture of pain and pleasure that thrilled her beyond belief.

She spread her legs wider as he pumped his tongue frantically into her musky pussy. Len loved the way his daughter's hot, trembling thighs pressed against his cheeks as her hips rolled uncontrollably back and forth.

"Oh, yes, Daddy, suck my cunt!" Diane cried as she felt his fiery tongue flipping back and forth across her pussyflesh in a frenzy of Iust.

She pulled his hands down from her tits to her ass. Grasping her smooth, round asscheeks, he slid underneath her and brought her hot, hungry pussy tighter to his face.

His tongue was pumping into her now at a savage tempo as he lewdly sucked on her. Reaching down, Diane held him there. Her thighs closed in on him as she felt the hot, electrifying thrill of his tongue deliberately fucking into her, driving her half out of her mind with a pounding desire.

Her horny little pussy was juicing furiously now. Len lapped it all up, swallowing it eagerly. He moved his tongue from her tight, clasping pussy to her clit, licking at the little bud as hard as he could. Then he planted his warm lips around the base of the twitching clit and sucked it as hard as he could.

"Oh God, yesssss, Daddy! Suck my clit! Lick it! Bite it!" Diane cried, pressing her thighs even harder against her father's face.

After sucking the girl's trembling clit for long, passion-filled moments, Len licked it again. Then, knowing just how to make his little girl cum, he paused just a second and, just as Diane's clit began to twitch a little less furiously, he sank his sharp teeth into the nub of clit-flesh.

"Aieeeeee!" Diane cried as she came hard.

As she gushed in her father's mouth, he nibbled on her clit, intensifying her orgasm. Her hands held his head tightly against his pussy as she thrilled to his sliding tongue while he ate her cunt.

Finally, Len pulled his tongue from her pussy and flipped his hands from underneath her naked ass.

"Okay, baby, time to fuck," Len told his daughter.

Len stretched out beside Diane on the waterbed. His daughter reached down and grabbed his stiff prick, rubbing it up and down.

Staring him right in the eye and grinning all the while, Diane stroked her father's cock, both of them panting hard once again.

When she had jacked him to the point where his cocktip was beginning to drip oozing cum drops, she knew that it was time to stop. She lay beside him, facing him and spreading her thighs, moaning with pleasure as she felt his cock shoot up between her warm, inviting legs.

"Mmmmm, fuck me, Daddy, fuck me!" the horny young girl cried.

Len eagerly thrust his big prick into her moist pussyhole. Her arms swept around him and she gripped him desperately. She breathed in short, shallow gasps, and her long, sharp fingernails clawed at his strong, muscular back.

Her thighs opened shamelessly wide, and then she closed them eagerly around his hips as he rolled effortlessly onto her naked, panting body.

"Ohhhhh, Daddy," she whispered. "You're so big and hard! Shove it in my cunt!" she gasped, hissing with frenzied passions that burned hotly in her cunt and threatened to consume her with their raging intensity unless she had his prick inside her, unless she could feel him driving it inside her with hard, pounding force over and over, with vigorous, thrilling thrusts.

Diane's hands grasped his taut, firm shoulders, and she thrilled to the feel of his powerful muscles rippling beneath his warm flesh. Her hands slid down and cupped the globes of his firm, pumping asscheeks in her hands as he drove into her with a steady, practiced rhythm.

"Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck meeeee!" the horny teenager cried out passionately as the lewd, wanton desires of her own lust surged over her

"Oh, baby, I love fucking your hot little cunt! It's so fuckin' tight and juicy!" he groaned, feeling her cuntjuices gushing out over his pistoning prick.

Diane reached back and grasped the man's asscheeks, parting them and easing her middle finger up his tight ass.

"Ohhh, yeah, baby, that's hot!" he moaned.

His huge ten-inch prick probed deeply between her thighs, the bulbous, pulsing head pressing lewdly against the puckered moist lips of her cunt.

She squirmed beneath his muscled weight like the horny schoolgirl she was. Her back arched with surprising strength and she wantonly threw her long, slender legs around her father.

Each time he thrust his big, hard cock into her wet little pussy, she threw her cunt up hard to meet it, matching him fuck stroke for fuck stroke.

"Ohhhhh, Daddy, you're fuckin' me soooooooo good! I love it sooo much!" she panted, her eyes rolling back in her head, Her big tits heaving with the exertion of the wild fuck session.

With a low, animalistic groan, Len pressed his mouth against hers, his tongue surging into her wet mouth, searching for hers. Their tongues swirled around each other, flesh against flesh, saliva mingling with saliva. Len ran his tongue around the insides of his daughter's cheeks, over her teeth and her lips.

"Mmmmmm," Diane moaned into her father's open mouth. No one had ever kissed her like her sexy Daddy!

As they continued to tongue-kiss each other, she ran her nails across his back, leaving passionate welts of naked lust on the man's flesh. She was clawing him like an animal, overcome by her rising, intense desire.

She withdrew her finger from her father's ass and squeezed his firm asscheeks. Now he was rubbing his broad, hairy chest back and forth across her great silky tits, their large, rosy nipples hard as rocks now.

Len continued to pump the meaty head of his ten-inch prick between the soft splayed lips of his daughter's juicy little pussy.

Diane moaned over and over again with a hot, rising pleasure, loving the way her father was fucking her. she contracted her strong pussy muscles hard around his pistoning prick, holding him lewdly inside her juicy pussy as long as she could. Then, when she felt him tugging to be released, she loosened her musclehold and let him slip out again, only to plunge back in, harder and stronger than ever.

She moved her legs, locking her ankles around his hips as her feet pounded against the man's naked body.

"Ohhhh, yeah, fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeee!" the young girl wailed, her voice thick with lust. Her lips trembled as she spoke and her eyelids fluttered as if she were losing consciousness. Her orgasm was not far off.

Len kept pumping his burning prick into her, fucking her brains out. She could hardly stand it as he rode her toward climax. Her pussy muscles gripped his thick cock as she squealed her pleasure. He kept pumping his cock between the soft, moist folds of her hungry cunt, turning on more and more as he felt his throbbing cock gliding back and forth across her fleecy golden pussy.

"Ahhhhh, fuck me, fuck me, Daddy... don't stop fucking me till you make me cum!" Diane cried.

Len pulled his prick out of the girl's juicy pussy until only its throbbing tip remained. Then, he surged forward once again and, with unerring aim, drove his ten-inch, bloodengorged prick all the way up her slippery sheath of cuntflesh.

"Ohhhhhh, my God!" she groaned as he fucked her royally.

Her hips wriggled and undulated as her father's prick stabbed in and out of her juicing cunt. she bucked up savagely to absorb the full length of his jabbing strokes, their crotches grinding lewdly against each other.

Groaning with excitement, Len began to fuck harder and faster, knowing that they would both be cumming soon. His hard pumping actions rocked the young girl and the waterbed sloshed violently up and down, and from side to side, making their bodies toss and thrash against each other, only increasing their arousal.

"Ohhhhh, God," Diane moaned, her big, beautiful tits seeming to leap up and down as her father flattened himself against her and rode her cunt with everything he had.

"Oh, I want it soooo baaaad, Daddy! Keep fucking me!" she screamed, closing her eyes and thrilling to the feel of her Daddy's cock riding inside her pussy.

Burning pangs of heated passion raged uncontrollably in her belly, through her cunt, and coursed throughout her entire body.

Len could feel the velvety warmth of his daughter's tight cunt milking excitingly at the blood-filled length of his aching cock, and he longed to shoot his cum inside her spasming pussy.

His strong, rough fingers reached beneath her and grabbed her asscheeks as he pumped in and out of her harder and faster with each stroke.

"Oh, I want you, Daddy," she panted. "Fuck me, fuck me!"

"Yeah, baby, and I love fuckin' you! You're a great lay! Fuck that little pussy back at me, baby!" He yelled in wild, passionate abandon. "I... had... a great... teacher!" the young girl panted, grinning up at her father.

He laughed huskily as he continued to shove his big, hard, pulsing prick in and out of her tightly clasping pussy.

