Mom's Love of Dogs
(Mm/Ff, inc, best, size)

by Kysa Braswell

Wooten's Pedigrees wasn't what Anya Bacula expected. The 40-year old divorcee had picked the dog breeder's name out of the phone book, and she expected to find a pet shop, or at least a kennel, at the address listed in the yellow pages. Instead, she found a sparkling white, old-fashioned wood-frame house, nestled calmly in the center of a residential block, looking no different from any of the other houses. The voluptuous black-haired woman checked the envelope on which she had jotted down the address, and she reviewed the directions that the young man had given her over the phone. Then she squinted carefully at the address over the green wood door to the white house. It all checked out - this pleasantly homey looking house must be Wooten's Pedigrees, even though there wasn't so much as a sign outside.

It's a wonder they do any business, the gorgeous divorced woman thought as she mounted the gray-painted steps to the front door. It occurred to her that maybe she'd better go somewhere else to buy a watchdog. But that man sounded so nice on the phone! Anya had deliberately postponed several other errands that she had to run on her day off, just because she was anxious to meet the dog breeder. He was young, she could tell by his voice, and he had sounded positively charming! The magnificently proportioned woman couldn't put off the chance to meet another handsome young man.

She pushed the buzzer beside the door, and found to her relief that there was a small bronze plaque above the doorbell, saying, "Wooten's Pedigrees - Please Ring." There were two other doorbell buttons, and Anya guessed that the large old house had probably been divided into apartments. But how could anyone raise dogs in an apartment?

Her silent question was met with the sudden presence of a tall, athletically proportioned man, who seemed to materialize in the doorway. He had come around from the back of the house, and Anya turned slightly to talk to him.

"Is this Wooten's Pedigrees?" she asked politely.

The young man's eyes were resting uncontrollably on her abnormally large firm breasts, which were insufficiently hidden by the jacket of her lime green pantsuit. It was a few embarrassing seconds before he answered, "Yes... yes, it is. I'm Daniel Wooten."

Anya was somewhat taken aback. You're Daniel Wooten? she repeated to herself. The man on the phone sounded young, but not this young! The dark-haired man who had just introduced himself couldn't be over twenty-one, if that! He was wearing a casual "Keep on Truckin" t-shirt and a pair of cut-off jeans, and his manner suggested a man who was barely out of his teens, still retaining the boyish exuberance of his adolescence.

He smiled as he came nearer the gorgeous woman. "You must be Mrs. Bacula, the lady who called," he said. "The dogs are out back, if you'll follow me."

Anya followed the magnificently muscular young man out to the back of the lovely old house. The huge, dirt yard was partitioned into three separate areas, each complete with a running area and individual dog-houses for the animals in that section. Daniel immediately led the fantastic-looking divorcee past a pair of beautiful Samoyeds and a family of three slender elegant Afghans to the largest area of the yard which was populated by German Shepherds of all sizes and descriptions.

"You said you wanted a guard dog?" Daniel asked, when they had stopped by the gate in the fence.

"That's right," Anya nodded. "Since my husband left me, my daughter and I have had to move into an apartment, and, well, we just don't feel safe, all alone there," she confided, eyeing the handsome young man sideways. God, he sure was good-looking. Anya wondered how her daughter Staci would take to a gorgeous guy like Daniel Wooten. It just might be worth it to invite him over for dinner or something, just to give it a try.

There was definitely something wrong with Staci, Anya reflected. She hoped sincerely that her own stormy marriage to Vic Bacula hadn't been the cause of her eighteen-year old daughter's unnatural fear of men. Since the divorce a year ago, the mother had devoted all her energy to helping her daughter adjust to their new life.

It wasn't that Staci wasn't pretty! Lord no! Staci Bacula was voted homecoming queen of her high school class last year, only she turned it down because she was too embarrassed to wear the revealing formal that the queen traditionally wore. The lovely, blonde teenager had the greatest pair of tits since Anya herself, but for some reason - perhaps because of Vic's constant leering and crude remarks - Staci Bacula was ashamed of her body. Even though her father had been gone thirteen months already, the pretty blonde still hadn't fully adjusted to her own maturity, and now the black-haired mother was worried.

But, God, Daniel looks like such a nice man! she said to herself. I wouldn't mid going to bed with him myself! Her eyes wandered to the faded worn crotch of his cut-offs, and she could just discern the outline of his sleeping penis. It seemed to bulge unconsciously out to the right, as if there wasn't room in his pants for both his balls and his cock, and the hot-blooded older woman gasped internally. Jesus, what he must look like with a hardon!

Daniel was nodding and smiling into her face, totally unaware of the scheming thoughts of the older woman. "I can see how you would feel safer with a dog," he said. Shit, she must have guys climbing in the windows with a body like hers! But he kept his private thoughts to himself, and let her into the large pen. "Most of these are two years old," he explained, "from the best litter Roxie here ever produced. We kept them all, instead of selling them as puppies, just so we could train them... These three males... King, Kaiser, and Klamath - are your best bet." He snapped his fingers to three perfectly marked black and tan dogs, who came running to their master on signal. Daniel continued to explain just exactly what the dogs were trained to do and what they were trained not to do, as Anya Bacula looked them over scrutinizingly.

She'd had a dog as child, back in Florida, but when her family had moved first to Los Angeles and then to Sacramento, their large boxer Fred had to be left behind. Since that time, and all through her ill- fated marriage, the woman hadn't even given a thought to owning a dog, and now, she didn't know quite what the was looking for.

All three German Shepherd brothers stood wagging their tails and looking up expectantly at their visitor. Their eyes shone brightly as if they knew inside that this female human held an exciting promise for one of them, and they were silently competing for the honor. King and Klamath nudged irritably at each other's shoulders, their long pink tongues drooling with anticipation. Kaiser, slightly bigger than the other two, stood apart, quivering at an angle to his litter-mates. His deep brown eyes watched intently Anya Bacula's every move, and when he sensed that she was going to lean down and pet someone, he lurched forward to make sure he would be that one.

"Oh, my." the black-haired woman laughed. "You're a friendly boy, aren't you! Oh, my, yes!" She looked up at Daniel, who was watching proudly from the gate. "Would a dog this friendly be any good as a watch dog?"

The athletic-looking young breeder smiled indulgently. "Oh, sure... Kaiser there is just the dog I was going to recommend for you. He's super with the ladies - trained as a bodyguard!" He looked up insinuatingly. "But he's very cautious around men. Do you have any sons or... or... well, men around?"

Anya shook her head and pressed her still youthfully smooth cheek into the German Shepherd's face. She caught the suggestive tone of the dog breeder's question, but she figured that Kaiser wouldn't object to her own private guests. Why, if she decided to buy this lovable watchdog, then she could just keep her men friends out of his way. The whole purpose of having a job was to keep unwanted males away from her and her daughter's small, relatively inexpensive apartment.

It was actually more for Staci's sake that Anya wanted to buy the dog anyway. After the divorce, the forty-year old mother had had to go back to the job she had left nineteen years earlier, when she had married Vic. It wasn't the sort of work that was suited to a woman of her age, but her voluptuously preserved figure had persuaded the manager of the "Scores Club" that Anya was still capable of pulling in the customers. What she did was sell tickets in the all-glass booth out in front of the movie theater, her brief costume luring men in off the streets to view the X-rated pornographic films that were shown inside. The hours were late and awkward - 2p to Midnight on weekdays, and 4p until 2a on weekends. Although she drove her 2003 Porsche, which she had won in the suit for divorce, to and from her job, Anya worried about leaving young Staci alone in that apartment building. Anything could happen to the beautiful eighteen year old, and then she would be even more afraid of men than she was already!

As for herself, the concerned mother thought, just knowing that the dog was there at home would make her job that much easier. But she did hope that Kaiser's wariness of men wouldn't prevent her from having her own guests come in!

But how could she ask young Daniel about that, without seeming to be some kind of dirty old lady hustler? Of course, in this particular case, she was peripherally interested in the handsome young dog breeder himself, but it wasn't always that way. The image of Anya Bacula as a cock- hustling slut was a conjecture of Vic Bacula's imagination and no one else's. It had been Vic who had imagined that all his old college buddies were after Anya's body, during the early years of their marriage. In fact, that was why, when Staci was almost four, the Burnsides had broken ties with all their old friends, and bought a house in Carmichael, a suburb North of Sacramento.

Things had settled down for two or three years, and then Vic had begun imagining that Anya was seeing his neighbors, or fooling around with her friends' husbands. In the quiet, residential neighborhood where they lived, Anya Bacula was far and away the most gorgeous looking woman around, with her striking jet-black hair and her animated, perfectly featured face. That was not to mention the exaggerated hour- glass of her figure. Even after having Staci, Anya had a smaller waist than a teenager, and her magnificent breasts were the whispered talk of Carmichael. She had long, shapely show-girl legs, flowing gracefully from her erotically curved hips and asscheeks, and she always dressed to perfection, in clothes that showed off her assets nicely.

Any man in Vic's position as this incredible creature's husband would have been watchful, it's true. But Vic over-reacted. He took to locking Anya in the house all day while he was at work at the Board of Equalization, just to make sure that she didn't go out shopping where someone might see her and get ideas. Then, he began accusing her of sneaking around behind his back, meeting men he knew and men he merely imagined... And there was nothing the raven-haired mother could do about it!

When Staci was twelve, and her young breasts were beginning to bud, Vic had taken an inordinate interest in his daughter's development, transferring some of his paranoia about his wife to the delicate blonde figure of his daughter. He'd drive Staci to school, thereby missing an hour of work, and then he'd take a late lunch so he could bring her home, too. He imagined that the leering young adolescents in the junior high school where she went had only one purpose in life, and that was to get inside Staci Bacula's sheer pink panties. No wonder the girl was afraid of men!

Finally, Vic had insisted that Staci be enrolled in a girls' high school, which was where she attended tenth and eleventh grades. It was this forced near-imprisonment of her daughter three years ago that had pushed Anya herself over the edge. In all the sixteen years of her marriage up until then, she had been scrupulously faithful to her husband. She had never so much as looked at another man, even though she was ware of Vic's meandering. Once, he had even laid a sexy little secretary at an office party, while Anya was right in the next room! The black-haired beauty had gone to get a cigarette out of her purse, and as she passed the cloakroom door, she'd heard the unmistakable whisperings of her own husband, and she'd flung open the door to find him naked from the waist down, his long, thick penis sluicing in and out of the damp pink cunt of a young blonde secretary, a girl who couldn't have been must older than Staci!

Anya had prudently refrained from making a scene at the party, and she even decided to let this one instance of Vic's infidelity pass, in the interest of preserving her family unity. But then there had been another occurrence, not two months later, when he had taken Anya and their daughter to dinner at one of the fancy restaurants downtown. The gorgeous mother and her pretty daughter had been excited by the chance to dress up, and Vic was in better spirits than he had been for some time.

Anya had even dared to hope that her husband was finally getting over this ridiculous jealousy and over-protectiveness, but as soon as they arrived at their reserved table, she had realized the reason for her husband's exuberance. Their waitress was a petite, well-built redhead, and the way she unashamedly fluttered her heavily made-up green eyelids at Vic Bacula could mean only one thing. And sure enough, after Vic had taken his wife and daughter home, he suddenly remembered that he had left his checkbook behind at the restaurant, and he drove all the way back into town to retrieve it. Anya didn't tell him that his checkbook was still in his jacket pocket when she hung it up for him after he went back to the restaurant.

But internally, that night marked the change for Anya Bacula. Staci was miserable in the girls' school that was halfway across town, and the sensual mother could no longer pretend that her husbands' concern was just his male protective instinct. She began to go out with other men, when Staci was sixteen, knowing that it would only be a matter of time before Vic found out. Mostly, her dates were daytime affairs, with men much younger than herself, because men who were her age were all working. A couple of times she had even made it with high school boys, all the time imagining how they would be perfect for her daughter Staci.

It was also around then that Anya began to notice Staci's strange reaction to men and even boys her own age. She got frequent phone calls from boys, and yet she almost never went out. Last year, when Vic had left, Anya transferred Staci back to the public high school for her senior year, in the hopes that it would help the lovely blonde girl to adjust to the fact that she was an attractive female on the brink of womanhood who would have to learn to associate with members of the opposite sex. It was at the public high school that the beautiful daughter of Vic and Anya Bacula had been elected homecoming queen, only to turn down the honor.

When Staci graduated from high school last June, Anya had dreams of sending her to college, where she would be able to meet scores of handsome, eligible men. But it had been too expensive for Anya to pay the fees and tuitions at the state colleges and universities, because although Vic was still liable for support payments a long as Staci was in school, the reality of the matter was that little money came, and even it was irregular. That was when the gorgeous divorcee had moved with Staci to a small apartment where all the utilities were paid, and that was when she herself had gone back to work.

Going back to work was what emphasized the need for some kind of protection, whether it be a man or dog. Staci's schedule at American River Junior College, a tuition-free institution not far from the Burnsides' new apartment, was almost the exact opposite of Anya's work schedule. The young, perfectly proportioned blonde had classes from 8 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon, and often as much as five full days would go by when the mother and daughter wouldn't see each other at all!

And if Anya couldn't be around to look after Staci, she at least wanted to have someone who could. A smart, loving German Shepherd who was trained as a watchdog and bodyguard would be the perfect companion.

The raven-haired beauty looked again into the dark intelligent eyes of the sleek two-year old named Kaiser. A low grumbling vibration shook the large dog's chest, and Anya hugged his strong-muscled body close to hers, so she could feel the rumble through her ribs. Something told her that this puppy would be the one - Kaiser was exactly the dog she and Staci needed to have around.

She raised her eyes to the proudly watching young dog breeder. Daniel was a veterinary student at Davis, the University campus near Sacramento, and he sincerely enjoyed the way his carefully-raised dogs seemed to charm their way into his customers' hearts. He'd been raising dogs for five years, since he was only sixteen, and he knew that dog breeding was exactly the right career for him.

"Yup," he said heartily. "I think Kaiser here is yours, Mrs. Bacula... I can tell he already adores you!" Not that any man alive wouldn't adore her, he thought to himself. A guy'd have to be blind or stupid to be unaware of what Anya Bacula has to offer!

Anya stood up and ran her hands down over the front of her lime green jacket, to smooth out the wrinkles. Her vivacious green eyes twinkled suggestively and she subconsciously lowered her eyelids as she slowly approached the young, t-shirt clad dog breeder. "How much will it be, Mr. Wooten?" she asked, her voice a low, husky purr. "And how can I pay you?"

Daniel Wooten was flustered. Considering all the time and expense that it had taken to raise and train Kaiser from a puppy, his normal charge would have been $250, but something about the way the older woman was talking made him think she was making an alternate suggestion. But surely she's not... I mean... she looks too refined to be a... a.... He couldn't bring himself to complete the thought, not in her striking overpowering presence. But what did she mean "How can I pay you?" if she wasn't thinking of an alternative to money? His young, finely sculpted face flushed slightly, and he felt his penis stirring in his cutoffs when he finally replied. "Kaiser is $250, ma'am... but... but...."

Anya's face fell. Two hundred and fifty dollars! That's two weeks' take-home pay! When she'd come out this morning with the intention of buying a good watch dog, she'd withdrawn all her money from the bank, thinking that it would surely cover the price of a dog. But all her money was just over $80, and she wouldn't even get paid again until Friday. "I-I'm sorry, Mr. Wooten," she stammered, but her eyes were still glinting speculatively, "I didn't realize a dog would cost quite so much."

"He's purebred, Mrs. Bacula," Daniel explained sheepishly, as if he was embarrassed about his asking price. But he knew that professional kennels could ask up to $500 for a trained German Shepherd puppy, and he only sold dogs as a hobby. "I have his papers in the house, and you get a week's supply of food, a regulation leash, and a free book on pet care."

Anya nodded as he spoke. "Maybe I could pay on time?" she suggested, almost as if it was a question. She was afraid that this young man was too innocent and inexperienced to realize what she was hinting at, and rather than take the direct approach and proposition him outright, she decided to be subtle, and let him suggest whatever he had in mind.

"Yes, yes, we could do that," Daniel said quickly, pulling from his back pocket a squashed pack of cigarettes. It was the first time he had smoked since Anya had been here, and she was a little surprised to see a man so young lighting up a cigarette. Of course, he was a few years older than Staci, the older woman reminded herself, and she had seen Staci smoke on occasion, particularly when the blonde teenager was nervous. Maybe Daniel Wooten was nervous now, she reflected, and took advantage of the situation.

"Perhaps, Mr. Wooten, I could get you tickets to the theater where I work - Scores."

The dark-haired student looked at her suspiciously. This check works in a porno theater? Christ! She really needs a dog, if she's not a fucking whore! His cock leaped up in his cut-offs, and he was sure that by now his erection was completely obvious to the older woman. Maybe she IS a whore! He looked at her scrutinizingly, his dark brown eyes examining her whole lithe body for some kind of subconscious clue as to her occupation. But to his surprise, the young student found none of the mannerisms that he associated with the prostitutes he and his college buddies had visited, not too far from where the Scores Club was located. Anya Bacula just stared back at him languidly, her green eyes flickering provocatively. Christ, what does she want? the dog breeder wondered. He didn't want to offend her... but at the same time, he wanted to make the sale.

"I... um, it's okay, Mrs. Bacula, about the tickets to the theater... I'll tell you what... Could you give me a down payment now, and then $25 a week until it's paid off? That way, well... you can take Kaiser with you now, and... and." He didn't know what else to say; she had put him under some kind of spell. Just last week a man had been over trying to knock the price down on one of his Afghans, and Daniel had refused. But something about Mrs. Bacula seemed to put him on the defensive, while at the same time, making him want to go all out to please her.

Wow! Some chicks really have what it takes... he thought as he went inside for Kaiser's papers and a bill of sale. He found himself wondering about Mrs. Bacula's daughter. Hadn't she said she lived alone with her daughter? Hell, she must be about thirty-five or forty, he mused, even though she's built like eighteen! So her daughter could be anywhere from ten to twenty, roughly... His brown eyes sparkled when he handed her the paper to sign. Anya Bacula would be coming to see him once a week to make the payments, and sometime, she might even bring this daughter she talked about. Hell, any girl with Anya Bacula for a mother would have to be built!

Daniel grinned inwardly as he handed Anya Kaiser's leash, and helped her carry the food to the car. He'd be looking forward to next Friday all right - that was for sure!

It was nearly three in the afternoon when the voluptuous divorcee led the eagerly exploring puppy up to the second floor of the apartment building that was to be his new home. At least the owners of the building permitted pets... They had to, because Anya had heard it rumored that they had four dogs of their own, even though they lived out in the suburbs and not in one of the apartments they operated. Now that the Burnsides had a dog, four out of the five families on the second floor had pets of some kind, and so far, the animals had caused no problems.

Staci wasn't home from school yet, so Anya fixed herself a Scotch over and sat down to watch an afternoon game show. She took Kaiser off his leash, and let him wander around the one-bedroom apartment and small sun-deck that overlooked the swimming pool. Before she'd gone out this morning, Anya had bunched up some old blankets in one corner of the deck, intending to make a sort of bed for the dog, but Kaiser merely sniffed at the blankets and came inside to curl up on one end of the day-bed, which served as Staci's bed at night.

Oh, well, Anya thought, he'll get used to sleeping in his own bed eventually...

She left the television set going, noiselessly, and went into the bedroom to take a nap. She'd slept only four hours last night as it was, and Staci would surely be home soon, so she wouldn't sleep too long. She left a note on the refrigerator for her daughter, explaining Kaiser's presence, so Staci wouldn't be alarmed at seeing a strange dog in the apartment.

But Anya must have been emotionally exhausted, because when her lovely blonde daughter did arrive, the older woman didn't even wake up to Kaiser's growls.

"Oh! Eeeee!" Staci squealed upon opening the door. "Wh-what are you doing here?" She was addressing the dog, forgetting, for a moment, that it was her mother's day off and that she should be home somewhere. The tall, well-proportioned blonde shivered into the corner of the tiny kitchenette, bumping backwards into the refrigerator in her fright. Kaiser came toward her, wagging his tail happily as soon as he recognized the same scent he had picked up from the day-bed. Whoever this jittery female was, he knew that she belonged here just as much as the older woman did who had so recently bought him from his former master.

"Ugh, go away." Staci whispered fearfully, until she felt the refrigerator door handle with her elbow and whirled around to see the note. Her eyes widened and her face relaxed as the eighteen-year old coed read what her mother had written. Then she looked back at the dog, noticing, for the first time, what a really spectacular animal he was, a perfect specimen of his breed. His markings were absolutely symmetrical, and his coat was shiny and sleek. His eyes were friendly and expressive, and all at once Staci bent down to cuddle him.

"Ooooooh, there's a gooooood boy, Kaiser... I'm sorry I yelled at you, boy. I just hadn't met you yet, had I?... Good dog, Kaiser."

The black and tan dog nuzzled up close to the sweet-smelling younger girl, reflecting, to himself, the similarity between this new human and the one who had retired to the other room. At the same time, he sensed that the blonde girl who was stroking him was young - perhaps too young - but there was a gentleness about her nature that the older woman didn't have. Instinctively, Kaiser knew that this female was more like him, for at two, he was still a lively, exuberant puppy. Impulsively, he thrust out his long pink tongue, running it along the inside of her wrist to show the affection he already felt for her.

"Ooooh, what a friendly dog you are!" Staci cooed. She'd never had a pet, partially because her father hadn't liked animals that much, but she had always felt at ease around the dogs and cats that her girlfriends owned. Her native apprehensiveness prevented her from being the kind of person known as an animal lover, someone who goes around gushing over every dog or cat that comes along, but still, Staci felt a kind of kinship with the animals she knew, and she could feel a kinship rapidly developing between herself and this new dog, Kaiser.

"Did Mother feed you yet, Kaiser?" she asked, noticing the huge bag of dry dog food on the kitchen sink. "Are you hungry?"

Kaiser merely wagged his tail and hung his tongue out as he followed the pretty new mistress toward the sink. It was till September, and Sacramento was warm this time of year, so it wasn't surprising that Staci wore no hose, just a pair of sandals and a conservative, but alluring summer dress. The German Shepherd stroked his face across her bare calf, growling unconsciously with the silky soft smoothness of her tanned skin. Staci twitched when his cold dog nose contacted her summer-warm leg, and she instinctively pulled her leg away.

"Oh, what are you doing, Kaiser?" she asked in annoyance. "My, God."

Instead of moving away at her reprimand, the Shepherd nuzzled in closer, letting his tongue lap up her leg past her knee, his head insinuating itself up her dress!

The startled blonde girl dropped the dish she'd gotten down from the cupboard and jumped to the other side of the room. "Kaiser, no! NO! Did they train you to do that?" When she asked it, it was merely a rhetorical question, intended to make the animal feel guilty for his lack of prudence. But as soon as she heard her own words, she grabbed the note from her mother again.

"Kaiser is a watchdog and bodyguard," the note said, "and he's supposed to like women."

"Like women?" Staci repeated aloud. "Like women how?" As she looked down into the eyes of the dog that was watching her so intently, a cold shudder of apprehension gripped her. She stood absolutely still as the dog boldly approached her again, this time sticking his head right up the front of her dress, snaking his long dog tongue out to lap at the crotchband of her panties!

"Oh!... Oooooooh." Staci shivered. When she stepped forward, Kaiser stepped backward, his head still embedded between her trembling virgin thighs. When she stepped back, Kaiser stepped forward... He followed her that way all the way into the living room, where the blonde teenager sat down in front of the soundlessly flickering TV set, trembling at Kaiser's touch.

She didn't realize that the fact that the TV was on meant that her mother was home. She had gotten so used to Anya's being gone to work by the time she came home from the college, that it was always a surprise to walk in and find her mother here, puttering around the house or fixing dinner. Today, however, her mother was asleep, and to Staci, she might as well have been at work.

