Taking Daddy's Sperm
(M/f, ped, inc, cons)

by Kysa Braswell

"Are you Ready?"

I tried to smile, and nodded to Momma. I figured I was as ready as I was going to get.

"Okay dear. Spread your legs, so your father can get between them. Daddy's going to teach you how to make a baby now."

I couldn't believe Momma was going to let me do it. Actually learn about sex from my own father. Still she hadn't acted mad, or even surprised that morning, when I told her about having my period, and now that I was old enough to have a baby, that I wanted Daddy to show me how. In fact, she had told me, that she would only insist on one thing.

"What's That, Momma?" I had asked.

"If you're going to be fucking my husband, you'll have to take your chances."

"Huh?" I didn't understand what she meant.

Momma is patient. "I mean," she explained, "that you'll have to take your chances on getting pregnant. I mean, no birth- control. None at all. No pills, no condoms, no diaphragms, nothing. Not even pulling out. If you're big enough to fuck, and want to fuck MY husband, you'll do it on my terms. That means, you'll just have to take your chances on getting pregnant, like I did, when I was your age."

I gulped. "Uh. You mean I have to try to get pregnant, Momma?"

My mother grinned at me. "No. Of course not," She said. "You don't have to do it when you don't want to. If you don't want to have sex at any time, like when you're in the middle of your period, and most likely to get pregnant, then don't. No- one's going to force you to have sex. You're the one who wants Daddy to fuck you. I just mean that if you DO fuck your father, you'll just have to take your chances on getting pregnant, because that's my terms for allowing it."

I couldn't believe it. "You mean you wantme to get pregnant?" I asked.

"No. Well, maybe somewhat." Momma hesitated, then continued, "It's just that your father has always wanted to have another child. I can't give him one myself, but I can give him the chance to have one. Besides, it's always been a fantasy of mine, to have MY father fuck me, and knock me up. Since he's dead now, that can't happen, but the thought of watching your father impregnate you, is almost as exciting."

I had figured that I would get in trouble by asking Momma to let Daddy teach me about sex, but this brought a different meaning to the old phrase "Get in Trouble." Oh well, I didn't have to keep on fucking Daddy. Just the first time would do, for learning the proper things to make a man happy, and how babies were really made. I remembered from sex-education class, that most women didn't get pregnant their first time. I mentioned this to Momma.

Momma grinned, as if she knew something I didn't. "Whatever," she said. "Just remember, I'm giving you permission to do it as often as both of you want to. Not just this one time. Oh, one other thing."

"What's that Momma?" I asked. Her previous stipulation had already blown me away.

"I want to watch."

I started to object, but she stopped me.

"He's MY husband, and you're my daughter. Now I trust you both, to keep your promise, and not use birth-control, but I want to be sure he doesn't hurt you by accident; and also, I just want to LOOK. I figure I deserve something out of this, even if it's only the thrill of watching my little girl getting screwed. What do you say?"

I was silent for a while, then decided it was worth it. Still... "Momma?"

"Yes dear?"

"What if I do get pregnant?" I asked. "I can't afford to have a baby yet. Besides, I'm kinda young, and I might want to get married some day, and who's going to marry me, if I already have a child?" I looked down at my almost flat chest, as if for emphasis. I knew I wasn't really a full woman yet; my body had quite a lot of maturing to do. Still, "Old enough to bleed, is old enough to breed." I knew that I might get pregnant, even if I didn't yet have full bosoms or hair between my legs. It was a scary thought.

Momma grinned. "Nobody need ever know," she said. "Your father and I will just have that baby we've been wanting. You won't even have to give it up. It'll remain here, and we'll raise it. You can treat it as your child, or just like any of your other brothers and sisters, however you wish. Well, is it a deal?"

I had thought it over, and agreed. Now, here I was, that same night, and my own father was spreading my legs, as he prepared to show me how a man makes a baby inside a woman. The right way, by actually trying to do it. I felt so lucky. Not many girl's parents loved them enough to do this for them. I was brought out of my reflections on what had gone on earlier, by my mother's words.

"Look at your father," she instructed. "See that clear liquid dripping out of his penis?"

I looked down at the 8-inch piece of meat that was about to inseminate me. I was a little frightened at the thought that all of that big thing was supposed to somehow fit up inside me. Sure enough as I looked, a drop of thick liquid was oozing out of the tip, almost ready to drip onto the bed. "Is that Daddy's sperm?" I asked.

Daddy had been pretty quiet up to now, but this brought a chuckle from him. "No Honey," he said. "That's pre-cum, or lube. My cum or sperm, will be much thicker and whiter."

Momma continued, "That stuff is what lubricates you, so that your father can get it inside you, without hurting you. Now I want you to rub the head of your father's penis up against your vagina, until you're slick enough for him to slide inside you easily."

Obediently, I grabbed Daddy's thick "thingie" and started rubbing the lips of my crack with it. Daddy's thing was warm and smooth, and pulsed in my hand. At first, it seemed kind of nasty, holding on to the thing that Daddy peed out of. It seemed even MORE nasty, but rather appropriate too, to rub it up against the hole that I peed out of. I was a little disappointed that I didn't have any hair down there, like Momma did, but at least this way, I had a good view of what was happening. I felt Daddy's pulse in the warm thick cylinder, as I rubbed it against my bare cunny-lips.

As I followed Momma's instructions, and rubbed Daddy's penis up against my crack, I felt more liquid come out, and coat the lips. Daddy had an almost strangled look on his face.

"You know," said Momma, "if you came in her right now, you could very easily get that little girl pregnant."

That was the last straw, for Daddy. "Oh God!" he said, "I'm...," as a squirt of white liquid burst from the end of his cock, and splashed against my cunny-lips; getting them even slipperier. Daddy grabbed his cock, and pushed the head up against my little hole HARD. There was a really painful stretching sensation, as the tip went in, and then I felt suddenly full, as the head popped inside, sending more squirts of that same white stuff right up inside my hole. I cried like a little baby as the pain tore through me. "Oh God," repeated Daddy, "I'm cumming in my little girl. Oh Jesus!" he said, as another inch of his cock slid up inside me, bringing a painful pressure inside me, as he spasmed repeatedly, flooding my little slit with pulse after pulse of that warm sticky liquid. "I'm getting my little girl pregnant," he moaned. "Oh Karen. Take Daddy's sperm inside you. Daddy's going to make a baby in that cute little tummy. Oh. Oohhh!"

With the last "Oh," Daddy's spasms slowed. I looked down at where my father's big penis vanished into the crack between my legs. My little hole was obscenely stretched around the fat cylinder that had slid about a quarter of the way up inside my body. A glob of funny-looking white stuff was puddled on my stomach, just above where Daddy's penis went inside me. I felt stuffed, and stretched, but not very satisfied. Things had just been getting interesting, when Daddy came. I figured that was what had happened. Daddy came in me. I now had my father's sperm inside me, and I could get pregnant.

"Oh SHIT!" I thought. I had been so eager to try real sex, for the first time, that I had forgotten about waiting until I was safe. My period had been over two weeks ago, and I was probably fertile right now. Not only that, but Daddy had come in me, possibly (probably I thought miserably) knocked me up, and I was still a virgin! "Double-shit!" I repeated.

"I'm sorry," said Daddy, "I just couldn't help myself. You're too sexy, for your own good." He gave me a grin.

I never could resist Daddy, when he grins at me like that. "It's okay, Daddy," I said, "I don't mind. Next time, can we do it right, and let me feel you all the way up inside me?"

Daddy grinned again. "Give me fifteen minutes," he said.

The End
Kysa Braswell
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