Diane had never felt so completely filled. She always felt that way when she was lucky enough to have her Daddy's big eleven-incher reaming her out. It had gotten so that even the big eight and nine-inch pricks of her boyfriends couldn't satisfy her as much as her father's huge eleven-incher!

The best thing about her Daddy's cock was that not only was it long, but it was super thick! It seemed to fill every nook and cranny of the young teenager's horny little pussy, and she loved the full feeling!

To Diane, it felt as though her father's heavy, rock-hard cock had torn her cunt into a million tiny shreds as it rode into her.

Len's fiery plunging rod felt as if it were coming out of the girl's throat as the broad, throbbing mushroom head pressed hard up against the back of her pussy, the lengthy thick shaft filling her belly to the bursting point.

She pumped back with her pussy, thrusting her ass up from the bed, matching him stroke for stroke.

Len's balls slapped heavily against her ass crack as he continued to plunge his big tenincher in and out of her tightly grasping cunt.

Len began a slow rocking motion, as he tried to hold back from cumming. It felt so good he didn't want it to stop.

"Ohhhhh," he gasped, as he felt himself unable to stop his climax.

Nothing mattered to Diane now but the delicious waves of pleasure in her pussy as her father's thick, impaling shaft drove in and out of her cunt, ramming in all the way until the blood-engorged head began bouncing repeatedly off the back of her pussy.

"Cummmmiiinnngg!" he gasped as he frantically fucked her with his rock- hard prick.

She gripped him tightly, grabbing his ass globes and squeezing them as she came, too.

"Ahhhhhhhh, it's shooting! You're cumming! Oh, God, it feels sooo goody I can feel your cum shooting up my cunt! It's so thick and hot! Oh God, I'm cumming tooooo!" she shouted.

Groaning with relief, Len shot his heavy load into his daughter's trembling, spasming pussy as he came. Wads of thick, creamy got splashed against the girl's cunt walls as he dumped his heavy load of cum.

Her pussy muscles seized his stabbing, throbbing prick and squeezed the juices out of her father. Slowly, he continued sliding his cum-slick cock in her pussy.

Waves of hot pleasure tore through Diane as her orgasm pounded over her entire body, leaving her shaken and trembling, and feeling very, very good.

When Len finally pulled his softening prick out of her, she groaned with disappointment, for she wanted her father to leave his prick inside her forever.

"I can't get enough of you, Daddy," she moaned as she clung tightly to the man, crushing her big tits against his hard chest.

Len bent over his daughter, smiling fondly down at her. He stroked her big, still-heaving tits as he pressed his lips sensuously on hers, sliding his tongue inside of her mouth. He could feel her sucking on his tongue as he pumped it in a regular rhythm, expertly fucking her mouth with his tongue.

"Mmmm, you're sooooo wonderful, Daddy," she whispered. "I love you!"

Len gazed down at the young girl's beautiful young face and saw, by her lust-glazed eyes, that she was still turned on, just as if she hadn't just had her brains fucked out!

Len felt his cock quickly hardening once again as he gazed down at his sexy little girl. Then, suddenly, just when Diane had resigned herself to their torrid fuck session being over, her father flipped her over and spread her asscheeks far apart.

"Daddy! What are you doing?" she cried, half in fear and half in excitement.

"Your beautiful little ass." Len murmured, stroking the girl's lily- white asscheeks, which trembled beneath his lewd touch. "I've never fucked your ass, have I? Has anyone ever fucked it, honey?" His voice was already thick with lust.

"N... n... no, Daddy. No one's ever fucked me back there! You're not gonna do that to me, are you?" she whimpered, trying to rise from the bed in fear. Her father's ten inch prick would kill her if he rammed it into her tight, virgin ass!

Len laughed. "Oh yeah. That's exactly what I'm gonna do to you now, Diane. I shoulda buggered your pretty little ass a long time ago! Now I'll have to make up for lost time!"

Parting her asscheeks even wider, he inserted his huge, thick prick. The bloodengorged tip pressed hard against the teenager's tight cherry hole.

For the first time in her life, Diane was not glad to have a prick entering her! She was beside herself with terror. Already the insistent shove of her Daddy's huge, throbbing prick up her tight little ass was hurting her like hell!

"Ohhhh stop, Daddy!" she begged. "You're hurting me soooo much!"

"It won't hurt for long, baby," Len promised her.

Grabbing her asscheeks firmly, he suddenly shoved all of his prickmeat right up her ass. She let out a howl of pain as she felt his huge, throbbing cock invading the tight hole of her ass. His balls slapped lewdly on her upturned asscheeks as he drove into her with fast, hard cock thrusts.

Glancing down, Len watched his thick, pulsing prick pulling out and shoving back into his daughter's ass all the way. He loved to see her hips wiggling in response to his driving cockjabs.

But, at that moment, Diane was in such pain as her ass was painfully stretching to accommodate her father's thick prick that she could barely move.

"Move it, baby," he insisted. "Fuck it for me!"

The rubbery grip of her tight ass pulled on his prick as she started to wiggle. The pain that she had felt when he had first rammed his hard, thick cock into her was disappearing now. It was being quickly replaced with a hot, lewd kind of pleasure, and she moaned with excitement.

"Ohhhh, yessss, Daddy, now it feels good! Really good! You were right, Daddy! Ahhhhhhh, fuck me, Daddy! Fuck my ass! Fuck it good and haaaaard!" she cried, wriggling her ass beneath her Daddy's impaling prick.

Len was sending his long, thick prick up her hot, sizzling ass all the way. she could hardly wait to feel her Daddy's cum shooting up her ass!

"Mmmmm, Daddy, soooooo good, don't stop, Daddy, don't stop till you make me cum!" she yelled, her big tits swinging obscenely back and forth, her big, hard nipples pointing straight down toward the bed as she lurched crazily on her hands and knees.

Len's churning balls beat a steady rhythm against the girl's naked asscheeks as he continued to ram her with all of his strength, his big prick pulsing inside her small, tight ass.

"Ohhhh, fuck me, fuck me, Daddy! Fuck my ass!" the horny teenager cried.

"Beautiful, baby, really beautiful!" Len murmured as he watched his daughter's trembling asscheeks as she began to push back to meet his driving prick.

Even though she had never been assfucked before, the young, beautiful girl with her wiggling ass was giving her father the assfuck of his life. His gleaming wet cockshaft rammed inside her with greater and greater force.

The exquisite pain of his deeply probing prick thrilled her beyond belief. Ripples of excitement raced through her body as her father reached underneath her and began to probe her juicy little cunt with his fingers.

"Yesssss, Daddy, fingerfuck me!" she screamed, half out of her mind with lust.

Diane's strong ass muscles clenched involuntarily around her Daddy's cock as her hips pumped back and forth, fucking back at him. He was sinking his blistering cock deep into the wetness of her slick ass.

"Ohhh, baby, I'm gonna pop!" Len groaned as he fingerfucked his little girl's cunt in rhythm to his cock-stabs up her ass. "Cummmiiinnnggg!"

As her father's hot, thick cum shot up her twitching ass, her own orgasm began to pound through her. Diane thanked God for giving her a father who could make her so happy!

Long after Len had finished assfucking his daughter and left the guest house, Diane lay on the waterbed, smiling and dreamy-eyed as she recalled every single detail of the torrid fuck session she had just shared with her handsome, virile father.

Suddenly, the girl was startled to hear a sharp knock on the door of the guest house.

"Diane! Are you in there?" Mia's voice came to her.

Diane gasped. Shit! she thought. It was her cousin, Mia. What could she want? Diane couldn't let Mia see her as she was now - stretched out nakedly on the waterbed, the telltale drops of cum here and there on the sheets.

"I'm here, Mia. What do you want?" she asked weakly.

"Can't I come in? I've been looking for you... thought maybe you'd like to play Monopoly or something," Mia said.

Diane grinned. Monopoly? If only her younger cousin knew the kind of game Diane had been playing with her own father!

Suddenly, an exciting idea came to the older girl. It had been a long time since she had made it with another girl. And, just hearing Mia's sexy voice on the other side of the closed door was beginning to turn her on. why not?