"Oh, God, Kaiser... Oh, God, you can't do that." Staci was whispering to the friendly dog. "Didn't they teach you not to do that? Oh, God! How can I make you stop licking me?" Her big, blue-green eyes were dilated fearfully as she lay back on the cushions atop the mattress of the daybed. The eager German Shepherd puppy leapt up beside her, his nose still buried in her secret, forbidden loins as he slurped his tongue in and around the crotchband of her panties, tasting the faintly sweet flavor of her untried femininity.

Staci had never felt a man touch her there before, let alone a dog! In fact, the only person who had ever stroked her warm sexual slit had been Staci herself, during one of her infrequent, guilt-ridden masturbation sessions. She knew it was wrong to touch herself there, but sometimes she just had to do something, and her father's strictness had banished any other thoughts from her pretty, inexperienced young head.

But now, something totally unexpected was happening to the innocent teenager. She was feeling the flickers of arousal that she had felt when her own small fingers played between her cuntlips, and as she looked down at the dog who was causing them, she could see his thickening red penis slipping ever-so-slightly out of its well- concealed sheath, the tiniest drop of semen appearing on its bright, gleaming tip. Kaiser knew what he wanted, but he had been carefully trained to please his master or mistress, and he was waiting for some kind of sign from the young girl that it was okay to go ahead.

Staci, however, was too confused to give any clear signals of any kind. The sheer, unprepared for eroticism of the situation that had met her at home this afternoon was making her almost giddy, unable to think straight about what she should do. Surely this was wrong... to let a dog lap up between her legs. And yet... and yet it felt so good! Her father couldn't say she was a slut or a tramp - she wasn't letting a man touch her private parts. Kaiser was just an animal, a mindless beast with no intention of harming her or degrading her. Oh, God, what can I do? What SHOULD I do?

She watched the handsome dog with forbidden eagerness, her eyes ablaze and a sheen of licentious saliva coating her naturally red lips. Every move the muscular animal made caused her knees to tremble, as she lay into the softness of her own little mattress with the huge German Shepherd at her side. Unimaginable sensations of frenetic lust stabbed into her up between her thighs, as she realized that Kaiser understood what he was doing to her. He was aware that his tongue was lapping dangerously close to her burning pussy slit, so moist that it was almost dripping into the damp crotchband of her panties.

"Aaaaaaahh." Staci sighed, as the beautiful darling's long thick tongue curled underneath her silken panties to slide wetly between the fervid, sensitive lips of her passionate virgin pussy. Before she knew what was happening, Kaiser's tongue had laved its way up to the mouth of her desire-inflamed pussy, drawing upward to encounter the mysterious electrical bud of her clit.

"Ooooooh, God... fan-taaasss-tic!" the teenager gurgled ecstatically. She pressed her fingers into his furry head as his lewdly nuzzling nose assaulted the most inner recesses of her secret being. Kaiser repeated his lingual caress, drawing gasps of wild, intoxicated pleasure from the innocent teenager, singeing her vulnerable young loins as she unconsciously pushed her whole pussy mound up to him. His deliciously lustful licking of her erotically steaming pussy was rapidly causing her to sink into an entirely unknown world of carnal bliss, driving her wild with the mind-bending sensations from his long, eager tongue.

Kaiser himself could hardly contain his excitement. The household near the center of town where he had spent both his two years of life had only been occupied by an occasional girlfriend of his master or his master's roommate. He'd had precious little chance to lick and suck the sweet human nectar he had so accidentally discovered that he liked, and somewhere back in his dog-brain, he had been looking forward to the time when he could actually embed his scarlet penis right between some human woman's legs. Usually, when he had gotten friendly with a woman who came to buy a dog, the woman's husband had jealously guided her away, and Kaiser had subconsciously developed a repugnance for human males, with the exception, of course, of his master and his master's roommate.

But now, this gorgeous blonde woman was completely alone, and there wasn't a trace of man-scent on her bed, a fact which made Kaiser ecstatic. He licked enthusiastically through the sparse blonde wisps of her pubic hair as she uncontrollably reached down with her own small hand to hold her panty crotch aside to afford him better access to her seething cunt. His blood raced hotly through his veins, and his pink dripping penis extended even further from its dark enclosure. The delicate scent of her rousing loin-spill, flowing outward from her virgin cunt filled his keen nostrils and made them flare. He stroked with increasing urgency and ardor the moistened, silky pink flesh between her sensuously spread thighs. His strong German Shepherd heart beat wildly at her fresh feminine odor, as she now moaned continuously in time to the long, swiping thrusts of his tongue.

"Oh, God, Kaiser... ooooohhhh, Godd!... It feels soooo good... It's so fantastic to feel your gorgeous tongue on my pussy, Kaiser... Oh, yes! OH, YESSSS!" She hissed through passion-clenched teeth, her eyes tightly shut, her neck muscles straining as her beautiful blonde head lolled back, rolling all of her long, cornsilk hair over her shoulders and back, sliding it sensuously over her firmly rounded teenage asscheeks. A blue vein throbbed ardently in her temple as all of her healthy young being gave itself over to the sheer, exquisite joy of having her cunt lapped by an animal with such a marvelous instinctual understanding of the human female body.

"Just keep licking, boy... keep licking my pussy, you wonderful dog! Oooohhhmmmm... Oh, aaaahhh, I can't wait... I know I'm going to cum from your tongue, Kaiser... I can feel it... Oh, God, don't do anything but suck me there! Kkkeeeeep sucking... Lick me, Darling!"

Every nerve ending in her body seemed to scream out for completion... completion in the form of her first, real, blinding orgasm! Unconsciously she strained for it, forcing her young, seething pelvis right up into the black and tan dog's nose. Her naturally ruby lips bared back over her pearly white teeth, as she uttered guttural, animalistic growls from the depths of her diaphragm.

But then it stopped! The delicious, tantalizing, tormenting tongue- fucking stopped! The lewdly splayed out girl opened her clear turquoise eyes in agony, as Kaiser stood up on the day-bed, and perked up his sensitive ears. There was a noise coming from the bedroom... There was someone moving around on her mother's bed!

Staci sat upright, fearfully pulling her dress back down over her lust moistened panties.

"Mother? Is that you?" she called bravely, in a quivering voice. Kaiser leapt down off the couch and trotted eagerly toward the closed door of the bedroom, his tail wagging proudly in the air. Oh, God, I should have known! It's Mother's day off!

"Staci, darling, is that you?" Anya Bacula's sleepy-sounding voice called from the other room. Kaiser growled involuntarily at his new mistress's voice, and he thumped against the closed bedroom door with his tail. "Oh, yes!" the black-haired divorcee said suddenly, reminded of the new member of her family by the thumping of his wagging tail. "Staci, have you met Kaiser? He's going to be our new Daddy, aren't you Kaiser?"

The door to the single bedroom in the small apartment flung open, and the voluptuous mother appeared in a long, flamingo red dressing gown, the filmy material of which clung alluringly to her maturely rounded curves. She had let her jet black hair down for her short afternoon snooze, and now it hung in a long shining cape all the way down her back. Staci Bacula was blushing uncontrollably as her mother walked in. She realized fully that she had almost allowed herself to give in to the sinful carnal pleasures of the dog's lewd, sodomizing tongue sluicing up and down between her youthfully heated legs. And all the while her mother had been right there in the bedroom, perfectly able to hear every grunt and moan... every wail of rapturous desire. Oh, God, the girl groaned inwardly. How could I forget it was Mother's day off? She shook her head and dared not look up. And I almost let him do it! I almost let Kaiser lick... oh, God... I almost let him suck my pussy! The blonde teenager automatically scooted over on the day-bed to make room for her mother to sit down beside her. She focused her clear, blue-green eyes on the silent TV set, pretending to be absorbed in the afternoon movie as her hands crept down to smooth her skirt down over her rumpled panties and trembling tanned thighs.

"How was school, honey?" the older woman said absently, sliding in beside her daughter. "I'm sorry I didn't wait until you got home before I went out to the breeder's, but I phoned him first, and he said he would be out this afternoon, or something... I think he's a student, too, just like you are." She glanced sideways at the girl, her expression, as always, hopeful that something might spark the teenager's prurient interest.

"Oh--?" Staci responded disinterestedly. "That's okay... I mean about not taking me with you. I'm sure I couldn't have picked out a better dog than Kaiser." She smiled calmly at the still eagerly quivering German Shepherd who had planted himself between the firmly curing calves of the two gorgeous women. Her small hand crept down to pat him lightly on the head, but the subtle pressure of her fingers behind his ears signaled something more than just familial affection for the newcomer.

"No, I don't think you could have," Anya answered, her green eyes fixed on her daughter's small hand on Kaiser's head. A tiny flickering hint of salaciousness flashed across the mother's mind, but she discarded it almost as soon as it occurred to her. Not Staci, she thought. I've heard it about some women... but not my Staci! But it would have been fun to meet the dog breeder, I think." Her whole face sparkled with anticipation as she introduced her favorite subject - young men!

Staci shuddered. She could tell already that her mother was going to launch into one of her "get-out-and-meet-some-boys" lectures. It always started the same way, with Anya telling her about this or that boy whom she had met recently. Then she'd go on about how nice he would look with Staci, and how fantastic young men could make you feel. Recently - especially since her father had left them - Staci's mother would even hint about sex, and intercourse! It made the poor teenager wince!

Anya sensed her daughter's reluctance to discuss the handsome young dog breeder, but she was determined to have her say anyway. Now that they had Kaiser for protection, there was no reason in the world for Staci to continue her unnatural avoidance of all men. "Honestly, honey, he was the nicest young man! He had dark, wavy hair - not too long, about to the bottom of his ears. And his eyes! God, darling, he just had the most fantastic dark brown eyes... I could just tell, looking at him, what a stunning couple you would make."

"Oh mother, stop it!" the eighteen-year old said irritably. I've met the nicest man myself, she said to herself. A nice man dog... Her naturally cherry lips curled at the corners into a silent, private smile, as her fingers scratched again behind Kaiser's ears.

"Staci, just hear me out!" Anya exclaimed, holding her ground. The ex-wife of Vic Bacula was a headstrong, iron-willed woman, and she fully intended to do exactly what she thought was best for her troubled young daughter. And anyway, the mother consoled herself, it wasn't as if she was trying to get Staci to do anything. All she wanted to do was get the young girl to listen!

"Okay, Mother," the blonde girl replied sullenly. "But if you're going to try to fix me up with a date again." She didn't finish the sentence. She didn't have to. Anya knew well enough what the pretty blonde teenager was referring to. It was that ill-fated blind date she had arranged for Staci last summer.

Gary Starkoff was a football player who had graduated from high school in June, in the same class with Staci. He'd taken a summer job in his father's stationery store, two doors down from the Scores Club, and like every other red-blooded man in the area, he had become immediately infatuated with the magnificently proportioned older woman who sold tickets in the glass booth out front. He'd invent excuses to walk by, and when the stationery store closed at five, he'd come over to talk to Anya between movies. A couple of times, she even gave him tickets to see an especially exciting feature, like the time Candy Knockers came to the stage in person.

Anya had never personally had anything to do with young Gary Starkoff, although Lord knows she would have liked to. He was one of those Eastern European broad-faced, husky types - a strapping big boy with maturely broad shoulders and an endearing, almost innocent smile. His eyes were intense, cadet blue, his hair was sandy blonde-brown, and he lumbered around like a kindly bear.

One night, he had heard Anya answering the phone which was hooked up to the ticket booth, and he had gasped in disbelief when he heard her say into the receiver, "Yes, this is Mrs. Bacula."

When she hung up, Gary croaked, "A-Are you Staci Bacula's mother?" Around school, Staci Bacula had a king of prudish, hands- off reputation, and Gary Starkoff couldn't believe that the open, friendly ticket-seller could possibly be related to the standoffish classy babe who had been his classmate. But as he looked again at the dark-haired mother in the glass booth, he recognized the fine proportions, the statuesque beauty, and superb curves of the blonde girl in his high school class. It was incredible.

"Why, yes, Gary, I am!" Anya had replied in a pleased tone. She lost no time in setting up a date for the young man and her daughter, thinking to herself that if any boy could get through to Staci, charming young Gary Starkoff should be able to!

Gary had decided to take Staci to a drive-in movie. The blonde teenager knew that her father would have flatly refused, but Anya was absolutely thrilled, and sent them off immediately.

At first, Staci thought that Gary was polite and thoughtful, but early in the second feature, his hands began to wander sensuously over her firm, youthful curves, pausing suggestively over the large, rounded mounds of her nipple-peaked breasts. Unconsciously, the teenager's tiny pink nipples spiked up hard under Gary's fervent caresses through her tightly fitting sweater, and she shuddered convulsively with the unwanted, unexpected sensation.

"OOooooh." Staci moaned over the muffled sound of the movie. Gary had surreptitiously turned the volume down, so they couldn't really make out what was being said, but the hum of the sound track made a pleasant background to conversation for the teenager's encounter. Gary's experienced fingers found the hem-line of the young blonde girl's sweater, easing it up so he could stroke and massage the smooth tanned skin of her flat belly and slender, indented waist. Staci groaned and squirmed away, knowing in her mind that what the just- graduated high school senior was doing to her was wrong and forbidden. But strangely, her body didn't seem to agree with her mind's conclusions, and she found herself leaning toward the football player's strong-muscled chest while he continued to run his hands over her tingling virginal flesh.

When the dusty-blond boy's face zoomed in close to hers, so close that she could feel the hot rasps of his breath, Staci could hardly force herself to turn away! Every fiber of her young, inexperienced being was tense and taut with anticipation, and she arched her neck so that her full, ruby red lips were parted sensuously just below Gary's freshly shaved chin, and she didn't even resist when he clamped his hot mouth down over hers. His long, wet tongue shot lewdly between her surprised lips, and his cheeks suctioned voraciously until she thought that her whole mouth would slide right down his throat!

The excited, youthful athlete held the kiss for what seemed like hours and his hands grasped firmly the thin jersey of Staci's light sweater, yanking it roughly up over her shoulders until it encircled her neck like a bulky, bunched up necklace. His big, roughly calloused hands were at her bra hook immediately, groping frantically to release her full female mounds from the confines of the skimpy white brassiere her mother had bought for her deliberately. It was only then that Staci's turquoise eyes flew open in dismay, and she jerked against the youth's firm body.

"Mmmm... MMMMPH!" she sputtered into his hotly clasping mouth. "Oh!" she gasped, pushing against him with both hands to free herself from his intense, dangerous grip. "Gary, don't... Oh, God, please I."

The young football player grinned menacingly as Staci looked down and saw that her upper torso was almost naked. Her slinky blue sweater was bunched up around her neck and her brassiere was hanging precariously from the heaving fleshy orbs of her lushly ripened breasts, threatening to fall off completely as soon as the last hook was loosened. Instinctively, her small hands flew up to cover her virginal exposure and pull her sweater down, but the sudden movement only served to release the last tiny hook-and-eye of her bra clasp.

"Oooooooh...Ooooo nnnooo," she wailed shamefully, as the filmy garment fell to the car seat, revealing the painfully distended melons of her breasts to the young boy's lustful gaze.

"Jesus Christ!" Gary sputtered. His cock was growing impossibly inside his jeans, and he yanked his fly zipped down desperately when his eyes first caught the sight of Anya Bacula's daughter's heavily swaying breasts. To himself he remarked, I bet they're as big as her old lady's tits! In his comparatively vast experience, the hot-blooded high school football player had seen a lot of breasts, and yes, even a few grown woman's adult breasts, too - but never before had he laid eyes on quite so fine a pair as Staci Bacula's. He released his fat ten-inch cock from the confines of his pants and began stroking it automatically, skinning back the long, thick foreskin to expose the shiny, purpling head.

Staci gasped again when she saw what her companion was doing. She tried to pull her sweater down again, but she was trembling so badly in her apprehension that she succeeded only in half-covering her body, and one heaving breast still protruded lusciously from under the bunched up blue sweater. Her eyes were riveted uncontrollably on the youth's hugely thick ten-inch penis, and she recoiled fearfully when he took it in one palm and shook it at her.

"You like my old cock?" Gary rasped lewdly. "You want to taste my head... or would you rather I stuck it up your tight little cunt?"

His obscenely crude words made the innocent young girl wince, but deep inside her belly, she felt a strange lurching of arousal, almost as if her body was responding of its own volition to what the young boy was saying and doing. Aloud, Staci said nothing - she was speechless in her aroused confusion, but her mind whirled insanely. Oh, God, did Mother know he was going to do this? What did she think I would do? Oh, God! What would Daddy think? I just can't let this happen! I can't... but... but what can I do?

"Come on, Baby," the youth prompted her, gaining boldness with his increased arousal. He could feel his whole pelvis beginning to rock with the rhythm of his own masturbating strokes, and the nearness of the beautiful, inaccessible teenaged blonde was almost making him cum. Christ, he had to stick it to her! He longed to tear that short summer skirt off her slender rounded hips and am his throbbing erection right up her pussy, but he knew that it would take too long. His eyes rested on the frightened young girl's mouth, and he hunched his hips up off the car seat as he pulled her shoulders toward him with his free hand. "Oooooh, shit, Staci! You've just got to suck my cock! My balls are aching like hell!"

The blonde girl jerked back, as her breasts swayed crazily over Gary's muscular chest. "Oh, n-noo! I-I couldn't!"

"Jesus Christ, girl!" the young boy sputtered angrily. He reached up under her skirt and yanked down the wispy thin nylon panties from her hips and asscheeks, not even stopping when he heard them tear with his hasty carelessness. His thick, masculine fingers were working at the softly fuzzy mound of her young pubis, and Staci moaned and groaned in a combination of forbidden arousal and irrational fear. It wasn't long before Gary's invading fingers were playing at the involuntarily moistening lips of her virginal cunt, separating them teasingly and tickling up between their soft, coraline dampness.

"Oooooaaaaah," Staci shivered, letting her body slide down on the seat so that Gary could better reach her twitching, tingling pussy flesh. Her mind was totally numbed by the ecstatic, electric sensations that seemed to be coursing through her body, and she could feel herself slowly slipping into the bottomless abyss of forbidden, lewd pleasure, that was sure to lead to her ultimate downfall.

But suddenly, there was a blaring of trumpets from the speaker that still hung forgotten over the car window, announcing the intermission. One after another, several lights flickered on to guide movie-goers to the snack bar or the exits, and Gary Starkoff looked up in annoyance.

"Well, fucking hell!" he growled. "You God-damned little prick-teaser! You knew the show was almost over, didn't you?" he asked accusingly. "You fucking well knew that all you had to do was stall around like some kind of damn virgin and then you could leave me with a fucking hardon." His deep blue eyes flashed angrily, and he started the car engine even before Staci had a chance to retrieve her discarded garments.

There were tears in her eyes as Gary sped toward her home, and her poor, unaccustomed cunt was twitching involuntarily in unsatiated anticipation. She had never known that such intense need could exist between her own two legs, and for the moment, she was almost ready to accept her mother's contention that sex was what made the world go around. But as the unfulfilled and angry youth neared the apartment that Staci and her mother had rented, the blonde teenaged girl suddenly felt relieved, as she realized just how near she had come to giving up her chaste status to a boy who was really more a friend of her mother's than her own.

"God, that was close!" she thought to herself that night, as she fingered herself to orgasm in the living room before her mother got home from work. She tried to imagine that her small thin fingers were Gary's huge round ones - or perhaps even his cock, which she had gotten a glimpse of in all its full, erected glory in the darkness of the car. For the first time that night, Staci remembered dreaming about a boy - as her sleep-visions were filled with huge, blood- engorged penises.

Now, nearly two months later, Staci still couldn't forgive her mother for causing her such confusing, frustrating embarrassment as she had inadvertantly caused by arranging the date with young Gary Starkoff.

"Oh, Darling... Gary just wasn't very mature... But Daniel Wooten is the most charming and polite young man. I'm sure he's a student - and he has his own little dog breeding business. I'm not trying to make you marry him or anything, you know... I'm just asking you to meet him!"

"Oh, Mother, I know!" Staci sighed with a wan little smile. But inwardly, she was thinking, If he wanted to meet me he would meet me himself... and Mother wouldn't have to go around trying to catch him for me! It always made her a little bit jealous instinctively whenever she realized that probably all the boys her mother brought home ostensibly for her would actually prefer the older woman. It had been that way with Gary Starkoff, anyway, for after the ill-fated "date" with Staci Bacula, he had made several deliberate passes at Anya, going so far as obtaining a fake ID so that he could take her to a bar one night after she got off work. The black-haired mother had fended off the younger boy's passes for the sake of her daughter, but the knowledge was still there. Men just like Mom better! Staci thought defensively. So there's no point in me going out with Mother's friends! Besides, she thought consolingly, as her eyes wandered back to the strong, eager German Shepherd, I have another friend now anyway!

"Okay, Staci." Anya said with a tone of finality. "I won't make you meet him, but I just might invite him over sometime." Her catlike green eyes glinted speculatively, as she recalled the deliberate arrangement she had made with the dark-haired dog breeder to pay once a week for the gorgeous young dog. Surely Daniel wouldn't mind coming to the apartment sometime, to pick up the payment! And this Friday was as good a time as any.

It was easier to arrange than even the shrewdly conniving divorcee imagined. On Thursday evening, she saw Daniel Wooten while she was working at Scores!

"Hey, Mrs. Bacula!" he called jovially from the other side of the street. She still actually did sell tickets to the hottest sex theater in town! He ran across the street to greet her.

"Why, hello, Daniel," she said softly, her lovely mouth curving into a smile. It was in the middle of a movie, so there were no men gathered around the theater the way there usually were. The curvaceous black- haired mother stepped daintily out from the glass booth for a moment, to let the younger man feel her heady presence in her brief, revealing working costume. "I was just thinking about you," she added soberly.

The curly-haired dog breeder's eyes lit up. "You were?" he asked, his voice betraying his excitement. He could feel his heart beginning to pound and his penis stirred restlessly in his pants. Christ, this dame was something else!

"Yes," Anya responded. "It's about tomorrow... You see, I get paid tomorrow, but I also have to work until two in the morning, so.... Well, I think you would have to go to my apartment and pick the money up from my daughter... She'll cash my check at the bank for me and then she can pay you."

"Oh... is that all?" Daniel replied a little sadly. He did wonder briefly what Mrs. Bacula's daughter would be like, but he couldn't conceal his disappointment that he wouldn't have the opportunity of meeting the older woman alone. She had that magnetic, sexual quality about her that boys Daniel's age hardly knew about, except by watching old movies. Most women Daniel's age were more independent and practical, having lost that seductive aura that Mrs. Bacula displayed so voluptuously.

Anya looked up at him through the corners of her eyes. Her maturely alert ears had picked up the tone of regret in the young man's voice, and for an instant she thought to herself. God, he's so young and virile... If it wasn't for Staci, I'd take him myself! She glanced into the glass booth and looked at the clock. It was almost eight, and the second film didn't start until 9:15. Normally, the voluptuous ticket-seller took her dinner break in the theater office inside, but... Oh what the hell! I might as well go out to "dinner!"

She smiled at the brown-eyed young man who had sold her the dog. "Tell you what, Daniel," she said, "I get off in a few minutes for dinner. Would you like to share it with me?"

"Shit, yes," the college student burst out, before he knew what he was saying. It didn't matter that there were very few reasonable restaurants in this part of town, or that he had just eaten dinner himself. The chance to be alone with Anya Bacula was absolutely overpowering, and like tens of young men before him, Daniel Wooten was reeling mentally with the forbidden possibilities.

Anya was a light eater, and bought an apple and a Scotch-and-soda from the proprietor of a bar next door to Scores. Then she led young Daniel up the back staircase of the dark, dingy theater, to a small, partitioned off cloak room, which was labeled, "Female Employees Only."

"This is the woman's lounge," Anya said wryly with a little smile, "but at the moment, Ginger and I are the only women employed by the Double-X, so when I'm here, it's mine, and when she's here, it's her's ." She hung up her light summer coat and sat down beside her guest on the low, hard couch.

