Molesting Daddy
(M+/ff, ped, inc, cons)

by Kysa Braswell

As Gail Upton prepared to sneak out in the dark night and watch her daddy screw a young girl she was doing it more by budding female instinct than any sure knowledge. Strange new feelings about her father were growing in her small bosom, and she tingled now at the thought of what she was about to see. Gail held her breath and listened for the soft, even sound of her sister's breathing. The bedroom was dark and quiet. She figured it must be close to midnight by now. It had been hard to stay awake so late, but the excitement of what she might see had keyed her up so she didn't even feel tired. Now she slipped back the sheet and crawled out of her twin bed.

She stood a moment listening for any sign from Ashley. There was none, and Gail tiptoed across the soft carpet to the door. Her heart was pounding and she shivered a little even though the night was warm. It was August, and the summer had hit with a fierce, gripping heat wave that seemed reluctant to loosen. Gail loved it for several reasons. Summer vacation was her favorite time of year, since it meant no school. Summer vacation also meant the lake cabin instead of the house in the city. And now, there was the special thrill of finding out some of the things she wanted to know! She had been down at the lake swimming, lazing in the water, floating on her back in an inner tube. She let the currents and waves carry her wherever they would, and she lay with her eyes closed to the sun. She hadn't realized that she had been drawn back to the dock and the pontoon boat tied to it until she heard the murmur of voices. She opened her eyes and pulled herself under the end of the dock, thinking she would sneak up on the talkers and splash them from her hidden stronghold. At ten, Gail enjoyed the childish games and trickery. She paddled softly so as not to alarm those on the other end of the dock. She recognized her father's voice first.

"God, you've got to know that I've been looking at you and wanting you since that first day you walked out here on the beach in that goddamned bikini! Christ, Melanie, the sight of those tits drives me crazy! I want to feel them."

Gail saw the shadow of movement as the man put his hand on the girl.

"Mister Upton, don't! Someone might see us!" It was Melanie Dwyer, the sixteen-year old girl who lived in a cabin a short distance along the shore. Her brother did some work around the yard and cabin for the Uptons and she often wandered down to watch him or to talk to the girls, Gail and her nine-year old sister Ashley. Sometimes, Martin Upton took Melanie or her brother Sean water-skiing behind the big boat. When Gail rode along to spot for them, she noticed the way her father watched the older girl, it was hard for him to take his eyes off her.

So now, she was very quiet under the dock while she listened to them talk.

"Christ Almighty, how can I stop! You've been flaunting that gorgeous body of yours at me all summer, and now you say 'no, no, mustn't touch!' Do you think I'm made of iron?" The shadows moved again and his voice was lower. "Look, I've got a hardon just thinking about you and being this close!"

Melanie made a funny sound that was part moan and part giggle. "Don't." she whispered hoarsely.

"Then say you'll meet me tonight!"


"Say you will!" Her father sounded almost angry.

"Yes, all right."

"God! Where, what time...?" Her father's breath was rasping loudly and the boards of the dock creaked as the two moved quickly. Gail thought she could make out her father's hand on the girl's fanny, but the waves bobbed her inner tube, and the shadows cut off her view. She held her breath and listened.

"Ahhhh, the screened patio next-door. The house is closed, the Murphys won't be back up until Labor Day weekend."

"All right. Eleven o'clock?" Her father's voice was tight and rough as though he were having trouble breathing.

"No, I can't make it that early."

"Yes, you can! Make some excuse; get away."

The boards creaked. "I can't, maybe between eleven thirty and twelve, not before. My father stays up and he wouldn't let me out of the house."

"Sneak out, for god's sake!"

She giggled. "I'll be there before midnight; that's all I can promise. He listens to the news at eleven o'clock; I can't get past him then. Maybe right afterwards."

"God, Melanie, I'm so fucking hard for you I could roll you over right now on this friggin' dock!"

"Mister Upton." Melanie's shadow moved closer to his, and Gail saw the two figures come together and pull apart quickly.

"Don't, tonight, I promise."

The girl moved quickly then, pulling away from the man and standing up on the end of the dock and diving into the water. From her hiding place under the dock, Gail saw the girl's slim form slice into the calm lake and leave a wide circle of ripples. Melanie swam underwater until she was halfway to the next dock, the one that jutted out from the shore of the Murphy cabin.

Martin Upton sat for a few seconds, then got to his feet and went toward the shore. From under the dock, Gail saw him pull his beach coat around him, but before he got it closed, she had a quick glimpse of the hard bulge at his crotch under the tight blue swim trunks. Gail felt a hard, tight warmness in her belly. The little she knew about sex came from the so-called sex-education classes she had at school. She knew about a man's penis and a woman's pussy, and how they came together to make babies. Intercourse. That's what it was called. But her father had made it sound far more exciting than any textbook ever had. And what he planned with Melanie Dwyer wasn't for the purpose of making a baby. Gail knew that sex was a thing of pleasure that the books didn't tell about. She'd heard her mother and father in bed at night, heard the sounds of pleasure they both uttered as they had intercourse. She'd also heard words like 'fuck' and 'screw' and 'cunt.' And 'hardon.' Her father had one for Melanie. When her father vanished in the house, Gail paddled out from her hiding place. She thought a lot about what she'd heard, thought about it the rest of the day. And by the time she'd gone to bed that night, she knew that she wasn't going to stay there. She was going to sneak out of the cabin and make her way to the Murphys' place. She was going to watch and listen as her father and Melanie met.

Now she was on her way. She didn't bother with a robe since it was still and warm. The air had cooled just enough to make sleep possible and the humidity had dropped so it was pleasant. In the thin short nightie, Gail was warm enough. She eased out of the bedroom and carefully shut the door behind her.

Her parents' bedroom was dark, and Gail knew that her mother hadn't yet returned from the trip to town she'd made with several friends for some kind of meeting. Her mother was always off to something, here at the lake or home in the city. Rebecca Upton rarely sat around doing nothing.

Outside, the moonlight was bright, and Gail stayed close to the house as she crossed toward the dark stand of trees that formed a thick wall between the Upton cabin and the Murphy one. She was afraid that her pale figure would be spotted easily if anyone looked this way, like her father or Melanie. In the light gown, she was like a ghost hovering along the edge of the shadows. But maybe Melanie and Dad would be too busy to look up, She hoped so: she was counting on it.

Her belly had that hard feeling again, something inside her stirred at the thought of the education that was about to be given her. She licked her lips and ran lightly across the patch of open yard to the trees. She was panting for breath, and she moved slowly now, touching tree trunks to guide her to the next yard. The screened summerhouse of the rendezvous was backed almost to the wall of trees on this side, and she would be able to hide out of sight while she listened and watched. The moonlight would bathe the small enclosure from the clearing on the opposite side, making the patio a stage for her viewing. Dry leaves and pine needles cracked under her bare feet, and Gail felt a moment of panic for fear the couple in the patio would hear her. Her heart was pounding so loud it seemed impossible that it couldn't be a drumbeat in the night. But she could see the whitish screens now, She paused and listened. There were no voices, no noises at all. Gail caught her lip between her teeth and peered at the summerhouse. A tiny point of light glowed in the shadows at the far side. A cigarette.

Her father was alone, sitting on a large lounge chair, smoking. He sat hunched over as though in pain and every few seconds he stared off in the direction of Melanie's house. She hadn't gotten there yet. Gail smiled and settled against a tree to wait.

Her father stubbed out the cigarette and got to his feet. Just then the soft sound of someone running on the grass could be heard. Gail saw the pale flutter of Melanie's robe as the girl darted toward the summerhouse.

Martin Upton had the screen door open and grabbed the girl in his arms. "My god! I thought you weren't coming!"

"Aaaaahhhh..." Her words were cut off as Martin jerked her hard against his body and crushed her mouth in a kiss.

His tongue lashed against her lips, forcing them open. He could feel the girl's unfettered tits under the thin robe, feel the hard pips of the nipples against his chest burning at his flesh through the sports shirt he wore. He pressed his crotch to hers, and his cock began to grow hard on contact.

"Christ." He groaned the word as he let her extricate herself from his embrace.

"I told you I'd be here." Melanie sounded excited.

"Take off the robe." He was already skimming his shirt over his head. He tossed it behind him and unfastened his slacks. He had wanted to wait for her to be naked but didn't dare take the chance. Now he wasn't wasting any time peeling down to his skin.

The girl untied the belt at her waist, and the robe fluttered down her arms. She stood very straight and waited for the man to pull his pants from his legs. When he straightened, he said, "Oh, my god!"

Several yards away, Gail stared. Melanie's naked body gleamed like marble in the moonlight. Gail could see the high, full mounds of her breasts and the dark circles of the patches at the tips. The girl's slim waist and gently flaring hips were a frame for the dark patch of pubic hair at her crotch.

Martin stared at the lovely sight before him. She was as full, lush and ripe as he'd known she would be. The skimpy bikini had hinted at the lovely tits that hung beneath it, and now they were uncovered for his eyes. And his hands. He grabbed for her. "Christ, baby." His hands mauled at the plump D-cup mounds, crushing and mashing the firm, youthful flesh. She had no sag at all, just the hard, jutting prominence of youth. He could feel the heat of her body radiate to his palms. He felt the hard pips of her nipples begin to push at his hands, force themselves out of the rosy dark beds of uneven skin and pop forth like blooming flowers. He dragged her to the lounge chair and almost threw her onto it. He was on top of her at once, his hungry mouth searching for the tit and capturing it like a ripe cherry.

The girl moaned and breathed through her mouth. "Ohhhhh, mmm." His mouth was working at her breast, his tongue lapping her flesh and driving her wild. His hands were all over her, probing, digging. Between her legs, at her cunt. God, he was turning her on fast. His hard, angular body was hot on hers, their skin torrid and sweating. She knew that she wanted him. She wanted him bad. She'd been flirting with him all summer whenever she could get away with it, and now he was here, She moved her legs apart and let his hand dive into the warm haven of moist hair. She was already dribbling cunt juice from her excited belly. His hand found it, and he sucked hard on the tit, as his lust grew. He plunged his hand into her, pushing aside the wet folds of erotic flesh, rubbing hard over her clit and sending shivers through her whole body. Now his fingers were deep in her pussy, digging into the pulpy walls of flesh and driving her crazy. Melanie groped for the man's cock.

He let go of her tit then and brought his face up to hers. His fingers never missed a beat of the hot tempo he had going in her pussy. His voice was ragged. "You're not a virgin."



When she didn't answer right away, he hand-fucked her faster and harder as he repeated the question: "Who's had you, baby? How many guys? Kids?" His voice rasped and his breath was a strangled sound deep in his throat.

Melanie realized then that he wasn't asking out of curiosity. It excited him to have her talk about others, She smiled and told him. "Boys, at school."

"No men?" His hand pounded in her cunt.

"Aaaaahhh, no, only you, you're the, first... please."

"Soon, baby, soon, Grab my cock. Yeah, oh, god, yessss, that's the way."

She had him now and she pushed her hand back and forth on the huge, throbbing sex organ. At nine-inches, he was big, bigger than any of the boys she knew, oh, god, she wanted it in her.

"How old were you when you lost your cherry?" His lips were nibbling at her neck, her shoulder, his face pressing into the warm fragrance of her hair.


"Do you know how to suck cock?" He sounded as if he would explode. His belly was a hard knot of passion now, and her hot little hand was sending him out of his bird. Christ, she was going to be good fucking!


"Go ahead; put it in your mouth. You'll like it, baby." He moved with her and got them into the sixty-nine position.

In the darkness of the trees, Gail listened and watched. Somehow she knew exactly what they were talking about, knew exactly what they were doing. Some deep female instinct told her what her previous knowledge did not include. She felt her chest tighten as though a rope were tied around it. She had to lean forward slightly to ease the hard pain in her belly. Something was happening inside her, something strange and exciting. It was almost as if she were being touched on her private parts, excited along with Melanie. She leaned against the tree and slowly sank down along it until she was squatting on the ground. Then she pressed her fist to her mouth to be sure she didn't make any sounds out loud. She turned her complete attention to the couple in the summerhouse.

Melanie wrapped her lips around the huge swollen nine-inch shaft of flesh and began to suck it. It was hot and hard in her mouth, filling it and stabbing into her throat. He moved, forcing the big tool back and forth as though he were fucking her this way. She was shaking, hungry for him and full of hot desire. Her belly was on fire. He pushed her leg up and put his face to her crotch. She almost screamed when the hot spear of his tongue moved across her cunt, searching out her clit and lapping at it violently. No one had ever done that to her before, and she liked it, she liked it very much. It did crazy things to her, things that made her forget everything but the hunger of her body for this man. He was far more talented than any of the kids who had taken Melanie up 'til now. She knew she was going to enjoy this night. His darting tongue stabbed between the hot swollen folds of her labia, parting them and lapping at the juice she was already pouring out for him. It excited him, and he guzzled it greedily. That excited her.