"Sure, come on in, honey," Diane murmured.

As Mia entered the guest house, her innocent smile froze on her face and she gasped when she saw her naked cousin sprawled lewdly on the cum-stained waterbed.

"Oh God, Diane!" Mia groaned as her pussy began to drool with excitement.

Diane just smiled casually at her cousin and, reaching over, she took something from the stand next to the bed and held it up for Mia to see.

"Oh my God!" Mia exclaimed again as she stared wide-eyed at the red plastic cock. It was a dildo!

"You like it, honey?" Diane drawled, watching her cousin's face closely.

"I... I don't know, Diane. I've never seen one," Mia admitted.

Diane laughed as she reached out and took Mia's hand, pulling her to the bed.

"You know what it's used for, don't your" she asked.

Mia blushed and looked away as she sat on the edge of the bed. Diane laughed again.

"No need to answer, honey. Your face says it all! You most definitely do know what it's used for!" Diane said, looking lustfully at Mia's shapely body, her eager eyes tracing the outline of the beautiful teenager's big, tempting tits beneath her sexy blouse.

Mia found herself staring at the dildo. At first, she had been shocked. But now, as she looked at the plastic replica of a big, hard cock, a hot curiosity began to rise within her. What would it feel like inside me? she wondered. Diane watched her, smiling.

"Some say a dog is man's best friend. Well, I say a dildo is a girl's best friend!"

Mia glanced at her cousin and felt a strange, lustful stirring in her pussy as she looked at the other girl's firm, jutting tits. The stiff, hard red nipples showed just how turned on Diane was. Mia looked at her cousin's juicy cunt and gasped with excitement as she realized just how much she was turning on to her naked, sexy cousin!

As she continued to stare at Diane's crotch, the older girl reached down and spread her curitlips apart with her thumbs. The exposed, wet pink cuntflesh somehow seemed to be beckoning to libby.

"Take off your clothes, honey," Diane murmured suddenly, making Mia blush again.

Mia turned away from Diane, a shiver of uncertainty flashing through her. The very idea of doing anything erotic with another girl had never even occurred to her before, although she had heard about other girls who did that. And, obviously, her cousin Diane was one of them. But it still seemed unnatural somehow.

"Why are you turning away from me, Lib?" Diane asked.

A whirl of confusion was spinning through the younger girl's mind. She didn't want to say anything that would hurt her cousin, for she truly liked her. But she couldn't do what Diane wanted if it was wrong. Yet, she reminded herself, she had let her cousin Doug fuck her. He had even popped her cherry and she certainly had no regrets about that. she just felt so confused!

"Come on, honey, take your clothes off. I won't see anything I haven't seen before. It's only fair. You got to see all of me. Now I think it won't hurt you to let me see your naked body," she pleaded.

Caught between her few confused doubts and her cousin's words, which Mia had to admit made a lot of sense, Mia decided that Diane was right. It wouldn't hurt her to let Diane have a glimpse of her naked body.

Slowly, the beautiful blonde girl turned around, her cautious eyes meeting Diane's lust-filled gaze.

"Please, honey," Diane urged her. "Take off your clothes. I really do want to see you! I can teach you how to satisfy yourself when there isn't a man around."

Her cousin's lewd words were all Mia needed to convince her. She was so excited now that she could hardly stand it, even though she still had a few doubts. But she knew that she would do just what her cousin asked.

Slowly undressing, Mia slipped out of her skirt and blouse, leaving only her silky white panties and her lacy white bra, which barely contained the girl's big, heaving tits.

Diane's eyes feasted on her cousin's big tits with their blood-engorged nipples pressing temptingly against the delicate fabric of her bra. The warm tit-flesh attracted her so much that Diane could not resist reaching up and unfastening the hooks on Mia's bra so she could gain a view of the tits, free from any restraint. Once the bothersome bra had fallen to the floor, Diane's eyes glistened with hot approval.

"Mmm, you have a beautiful body, Lib," she smiled.

Still very embarrassed, a slightly trembling Mia stood there patiently as Diane skillfully slipped off her skimpy panties. The moment that Diane's eyes caught sight of Mia's curly blonde pussy hair she licked her lips in anticipation.

"Now, that's what I call sexy," she whispered in a husky voice.

Diane's hungry eyes feasted on her cousin's pussy. She could not hold back another moment from touching the girl's quivering cunt. Slowly, Diane's hands reached up and gently pinched the rosy nipples of Mia's young, firm tits.

"You're sooo beautiful and sexy," Diane sighed as she stroked the pulsing tits.

Reaching down now, Diane stroked the other girl's cunt, gradually inserting her finger, finding the clit stiff and twitching.

"Mmm, you're already horny," Diane murmured.

Mia swayed on her feet, moaning with excitement as she felt her cousin stroking her quivering clit. It was amazing to the young blonde just how hot and horny she was becoming. She could feel her wildly throbbing cunt becoming wet and slick. All remaining doubts seemed to be swept away in the face of her growing lust.

Diane pulled Mia onto the bed with her and the younger girl moaned again as she watched her cousin strapping the red plastic dildo onto her body.

Diane slid down between Mia's thighs and began to lick at her sensitive, hot cunt.

"Oh, God, Diane!" Mia cried. "That feels so fuckin' good! Shove that plastic prick inside me! I can't wait!" she yelled, surprised by her own words.

Diane laughed delightedly. She could see now that her sexy little cousin was beginning to match her own hot, forbidden desires. Intrigued by the knowledge that the stunning young blonde wanted to be fucked by Diane, she let her fingers play with her pulsing pussy.

"What are you doing?" Mia asked impatiently, growing more and more desperate to have the big plastic cock rammed up her little cunt.

Knowing exactly what she was doing, Diane ignored her cousin's words and continued to fingerfuck Mia's horny, wet pussy. The fire in the younger girl's pussy was burning uncontrollably now. She was more turned on than she cared to admit bv the fact that a beautiful young girl was making love to her, actually fingerfucking her pussy!

After a few more exciting jabs with her finger, Diane made her cousin cum. As Mia thrashed and groaned beneath her hand, Diane sloshed her finger around in the hot, thick fuck juices spilling out from the girl's aching pussy. Then, using the cuntjuices to coat her fingers, she quickly pulled out of Mia's pussy and rammed her finger into the girl's tight ass.

"Ohhh, that feels sooo good," Mia moaned.

Diane fucked her finger into the tight, resisting ass a few more times. Then she pulled out and spread the other girl's warm juices on the red plastic prick.

"Go on, baby," Diane whispered, watching her cousin with excited eyes. "Stick it into your cunt."

Her lewd words reminded Mia of Doug's commands for her to guide his big cock into her hungry pussy, and that memory and the juice-coated dildo before her excited her beyond belief.

Diane placed a pillow behind her head to prop her up to the perfect angle so she could watch the erotic sight that was about to take place.

Reaching for the slippery red plastic prick, the younger girl guided it into her pouting, wet pussy.

"Unnnhhhhh," Mia groaned as she felt the big substitute cock entering her pussy.

Suddenly, Diane leaned forward and knocked Mia's hand away from the dildo, putting her own hand on the bottom and sides of the big plastic cock.

"Ohhhh, yeah, Diane! Fuck me with that thing!" Mia groaned, glad that her cousin was taking charge now. It was a lot more fun that way!

"Like it, honey?" Diane asked lewdly as she rammed the dildo in and out of the girl's hot, wet pussy. "Ohhhh, yessssss, yesssss!" Mia cried.

Mia's eyes glazed over with fuck-lust as she lay back and let her sexy cousin fuck her horny little cunt with the big red dildo.

Diane panted hard as she began to pump the dildo in with the tempo picking up now. She was riding the young blonde with hard, deep strokes.

"Ohhhh, God, yesssss, sooooo hot." Mia panted as her cunt muscles clasped the thick plastic prick. "Fuck me, fuck meeeeeeee," she begged as her beautiful, sexy cousin kept pumping the substitute cock into her hard.

The overpowering pleasure of the big plastic cock riding rhythmically in her cunt turned Mia on until she felt as if she were half out of her mind with lust.