Through the thin, plaster-board partition, Daniel could hear the muffled sounds of the movie filtering in through the thick smoke of the theater.

"Aaaaaah," a woman's voice was purring, "It's sooooo biiiiggg!"

Daniel looked up at his hostess with a lewd twinkle in his eyes. He made no secret of his huge hardon anymore, and he even boldly loosened his pants to give himself room to breathe. Anya planted her sensual, heavily-scented body only a hair's breath from his firm-muscled thigh, and his whole body twitched with her nearness.

"Aaaauugggh... Jeeeesus!" a male voice groaned from the theater. "Uuuggghh... uuuunnnhhh."

Anya smiled again. "I bet you'd like to see the movie, wouldn't you?" she whispered.

Daniel gulped, and grunted, "I can think of something I'd rather see!" His eyes fastened on the low-cut neckline of her brief costume, and his mind tore away the obscenely arousing garment.

"Oh?" the seductress prompted, arching her back so her huge breasts were thrust even further forward, looking as if they were going to burst right out of her shimmering red hostess dress.

"Yes!" the college man growled, and his big, masculine hands groped forward uncontrollably, dipping into that deep vee and grasping tightly to both her gigantic, firmly fleshed female mounds. "I'd like to get a load of your fantastic tits!" He roughly pulled them out of the tight- fitting bodice of her costume, lunging forward with his head to suck first one taut brown nipple and then the other. His hands dug into the soft white flesh of each quivering breast, pulling them up and all the way out of the alluring red outfit.

"Oh, my! Daniel!" Anya squealed in amazement. It wasn't that she was shocked or surprised by his sudden aggression, but she hadn't exactly been prepared for it. Usually, when she was dealing with a young man, it was Anya herself who had to take the initiative. But this dark-haired dog breeder seemed to know more than he was letting on, and the gorgeous divorcee was instantly admiring. God, it's a good thing I didn't send him home to Staci, she thought to herself. He'd have scared her off for sure!

Anya reached back and let down the short zipper that held her skimpy dress together, to subtly help the dog breeder with his arduous task. Her huge G-cup breasts swayed and bobbed with their mutual effort, and she knew that they were enough to give Daniel - or any other man - a hardon with precious little else required. Her long, shining black hair assisted the opulence of her full, perfectly proportioned contours. Although she was massively build au balcon Anya Bacula had the tiniest, girlish waist which flared outward into a full firm pair of hips that were just made for bedroom games. If Vic hadn't been so preoccupied with "protecting" his former wife, perhaps he might have had time for some of those bedroom games himself. But as it was, young men doted on her motherly proportions every bit as much as she adored their hard young muscles, and the voluptuous divorcee often remarked on the good fortune she had had to be free while she was still enticing enough to enjoy it!

Daniel began reflexively stroking himself, his young mouth hanging open. The grunts and groans from the movie screen were still filtering into the small, makeshift cloak room, and combined with the sight of the most magnificent female body he had ever seen, the obscene love-sounds were enough to make his balls ache. "Oh, Jesus God!" the curly-haired student mumbled, his mouth capturing one luscious breast again as his eyes feasted on the sight of her nakedly wispy cuntal vee. By looking down through the corners of his eyes, he could see the thinly lipped little slit of the older woman's pussy, moistening slightly with her shimmery liquid secretion.

The gorgeous theater ticket-seller was completely naked, now, although in all honesty, Daniel couldn't see how she had managed to shed her clothes so fast. His hands were all over her as her body strained and worked while he rubbed her asscheeks in teasing little circles, gently pressing apart the two full white moons as he moved his fingers upward to the tiny puckered circle of her tightly clenched anus. He pulled her whole body almost on top of his, as he worked his hand up into the satin-like softness until his fingers came in hot wet contact with the soft dark curls of her pubic hair that was already slick with the juices of her rising desire.

Her slim, perfectly-shaped hand slid down now, between their half- reclining bodies, to grasp the fully distended length of his thick, nine and half-inch penis. Her experienced fingers wrapped sensuously around its girth and began to stroke slowly in teasing, tightening strokes, causing his firm young asscheeks to jerk spasmodically with the sensation. Her brain reeled at the massive energy that she knew was contained in this enthusiastic student's genitals. She had to have it! She had to taste.

Abruptly, she bent her head, and Daniel pushed against the back of her shining black hair to position her eagerly lustful face. He felt her huge breasts smashing out along the firm length of his muscular torso, as he placed both hands behind her head, pushing her face toward his wildly palpitating cock. Then he groaned as the softly lipsticked surfaces of her mouth brushed against the sensitive head of his penis. Her lips opened limply and her head inclined downward. Suddenly Daniel's heart raced with anticipated delight. The tight rounded ovals of lipstick-mouth enclosed snugly over the tightly stretched outer skin of his cock and he groaned and lay his head back in the meager cushions of the couch.

The older woman's hotly working tongue began swirling around his aching cock and almost made it boil over with cum right from the beginning. Her lips were soft and smooth like saliva-moistened pillows of flesh as they clasped tightly in a snug, elastic-like ring over his burning rod of desire-hardened flesh. He could feel her lips above him, a sort of pained intensity moving down his penis and taking as much of it into her throat as she could. She seemingly surrounded him with the hot moist warmth of her saliva and the tender inner flesh of her tongue. He pressed his hands on either side of her hollowing cheeks, pressing inward to draw her slick inner cheeks even tighter around his hardness.

The moist nibbling pressure grew in his overheated balls as her tongue licked and curled on his cock. It seemed as if all the burning hunger in the older woman's pussy was now concentrated in the furnace of her mouth. Daniel groaned incoherently with the intense sounds of the movie on the other side of the thin dividing wall. He wanted this beautiful, black-haired woman to make him cum and he wanted her to swallow it deep down in her lovely belly as his hardened flesh slid more slickly through her opened lips. His eyes opened and watched lewdly as he saw his glistening rod disappear into her ovally clasping lips as if they were a tight, hairlessly devouring cunt. He could feel every nerve ending in his body pulsating and throbbing within the moistly working cavity of Anya's warm, saliva-filled mouth.

She sucked ardently, heavily, keeping his cock hungrily trapped despite his occasional jerks, burying her face into his loins with her nose deep in his wiry pubic hair. Occasionally, she licked down at his soft, sperm-filled testicles, thinking how much more she could make them harden and grow, and then fell back to sucking in a mindless delirium of ecstatic wonder, making little mewling noises of sheer, unadulterated delight. The pressure building in Daniel Wooten's balls was becoming unbearable, and as he watched the beautiful, feminine face suck so passionately, his cock seemed to inflate and lengthen beyond anything it had ever done before.

Holy shit! he thought. Christ but this babe is a cocksucker! In all his rowdy, college-boy experience, the university senior had never been given head the way this voluptuous older woman was giving it to him right now, and he couldn't believe his incredible luck not only in meeting her earlier this week, but in having set up a series of weekly payments, so she would have to meet him over and over again. Shit! It was just too good to be true!

Suddenly, there was a fiercely rippling shudder passing through his loins - and a lightening flow of liquid white sperm shot from his balls along the hard, blood-bloated ridge of his cock, all the way up into the gorgeous woman's desperately gurgling throat. He gripped her head tightly between his hands and shoved his cock gaggingly all the way back in her mouth. She groaned as the first thin needle of hot white spray struck her tonsils, then swallowed hungrily as it continued gushing wetly into her mouth. His cock jerked wildly, but Anya managed to hold on. The hot, fiery liquid spurted all the way down to her hungrily absorbing stomach and she gulped for more. Her cheeks stretched and bloated as she couldn't swallow fast enough to keep up with his virile offering. Her throat worked gluttonously to get every last drop, sputtering to keep from choking on the whitely cascading sperm as he emptied the contents of his balls relentlessly into the depths of her thirstily working gullet.

Daniel's body quivered and a long, ecstatic sigh broke from his lips as he again imagined himself shooting his semen down the voluptuous brunette's throat. God, she could sure suck good! He pushed his fingers through her thick, shining black hair, bracing himself to keep from shuddering right off the couch and onto the bare floor.

Anya would not let her new young lover's delicious organ slip from her lips. She continued to suck and lick off every last drop as it gradually diminished, extracting every last bit from the tiny hole in its tip. Tiny thin trails of white cum seeped from her liquid-bloated mouth and ran down to her chin. It seemed as if her handsome young lover's cock was going to deflate right down to nothing.

But then, surprisingly, his penis began to thicken again in the soft, slippery furnace of her mouth. She licked it and bit at it gently, taking delight in being able to bring it back to life again. "Oooooh, God, Daniel," she groaned, "God, your cock is soooo wonderful... Just let me lick it and make it all big and hard again, Daniel, darling." The desire was quickly rekindled in his boiling balls as she continued to suck ever so ardently. She teased her sperm-slippery tongue around and around it until it was restored to its full strength and power, and then the rejuvenated instrument fell wetly from her mouth, a thin string of slippery cum hanging between. Her smoky green eyes fluttered open, hot with desire, and she looked up at her young lover as her ears were assaulted with the lustful sounds of the movie being shown behind the thin partition. Through dilated, lust-ridden pupils she saw Daniel's handsome, youthful face and the wonderful hard muscles of his achingly attractive young body.

"Oooooh, let me feel your lovely cock," she crooned, reaching for him as she leaned back off his body and sprawled beside him on the thick mass of her long black hair. Her legs spread automatically to reveal the hot, wet mouth of her desire-glistening cunt as she slid sensuously down the couch until she was in a full reclining position.

"Oh, God, Daniel, fuck me with your gorgeous cock! Fill my cunt like you filled my mouth with your delicious hot sperm!"

The astonished but eminently pleased young student wasted no time as he turned over and came to rest directly between her eagerly spread thighs, his enormous cock waving around like a divining rod looking for water. His thighs moved between hers. There was no need to prepare this voluptuous older woman - her pussy was already moist and waiting. He could feel the thin, vertical opening of her cunt, throbbing with desperate hunger for his cock, as he guided the thick length of masculine muscle toward her through her curling black pubic hair which was thoroughly soaked with her passionate secretions. Then the head of his penis touched her soft, wetly throbbing pussy lips and moved on through with a single long, smooth stroke born of youthful desire, until he rammed it all the way up into her cervix. He had fucked a lot of girls and women before, but every new cunt was like a just- discovered treasure, and Anya Bacula's tight vaginal opening was a tantalizing gold mine. The smooth wet walls of her cunt clasped around his cock like a slick seal skin, undulating firmly around it and driving him crazy.

"Mmmmmmm, God, Daniel," the older woman crooned lovingly. Her whole body seemed to be singing as she felt her muscles tensing into taut cords to be plucked by the powerful flesh of Daniel's cock. Her entire insides fluttered with butterflies and opened wide to receive his cockhead deeper into her womb. She groaned and murmured incoherently as he fucked her savagely, gritting his teeth with desire. Her body humped eagerly, voluptuously, with his and moved with abandoned, uncontrollable jerks when the thrill became too much for her to bear.

"Screaming Jesus!" she breathed up into his face. "Just keep fucking me like that, Daniel! GODDDD! It's sooooooo goooooddd! Sooooo lovely and smooth!" She groaned with ecstatic agony, her arms wrapped tightly around his neck, her hips grinding furiously as he threw the meat to her, the huge whiteness of her massive breasts squashing out between them on either side of their chests.

Daniel plunged his huge cock up and up, deeper and deeper into the soft warm cavern of her belly, feeling her cunt flower open before his savage onslaught as though she had never been fucked before. Anya's wildly steaming flesh jerked and twisted while she moaned unceasingly, her features contorted with furious passion. Her mouth worked wordlessly and her nostrils flared with an untamed, animal desire which took hold of her body as if she were having an uncontrollable spasm. Her forehead glistened with sweat as her pussy arched upward through ascending levels toward the blinding light of her rapidly approaching orgasm. "Aaaaahhh, God, yeeesssss," she moaned up toward the ceiling as young Daniel Wooten slithered his strong, sinewy hands under the wildly pumping cheeks of her asscheeks and cupped them tightly, raising her up off the bed in order to sink his hard driving thickness still deeper into her passion-drenched cunt. He threw it to her with all the strength of his hips and thighs, and the smooth, hungrily moving walls of her cunt clasped and unclasped like a heartbeat all around his hotly bursting cock. He fucked into her from the tips of his toes, ramming every last inch of his long thick penis up through her shudderingly accepting hole and dragging a fresh ecstatic moan from her lips that resounded through the small room like the cry of a wounded animal. Her nostrils snorted wildly and her eyes, now opened wide, gazed glassily and unseeing as he fucked desperately into her open body, a deep, burning desire raging lustfully in both of them.

Daniel pulled his head back, his neck muscles straining, and closed his eyes, as he concentrated on the supremely engulfing feeling of her slippery clutching cuntal muscles, gripping tightly around the expanding girth of his rampantly invading cock.

From the other side of the partition, low guttural growls reached the ears of the two illicit lovers. "Mmmmm, ughn, ughn... aaaaaah!" Daniel could imagine what was going on in the movie screen, but he knew it could be nothing compared to the sheer wanton ecstasy of fucking into this impossibly voluptuous older woman's eagerly clasping cunt!

She twisted and writhed beneath him, unable to control her body or the wild desire that coursed through her. Her body ached to be humiliated and fucked silly by her handsome young lover and her face contorted wildly with passion as her cunt struggled desperately for climax. Her lips bared back over her teeth and fervent moans echoed from deep in her violently heaving breast. Her arms, which had been wrapped tightly around Daniel's neck, now slithered down so her long, painted nails dug into the dog breeder's pummeling asscheeks as they pounded heavily up into her desire-flooded loins.

Lewd wet smacking sounds resounded through the tiny cloakroom with each vicious, pile-driving hump up between Anya's openly spread legs. Daniel ran his hands from the smooth, hollowing cheeks of her ass down to her thighs and between them to the soft, passion-soaked pubic hair around her cunt to feel the greedily clinging lips of her wet flesh that clasped ecstatically around his cock like a snug, avidly sucking mouth. Her cunt was running with moisture which overflowed wetly down the wide-split crevice of her ass. Her whole body flamed with passionate perspiration and gyrated wildly, ravenous for sex and nothing but sex. It seemed to Anya as if the entire world began and ended within that central core of her belly. She existed only for that flame of sensation in her pussy, from which everything else spiralled outward in ever- widening circles of delight.

Her head flailed against the hard back of the couch, sending her long, shining black hair flying like a dark lustful flame. Her mouth opened in a long, ecstatic moan and she became something crazed and inhuman as she churned and squirmed in the grip of pure lust, spreading her legs back until her knees pressed lightly against her taut brown nipples, feeling the upholstery soaking beneath her asscheeks and cunt from the profusion of sexual juices gushing from her burning loins.

"Ooooooohhh, GGGOOODDDD, Daniel! Ddddeeeper!" she wailed, as the woman on the movie screen behind the partition let out a similar, echoing scream, "AAAAAUUUGHH... Ooohhh!"

Anya raised her open thighs up higher on his body and wound them voluptuously around his back, moving her naked hips from side to side with uncontrollable abandon and spiralling her pussy up and down crazily along his rhythmically pistoning cock.

"Ooooooohhhhh, my darling, I'm almost THERE!" she gasped hoarsely. "I'm... I'm... AAAIIIIEEEEEEE! CCUUUMINNNG!" She suddenly squealed with such a high pitched gasp of intensity that her ankles locked in a death grip behind the student's heavily perspiring back. At the same time she wound her arms tightly behind his neck and mashed her mouth into his, shoving her tongue all the way up into his throat with wild abandon. Daniel could taste the pungent, male flavor of his own cum on her tongue, which he had spurted into her mouth just a few minutes ago. Her back arched and she held tightly to him... and suddenly, he pushed her legs up roughly, rolling her body into a tight fleshy ball of writhing sex, fucking into her with mindless ferocity which drew hoarse gasps from her helpless lips.

Her hotly clinging vaginal walls were quivering and jerking insanely around his cock as her whole insides seemed to erupt, spewing their juices all around his hard-driving cock. Her cum cascaded down the widespread crevice between her upraised asscheeks, flooding wetly into his testicles as they slapped lewdly against her tiny puckered anus.

Even though she had sucked him dry just a few moments ago, the wildness of Anya's female orgasm started the slow aching pressure in Daniel's groin, and he gripped the cheeks of her rotating asscheeks and squeezed with furious strength, feeling her cringe as he began to gush jet after jet of hotly spewing cum into her widely stretched pussy.

"Oh, Christ!" he muttered aloud, as the viciousness of his strokes increased automatically so that his pelvis smacked like a wooden paddle against the splayed open lips of her cunt and his rhythmically jerking cock pumped deeply down into the throbbing recesses of her thirstily absorbing belly.

And then a series of wild, violent shudders seemed to hit them both at once. It was as though their mutual ecstasy had triggered a sort of second orgasm in each other, and the obscenely coupled mother and dog breeder rocked and moaned, along with the salaciously joined pair on the movie screen which they couldn't see.



"Uuuunnnhhh, oh, shit."


Across town from the Scores Club, Staci Bacula sat at the dinette table with a Western Civilization book spread out before her. She had fallen behind in her reading this week, especially since her mother, Anya, had bought the handsome, lithe guard dog and brought him home to live with them. Kaiser was curled up under the table in a semi-sleep state, his big shapely head resting comfortably against the teenager's slender bare ankles. And although nothing untoward had happened between the blonde girl and the black-and-tan dog since that first afternoon, there was still a discernible tension between them, a sort of mutual bond building gradually until one day or night soon it was going to explode.

The TV was on, and the young coed could see the picture by merely twisting her head so she could peer around the short wall that divided the dining area from the living room. Strangely, the program was some kind of documentary on the history of man's best friend, and several times Staci found herself leaning on her palms, watching the scenes of domesticated canine pets with their masters and mistresses. Once, during a sequence about police dogs, Kaiser even raised his head at the sound of a bark from a member of his own breed. It was intensely interesting to both dog and girl alike the way the beasts and their human owners seemed to take to each other, and the lengths to which either would go to protect and preserve the other.

Staci was aware of Kaiser's hot breath on her ankles, and she reached down under the table to scratch the dog's sleek neck with her slender, long-nailed fingers. "We'll be just like those dogs and people, won't we, boy?" she murmured softly, and then turned her attention back to her reading.

But no matter how hard she tried to force herself to keep her attention on the book, the teenage student's mind seemed to wander. First, she saw a picture of a Roman lying on a low slab of marble in the book, and that reminded her of what her professor had said about Roman orgies. Supposedly, the Romans were a lot more "liberal" about sex than people gave them credit for, although most of the freedom was for men only.

Still, Dr. Landing had given a rather vivid description of a typical orgy, and apparently it wasn't uncommon for a person to have sexual relations with two, three, or even four different people in a single night. Often there would be entertainment, too, with pretty young slave girls performing incredible unmentionable acts with each other, and sometimes, although there weren't many accounts of it, there would be sodomizing relations between a human slave and a dog or other inhuman beast.

That, of course, turned Staci's imagination to the sleek furry creature lounging at her feet, and she remembered the guilty illicit association she had almost allowed on the first night Kaiser had been here. Just thinking about it made her smooth young thighs tremble, and she could feel the narrow crotchband of her white nylon panties becoming hot with the seething warmth of her churning cunt. Slowly, but inexorably, tiny glistening droplets of her virginal lubricating fluid seeped out from between the delicately self- flagellating lips of her tender pussy, to be absorbed in the fabric of her panties.

Uncomfortably, the tall, gorgeous blonde girl shifted in her chair, and accidentally let Kaiser's head slip from its balance against her ankles. A low growl erupted from the dog's deep barrel chest, and he gradually stretched his front paws forward and pushed himself up to a stance. His nose seemed to stiffen and his ears perked up as he responded instinctively to the stimulus that he couldn't yet identify. He peered up over the flat wooden seat of the chair, and his big, brown eyes were focused directly into the darkened valley between Staci's unconsciously twitching thighs.

The scent! It was the scent of the fresh young virgin's silent arousal that had attracted the dog, causing him to fully awaken himself from his half-nap to give all his attentions to the female who subconsciously beckoned. His sensitive, muscular body recorded the vibrations of Staci's silent trembling, and his keen nostrils flared with the sweet musky odor of her cunt. Deliberately, he ran his chin along the flat seat of the chair, forcing with his nose and face the girl's luscious thighs apart.

"Oh! Kaiser" Staci cried out, pushing the chair back from the table so she could look underneath. Her face was red with shame and embarrassment, as she saw how her short skirt had been shoved completely up around her waist, and she realized at the same time that she had been day-dreaming again instead of reading. "Nnoooo, not again," she moaned.

Ruefully, Staci looked back at the book and reflected that she had not even finished a page all evening. It was nine o'clock, and she hadn't made herself anything for dinner, although she had made certain that Kaiser was well fed as soon as she got back from school. Now, the young blonde girl felt the now-familiar heat radiating from her tortured loins to fill her whole tense young body with a sensual glow, and the dog's rasping breath washed over her panty-clad loins under the table.

"Oh, God, oh God," she moaned over and over again to herself. She didn't have the strength or the will to push Kaiser away, but at the same time, her over-worked imagination spun with the combined visions of Roman orgies and salacious sodomy and herself, in various untried, obscene positions. Her mind flew back to that night at the drive-in with Gary Starkoff, and it made her shudder even now in remembered horror to realize how dangerously close she had come that night.

Again, she looked down at the reverently nuzzling beast between her quivering thighs, and she thought that in some fantastic, twisted way it would be less dangerous to take Kaiser as a lover than it would be to have a human lover.

"God!" she said aloud. But it still seemed to be true... In the first place, Kaiser would protect her - he was doing that already. And then, the faithful dog would always be loyal, where a relationship between two humans could easily crumble, just as the marriage between her mother and father had. There would be none of the whispered insinuations about her involvement, either, the way there had been about her mother when they had lived in Carmichael.

"My, God! Staci exclaimed again. It seemed almost too perfect to be true!

She turned her speculative, blue-green eyes to the big brown ones of the German Shepherd, and her lovely face relaxed into a sly, anticipating smile. She felt rather than heard Kaiser's growl of tacit agreement, and slowly, she stood up from the wooden chair and tiptoed into the living room, with the big, eager dog following so close at her heels that she nearly tripped trying to keep from stepping on him.

His long, rough pink tongue had slipped out of the side of his mouth, and long, dribbling drools of his animal saliva dropped on the carpet as he waited by Staci's bedside. The pretty human female was throwing the backrests off her single day-bed, pulling it away from the wall the way she did every night before going to sleep. Hurriedly, she tore off the fitted slip-cover, revealing to Kaiser's gaze for the first time the shiny pink satin of Staci's coverlet, and just underneath it, the smooth, silky sheen of her white satin sheets.

The cool feel of the fabric reminded the blonde girl that she was still a virgin, that it wasn't too late to back out, and for a fleeting moment, she wondered if what she was doing would be right. After all, Kaiser was just a young innocent puppy, really, who responded to his instincts without any conscious thought. Would she be corrupting him, by allowing him to participate in her lewd sodomizing fantasies? And in addition, there was the nagging question of what would happen to her. Could she lose her virginity to a dog? What she had seen of Kaiser's penis the other night was nearly as long as she remembered Gary Starkoff's human penis, but she way sure that it was not nearly so thick as the young football player's organ. Would Kaiser's dog-cock slip safely up into her virgin womb without disturbing her virginity? Or would she really be giving her most precious possession by succumbing to the overwhelming unnatural desire to feel Kaiser up inside her untouched pussy?

Oh, no, I can't let it happen, she thought, standing upright with the sheet still in her hand. It would be wrong... Of course it's wrong... I don't know what made me think I could do it... with a dog... or a man, or anyone! God, what would Daddy think if he knew the things that are going through my mind?