She was enjoying that cock in her mouth thoroughly now. She had regulated her breathing to his movements, and she could concentrate on the lovely smooth head of the tool as it pushed back and forth in her mouth. It was huge, like a giant cap on a stem. The head was slippery and smooth, a glossy lollipop for her tongue. Tiny drops of tart sweet fluid oozed from the small slit at the apex of the head, and the taste of it drove her crazy. She tried to suck out more. The foreskin covering the long stem of the cock was drawn back tightly, and the tight folds around the base of the head moved with each thrust she made. She could feel it slide and come up again each time the cock speared into her mouth. Oh, god, she was hot!

Martin drank up the kid's cunt juice hungrily. She was tight and nice; he could feel the hot lips of her pussy grab at him each time he licked up into her pussy. He could feel those big beautiful knockers bounce against his belly every time she thrust at his prick, and they were hot and heavy. He rubbed his flesh against them, felt with his hands for her ass, pulled her close and held her tight. God, she was sucking up a storm on his cock, and he was wild for her. He wanted to cum right in her fucking mouth, but he knew his orgasm would be that much sweeter for waiting for the young cunt. He gulped for air and pried her thigh from his head, forcing her leg high enough so he could move deeper along her body. He licked his way from the cunt to every inch of flesh around it, flicking the heavy folds of erotic flesh with his tongue nibbling them with his teeth. She was writhing and thrashing under him. He grinned. He wanted her really hot. He wanted her to like it so damned much that she'd come back for more, whenever he wanted her! He started his tongue along the deeper crevice of her ass, heading for her ass to rim it and see how she liked that. He was willing to bet that she'd never had it before. For all her big D-cup tits and popped cherry, she was still a pretty green kid.

It surprised him a little how much he enjoyed the young flesh. He'd known that he'd been taking a chance making a play for a girl so young. Just a kid, but he liked the idea now... even more than the hot body should warrant. Maybe it was the idea of the forbidden fruit of the child, He grinned again and found her ass with his tongue. It surprised her so that she almost let go of his cock. He pushed the hard tool back into her throat and moved his hips so she'd know he wanted her to keep up the good work. Now his tongue was at the tight, tight muscle of her ass. He licked over it, around it, at it. She whimpered but kept sucking him. He could tell that he was turning her on high, and the thought made him lick harder and faster at her ass. He poked his tongue against the tightly drawn muscle and forced it open enough to admit just the tip of his oral organ. She groaned and her body quivered. She'd never had this before...

Melanie felt as if she had fallen into a bubbling cauldron of molten steel. Her whole body ached and boiled for what he was doing to her. She thought she'd go out of her mind when he began to suck her cunt, but now it was even wilder. He was licking her ass and driving her to spasms of wild delight. His fingers found her cunt and began to play in it while his mouth was busy at her back gate. "Oh God!" she moaned on the hard driving cock in her mouth. "Oh God!" Her lips pounded to try to tell him. She was cumming! She couldn't stem the hot tide of orgasm that washed over her. It flooded her, carried her to dizzying heights of ecstasy. She felt the hot spurting juice swamp his hand and run out of her cunt. He felt it, too, and he made a quick move to put his mouth back to the spout of her pussy and drink up the nectar. His face and mouth were covered with her cum-juice, and his tongue lapped furiously to catch as much as it could. Now he was ready, too hot to wait any longer. He shoved her back, forcing her to lie flat on the lounge chair and pulling his cock from her mouth with a loud popping sound. He scrambled on top of her.

"Christ, baby, I'm so fucking hot! Let me in that little love hole, ooooohhhh yeah!"

He was atop her, pushing down at her body with impatient thrusts. His stabbing, swollen shaft of sex found the ready, wet, wide-open target of her pussy. It slammed into her like a piston.

Melanie felt it and when it hit bottom, digging into the thick, wet pulp of her pussy and forcing the tight muscle to spread and let him penetrate the inner opening of her womb, she felt the hot, ready orgasm hit her again.

"Aaahhh! Oooooo, I'm cummmmiinngg!!" She pounded her fists at his naked back, drummed her heels on his ass and tried to force him harder and deeper into her. She was on fire, cumming violently but still knowing she was not through, that he would make her cum again, "Yeeesss!!!"

"Christ, you're tight and hot, how's this baby? , what a fuckhole, mmmm, goooddd." He felt the film of sweat cover his body. The night air seemed ten degrees warmer, but he knew it was the heat radiating from her body and meeting his own. Her cunt was a hot, hugging clamp on his prick. When she came, more hot spurting juice bathed his hard, stabbing tool. It lit new fires for him. He wasn't going to hold off much longer. Not with a wet swamping cunt like this around him. She was damned good fucking, nice tight little-girl fucking, he liked it more and more each second!

Outside the summerhouse, Gail hunched in the shadows and watched and listened. Her young body was shivering, but not from the cold. She had never felt like this before, never known what hot, sweet pain her young organs held. Her mouth was dry, and she kept licking her lips as the girl in the chair a few feet away moaned and cried out in delight. Gail pressed her fists to her belly and tried to stop the hard, hot pain that grew there. Her thighs were moist under the short nightgown, and her hairless pubic mound throbbed with a dull, aching need. She could feel the tiny bud of flesh between the folds of flesh sting and pulse, and she wondered what it would feel like to have a man lick it and touch it. She shivered again and bit her lip to keep the whimpering cry silent.

The couple in the summerhouse probably wouldn't have heard if she screamed aloud. They were caught in the final throes of their passion, fucking hard against each other as Martin's orgasm became imminent.

"Ooooohhh!" The girl's hips rose to meet his thrusting prick.

"Here it comes, kid. Christ, I'm cumming, I'm cummmmiiingg noowww!!!" And he did. The hot, heavy load of semen gushed from his stabbing cock and exploded into her heavenly cunt. It sloshed and bubbled, filling her and mingling with the thick load of her own juices, which had already swamped her hole. It felt like a ten-megaton explosion.

Melanie gasped as the new wave of lust filled her, and was instantly set off to an orgasm by his hot geyser of semen. The man drove the hard shaft into her over and over again, hitting her with new fury and drawing out every drop of fucking cum-juice her young body could produce. Their sex organs meeting made loud, wet sounds in the night and it was difficult for her not to scream aloud her pleasure. Instead, she moaned and groaned it in a rough whisper.

"Mmm, ooowww, yyeeesss, aaaggghhh!!" Her fingers clawed at his smooth, hard shoulders, trying to find a hold in the flesh to keep him close. She was slick with their mingled perspiration, drenched with their mixture of sex secretions. Her whole body tingled hotly. When he finally slowed and came to rest atop her, she was gasping for breath. She clung to him, her arms tight around his damp body as he lay on her. She could feel the hot pressure of his chest and the curled dark hair that covered it on her tits. She could still feel the hard pressure of his cock in her cunt and the heavy pressure of his body against her clit. She wanted the pleasure to last forever.

But he pushed away after a few moments. "Wow, that was the best fuck I've had in a hell of a long time!" he said.

She smiled and reached for his cock as he pulled it from her cunt. It was still firm, but it had lost the rigid need it had been filled with before. She clamped her fist around the slippery wet shaft and stroked it gently. "Really, Mister Upton?"

He fondled a tit and swung his legs over the side of the lounge chair so he could sit up. "Hell, yes! God Almighty, girl, you could please ten men!"

She giggled. "You don't mind that I'm only sixteen?" Melanie asked softly.

He laughed and touched her hand where she held his prick so lovingly. "For a kid, you know how to please that tool." He groped on the floor for his pants to get a cigarette. He lit it and inhaled deeply. "Melanie?"

"Yes, Mister Upton?"

He dragged on the smoke and looked at her in the glow of the halo of light from the cigarette. "I want to see you again, soon."

She didn't answer right away and he squeezed her tit and poked his finger at the dormant nipple to bring it alive again. She felt the tremor run through her. She wanted to see him again. Lots.

"Okay?" he prompted.

She nodded and whispered, "Yes, Mister Upton, yesss."

In the shadow of the trees, Gail was doubled up with the hot pain in her own belly, which had not been satisfied. She was confused, not sure what to do. She had never felt like this before, and it frightened her a little. She had set out to learn and widen her education about grown-up things. Now she was caught in a tight, hot web that she couldn't free herself from. It hadn't helped to see and hear the lovemaking of her father and the neighbor girl. She had learned a lot, a lot indeed. But now she had a very pressing and real problem. One of the things she learned too well was that her own body was longing for the ritual of love. Dazed, she realized now that what she felt was desire, even lust. She wanted to be fucked. She wanted to experience the wonder of a hard cock in her body, feel it throb and push at her female flesh the way Melanie had. Up until now, she had thought of sexual pleasure as something reserved for adults, like her mother and father. Now she realized it could happen much earlier than she had suspected. It had happened to Melanie. It was trying to happen to her, her body was ready; she only needed a man.

She came back to reality with a start. The two figures in the summerhouse were stirring, getting ready to leave.

"...A quick swim to wash off," her father was saying.

"We shouldn't..."

"We can be very quiet. Christ, I can't go back into the cabin dripping with your cunt juice, baby, My wife's not all that dumb!"

Soft laughter. The two figures picked up the clothing they had scattered on the floor in their haste, and let themselves out of the screened enclosure. The two nude figures, arm in arm, ran softly down the slope to the water.

Gail waited until the man and the girl had eased themselves from the end of the dock into the lake. There was hardly a splash to betray their movements, and Gail could no longer see them. She pushed herself to a standing position, holding onto the tree until the tight coiled pain in her belly let up enough for her to stand. She breathed deeply, filling her lungs with the cool night air and trying to slow down her pounding heart. Then very slowly and carefully, she made her way back through the trees toward the cabin.

Crossing the clearing, Gail noted that her mother's car wasn't parked near the cabin. She was still out. Gail couldn't help wondering what her mother would say if she knew about Daddy and Melanie Dwyer. She wondered how wives felt about their husbands having sex with other women, or girls, in this case. The weight in her guts had let up a little, but it wasn't gone. Gail's damp thighs rubbed together as she crept along in the darkness, and the feeling made her excited. Everything seemed to add to her excitement, and she kept wondering what it would feel like to have a man's sex organ up inside her. She let herself into the cabin and made her way to the bedroom stealthily. She closed the door and began to climb into her bed.

"Where have you been?" Ashley's harsh whisper sliced the silence.

Gail jumped and her heart pounded, racing with fright. "To the bathroom," she lied.

"You were not!" Ashley sat up and peered across the space between the beds. "I went to the bathroom and you weren't there! You've been outside!" The voice was trembling and full of accusation. Ashley leaned over so her face was only a few feet from her sister. "What were you doing out there?"

Gail felt the panic swell in her chest. "Nothing. I just went for a walk." She thought quickly. "It was warm and I wanted to cool off."

"I'm gonna tell Mom..."

"No! Don't!" Her panic was real now, and it told in her voice.

Ashley laughed softly. "Then you'd better tell me where you were and what you were doing." Smug satisfaction tinged her words.

Gail got along well enough with her sister. With only thirteen months separating them in age, they shared a lot of the same interests and were only a grade apart in school. But there was a slight rivalry, with Ashley feeling compelled to do everything her older sister did, beat her whenever she could. Yet the two girls felt a closeness in many ways. They were younger by several years than their two brothers. The boys, Arnie and Jeff, were in high school and had interests far beyond the scope of the two 'kid sisters.' Right now, they were off on a canoe trip along some remote Canadian-border lake. They spent only a few days each summer at the lake cabin that Ashley and Gail still loved for the whole summer.

"Okay," Gail said with a sigh. "Come on over here. I don't want Mom or Dad to hear us talking and come in to check."

Ashley scrambled from her bed and hopped onto her sister's. "They're not home," she whispered. "I looked."

Gail nodded. "I know. Mom hasn't gotten back from town yet. And I know where Dad is."

"Oh? Where?"

Gail grinned in the darkness. "Promise not to tell?"

"Of course, dummy. Now, come on. What's this all about? Does your going out in the middle of the night have anything to do with Dad being out?" Ashley was excited and her words came out a little breathlessly.

"Sort of." In a low hushed voice, Gail told her sister about what she had done, beginning with the overheard conversation that afternoon down at the dock. Ashley listened raptly as Gail described her excursion to the Murphys' summerhouse to watch their father and the young girl from down the road meet in their stolen rendezvous. From time to time Ashley interrupted with a question.