"You're really loving this, I can tell, honey," Diane said lewdly, her eyes taking in the erotic sight of the other girl's hungry pussy grabbing ahold of the dildo the second it entered her pussy. Diane licked her lips excitedly as she watched Mia's big, firm tits heaving with excitement, the hard nipples visibly pulsing with desire.

The older girl continued to ride the plastic prick into her cousin's tight cunt. Her eyes feasted on the younger girl's lush, naked body as she pumped up and down in response to the driving dildo stabs.

"Ohhhhh, Diane, fuck meeeee haaaard!" Mia moaned, lifting her ass up from the waterbed and thrusting her crotch up hard over the fucking dildo.

"That's it, baby, fuck back into me," Diane pleaded as her own pussy burned and itched with a hot, raging desire. Fucking her pretty, sexy little cousin with the plastic prick had the older girl very turned on.

A misty sheen of sweat covered the beautiful body of the younger girl and she flushed with excitement as her cousin continued to fuck her little tight, wet pussy with the relentlessly plunging plastic prick.

Diane could feel Mia's tight young cunt muscles gripping at the plastic cock as it thrust deeper with each thrust, and the older girl groaned with desire.

"Grab my ass, baby," she murmured huskily.

Mia grinned and grabbed her cousin's firm, round asscheeks. Diane loved the feel of the sexy younger girl's fingers gripping her ass, gently massaging her firm assflesh.

The blonde teenager's body quivered in passionate abandon as the plastic cock rode her in a regular tempo, making her hot and wet and eager for another orgasm.

Diane began stabbing the dildo into Mia's cunt with harder, deeper plunges. Both of the girls' bodies were thrashing in a wild sexual frenzy now as all of their inhibitions were released in a torrent of raging fuck-lust.

"Ohhhhhh, fuck, fuck," Diane gasped.

She was insanely driving the dildo into her young cousin. It was rubbing against Mia's clit in such an exciting way that the younger girl thrust her legs around her cousin in an intense grip.

Their bodies were slippery from the heat of their lust-filled fucking as Diane continued to fuck her cousin's cunt with the ever-hard dildo.

Mia's fingers slipped into Diane's ass crack. Parting her cheeks, she gently eased her middle finger up the other girl's tight, pulsing ass.

"Ohhhh, yessss," Diane begged as she kept sliding the plastic prick frantically between the grasping, wet folds of the blonde's quivering cunt.

"Oh, yeah, I want it!" Mia cried. "Fuck me! Fuck meeee!"

At this point, their bodies were writhing in violent spasms. Maintaining a fast pace of hot, ramming thrusts turned Diane on even more and her excitement quickly became transmitted to Mia. Suddenly, Diane came.

"Oh, yeah, baby, I love fucking youuuuu!" she screamed as a hot, pounding orgasm tore through the pretty girl's cunt, releasing a fresh flood of cuntjuice, which overflowed her pussy and dribbled obscenely down her quivering thighs.

But not once did her hold on the dildo loosen. And not once did she ease up on her in-and-out fucking movements as she fucked her hot little cousin.

The girls' sweat-soaked bodies slapped noisily together as Diane continued to drive the plastic prick into Mia's cunt.

Crushing her big tits against Mia's, Diane pressed her sensuous warm lips, in an open mouth kiss, on Mia's parted, quivering mouth. Greedily she sucked on the younger girl's tongue, trembling with excitement.

"Cummmmmmiiinnnnggggg!" Mia suddenly screamed into Diane's mouth as hot waves of orgasmic pleasure washed over the young blonde, filling her with an achingly sweet ecstasy as she climaxed hard.

As Mia's orgasm ended, Diane stroked the blonde's big tits, loving the way the big, stillhard nips throbbed beneath her forbidden touch.

"You look so beautiful when you cum," she murmured tenderly.

Mia smiled at her cousin. She was still somewhat overwhelmed that she could enjoy making it with another girl so much - so very much!

"I'm kinda new at sex, Diane," she confessed now. "But I want to learn all about it. I want to try everything once and this was super!" Her words made Diane's eyes light up.

"I could teach you something else," she said, feeling as if she couldn't get enough of her cousin's sexy, lush body.

She reached for the dildo, which was still lewdly sticking into Mia's pussy. As she pulled it out, she gasped as she saw, for the first time, not only Mia's juices smeared over it, but male cum!

"Oh, God, Mia, whose cum is this?" Diane asked unbelievingly. Mia blushed.

"Didn't you notice it before?"

"No!" Diane said, "If I had, I woulda said something, for God's sake! When I was playing around with your pussy, I felt something in there but I thought your cuntjuice was just kinda thick, you know?"

Mia laughed at her cousin's confusion.

"The truth is... Doug fucked me just before I came out here!" the blonde confessed.

Diane gasped. "My God! Doug fucked you? My brother fucked you?"

"Yeah, and it was great!" Mia said, enjoying the fact that she had been able to shock her older cousin.

"Oh, I know! We fuck a lot of times," Diane said, quickly regaining her composure. She stroked her cousin's tits as she realized that the idea of her brother fucking Mia was turning her on more than ever! "Was this the first time he fucked you?"

"No! He even popped my cherry for me! Oh, Diane, you're so lucky to have such a sexy guy for your own brother. God, you get to fuck him anytime you want! And he's such a hunk!" Mia cried, rolling her eyes skyward, and both of the girls laughed delightedly.

Diane looked down at her cousin's gaping pussy, her own cunt drooling more and more.

"Like I said, honey, there's something else I can teach you!" the older girl said eagerly.

Before Mia could answer her, Diane brought her mouth to the ragged pink flesh of her cousin's cunt. Mia looked down, growing hotter than ever as she realized for the first time just what Diane had in mind.

"Oh, yes, Diane! Eat it! Eat my pussy!" she exclaimed breathlessly.

"Mmmm, I love eating male cum out of a girl's pretty pink pussy!" Diane cried just before she stabbed her long, hard, wet tongue into the other girl's horny pussy.

"Oh, God! Yes! Lick me! Suck me! Eat meeeee!" Mia cried frantically.

Erotic thrills flashed through her entire body with a searing heat as her cousin lapped up all of the cum and pussyjuice from Mia's cunt.

"Mmmmmm," Diane moaned appreciatively, the sound muffled against the other girl's quivering cuntflesh.

Thrusting her hips and ass up from the waterbed, Mia ground her hot cunt in Diane's face.

"Lick it, lick it, oh God, lick it!" she begged with an intensity that even shocked herself.

Diane grabbed ahold of her young cousin's ass, pulling her cunt closer to her hungry mouth. Squeezing the girl's trembling asscheeks, she stabbed her tongue repeatedly in and out of the steaming hot cunt pressed so obscenely against her face.

She moved her tongue expertly between the girl's bursting clit and the small, tight fuckhole. She licked the rigid clit, feeling it throbbing against her tongue. She sucked on the love-button hard, than sank her teeth gently into the hot, quivering clit-flesh.

"Omigod!" Mia shrieked, about to cum.

"Yessssss, Diane! Bite it! Bite that motherfuckin' clit! "

Then, Diane moved her tongue away from the girl's clit, not quite ready to let her cum yet. She rammed her tongue hard into the girl's puckering pussy, fucking it in and out like a miniature cock! She could feel Mia's strong cunt muscles closing tightly around her tongue, and the incredibly erotic sensation turned her on so much that she came.

A powerful orgasm tore through Diane's cunt as she continued to eat her cousin's pussy. She felt her pussyjuice shooting out from her pussyhole and filling her entire cunt, then trickling lewdly down her trembling thighs.

But even as she came, she did not stop licking her cousin's cunt, not for a second. In fact,her own orgasm just drove her on, making her eat and suck and lick the other girl's pussy even harder than before.

Mia reached down and gripped Diane's head, running her fingers excitedly through the other girl's soft hair. As she heard the loud sucking, slurping sounds of Diane's mouth at her cunt, she turned on more powerfully than before, violently thrusting her cunt up hard against Diane's sucking mouth.

"Ohhhhh, suck me, suck me!" she begged her cousin. "Make me cum, Diane!"