The guilt-ridden young teenager looked sadly at the eagerly trembling young dog who was waiting patiently by the bed. She looked through the archway into the dining room, where her Western Civ book was still open on the dinette table, and she glanced at the TV, where the dog show was just ending.

"I-I'm sorry, Kaiser," she whispered in a throaty voice. "I guess I just got carried away." She started to remake the bed, slowly, reluctantly pulling the smooth satin sheets and quilted satin coverlet back up over the mattress. But a wet, cold pressure against the backs of her firm tan thighs halted her careful deliberate motions.

"Kaiser!" Staci exclaimed in frustrated exasperation. "I said, 'No!'" But when she whirled around to see the big, innocent brown eyes of the young German Shepherd staring pleadingly up into her own, the beautiful blonde immediately softened, bending down to run her hand along the puppy's smooth, strong back. "Oh, I'm sorry, boy... I just don't know what to do!"

As if in answer to her rhetorical question, Kaiser nuzzled tighter against her slightly parted thighs, causing her to lose her balance and fall forward across the bed. He eagerly leapt up beside her, mounting her lightly clothed body in an almost sexual fashion as he leaned his head down so close to her burning cheek that she could feel his hot breath washing over her smooth skin. Slowly, her small hands crept up to the sides of the animal's perfectly symmetrical face, and she opened her lush red lips with her tiny, quivering pink tongue - only to have his long, saliva-moistened lingual member slurp out to touch it with a burning caress of a French kiss!

The teenager gasped, trembling all over. For the first time, she got an inkling that perhaps she wasn't in complete control of her relations with the huge friendly German Shepherd puppy. Maybe it was Kaiser who was actually entertaining all the salacious ideas, letting her think that she was alone in having the forbidden thoughts. God, is this what Mother meant when she said Kaiser was trained to look after women? Did she mean look after women like that?!

As Staci looked deeply into the pools of Kaisers eyes, she realized that there was no turning back. All of the deeply welling frustration of her virginal arousal was swirling in her sexually ignored young loins, boiling... churning... toward the mouth of her virginal cunt. She couldn't keep herself now from exchanging these small, fervent kisses with her new pet, and he whimpered with a low sensual growl that seemed to shoot up right between her legs.

Staci leapt up off the bed, throwing her light summer skirt carelessly away from her body, and then applying her small slender fingers to the dainty buttons that held her thin cotton blouse in front. As she removed the garment with unconsciously heated sensuous movements, Kaiser's long tongue slipped wetly from between his powerful jaws, dripping with excited secretions, as his lithe young body inched close to the edge of the slick satin bed.

The girl he was watching was kicking off her high platform sandals hurriedly, clattering them on the carpet and bare floor like Dutch wooden shoes. Then, she arched her back so that her huge, softly firm breasts jutted proudly into the air like two gigantic, brassiere- encased pyramids, as her fingers found the clasp of the lacy undergarment and hastily released it. Her enormous heaving female mounds burst free of their filmy prison immediately, swaying enticingly downward as Staci leaned over to hook her thumbs into the waistband of her thin white panties.

She could feel the moisture of her own arousal in the narrow crotchband of her nylon panties as she slowly eased them down over her firmly rounded young asscheeks. Slowly, with unconscious eroticism, she slid the thin undergarment down the smooth, columnar length of her shapely thigh, watching intently the dog's eagerly attentive face. One by one Staci raised her bare tan calves to slip them out of the legbands of her bikini panties, until finally, she dangled the thin fabric from one big toe, letting it swish the air before she dropped it on the floor.

Kaiser could hardly contain himself as his excited senses recognized her female need for him. The piquant aroma rising from the fluid heat of her human loveliness filled his nostrils just as he had tasted it from her mouth, intoxicating him wildly. Staci did not sit back down right away. Instead, she swung her long blonde hair over the smooth tan skin of her back, feeling the way it made her flesh quiver with anticipated excitement. The aura of her untried sexual desire was growing stronger and stronger, and it was sweet and sensual in Kaiser's flaring nostrils.

His flanks began to throb powerfully as the lovely human teenager seated herself on the edge of the cool satin sheet-covered mattress. Immediately, the handsome beast saw his chance, and he moved in between her naked thighs to rest his head on her lap. The hot, spicy fragrance echoing from her loins fled up between her warm, creamy soft thighs and saturated his animated sexual instincts.

"Mmmmm, Kaiser," Staci breathed, laying her head back on the bed as she stroked the dog's great handsome head on her nervously trembling virginal thighs. "God, I just can't believe it... You're such a mind- blower, Kaiser boy... You know that, don't you?"

And she sighed to herself as she realized that it was true. Kaiser was much more than just a magnificent guard dog. His potential was truly staggering, as she responded subtly to the indefinable aristocratic quality of his masculinity. She saw that she was completely enchanted by this fine, almost human male, and she thought that he was probably aware of it as well. He knew she had hesitated in sitting down because she was afraid of what he was doing with the coolness of his nose at this very moment.

Staci gazed down at him and smiled. His animal eyes were filled with affection - yes - but there was more, too. There was also that devilish lustful expression that Staci had seen in human men's eyes a few times before, too. It was the way Gary Starkoff had looked at her at the drive-in, and it was the way some of her Mother's boyfriends regarded her when they were first introduced.

The poor teenager groaned as her brain swam with all kinds of confused feelings and emotions. She knew for sure that she was sexually aroused. Even though she was still a virgin, she had experienced this same tense, quivering sensation a few times before, although she had never satisfied it in any other way than self-masturbation. The very thought that she was about to let herself succumb to the impossible intensity of her sexual desire filled her with apprehension, and it was all the more fearful when she thought that she wasn't going to be giving her virginity to a human male - she was about to make love to a huge, eager dog!

But there was nothing else that would end this mad, seething feeling in her loins - nothing but sex, and God! She was aflame with lust and, lascivious virginal yearning, even though she had never experienced just what it was that she needed! There was a total, engulfing dampness between her legs, making her inner thighs all sticky and shivery, and there was no way she could deny it. There was no doubt that Kaiser had sensed it all along, in his instinctive brutish way.

The large German Shepherd sensed his mistress's helplessly rising emotions. He, too, was unsettled, but he recognized her anxiety as the same that all human females experienced - at least all the human females he had ever had, and that included four or five at the dog breeder's as well as two others from next door. The curvaceous young contours of her female flesh made him pant with open jaws as he saw in her elaborate, sensual beauty all the hidden secrets that he had come to love and enjoy with the other female humans he had met.

His hungry eyes focused in particular on the golden pubic ringlets partially hidden between her soft warm thighs, wherein nestled the thin, warmly heated little crevice he remembered so clearly from the first afternoon when he had licked her so fervently there.

Staci smiled down at him warmly but tremulously. Something throbbed violently in the leaden, bull weight of Kaiser's urgent loins and he suddenly began to lick pantingly at her thighs and calves, sliding his big, handsome head down off her quivering lap.

"Ooooooh, KKkkaaaaiiiser," the teenager crooned softly down at him. Purest sensuality seemed to be churning within her long-denied virgin loins and she thought again of the handsome young men her mother had tried to set her up with. Why couldn't they have turned her on as wonderfully and obscenely as this gorgeous German Shepherd puppy was doing?

Suddenly her hands came up and cupped her nude breasts, which seemed to be aching with their own weight from her nipples outward. She massaged the hotly swollen mounds and her tiny, pink nipples began to enlarge and throb out like tiny rubber pencil erasers. Staci felt as if she were a raging inferno. Her breasts seemed to ache every bit as much as her loins.

"Ooooaaah... I... I can't d-do it... B-but... aaaaaah," she whimpered, taking his face in her hands again. "I'm scared, Kaiser. I'm afraid... that, that it will hurt... God, you're soooo gorgeous, boy."

The excited animal's eyes gleamed and its penis began sliding out of its furry sheath again. Not long now and his beautiful young mistress would let him do the things he so ardently wanted to do - in his dog's mind he was sure of it. Still, he had to wait until she was ready... He knew he had to get her going until she would literally beg for his animal cock.

Staci had never known the equal of this lewd, feverish sensation which had made such a furnace in her young belly. The seething, fluid little channel of her cunt seemed to be raging with unquenched desire, but for what? Her own short, panting breaths did not seem real to her. Now, as she lay back on the pink satin quilt with her trembling thighs spread nakedly apart, her fingertips wandered upward over the silky softness of her ribcage to the huge, sensually swollen mounds of her breasts, and she squeezed them until they hurt. Her fingers found the tiny, bone-hard nipples and pinched them narcicistically, imagining that her fingers were the digits of some imaginary human lover.

And then her eyes glazed over smokily and she gazed down the side of the bed, her eyes searching the burning ones of her handsome dog lover, waiting and whining in aroused frustration.

Kaiser felt the pulsating quiver of his enlivened, powerful loins at the obvious torrid craving of his naked teenage mistress. Her savage, animal need was present in her burning turquoise eyes as well as in that marvelous scent which wafted up from her cunt like warm winter chestnuts or something equally sweet. His heart pounded in his broad young chest at the sight of her long, golden hair fanned out on the pink coverlet beneath her beautiful head. The waiting was becoming unbearable.

"Mmmmmm, God, boy, come up here, now... Come up here with your new Mommy," came the girl's heated murmur. "Kaiser... Oh, Kaiser, I want to feel you next to me, just like before... Only this time, I want you to do it to me! YES! I want you to do it to me with your penis, Kaiser!"

A great breath of relief echoed from the big dog's excitedly heaving chest, and then he took one effortless leap and was onto the bed, momentarily poised like a God over her spread-open legs. Staci's breath caught in her throat as she watched him so urgently surveying her naked and voluptuously exposed virgin flesh.

It's not too late, Staci! an urgent voice inside her head insisted threateningly. You can still stop this... this depravity! Her lovely young face took on a pained, concentrating expression, as she tried to tell herself that she could and would put a stop to this dangerous, forbidden union, before it was too late!

But for eighteen-year old Staci Bacula the moment of retreat had already passed. Before her inexperienced mind was capable of realizing it, the decision had been made, and Kaiser lowered his head and licked out with his hot, wet tongue over the smooth white flesh of her nervously convulsing belly!

"Mmmmmnnnn," she moaned ecstatically, her eyes rolling back up into her head, "Oooooh, darling Kaiser!"

Her groans deepened in helplessness as she felt the fierce, mind- shattering delight of his hotly curling tongue, and then she got herself together enough to raise herself up on her elbows, her long blonde hair swinging around so that she could watch him as he lapped upward over the small round basin of her excitedly tingling stomach. Higher and higher he licked at her shivering young flesh, until at last he was licking at the smooth, sensitive round undersides of her lust- swollen breasts - and then creeping upward over them to her now almost bursting nipples.

"Ooooooh, that's fantastic, Kaiser." she groaned without shame, her hands coming ecstatically up and around to grip his furry head as he prolonged this ardent devotion. His fervid tongue caress flicked wetly at the pink erogenous tips again and again, until Staci felt as if they were being touched by a live electric wire, and maddening spasms of desire made her body jerk and twitch.

By now she was so far gone that her feverish brain had become a blank to everything but the wonderful sensations his adoringly lapping tongue stimulated in her helplessly fluttering belly. Kaiser whimpered from deep in his throat, and her impassioned eyes fixed lovingly on his features. Then his own big brown eyes raised to meet hers in a kiss of sight older than time, and a glow seemed to hang between them like a bridge. Staci waited breathlessly, unable to speak, unable to move, her lips parted and gasping, a helpless love-slave before the ferocious sensuality of the furry dog-beast. He moved slowly upward to lick at her open and willing young mouth.

"Ohhhhhh, mmmm," she gurgled into his parted jaws.

Kaiser could feel his blood boiling fiercely as it rushed along through his powerful body.

She tasted the delicate pink spear of his tongue in her mouth, lapping at it and loving its sweetness that was so hot and urgent, and all the while faint mewling sounds of worship broke devotedly from his throat.

He saw now that her eyes had shut ecstatically as she lay there beneath the dominating, enervating caress of his hungry tongue, even though she continued to return affection for affection with her own small pink lingual organ.

Instinctively, Kaiser sensed that it was time. Suddenly, his intense tonguing ceased and Staci felt the bed give way from his moving weight. She opened her eyes to find him positioning himself between her slightly spreading legs!

"Oh, my God!" she inhaled, as her eyes and nostrils flared. It had taken forever for her to accustom herself to the thought that she might allow herself to be brought to orgasm by the animal's fervent ministrations, but now the sight of himself positioning his haunches between her legs suddenly renewed her virginal fear. "No, Kaiser!" she stammered in a high-pitched voice. "Down, boy! Down!"

She tried to take his handsome face in her hands but he made a low growl that sent a thrilling shiver of fear through her loins. Everything inside her screamed Rape! I'm going to be raped of my virginity by a dog!. Her breathing came in sharp, punctuated gasps, her mind spinning crazily out of control. The nakedly trembling teenager could not seem to control herself as her legs, as though by their own uncontrollable volition, fell mindlessly open. Oh, no! she thought frantically again. I've got to make him stop!

Lifting her head again and breathing more raggedly than ever, young Staci watched Kaiser poise his beautiful head above the obscenely offered deliciousness between her fully flushed tan thighs. There, in the center of the split was her spinning blonde pubic mound, fairly soaking with all the juice that her pussy was spewing out in warmly trickling waves. And centered in that, the thin, hair-fringed lips of her pussy, slick with her sexual need, waited ecstatically for the burning lap of his tongue or whatever other pleasure-giving organ he cared to use.

The memory of what they'd done earlier in the week raced through the blonde girl's hot, feverish mind. Intoxicated with unsatisfied lust, she heard her own almost animalistic whimper, and then she felt her flesh get hot as Kaiser slowly lowered his nose in between her trembling thighs, his ragged pants scorching her sparse blonde pubic curls like flames from a blow-torch.

Staci groaned and closed her eyes, continuing to groan incessantly and without letup. It was too late now, for sure... Too late! her lust- dazed imagination screamed.

His cool wet nose brushed moistly against the flaming flesh of her inner thigh, and a gasp broke chokingly from her throat. The blood- heated lips of her lust-flooded pussy trembled in heart-stopping anticipation, frantic with desire. Kaiser whimpered as he sniffed hotly at her exposed loins, and somehow, it seemed to make the prospect of actually fucking into her all the more exciting. Her tense young thighs fell open wider still, and she drew them back up slightly.

Suddenly, the coolness of the German Shepherd's nose moved lower between her legs, pressing apart the soft resilient cheeks of her naked asscheeks and brushing wetly against the tiny puckered circle of her exposed and vulnerable anus.

"Oooooh, God, Kaiser," she breathed, helplessly trapped by an obscene emotion that had no name. There was a swift, whooshing intake of breath, and then her entire body felt as if it was glowing with a halo of passion, as the dog's irresistibly searching tongue splurted out between her widely spread asscheeks to wormingly lick up between the lewdly tingling cheeks of her ass, finding her snug little anal mouth and burrowing its tip deeply into the tight elastic ring.

Staci sighed away into a dream of bliss that had no beginning or end. How long the delightful titillation went on down there between her hopelessly spread asscheeks, she could no longer measure. All she sensed was that Kaiser's animal tongue never stopped swirling into the almost bursting little crevice of her asscheeks. She felt his wet, hotly searing adoration flooding upward from her rectal mouth all the way to the thin, hair-lined flanges of her cuntal folds, and then at last - Oh, God! - to the tiny, trembling erection of her barely concealed clitoral bud.

Staci shivered delectably as his tongue drew ecstatically along her clinging and throbbing cuntlips. The burning moisture of it flashed upward over the full length of her excruciatingly aching virgin pussy, then back again, until finally it spread through her softly yielding cuntal folds like a hot knife through butter.

Agony wracked the inexperienced teenage girl. She knew that she was twisting and turning on her small, satin-sheathed bed, her fire-filled breasts heaving sensuously from side to side, but she seemed to have lost control of her own body. The puppy's lapping tongue on her flaming cunt was all that mattered or existed in the world, and he seemed to control her movements completely with the sluicing of his long, thick animal tongue. Blissfully, he continued splaying open the hotly welcoming flesh of Staci's fresh young cunt, subconsciously aware that he was being given an opportunity that no other man or beast before him had ever had. Finally, with a lunging invading curl of his tongue far up into the fiercely clutching heat of her deliriously craving pussy, Kaiser dared to explore where no one ever had.

Staci moaned with lust-wracked anguish, her beautiful head with her long, wheat-colored hair flailing from side to side, her mouth opened in a constant moan that seemed to be continuous. Her entire cuntal plane spasmed with her fresh burning energy beneath his oral caresses, and occasionally she opened her lust-hazed eyes to take in the incredibly obscene spectacle of the dog's tongue, lapping so wildly and adoringly between her legs. Just the sight of it made her become even more excited by the lascivious vision of her own debauched downfall, but as always, there was the hidden knot of apprehension, that would surface just as she was about to give in.

I can't do this... I must be dreaming! she told herself fearfully, but before her dilated pupils Kaiser was swiftly and surely lapping her desirous loins. The lewdly spread blonde teenager moaned giddily from the intense sensation imparted by Kaiser's lapping tongue, sending her through a volcanic fire of erotic sensation. Her hotly smoldering young flesh seemed to be burning up in its own boiling juices with each maddening lap and flick of the instinctively working canine tongue up between her legs.

Staci's mewls escalated wildly, intermingling with her moans, groans, and whines. Her sensually ignited mind had slipped into a hot salacious bath in which she seemed to be luridly drowning. Again and again, the dog's scorching tongue sliced and swirled through her young, overheated loins, driving her wild with anguished, burning ecstasy.

The helpless blonde lost all track of time. Her erotic, hedonistic intoxication with this wonderful, delirium-producing laving was all she existed for. The heavenly, unimaginably worshipping tongue lapped madly through her wet, passion-drenched, seething blonde young pussy, until she could only whimper and squirm like some sort of animal herself. She was like a thing possessed - possessed by this demonic bestial lover, enslaved by her aching desire to be used by her German Shepherd lover who so adored her female flesh! God! she whispered to herself. God, all I want is sex, sex, sex! I'm just like Kaiser and... and Mother!

Aloud, she crooned toward the handsome dog's face, reaching down with her hands to clutch his furry ears as he worked ravenously between her legs. "Mmmmmm, Kaiser, lover! Oooooh, you're my only lover, boy... my true love... Mmmmmm... I'll never have a man, no, never! I'll never need a man, Kaiser! All I'll ever need is you!"

She wailed gutturally as he lunged his long, thick lingual organ again and again, curling once more up into her feverish clutching cuntal channel. Staci didn't know if she was dying or going crazy from the wild, ecstatic, convulsive sensations that were rocking her whole young being, body and soul, with each sensual sluice of Kaiser's flaming tongue. "Oooooooh, Kaiser, never stop licking me, honey. Just keep licking me forever and ever... Aaaaahhhh!" Her pleading came out as a long, prolonged hiss, and she frantically drew her knees all the way back to touch her erotically tingling nipples in order to give the dog greater access to her widespread cuntal mouth.

Kaiser's whines continually mingled with hers as he licked deliriously at her, his tongue lashing out like a whip inside her love-starved vaginal slit, penetrating deeply into the thin, hair-fringed folds where it gaped up at him through her obscenely upraised asscheeks and arched-back legs.

Oh, how Kaiser adored this exotic odor and the taste of her young female passion, the keen aromatic spice on his tongue and nostrils serving to enrage his mighty canine loins. Though he had experienced human female passion before, in his dog's mind he thought he had never known so fresh and young a woman as Staci Bacula, and the excitement of being the first male ever to experience her was almost overpowering for the young German Shepherd puppy.

He basked and slobbered hungrily in her ever-growing love-juices, adoring the bright blue pools of her eyes and her melodious, whimpering voice which was so warm and soothing and alluring, and which first bespoke to him her pervading innocence.

He adored her lovely face, and the way it glowed with incensed passion as she looked at him. The soft curves of her nakedly tanned body were something else he worshipped proudly, doting especially on the magnificent jutting mounds of her firm, gorgeously curved breasts. It was little wonder that he loved licking at her hot, urgent sexual core, where his instinctively expert tongue was able to magnetically draw gush after gush of hot liquid proof that she adored him too. So he excitedly tongue-flicked her curl-fringed moistness, and felt the strong urge in his ruttish, lust-driven loins clamoring for more.

Abruptly, with a rumbling growl, Kaiser suddenly stopped his tongue- fucking and backed away from Staci's seething vaginal plane.

"Wha - ?! Kaiser, what's wrong?!" the anguished girl demanded, raising herself up on her elbows, her long, blonde hair fanning out in back of her. Her eyes were humid and smoky, hungrily watching as her virgin cuntlips softly undulated against each other, desperately trying to find the swiftly removed tongue.

"Did I do something wrong, boy?" she pleaded plaintively. "I'm sorry... I didn't mean it, Kaiser. Please keep licking me, boy... God, I need you!"

But Kaiser didn't appear to be listening to her ardent love commands. Instead, eyes blazing with bestial lust, he was backing away from her half-raised position, revealing gradually to her glazed-over eyes... his cock! His gorgeous animal cock!

Breathless with wonder, her jaw hanging slack, Staci gaped at the glistening hard sexual organ that was slowly emerging from its long, furry cocoon, wet, pink, and thick, its tapered end swaying tantalizingly as it left the protective sheath in an ever-expanding length of scarlet hardness.

0h, God! It was bigger than she remembered! Staci panted wordlessly, her eyes widening in disbelief as she confronted this amazingly huge animal cock slipping so agonizingly slowly from its hairy brown sleeve. She had never in her life imagined that she could be so turned on and ready to explode, and it was doubly exciting to know that her arousal had not been caused by some horrible, lewdly conniving man, but by this innocent, and knowledgeable dog!

God! Oh, God! For the first time in her protected young life, she knew that she wanted to feel a cock up inside her unused young pussy. And she could tell that Kaiser wanted to do the same thing... just as she had suspected on that first fateful afternoon that he had lived here.

But some remnant of forgotten civilization seemed to nag and tug at the teenager's heart-strings, as she again felt the agonizing reluctance to let herself carry this wickedly forbidden act to its logical conclusion.

I'm still a virgin... I think... It's not too late... But... but I can't stand this teasing! My pussy feels ready to explode, if I don't cum pretty soon! And, ooooooh... The only way I can cum is with darling Kaiser!

"Ooooh, yessss, Darling!" she cried aloud to the hesitating dog. "I neeeeed you, lover boy! I need you!"

She couldn't keep her eyes off his still-expanding and lengthening rod as she sat up and stretched out her slender tanned arms in welcome.

"Come to Staci, Kaiser darling! Come to Staci like a good boy... I just can't wait."

Then, something seemed to snap in her consciousness, and uttering a sharp, piteous moan of anguish, she plopped back down on the damp satin sheets, her distended breasts heaving with unfulfilled desire. Her eyes were opened, staring unseeing at the ceiling, as she heard Kaiser pacing restlessly in front of the bed. She raised her head slightly, and seeing that his penis was still growing to utterly impossible proportions, she frantically piled her satiny smooth pillows underneath her squirming, aching asscheeks, propping herself up so that Kaiser would be able to slide his long dog-cock into her easier. The gorgeous young blonde's eyes glowed with lascivious desire, and she pulled her legs back again until her knees touched her erotically inflamed breasts, revealing the obscenely raised mound of her hot virgin cunt, steaming and glistening with molten desire as it lay nakedly spread before him. She raised her golden head to look down the valley between her firmly throbbing breasts toward her animal lover, who was waiting so patiently with his enormous, glistening red cock pulsating and throbbing like a rhythmically straining heartbeat, beyond which lay the heavy, love-laden testicles that would soon be spurting deep up inside her hungrily waiting belly.