"You mean you really saw them naked?"

"Yes, of course. The moonlight was bright and it was almost like daytime. I could see real good."

"What was he like, Daddy? Tell me, ooohhh, tell me everything!" Ashley bounced up and down on the bed.

"I will if you stop interrupting!" Gail delighted in her special knowledge and was eager to talk about it. "He's big. His penis is real long and it was hard, so hard it kind of stuck out from his body instead of hanging down. She grabbed hold of it."


"That's not all. That was just the beginning." In slow, delicious detail, Gail recounted the events that followed. She told her sister how their father had made the girl suck him while he licked and sucked her. "I couldn't see for sure," Gail said, "but I think he was kissing her ass, too. Maybe even licking it."

"You're kidding!"

"No. He pushed way up between her legs and she made all kinds of funny noises. She was really excited, so he must have been doing something. His hands were all over her, in her thing and all!"

"Then what?" Ashley was so excited she could hardly breathe. She wanted to hear everything. Oh, how she wished she had been with Gail to see all these wonderful things!

"Well, after a while, Daddy got on top of her and they, well they, you know."

Ashley kicked her feet against the mattress. "They screwed. Fucked. Oh, gee, I wish I could've seen him slip his dick up her cunt!"

Gail stared at her sister in the dim light of the room. "You, where did you learn."

Ashley giggled. "I've heard Arnie and Jeff talk. They didn't know I was there, but they were talking with that guy, the pal who's always hanging around in the city. You know, Ward Riggs. He thinks he's hot stuff, always talking about screwing girls and feeling their tits and stuff."

"Do you suppose Arnie or Jeff has ever fucked a girl?" Somehow, Gail had never thought about her brothers that way. Now the possibility intrigued her.

Ashley shrugged. "I dunno. Once I saw Jeff without any clothes on and his prick was hard. He kind of doubled over like he wanted to do something with it himself. It was big, really sticking out." She sounded proud of information.

"What did he do?" It was Gail's turn to ask questions. She tried to think of her brother without clothes. Was his sex organ as big as her father's? Jeff was only fifteen, and Gail didn't think it would be. Maybe Arnie's, he was seventeen, almost a man.

"He sat down all bent over and sort of rocked back and forth. I couldn't tell if he was holding himself or not. Then I heard someone coming and I had to duck."

"Where was this?" Gail wanted to know.

"In the house, the city. I was outside the window. He didn't see me, didn't even know I was around. I had just come back from the park and no one else was home. He was taking a shower, and when he came out of his bathroom and into the bedroom, I saw him."

"Well, if his penis can get hard, I suppose he could fuck a girl."

Ashley giggled. "If any girl would have him! He's such a dope!"

The two huddled and smothered their giggles in the bedclothes. Then Ashley said, "Tell me more about Daddy and that girl. It makes me feel all funny inside when I hear things like that!"

"Me, too. Gosh, I even got wet between the legs while I watched them and heard the stuff they said."


"Uh-huh. I felt all squishy inside, like I wanted it, too." There, she said it. Out loud, she'd said the thought that had been growing inside her head ever since she'd witnessed the scene in the screened patio.

For a moment the bedroom was silent. Ashley looked at her and Gail felt tingly all over. Ashley let her breath out in a long, slow sound, like the wind against a screen. "Yeah," she whispered. "Sometimes I think things like that. At school Shannon Doyle had a book with some pictures, screwing pictures."

"Real ones?"

"Uh-huh. Photographs, in color. Her dad sent away for it and she swiped it from his desk. We looked at it in the girls' bathroom. Wow! They were something. And when I saw those pictures, I felt kind of funny, too. Like you say, all squishy inside. I'd like to have a man's cock go up into me. Mmmm, it must feel good. The girls in the pictures sure looked happy."

Gail nodded. "Melanie sure liked it. You should've heard her!"

"I listened to Mom and Dad once." Ashley confessed.

Gail giggled. "Me, too. I even peeked through the keyhole and saw them."

"Really? Was it good?"

"Well, I couldn't see too much through that little hole, but I liked it. Gosh, I wonder."

They were quiet again for several moments, knowing each other's thoughts without words. Ashley spoke first. "Why don't we find out what it's like for ourselves."


She shrugged. "Get someone to fuck us."

Gail felt her mouth go dry again. It was exactly what she had been thinking and now the exciting thought was out and taking form.

"We don't have big tits yet or anything. How are we gonna get some guy to go for us? I don't even have any hair down there yet," Gail said with a sigh. She peered at her sister in the gloom. "Do you?" The idea that her sister might be ahead of her was alarming.

Ashley laughed. "No, but Shannon Doyle says men like to fuck little girls' twats. They're nice and tight."

"How would she know?" Gail scoffed.

"Well, promise not to tell? She swore me to secrecy."

Gail's head bobbed up and down quickly. "Sure, sure!"

"Well," Ashley said, "she says her uncle fucked her. You know, her father's brother lives with them. He's thirty years old and not married. Shannon says he climbed into bed with her one night when her folks were gone and began to play with her. When she didn't get scared, he did other things, you know, let her touch his thing and get it hard; then he put it in her. He told her how tight she was and how he liked young girls and she was very special. He said that lots of times uncles and nieces do it together, even fathers and daughters."

Gail's breath was a tight band in her chest. "You think she was telling the truth or lying?"

Ashley shrugged again. "I don't know, but it would be pretty hard to make up all the stuff she told me. I mean, how would she know it?"

"Maybe she read that book, the one her father had."

"No, it was just pictures. Shannon had lots more detail, like what it felt like and stuff. I think maybe she was telling the truth. She even made me swear not to tell any of the other kids for fear someone would let it slip to a grownup and it would get to our folks. She didn't want anything to spoil it between her and her uncle."

"You mean they still do it? More?"

Ashley nodded. "Every time they're alone in the house, she says."


They thought about it awhile, staring into the dim room and trying to imagine what it would be like to know a man physically and intimately. Then Gail said, "Do you suppose we could get Arnie or Jeff to do it?"

Ashley made a face. "Maybe, but why don't we try Dad?"


"Sure, you said yourself he was big and hard for Melanie. Maybe he likes young girls."

Gail remembered a fragment of the hushed conversation of the couple in the screened summerhouse. "You don't mind that I'm only sixteen?," "You could please ten men." Their father had enjoyed the young girl, he liked the tight cunt. He'd liked it very, very much.

"Should we?" Ashley asked again.

"Okay," Gail agreed. "Let's!" For a minute, they hugged each other and giggled with their delightful secret. Then they tried to think of a way to accomplish their purpose.

"We have to get him alone somewhere," Gail said.

"Yeah, then we have to get him hard and hot. Shannon says once a guy gets hot he wants to fuck and can't stop. So if we can turn him on good, he'll do it."

"Should both of us try at the same time?" Gail questioned.

Ashley chewed her lip. "We might scare him off. It might be better to start a little slower, just one of us."

They peered at each other, neither asking the question but both thinking the same thing. Which one?

They heard the car then and saw the sweep of lights across the back of the house.

"Mom's home!" Ashley scrambled from her sister's bed. "We can talk about it tomorrow. Gosh, I'm so excited!" She hurried back to her own bed.

Gail pulled the sheet up over her head and curled up in a tight ball under it. She was very excited, not only by the thought of what might be coming in the future but still by the thoughts of what she had seen earlier tonight. Cautiously, she put her hand between her legs and felt the upper parts of her slim thighs. They were slippery and still slightly damp. She hadn't imagined it then. She was wet and ready for a man. That's what the pain in her belly was. Gail knew for sure that she wanted to be first; she wanted to be the one who felt her own father's big, swollen cock push up into her virgin cunt. She wanted to feel his weight atop her, feel his hands all over her body as they had been on Melanie's. Even though she didn't have big, swollen boobs like Melanie, she wanted her father to rub her and make her feel good. She touched her breasts, searching for some sign of swelling, some indication that she would soon develop into a woman. Was it her imagination or could she feel a slight swelling, a new fullness there? She sighed and buried her face in the sheets. Gail's mother had talked to her about growing up, about the onset of her menstrual periods and the growth of her body. Mom had even suggested that it would start any time. After all, she was almost eleven, would be in four months. Lots of girls began that early, Mom had said. Gail snuggled down under the sheet and smiled. Maybe getting fucked would help her grow up faster.

Melanie felt the cool water on her overheated body and submerged quickly. She was still overheated from the exciting, wild time the man had shown her up in the screened summerhouse. Wow! She'd known it would be good, but he had surpassed her wildest dreams. He was a man, a real man. That hard-driving cock was something else again. It made all the others she had had, the boys she knew, pale to insignificance. Not that they weren't good, she liked fucking no matter who gave it to her! But Upton was special. And the things he'd said and done, mmmmm, it had been delightful. She could still feel the tingling delight in her belly. God, how she'd cum! Over and over! And she thought she'd die when he licked her ass. That had been wild.

Melanie swam out and floated on her back in the moonlight. Her tits stood up high, like sails above her body. The cool water made her nipples pop again, and the pulling sensation was pleasant. She heard the splash and saw Upton swimming slowly toward her. She treaded water and smiled, waiting for him.

"Hi, baby." His hand groped for her crotch under the surface. He darted his head toward her and tried to kiss her.

"Shhhhh, sound carries on the water," she warned.

"Then swim in with me so I can fuck you again," he whispered. He tugged at her arm.

She laughed softly and swam along with him until they reached shallow water. He grabbed her quickly and pressed his naked length along hers. She felt the hard pressure of the stiff cock at his crotch, knew he was hard for her again, wanted her. The thought excited her and she spread her legs under the water and arched her body to him.

"Christ!" He poked upward, missing on the first try and bending for a new thrust. The second try was successful, and his prick spread her pussy and pierced the washed cunt. The cool lake water exploded into her body with him and she shivered delectably. He shoved harder and completed his penetration.

"Jeeezzz!" He was humping at her.

"Shh, ooohhh, aaahh!" She almost forgot about sound carrying when he slammed up into her cunt. She was hot all over again. He scraped against her clit every time he jabbed, and shivers of lust raced through her belly. She wanted him again, wanted him now. But he couldn't get good leverage this way, and he had to juggle his balance to stay up. After a few impatient tries, he grabbed her arm and dragged her toward the dock. Wordlessly, he pushed her over it in the shallow water, making her lie face down with her ass angled toward him as he stood behind her. His crotch was in place now, and he stabbed the hot tool toward her again. Melanie almost screamed when instead of digging into her cunt the thick whipping prick found the tight hole of her ass. He pushed on it, and she whimpered. He pressed harder then, and lay his weight on her, putting his face close to hers.

"Be quiet," he whispered. "Relax."

Then he pushed hard and the cock drove itself right into her ass. She stuffed her fingers in her mouth to cut off the cry of pain and hot lust that flooded through her and made her forget everything but wanting him again. Her feet came off the bottom and splashed on the surface of the water. He pressed his face against her so she could make no sound. Then he braced himself on his arms along her ribs and began to fuck the tight, hot tunnel with furious strokes of lusting need. He wanted her again, this way, hot and dry and in the ass. He felt the surging power of his new erection and lust. He was going to cum again. He was going to cum now! He shoved it up her, snaked back for another thrust, pushed harder. She was so fucking tight his foreskin jerked along the length of his cock as if it would be pulled off. The thick ridge of the head of the tool scraped along the stinging-hot tissues. A few dribbles of juice leaked from his cock and oiled the tunnel, and that set him off. He came in a hard burst of spurting semen, came as good as he had earlier in her cunt.

When he was done, he backed off her slowly, panting for breath and weak with his own pleasure. She lay very still for several seconds, and he got a little worried. Maybe he'd been too rough. He walked over to her and bent over her.

"Are you all right, baby?" he whispered.

Melanie moaned softly. "Yes. Oh, my god! I came again! You made me cum again!" She sounded shocked.

He grinned and slapped her ass playfully. "It was good. Haven't you ever been fucked in the ass before?"

"No. Oh, my god, it was wonderful!"

It was his turn to remind her to be quiet. "Shh, we'd better get out of here now before we get caught!"

She stood up, walked into the water again and bathed her hot, throbbing body. She watched him sluice water over his cock, then bend so he could douse it good before he emerged from the lake and picked up his clothes. He dried himself with his shorts, then pulled on his clothes. He was putting on his shoes when she ambled out of the water finally. Even now after he'd taken her so many times, she was a beautiful sight in the moonlight. Her big, firm tits bobbed on her ribs and water dripped from the nipples. The dark triangle of hair at her crotch was a thin shadow on her pearly flesh.