The raging heat from Mia's pussy blasted into Diane's face. Her mouth and chin and nose were wet from the other girl's pussyjuices, exciting her all the more.

Mia was more aroused than she had ever thought possible. Having her cousin sucking hotly between her widely splayed legs while her hips wriggled and her cunt pressed against her face made her groan with pleasure.

"Ohhhhh, keep sucking me! Make me cum, Diane! Please, oh God, please, make me cum! I need it sooo baaaad!" Mia cried, half out of her mind with fuck-lust.

Mia squeezed her cousin's firm, lily-white asscheeks. She felt Diane's mouth licking, nibbling, kissing, and sucking her raging her pussy, and she knew that her cum was only seconds away.

Suddenly, Diane knew that this was the moment - Mia was ready to cum. She bit none too gently into the younger girl's twitching, rigid clit and her entire head shook with the force of the orgasm that immediately raged through Mia's cunt.

"Ohhhh, cummmmiiinnnggg!" Mia screamed, thrilling to the mind-blowing climax that shot through her, releasing tons of cuntjuice, which were quickly lapped up by Diane.

At that exact instant, the door to the guest house opened with a loud bang and Len Winfield's voice rang out into the stillness of the lust- filled room.

"Hi girls! Why wasn't I invited to the party?" he asked, smiling as he closed the door behind him.

"Daddy! Hi!" Diane cried excitedly, realizing right away that now things would get even more exciting!

"Uncle Len!" Mia groaned, mortified that her uncle should see her like this, sprawled nakedly on the waterbed, Diane's mouth still hovering over her juice-drenched cunt!

Len grinned down at the two sexy girls, his cock already hardening with anticipation.

"When you didn't return to the house after we fucked... and then I couldn't find Libb anywhere and no one seemed to have seen he since she went off looking for you, Diane, put two and two together... and I see I was right!" Len explained.

But only the first part of his explanation had registered in Mia's lust-dazed brain. She could hardly believe what she had heard him say.

"Uncle Len!" Mia cried. "You and Diane... you fucked each other?"

Len and Diane laughed together, enjoying the mingled expression of excitement and shock on the younger girl's face.

"Sure, baby," Len said, moving toward her. "Why not? Just like you and Diane just fucked each other!"

"Yeah," Diane agreed, "and just like you and Doug fucked each other! He popped her cherry for her, Daddy," she added, turning to her father.

"Well, well, well... so our little Mia is not such an innocent after all. Good. It'll be a lot more fun that way," he said, his cock stiffening even more.

Staring intently into his niece's eyes, Len began to undress. Mia's eyes glistened as she watched. Diane giggled, realizing that her cousin had a real surprise in store for her. She didn't know that her Uncle Len had such a huge cock! He had the biggest cock Diane had ever seen, and just thinking about the possibilities of her father's cock and her cousin and her own naked body made the girl tremble with lewd anticipation.

As the handsome, virile man unzipped his fly and reached in to pull out his thick, throbbing cock, Mia's eyes widened in wonder. Her mouth dropped open and she moaned softly. She was gazing at the biggest, thickest hunk of cockmeat she had ever seen or even heard about!

"How big is it?" she asked incredulously.

"A fat ten inches!" Diane said, answering for her father.

Still staring intently at his sexy, turned-on niece, Len stroked his gigantic prick a couple of times. Mia could see small drops of pearly cum oozing at its quivering tip.

"Some girls love to suck on it," he smiled at Mia. "And some little girls love to be fucked with it. You can do anything you want to with it. Are you cock-hungry, baby?"

The deliberate boldness of his question stunned Mia, but it excited her, too, and her pussy quivered and drooled with renewed lust.

As Len moved to her side. Mia reached up for his huge, pulsing prick and lovingly stroked on it a few times.

"Do you want to nibble on it?" he smiled down at her.

"I... I just want to look at it, admire it," Mia murmured, feeling suddenly shy as she examined the gigantic cock.

"You'd enjoy having it in your mouth," Diane laughed. "But you might choke on it."

Mia could feel the swelling tension of her uncle's cock as she pumped on it. He was getting harder and bigger.

Suddenly, the young blonde realized that she wanted her uncle's immense throbbing prick in her cunt.

"Ohhh, I'd love to have this big cock sliding in me," she admitted, smiling up at her uncle, no longer feeling shy. "I want your cock, Uncle Len! "

By now, Len's big cock was flat up against his belly, he was so turned-on. Eagerly, Mia reached out again and gripped the pulsing, mammoth-sized prick in her hand. she pumped it up and down.

"Allllriiiiight!" the man groaned as he felt his sexy niece's hand giving him a terrific jackjob.

"Ohhh, Uncle Len, your cock's sooo big!" Mia moaned excitedly as she felt her pussy twitching and burning impatiently.

The oozing slit at the crown of Len's cock showed just how aroused he was. Mia pulled on the throbbing hardon, getting him so hot and aroused that he knew he had better fuck her and fuck her fast.

He lay down next to Mia on the waterbed. Mia squealed with excitement as she began to lick tenderly all around the man's crotch. She sucked on his balls softly, snaking a probing finger up his tight ass.

"Good, baby, good," Len exclaimed as he spread his legs wider for the horny young girl.

"Wow! Really hot!" Diane cried, beginning to fingerfuck her own steaming pussy.

Gripping his huge, thick prick, Mia began sucking hard. Her head bobbed up and down on his thick cockmeat, giving him a frenzied, expert blowjob.

"Ohhhh, baby," he panted, "now you're doing it. Feels really good. But I want to fuck your pussy before I shoot my wad."

Mia could taste her uncle beginning to cum. Reluctantly, she pulled her mouth from his thick, rigid cock as he had asked her to do.

"Ohhhh, Daddy, can I lick your ass while you fuck Lib?" Diane asked hotly, her fingers still plunging in and out of her own horny little pussy.

Len chuckled. It was a real turn-on to have two such sexy young chicks begging for his cock and now his ass!

"Sure, honey, we can manage that. I'll turn on my side and fuck Mia while you suck on my ass!"

Mia and Diane both moaned with excitement. They could hardly wait for the hot fuck action to begin. Len and Mia lay on their sides facing each other while Diane got behind him and hovered over her father's ass.

Staring directly into Mia's eyes, without saying another word, Len shoved all ten inches of his big cock into her hungry pussy. Her pussy muscles bore down with a snapping grip.

"Aaarrrgggghhhhh! Oh, God, Uncle Len!" Mia cried, her pussy feeling as if it were being split in two by the man's unusually large prick.

Meanwhile, Diane was parting her father's asscheeks. She pulled the globes apart as her tongue licked along the crack of his ass. As his huge prick plunged again into Mia's hot, clasping cunt, he felt his daughter's tongue slipping up his tight ass.

"Ohhh, yeah, baby, feels great," he said, really intending his words for both his little girl and his niece.

Len pounded his ten-inch cock rhythmically into the young girl's fiery, juicing cunt as she moaned and groaned with pleasure and fuck lust for her uncle's deliciously big prick.

"Move your legs a little farther apart," he told her, feeling her cunt muscles squeezing his prick.

Mia did as her uncle told her to. She loved having his huge prick spearing into her horny cunt. Her entire body was responding to him now. she was pumping back, grinding her pussy against him in wild abandon.

"That feels great. Fuck my cock, baby," he told her.

Mia could hear the wet, slurping sounds made by Diane's tongue and lips as she continued to tongue-fuck her father's ass. The feel of her uncle's cock fucking into her and the sounds of Diane licking his ass combined to turn Mia on powerfully.

Len held Mia's quivering asscheeks and squeezed them hard as he rammed into her. The thrill of having his daughter's tongue plunging up his ass while Mia's cunt grabbed his stone-hard cock had him half out of his mind with erotic pleasure. His pulsing prick rubbed skillfully in her cunt as he continued to pump into her.

"Oh God, I've never... it's never been like this... soooo good... I can't believe it!" Mia cried out as her clasping arms embraced her lover like a praying mantis.