"Oooooh Hurry, Kaiser, hurry!" she groaned shamelessly. "You've got to fuck me, just like a man! I can't wait for you to fuck my cunt, you big lovable beast!" The crudeness of her own words shocked the unaccustomed teenager, but she no longer cared about appearances or her former opinions of things. All she wanted was to ease the incredible aching need between her legs, and Kaiser's burgeoning rod seemed to be the only way to do it.

She reached down between her thighs to stroke her greedily pulsating pussy in a fiercely erotic gesture. "Oh, hurry, lover!"

Kaiser's heart pounded wildly with crazed animal heat. He wasn't used to fucking women in human, face-to-face fashion, but it was obvious that that was exactly what young Staci Bacula wanted him to do. To his bestial way of thinking, it hardly seemed possible that he could fuck his long penile hardness into her this way, but he slowly came back toward the bed, realizing that he would be able to watch the gorgeous lust-contortions cross her beautiful young features this way. And he would be able to suck and lick her huge, firm human breasts!

Positioning himself carefully, he made his way toward her spread apart legs. He mounted easily between her quivering thighs, his head panting above hers, feeling the steaming moisture of her open cuntal lips as his fiercely excited and jerking penis brushed against the sort fluid heat of her outer cuntlips.

"Aaaaiiieee... oh, my!" Staci squealed, shutting her eyes tightly as if to close off all entrance of guilt during this terrible obscenity. She hugged her animal lover tightly, though, and her soft, naturally red lips kissed all over his furry face as his own tongue lapped out to lave her lovely features. Her small hand ventured down below his belly, between their lewdly joined bodies, to find his huge animal cock and press it warmly against her throbbing clit.

"God, it's hot!" she exclaimed suddenly, as if she'd been burned unintentionally by the molten iron bar of Kaiser's huge hard penis. "But I want to have it inside me, Kaiser," she added resolutely. "I have to have it inside me!"

Boldly, she placed his tapering slickened cockhead against the reflexively pulsating lips of her virgin pussy, and the dog felt the moistly clutching grip of her young cuntal flesh nibbling at his penis. All he did was what came naturally and instinctively to a hot-blooded young animal. He shoved forward eagerly with a savage, purposeful fucking stroke.

"Aaaaaggghhh! Nnnnnnoooooo!" the girl suddenly shrieked. "Oh, Kaiser ... Oooooooaaaaaiiiiieeeee!" Her wails trailed off into a series of short, uncontrollable sobs, as the unprepared teenager felt the sudden, unexpected pain of her delicate hymenal membrane giving way before the animalistic onslaught of the eagerly fucking puppy. Kaiser could sense the discomfort in his beautiful young mistress, and in his simplistic, adoring mind, he felt genuinely sorry that he might have caused her any pain. But at the same time, his body pummeled on of its own accord, driven by an even more powerful instinct than his desire to please his mistress. He continued to sink his long, throbbing animal organ into the upraised pussy-slit of his young blonde mistress, even as his throat rumbled with sympathetic outpourings of consolation.

Below him, Staci could feel the shuddering vibrations of Kaiser's firm-muscled body, keeping unconscious time with her own, uncontrollable sobs.

"Oh, Kaiser, darling." she croaked; "I know you didn't mean it... I know you couldn't help it, darling." She threw her arms over his powerful neck to show that she didn't blame him for the discomfort his first rapid entry had caused her. "It's okay now, Kaiser. Honestly," she whispered. "It doesn't hurt any more."

In a way, she noted to herself, it was quickly becoming true. As the powerful German Shepherd continued to work his red cock around in her cunt, burying it deeper inside her hotly throbbing young belly, Staci could feel the pain subsiding almost magically, to be replaced by an even more intense pleasure than what she had recently known.

"Aaaaaahhhhmmmmnnn," she sighed ecstatically. Her throaty sounds became one endless gurgle of mindless delight as he fucked unremittingly into her no-longer-virginal pussy. She could no longer force her mind to form words and sentences, for Kaiser wouldn't understand them anyway ... All she could do was fuck, fuck, fuck! Her passion-dilated cuntal passage opened like a flower in the hot summer sun, and there was nothing she could deny him now. She was totally open, vulnerable, and enslaved, helplessly spread out before him as she enjoyed the electric thrill of being fucked silly by a lustful dog.

The rapid staccato of his thrusts was something that could not be altered or implored for a single instant, so that the young teenager had to ride with it and do the best that she could. Kaiser was not a human lover, who might be persuaded to do something for her... This was an instinctually erotic beast - an animal on all fours fucking into her with a lightning thrust so mind-bending that it made her teeth chatter and clatter in her head like loaded dice.

He must have fucked her fifty times in succession while she was still trying to acclimate her human brain to the fact that he was actually fucking her, for the first time she had ever been fucked in her whole young life. Like the muscular and powerful animal that he was, his soul-searing dog-fuck reamed her young belly like a piston in a powerful engine. Staci cringed and whined beneath his savage, automatic invasion, her mind blanked out by her own carnal lust, the very hearth of her womanhood aflame with a desire that had no counterpoint in her whole living memory.

Heights and depths of unholy ecstasy competed with each other within the battleground of her flaming young blonde cunt. All she could do was moan and squirm salaciously around the magnificent beast-cock that was despoiling her gorgeous blonde beauty, offering her cunt selflessly up to him on the altar of their new-found love.

When she could get her wildly impassioned breath, she managed to look up to watch with lewd fascination the redly glistening dog-cock pistoning regularly in and out of the soft, curl-fringed lips of her clinging vaginal mouth. It slithered in and out of her widely-split young pussy with wet, breath-whipping charges, fucking its way up to the very top, then back down again, with her cunt-walls clinging to it like hot liquid rubber. Kaiser's heavy, sperm-bloated testicles slapped heavily against the small puckered mouth of her anus down between her luridly spread young asscheeks, imparting a wild, additional thrill of lust as well.

Her brain jarred fiercely with every maddening, breast-shivering lunge as she reeled in the blinding pool of taboo sodomy. It amazed the teenager the way the glistening length of his cone-shaped penis pistoned so deeply within her own tight pussy, and she kicked her legs out to wrap them around the furry muscles of Kaiser's strong young back. Then, rhythmically, she lifted her loins in a wildly salacious grinding motion to meet his driving strokes with obscene, ecstatic abandon. Wildly, crazily, she humped her gorgeously rounded pelvis up at her animal lover, sliding forward onto his continually skewering cock as it lunged deeper and deeper with heavenly delight into the tortured confines of her hardly-used pussy. His hairy animal belly and loins battered her relentlessly and without mercy, thudding resoundingly into her taut, lewdly spreading cuntal flesh, his huge, lust-bloated penis sinking full length into the fluid inferno of her wildly clasping cuntal passage .

With shameless, drunken mewls of pure joy, the lust-intoxicated blonde teenager rotated her asscheeks furiously, grinding the undulating walls of her pussy hungrily around the hardened length of his piercing animal penis, a blissful wail of enravished lust breaking from her open, drooling lips.

And then the signal came, the unmistakable, but as yet unknown signal of approaching orgasm. It sprayed through the young girl's erotically seething loins like the prickling of millions of tiny hot needles, gnawing at the inner base of her sensuously quivering belly with a lascivious promise of the first real climax she had ever known.

Over and over again Staci moaned and whined, continually approaching the steep cliff of her elusive orgasm. She strained beneath her panting dog-lover, watching his thick red penis fucking furiously into and out of the blonde fringed hole between her eagerly twitching legs. She gasped with agony, her eyes bulging as she raced toward her first genuine orgasm.

"Ooooh, yyyeeeessss... fuck me, Kaiser... Like that... just like that... I'm going to cum from your fucking... Ooooooh." Staci's mouth drooled sexually all over his panting face, covering it with hot, wet kisses as her loins felt ready to explode in a million tiny pieces.

Kaiser's puffing animal heart raged with desire for the beautiful blonde mistress he was fucking, whose soft, tan legs were wound so tightly around his swiftly moving back, as were her arms now wrapped around his neck. She whined a low, pleading moan as she feverishly kissed him as no other human woman had ever done, simultaneously thrusting her eagerly clasping pussy walls up over his rod as it drove faster and faster into her. The burning heat of her cunt clung greedily to his savagely pumping cock, urging him on.

"Ooooh, God!" Staci panted through gritted teeth. "I can't stand it! I'm almost there!... Ooooooh, I'm almost there!"

The lust-drugged young blonde opened her mouth ardently as the dog's long, thick tongue thrust into the heat of her moist oral cavern, brushing her tiny pink tongue as it surged forward into the depths of her throat. She sucked his tongue wildly, unbridled bestial passion seeming to possess her. Her toes curled downward as every nerve seeming to possess her. Her toes curled downward as every nerve in her hopelessly aching flesh seemed to strain endlessly towards the most impossible, mind-shattering, fantastic climax. With his tongue in her mouth, it was as if she were being fucked orally as well as vaginally. Sob after joyous sob broke forth from her ardently strangling lips as she felt her whole being heave closer and closer to the moment of release.

Suddenly, it hit her, and all at once the entire apartment rocked with the piercing shriek of the teenager's orgasmic wail.

"Aaaaaaiiiiieeeee!!! Aaaaaaauuuuuuuuuugggghhhhhh!!!!... Kkkkkaaaaaiiiser! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! I'm cummingcummingcumming!"

Her pelvis contorted with wild uncontrollable sexual bliss as her loins seemed to convulse in mid-air, and everything about the lewdly entwined beast and girl twisted and sobbed with excruciating joy. Her vaginal passage seemed to constrict and undulate automatically around his rapidly thrusting dog-cock, sucking his hotly scalding animal cum right up from his heavy churning balls.

His tongue withdrew from her greedily sucking mouth and she flailed her head from side to side, her face distorted with passionate lust. The wildest flash of erotic sensation that that she had ever known or even imagined shot through her like cannon balls, with every fiery spurt from Kaiser's heatedly hosing organ. The obscene combination of their animal and human cum trickled warmly out from her hungrily clasping young cunt, falling in a tiny hot pool on the white satin pillow just below the teenager's loins.

Staci's first real orgasm seemed to last for hours, as she felt the intensity of every last drop of Kaiser's sperm as it splattered up into the unused depths of her vaginal receptacle. Her cunt seemed to twitch incessantly, even after his deflating cock had slipped wetly from her truly satisfied love-hole, and it was all she could do to roll off the pillows and lie face down in her own, no-longer-virginal bed.

"Oh, thank you, thank you, Kaiser," she whispered to her canine lover, before closing her eyes to doze off in a late-evening nap.

At twelve forty-five, Anya Bacula quietly let herself into the apartment she shared with her daughter, but she was totally unprepared for what she saw in the living room. She noticed at once that all the lights were on, and the quiet conversational tones of a late-night talk show were audible coming from the television set. At first, Anya thought that perhaps Staci was just up watching TV, but one glance into the living room told her otherwise.

Her beautiful, innocent blonde daughter was stretched out nakedly on the crumpled satin sheets of her single bed, her sleeping face settled peacefully in a calm, satisfied expression. Beside her, his huge, hairy head resting on the soft mounds of the girl's asscheeks, lay Kaiser; the strapping German Shepherd guard dog!

As soon as he heard Anya's light footsteps, the big loving dog raised his head suspiciously, but recognizing the scent and rhythm of his older mistress's step he settled back down into his fleshy pillow. His nostrils flared unconsciously with the renewed wafts of Staci's musky sweet sex-smell, and he shifted slightly on the day-bed.

"Mmmmph... Kaiser, what - ?" the girl mumbled, opening her eyes to the dog's subtle stirrings. And then she heard her mother. "Oh, no!" she shrieked aloud, her hand flying up to her mouth as she sat up instantly.

"Are you awake, dear?" Anya asked pointlessly, from the doorway to the living room. "How was your evening?"

"Mother!" was all the distraught young girl could say. She sat up hurriedly, pulling the pink satin quilt up to inadequately cover her nakedness, and Kaiser acquiescingly leaped down off the bed to go and nuzzle Anya's nylon-stocking-clad leg.

"Yes, Staci... I didn't expect to find you up." the raven-haired woman replied. Her mature, feminine imagination was mulling amusedly over the possibilities of the awkward situation her lovely teenaged daughter was in. When she had first bought the dog, Anya remembered, she had noticed Kaiser's peculiar fascination with human females, and she even recalled having been suspicious that he might try to do something with Staci. She had discarded the titillating idea then, of course, but now...

I wonder... I just wonder, Anya thought, hiding a smile. Staci was naked, there was no question about that. And Kaiser had been lying across her bare, firmly rounded asscheeks, with a satisfied expression on his dog-face. The bedclothes were rumpled, and the air was heady, as if... as if something was going on in here! Look at the way Staci's clothes are strewn all over the floor! It was totally unlike anything Anya's prim and proper daughter had ever done before.

The black-haired woman looked inquiringly into her blonde daughter's embarrassed face. She said nothing, and it was Staci who finally spoke.

"I... I guess I fell asleep watching TV, Mother," she explained illogically, "Kaiser was just... just resting with me, I guess... Oh, Mother, I don't know what to say!"

"You don't have to say anything, dear," the older woman said kindly. "In fact, I'm actually pleased." She didn't say or hint what she was pleased about, or even whether she knew what Staci had done a few hours ago, but she sat down on the girl's bed, a speculative expression on her sly, almost conniving features. "You see, I had something planned for tomorrow, and I was wondering." The mother paused and looked around the strewn little living room. "If you would be able to help me."

Staci looked suspiciously into her mother's deliberately blank face. Self-consciously, she wrapped her shiny pink quilt around her naked young body, sitting up straight to hear what Anya had to say. "Help you?" she inquired finally. "How, Mother?"

"Well, do you remember what I told you about paying for Kaiser on time -- once a week?" The blonde girl nodded. "The first payment is tomorrow, but I'll be at work. So, could you cash my paycheck for me at the bank, and then pay Daniel when he comes over?"

"Daniel?" Staci repeated. In her mind, she already sensed that this was going to be another one of her mother's little "Meet-a-man" schemes. But this time it will be different, the teenager thought smugly. Let Mother introduce me to whoever .she wants to... I've got Kaiser, now!

"Daniel Wooten is the dog breeder I told you about, honey," the older woman replied dreamily, her pleasantly filled pussy palpitating at the recent encounter with Daniel in the lounge of the Scores Club.

"Oh, yeah," Staci said expressionlessly. "Okay, I'll pay him... but... but I won't try to look like the Queen of Sheba for him."

"Staci! Have I ever--?" Anya exclaimed with exaggerated innocence. But her expression softened when she belatedly caught the tone of indifference in her daughter's voice. Something really has happened here tonight! the mother told herself. And it just might be... Good Lord, my own little Staci!

"Oh, fuck, man, will you just come on!" Daniel Wooten shouted to his roommate, Paul. "I can guarantee this broad's daughter is not going to be a dog. Christ, if you only saw the way Anya was built, you wouldn't even be arguing!"

Tall, blond-haired Paul Sullivan emerged from his bedroom in an embroidered Western-style shirt and dark brown brushed denim pants. "Look, Daniel, I'm not trying to screw anything up for you, but why should I give up a date that's a sure thing, for some half-assed chance to make a babe you haven't even seen yet?"

"Jesus, man, man, I'm telling you, this babe's mother is fucking built. Tits like watermelons, man, and the firmest little ass." Daniel made an obscene shape in the air with his fingers, and Paul smiled indulgently.

"Yeah, okay, I believe you... But hell, I thought all you had to do was go over there and pick up the money."

Daniel reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet. He reached into the money section and pulled out a folded over envelope. "That's what I thought, too, Paul," he said, opening the envelope." But just as I was leaving last night, Mrs. Bacula gave me these." He held out three tickets to the Scores Club, specially stamped and dated for this evening's premiere showing of a new film from Argentina, that promised to be the hottest attraction since "Deep Throat."

Paul reached over and took the tickets, nodding to himself. "Three tickets, huhh? You're right, it does look like she was expecting you to bring somebody along for her daughter... And this lady works at that theater? Shit, some guys have all the luck!" He handed the tickets back to his friend, speculating aloud, "Well, at least it means that the daughter is eighteen, so we couldn't get sent up for statutory."

"Then you'll come?" Daniel interpreted his roommate's change of attitude excitedly. "I swear to God, Paul, if the daughter's a dog, I'll let you have a go at old Anya, and I promise you won't be sorry!"

Paul got up and smiled. "I guess that's all a guy could ask for, Daniel," he said. He flicked on the TV to watch the end of an old movie while the young dog breeder got ready for what was likely to turn into the most exciting evening either of them had ever spent. It was just getting dark on the late summer's evening when the friend's climbed into Daniel's Mustang and headed toward the outskirts of town where the Bacula's apartment was supposed to be.

"I swear, Paul, this babe has got to be good!" was the last thing Daniel said to his companion as they mounted the stairs that led to Mrs. Anya Bacula's door.

But Daniel Wooten wasn't quite prepared for the shock of seeing Anya Bacula's daughter for the first time. When the apartment door slowly opened a few seconds after he had confidently rung the buzzer, both the curly, dark-haired dog breeder and his blond friend and roommate inhaled sharply, exchanging meaningful glances.

Holy shit! Paul's look said to Daniel. Is this girl real?

Daniel's expression said wordlessly, Oh, Christ, I didn't know she'd be this fantastic!

Staci noticed their silent, subtle eye-contact, and interrupted them sweetly, "Can I help you? Are you Mother's dog breeder?"

"I... um, yes, I am," Daniel stammered. Christ! And I thought her old lady was something else! The pretty blonde eighteen-year old was wearing a thin, short dress, made out of some kind of slinky fabric like jersey, and it seemed to cling precariously to her voluptuous young curves. The neckline was modest, but the buttons seemed to have casually loosened themselves, so both Paul and Daniel could clearly see the huge, tanned mounds of her firm, young breasts protruding above the top of her lacy brassiere. Her legs were long and gorgeously golden, and it was obvious that she wore no stockings at all. If it hadn't been for Kaiser's eagerly joyful presence at the young girl's slender ankles and calves, Daniel vowed seriously that he would have raped her on the spot. God! No wonder they needed a guard dog!

Kaiser's tail was wagging happily at the sight and scent of his former master, but he instinctively growled at Paul's presence. Paul, the dog remembered from his life at the breeder's, was the boyfriend of the first female human he had ever licked to orgasm, and Kaiser still felt a reserve of uneasy anxiety whenever he encountered his ex-master's roommate.

"Well, come on in," Staci invited them finally, when she was able to get their attention. Their open-mouthed gaping was something she had gotten used to in the years since she had turned thirteen, and she knew that the only way to deal with it was to wait until they had their senses. Besides, she felt safe and secure with Kaiser right at her side, even though she knew that the dog must still feel some loyalty to his old master.

"Thanks," both Paul and Daniel mumbled in response to the gorgeous teenager's invitation. They followed her trance-like into the small apartment, sitting down on the day-bed which had only yesterday been the site of Staci Bacula's deflowering.

"Mother left the money," the girl explained, going into the bedroom for the cash she'd gotten at the bank after school. When she returned, she held out the two crisp bills, a $5 and a $20, in the direction of the two young men, and suddenly she laughed. "Oh, my," she giggled. "I don't even know which one of you is Daniel Wooten!" Her turquoise blue eyes sparkled gleefully as she sat down in a rocking chair across from the day-bed. "I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself... I'm Staci, Anya's daughter... Staci, for short."

The curly-haired man smiled and said, "I'm Daniel, and this is my roommate, Paul Sullivan... We thought... Well, your mother gave us tickets to the theater for tonight... Would you care to join us?"

Staci sighed. So Mother did try to set up a date! I should have known! Aloud, she said, "I'm not busy tonight, but... Well, I know that my Mother probably asked you to show me a good time, and all that. And honestly... you don't have to take me out just for my Mother's sake. I'm really quite happy by myself." Silently she added, now that I have Kaiser to look after me!

Both young men immediately protested and denied that Mrs. Bacula had had anything to do with their invitation to young Staci. Paul, especially, took the lead and explained hurriedly how he had practically twisted Daniel's arm to get him to let Paul come along tonight. Daniel didn't admit that the situation was almost exactly the reverse, but he did wish he hadn't promised Paul that he could act as Staci's date. Shit, if he'd imagined she was even half as foxy-looking as she was, Daniel would've agreed to take her out himself, the way Mrs. Bacula had hinted last night.

Although the blonde teenager wasn't fooled by the two young men's hot denials of her mother's involvement, she did finally agree to accompany them to the sex theater where her mother worked. She had only been to Scores once before, and that was last year, right after her mother had been re-hired, and before the interior of the theater was remodeled. She hadn't stayed for the show, then, either, and the idea of seeing what really went on there sounded interesting.

She rode to Scores in the front seat with Daniel, while Paul kept up an animated conversation from the back seat. It made her shudder inwardly when they rounded the corner onto the street where her mother was displayed in a glass booth like a piece of meat for sale, and for an instant, she wished she had not allowed herself to get talked into coming.

But surely Mother knows they were going to bring me here, Staci consoled herself. She did give Daniel the tickets, after all! She couldn't understand why her mother would want her going to a place like the sex theater, but then, she didn't really understand most of what her mother thought or did. It was as if the black-haired mother and her golden-haired daughter were opposite ends of the spectrum, with totally different goals and morals.

Anya Bacula's whole face lit up when she spotted her young college student lover leading his friend and her own daughter Staci toward the popular movie theater. She excitedly let herself out of her glass booth for a moment to welcome them to the show, and she beamed silently to her young innocent daughter, thinking that tonight might be a turning point for her. "I'm so glad you decided to come, dear," she whispered, squeezing Staci's hand. "I just know this movie will have special interest for you."

Staci looked quizzically at her mother, but Daniel and Paul hustled her past the stills and into the dimly lit cinema. It wasn't too crowded yet, but the way the two ushers were laughing and rubbing their hands together indicated that they expected to see a sell-out crowd here tonight, for the opening of "Cecilia's Surrender," the hot new feature film shot on location in Argentina, without any breaks in the action. It was an entirely new concept in movie-making, and critics from all the newspapers were already crowding into the special section roped off for members of the press.

To Staci, the theater seemed a lot more exciting than it had seemed when she had been here before. In the first place, the standard, semi- comfortable, velvet theater seats had been replaced by comfortable couches, where people could be seated in parties of two, three or four in intimate comfort. A balcony had been added, to provide enough seating, and the furniture was grouped like chairs around a night-club table, so that people could talk quietly to each other during intermissions without disturbing others.

One of the ushers led Staci, Daniel, and Paul over to a plush green couch against one wall, just behind the area reserved for the critics. He leaned down and whispered to the blonde girl that it was the best seat in the house, and that any daughter of Anya Bacula's certainly deserved it. Staci smiled prettily when the usher backed away and left them alone.

It seemed like no time until the house lights began to dim, and a spotlight appeared in the center of the stage just below the wide-angle movie screen. A man's voice sounded boomingly over the PA system, introducing the special attraction for tonight, Cecilia LaFruta, in person, the star of the incredible new film, "Cecilia's Surrender!"

A low accompaniment of Latin-sounding music rose from somewhere in the wings, and soon, the black spangled curtains in front of the screen began to rustle and shimmer, as though there was some whirlwind force rippling over them. In seconds, the whirlwind force was revealed to be an unbelievably young-looking Latin girl, dressed entirely in red and black. Her hair, which was long, thick, and curled voluptuously around her shoulders like a fur stole, was a flaming, sequined red, and it shone like real fire in contrast to the golden tan of her skin and the shiny black patent leather of her abbreviated, bikini brassiere. Her naked torso seemed to have been painted with some kind of sheer, shimmery glitter, for with every sensual undulating movement she made, her whole belly seemed to glow with the reflected light from the spotlight which was on her. Inches below her glimmering waistline, the girl wore a short black skirt, hung with long, spangled fringes which swayed and brushed against the floor. Through the illusory black shadow that the fringe created. Staci, Daniel, and Paul could see the girl's high-heeled Spanish riding boots, complete with heavy silver studs which gleamed in the dark.