He let her use his shorts to dry herself before putting on her gown and robe again. Then he kissed her lightly and asked if she wanted him to walk her back to her cabin.

"No," she said quickly. "My father or someone might be up. I'll sneak in." She turned and started away.

He grabbed her arm. "Melanie, when will I see you again?"

She giggled, and let him pull her close in a hard kiss, one heightened by his probing tongue. "I'll be around."

"That's not what I mean."

"I don't know," she said. She was still a little scared of being found out, and she knew it was impossible to make plans very far in advance. She'd have to wait and see what happened tomorrow. God knew she sure wanted him again, soon. The sooner the better, and the more he wanted her, the better she liked it.

She left him then, scurrying through the trees and shadows. Near her own house, she paused and listened. She thought she'd heard a sound in the brush behind her, but it didn't come again. She decided it must've been a nocturnal animal, and she walked on slowly. She had spent her summers at the lake place for many years, and she wasn't afraid of the dark, lonely road. She rather liked the privacy it afforded. She was glad she had consented to meet Upton, and that everything had gone so great. It was the best part of the whole summer, of any summer. It was the best thing in her whole life. The cabin was dark and she let herself into her bedroom quietly. Her heart was still pounding at a fast rate, and she slipped into bed and shivered delightedly. She closed her eyes and thought about the man she had left. The sound was so soft that she wasn't sure she heard it, but her eyes flew open and the shadowy figure was bending over her. She gasped but no sound came from her lips.

"Shhh, it's me, Sean." Her brother put his hand on her shoulder, and his fingers gripped her flesh hard.

"Ohh, what are you doing here?" She could hardly talk.

"Move over." He shoved at her body. He was climbing into the bed and she tried to shove him back.

"What the hell do you think?"

"Shut up, you little cunt, fucking cow-whore!" he said. "I watched you with him. Don't give me any of your lip." His hands grabbed at her under the sheets. She was scared. He had seen her and Upton! My god! But what,

She didn't have a chance to wonder long. His hand was under her nightgown, jerking the thin cloth up and feeling for her crotch, prying in the thatch of sparse hair.

"Spread your legs, baby sister. I want some of that hot cunt you've been giving away so goddamned freely!"

She shook her head, unable to believe she had heard right. Her own brother was planning to fuck her!

He knifed his knee between her legs and climbed over her. She realized then that he was naked. His hot, dribbling prick stabbed at her belly as he tried to find her cunt with it.

"Don't!" she said and tried to push him away.

"Don't act coy with me, Melanie. How would you like it if I tell your boy friend Mister Upton that you're not sixteen yet? You're not even fourteen! Won't be for three months. He's been fuckin' a goddamned kid, jailbait!" He shoved at her, and the hot cock hit her labia, seared the flesh and made her shudder.

"No, don't tell him!"

"Then give me a piece of the action. Or maybe I'll tell Pa you've been sucking and fucking around with the neighbors."

His cock darted up into her. She was dry from the hard screwing she'd had and the effects of the cool lake water. She hadn't expected another session. He pushed in hard, forcing his pounding cock into her cunt. It pulled and she bit her lip to keep quiet. Then he was in, all the way in, and she was feeling a new warm wetness inside her. It flowed slowly at first, then exploded quickly as he began to push in and out of her with short, measured strokes. God, she was hot again! Her own brother was making her hot and wet and ready to cum. She lifted her knees and clamped his darting hips and rode with him.

In muffled silence they grunted and humped together in the dark bedroom. Only yards away, their parents slept, unaware of the wild passion that was being pursued by their son and daughter in another bedroom.

Melanie felt the hard pressure of her pending orgasm. Her brother's prick was a hard, stabbing spear lancing into her young cunt. She thought about the lie she'd told Upton about her age. She'd been pretending to be older ever since she met the Uptons the previous year, when they'd bought the cabin. She'd seen Upton before, he'd owned a cabin several miles away on another lake. When he bought the one here, she'd made up her mind she wanted to have him. She was afraid that if he knew she was only thirteen, he'd never come near her. Even though she had the body of a woman. So she'd lied, and he hadn't found out. And she had gotten caught by her brother. But he was good, almost as good as Upton. She pressed her legs and raised her hips to tell him she was going to cum. He didn't need any encouragement. He was so damned hot he knew it was only a matter of minutes. He'd been hot ever since he spotted his sister sneaking out of the house and followed her to the place where she met Upton. He'd listened and watched from the shadow of trees along the road. And he'd seen and heard plenty. Enough to make him hard and needy. And now he was finding out that his kid sister was plenty damned good, just like Upton had said. God, she was tight and firm, like a virgin. At seventeen, Sean had fucked enough girls to know the difference between an experienced and an inexperienced twat. And his sister knew a lot, a hell of a lot.

He came then, ejaculating his load of churning, boiling semen into the swamp hole that sucked him deep with each thrust. He came, drove hard, and came some more. He could tell by the hard, twitching spasms of her cunt that she was cumming, too, and the idea made him grin. He was as good as old man Upton any fucking day of the week. After a long time, he climbed off her and sat panting a few minutes on the edge of the bed. She lay very quietly for a long time; then her hand moved over his rump and squeezed his ass gently.

"It was very good, Sean."

He grinned and grabbed for one of those big tits, which were hidden under the thin nightgown she was wearing. He liked the feel of her ripe woman-flesh. It was hard to believe that she was only thirteen and had tits that size, and a cunt so talented.

"Okay, kid. I'll let myself out." He moved off in the shadows, stooped to pick up his clothes. The door closed silently behind him.

She was alone. She lay hugging her belly for a minute. Her body had given her so much pleasure tonight, that it was hard to overcome. She still tingled and felt good all over. Her legs were almost numb with the rays of lasting pleasure that radiated through them. Finally, she forced herself to get up and tiptoe into the bathroom to clean herself. She let the thick juice drip from her body, then took a washcloth and wet it under the tap. She scrubbed at her genitals with the harsh rag for several minutes, then tossed it into the laundry hamper. She drank a large glass of water and went back to bed. She was asleep almost the instant her head touched the pillow.

When Gail and Ashley woke the following morning, they were surprised to find their mother already up. Usually after she'd been out late she slept until noon, and the girls were left on their own to amuse themselves.

Rebecca Upton was still pretty at thirty-seven. Her face was oval shaped and smooth-skinned, giving her a youthful look. She helped the natural blonde of her hair with Tighteners, and she had managed to keep her figure despite four children and approaching middle age.

She smiled at her girls now and set out cereal and milk for their breakfast. "You two want to ride along with me today?"

"Where?" they asked in unison.

She made a face at them. "This is the day Arnie and Jeff get back from their canoe trip. I have to pick them up at Wakefield."

Gail had forgotten that her brothers were due back now. Normally she would enjoy the ride to the town sixty miles away and the chance to poke around in the stores before coming back to the isolation of the cabin. But she was reluctant to go today. She woke up with thoughts of what she and Ashley had discussed the night before, the plan about their father, and somehow it seemed essential that she stay here at the cabin while he was here. She waited for Ashley to answer first.

With her ever-present enthusiasm, Ashley accepted the idea readily. "Can I go?" She was always eager for a trip.

Rebecca smiled. "Sure, glad to have company. How about you, Gail?" She glanced at the older girl.

Gail shook her head. "Naw, I don't feel like riding today."

Her mother raised her eyebrows in surprise. "Not sick, are you?"

"No," Gail said quickly. "Feel great. But it's hot and I'd rather swim."

Her mother nodded and turned back to pile dishes in the sink. Ashley looked at her sister suspiciously, as though suddenly remembering there might be a reason to stay at the cabin. She was trying to decide if the slim plans they'd made the previous night were sufficient enough to make her miss out on a day's fun in town. She decided against it, and began spooning cereal into her mouth again.

After breakfast, Ashley cornered Gail in the hall before running out to the car, where her mother was already waiting.

"You gonna try anything now? I mean with Dad," she whispered sharply.

"No, of course not." It didn't sound too convincing.

Ashley frowned. "Maybe I should stay home."

Gail shrugged. "Suit yourself. I'm going swimming." She turned and entered the bedroom. Her heart was pounding with the excitement of the lie she had told her sister and she was afraid Ashley would know it. The younger girl stood in the doorway several seconds, watching while Gail pulled her swimsuit from the rack in the bathroom that opened off their bedroom. Then she turned and ran out to the car.

Gail stood listening to the sound of the car as it moved off down the road. The country silence closed around the small cabin again, and Gail let her breath out slowly. She dropped the bathing suit over the edge of the tub and leaned toward the other door of the small bathroom. The room opened off the two bedrooms of the cabin. On the other side of the door, her father was still sleeping, she knew. She imagined she could hear the faint sound of his breathing.

She chewed at her lip and wondered what to do next. Could she get her father excited, get him to touch her or want her? In the light of day, the plan that had seemed so exciting the night before seemed doubtful this morning. She felt shivery at the idea and turned away from the door to pick up the bathing suit again.

But she might not have a better chance or one as good. The others were gone, only she and her father were in the house. And he was sleeping, naked. Often she had caught glimpses of him as he got out of bed in the morning and moved sleepily toward the bathroom. He was always naked, never wore pajamas or underwear to bed. She thought of the glimpses she'd had of him and of the shadowy figure in the patio the night before. His cock was big and hard. When he got up in the morning, sometimes she had seen it hard, too. Maybe he always woke up that way.

The idea thrilled her, and she knew she had to make at least an attempt to get to him. But she couldn't climb into his bed just like that, could she? She looked down at the shorts and shirt she had donned when she got up. No, that would be a mistake. Besides, she wanted to feel him warm and close to her flesh. Quickly she went back to her own bedroom and pulled off the brief outfit she was wearing. She got a shortie nightgown of very thin cotton from her drawer and pulled it over her head. She didn't bother with the tiny panties that were supposed to go with the gown. She glanced it herself in the mirror and made a face. Damnit, she had no shape at all! She thought about Melanie's big tits and how her father had handled them and liked them. She felt her own flat chest. Only the slightest swelling rose under her palms. She sighed and tried to push at the tiny mounds of flesh and make them bulge more, but it didn't help. She could see the dark circles of her nipples through the thin cloth. Would he like them? She lifted the gown and stared at the image in the glass. Her pubic area was smooth and round, still childish. She ran her hand over it and was sure she felt a faint fuzz, the beginning of the thatch of hair that would someday cover her there. How could she still be such a child in build when she felt so grown-up inside? Just thinking about her father made her belly tighten. She closed her eyes for a second and imagined again the scene she had witnessed the night before, her father's big swollen cock spearing into the young girl's cunt. She gasped as her imagination made her shiver delectably. Quickly, she left the bathroom and let herself into her parents' bedroom. The shades were still drawn and the room was dim. The sun didn't reach this side of the house until afternoon, and the thick wall of trees beyond the windows kept the house in shadows. Across the room she saw the mound of her father's sleeping body. She tiptoed to the bed.

He was sleeping with his mouth slightly open but breathing softly and regularly. His naked chest was dark on the stark-white sheet, which he had tossed half off his body. The white cloth slashed across his flat, firm belly and tangled under his body. One leg sprawled on top of the sheet, and the other was covered. Gail stood staring at him. The dark, tightly curled hair on his chest looked like a soft, down mat, and Gail resisted the impulse to reach out and feel it. Her father grunted and rolled to his side, his legs kicking at the sheet and pushing it out of his way. Gail held her breath. The sheet had fallen away from his hip and she could see the long, soft rope of his cock. It lay across his thigh like a sleeping snake. She studied it, bending close to the bed for a good look. She had never seen a penis up close and it sure didn't look like the pictures in the diagrams in her sex-education classes! It was thick and dark in color. A few dark hairs sprouted along its length, and the base of it was hidden in a dark thatch of curled strands. Below the dormant organ, two large, roundish balls fell sideways onto his leg. She studied these closely. The skin was ridged like seersucker cloth. The color of the balls was dark red, darker than his penis. The sac was covered with a thin layer of sparse hair. Beyond, she saw a darker patch where the crevice of his body curved toward his ass. She heard the sound and suddenly realized it was her own breath. Her heart was pounding and she felt the first signs of wetness between her legs. She moved closer to the bend of his body and put her face as close to his sex organs as she dared without waking him. She could smell the sweet odor of his sex organs and it excited her even more. She took a deep breath and very carefully climbed into bed with him. He moved, straightening his body and she quickly pushed her length along it. She could feel the heat from him touch her, and she found it was hard to breathe. She was very quiet, and her flesh quivered as she strained to press against her father's sleeping form. She had planned in her mind what she would say if he woke too soon and questioned her, but she was still hoping she might be able to get some pleasure from him before he came to enough to realize it was her. She was counting on his normal groggy state when he woke. She knew that he barely opened his eyes, scarcely knew what was going on for a long time after he wakened. He hated to wake early, and getting up on time for work was always a chore for him. Now she snuggled against his body, making sure that her nightgown pushed up and her naked belly and thighs were on him. Ooooohhh, he's so warm and so wonderfully soft! She let her belly scrape along his crotch hair gently. It sent shivers of rushing delight through her. She had to bite her lip to keep from whimpering her pleasure. She felt the penis between their bodies stir. It seemed to grow fatter, thicker, pull up from its at-rest position. Gail wanted very much to look at it, see what was happening, maybe even touch the cock with her hot hand, but she didn't dare move. The feeling in her belly where the hot tool touched her flesh was too wonderful to risk losing or disturbing. With great care, she eased even closer to him. The tip of his prick jerked and slid along her pubic mound. Gail thought she would die from the wild, fiery delight that raced through her whole body. She gritted her teeth to keep from shivering.

