Baby Making Brother
(Fm/f, inc, teen, preg)

by Kysa Braswell

This was the opportunity 27-year-old Tammie had been waiting for. She'd come home early from work and, while walking by her 13-year-old son's room, she saw him masturbating through the partially open door. It had been such a long year since Jimmy's father had died, such a long time since she'd had a big, stiff dick. Her pussy started juicing even before she slid a hand up her skirt and started fingering her moist slit and clit. To hell with mourning any more, thought Tammie. It's time I got some of what I need. Besides, he's going to need more practice than just the little he got last year, before he shows his sisters how. Throwing caution to the wind, Tammie rapidly undressed just outside her son's door, and stepped into the room.

"I know something that'll feel much better than your hand," she said; eyes twinkling, as she watched Jimmy's stiff nine-incher rapidly wilt.

"Geez, Mom!" Jimmy yelled. "Can't a guy have a little privacy around here?" he asked.

"I'm sorry, Honey," Tammie said apologetically. "But it's been so long since I've even SEEN a good stiffy! Besides, I've been meaning to talk to you for a while," she said; stroking her son's hardening cock.

Taking a cue from his mom's actions, Jimmy slowly started exploring his mother's body, as she sat naked beside him on his bed.

As her son started fingering her juicy pussy, Tammie started moaning, "Oh, yeah! That's good, honey."

"As I was saying," Tammie continued, a bit breathlessly. "You know how this family has certain, um... traditions. Since you're the man of the family now, it's your duty to take care of certain... things. Its time you took care of one of those traditional responsibilities."

"You know how I took your cherry on your 12th birthday last year? Well, next week is the twins' 12th birthday; and as the man of the house, it's your responsibility to make women out of your sisters.... And as your mother, ('Not to mention a horny woman,' Tammie though to herself.) I feel it's my job to make sure you know what you're doing.... Just so you don't accidentally hurt your sisters..." Tammie moaned softly, as she moved to impale herself on her son's fleshy pole.

"Oh, Jimmy!" she cried. "God! I wish I'd gotten up the nerve to have this talk with you earlier! I haven't felt this full since I lost your dad!"

"Oh, mom! You don't know how long I've wanted you like this, how long I've been fantasizing about this.... Ever since that first time, I've been wanting to do it again," Jimmy moaned.

"Oh, Jimmy! I'm sorry. It's just that your father and I were so close; I couldn't just start fucking you right away. We'll make it up. Now fuck your horny mother! Knock her up, like you're gonna do your sisters! Give me your baby! I wanna feel my handsome son's baby inside me!" Tammie cried.

"Oh, mom! I'm cumming inside you," Jimmy groaned, as his mother's vagina squeezing on his engorged prick, and the thought of planting a baby in his own mother's womb almost drove him over the edge.

"Cum in me baby!" Tammie moaned; trying to encourage her son. "Fill Mommy's pussy with your baby-making seed!" His mother's dirty language was the last straw. Jimmy could feel what seemed like a gallon of cum racing out of his balls into his mother's juicy cunt. The oversexed boy could feel himself almost lose consciousness from the sheer pleasure of sending bolt after bolt of thick creamy cum splashing into his mother's receptive womb; while he heard her gasping for breath in her own orgasm.

Later, while the two incestuous lovers lay enjoying the afterglow of sex, Tammie giggled. "Well, I can see you'll be able to take good care of your sisters!" she observed slyly.

"Yeah, I have to admit, I've noticed how they've started to 'bloom,'" Jimmy said. "And they've been trying to sneak a peek at me in the shower lately," he added; smirking.

"Hmm... I can see YOU find the idea of fucking your little sisters exciting," Tammie laughed while fondling her son's rapidly inflating dick.

"Yeah - almost as exciting as fucking my own mom," Jimmy replied, flexing his dick in his mother's gentle grasp.

"Well, I've GOT to take your cock! I just love sucking on a stiff one like yours, Jimmy," she said as she rolled over and started sucking her son's cock. It had been so long since she'd had a good prick to suck on. Tammie was enjoying herself, for the first time in almost a year.

"Mmmm...Oh, that's good, Mom!" Jimmy moaned.

"Mmf. Yeah. It tastes sooo good! Especially with our cum all over it!" Tammie said; smacking her lips at the delicious taste.

"You keep that up, and I'll be cumming any minute now," Jimmy observed. "And I'd hate to waste my cum where it won't do any good...," he finished, with a grin.

"Ooh, yeah. Give it to me doggie-style this time!" his mother moaned.