As she approached the microphone, the audience hushed, and you could almost feel the intake of air as they all held their breath.

"Good evening, lay-dees and gentle-men," the soft-spoken girl said in her exotic accent. "I am pleesed to come here, in the United States. I hope you weel enjoy my new mo-vee... I am verrry happy to welcome you tonight." As she spoke slowly and carefully, her intense dark eyes were glittering with sensuous moisture. The spotlight that was focused on her gradually drew back, making the girl seem smaller and smaller as the circle of light got bigger. Slowly, the black spangled curtains began to slide away from the screen, and the spotlight faded to a faint, orange glow. Then, incredibly, Cecilia LaFruta suddenly appeared to grow to absolutely enormous proportions. The girl herself stood alone on the stage, but behind her, her image appeared on the movie screen, dressed in exactly the same clothes she was wearing tonight! The huge filmed image began to sway softly to some unheard music, and below her, in miniature real life, Cecilia danced lightly off the stage, leaving the whole theater mesmerized by her sensuous motions on the film.

The green velvet couch where Staci sat wedged between the two college boys suddenly gave a little lurch, and all three occupants looked up to see a smiling Anya Bacula sliding in next to Paul. "This is the first showing of this movie," she whispered to the tall, well-built blond youth, "and I always sneak in to see the first showing."

Paul smiled obligingly, thinking to himself, Shit, this broad is twice as far-out looking as old Daniel said. Sitting between the older woman and her daughter the way he was, Daniel's roommate could feel his loins beginning to tingle already, even though the movie had hardly begun.

The movie house was filled with the soft background music of the movie soundtrack, and the huge, sensually swaying image of Cecilia LaFruta on the screen gradually shrank, to reveal the setting of the film. The girl was dancing to herself in some kind of dressing room, as if she was preparing to go out on a stage any minute. In the upper right-hand corner of the screen was a faintly blurred suggestion of prison bars, indicating that the erotic young girl was being held captive, perhaps by the people for whom she was preparing to perform.

The camera zoomed in on the prison bars, showing them to be in a small window, and on the other side of the bars, two black glinting eyes were staring lustfully at the captive slave. Paul inhaled sharply, as did several other members of the audience, but his gasp was more than just the realization that the girl on the film was in danger.

Someone's hand had planted itself down right over the growing bulge of his penis!

"Aaaugh," he groaned in a hoarse whisper. "Wha-?" He tore his eyes from the screen, and looked at the two gorgeous women on either side. Both Staci and her voluptuous mother were intently watching the movie, but Paul looked down and saw that the hand over his pants' fly belonged to Anya. Jesus Christ! he thought to himself. She's supposed to be Daniel's babe.

The girl on the screen seemed to be unaware that anyone was watching her, and she continued dancing with increasing wildness, as though the music in her head was reaching some kind of crescendo. She whirled and spun around in the tiny dressing room, sending the long black fringes of her skirt flying like a black cloud around her perfectly shaped thighs and asscheeks. Her flaming, glittering red hair whirled out from her head, completely obscuring the beautiful mysterious features of her face as she rocked and undulated in a frenzied spin, nearly causing herself to lose her balance. The tension in the audience was reaching a heavy peak with the pounding beat of the music that filled the theater, but still Cecilia spun on and on, around and around... and around... Oh, God, and around...

The camera focused on the lasciviously watching eyes again, and the small-boned but voluptuously proportioned girl collapsed in a heap on the floor of her jail-cell dressing room. She heaved and panted audibly, her small olive hands reaching up to push her hair out of her perspiration-glistening face. Slowly she stood up again, and miraculously, the shiny, black-fringed skirt had gone, lying at her feet in a harmless dark pool of fabric and fringe. Underneath, the slave-dancer wore only the tiniest shiny triangle of leather panties, although her skin seemed to be painted with some kind of shimmery, lust-arousing paint which created a sheen all over her entire body. She began her dance again, to the obvious delight of the on-looker, but this time she moved more slowly, with exaggerated undulations similar to a bellydance.

Anya's wandering hand squeezed firmly over Paul's no-longer- concealable erection, and her whisper assaulted his ears above the background music of the film. "Oooooh, it's getting sooooo big already, just like last time."

Last time?! Daniel's roommate repeated to himself. Hell, I only just met Mrs. Bacula a few minutes ago... He looked sideways at the black-haired seductress, trying to divine what was going on in her mind. Does she think I'm someone else? Daniel maybe?

An "Ooooohh" rose from the audience, drawing Paul's attention back to the film, where the Latin girl was now removing her tight leather brassiere, to release her magnificently huge golden-nippled breasts, letting them stand out proudly in the imaginary privacy of the jail- cell.

Paul gulped in the darkness. Now he was really becoming lost. Anya was stroking and squeezing his cock wildly, and the girl on the screen was stripping down to nothing. His balls throbbed hotly, building and growing with their overload of orgasmic liquid.

Cecilia was squeezing her nudely exposed breasts in her hotly working young hands, and her moans came clearly over the speakers. Her slender, delicate fingers came up to tweak at the pulsating, blood-hard erections of her nipples as she began to rub her lovely tanned legs together, causing the meager triangle of her patent leather panties to slide slowly down over the studded black boots to the floor. Her pubic hair was barely discernible on the screen, a sparse, fleecy vee of red- gold curls, glittering like the rest of her young body with a healthy, lust-inspiring sheen. She fell backwards onto the only piece of furniture in her cell-like dressing room, a low flat bed that doubled as a chair, bench, or couch. Her hands flew down to stroke and tease at her delicately exposed genitals, drawing a gasp of passion from the audience as well as from the man in the movie, who was watching from the other side of the window.

The young girl's asscheeks were twisting passionately against the uncomfortable-looking couch, and she groaned and panted aloud as if she hadn't been fucked properly in years. Staci's young heart went out to the girl, who couldn't have been a day older than Staci herself, and almost unconsciously, Anya Bacula's daughter folded her own hands across her lap, pressing down into the warming split between her legs. Daniel Wooten sensed her movement and pulled her closer to him, shifting his body slightly so that his growing penis was pressing into her firm young thigh.

To hell with Paul, the dark-haired dog breeder thought. He didn't really want to meet this gorgeous little babe anyway...

On the other side of the eighteen-year old blonde, Paul's breath was hitching spasmodically in his throat. Anya Bacula, his good buddy's latest lay, was still massaging his groin maddeningly, and she had begun to coo into his ear, her perfumed breath tickling hotly at his sensitive inner flesh. He wanted to say something - at least point out that he obviously wasn't whoever she seemed to think he was - but he knew if he said anything at all it would be a lewd invitation to fuck.

The young girl on the screen lay back ecstatically, her desire-hardened breasts pointing skyward and hardly even jiggling. Her fingers slithered in and out of her openly spread vaginal mouth, which was glistening up between her widespread legs, still encased in the long, high-heeled Spanish boots. Sharp little cries began to break from her full-bodied red lips, as her lovely head strained back so far that the camera picked up her hair as it flailed under the bed.

Before long, Cecilia was writhing lasciviously in the grip of her obscene, imprisoned display. Her hands ran all over the delicious contours of her sleek young body, then plunged again into the bottomless well of her eagerly working young cunt. When she caressed herself, her hands moved with the power of pure lust, dancing erotically over the flat shimmery expanse of her belly and digging greedily into the exquisite roundness of her belly and digging greedily into the exquisite roundness of her firm young breasts. She groaned and pulled her knees up until they were almost touching her breasts, the juices from her hotly glinting cunt moistening the flat mattress below. Her fingertip crawled like a spider into the soft, hair-covered lips of her young pussy, spreading them apart until the wetly pulsating inner flesh was obvious to the camera and the audience. She groaned again as she plunged her fingers deeply into the boiling cauldron of her lust, its oval, fish-liked mouth opening hungrily. Her face contorted as she violently fingered herself right in front of the glinting eyes of her jailer as well as the eagerly watching eyes of the audience. A gasp rose from the movie-viewers, as her tiny, tightly flexing young anus lifted upward into the light, puckering open slightly as if with well- used practice.

Paul gaped with disbelief as Cecilia stroked her pussy flesh, swiping up fingerfulls of moisture to spread down into the crevice between her widespread asscheeks, her tiny clit standing out high and hard above her desperately working hand. By now, the college student could feel his penis almost boiling over with little drops of cum at its head, and his testicles felt as if they were being tightened in a vice. His eyes rolled frustratedly in his head, and a streak of perspiration broke out on his forehead. Anya was still massaging his cock, but she hadn't made any further move. For a moment, Paul was afraid he might slip and groan out loud from the pain building in his overheated loins, and his balls felt like powder kegs ready to explode.

The girl on the screen fingered her anus and then returned to the wetly gleaming slickness of her open pussy. Her hungrily probing fingers worked up inside the pink, wet folds, widening them with each wet sluice. Then she slipped two fingers smoothly in and out, groaning excitedly all the while. Her legs jackknifed back again, knees pressed tightly against her youthful breasts and her soft rounded pelvis worked demonically all around her finger-fucking young hands.

Her facial muscles tightened and strained after an almost impossible pause. Clenching her teeth agonizingly together, she thrust a third finger alongside the others in the hungry pink folds which easily swallowed all three with a greedy wet sucking sound. A soft purring moan of pleasure broke from the red-headed girl's lips as she writhed with desire. Her fingers drove faster and faster, the rapid rhythm forcing grunts of savage, primitive passion from her beautiful young face.

Her body flesh seemed to glow almost red, burning for orgasm. Beads of sweaty desire glistened across her fevered young brow as her lovely head lolled from side to side on the flat bed, her long red hair flying out behind her in frustration at her inability to reach climax. She strained after it urgently, her fingers pistoning up inside her open, exposed cunt, her groans increasing in urgency just as her dance had at the beginning of the movie.

Suddenly, both on the screen and inside the movie theater, there seemed to be a standstill of time. The wickedly spying jailer in the film softly unlocked the door and let a huge German Shepherd bound into the cell!

Cecilia's eyes widened in genuine terror, and she jerked the back of her hand against her mouth, but the movie didn't stop. Her scream pierced the heavy, anticipating air of the theater like flash of lightning, and beside Paul and Daniel, Staci slumped into the couch.

"K-Kaiser." she whispered to herself, her big innocent blue eyes glued firmly to the movie screen. She saw clearly the girl in the film's sincere, unaffected horror, and she somehow wanted to tell her that it was going to be all right. But, God, how could she talk to someone in a movie? Is this... is this what Mother meant when she said I would find the movie interesting. Staci stole a glance at her mother, on the other side of Paul Sullivan, but the hazy, dilated-pupil look in Mrs. Bacula's eyes told the young girl nothing. Did Mother know that there was going to be a dog in this movie? Does she know about me and Kaiser?

The blonde teenager could discern no clues from her mother's expression, and she didn't look down, or she would have seen the older woman's hand as it slowly, silently began to tug at Paul's fly zipper. The college senior jerked suddenly from the first cool touch of Anya's pleasure-giving hand on his naked sensitive penile flesh, but he dared not speak.

The girl on the screen was sitting up in quivering fear, her hard young breasts shaking titillatingly beneath the lustfully snarling dog. The huge beast who looked so much like a bigger version of Kaiser lowered his nose between the shivering young love-slave's soft, coffee-colored legs, spreading the curling red hairs in her crotch and sniffing at her fully aroused vaginal mouth. His tail wagged and trembled as though he had located a bitch in heat, and Cecilia moaned in stark terror. She cried out in a high-pitched wail as the animal's lizard-like tongue shot out and trailed up the entire crevice between her thighs, its tip flicking teasingly at the tiny, defensively clenching anal ring.

The red-haired Argentine girl tried to squirm away, but the massive dog was unrelenting. He raised his head whenever she moved, snarling menacingly until she checked her motion. He lapped at the narrow pink slit of her cunt, running his salivating red tongue over the pinkly pulsing flanges of her cuntlips to the tiny, sensation-primed pleasure button of her clit. She moaned and sighed as his great tongue spread through the soft hair-covered swelling of her pubis, dragging the fleshy folds of her pussy after it.

He licked mercilessly between the young girl's widespread legs, stopping sporadically to curl more deeply through the walls of her pussy, when a fierce, piercing cry broke from her throat to literally make the windows shudder. She jerked spasmodically, helpless in the grip of a lust too obscene to be believed, as the great dog licked and sucked at her raging loins.

Paul couldn't suppress a shiver. His eyes glazed over as he panted uncontrollably, watching this amazing display of unspeakable lewdness. He'd wondered once or twice, he remembered, whether his roommate Daniel ever considered training any of his dogs to do that to human females, but he had never really taken the idea seriously. Now that he was seeing it in the film - which had been shot continuously without interruption so there could be no question of the realism - he thought again that it was possible for women to respond to animals, and he resolved to talk to Daniel about it later. Right now, however Anya's expert hands were stroking up and down on the incredibly hardened length of his fully exposed penis, making his pelvis twitch involuntarily as she skinned back the heavy foreskin covering his slickening cockhead.

The redhead on the screen had stopped her frightened sobbing, and the only noises she emitted now were soft, sex-pleading mewls, that echoed lewdly throughout the avidly watching audience. The German Shepherd's thickly slithering tongue moved mercilessly up and down between her thighs, drawing cries of ecstasy where before there had been abject terror. She raised her hands, holding them in indecision for a moment, and then dropped them with a helpless moan to grip tightly behind the dogs ears.

A deep, guttural groan of desire rumbled from her throat, and suddenly she jerked her legs backward in order to give the animal greater oral access to her seething pussy. She pulled his tapered nose forward, up inside her well-lubricated vaginal mouth, and his enormous tongue snaked out even deeper up into the moist, steaming passage, ravishing her eagerly accepting cuntal walls without mercy.

Wild, incoherent shrieks echoed from her young lips, pleading and encouraging the German Shepherd who was salivating between her upthrust thighs. He worked savagely, like the beast he was, instinctively following his animalistic urges.

The three younger occupants of the green theater couch gasped in unison, as Anya looked up amusedly to see what was the matter.

The German Shepherd's glistening red penis was slowly emerging from its furry animal sheath, and the camera had zoomed in to accentuate its foreboding, expectant progress!

He lifted his nose from the pleading Argentinian girl's genitals to lever her onto her stomach. Her resistance to the huge beast seemed to have waned under his maddening dog-tonguing, and she was helplessly doubly enslaved - locked by her captors in the tiny, cell-like bedroom and trapped by her wild, insurmountable desires to feel the dog's cock in her raging young cunt. Her quivering body subserviently knelt on all fours on the bed, as the animal nudged her upward before his waiting penis.

Paul twitched noticeably as Anya teasingly squeezed even tighter around his burgeoning penile rod, drawing his attention from the movie screen back to his own urgent erection. She could feel her own insane need building inexorably in her quivering loins, and she felt that she just had to see the young college student as he responded automatically to her expert genital caress.

On the screen, Cecilia reached back and spread her creamy-white asscheeks to open them like a curtain from her delicately throbbing rectal lips, giving the dog's tongue greater access as he worked at her lingually from behind. She still wore the heavily studded leather boots, and the huge German Shepherd seemed to respond to the scent by crouching right up close on his haunches, so that his whole body was supported by the small-boned girl kneeling on the bed.

He nuzzled into the lust-paralyzed girl's crotch, pushing his massive head between her pelvis and the bed. Anya's eyes widened with excitement, as she thought to herself what Staci must be thinking right now. I don't think I was wrong, the mother remarked to herself. What else could it have been... Daniel told me that Kaiser doesn't like men, but Staci had certainly had some kind of activity last night... Anya smiled almost gleefully when she imagined that the girl on the screen was not Cecilia LaFruta from Argentina, but rather her own lovely blonde daughter Staci, and she whispered mentally to herself, That's it, Staci honey... I knew you wouldn't turn out to be an old puritan like your father!

Cecilia - or Staci, whichever girl it was - was kneeling obediently to elevate her asscheeks in abject surrender. The dog's long, relentless tongue had lashed into her servile helplessness, crushing her initial resistance with its vigorous and unremitting attack on her sensitive young sexual organs. She was on all fours and the German Shepherd now mounted the smoothly spread cheeks of her ass, placing his forepaws on her sleek young back. The glistening, scarlet rod of his penis slipped from its furry sheath, dripping milky white animal cum from its tip. The tapering point slipped and jerked, trying to locate the tight little anal hole in order to bury the thick, hard shaft into the helpless young love-slave's rectum. As it slipped menacingly about on her naked flesh, Cecilia cried out as if she were being branded by a scalding hot iron.

But even as she cried out, she was still looking back, and trying to capture with her upraised asscheeks the length of the dog's prickshaft. Like a bitch in heat, she strove to scabbard the long, pinkly glistening organ in her voraciously flagellating vaginal mouth. But the dog seemed bent on denying her. All he wanted was her tiny little anus. The sharp tit of his cock missed its mark at first, but then it slid upward again, trying again to enter.

The Argentinean girl on the screen sobbed piteously, as she writhed before the great beast that was trying to skewer her rectum. Finally, it must have been a mistake on the dog's part, his throbbing red rod slipped into her starving, passion-inflamed pussy, and she sighed over and over as he shoved instinctively forward.

Oooh, that's it! Anya was saying to herself in silent encouragement to the movie. Fuck right up into her cunt, Kaiser... Fuck right into Staci's virgin cunt! She shifted sideways on the couch so that she could grasp Paul's cock with both her hands now, manipulating him as though he was nothing more than a lustful erotic toy designed for her pleasure. He gasped uncontrollably as she stroked his thick, hot hardness, no longer caring whether Staci or Daniel knew what was going on or not.

The dog on the screen growled, and Cecilia reached back, trying to keep his slippery penis from sliding out of her vaginal mouth. But she was unsuccessful, as the German Shepherd slid off her polished leather boots and inadvertantly pulled his flaming rod of canine flesh out of her frantically undulating cunt-walls.

He lunged forward again almost immediately, but the audience knew from the close-up of the expression on Cecilia's face that the huge German Shepherd had finally succeeded in his intentions. He had rammed his long, dripping dog-cock right into the girl's wrinkled anal ring! It slithered forward with a wet rush until it was sunk to the hilt, his sperm-filled testicles swinging below her and smacking heavily into her wetly dripping pubic hair. A moan of relief broke from her contorted lips, as she began to move rhymically backwards to meet the thrust of the panting dog. His forelegs wrapped tighter around her smoothly curved hips, and she undulated her body in tiny lewd circles, abandoning herself to this delicious, searing animal fucking of her rectal passage. Her face turned toward the camera, and the audience could see that all fear and pain were gone, and in their place, only delirious rapture remained. Her desire-swollen breasts danced slightly beneath her sensuously writhing torso, moving in time to the mercilessly skewering cock of the dog as it slid deeply into her from behind, a relentless hot poker of lewdly glistening flesh burying itself deeply and excitingly within her.

Anya's breath was coming in tight, frantic gasps, and the burning sensation bubbling in her belly was almost too much to bear. She felt as if her eyes would burst right out of her head. The wild fluttering in her loins increased savagely in intensity with each prolonged moment that she watched the teenager on the screen being ravished as she imagined her own daughter must have been ravished last night. The excited heat of the audience around her communicated itself and bathed everyone in perspiration. She could feel sweat trickling down her belly and mingling with the moistly trickling perfume at her pubic curls. She squirmed her pussy down harder against the cushion of the couch, stroking furiously on the college student's throbbing cock at the same time. She bit hard on her lower lip, struggling to hold back a groan of sheer, unadulterated passion.

Staci, on the other end of the couch next to Daniel, was breathing heavily as she stared abjectly at the flickering movie screen. She didn't remember where she was or with whom... She could feel Daniel's eagerly wandering hand tracing slowly up the insides of her silky naked thighs, but in her titillated imagination, she thought it was Kaiser, licking up toward her cunt the way he had last night. In her so recently stimulated mind, the young daughter of Anya Bacula had never imagined that anyone - a dog or a man - could possibly stick his hugely erected cock right into that tiny puckering channel of her rectum, but now that she was seeing it with her own eyes, it seemed like an exciting, and enticing possibility. She could already feel her asscheeks twitching, as she dreamed how some time she and Kaiser would actually try what the girl in the movie was doing right now.

Daniel's fingers contacted the tiny hard bud of her clit through her panties at exactly the same time that Anya whispered hotly into Paul Sullivan's ear, "Oh, honey, let me taste your gorgeous cock!"

"Shit!" Paul spat out unconsciously, looking up apprehensively to make sure no one had heard him. But everyone in the theater, including the other two occupants of the green couch, was avidly watching the film, and Paul groaned again as he slid down to let Mrs. Bacula lean over his loins. He curled his fingers into her long, thick black hair, gripping her head and forcing her mouth down over his throbbing, blood- bloated cock. Her hand cupped his sperm-heavy balls affectionately, as her brain spun deliriously.

Dizzying sensations swam through her lust-ridden brain like hot lava, as she gagged and gurgled over the young near-stranger's delicious hardness, lapping at the underside and all around it. She swirled her tongue all over the swollen veins, as his healthy testicles pumped pulsating blood furiously into them. Her eyes closed with ecstasy and her nostrils flared, as she forgot that she was supposed to be watching a movie, at her place of employment.

Paul tried to stifle his groans, but he had lost control of his body. Christ, he thought, that's her daughter sitting next to me... God! But then he amended it, Oh, well, it's Daniel's affair, anyway, not mine... I didn't know what these chicks were like!

He opened his eyes again to look at the movie, and the obscenely swaying body of young Cecilia kneeling before the rapidly hunching German Shepherd. The Argentinean girl had gone completely out of her mind now, and she was shouting in Spanish to the dumb beast through desperately clenched teeth. She was begging him, literally, to fuck her harder, to spew his burning hot cum deep up into her greedily yearning cunt. She wanted to be filled with his animal semen, as she twisted like an animal herself before his powerful assault. She was just a mass of trembling, desire-deranged flesh, pleading to be fucked and dominated by the dog on her back, its heavily hardened cock pistoning mercilessly in and out of her young rectal passage. She was actually reveling in the humiliation of being fucked from behind by an animal in front of a movie camera, and she ground her asscheeks salaciously back against him.

Paul couldn't tear his eyes away, but the building pressure in his cum-swollen balls was becoming excruciating, as Anya sucked ravenously on his bulging young cock, practically devouring him alive as her own loins tingled excitingly.

Cecilia's long red hair was flailing wildly as the furious beast thundered into her, and Paul had the strangely erotic impression that the movie on the screen was somehow real, and happening in obscene conjunction with Mrs. Bacula's oral sucking on his heatedly sensitive penis seemed to be part of the movie on the screen, and it made his balls churn and nearly boil over to think about it.

Suddenly, there was a fierce cry from the lust-possessed red-head in the movie. She threw her head from side to side screaming in combined torment and delight. It was obvious that she was hurtling through the most soul-shattering orgasm ever, as she bucked viciously back against the dog.

The huge animal's tongue lolled wetly from his mouth as he fucked wildly into her backside, and his saliva dripped into a pool that had formed in the smooth estuary of her youthful back. She rammed her nakedly quivering asscheeks back hard, sobbing and laughing at the same time as she felt the first hot jets of his thick animal cum spurt deeply into her greedily clasping rectal channel.

Paul watched in licentious fascination, feeling his own urgent need to cum pressuring impossibly in his balls. He clutched his fingers into the black-haired woman's cheeks to press them tighter around his inflating cockshaft.

And on the screen, Cecilia's smooth round asscheeks contracted uncontrollably, signalling the orgiastic upheaval of not only her quivering, flagellating pussy, but her tightly locked anal passage as well. Thick, white liquid oozed from her rectum, spreading all over her sensuously quivering asscheeks, thin trails of sticky dog-cum that ran down back of the olive columns of her thighs. Her asscheeks shone, displaying soaked pubic hair down bellow, and pink, exhausted rectal flesh, just above, as she pitched forward on the mattress to land on her face.