The extremely thick nine-inch cock was hard now, stabbing out from his balls and thighs, jutting toward her young flesh. Gail arched her back so her crotch moved closer. At the same time, she lifted one leg so there was enough space for the thick, red-tipped hot poker to go between her legs. She had no idea how to get it inside her; she wasn't even sure where to aim, but she knew she wanted to feel it on her thick, dry mound of flesh, feel it move toward her wet folds around the opening to her body. She moved again and captured the prize she sought, then lowered her leg to clamp it tightly between her quivering thighs. Her father mumbled in his sleep and his tongue ran over his dry lips. Gail could feel his breath over her hair and she could feel the tiny nipples of her tits press at the mat of hair on his chest. Still sleeping, her father tossed his arm over her and pinned her close to him. Tears filled Gail's eyes. She was so hot. So warm. She knew that something very strange was happening inside her body, and she longed for the fulfillment of sexual intercourse. She knew she wanted the hot penis between her legs to push upward into her and fill her, She wanted it so badly she couldn't lie still. She wiggled her ass and tried to force the stiff organ upward. Her father grumbled and moved again, rolling toward her and pushing her almost onto her back. For a second she thought her thighs would lose their grip on the cock, but he moved forward and it stayed in the warm haven of her childish pussy. Her cunt had come alive now, aching and wet for him. She could feel the slow trickle of her juices wet the tool, and it twitched to make her even hotter. She had known it would be fun, exciting, but even this little bit was driving her crazy. She couldn't stand the pressure in her guts any longer. She had to make her move, had to try to accomplish her purpose. God, she was getting wetter and tenser by the minute! She wiggled and tried to impale herself on his shaft of flesh. The wet, hot head slid over her labia and past the tiny cunt opening. She moaned softly, almost in tears now. He was lying almost atop her and she couldn't move enough to force the change of position she wanted. And to push at him, to try to move him, would surely waken him. And she was afraid of what would happen then. After all, he was her father, and he didn't need her for sex the way she needed him. He had Mom and he had Melanie... maybe even other girls or women. But she had no one but him... and she wanted him now.

She moved again and the hot spear touched her swollen tissues. She held the cock there, tightening her thighs around it, forcing the big prick between the folds of erotic flesh. It touched her clit and sent shock waves of pleasure through her lower belly. But his cock was flat against her cunt and she couldn't wiggle enough to poke it upward. In desperation, she finally reached down with her hand and grabbed her father's cock.

The sudden motion woke him. Her father grunted, rolled half off her; then, as if thinking better of it he rolled back and onto her. It was a reaction without thought, a sexual need he wanted fulfilled. He wasn't aware of who lay beneath him. In his groggy state, he probably thought it was her mother, Gail decided. She quickly spread her legs and held her breath, waiting for him to complete the action he had started. Martin Upton came awake very slowly, not wanting to open his eyes to face the new day. He hadn't slept enough, he wanted to sack out longer, but, Christ, he was hard, and Rebecca was pulling him onto her and into her. He could always use a quickie then go back to sleep. Without opening his eyes he rolled on top of her. His cock was stiff and he felt the heavy pulse pounding along its length and deep in his guts where his action began. He pushed between her legs. He was only dimly aware that it was different this time, and his foggy brain made no effort to identify the difference. Smooth flesh, he thought. He pushed and the tip of his cock parted the hot lips and tried to enter her. Christ, why the hell didn't she open her fucking legs and let him get in her snatch! He shoved again and heard the tiny whimper. He opened his eyes and found himself staring down at his ten-year old daughter.

For a moment he was too stunned to move. He was braced over her, his hard cock stabbed between her slim legs, the tip of it already wet and uncorked from the sheath of foreskin, ready for fucking. He had thought it was Rebecca! A wave of horror washed over him at what he had almost done.

He forced himself away from her naked flesh and dropped back onto the bed, propping himself on one elbow and shaking his head in disbelief.

"My God! Gail! What are you doing here!" His voice rasped from his throat like fingernails on a blackboard. His kid! He'd almost fucked his kid! His face was filmed with cold sweat. He saw her glance at his genitals and he quickly jerked the sheet to cover himself. She tried to smile at him.

"Are you all right, baby?" he asked quickly. He was scared, so scared his guts ached. He'd almost fucked his own kid! He looked at her now, lying there with her nightgown tangled all around her so her baby cunt was open to his sight. His mouth went dry and he looked away. Why the hell wouldn't his prick go down! The goddamned thing was still as hard as tooled steel. He laid his arm across his lap and tried to look as though he had nothing to hide. His massive fucking cock was sticking up like a post.

"Yes, I'm all right," Gail said in all very small voice. She didn't sound all right, and he peered at her.

"You sure, honey?"

She nodded and bit her lip.

"God, baby, I'm sorry. Christ, I was half-asleep. I didn't..." He couldn't go on and he had to look away again. His cock was still a ramrod and his loins ached. What the hell was the matter with him! He glanced at her again. She looked so damned sweet and innocent lying there. The thin nightgown she wore barely covered her flesh, and he could see the dark patches of her nipples through it. He wished she'd pull down the gown, or cover herself so he couldn't see the smooth, gleaming mound of her pubic area. He didn't have the guts to do it for her. He didn't dare touch her, not the way he still felt. His mind whirled in confusion, and he felt as though he had a colossal hangover. With guilt, he remembered the girl last night, Melanie. Maybe his sleeping brain had been busy with thoughts of her when he tried to mount Gail.

Gail touched his arm, "I'm all right, Daddy, honest." She smiled and he had to offer half a smile in return.

"You're sure?" he asked.

"Yes, I'm sure."

"What are you doing in here?" he asked.

She licked her lips in a quick nervous gesture and smiled again. "I wasn't feeling so good. Mom and Ashley went to pick up the boys, but I didn't feel good so I went back to bed. Then I felt worse, and I got scared. So I came in here." She couldn't look at him with the huge lie on her tongue.

He put his hand to her forehead. She felt a little warm but not really feverish. "Where does it hurt, honey?" he asked.

She hesitated, then pressed the palm of her hand to her belly. He frowned, forgetting his own problem as his concern for the child grew. He touched the naked flesh of the smooth white belly below the line of tan where her shorts and swimsuit ended. She was firm and warm, and he probed his fingers gently at the flesh. Appendix? He poked but she didn't jump.

"Does that hurt?" he questioned.

She shook her head.




She shook her head. "Down further." The two words were barely a whisper. Would he do it? Would he touch her where she wanted him to touch her? She held her breath and closed her eyes partway, watching him through the narrow slits.

He paused, unsure, yet needing to know. Slowly, his hand moved down on her body. The heat seemed to increase and he couldn't resist the pressure that seemed to grow on his fingers. He was hypnotized by the gentle swelling just above the juncture of her thighs. She was still lying as she'd been when he climbed off her, with her legs spread slightly. He had a spasm of lust as the memory of his hot cockhead against that virgin territory assailed him. He was sweating again, but he couldn't move his hand from her pubic mound. It was so smooth, so incredibly warm and smooth. He felt his fingers twitch, and her body quivered slightly under them.

"This where it hurts?" he asked. He pressed lightly and had to catch his breath as his cock jerked violently with desire. Somewhere deep in his conscience, he knew it was a game, that she wasn't in pain, but he couldn't stop. His hand moved again, over the hump and to the softer flesh of the edge of her labia. She shivered now, and he didn't look up at her. His fingers probed gently at the softer part of the hill of erotic flesh, moving gently and slowly down and toward the crevice that hid her virgin cunt.

"Yes, there, yesss." Her words were escaping breaths fluttering in the quiet room, hovering between them like a lover's plea.

He swallowed hard. His throat was very dry now and he was having trouble breathing. His lungs were on fire, and his belly was a tight knot of pain. His prick was poking the sheet upward and a small spot of wetness stained the peak of the tented cloth.

She moved, very suddenly, and his hand was between her legs, burning against the hot, damp tissues of her youth. Martin's breath made a harsh sound in his throat and he bent forward before he could get control of himself. He forced himself to pull away from her.

"Oooowww," she moaned in mock pain and closed her eyes.

He looked at her, trying to read the expression on her face, trying to understand what was happening between them. For a few seconds, he could've sworn she was doing this deliberately! He gnawed at his lower lip. That was impossible. She was only a child, ten years old! She wasn't even mature yet! It couldn't be, it simply couldn't be! It had all been in his mind, a product of his conscience about Melanie and his horny dreams in the night that followed. He'd wakened with a pee hard, and moved to her without knowing what he was doing. She was just a kid, a lovely little girl who,

She opened her eyes and smiled at him.

The tight pain in his chest eased slightly and he breathed again. "You feel better now, baby?"

"A little."

"Well, you'd better get back to your own bed now and maybe you can sleep a little." He had to get her out of here, get away from her before his own pain got any worse. He couldn't believe his own physical feelings at this moment, and he didn't trust himself. And he couldn't get out of bed with the goddamned hardon he had. He touched her hip lightly and she rolled toward the edge of the bed.

She sat up and the thin nightgown fell over her enticing, smooth crotch. "Daddy?" She looked over her shoulder at him and smiled. "You're not mad at me, are you?"

"Of course not, baby; why would I be mad?" His voice was creaky and his mouth dry.

"'Cause I came into your bed..."

"No, don't be silly. I just want you to feel better."

She nodded solemnly again and wet her lips with the tip of her tongue. "I do feel better now," she said slowly. "Being with you and having you touch me, hold me, that made me feel good."

She got up then and walked slowly across the room before he could react to her words. He watched her until the door closed behind her. Then he sat for several minutes just staring.

His mind raced over the possible meanings of her last words. No, he was being foolish again, reading things into her words that shouldn't be there. It was his own crazy mixed-up lust that was hinting at sexual overtones in what the child said. God, he had to stop thinking these things.

He threw back the sheet and climbed out of bed. His cock was still hard and jutting. He could feel the thick pulse-beat along the length of it, the hard pressure of need in his balls. He had gotten excited being near her, his own daughter, ten years old, and he'd wanted her. He pushed the thought from his mind, refusing to accept it despite his knowledge that it was true. He'd be careful from now on, make sure he wasn't alone with her in situations like this. God, that had been close. He entered the bathroom and stood over the sink to wash. What would he have done if he had not wakened at the moment he did? Suppose he hadn't realized who it was with him until he had already penetrated her pussy? Suppose he'd realized it was Gail only when he was already at the height of his lust, taking what he wanted, getting his passion spent? Would he have been able to pull out? Would he have wanted to? He bent over the sink and doused his face with cold water, cupping it in his palms and holding it to his hot face over and over until some of the fever began to dissipate. He had to stop thinking about it. Of course he would have stopped! The shock would have ended any need he had. But he was human... He finished washing, and sluiced cold water over his cock, which was still struggling with the fullness of its need. He felt the cold, sharp sting of the water, and the shock helped reduce the hardon. He was all right now, he told himself. He was all right. He opened the medicine cabinet and reached for his toothbrush.

In her own bedroom, Gail sat cross-legged on the bed, facing the bathroom door. She had closed the door to her father's bedroom from the bath but had left the second one to her own room open. She wanted to watch him, to see him. When he entered the bathroom he went right to the sink and held cold water to his face. She could see his hard cock jutting between his legs as he bent over the basin, and she licked her lips. The memory of that hard, hot tool on her flesh made her shiver with delight. Oh, why had he wakened when he did! Another minute and she would've known what it felt like to be fucked! He had been all set to push right up into her cunt, when he saw who it was. Another minute, and she would have known what it was like to be a woman. Would it hurt, that first time? She had felt the tight pressure even in the very small partial penetration he'd begun. Would she have had an orgasm right away? She wondered how long it took, what an orgasm really felt like.