Reaching down, Mia gripped her uncle's firm, muscular ass. She could feel every movement as he rhythmically fucked into her. At the same time, she could hear Diane licking and sucking on her father's ass.

"Ohhhh," Len gasped. "Fuck me. Suck me."

"Unnnhhhhh, yessss, sooo good... big cock... never knew there was such a... big cock... oh God, it feels soooo good!" Mia groaned. It was so thrilling to have that big prick inside her. She had never known anything could be quite this exciting.

Len pressed his broad, hairy chest against the girl's throbbing nipples, and at the same time he told Diane to stab her tongue farther up his ass.

He wrapped his arms hungrily around Mia, pressing his chest against her again and feeling her taut, blood-engorged nipples throbbing against his warm flesh.

His throbbing prick drove into her with steady, deeper, quicker strokes. He could feel her gushing juices soaking his prick and it turned him on even more.

"Oh, oh, Uncle Len, you really know how to fuck!" Mia cried, squirming and writhing against him.

He drove in even deeper with his ten-inch prick as Mia thrust her crotch up more violently, shoving her pussy up over his pulsing cockmeat. They wee fucking each other in perfect rhythm now.

Len loved the way his daughter was eating out his ass, using her lips, tongue and teeth on the small, puckering ring of ass muscle.

"Suck it, baby," he hissed over his shoulder, moaning as he caught an exciting glimpse of Diane licking out his ass.

Diane panted hard now as she glided her thick tongue deeper into her father's ass. His ass was warm, very tight and well coated with her hot saliva.

She could see and feel his ass writhing violently as he kept pumping his hips shamelessly into the young girl's cunt.

"Ohhhhh, shit, cummmmiiinnnggg!" Len suddenly cried, "Fuck me! Suck me!"

Mia clutched him tightly against her squirming body as she ground her cunt up against his cock and more pussyjuice shot from her tortured pussy, drowning his prick.

Diane kept sucking at her father's ass, her own orgasm beginning as she felt his body shaking against her mouth.

"Ohhhh, yessss, shoot your juice inside me! I want it all, Uncle Len! Shoot your entire load into my cunt!" Mia screamed hysterically as she felt several gushers of her uncle's hot, thick cum splashing obscenely against the walls of her cunt, which was now in the throes of its own orgasm.

Diane continued to suck her father's ass until he finally pulled his softening prick from Mia's spasming pussy. Then she slid her tongue from his ass and patted his ass affectionately. She then rolled over onto her back and plunged her fingers into her pussy, seeking another climax.

As Mia's orgasm subsided, and she felt her uncle's mouth pressing hotly against hers, she had to admit to herself that she had just experienced the most exciting, sensual moment in her young life!

That night, Mandy and her oldest son, Doug, lay in each other's arms in the boy's bedroom. Gently, Doug pressed on his mother's shoulders, urging her downward. Soon, she was sliding down his loins and staring, with an excited grin, at her boy's long, thick prick.

"Just lick the underside of my prick, Mom," Doug said, smiling warmly at his mother. "And tickle my nuts with your tongue."

Obediently, Mandy licked at the underside of Doug's long, slick nine-inch shaft. Her tongue flipped back and forth across his hairy, swelling balls.

"Ohhhh, yeah, Mom," he whispered. "That's the way I like it. Now try sucking my balls in your mouth."

Mandy groaned with excitement. And, opening her mouth, she let Doug slip his horny balls inside. She sucked on them gently and vigorously pulled up and down on his shaft.

"Mmmm, yeah, Mom, just like that," Doug moaned with pleasure.

The aroused woman was sucking rhythmically now, giving her son the erotic sensations that he so desperately needed.

"Eat it!" he suddenly exclaimed.

Releasing his balls, she nibbled, sucked, and licked to the tip of his cock once more. Hastily sliding her mouth over his shaft, she began sucking hungrily. She moaned with a growing sense of excitement as she tasted his precum.

"Ohhhh, yessss," Doug panted as he pumped it down her throat.

Mandy loved the sensation of her son fucking his big, hard prick in and out of her mouth. The musky scent of his crotch aroused her lust, and she moaned over and over as she continued to suck her son off. Her hands reached for his firmly muscled asscheeks, and she could feel every thrust he made into her mouth as she clasped his pumping ass.

"Ohhhh, Mom, soooo hot," he gasped. "Suck, suck me, Mom! Make me cum!"

Now, Mandy's head was bobbing up and down over her son's throbbing, thick prick.

"Ohhh, Mom, you're such a great cocksucker," he groaned.

He continued thrusting his big nine-incher in and out of his mother's throat, moaning with pleasure as he felt her contracting her strong throat muscles around the boy's cock.

Suddenly, Doug realized that he couldn't wait any longer. He simply had to taste his mother's pussy! He shifted his position expertly managing to keep his cock in Mandy's mouth all the while.

He slid his face between his mother's milky, hot thighs, letting his long, pink, wet tongue slide along her bloated pussylips. Parting her moistening cunt, he looked excitedly at the glistening pink cuntflesh. The scent of her aroused pussy ignited his tongue into action. His hot, wet tongue surged inside of her cunt as he urgently pressed his nose, mouth, and lips tighter against her steaming cunt.

He pumped his rigid prick down his mother's throat as he skillfully tongue-fucked her pussy, moving swiftly back and forth between throbbing clit and puckering pussy.

"Mmmmmmfffff," Mandy moaned around the thickness of her son's big, pulsing prick.

She was eager to taste him. she wanted to swallow his thick, creamy cum as he shot his wad into her mouth. She knew it wouldn't be much longer now from the way he was furiously fucking into her mouth and passionately eating her pussy out.

"Suck, suck," he panted as he pumped his cock into her throat, taking his mouth from her pussy for only a second.

Mandy was milking her son's prick with her mouth, thrilling to the feel of his hot, wet mouth on her pussy. She could feel his tongue thrusting into her pussyhole and she closed her cunt muscles tightly about it, holding it lewdly inside her pussy for a few breathless, spinetingling seconds.

She jumped as she felt her son's tongue brushing against her rigidly twitching clit. Doug planted his lips around the nub of clitflesh and sucked on it hard, thrilling to the way it throbbed against her lips. Then, he licked it hard, making his mother moan with pleasure and excitement as she continued to suck her boy's big, hard prick.

"Ohhh, Mom, suck me off, suck me!" Doug exclaimed passionately.

Suddenly, Mandy came hard and a fresh flood of her warm, thick juices shot frorn her pussy and jetted into her son 's sucking mouth. He lapped up all of his mother's cuntjuice eagerly, savoring the taste as he swallowed it hungrily.

The horny woman tore her mouth away from her boy's prick as she came, waves of hot, erotic pleasure crashing down on her.

"Oh, God, cummmmiiinnnggg!" she screamed wildly as torrents of forbidden orgasmic ecstasy spasmed through her bucking cunt.

Doug continued to plunge his tongue in and out of his mother's juicy pussyhole, feeling the woman's cunt muscles contracting lewdly about his tongue, as though trying to pull his entire face inside her pussy. Finally, he took his tongue from her crotch and, as her orgasm subsided, she fixed her son with a loving motherly gaze.

"Doug! Hurry! Fuck my ass with your big, thick cock!" she cried desperately.

Doug grinned excitedly. "Yeah, okay, Mom! That'll be real hot! You've got my prick nice and slick with your spit so it'll be easy to slide it up your ass!"

"Oh, yes, Son, shove your big cock up my ass! Fuck me haaaard!" she moaned.

"On your knees, assfucker," he demanded with a grin.

Eagerly, Mandy got on her knees. Her upturned asscheeks were poised for his horny prick. He climbed on behind her, gripping her asscheeks firmly. And, suddenly, he shoved his saliva-slickened prick forward.

"Fuck it, Mom," he moaned. "Come on and fuck my cock!"

He began to ride into his mother's ass with deep, hard strokes now. When he got to her tight ass he realized just how difficult it would be to fuck his big nine-incher into his mom's small, tight ass. Difficult, but fun! Without saying another word, he brutally shoved forward with a powerful lunge. His massive prick rammed into his mother's tight ass, almost tearing her in two.