The dog's slowly deflating penis slid from her semen-flooded back passage with a lewd hissing sound that echoed reverberatingly throughout the dead-silent movie audience, and Paul Sullivan had to hold his breath to keep from groaning aloud.

I can't cum in her mouth... Shit... I've got to hold back... he was saying over and over to himself, but he knew even then that nothing in the world could stop the incredible flood that was threatening to break the dam in his balls.

And then it happened. The steel spring in his balls uncoiled, spitting out through the burning head of his cock while Anya continued to suck without pausing, squirting upward through her greedily locked lips and back down again.

Paul moaned and bucked like a horse as the juice of his loins squirted out this way and that, painting the walls and roof of the gorgeous woman's mouth, striking with burning heat back against her hungrily working tonsils.

Mrs. Bacula sucked endlessly, in a sweet, prurient dream of ecstasy. It was something she had always craved, and especially now since her divorce, she enjoyed the pungent flavor and heat of a young man's cum. As the last spurt of his slippery orgasm struck the back of her throat she suctioned in her cheeks voraciously, to vacuum every last drop from the glans opening of his slick young penis. Then she raised her head from his steaming, satisfied loins, and stood up quietly.

The movie was almost over, she knew, and she had to be out in front selling tickets to the next show before the crowds started lining up outside. At the exit to the showing room, Anya paused to look back at her daughter, wedged happily between the two young men, and she smiled knowingly. Staci's going to be all right, after all! she exulted. Daniel and Paul will never leave her alone now!

And it was a good thing, too, because there was a certain male that Anya was interested in now, too, a male animal who had been responsible for Staci's demise.

The lights in the Scores Club flickered on uncertainly at the end of the passionate full-length film. The three squinty-eyed young college students sat numbed for several seconds, the same thought flashing through their minds. They had all actually seen young Cecilia LaFruta in person, before the movie had begun... They had seen the girl who let herself be ass-fucked by a dog!

What was that dainty but voluptuously proportioned teenager doing now? Had she brought the German Shepherd with her from Argentina? Were they both backstage now, perhaps in a position equally as compromising as the one in the film? God!

As Staci slowly looked around her, she saw that many of the other members of the audience were still sitting frozen, mesmerized by the salacious movie they had just viewed. Some had that dazed, drugged look in their eyes, as though their minds were still back in the cage-like dressing room where Cecilia had performed in the film, with the huge furry dog fucking into her backside while she knelt subserviently before him.

The blonde coed shuddered and sat up rigidly, smoothing her clinging skirt down over her unconsciously trembling thighs. Her own clear blue eyes were dilated widely with private lust, for during the film, Daniel had subtly worked his fingers all the way up to her crotchband! A few times, he stretched the elastic of the leg-holes of her panties, so he could slip his big, masculine fingers into the steaming valley of her so recently initiated pussy slit. It had been all right when the theater was darkened - Staci had to admit that having Daniel's fingers playing on her sensitive erogenous flesh was the only way she would have been able to sit through the entire erotic foreign film. Now, however, with Paul Sullivan and all the other people in the audience able to see what had been going on, Staci's former modesty returned in an embarrassed rush, and she tried to sit up normally and deny the hot arousal of her young genitals.

"Well, what did you think of the movie?" It was Daniel who spoke, breaking the heavy silence among the three youths.

Paul nodded in vague response, gulping in relief that he had had time to slip his deflated cock back into his jockey shorts and zip the fly of his brushed denim pants. "Yeah, it was far out," he said, but privately he added, And Mrs. Bacula is even more far out than the flick!

"Those German Shepherds are really lover boys when they get started, aren't they," Daniel continued, this time turning his gaze to Staci. "I know; I've raised a lot of dogs... and I could just tell that some of these bigger animals got all hot whenever they got near a woman." He stared hard at the teenaged daughter of his voluptuous customer, his deep brown eyes seeming to pierce right through her consciousness to her innermost guilty thoughts.

Staci began to blush uncontrollably. Does he know? Does he know what I did with Kaiser last night? Her first agonizing thought was followed immediately by another, even more insidious one. Did Daniel deliberately train Kaiser to do that? Oh, God, don't let it be true! What if I've been... TRICKED by this friend of Mother's? And even as the first suspicion of betrayal crossed the young blonde's quick-witt, she realized that if there had been any underhandedness concerning her strangely sodomizing affair with the handsome German Shepherd, then her own dear mother Anya Bacula would have had a hand in it.

Oh, my God! Mother deliberately planned this whole thing... She figured it all out right down to the movie, just to make me give in!

Her young head spinning with thoughts of revenge, renewed apprehension about her two attractive companions, and a certain amount of unsatisfied arousal, Staci forced herself to stand up. Her voice was stiff and formal; "There's another show in a few minutes, you guys, so we better clear the theater."

Paul looked up in surprise. "What's wrong, Staci?"

"Nothing... but I think I better get home."

"Home?" Daniel repeated incredulously. "I thought you'd come with us for a while!" He grasped the girl's arm as all three of them made their way through the throng at the theater exit. As they passed the glass booth where Anya was busily taking money and handing out theater tickets, Daniel stopped and went over to talk to her.

"All right if we take your daughter out tonight, Mrs. Bacula?" he asked in a friendly way.

Black haired Anya smiled her assent.

The three young college students were still out when the voluptuous divorcee quietly opened the front door to her apartment. She didn't really expect to find them there, but it was well after 2AM, and it wasn't like Staci to stay out quite this late. Still, for the hot- blooded mother, the girl's absence was an encouraging sign, and Anya began to hum softly as she hung up her light summer coat and began to undo her short costume.

Kaiser growled involuntarily as he awoke from his pleasant nap on young Staci's musky-scented bed. He climbed down onto the floor and followed his new mistress' humming voice into the kitchen, nuzzling up against her silk-stocking-clad legs and licking playfully at the flesh of her firmly-sculpted thighs. All that the gorgeous older woman wore was her underwear, a black lacy decollette brassiere, shadowy black nylon panties, and a brief but ruffled garter belt that held up her long, smooth stockings.

The young dog had never seen real women's underthings before, because most of the females he had known at Wooten' Breeders had been the young ones, who shunned the traditional forms of femininity. For some inexplicable, instinctual reason, the sight of the curvaceous black- haired divorcee in her most private underwear was impossibly exciting to the young puppy, and his long pink tongue slipped from his drooling jaws as he nosed his head up between Anya's legs.

Anya smiled down at her new pet, breaking off her soothing humming to inquire, "Oh, so you think you're a human man, do you, Kaiser?" Her tone was mildly joking, and she wasn't at all prepared for what the young dog did next.

Kaiser sluiced his tongue right up over the nylon-covered mound of her pubis, and all the way down through her panty-covered vaginal split!

"Oh my God!" Anya breathed. "My God, I was only joking!"

But the eager German Shepherd continued to lap at her insufficiently hidden sexual area, while the mother stood flabbergasted in the kitchen. Visions from the movie she had just seen tonight mingled with her imaginary suspicions about her daughter, and she put two and two together.

"Why, of course!" she exclaimed. Her mind flew back to the back yard of the big white house in central Sacramento, where Daniel Wooten lived and ran his dog breeding business. She remembered how the dark-haired college student had explained Kaiser's preference for women, and dislike for men. She remembered the way Kaiser had nuzzled her, when she was trying to decide which of the three German Shepherd brothers to buy. In her imagination, she saw the look on her young daughter's face just last night, when Kaiser had been resting his head across her firmly rounded young asscheeks. In her imagination, Kaiser's expression looked exactly like the expression that the dog in the Argentine movie wore, with that lustful, animalistic anticipation sparkling in his big, soulful eyes.

"Oh, my gorgeous, delicious little pet!" Anya sighed, moving from the kitchen to the hall, and down the short hall to the privacy of her bedroom. Kaiser followed faithfully, almost like a magnet, as the sexily built woman moved erotically in her scant undergarments which were such a fascination for him. She threw open her bedroom door, and Kaiser leaped up excitedly on the bed, already anticipating what his older mistress had in mind. But the black-haired woman had her own way of doing things.

Slowly, almost torturously, she began to unhook her brassiere, so that the hugely pendulous orbs of her breasts gradually throbbed into the puppy's eager view. Then, swaying silently to some music that seemed to be playing in her brain, the woman stripped off her thin nearly transparent panties, so that the young German Shepherd began to drool at the sight of her moistly glistening cuntal vee.

Kaiser began to bark excitedly, and the thick red velvet bedspread began to heave up and down with his eager jumping.

"In a minute, Kaiser, in a minute," Anya promised softly, as she arched her back and gripped the black elastic garter behind her left thigh. Her magnificent breasts jutted proudly upward, their brown nipple peaks wrinkling tautly in the cool night air of the bedroom. She leaned over as she gently rolled her illusory stocking down her long, perfectly shaped leg, causing her gigantic tits to swing enticingly forward, and Kaiser leaped off the bed in the hopes of getting a slurping taste of their sweetness.

"Ooooh, good dog! Good dog!" the gorgeous divorcee laughed to the eager animal. She hurriedly sleeked down her right stocking, daintily pulling it off her toe as she raised her leg clear up to her heavy set breast, revealing again the pinkly glimmering furrow of her excited and exciting cunt.

Kaiser drooled and growled as the voluptuous older woman carefully lay back on the soft velvet covering of her queen-sized bed, her eyes sparkling down at him suggestively. But he couldn't wait any longer. He leaped up on top of her before she had even gotten comfortable, and lapped at her nipple crowns with his long, wet dog-tongue.

"Why you lecherous young man!" she cried in mock horror. "You can't wait half a second, can you?" But her cunt was still twitching with the unfulfilled arousal she had experienced while sucking young Paul Sullivan's cock, even as she was watching a movie about a beautiful beast very similar to Kaiser himself. She stared wonderingly into his handsome German Shepherd face, the expression in his large round eyes altogether too sexy and human. She felt as if they were laser beams burning into the soft hairy mattress of her pussy. God, they were twinkling seductively!

The temptation to go right ahead with the eager young dog was too great for Anya to ignore, or even postpone. She felt a small ripple of excitement in her belly as she reached forward to stroke Kaiser's sleek coat, feeling his hair tickle teasingly across her fully upthrust

He accepted her enticing invitation. Again the length of his hot, moist tongue swept over the sensitive hardness of her nipples, and it didn't stop there. The voluptuous theater ticket-seller gasped excitedly as his long, thickly working flesh curled its heated wetness over the smooth resilience of her nakedly tingling skin again and again.

Her breath caught desperately in her throat as she felt herself beginning to respond, just the way her own young daughter must have. She watched as the pinkly glistening length of his tongue grazed over the erect, berry-hard nipples on her nakedly swelling breasts, the feverish sensation rapidly increasing. She could almost see the large secondary mounds of her areolas gradually expanding under their delicate load of her tautly hardened nipples.

The simmering sensations raced through her like a raging forest fire, causing the moisture seeping from her now warmly flushed cuntlips to flow even faster, dampening the tops of her thighs and the velvet bedspread underneath. For a moment, Kaiser seemed to hesitate, but then he whined and worked forward, to wedge her long legs apart with his snout, pushing his cold, wet nose up between them right to the expectantly quivering lips of her pussy mouth!

"Oooohh, God! Kaiser, I didn't guess! I wondered... and now I know! You handsome little devil!"

Kaiser responded warmly to her throaty encouragement. Trying to work his nose in still further, his nostrils keenly aroused by the musky scent of her excited womanhood, he pressured roughly into her widespread loins, causing her to jerk upward on the soft, sensual bed.

Once more his hot tongue darted out provocatively, licking mercilessly at her nudely reclining body. Wild emotions swamped the raven-haired woman as she stared deeply into his brown eyes, while his tongue continued to lap lovingly at her nakedly jutting breasts. God, he seemed to know exactly what to do... Almost as if he had been deliberately trained to do it!

His large, lapping tongue suddenly started working downward over her softly trembling flesh, down over her soft belly, swirling wetly and excitedly into her navel and then downward again. He licked and lapped down until finally the tip of his nose was sniffing right between her helplessly quivering thighs, as if he could smell the intoxicating heat of her desperately surging cunt.

Even mature, imaginative Anya Bacula was amazed and incredulous at the young dog's performance. She couldn't believe that she herself could get so excited so quickly, just from the tonguing of her loins by an eager German Shepherd puppy. It was easy to see why young Cecilia LaFruta responded so hotly to the dog in the movie, and Anya could even understand why her formerly virgin daughter might get turned on by a dog. But the hot-blooded, experienced older woman had never in her fully-lived life ever imagined that she herself might be so susceptible to the lingual caress of a dog!

But maybe that's why it's so exciting, she mused to herself. It IS forbidden, after all... illegal... unnatural... Oh, God, and sooo fantastic!

Aloud, she spoke to Kaiser, as if she expected him to understand her words. "I didn't know what to think last night, Kaiser, when I found you and Staci lying together like that... But I know now, don't I, boy? You were teaching Staci the things she needed to know, weren't you, you lovable little devil!... Well, I must say, Kaiser, you succeeded where I failed, with Staci, anyway... And I'm glad of it, too... Ooooh, you gorgeous creature!"

She propped herself up and took his handsome face tenderly in her hands. "Come on, boy, show me what you did for Staci."

The piquant fragrance of her mating heat fired the young dog's loins. He sensed a relationship between this woman and his recent young conquest, a relationship that promised a similarly pleasing encounter. He recognized the rising aroma of Anya's female sexual arousal that was so close to the scent of Staci's virginity. He would have to lick her there, between her legs, to find out if they both tasted the same. His snout wiggled and sniffed toward her hotly burning vaginal crevice, picking up the fierce potency of her sexual aroma, moist and wetly pulsating with its bright promise. He could detect the shivering ripple of excitement passing through her huge breasts and splendid hourglass hips, tremoring onward into her loins and then passing out through her legs. The pointed tips of her nipples quivered before him like lustfully shaking jelly as he roamed her body with his eyes. He stared hard into the sensuous triangle of her soft pubic curls, so much thicker and darker in color than her daughter's. Underneath, he could just make out the sultry, hungry-looking lips of her moistly gleaming pussy mouth.

"Ooooh, come on, Kaiser, boy," Anya groaned, stroking his furry head back behind his ears. "You can tell I'm ready, can't you? The dog in the movie didn't seem to have any trouble.

Kaiser's eyes gleamed as he caught the intensive charge of lurid sensuality emanating from her huskily moaning throat. Her eyes were fastened on him, and she noticed that he seemed to be as lustfully aroused as she was. She wondered why he didn't just get on with whatever it was he was planning to do.

"Please, lover-boy," she begged. "I want you to lick my cunt, like the dog did in the movie... Come on, Kaiser. What do you want me to do?" The green-eyed woman stared wonderingly into the perfectly-formed creature's eyes, and she was sure she could see them smoldering in desire. But at the same time, she found no clue, no hint, as to what he expected her to do.

M-maybe, she thought, I'm supposed to kneel down like a she-bitch... But Cecilia didn't kneel until the very end! It annoyed her to be placed in a position where she didn't know quite what to do next. With a human man it was easy; she knew exactly what turned them on, and she could drive them absolutely crazy with desire. But with Kaiser, Anya felt almost like a teenager, as she groaned endlessly beneath the wet, searing caresses of his hotly loving tongue. She watched with feverish eyes his every incredible, passion-surging lick, wondering breathlessly how she could ever have missed such delicious excitement as this, when she had thought that she'd tried everything.

"Oooh, God," she moaned "just do it to me, Kaiser, baby. "She curled her long-nailed fingers ecstatically around his ears. Her voice came out with a mewling, pleading tone as she stroked his big, sensuously moving head, while he continued to lick at her large, lavishly exposed breasts. And then her breath began to shorten with frenzied anticipation, as Kaiser's head gradually dropped, his tongue tracing a lurid path downward over her belly.

"Mmmm, oh come on, boy hurry!" she gasped, spreading her thighs even further apart to expose the thin vertical oval of her cuntal mouth. "Goddd! You've got to lick my pussy, baby... Lick my pussy like you licked Staci's last night. Mmmmmnnn, oh, hurry!"

There was nothing in her wildly lascivious experience as a swinging divorcee to compare with this. What maddening thrill would the dog think of next, to drive her absolutely insane with furiously burning lust? Dazed with unsatiated desire, Anya raised her legs to draw them obscenely back until her knees were flattening the soft yielding flesh of her passion-swollen breasts. Her cunt was open and vulnerable to anything that the impetuous puppy wanted to do to her. Uttering a little cry, she felt his cold wet nose brushing ice-cube cold against her flushed cuntal lips and upraised thighs. Suddenly she had felt it, the first contact of his devilishly intoxicating tongue with her hotly aching pussy.

Impulsively she squirmed beneath the fluid heat of his lick as it moved up and back from her pussy down through the smooth hairless valley between the tensed mounds of her full-moon asscheeks. Her heart pounded like a tidal wave against the sides of a dam, fervid blood racing like hell's fire through her veins. His sizzling animal tongue glazed over the sensitive area around her tight anal mouth, its worming tip burrowing like a beaver into the tiny puckered hole.

"My God, Kaiser, you do know what to do, don't you?" the black-haired mother groaned, her eyes closed tightly as her head strained backward so her long hair splayed around her face like a satanic halo. Her flesh was swamped with this marvelous feeling of the dog's obscene tongue working with fiery natural skill on her sex-drugged body, as she moaned and whispered her frenzied encouragement. "Ooooh, yyyeeess, that's fantastic, Mmmmnn."

Again he taunted her tiny puckered anus, until finally she felt his tongue tip burning a fiery wet path slowly upwards toward the smoldering lips of her sensuously squirming pussy mouth! The lips of her cunt felt all swollen and sultry, as if they were sucking inward and then puckering outward again for a kiss. A tremor of madly impassioned animalism washed through every nerve-ending in her satiny flesh as he swept his tongue wetly along the moistened coral crevice between her lewdly spread asscheeks and thighs, then down the entire length of her hair-fringed vaginal slit. From the babyish pucker of her snugly clenched little asshole, it traced mercilessly up over the pink, desire-fleshed edges of her excited cuntal lips, and at last flicked at the hypersensitive pleasure button of her tiny, erect clit.

"Oooooh, Goddd! GGGOODDD!" the voluptuously inflamed woman moaned, lifting her head higher, her long black hair trailing back, in order to better witness the obscene behavior Kaiser was exhibiting between her lewdly drawn-up thighs. Seething stabs of mounting lust saturated her naked womanly flesh at the sight of his moistly curling tongue as it moved over the sensitive mouth of her now crazily twitching pussy. He worked over her endlessly, and she gasped as the thick length of his fluidly fleshy tongue spread incredibly deeply through the flowing dampness of her pussy folds. He had all the expertise of any human male who'd ever licked her flaming cunt.

The ecstasy continued to escalate, higher, higher. Anya felt as if she was swimming right up into the starry summer stratosphere, her ovaries about to burst all over her aching loins. She'd heard about dogs and women, of course, and tonight she had actually seen the act performed in all its lewd permutations on the screen at Scores. But never before had she actually imagined that someday - tonight! - she would ever indulge in it herself, and with the dog she only had for five days, at that.

"Ooooh, I'm so glad I picked you out, Kaiser... God, what if I'd gotten one of your brothers? Then I'd never be feeling this... this gorgeous, wonderful... Aaaaaggghh, Kaiser! AAAAaaahhh." She moaned on and on while Kaiser's tongue continued to splay open her glistening pink cuntal flanges, pausing finally when he knew she was looking, to stab forward like a corkscrew into her wetly overheated cunt.

"Ooooh, Baby Kaiser!" she gurgled. "You dddaaarrrrling dog! My God, I've never felt anything so gggooorrgeous in all my life!" Her sensuous curves convulsed spasmodically beneath his unbelievably lurid pussy- lapping, and her mind drifted back to the theater, in the darkness where she had sucked Paul's hotly branding young cock. Suddenly she imagined the full, hard length of his burgeoning penis as it had felt throbbing in her mouth, and she hungered for the taste of his creamy virile cum squirting down her throat. Just the taste of it had nearly made her cum in the movie theater, and now she imagined tasting it as the same time that Kaiser was lingually caressing her loins. God! How incredible!

"Mmmmn, yeeeesss... That feels soooo good, Kaiser... Oh, yes... Keep licking... Stick your lovely tongue right up there, Kaiser." Anya breathed huskily, her sensuous voice spurring the dog on to even more intense lapping.

She lifted her simmering loins and quaking asscheeks, grinding them strongly against the wild, wet swirling of his animal mouth. "Oh, that's right, Kaiser! That's it!... That's it... Ooooh, yes, I do love you, Kaiser... Mmmmm, lover... Oooooaaah... Just stick your tongue in as far as it will go... oh, yes."

She reached down between her widespread thighs, grasping his furry head in order to pull his long snout tighter into her wetly throbbing pussy passage. His firebrand tongue fired into the hotly seething passage like a cauterizing iron, his animalistic whimpers matching her own desirous mewls as he hungrily lashed and tongue-fucked her blood- engorged cuntal flesh with a skill and ferociousness no man had ever shown her.

"Oh, Jeeeesus, you're driving me wild!" she hissed through tightly clenched teeth, her beautiful head and long hair flailing from side to side on the red velvet bed, her huge breast bouncing all over her chest and upper belly. Her eyes gaped from the licentious pressure of his kiss at her burning loins. The sight of him licking at her was so obscene that the sheer illicitness of it sent her hurtling higher toward her brain-rattling climax.

Kaiser could feel his flanks and loins pulsating ruttishly from the musky scent of her sex heat that was flowing all over his nose so liquid and slippery with desire. He sensed a wilder fire inside of her than even the fire he had discovered in the innocent blonde form of her daughter last night, and this intensity of lust made his blood pulse furiously through his powerful body. The soft whiteness of the older woman's flesh and the heated fumes of sexual excitement that generated from the warm, hair-lined crevice into which he lapped his tongue made him feel a fierce urging to do more than just simply lick at her deliciously upward grinding cunt.

The hot pink flesh between her legs communicated its flowing wet desire to him and he felt a wild stimulation which infused him with new fervor. His loins began quivering with urgency, urgency to get inside of her. Anya was enslaved by the rhythmic tempo of sensual gasps beneath the powerful animal's fabulous tongue, fucking so snake-like up inside her insanely inflamed pussy. She rolled her head from side to side in cadence, gurgling with delight, still holding Kaiser's furry head by the ears between her lewdly upraised thighs. Her brain was a lust-drugged universe in itself, hopelessly dominated by his hungry licking of her sweltering loins. She lifted her head, panting dreamily - and then she saw it.

Anya Bacula's gleaming, desire-drugged eyes widened at the glistening spectacle of the dog's thick red ten-inch cock emerging from its long furry sheath. Hard and moist, its tapered end slipped and danced as it continued slithering hotly from its fleshy scabbard beneath the puppy's belly.

"Oh, my God, Kaiser!" the divorcee exclaimed, gaping at it lewdly. "Are you actually going to... to fuck me with that magnificent dog-cock?" A licentious impulse of unblinded animalistic desire raged through her nakedly trembling flesh, an obscene, mind-crazy desire which fascinated the voluptuous woman beyond belief.

His cock was so beautiful, so huge and enticing. Never had a human penis held such incredible fascination for her. As it slithered relentlessly forward, her excitement was heightened, by its long, thick crimson hue, thickening like a cone flaring from its beveled tip. She stared at her pet's wetly gleaming hardness dangling down from his powerful loins, her mouth salivating erotically as if she intended to suck it. Maddening thrills of unnatural desire surged through her overheated genitals as her lips and tongue unconsciously prepared for their most licentious visitor.

Anya stroked Kaiser's big head lovingly as her sensitive cuntal flesh sparked wildly from the damply matted black curls under the dog's laving tongue. Her nakedly thrusting breasts seemed to quiver electrically with the lewdness of her private desire and anticipatory excitement.