She sighed. Well, she'd almost gotten him. And she had seen the look in his eyes, the dazed expression on his face. He had wanted her. She knew it just as surely as she knew she wanted him. She knew, too, that she would try again. She had to succeed.

Her belly ached with a hungry gnawing pressure that was like a glowing fire inside her. Her thighs were damp and slippery where the juices that had run out of her were drying. Some of it had come from his penis, too. She shivered again at the thought of the hot wet head touching her leg, her labia.

In the bathroom, she watched him splash water on his still-hard cock. He couldn't get it down. That made her smile. He did want her, she had made him sexy. He began to brush his teeth.

She stared in fascination at his genitals as he peered in the mirror and finished brushing his teeth. He hadn't looked toward her door yet, so he didn't know she was watching. She had to smile at the insistent pressure that filled his cock. It pleased her to think she had done that to him, and it made her nice and warm in her belly to think she would soon have him. She wasn't going to give up. Next time she would be more aggressive, more demanding. She had to admit to herself now that she had been plenty scared. But she wouldn't be next time. She knew now that he would not get angry with her and throw her out, push her away. She could excite him, and next time she would do it more fervently, so much so that he would not be able to stop and try to ease his pain with cold water!

He shut off the taps and turned to the toilet. He had to push his stiff prick down in order to urinate, and Gail watched in absolute fascination. When he was done, she saw that hardon had vanished finally, and the long cock hung limply over his heavy red balls. He turned back to the sink then. With a sudden movement as though he had just glimpsed the open door, he whirled to stare right into her eyes. For a moment the house was silent as the father and daughter looked at each other across the two rooms. Outside, a bird trilled a song somewhere high in the trees over the cabin. A vagrant breeze rustled the leaves of the aspen in a soft, whispering cry. On the lake, a distant motor hummed as a boat trailed a white wake behind it. They stared across the space. Martin felt the swift knife pain slash his loins, felt the quick involuntary jerk of his cock as it began to come alive again. He realized he was holding his breath. Before he could change his mind, he turned and went quickly back into his own bedroom, closing the door and slipping the lock carefully. He leaned against the panel and let his breath out in a long, slow sigh. In her bedroom, Gail saw him leave, saw the door close, heard the snap of the bolt. She smiled. It wouldn't be nearly as hard as she'd thought. Next time. Soon. She pressed her damp thighs together and wrapped her arms over her breasts. She wouldn't be a virgin much longer.

Rebecca and Ashley reached the place where they were to meet Arnie and Jeff, and Rebecca parked the car in the shade of a huge oak tree. The boat landing, where the boys we're to come in from the trip, was at the edge of town on the shore of a huge lake that was part of a chain that ran along the border. The day had grown warm, and now the air hung around them like ribbons of dampness. Ashley wished she had brought her swimsuit.

"I'm going down the street and have something cool to drink, baby. Want something?" Rebecca climbed out of the car.

"I think I'll stay here awhile," Ashley said. She knew that her mother preferred a nice cold drink at the local bar to the root beer she might be forced to have if Ashley went along.

Rebecca smiled. She reached in her purse and pulled out a dollar bill. "Here. If you change your mind there's a pop stand over there." She jerked her head toward the outdoor stand near the corner. She snapped her purse shut and walked toward the cool dimness of the bar.

They'd been in this town often enough so that she didn't have to worry about Ashley getting lost. The whole town wasn't big enough to get lost in, she thought with a laugh. A nice gin and tonic would hit the spot and ready her for the drive back.

Ashley leaned against the car, fingering the bill. She was thirsty; a root beer would hit the spot. She sauntered across the road and climbed onto a high stool at the counter. A bored-looking teen-age girl with big knockers waited on her.

Ashley sipped the cold drink and watched the girl behind the counter as she moved listlessly, pushing a wet cloth over the counter. Ashley wondered how old she was, and what size bra she wore. Gee, it would be nice to have her own body grow up. Then boys would look at her that special way, want to feel her. She thought about Shannon and her uncle. Shannon didn't have big tits, either, but her uncle didn't mind. Maybe men liked young girls because they were tight and firm, like Shannon claimed. Ashley sipped at the root beer and wondered what it would feel like to have a man's cock slide up into her body. She thought she'd like it. She thought about the night before, and what Gail had seen and heard. Wish I'd been there to see it myself, she thought wistfully. She couldn't help wondering if her sister was planning anything this morning. It was strange that she hadn't come along. It meant she and Daddy were alone in the cabin. Ashley smiled at the thought. She didn't think Gail would have nerve enough to do anything. Gail was a chicken when it came right down to it. Ashley was the more adventuresome of the two, bolder by far. When she wanted something, she went after it.

The more she thought about fucking, the more she was sure she wanted it. Ever since Shannon had told those stories, Ashley had thought about it often. The plans she and Gail made the previous night were very real to her. No matter what Gail did this morning, if she did anything at all, Ashley knew she was going to find out firsthand about fucking. With her father, or with her brothers, maybe all of them.

She saw the canoes pull into the landing across the road, and quickly finished her drink and started back to look for her brothers. She spotted Arnie right away but didn't see Jeff. When she reached her brother, he seemed surprised to see her.

"What are you doing here?" he asked. "Where's Mom?"

"Cooling off in the bar," Ashley said bluntly.

Arnie laughed. "Jeff will be along in a little while. He's with the second group. Why don't you wait here for him, kid? I've got something I have to do before I go home." His glance went past her toward the root beer stand where the girl with the big tits was wiping her hands on her apron and watching them.

"Where ya goin'?" Ashley asked slyly.

Arnie didn't answer. He was already on his way across the road, and the girl was out of sight in back of the small stand some place. Ashley leaned against the dock post and waited to see what was up. A few seconds later, she saw Arnie and the girl come from behind the small building. Arnie's arm was around the girl's waist and they were walking very fast toward the grove of trees beyond the edge of the clearing.

From the way the girl looked at Arnie, it was apparent they knew each other. Ashley grinned, pushed herself from the post and sauntered after them. She had the feeling that if she followed them, she might see something interesting. The least they would do would be some heavy making out. Maybe he'd even do more; who knows?

When the couple vanished in the shadows of the trees, Ashley ran lightly so she wouldn't lose them. There was no path that she could see, and she didn't want to let them get too far ahead of her. Once beyond the fringe of the trees, she slowed down and listened. Ahead, she thought she could hear the light crunch of branches and leaves as they walked. She moved quickly but lightly so they wouldn't hear her.

Then she could hear their voices. Ashley stopped and listened to the low, murmuring sound. They weren't far now. She moved forward again on tiptoes.

Arnie and the girl were in a small clearing, standing in a tight embrace, mouths fused in a hot kiss. Arnie's hands were exploring the girl's ass, tugging at the white skirt of the uniform, inching it up. The girl's creamy tanned thighs came into view, and Arnie's hands were on them at once. He was pulling hard at her, pushing her crotch to his, bending his body so his cock hit right where her legs came together.

Ashley licked her lips and hunched down to watch. A moment later, Arnie pulled his lips from the girl's open mouth.

"C'mon, Jean, let's not waste any more time. God, I've been dreaming about fucking you ever since I left here last week." He was unzipping his jeans, pulling them down and off quickly. He wasn't wearing any shorts, and his heavy-hanging cock and balls coming into sight so quickly that they made Ashley gasp. She pressed her hand to her mouth and giggled softly. She didn't want them to hear her!

Jean unzipped the white uniform and stepped out of it. She tossed it over a branch of a bush nearby, then strained to unhook the bra at her back. Arnie watched her, grinning. Her huge tits jumped out of the white cupped cloth. They were bigger than Ashley had thought. They bounced and bumped against the girl's ribs. The huge dark circles at the ends of the domes were like painted silver dollars, and even from the distance of her hiding place, Ashley could see the hard pips of the nipples jutting out.

Arnie saw them, too. He skinned off his t-shirt in a quick motion and advanced to the girl while she was still pulling off the white nylon panties. He grabbed for the dangling melons of her breasts.

Jean squealed slightly, then stood up and pushed herself closer to the boy's groping hands. She closed her eyes and put her head back, caught in the delight of the moment as Arnie's big hands covered the ripe flesh of her tits and mashed at it.

"God, baby, let me at them..." Arnie pulled her with him to the ground, his hands cupping the full swelling of a tit and holding it so he could catch the nipple in his mouth. He sucked it ecstatically. Jean moaned softly and rolled her hips.

The girl's hands felt between their bodies for the penis she wanted. Her fist closed around it, grabbed it hard, pulled. It was already getting hard. Ashley could see the bulging red flesh ooze over the top of the girl's closed fist each time she pulled back on the cock. The head was a red mushroom cap, thick and heavy on the huge stem. Then the girl's hand began to move so fast that it was hard for Ashley to see much of the prick at all. Arnie made small groaning sounds as he sucked the girl's tit. He liked what she was doing to him. He liked it a lot.

Ashley filed the knowledge in her brain for future use.

Arnie's hand went down between the girl's legs, into the dark patch of hair at her crotch. The girl moved her feet and spread her cunt for him. From where she was, Ashley could see right up into the dark shadowy patch of hair. Then Arnie's hand closed over it. At first his fingers were curved over the whole area; then he began to pry at the folds and find an entry into her. Ashley heard the wet sound when he slipped his hand into her pussy.

They were both moaning now. Ashley knew it wouldn't be long until she saw them fuck. It wouldn't be long at all. She smiled and pressed her fists to her belly, into the bend of her body where she crouched. She felt something warm and strange between her legs, like when Shannon described what her uncle did to her.

Arnie pulled his mouth away from the succulent tit and gasped for air. "Jeez, I'm so fuckin' hot." He rolled the girl to her back on the soft grass. He was over her then, crawling between her spread legs.

Ashley held her breath as she watched him grab his cock and push it at the girl's cunt. For a second, Ashley saw the wet red lips part to accept the tool; then Arnie slammed his body hard at the girl and she raised her legs to wrap them around his body.

"Ohhhhh, fuck me, Arnie, fuck me!" The girl whimpered and cried as her body came up to meet each dive the boy made into her. Arnie's long blond hair flopped over his face as he drove his penis deep into the girl, pulled back and drove again. The wet smacking noises filled the small clearing and they made Ashley very excited. She quivered as her imagination put her in the girl's place...

"God Almighty, I'm gonna cum!!!" Arnie could hardly talk he was shoving it to her so hard.

"Yes, ohh, yessss, give it to me! Give it to me! Now! NOW!!" The girl's hands clawed at Arnie's naked back. The fingernails left tiny red trails on the deeply tanned muscular shoulders.

He didn't notice. Arnie felt the hot warning pain and the almost instantaneous shooting of his load. He felt the hot semen pour from his cock, fill Jean's cunt and wallow in its own juice. She came, too; he felt the tightening of her cunt around his organ, felt the thrust of her muscles on him, then the warm mingling flow of her juices. He drained himself in the lovely wet hole, a week's worth of cum-juice he'd been saving for her. It was several moments before he finally slowed and stopped. He fell on top of her, panting for air, his body bathed in sweat from the heat of his passion and the hot afternoon.

Ashley was so excited it was hard to sit still. She had heard their sounds of passion and watched the couple cum together in lust. She had seen it, seen even more than Gail had the night before in the summerhouse, because there were no shadows or darkness to hide the nude figures, the sex organs, the copulation. She had watched every bit of it, and now her breath was heavy in her chest as her own excitement would not die. It went far beyond the sights she had seen. The excitement was deep in her belly, the kind of needy feeling that talk of sex always brought to her. She recognized it for what it was, wanting to be fucked.

The couple lay in each other's arms, their bodies still joined together. Arnie had rolled sideways without letting go of the girl, and his cock was still in her cunt. It felt good to hold her close this way with her big tits hard against his chest. Jean reached out and stroked his ass slowly.

"Mmmmmm, that was nice, honey," she said. "It was a long week without you."

He pulled his head back slightly and grinned at her. "You mean you didn't screw around with anyone else while I was gone?"

She giggled softly. "Would it matter to you?" she asked.

He shrugged and let go of her so he could roll on his back. His wet cock slithered out of her pussy and flopped on his thigh. Ashley could see the thick white creamy moisture clinging to it. "I don't know. I guess not."

"You're such a goon about some things, Arnie!" Jean sat up and brushed her hair from her face. Her big tits bounced and jiggled.

"What's that supposed to mean?" he asked, sounding a little angry.