"OK, Mom. You asked for it. Take my big baby-maker up your juicy pussy! I'm gonna knock you up so good our kids'll have kids!" the incestuous mother-fucker said; as he filled his mom's spasming cunt full of his incestuous cum. Such a sexy thought, making babies in your own daughters. Well, maybe someday.

The next week, after her daughters' 12th birthday, Tammie called the girls into her bedroom.

"Girls, it's time for you two to become women. Your brother tells me you've been trying to peek at him in the shower, so I know you're curious. Normally, your father would be the one to teach you about sex and how to make a baby. But since the accident, your brother is taking over as the man of the house. Jackie, Jenny: James is going to make women of you two tonight. So I want you both to get naked and lie down on my bed here," Tammie said. The two girls quickly complied; giggling nervously. Their parents had never kept sex a secret; so they both knew what was involved in "becoming a woman" and how babies were made. Still, they had never really believed until now, that their own mother would have their big brother be the one who showed them how.

James walked in sporting a hardon; boldly walked over to the two girls and asked, "OK, who's first?" He figured he might as well be up-front about it. If his little sisters wanted to find out about sex, then he was just the man to show them.

Jackie and Jenny looked at each other for a moment; until Jenny said, "I wanna go first."

"OK. Spread your legs, and let's get started," Jimmy instructed; feeling both nervous and excited himself; having never fucked a virgin before.

"Eat her out first; and get her good and juicy," Tammie suggested. "Then, just before she cums, pop her cherry."

"OK, Mom. That's a good idea. I guess she won't feel it quite so much when I pop her cherry," Jimmy said; as he knelt between his 12-year-old sister's thighs and started eating her hairless pussy.

"Ohh! Jimmy. That tickles funny!" Jenny cried. "Please keep licking my pussy," she squealed; thrusting her crotch up at her big brother.

"A woman calls it her pussy, Honey," Tammie said.

"Oh, Jimmy, lick my pussy!" Jenny wailed; as she squeezed her brother's head between her thighs. "Oh, oh, oh - Jimmy!" Jenny panted. "I feel funny."

Taking that as his cue, Jimmy placed the head of his nine-inch 'monster' at the opening of his sister's virgin pussy, and rubbed it up and down a couple of times; thereby making sure it was good and lubricated. Then the boy pushed his cock into his sister's pussy; burying himself about halfway in and popping her cherry.

"Oh!" Jenny cried; her eyes suddenly going wide-open. "Aaaaah!" she wailed; wrapping her arms and legs around her big brother as she climaxed.

James gritted his teeth, trying to keep from cumming before he got all the way into his little sister's sucking young pussy. Slowly fighting his sister's spasming cunt and her legs clutched around his back; he pulled himself back out halfway, then buried himself to the hilt in the 12-year-old's tight pussy. Unable to hold out any longer; he felt his balls tighten as he pumped what felt like a quart of incestuous sperm into his little sister; while their mother and her twin sister looked on with interest. It was so exciting to watch the 13-year old boy try to impregnate his own little sister.

"Am, am I a REAL woman now?" Jenny asked, as she came down from her first orgasm; her pussy still spasming around her big brother's cock. "When can we do it again?" she continued. "I like it!" she said tiredly, with a smile on her face. Feeling her brother squirting his cum inside her had been a thrill like none she had ever gotten before. Not with her own fingers, or even with her twin sister. She resolved that she was going to be feeling this wonderful sensation a lot more in the future.

"Technically, you're a woman, since Jimmy fucked you and came in you. But in this family, you don't get all your rights until after you've had your first baby," Tammie explained. "I know you two've been having your monthlies for some time now, so Jenny may already be pregnant now. However, you should keep 'practicing' making a baby with Jimmy, until you get it right, and stop having your period. Same goes for you, Jackie," she said.

"Gee, mom. I dunno if I can do Jackie right now. Jenny really took a lot outa' me," Jimmy said; sounding tired.

"But that's no fair," Jackie cried. "I wanna be a real woman too!!"

"Well, then: You're just gonna' have to help Jimmy get ready," Tammie told her.

"What do I do?" asked Jackie.

"Take your brother's cock in your mouth; and treat it like a Popsicle or ice-cream cone - lick it and suck it," her mother instructed.

"But, but.... He just had it inside of Jenny. Shouldn't he wash it first?" Jackie asked.

"No, Honey. That just makes his dick taste even better. See? I don't mind," Tammie said; taking Jimmy's bloody cock in her mouth.

"Oh, mom! That feels great," Jimmy said; moaning in pleasure. "Hey, Jackie. You try it. Just remember: If you bite it off, you won't be a real woman," he said, jokingly.