"Now, then, Kaiser," she said to the aroused young beast. "I just want you to lie down here... This is something they didn't do in the movie... All you have to do is relax, and let Anya take care of your gorgeous hard cock... Mmmm, good boy, Kaiser," she instructed, through her delirium-hazed imagination. She crawled to her knees, her huge breasts hanging down over the bedspread and ballooning with their swinging weight. Kaiser backed off her tingling body, unaware of what she wanted him to do, but she continued to stroke his sleek soft coat lovingly, restoring his confidence in her willing compliance. She kept her eyes locked on the solid length of red flesh, emerging so attractively below his furry belly.

Kaiser was surprised that the beautiful older woman didn't kneel up on all fours, the way he half-expected her to do so that he could more easily thrust his dog-cock into her pussy. Instead, however, she was cooing adoringly to him, and he whimpered in confused response, his mating hunger continuing unabated. But then she gave a command that he recognized: "Roll over!" and he did just that.

"Ooooh, yeeesss, Kaiser... Perfect!" Anya exulted, crawling over him to position herself with her pussy just inches form his face. She eased herself forward, at the same time dropping her naked thighs all the way back, and placed her face directly above the huge exciting hardness of his animal cock.

Frantic emotions raced through the keyed-up divorcee. The thought alone of what she was about to do was driving her mad with desire. Breathing heavily through her flared nostrils, she pushed her arched pelvis down toward Kaiser's handsome face, spreading her legs. His nose drew inward as if by magnetism toward the wetly throbbing heat of her openly yearning cunt and almost immediately, his tongue lashed out, making her moan with pleasure as it sliced up into the pink wetness of her deliriously agonized vaginal flesh. Gibbering mindlessly she lowered her cheek to rest against his warm, hard belly, her hand quickly grasping his rapidly expanding cock.

Once again Kaiser sensed the pulsating blood in his loins as he tasted and sensed in his nostrils the heated aroma of the woman's wide split cuntal channel. He could feel her wonderful fingers on his loins, their affectionate touch making him tremble with excitement. The urge to close his eyes and give himself over to the warm wet sweetness of her seeping pussy carried the young dog into a realm of unheard-of rapture.

Anya gasped hungrily as she clasped his amazingly huge cock in her fingers, feeling its lust-hardened thickness growing even as she manipulated it with her hand. She looked at it ravenously, imagining the taste of his deliciously obscene animal cum, and the feel of his penis slithering wetly in her hotly salivating mouth.

"This is it, Kaiser, boy," she murmured, her eyes glazing over as if she was drugged, her hand jerking his animal penis lovingly. She worked the heavy protective sheath back and forth while his hotly searing tongue licked at her maddeningly enraged cunt. Then, with a low, lust- inspired moan, the obsessed woman parted her lush warm lips to let the slender tapered dog penis ease into the torrid moisture of her greedily welcoming mouth. It slithered in slipperily, wetly, until finally it rested all the way back in her rapturously gurgling throat.

Anya sighed ecstatically. She brought her tongue into play frenziedly, licking hungrily as the delicious animal penis stroked in and out of her mouth. A sensation of wanton relish raced through her loins as she started sucking madly on the delicious tasting animal organ. Mmmmmmmnnn! Oh God! It's so incredible! It was as delicious as any man's cock she had ever tasted in her life. It seemed to swell and harden with every single mad swipe of her pinkly caressing tongue.

She could hear Kaiser's high-pitched animal whining as he continued to lovingly lick at her hotly inflamed pussy, and she began to suck and twirl her tongue around his long thick member in order to repay the unbelievable pleasure he was imparting through her passion-soaked loins. His powerful body responded passionately to her ardent sucking, his canine pelvis jerking forward to force his penis all the way to the back of her mouth. His heavy, cum-swollen balls bumped softly against her chin as her hand brushed along his belly. Finding the smooth tautness of his testicles, Anya cupped them warmly at first, then gently kneaded and teasingly stroked them with her fingers. Again Kaiser whimpered, this added titillation making him start a pumping fuck-rhythm between her hungrily ovalled lips.

The exotic taste of his animal penis made her loins swarm like a beehive. She reveled in a swamp of sensuality, mouthing and tonguing him with increasing urgency, her cheeks hollowing passionately, her eyes glowing with unchecked lust. Below, between her widely-spread thighs, he continued to lap avidly at her cunt. His cock was deliciously warm, and spiced attractively with the sweet raciness of animal sperm.

The shining smooth cone of his expanding penis fucked up into her face with perfect rhythm, while his tongue sluiced ever deeper into the eagerly accepting opening between her shivering thighs. She nipped and gently scraped his cock with her teeth, swirling her tongue in provoking little flicks over his throbbing organ, her mind totally fogged by the bizarre, licentious hedonism of her immorality.

Mmmmmnnn, what is his lovely animal cum going to taste like? she wondered silently. She could almost imagine it, squirting up from the tiny dilated hole of his glans to spew in hot liquid jets down her starving throat. Kaiser's lustful pants were shaking the whole bed, and Anya couldn't help thinking that it wouldn't be long, now, before all her prurient questions would be answered.

Kaiser's thickly turgid dog shaft felt as though it was thrusting into an actual clutching pussy, so warmly did his mistress's mouth meld around it. And at the same time, his nose and jaws were inundated with the heated musky aroma of her human female sex, and his long lapping tongue reached far up into her undulating cunt, teasing sensually at the fleshy tip of her cervix. His great rocking chest emitted low, uncontrollable growls with every rasping breath that he took, and in his bestial mind, he knew that he was nearing his climax.

Anya had never sucked a man so vigorously in her life. Steeped in the voracious animalistic pleasure of the lewd situation, the voluptuously curved woman mouthed and pulled at Kaiser's penis, waiting for his dog cum to shoot scathingly into her suctioning mouth to drip down her throat and into her wildly heaving belly. Her own hips and pelvis were quaking tremulously above his licking and sucking mouth, and she could feel her loins boiling and ready to climax.

God! Oh, God! It's almost there... al-most... there... she chanted inwardly, as a raging tongue of fire seemed to scorch through her belly. She clutched lovingly, urgently, at the handsome German Shepherd's swollen testicles, feeling through the thin membrane the churning of his heated canine semen as it prepared to explode into her mouth. And Kaiser's almost ready, too! she exulted. Oh, more, more, more, deeper... mmmm...

Anya didn't hear the key turning in the lock, and she didn't hear Staci's softly tip-toeing footsteps in the hall.

"Shhhh" Staci whispered to her two male companions, "Mother may be asleep."

"Okay," one male whisper responded, "we'll wait out here until you check."

Daniel Wooten grinned triumphantly to Paul Sullivan, and the two of them sat down in the darkened hallway outside the Bacula's front door. Staci left it closed, but unlocked, so that the two college seniors could come inside with her as soon as she determined that the coast was clear. Kaiser should present no problem to the healthy young men in this case, since one was the dog's trainer and former master, and the other one was at least familiar to him. But all three young people had decided that it would be better if Staci went in alone first, just to see what the situation was.

After all, it was three-thirty in the morning, and to all intents and purposes, it was the longest that Staci had ever stayed out on a date in her life. Furthermore, it was the first and only time she had ever done quite what she had done tonight, although from now on she knew she wasn't going to be so puritanical. Daniel and Paul had driven by a liquor store not too far from Scores and picked up some gin and mixers as well as a couple six-packs of beer. Then they had taken the still- hesitant young blonde back to their house, just to meet young Staci.

After a few drinks - her first alcohol since she had refused her mother's offer of wine once - Staci felt a little more at ease with her mother's young friends, and she freely discussed the things that went on in the movie. Almost unconsciously, her slender young hand reached forward to touch behind Klamath's ears as she spoke, and gradually, imperceptibly, she began to get physically excited by the things she was saying.

"Oh, yes," she slurred daintily, "I know that G-German Shepherds have a great attraction for women... and I feel the same way about my own dog... you know, Kaiser - the one you sold to Mother," she added by way of explanation.

"Yeah?" Paul prompted lasciviously. "You mean, you and Kaiser have a ... a sexual relationship?" Exactly six beers in the space of an hour and a half made the student quite blunt, and a lot less nervous than he had been at the theater.

"Well, sort of," Staci demurred, but she didn't blush. "It's only been since last night."

Through her alcohol-fogged haze, the eighteen-year old didn't feel the secretive shame and embarrassment with the two young men that she had felt last night with her own mother. Perhaps the presence of the two young dog-brothers also subtly put her at her ease, because they were both so much like her own pet.

She didn't have any idea how long she talked to the two students whom her mother had befriended, but she remembered the point at which they professed not to believe what she was saying with the idea of getting her to prove it.

"Oh, come on, Staci," Daniel said with pretended derisiveness. "You expect us to believe you've done what Cecilia did in the film? God, I thought you were some kind of virgin."

"I was," Staci insisted, "but it doesn't mean I haven't fucked my dog!"

"Well, I don't believe it," Paul said point-blank. "I don't think it's possible; that movie was just trick photography."

Staci Bacula, the formerly prudish young girl who had turned down the honor of serving as her high school homecoming queen, stood up giddily and began to strip out of her clingy dress. She giggled when she realized that she must be drunk, but the realization didn't stop her from continuing with her lurid plan. Both Daniel and Paul watched with bated breath as she boldly removed her brassiere, letting her unbelievably huge teenaged breasts heave into freedom. The two roommates exchanged glances when she applied herself to her thin, lust- dampened panties, sliding out of them with as little emotional effort as it required to brush her teeth.

"Holy shit!" Paul sputtered uncontrollably, when Staci stood proudly in the middle of the living room in all her naked splendor.

The girl was undaunted. "Okay, I'll show you how I've done it... Do you want to see?"

"Hey, Staci," Daniel interrupted nervously. "I think you might be a little drunk... Are you sure you know what you're doing?"

"Of course I do!" the girl snapped back, and neither Daniel nor Paul could muster up the will-power to prevent her from giving them an even more incredible show than the movie they had just seen. They watched mesmerized, as the now-adept teenaged girl knelt in position before King's eagerly twitching loins. The two students' eyes bulged when Staci gave herself over completely to the lewd fucking of the strange animal into her pussy from behind, and they couldn't believe it when both Klamath and King mounted her at the same time, one of them shoving his long red canine cock into her welcoming cunt, and the other humping into her mouth while she gurgled in rapturous excitement.

All that was hours ago now, when Staci tip-toed into the living room of her small apartment, preparing to pull the day-bed out from the wall and fold the covers down. But as soon as she quietly closed the front door behind herself, she felt that there was something strange going on. Where was Kaiser? Why hadn't he come bounding to the door to meet her?

The blonde teenager crept down the hall, listening for sounds in her mother's bedroom. Was Kaiser sleeping in there tonight? Carefully she turned the doorknob, hearing the latch open so she could quietly push in the door.

"Mother!" she gasped, her hand flying up to cover her mouth when she saw the sixty-nining sodomy in the center of her mother's huge sensually made bed.

Anya didn't even see her daughter then. Nor did Kaiser, the animal she had purchased as a guard dog. She heard her lover whine and then yip excitedly into her flaming cunt, and then she could hold out no more. The torrential waves of her orgasm ripped through her loins, as her human female cum gushed uncontrollably all over the dog's passion- drenched mouth and nose. She slammed her mature, voluptuous body down against the puppy's eagerly licking tongue, nearly overwhelming him with the galvanic, unexpected power of her release.

At the same time, Kaiser's own loins instinctively lurched upwards, and Anya gripped tightly on his quivering, churning balls. His flanks pumped furiously up into her beautiful, voraciously sucking face, as he felt the load in his balls boil over. His whole crimson cockshaft jerked spasmodically in her mouth, and suddenly it was spewing out its scalding cum like a geyser from deep in his cum-swollen testicles.

The dog moaned into the still-twitching walls of Anya's cunt, as stream after stream of his viscous sperm erupted into her mouth from the unceasing hose of his cock, filling her oral cavern faster than she could swallow it. It came thick and fast, almost in one continuous jet, firing the hot-blooded woman through another mind-blowing orgasm. Sensual bliss exploded heavily throughout her burning loins over and over, until finally she felt his panting tongue slide exhausted from her satiated pussy. Finally, too, his dog-cock was drained of all its heated canine semen, and she raised her brunette head for the first time in what seemed like hours . . to gasp and then smile when she saw her young daughter watching at the door.

"Oh, Staci." she gasped through dog-cum-stained lips, "you're home... I hope you had... a good time."

The blonde girl was too stunned to speak. Her alcohol-drugged mind spun with feelings of jealousy and confusion, as she imagined that her mother had taken her private lover away from her, just like she had always imagined that her dates would have rather spent their time with the older woman. But at the same time, now, the teenager felt a stab of pure, burning lust shooting through her tingling young flesh, lust that was inspired by the rocking, exploding orgasm that she had just witnessed inadvertantly. Instantly she forgot her two new friends, waiting patiently outside the door to the apartment. Kaiser rolled over on the bed so he was up right again, and he let out a little yelp when he recognized his lovely blonde mistress.

"I've had quite a nice time, as you can see," Anya said, finally. "Would you care to join me?"

"Oooooh, yyyeeesss," the teenager cooed immediately, falling forward onto the bed in desire-heated arousal. "Let me play with Kaiser with you." She quickly undressed for the second time tonight and immediately applied herself to Kaisers genitals.

In virtually seconds Staci was able to manipulate the dog's penis into excited hardness again, much to their mother's approving amazement. My daughter's certainly learning fast, she said to herself. In no time she'll be ready to please everyone in every way, just like her mother! she added, referring to herself. If there was anything she wanted for Staci, it was the ability to make men happy, so that the young blonde would be able to enjoy life as much as Anya herself had.

''My God, dear," Anya said aloud, "you sure gave him a fantastic hardon... What shall we do first?"

"Don't you want to fuck him, Mother?" came the girl's surprised response. Anya was taken aback, but not so much that she didn't agree to Staci's observation.

"Well, of course, honey, of course... Will you stick his gorgeous cock into my ass for me?" Internally, the older woman couldn't get over the miraculous change that seemed to have taken place in her daughter, and she could hardly wait to see the extent of the transformation. Dear Lord, it's going to be great to have a daughter as interested in living as I am... She could already imagine some of the intensely exciting things that the two women, herself and Staci, might be able to do for some appreciative man. The possibilities were positively staggering!

"Sure, Mother," Staci replied to Anya's request. She lovingly grasped Kaiser's thick hardness and aimed it towards the pinkly waiting slit of her mother's soft, hairless asshole. She cooed affectionately, slightly jealous still, but tenderly massaged his large, animal cock.

Then suddenly his cone-shaped erection emerged like a red hot branding iron, glistening and wet, and Kaiser began to mount the older woman from behind, working the slimly pointed tip of his organ up at her anxiously waiting rectal passage.

"Oh, help him get it in, Staci," the mother begged feverishly, her upthrusted asscheeks squirming obscenely backwards in search of his cock, struggling to fill her sizzling anal passage. Staci rubbed the swollen mounds of her top-heavy breasts into the dog's gleaming fur and helped him position his haunches better in order to fuck the long, black-haired woman. Her slender hand guided the heavy rod of animal hardness toward the pink wetness of her mother's love-inflamed nether channel, moistening it even more with his lubricants and then placing the tip of his cock right at the lips of her tightly clenched little asshole.

His strong young forelegs were gripping tightly around her naked waist and hips, the moist tip of his cock sliding effortlessly forward into her hungrily absorbing rectal walls.

"Ooooh, yessss... God, Staci, this is just what they did in the movie!" the older woman crooned, squirming back delightedly on Kaiser's eager penis as it immediately began to race in and out of her rectum. The young canine was overwhelmed by the presence of both his new mistresses in the room at once, both naked, and both lavishing him with attention. It was almost more than his recently aroused loins could bear, and he fucked forward with instinctive ferocity, slamming his sleek hairy belly into the curvaceous brunette's whitely upthrust asscheeks.

Outside the salaciously occupied little apartment, Daniel Wooten and Paul Sullivan stood patiently, but they were beginning to wonder what was keeping their exciting new friend so long. All she was going to do, she had said, was check to see if her mother was asleep, and if she was, Daniel and Paul could come inside for a little continuation of what they had already seen at their own house. But although it was only ten minutes since the blonde girl had disappeared into the apartment, to the two aroused young men it seemed like eons, and they quickly agreed to go inside themselves to investigate.

Anya's unmistakable moans were coming from the bedroom, and both college students headed straight for the slightly open door.

The gasped in unison at what they saw. Anya Bacula, that amazingly gorgeous divorcee, was down on her knees in front of Kaiser, just the way the girl in the movie had been. But what was more amazing was that pretty blonde eighteen-year old Staci was crouching behind Kaiser, her hungrily licking tongue lapping eagerly at the dog's balls!

"What the hell?" Paul said aloud, but his words didn't even disturb the two lasciviously engaged women.

"Fucking A!" Daniel responded incredulously. "No wonder she was taking so long... For a moment, the two lustfully excited young men stood there in amazement, but it didn't take long for the curly-haired dog breeder to recover his senses. He looked at his roommate, saying, "Well, man, what are we waiting for?" His dark eyes focused lewdly on the teenager's enticingly upthrust asscheeks as she knelt below the dog's haunches, and then he let his gaze wander to the head of the bed, where Anya's lipsticked mouth was gaping open as she moaned and gasped out her lustful arousal.

"Yeah, right on," Paul agreed belatedly, as the western-style shirt and denim pants fairly flew off his rippling-muscled body. He kicked off his shoes and socks, stripped off his t-shirt, and he was already leaping on the bed before he had managed to rip down his jockey shorts, revealing his hotly rigid hardon in all its naked majestic glory.

Both Staci and Anya looked up at the sensation of Paul's added weight on the bed, and Staci flinched slightly when she felt his warm hands working in the soft white flesh of her asscheeks. Lovingly, but urgently, he caressed her tender, untanned flesh, nudging his hardened cock into the glistening wet cuntal slit below.

Staci's first impulse was to cry out her objection, no, please don't do that... I only fuck dogs! But her lips and tongue were deliciously occupied at Kaiser's churning balls, and she could only mewl out around them. Anyway, she thought in her intoxicated brain, maybe I ought to just see what it's like with humans... it might be almost as good as Kaiser.

Paul wasted no time in steering his lust-stiffened penis into the softly yielding channel of Staci's unconsciously receptive cunt, feeling her enveloping warmth as it closed in on him. Shit, if s like a fucking oven in there, he thought to himself. No wonder the dogs like it! He sighed aloud as he shoved forward into the almost virginal blonde, letting her feel the first human penis she had ever experienced.

Daniel could see the moist pink edges of Anya's daughter's cunt nibbling eagerly on the hard rock-like base of his roommate's penis, and he could hardly contain his own excitement. He was already stroking his own massive hardon, but no matter how much he wanted to stand back and watch the lewd human-canine chain that was forming, the clamor in his balls demanded release. "Anya?" he whispered to the dark-haired woman impaled on the dog's cock in her ass. "Would you mind?" He didn't finish the question; rather, he held up his burgeoning penile rod for her to see, and she nodded her affirmation instantly.

Her belly was still full and warm with the salty animal sperm that her pet had squirted down her throat, but already her appetite for cum had been whetted, and she wanted to taste Daniel's sperm again, too. She leaned over slightly, balancing her weight on one hand, as the dog breeder climbed up on to the gigantic red bed and slid his legs underneath the woman's hugely swaying breasts. Kaiser looked up fiercely when Anya moved, but he almost instantly recognized his former owner and trainer, and his instinctive growl stopped as quickly as it had started.

Daniel's heart was beating like horse-hooves at the racetrack as he rammed his blood-laden rod of flesh between the older woman's parted lips. He forced it back immediately, all the way against her tonsils, and she began at once to suck and pull on its fleshy length, running her tongue over it expertly, and titillating the sensitive surface with her grazing teeth. Daniel couldn't help but push more and more of it between her soft, sensuous red lips; the semen in his balls had been roiling heatedly all evening, and he was relieved for the opportunity of release .

Anya closed her eyes in abandon, feeling intensely the slick, long hardness of Kaiser's penis as it plunged automatically into her provocatively dilated anal passage, lubricating it with his precum and stretching it just like a little used cunt. Her hips rocked back to meet his involuntary thrusts, and her little clitoral bud began to tremble in harmony with the arousal of her rectum. Her nostrils were permeated with the pungent, youthful odor of her young lover, and she gave herself over wantonly to the pleasurable task of sucking his cock again.

From the foot of the bed, Paul screwed rhythmically into Staci's tightly gripping young pussy, his cock almost ready to explode in her greedily suctioning cunt. His eyes bulged when he saw what she was doing to the young German Shepherd, swirling her tongue around his golf-ball sized testicles even as his cock slid in and out of her own mother's asshole. He saw his roommate, too, pumping furiously into Staci's mother's mouth, as he had done only hours ago in the darkened movie theater.

Christ, he thought to himself, Daniel was sure right about this broad and her daughter! He could feel a spasm of orgasm jerk his pelvis, and his last coherent thought was, Shit! Two guys, two chicks, and a fucking dog!

The tumultuous rumble in the depths of his balls broke forth in hot spurts of trickling seminal fluid spurting into Staci's undulating pussy. She thrust her flaring hips back and squeezed rhythmically on his ejaculating cock, coaxing every last drop of his desire-quenching liquid from his draining balls while she continued her frenzied licking of her dog-lover's testicles. In her imagination, Staci was squeezing the cum from Kaiser's balls right into her own pussy, and almost as if in confirmation of her fantasy, she felt the dog's sleek body stiffen as he prepared to shoot his load into her mother's clenching and unclenching back passage.

"Oooh, Christ! I'm almost cumming already!" came Daniel's voice from the head of the bed, as his grotesquely engorged penis seemed to fill Anya's mouth completely. The young dog had already begun spasmodically shooting his sperm into Anya's ass, causing her to be thrust forward even harder against Daniel's loins, and incredibly, the young dog breeder began to Size his fiery semen into her mouth.

"Aaarrgh! Keep sucking!" the dark-haired student commanded roughly, as his salty sperm flowed freely between her lips and gushed unchecked down her hotly clutching throat. The arousing flavor was enough to trigger the older woman's orgasm, and she convulsed and rocked as she concentrated on taking every drop of his life-giving fluid into her mouth and throat. Her pussy pulsed wildly, cuntlips flagellating each other as her rectal walls clutched and dilated around Kaiser's still- spurting penis. The galvanic double orgasm of her ass and her cunt nearly knocked the erotically excited woman off-balance, as the whole bed creaked and swayed with the massive weight it was holding.

Vibrations ricocheted through all five bodies, and Staci could feel the magnificent contractions of her first human-induced orgasm. She could feel her cuntal walls gripping tightly around Paul Sullivan's humanly pumping penis, and her slickly undulating inner flesh was acutely aware of every hot jet of cum that he shot into her. Uncontrollably, she let out a wail as her tongue left Kaiser's balls momentarily, "Aaaaaaaiiiieeee!! III'mmm cummmmmiiing!! Ooooh, it's soooo good... aaaaooooohhhh"

Seconds later, the satiated German Shepherd bounded gleefully off the lustful hotbed of sex and panted as he walked around the room. On the rumpled, cum-stained velvet bedspread the four humans collapsed over each other in sheer exhaustion, their perspiring, lust-twitching flesh seeming to meld and blend as they gradually drifted off to sleep in the cool early morning air.

The sun rose at six on that Saturday morning in September, and when it did, the four occupants of Anya Bacula's bedroom had been asleep scarcely an hour. Although the curtains were opened, and the east window was letting the sun burn across the bed to warm the nakedly sleeping bodies, not a single one of the peaceful love-makers stirred.

The front door was still ajar, the way Daniel and Paul had left it carelessly on their little expedition into the apartment. But Kaiser was faithfully guarding it, as he had been ever since the humans had fallen asleep. He loved them all dearly now, and he wasn't going to let anything happen to a single one of them!

The End
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