The girl laughed. "Of course, I screw around with other fellows. My god, you only come up here to see me once in a while. What the hell am I supposed to do the rest of the time?" She got up on her knees and spread her legs and looked between them. A heavy sludge of juice flowed from her cunt onto the grass. She grabbed toward the branch and snagged her uniform and dug in the pocket for a tissue. She began to wipe her cunt when the flow of semen and cunt juice stopped. Arnie watched her with interest. She tossed him another tissue and he wiped his cock with it.

Ashley was fascinated by the way he pulled back the loose foreskin on the organ and cleaned under it before pulling the skin up to cover the head. The foreskin was like a blanket wrapped around and over the organ, and Ashley hadn't realized how shielded the head was. She thought she could see the bulge where the ridge pushed at the loose skin, but she wasn't sure. Arnie let the penis flop against his balls and tossed the tissue into the bushes.

"I guess you're right, honey. I didn't mean to sound jealous. It's just that you're such a damned good lay, I'd like to keep you all to myself."

Jean laughed again. "I suppose you are an angel down at that lake place and in the city. No fucking around?" Her voice was teasing.

He grinned and got to his feet as she began to put her bra on. He grabbed his jeans and stepped into them. "Sure thing. Look, I'm gonna see if my old man will let me have the car some night this week. If I can get it, will you meet me? Maybe we can go some place and take our time."

She shrugged. "Better call me first."

He looked at her, then zipped his pants. "Yeah, well, it depends on if I get the car." He wasn't going to beg. There were plenty of other girls around.

A loud bell ringing shattered the quiet woods, and Ashley jumped up in fright. Jean quickly put on her pants, then the uniform. She pulled a comb from her pocket and raked it through her long blonde hair. "That's Harry," she said. "He rings that goddamned bell if things get busy and he needs me. I gotta run or he'll have my ass!" She turned and started toward Ashley.

Arnie grabbed her arm and turned her around so he could kiss her. "Save your ass for me, doll. I'll try to call you soon."

The girl nodded and pulled away, ran back towards the road. Ashley just had time to duck behind a huge pine tree so she wouldn't be seen. She waited until the girl was out of sight beyond the trees.

Arnie was shrugging his way into the t-shirt, and his face was covered with the cloth as she stepped into the clearing. When he jerked it down, he gaped at her.

"Ashley! What the hell are you doing here! I thought I told you to wait for Jeff." He broke off as he realized she must've seen him and Jean together.

Ashley smiled. "It's okay, Arnie; I won't tell anyone."

He stared at her, his mouth still open. Little snot. She had watched everything. She could really foul up things for him if she blabbed. Could he believe her? He squinted at her through narrowed eyes.

"I swear I won't, Arnie. Not as long as you're nice to me." Ashley said, grinning impishly. goddamned little snot. She was going to blackmail him by making him buy her candy bars or taking her out in the boat. He could see it now. He ought to put her over his knee and whale the shit out of her.

"Okay, kid. I'll be nice, and you keep your goddamned mouth shut, okay?"


"We'd better get back before Jeff and Mom come looking for us." He clamped his hand on her shoulder and headed for the road. He'd like to throttle her, but a few bucks' worth of candy or a few quick boat rides were a pretty small price to pay for her silence.

Ashley hid her smile. She'd made the deal; he'd agreed to it readily. Now she was going to make him teach her all the things she wanted to know, about sex!

All the way back to the cabin in the car, Ashley watched her brother as he sat beside their mother in the front seat. She couldn't stop thinking about the wonderful things that were going to happen soon. She felt all warm and squishy inside, remembering how delighted that blonde girl in the woods had been with Arnie. She thought about the plans she and Gail had made to try to get Daddy to fuck them, and she decided her new plan might be a quicker way to reach her goal. Daddy might take more persuasion to get naked and hot. After all, he was their father and he was older. If she used Arnie to teach her some good stuff, some things about fucking and making a man hot, she'd have a better chance with Dad later. She thought about Gail and wondered if she'd tried to get close to Daddy this morning. She doubted it. He was sleeping and probably wasn't even up yet. Besides, he'd fucked that girl last night and he probably wasn't so horny any more. Maybe, if she could find a way to get Arnie alone this afternoon, she could try to get to Daddy tonight... She wondered about telling her sister the new part of her plan and decided against it. It would be fun to get screwed before Gail! After all, it had been Ashley who knew about Shannon and her uncle, her idea to get Daddy to fuck them. No, she'd get both Arnie and Daddy; then she'd tell Gail after the fun was over. As she stared at her brother, she realized he wasn't bad-looking. She'd never thought of him as anything but a pesky big brother who was a pain in the ass, but now she could look at him with more interest. He was tall, almost as tall as their father. He had wide shoulders and a slim body, and big sex organs.

"What are you grinning about, Ashley?" Her brother, Jeff, sitting next to her in the back of the car, looked at her and frowned.

She tried to look noncommittal. "Nothing. Just thinking."

He shook his head as though calling her a dumb kid. Ashley shrugged and looked out the window. She caught a glimpse of Arnie as he turned and shot her a quick glance, but she didn't look at him. He'd know what it was all about when she made her move. She tried to imagine when and where it would happen. Her mind created pictures of the naked boy and herself, on the beach, in the lake, in a large silky bed... Actually her chance came sooner than she expected. As soon as they got home, the boys decided to go for a swim to cool off. Gail wasn't around the cabin and their father was lying in the sun in the yard. He got up and fixed drinks for him and Rebecca while the boys changed to their trunks.

Ashley got her swimsuit on and grabbed a towel and went to the dock before anyone saw her. She climbed in the back of the speedboat and lay down on the seat. From here, she could listen and watch her brothers. If there was a chance to be with Arnie she could move in any direction easily. The two boys swam far out into the lake, then back slowly. Jeff stood on the dock and let the water drip from his body for several minutes. Then he took his towel and headed back for the cabin. Arnie climbed into the speedboat and started the engine. He didn't see Ashley since the convertible top of the boat was up and she made sure she stayed far in the corner until the boat was way out in the water. Then she sat up and peeked over the top of the seat. Arnie loved the speedboat, liked to feel the wind on his face and the rushing air on his wet body. It was invigorating. He also liked the peace and quiet of the middle of the lake. He often took the boat out, anchored it in deep water, then lay in the sun on one of the seats that folded down. Ashley knew this, and she was counting on his doing it now. If he did, she would be ready. She hugged her arms to her flat chest and rocked happily. Arnie anchored the boat and began to put down the seat. He saw her then.

"What the hell are you doing here? For crying out loud, are you gonna follow me around all the time?"

Ashley grinned. "No."

"Well, I'm gonna get some sun, so don't pester me." He got the leather seat down and spread a towel so he could lie on it. He lay on his back and closed his eyes, face upturned to the sun and body glistening. Ashley sat on the other seat and looked at him.

He was wearing navy blue trunks that clung to his slim hips and ass like a second skin. She could see the large bulge where his sex organs were caught to one side and trapped under the tight cloth. She thought about how they'd looked this morning when he undressed for the girl...

She stared for several minutes before she moved closer and put her hand on his bulging cock. He jumped as though she'd burned him. "What the?..."

She grinned. He reached down and shoved her hand away. "Cut that out!" he said harshly.

Ashley grinned and let her hand fall to his naked thigh and linger there. He looked at her and frowned. She tightened the pressure on her fingers and pressed them into his warm flesh. He didn't move.

Ashley said, "You promised to be nice to me."

He still didn't say anything, just stared. She knew he was surprised, and she took advantage of it. Quickly she began to move her hand back toward his crotch. He raised his hand as if to shove her away again and she shook her head. "Let me," she said softly.

"What?" His voice was a hoarse whisper.

"Let me touch it. I want to." Her small hand cupped over the soft mound and kneaded it gently.

He opened his mouth, but no words came out. He was still in a state of shock. He watched his kid sister with wary eyes, wondering what the hell she was up to. He knew he should stop her, hit her hand off his cock and balls, but he was mesmerized by her actions. Her hand was warm and pleasant on him.

"Show it to me, Arnie."


She nodded. "Take off the suit and show me. I want to see what it looks like up close. I couldn't see it so good this morning."

"You're crazy!" He gaped at her, stunned. But he still didn't move away from her touch. Dumb kid. It was some dumb kid trick or game, she couldn't be serious.

Her hand was still over his crotch, the fingers twitching slightly. He felt so warm even though the suit was still damp. Did she feel a stirring of the organ or was it her own imagination that made her think so? She moved her fingers and tried to slip one under the edge of tight cloth. He jerked his leg and moved his hand toward her.

"Cut it out!"

She shook her head. "No. I want to know a lot of things. I want you to show me lots of things, please?"

"You're just a kid..."

"What difference does that make?"

He laughed. "You gotta be kidding."

"Why? 'Cause I'm nine? I'm growing up, I want to know all about fucking and things like that."

His voice was hoarse and breathy. "Go ask Mom."

She shook her head. "I don't mean those things. I know that stuff. I want to know the real stuff, like what to do and how it feels to be fucked."

"You're crazy!" It was barely a whisper.

Her finger slid under the cloth and poked at the warm, soft mound of his cock. "Am I?"


She used her free hand to slip the straps of her one-piece suit off her shoulders and pull the garment down over her thin body. He watched with wide, wondering eyes. Her flat chest with the small dark circles of the nipples came into his view. He tried to look away, but something stopped him. He couldn't tell if it was the shock or the way she kept feeling his cock with her warm hand. His guts rumbled and he felt a twitch deep in them.

"Please, Arnie, at least let me see and feel you so I know what it's like."

He sat and stared, paralyzed by a strange feeling that was completely new to him. He'd never had anything like this happen before. He'd fooled around with girls, fucked plenty of them even. But no one had ever deliberately done things like this to him. He sat and waited, listened to her soft voice beg him...

"Take off the suit, huh? I'll take off mine, and you can tell me stuff and show me."

He felt himself nodding in agreement. His mind was caught in the vise of wonder, and he let her tug his trunks down over his hips. He got up and took them off and dropped them to the floor of the boat. At the same time she stood up and skimmed off the skimpy one-piece suit she wore and kicked it aside with her foot.

He looked at her as he sat down again. She was undeveloped. Her flat chest showed no signs of tits yet. Her crotch was barren of hair. Yet there was something enticing about her naked flesh, something he couldn't explain but which he could not deny. She sat next to him on the flat cushions that now formed a narrow cot. Her hand went to his crotch.

Her fingers covered his limp prick and moved on it. He felt a twitch deep in his guts and the organ jerked under her palm. She smiled and moved her hand on it some more, lifting it and looking at the thick soft column of flesh. Her mouth was open a little and her tongue flicked over her lips. Arnie's breath caught in his throat. She raised the penis and examined his balls, rubbing her hand over the light haze of hair that covered them. He stared as she traced the line that separated the balls, feeling it and touching the corrugated skin carefully, savoring the smooth, yet wrinkled, texture. Her fist closed around his cock and she tugged at the long, loose foreskin that completely covered his cockhead, and even hung over it almost a full inch. The first few times, it made him shiver slightly as the threatening excitement began to boil in his belly. Then she pulled more vigorously, yanking the noose of skin all the way back and making the head of his cock pop out of its covering cocoon. He felt the instant response of his organ as it began to fill with need and grow in her hand. Ashley's heart was pounding as Arnie took off the swim trunks. She was so close to him she could see the tightly curled hairs at his crotch come into view as he pulled the blue cloth down. She quickly jerked her own suit off and kicked it aside. When he sat down, she sat close to him, pressing her naked thigh against his, and immediately putting her hand to the wonder of the naked crotch. Wow! His cock was so warm and soft in her hand. She closed her fingers over it and felt it. It was delightful, a hidden promise of pleasure. Shivers ran through her and she could feel a funny tight feeling across her chest, as if some thick, sluggish liquid were trying to fill her young breasts. It felt as if the tiny nipples of her tits were going to explode. When she glanced down at them, she saw that the little pips of flesh were straining out and hard. She licked her lips, moved her hand over her brother's cock. She saw the soft sac of his balls, and was amazed to see that it, too, showed a thin haze of hair. But it was the skin that fascinated her most. It was ridged, like wrinkled prunes, but it was so incredibly smooth and soft! She cupped the sac in her palm and squeezed gently. Arnie made a funny noise in his throat, but he didn't pull away from her.