"Ouch! Mmmmmm!" she exclaimed, moaning in pain and pleasure in the same breath as she felt her son's big, hard prick forcing its way inside her forbidden hole.

"Don't worry, Mom," the boy murmured. "I'll stretch your little ass with my big prick!"

Mandy could hardly breathe now, she was so turned on! She clutched the bedsheets as she felt her son riding insanely up her ass. His weighty balls were slapping against her upturned asscheeks as he rammed his big, hard, stiff nine-inch prick into her ass with full force.

"Mmm, I've fucked your pussy before but never your ass, Mom. Now I wish I had! I can see what I've been missing. You're so fuckin' tight and small. Jeeeesus! Doesn't Dad ever fuck your ass for you?" He groaned with pleasure.

"Ohhh, Doug, you're fucking me sooo good! It feels sooo good!" she responded. "Your Dad fucks my ass once in a while but...."

"Not enough, right Mom?" Doug asked with a grin.

"Right, Son!" she answered and they both laughed.

"Man! You're sooo tight! And if there's anything I like it's fucking a tight ass. Oh, Mom, milk my cock with your ass! Milk my big cock with your little ass, Mom!" he babbled.

Doug continued to thrust his big prick in and out of his mother's ass. She no longer felt any pain. The only sensation she was aware of now was a tremendously exciting pleasure, pleasure that threatened to overwhelm her with its force, and with the raging need to cum. She knew that when she felt her son's cum shooting up her ass, she would cum, too. That would be the ultimate pleasure for her.

She gripped her boy's prick tightly with her strong ass muscles, wriggling her hips back and forth.

"Yeah, Mom, yeah! Move that sexy ass of yours! Pick up the tempo!" he groaned, thinking that maybe his mother didn't assfuck much, but not because she lacked anything in skill!

He drove his cock into his mother's ass in short, smooth stabs.

"Yeah, baby, yeah! Right up your ass!" he exclaimed as he thrust in with all of his strength.

"Ohhhh, Son, it feels soooo good! I love the way you're fucking my ass! Keep it up, Son! Fuck your mother! Fuck my ass good and haaaaard!" she moaned, loving the wild fucking strokes the boy was throwing into her ass.

Mandy swung her ass into action, ramming her asscheeks back over her boy's prick, fucking him every bit as much as he fucked her. As he felt his mother's ass fucking back at him, Doug turned on more and more.

Bending over all the way, he pressed his broad, muscular chest against her back and reached around to feel her big, throbbing tits. His fingertips pinched her pulsing nips as he assfucked her with all of his might.

"Oh, Mom, so good, soooo mother-fuckin' good!" he exclaimed passionately as he gave her the most frenzied, insane fucking up her tight ass she had ever experienced in her entire life.

As Doug thrust his big prick in and out of his mother's tight ass, he gripped her hips, Jerking her back and forth to meet his quick, jerking motions. He could feel his cock swelling larger in her small ass and he pumped harder and harder, straining for release.

Mandy wiggled her ass, thrusting it back toward Doug to meet his ramming cock.

"Mmm, Dougie, I love it sooo much! Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Fuck the shit out of me!"

Doug laughed at his mother's choice of words and fucked the woman even harder, sending his cock shooting into her ass as deeply as he could, harder and deeper each time.

"Go, Doug, go! Fuck me haaaard! I love it! I love everything you're doing to me!" she yelled as his sharp, thrusting movements sent her into ecstasy. She felt as if her entire body were on fire, as his piston-driving prick filled her tight, hot ass.

Mandy's cunt oozed torrents of pussyjuice, which trickled down her trembling legs and splashed onto the sheets beneath them. She could feel her son's balls pounding on her asscheeks, and she knew that she had never experienced such hot, forbidden pleasure in all her life.

Her face flushed and her tits throbbed and the sweat rolled from her nipples as the hot, lust-filled excitement grew in her lush, firm body.

"Fuck me, Doug! Fuck my ass!" she yelled at the top of her lungs, not caring about anything except the erotic pleasure that tore through her, and her raging need to cum. His mother's obscene words made the boy's prick swell even more inside her ass and his muscles tightened as he reached the beginning of his climax. Mandy moved her ass in frantic circles, clenching her son's bloated shaft with her powerful ass muscles. Her body reached a feverish pitch as his cock-plunges grew faster and harder.

"Cummmmmiiinnngggg, Mom!" he screamed.

His cock exploded in a thundering orgasm, shooting wad after wad of thick, white cum from his bursting prick, filling her ass. It spilled out from the woman's small, trembling ass and streamed lewdly down her legs.

"Ahhhh, yesssss, Son, I love the feel of your cum up my ass! Shoot it all, Son, give me more! Give me every drop of your jism!" she yelled as she felt her ass filling and overflowing with her son's hot cum. She clenched his pulsing prick tightly, draining him as he continued to pound and hump her wildly fucking ass.

As she writhed under his driving prick, he jerked and twisted until his big prick was finally empty. And still, he continued to ride his mother's ass as her own orgasm began.

The feel of her son's jism shooting up her ass took the woman over the edge, just as she had known it would. Her assmuscles tightened and loosened around the boy's drained cock as she came.

"Cummmmmiiinnnggg!" Mandy hollered in ecstasy as fiery flashes of pleasure raced through her pulsing pussy. Over and over she came as gallons of pussyjuice shot from her pussy and poured down her quivering legs.

That same night, as Mandy and Doug were fucking each other's brains out, Mia and her kid cousin, Winston, were about to have their own torrid fuck session.

The two youngsters were in the living room, and they had as much privacy as they needed or wanted, since Diane and Uncle Len were busily fucking each other in the guest house once again, and Mandy and Doug were upstairs in the boy's room.

Mia and Winston had already drunk several glasses of heady red wine, a favorite of the young girl's ever since she had arrived at her uncle's house.

She was light-headed now, and very, very horny. She glanced at her little cousin and gasped as she saw that the young boy had a hardon! For there was no mistaking the cruel bulge straining against his pants.

"You're so beautiful, Cuz," he said now, his voice slurring from drink and passion. "Such pretty blonde hair. And your eyes look so innocent and sweet."

She laughed softly at her cousin's words. Innocent? Not hardly! Suddenly, he moved toward her and took her in his arms, surprisingly strong and muscular for such a youngster!

He kissed her, gently at first and then, as their passion for each other grew, harder, his tongue darting between her lips, finding her own. She responded eagerly, holding him tightly, feeling his broad, muscular chest crushing her big tits. And, her pussy warmed with desire.

"Oh, Lib, you're so pretty and sexy," the boy whipsered into her ear. "I want you. Bad."

"Oh, Winston, I don't know..."

She trailed off helplessly, beginning to wonder if she were a whore. First her cousin, Doug. Then her Uncle Len. And now would she fuck her little cousin, Winston? She wanted to, just as much as he did. But, the young girl worried that she was becoming too depraved, too much of a whore, willing to spread her legs for any cock!

"What's wrong? Don't you want to fuck?" Winston asked, frowning, his cock jerking impatiently.

"Ohhh, yesss," she moaned. "But..."

"But nothing! You want me. I want you. We want each other, so why not?" the boy asked logically.

"Ohhh, yesss, Winston! I want you! So bad I can hardly stand it!" she cried.

And it was true. She knew that her panties were already wet. She could feel the dampness between her thighs.

She clutched her cousin tightly as he scooped his hands underneath her and lifted her from the couch onto the floor. He undressed her, then undressed himself, looking for all the world like a young Greek God as he approached her. She reached out for his swollen cock as if it were the most natural act in the world. And, of course, it was.

"You're not so innocent, after all, are you, Lib?" the boy asked as he bent to kiss her tits.

"Mmmmm," she responded, turning on more and more.

Winston's hot, hard tongue tortured the girl's nipples until they stood up angrily with tiny pouting red mouths.

"Oh God, Winston," she moaned, her loins on fire.

She twisted underneath him, pulling on his big ten-inch prick, squeezing it for dear life. She loved the fact that he didn't just plunge into her, even though she would have enjoyed that too! But, somehow, the way he was taking his time, making her really hot before fucking her, turned her on more than ever.

