Wife's Hung Lover
(MM/F, cuck, size, preg)

by Kysa Braswell

This is a story of how I would like to catch my wife of six years fucking other men. My wife Blinda is a 27-year old Realtor working in the St. Louis area. She is 5'2, overflows in a D-cup bra and her long dark brown hair reaches almost to her ass. She's very sexy and can be very erotic and loves all types of sex, open to the whole menu of almost any kink. We had heard of men who fantasize about watching their spouse have sex with other men. We were fascinated and aroused by reading such stories in magazines about and I often fantasized about seeing my wife fuck another man, but we never seriously discussed acting it out.  

My work requires me to work some unusual hours and I soon began to suspect Blinda of having an affair. The idea of her falling in love with another man didn't enter into my thoughts but I was convinced that she was seeing someone. I secretly hoped my suspicions were true and often made excuses that I had to stay away from home even when it wasn't required. Many times I would lay awake fantasizing about Blinda with another man as I lay in bed at night. I imagined her rushing off to meet her lover as soon as I drove away. On several occasions I waited ten or fifteen minutes and called home only to hear up to five minutes of unanswered ringing. I would do this every half hour or so until she would answer the phone. I always hung up without saying anything. I never told Blinda that I had called back and she never said anything about going out anywhere. This behavior continued for about two or three weeks and just when I had made plans to try and catch her she started answering each time I called home. Blinda began to complain that someone was calling and hanging up the phone when she answered so I waited much longer between calls.  

I became disappointed because now it seemed that my suspicions were unfounded or the affair had ended. I began fantasizing about ways of having her seduced when another set of events began occurring.  

I was at our local club having a drink at the bar when a neighbor I knew only slightly came in and took the stool next to mine. Our conversation was casual but he asked a question that caused me to rethink my doubts about Blinda and a possible affair. During our conversation our neighbor asked how I liked my new car. At first I thought he was talking about my new company car which is a Buick. I told him that I really liked the car and that I was very satisfied with the gas milage. It wasn't until he said how he too would like to have such a car but that he certainly couldn't afford anything so expensive. I knew a Buick was well within his means so he either had me confused with someone else or someone driving an expensive automobile was visiting my house.  

Without acting surprised I told my neighbor that I had gotten a very good deal and that it really hadn't cost as much as he might think. This seemed to satisfy him and our conversation moved to other subjects, although I'm not sure what we talked about because I was thinking about the strange automobile parking in my drive. I revived my plans to see if Blinda was having an affair.  

The following Monday I told Blinda that my duties would require me to be away all night. As always she seemed disappointed but accepted that it had to be. I on the other hand imagined that she was already preparing to invite her lover into our bed. I drove to a local bar, and had a few drinks. I parked my car in the back street, so as to not be seen. Around 7pm I called home as I had always done when at work.. After my brief conversation with Blinda I had another beer and watched TV. By 9p I had waited as long as I could. Driving by my house I was mildly disappointed to see only the normal house lights and only Blinda's car in our drive. I drove around town until I made another pass by our house around 9:30p. Even more disappointment when I saw only Blinda's car in our drive. I continued to drive around until I made a third pass by the house around 9:45p. Nothing had changed and I was now really disappointed. I wanted to catch my wife with another man but it seemed it wouldn't happen tonight.  

I had driven about half way down one of the two main entrance roads leading to our subdivision when a BMW sports car passed going in the direction of my house. I quickly took the next turn and turned my car around. The cars tail lights were still visible and about a quarter of a mile ahead. I closed the distance between us slightly but made sure to remain well back. My heart was racing and I was wondering. Was this the car my neighbor had been talking about? The BMW made a left turn onto the street our house was on. This had to be the car that had been parking in my drive I thought. Please be the car, I said aloud to myself. I passed the street leading to my house knowing that I could see our drive clearly only a few hundred yards ahead. As I slowed and looked in the direction of my house I saw the cars head lights as it pulled into my drive. I almost shouted knowing this had to be my wife's lover. I turned my car into the street that ran behind our house. Knowing the house directly behind ours was vacant I pulled into the drive and killed the lights.  

I waited a few minutes then got out of the rental and keeping to the shadows I slowly jogged into my back yard. Remaining in the shadows I approached the side of my house and made my way to the den window. I knew there was little chance that I would be seen but I had worn dark clothing and was being a quite as possible as I looked into the window.  

There on my sofa sat a man about 45 years old I had never seen. He was certainly well dressed and clean looking. So this was Blinda's lover? I approve, I told myself. I wondered how large his cock was and did Blinda give this man head as she had often done for me. If she did give him head did she allow him to cum in her mouth or did they only fuck straight? Did they use protection? I hoped they didn't. For some reason I hoped he would cum inside Blinda.  

Blinda entered the den carrying drinks. She handed her friend a glass and sat down beside him. Before taking a drink both my wife and her friend placed their drinks on the sofa table and locked themselves in a very passionate embrace. As the kissed I noticed this man was unbuttoning Blinda's blouse. Blinda's hand was on his crotch and I knew she was massaging his cock and balls. I hope he's hung like a horse. My own cock was rock hard as I watched the couple before me undress each other. When the gentleman stood Blinda unbuckled his belt. She unzipped his trousers and tugged them down. As this man stood before my wife his trousers fell around his ankles as Blinda pulled his jockey shorts down.  