Jackie stuck her tongue out at her big brother and said, "Of course I won't bite. I can't WAIT for my turn."

"Oh, yeah, Sis. That's it. Suck me good. Yeah," Jimmy chuckled. "You're a real natural little cock-sucker aren't you?!"

When Jimmy started to pull his dick out of her mouth, Jackie started to protest. "Why are you pulling it out?? It tastes so good. I wanna keep sucking. I thought you LIKED having me suck on your dick. Am I doing it wrong???" she asked, in confusion.

"No, silly. You were doing it great. But you want to become a REAL woman don't you?" Jimmy replied.

"OK," Jackie said agreeably; lying back and spreading her legs for her handsome big brother. "Make me a real woman!!"

Jimmy was going start out by eating his sister out, but when he noticed she was already juicy from watching him fuck her twin and sucking on his dick, he just rubbed the head of his dick up her hairless slit a couple of times, and plunged right in.

"Oh, Jimmeeeeee!" Jackie wailed as the combination of pleasure and pain drove her over the edge into orgasm. She hadn't really expected to cum the first time; knowing that it would hurt. But the knowledge that it was her own big brother whom she loved so much, driving his thick baby-making penis inside her tight little slit, where no man had ever been, was too exciting for the young girl. Her tight little pussy milked and squeezed on her brother's prick; trying to milk his incestuous cum inside her belly, where it belonged.

Jimmy pulled out slightly and started to really fuck his dick in and out of his sister's tight pussy. Despite having cum only a few minutes before in Jenny's pussy, Jimmy could feel the pressure starting to build in his balls again; and knew he would soon be filling the child's womb with jet after jet of incestuous baby-making sperm. He was going to do it right, and let his little sister have it all.

Jackie barely managed to stay conscious, as Jimmy's pile- driver dick kept ramming in and out of her freshly deflowered pussy; sending her into wave after wave of orgasm.

Finally, Jimmy couldn't take the frantic squeezing of his little sister's tight pussy any more, and dumped a huge load of cum in his little sister's ripe womb. Squirt after squirt spat out the head of his prick, and into the warm recesses of his own little sister's welcoming young womb.

"Oh, Sis. I'm cumming," he groaned. "I'm making a baby in my own sister. Oh, Jackie. Feel the baby-juice shooting in you? Oh, baby, take it!" Jimmy cried, as he collapsed in orgasmic bliss on top of the gasping little girl.

"Oh, yes, Jimmy. Make a baby in me. Make me a real woman" Jackie cried. "I'm gonna have your babyyyy..." She couldn't believe how good it felt. It had been exciting, when her brother had just been fucking her. But when she felt the older boy stiffen on top of her, and knew he was sending jet after jet of incestuous baby-making cum squirting into her unprotected uterus, the little girl knew that everything before had just been a build-up. "There's nothing like knowing your own brother loves you enough to let you carry his baby," she thought, as she worked to strip the last precious drops of Jimmy's sperm into her no- longer-virginal young slit. A few minutes later, Jimmy woke to someone sucking his cock. It was his mother. He could feel his dick starting to get hard all over again.

"Mommy's turn, baby" Tammie cooed. "Make a baby in me like you did your sister, and maybe it'll be another little girl for you to fuck!" she moaned.

Well, after leaving two generous helpings of incestuous cum inside his little sisters, it took a little longer for Jimmy to work up enough sperm to impregnate his mother as well. Still, he was young, and it didn't take all that long, before he was filling the older woman's womb with his seed, just like he had done with her daughters.

As you can imagine, no one got much sleep that night. With three horny, fertile females, and one oversexed teenager, it didn't take long for all three women to get big bellies either.

Fortunately, the local obstetrician was very understanding and didn't ask any questions when all three showed up pregnant at the same time.

As it turned out, Jackie "caught" first, followed by Tammie. Jenny was starting to feel left out when she finally stopped having her monthlies as well.

When the time came for the delivery, Jenny and Jackie each had a little girl while Tammie had twins: a boy and a girl.

"Good," Tammie said, finally satisfied. "Three more little girls for Jimmy to fuck; and a boy to help you girls, when your big brother gets too busy getting his daughters pregnant."

None of the women wanted to give up Jimmy; and he was willing to keep fucking all three of them. So, over the next several years, Jimmy's sisters and mother had several more sister/daughters and brother/sons for Jimmy. Until one day, almost thirteen years after that first night with his sisters, Jimmy's eldest daughter turned twelve years old. But that's another story altogether.

The End
Kysa Braswell