His hands kneaded her big, firm tits. His cock throbbed in her hand, its pearly drops of precum oozing hot and wet onto her fingers.

Although her mind was still numb from the wine, her body was excitingly alive. Sensations that had seemed thrilling before became heightened. And, she had lost all doubts about

whether it was "right" or "wrong" to fuck Winston.

She thought now that there was probably nothing wrong with it at all. But, the real difference now was that she no longer cared. All she wanted was the incredibly erotic feel of her cousin's mouth on her tits.

His mouth on her big, throbbing tits was sending out ripples of desire, tingles of lust that consumed the young girl's entire body.

She bit into his muscular shoulder to show the boy that he had released the animal in her. He groaned with pleasure and moved his hand down her trembling body to her tummy. He glided it over her trim tummy, then let it drift over the edge of the fuzzy cuntmound.

His finger began to stroke the puffy, moist lips of her cunt. Her legs spread wider to accommodate his probing finger. The insides of her thighs were quivering like jelly and she was wet, her cunthair soaked with her own juices.

"Ohhhh, baby, you're so turned on!" Winston groaned, his fingers becoming quickly soaked with his cousin's warm juices. He probed inside her horny pussy, gently sliding his fingers up and down the soft, silken lining of her cunt.

"Oh, Winston, that feels soooo good! Don't stop!" Mia moaned obscenely as her cunt twitched spasmodically. He shoved his finger up high and touched her trembling clit.

"Ooooooh," she moaned as her body heaved with a gigantic orgasm.

"Wow! You're really hot as a pistol!" Winston exclaimed admiringly. "I must just like that - bang! Are you always so horny, Cuz?"

"I... oh, God, I don't know... just don't stop! I'm still so turned- on!" she whimpered.

Winston laughed delightedly. He had never before realized that a girl could have such a big orgasm and still be so horny! But he loved the idea - because he was so horny too! His cock hardened and swelled more and more with each passing second, and he could hardly wait to ram it inside the young girl's juicy little cunt!

He pulled his fingers away from her clit and her pussy seemed to clutch at him and he grinned excitedly.

"Oh God, don't stop now, Winston! I can't stand it!" she cried pitifully.

He touched her clit again and his cousin's body jerked with another orgasmic convulsion.

"Ohhhhh, God! Hooooly God!" she cried as her second orgasm coursed through her trembling body.

Winston was glad that he had followed his natural instincts. He had wanted to fuck her right away but something had told him to take his time. And, now he was glad that that was just what he was doing. For, he knew that the more time he took, the more aroused the young girl became And that made things all the more exciting for him!

"Oh, Winston, please fuck me!" Mia pleaded.

"But don't you like what we're doing now?" Winston asked teasingly, his hand stroking her pussy and his mouth nibbling on her big tits once more.

"Oh, yesss, Winston, but I need more! I need your big cock! I want your cock! Inside me! Now!" she cried hornily.

Then, suddenly, still feeling the aftershocks from her last orgasm, Mia rolled her cousin over onto his back and straddled him.

"You're torturing me! I can't stand it anymore, Winston! I have to feel your big prick in my cunt! Now!" she explained to the bewildered boy whose expression of shock was already beginning to give way to one of excitement and lust.

Mia raised herself up and looked down at her little cousin's swollen cock, its purple crown blinking like a light as it throbbed with blood. It rose up from its thicket of soft hair in a teasing, tantalizing way, arousing the young girl almost beyond the point of endurance.

She knew that she must have it inside her now. She lowered her thighs, her pussy growing wetter and hotter with each passing second.

"Go on, Lib," Winston whispered huskily. "Lower yourself onto my cock. I'll hold it steady for you."

"Oh God, I'm sooooo horny!" Mia cried, tears of fuck-lust streaming down her young, beautiful face.

Trembling with desire, Mia squatted, pushing her pussy forward toward the head of the boy's prick. The head struck just below the pursed end of her cuntslit, then slid into the sheath. She bent over, watching it slide inside her. A delicious feeling of release filled her senses.

"Oh, yeah, baby, go for it!" Winston cried, jerking his hips upward, thrusting his cock roughly upward, sending it into the young girl's pussyhole.

Mia let out a long sigh of pleasure and relief. "Ooooooohhhhhhhh! "

She slid down the fuck-pole, her cousin's prick ramming even deeper inside her cunt. She shuddered with the orgasm that came rushing from her pussyhole. Her arms were rigid, balancing her as she raised and lowered her ass over Winston's thighs.

She looked down at his gleaming prick, slick now with the juices from her cunt. She marveled at his cock's beauty, and at the way it could transform her into a lusting, half-crazed wanton whore!

"Great baby, just great," Winston moaned. "God, it feels sooooo goood! Up and down, up and down. I love it!"

"Oh God, yesssss, Winston, I love it tooooooo! Sooooo much!"Mia cried.

Mia moved up and down over her cousin's cock, expertly skewering her cunt with the rigid pole of his throbbing cockmeat

She hoisted her ass and bubbled with another orgasm, her warm, thick juices running out of her pussy and soaking the boy's prick before it went on to drench her thighs and his crotch.

She slowly sank on his pulsing prick, skillfully rubbing her clit against his cockmeat, sending shivers of pleasure and lust up and down her spine as she rode her cousin's rod of throbbing prickmeat.

Winston reached up and put both hands on his sexy cousin's big, heaving tits. As she bobbed up and down on his prick, he kneaded them, grinding his palms against the taut, pulsing nipples.

"Like this, too?" he asked lewdly.

"Oh God, Winston, I love everything you do! All of it! I could do this for hours. I keep cumming and cumming, unnhhh, like that, aaarrggghhh!" she groaned.

Winston thrust upward with his big ten-inch prick as Mia was lowering herself. She screamed with pleasure and shook all over as he buried his cock in her to the hilt.

"Ohhhhh," she moaned. "God, I never knew it could be this good!"

"What? The fuck? The cock? Your cunt?" he teased, wanting to hear her say the sexy words that he knew would turn him on even more.

"Yessss! The fuck! Your gorgeous prick! My wet little pussy!" she cried obscenely.

Again, Winston thrust upward, ramming her hard, pounding up into her cunt until her back arched and she bounced on his loins, a babbling, incoherent mass of lust-filled flesh.

"Ohhhhh, baby, baby, baby," Winston moaned over and over again, his mouth slack, saliva drooling from its corners.

Mia's eyes rolled in their sockets, her breathing harsh and labored. Her orgasms continued in a never-ending series of explosive convulsions that tore through the girl's entire body like shock waves.

She clutched her cousin's shoulders, rocking back on his slamming cock, pitching forward on top of him. Then, his arms were around her, holding her tightly to him. His tongue was in her mouth, hers in his, the moans muffled. She pushed down with her juicy, spasming cunt, feeling it being smashed upward as Winston drove into her with the force of a hurled fist.

He drove into her, faster and harder, his strokes like a trip hammer now. He grasped her hips in his strong hands and held onto her, impaled on his cock, his own hips smashing into her with frantic strokes.

She could not squirm in his grasp, could not escape the relentless pounding of his prick, not that she wanted to! He held her fast and felt his own orgasm beginning as her pussy clutched his prick so hard he thought her cunt was going to chew his cock right off!

Winston's cock was a blur of speed, fucking into her dripping pussy with excitingly hard strokes. Mia screamed and bucked, breaking her mouth away from his.

He felt her twisting in his hands, her body writhing orgasmically on top of him. He dragged her down, pulled her hips into his and drove faster and deeper and harder until his cum burst from its sac, shot up the tube and burst forth inside her.

They shuddered together, a long spasmodic convulsion that left them mindless of everything except the powerful orgasm that tore through them.

"Ahhhhhh, cummmmmiiinnnggg!" Winston groaned as the last of his cum shot into his cousin's pussy.

Feeling his hot cum splashing inside her, Mia fucked his twitching prick and ground her cunt down on it brutally.

"Oh, Winston, Winston," she moaned, "cummmmmiiinnnnggggg!"

The End
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