I couldn't see the man's cock because he was quarter turned away from me but I could clearly see Blinda had his cock in her mouth. Blinda's hands were slowly stroking this man's ass and upper legs as she took him into her mouth. This continued for about a minute when Blinda's lover turned to sit down on the sofa. Blinda released her mouth hold on his cock and as the man sat down she got on her knees before him. Clearly she planned to continue sucking his cock. I finally saw the man's cock for the first time, and wish I hadn't. It was significantly larger than my seven inches. I would guess at least ten, maybe even eleven inches in length and very thick. It was so thick that the head of his cock seemed small. Almost as if it belonged to an eight-inch cock but was attached to this truly immense prick.  

Blinda took this stranger's cock in both hands and began jacking it as she took as much as she could in her mouth. To me Blinda looked beautiful as she knelt before the man sucking his monster tool. I was slowly massaging my own cock through my trousers as I hoped they would continue until he shot his load in Blinda's mouth. She looked so slutty giving his huge cock a workout session like that. Within a few minutes I had my wish. The man laid his head back and closed his eyes. I knew he was about to cum and so did Blinda. She was jacking his cock faster now and sucking him as deep as she could. The man stiffened and Blinda slowed her hand and head motion. I knew he was shooting his load into my wife's mouth and she appeared to love it. Please swallow his cum, I was thinking as I shot my own load into my shorts.  

Blinda did as I had hoped because when the man had finished cumming she got up to sit beside him. She said something to him and they both laughed and took a sip of their drinks. There was no trace of cum on Blinda's face so I knew she had done as I had hoped and had swallowed his load. I hoped his cum had been copious, but I had no way of knowing. Blinda and her lover sat on the sofa talking, kissing and fondling each other until I saw the man's cock begin to come alive again. Blinda bent over a sucked his cock until it was fully erect again when she stood up. Although her blouse and bra had been removed earlier she now let her skirt fall to the floor and removed her thong panties. The man pulled my wife to him and began to eat her out as she stood spread-eagle before him. I sure he couldn't get to her pussy very well and he said something to her. Blinda laid back on the sofa and with one foot on the floor and one on the back of the sofa she offered herself to her lover.  

I watched as the man began to eat my wife and slowly jack his massive cock. Since my cock had remained hard the entire time I unzipped my trousers, now very wet from the load I had shot earlier. Taking my cock out I began to jack off as I watched the scene before me. The man continued to eat Blinda pussy until I could tell she was about to cum. He then made his way on top of her and I could clearly see his cock as it entered Blinda's now very wet pussy. At first he pushed only the head and perhaps two inches in. Blinda's ass was moving up to him, urging him deeper into her. The man was fucking her with only a few inches of his cock when he suddenly plunged his entire cock into my wife. His balls, more like the size of two tennis balls, slapped against Blinda's ass as he began to fuck her harder. Even above the air-conditioning and through closed windows I could hear Blinda.  

"Ohmygod, yes, fuck me... fuck me baby... that's it, ram it in me! Fuck me like the little slut I am for my baby's big cock! You can have this pussy anytime you want, baby... cause... it's yours!"  

I felt my balls tighten and my own cum began to shoot as I watched the loving couple before me. It was truly beautiful watching my wife enjoy being slamfucked by this stranger. I wanted them to continue but the man's body stiffened and he pushed himself as deep as he could into Blinda. I knew he was banging her cervix, fucking her in places much deeper that I never had or would. His was the prick of a real man, a larger man, a man who could please every woman he had ever met, whereas fucks like me had to resort to eating pussy endlessly just to get any woman to cum.  

It was clear that Blinda was enjoying being fucked by this man because she was having one orgasm after the other, her constant moaning making her voice hoarse and her throat sore. I saw their combined juices, slippery and wet, on the enormous shaft of his cock as he fucked my wife like a common street whore. No wonder she loved him so much: he treated her like the person she really was, a motherfucking slut.  

He came so long and hard inside her that his cum was slowly running out of Blinda's pussy and dripping off her asscheeks below. So that's what those stains were on the sofa! I continued to jack myself as the lovers continued to fuck each other on the sofa like two schoolkids. I must have jacked myself off as they fucked for five minutes or more when the man's body stiffened again. Plunging himself deep into Blinda's pussy he began to shoot his third load into her womb. I too shot another load and gave a silent prayer of thanks for allowing me to witness my wife being so thoroughly fucked.  

I pretended to come home about an hour after he left and Blinda was waiting for me in bed. She pretended to be all horny and such, even letting me fuck her. Her pussy was so stretched out and sloppy from all his cum, that it was a mess. I couldn't even feel my seven-incher in my own wife anymore. I couldn't even cum, and finally faked an orgasm just so I could get off after thirty minutes of concentrated pussy-pumping.  

Two weeks later while on an unexpected dinner at one of the finest restaurants in St. Louis, my wife told me "we" were expecting a baby. I wasn't excited, except when she told me that we'd have to discontinue having sex throughout the term of her pregnancy. Then all the sudden I was delighted, because I suspected that she would continue fucking her horse-hung lover.  

I was right. Eight months later, she's well into her third trimester and still meets her secret lover, the father of her baby, and services his monstrous prick in any way he wants. I just wonder what he going to do when she begins lactating. It should be fun to see!

The End
Kysa Braswell
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