She squeezed again and found the full, hard cores inside the loose skin, like twin golf balls hidden under the fleshy skin. She smiled and rolled them in her palm. Arnie made another noise. She moved her hand along the pale whiter line that seemed to separate the balls, traced it all the way up his cock. Her fist gripped the tumescent organ and began to love it. She pulled the loose skin down and watched the red eye of the head peek at her. She pulled up and covered it, winking it out. The second time she pulled harder and saw a bulge of glossy red skin emerge. It excited her, made her breath come faster and her belly tighten in anticipation. She felt a wetness between her legs again, like she had the day before when she watched Arnie fuck the girl in the woods. She was getting excited, and she liked the feeling very much. She pulled harder on the tool, which was now becoming fuller and thicker in her fist. This time the head of his cock snapped out of the tube of skin in desperate need. The gleaming, glistening skin caught the light and seemed to glisten brighter. The head mushroomed out from the thick stem, ridged with a layer of smooth, glossy flesh shaped like a cap. The tiny slit at the top oozed a drop of wetness. On the underneath side, Ashley saw the thin band of skin that seemed to hold the cap to the longer stem of the tool and she could see it pull as she held her tight fist so the foreskin was stretched to its limit. The drop of moisture gathered, broke and spread over the tip of the now-hard shaft. Ashley was breathing hard. The boat rocked gently on the lapping waves. It was very quiet out in the middle of the lake. No other boats were nearby, and the two siblings were alone in their nudity and need. Ashley bent her thin young body and opened her mouth to take the cock between her lips.

Arnie gasped. "Holy Christ!" She was licking, and sucking him! He felt her hot mouth close over him, wrap around his fucking cock and lap up the dribbles of cock juice he was already forcing out. He knew he should stop her, push her away, make her put her goddamned clothes back on and take her home, but he couldn't move. She was licking and lapping at him like crazy.

Ashley's mouth was filled with his prick and it tasted sweet yet sweet. She licked off the dribbles of wetness, sucked and tried to get more from the prick. Shannon had told her about doing this. Shannon's uncle said it drove him crazy. Shannon said she liked it, too. Ashley liked it very much. She could feel the thick cap of smooth flesh under her lips and tongue, feel the hard shaft of the cock itself beyond. She moved her open mouth faster and harder on the lovely prick.

"Holy shit!" Arnie felt his guts knot. She was getting him hot! His own kid sister was driving him out of his bird! He grabbed her head and shoved her harder and faster onto his throbbing prick, trying to sink it all the way into her fucking mouth. God, he was hot!

Ashley felt a hot spurt of juice between her legs. She was getting hot and sexy, all squishy inside. She had to feel this big, thick dick up in her cunt. She let go, but he was holding her head and she couldn't pull from his grip. He liked what she was doing and he didn't want her to stop. She sighed and sucked him harder. But she wanted something, too, and she would not give up. When she felt his grip on her hair relax, she jerked her head up and looked at him.

"Aagghh!!" he protested.

"Fuck me, fuck me, Arnie! I have to feel it go up inside my cunt." She was scrambling over him, pushing him down as she climbed onto his crotch.

"No..." His protest was feeble. His ramrod cock stood up from the nest of crotch hair like a flagpole. She was crawling over it, her legs spread. He saw the thick white mound of her pubic flesh. His heart pounded against his ribs. His loins ached with a hot wildfire of need. She put her hands down to her own crotch and spread the thick lips. He gasped and reached for her enticing cunt.

She was so smooth and silky. The thick lips parted under his huge tanned hands; the ruby-red wetness of the inner labia came into sight. His mouth watered. Ashley braced herself on the side of the boat, leaning over him, panting for breath.

"Do it, Arnie, do it."

"Jeeeezz! Let me lick it!" He grabbed her, pulled her so she was over his head.

She came down easily onto his waiting, open mouth. His tongue lapped over the juicy-wet lips, sucking up the nectar of her young body. His tongue found her baby clit and began to lash at it. Her whole body jerked and shivered, and her hips moved passionately. The kid was hot! She was hot for fucking! The thought drove him crazy. His cock was ready to explode. He shoved her back then, forcing her over his erect tool again and pulling her body down so the hot tip touched her flesh.

Ashley whimpered. She was excited and a little scared. She wanted him to finish what she had started, wanted to feel this hot poker shove up into her. But it looked so big and thick, It had filled her mouth, what would it do to her cunt? Was she big enough to take him?

The tip of the dribbling cock touched her and she gasped aloud. She was shaking now, shaking all over. She let him guide her onto the spear.

"Don't be scared, kid, easy does it, oh, my god!"

The thick, jutting shaft of hot flesh poked into the wet lips of her pussy. Ashley held her breath. Arnie felt the tight hole and almost shot his load. God, it was tight and hot and good, a virgin, a virgin kid, jeeeezzzz! He pulled her down gently, forcing his cock to penetrate the tiny opening. She whimpered and her eyes were wide, watching him intently, betraying her hot lust. She wanted him to fuck her. He wanted to fuck her. He pulled her hips and forced her harder. He felt the stiff membrane of her hymen. A fucking virgin! God, he was hot. He pulled his lips back in a tight smile.

"Easy baby, easy god, yeah, ooooohhh."

"Arnie, aaaaahhhhhh, oooowwww!"

"It'll only hurt for a second, relax, I've got to break through your cherry."

"Yeeeessss, oooohhhh, aaaaaggghhh!!"

It popped, and a tearing pain shot through Ashley's cunt. But it gave way to an immediate flood of hot joy and need. She cut off the cry of pain and moaned in ecstasy instead. Arnie jerked her hard and forced his way into her cunt. The thick, hard prick slammed up into the hot, hugging tunnel, filling it and poking hard at the far end, distending the wall of thick muscle to accommodate the extremely large tool. She almost went out of her mind.

The hot lust consumed her. New feelings she had never dreamed possible raced through her and overflowed. She tried to tell him, but no words would form on her tongue. Only sounds of delight and passion came.

"Aaahhhhhh, mmmmm!!"

"Fuck, baby, move it, this way." He jerked at her body and put it in motion.

A moment later she had the beat and needed no help. She could feel the hard shaft of flesh deep in her belly, feel the hot, dribbling tip score against the bottom of the firepit, feel the hard pressure on her clit each time she scraped over his crotch hair and pressed her body to his. She came down, half-lying over him. His hips came up to meet each thrust. Her face was above his, her mouth open and panting. His eyes were half-closed in agony-ecstasy. She could see his red tongue beyond the gate of his white even teeth.

Her belly was on fire. She felt a hardening, a tension that surpassed anything she had ever felt before. Something was going to happen to her, she was going to cum! She knew it as surely as she knew he was going to ejaculate his heavy load of hot fuck juice into her! Her body quivered. He opened his eyes and his mouth. A low growl-like moan came from his lips. His hands pulled her hips; his cock stabbed into her hot cunt.

"Christ! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum...!"

"Oooooohhh, yeeeeessss going, to, cum, too." She shoved her whole body at him then, driving herself onto the exploding cock with a fury of lust and need. She felt his hot load of semen spurt into her, and the force of it triggered the huge wave of her first orgasm. She felt the undulating, rocking waves wash through her belly, stream out from the point of contact where his hard male flesh touched her female softness. The waves radiated down her legs, making her tingle and throb. She shoved her cunt to him again and again until she was weeping with joy. He pushed up at her until he was drained of cum-juice and energy.

He lay very still, and she collapsed atop him, her young tits hard on his chest, her deflowered cunt wet and hot on his flaccid cock. She buried her face in his shoulder and let her tears of joy dampen his sweaty shoulder. The boat rocked gently on the quiet waves.

Arnie felt the warm air and the warm child on his skin. With great effort, he pushed himself up, forcing Ashley to climb off his cock. He was still quivering with the radiating pleasure of his orgasm. It had been wild and wonderful, wiping out all thoughts of doubt about wanting his kid sister sexually. She had done something to and for him that he'd never felt before, and now he grinned at her as she scrambled from his lap.

"God!" He shook his head in wonder.

"Oh, Arnie, it was wonderful, I loved it! Mmmm, can we do it again?"

"Christ, I'm pooped!" He stared at her in wonder.

She giggled. "I don't mean right now, silly! Another time, maybe later today or tomorrow, any time!" Her face was radiant, her eyes a little glassy.

Arnie wiped his hand over his mouth. "Shit, I don't know."

"You liked it, too; I know you did!"

He couldn't deny that. He smiled at her. "You'd better believe it! God! How did you ever learn to fuck like that? You were a virgin; I had to break your hymen, but you came on like wow! I've never had any girl fuck me better!"

"Really?" She glowed under the compliment. "Maybe it was because I was so tight; you know, small and not spread out from lots of screwing around."

He laughed. "You really surprise me, Ashley. Where the hell did you learn so goddamned much? You been reading books or something?"

She laughed softly. "Sort of. And girl talk."

"Girl talk! Hell, you're not even ten yet! What kind of girls do you know!" He stared at her.

She laughed again. "You'd be surprised. One of my girl friends started fucking months ago, she told me a lot."

He shook his head. "God! Grade school swingers!"

"What difference does it make as long as we liked it?" Ashley smiled at him and let her hand move to his warm thigh in a caress. His leg quivered and he lifted her hand.

"Don't do that, kid."

"Why not?"

"God Almighty! We're sitting in a goddamned boat in the middle of the goddamned lake! Anyone could come along."

She giggled. "You didn't think about that a little while ago." She reached for him again and he grabbed her wrist.

"Listen, I'm not kidding. We could both be in real trouble if anyone sees us. It was a dumb, crazy thing to do, and we've got to cut it out. Now." He put her hand back in her own lap and reached for his swim trunks, which lay tangled on the boat floor. He shook them out and started to pull them on. "Get your suit on before someone comes by."

"I'm all slippery."

"Shit, I never thought about that." He looked around and found a small cloth. He handed it to her. "Use this to wipe up some of it. When we get back in, you can go for a swim and that will take care of the rest of it."

He watched as she bent forward and started to clean herself with the rag. She inspected the thick white creamy sludge that was moving slowly along the inner side of her leg. It fascinated her and she poked her fingers in it and rubbed them together. "I never knew it would be so heavy," she said in awe. She had covered her hand with it now and she raised it to her nose to sniff it. "Mmm, smells male." She grinned impishly and put out her tongue to taste it. "sweet."

"Crazy kid." But he was fascinated by her eagerness and openness. She wanted to learn everything she could about sex, and she just did what she wanted to do. He felt a tight pull of lust forming in his guts, and he looked away. Christ, he couldn't let her start him again. He couldn't risk it, god! If anyone saw him fucking his own kid sister there'd be all hell to pay. Sure, he wanted her, but from now on he was going to be damned careful where he had her. This fucking lake was almost in public. He was sweating now thinking about what might have happened.

"Put your suit on," he said gently. He stood up and pulled his trunks over his nude torso. Ashley grinned and worked her way into the small suit and pulled the straps over her thin shoulders.

"Throw the rag overboard," he instructed.

She did, and he pulled up the seat and sat behind the wheel. The engine started at the flick of the key and the boat was purring toward the dock. The wind on his face took away some of the heat and Arnie hoped his excitement wouldn't show by the time they got home. Christ, if his old man ever found out, he'd kill him! His own sister! He chewed at his lip to hide his grin. He didn't want the kid to know how much he'd liked it. Jeez, his balls still ached when he thought of that tight little snatch. He'd have to play it very cool, but he knew he wanted to have Ashley again, often. He was more than willing to teach the kid anything she wanted to know. Holy Christ! She was teaching him something! He steered the boat to the dock and threw the line over the mooring post. No one was around, and that suited him fine. He hopped out and let Ashley climb out alone. He didn't dare touch her, not the way he felt about her. Christ, he had all he could do to keep his cock from getting a hardon just thinking about her. He walked to the end of the dock and dove into the water. The cool water flowed over his body and he swam with long, swift strokes underwater as far as he could before his lungs were bursting and he was forced to surface. He blew water from his face and looked toward shore. Ashley was swimming close to the dock. He paddled around in the deep spot until she had climbed out of the lake and wrapped a towel around her and gone up to the house. Then he swam lazily in.

In the cabin, Gail was in the bedroom when Ashley entered. She had deliberately gone off when she heard the car returning from Wakefield. She hadn't wanted to face Ashley and tell her that she had gotten into bed with Daddy. Ashley would be mad because she had acted alone and before her. Well, it was only right; after all, she was older, so she should be first. It was fair. Now when her sister entered in her wet suit, Gail said hi and turned back to the magazine she was reading. Ashley was strangely quiet, but Gail was glad of it. When Ashley had changed out of her swimsuit, Gail tossed the magazine aside and smiled.

"Did you have a good time in town?"

Ashley shrugged. "Sort of. You should've come along."

Gail grinned, then quickly tried to look serious. "I didn't feel like the long ride. It's too hot. I went swimming." She looked away so her sister couldn't read anything in her face. Ashley was looking at her strangely, almost as though she suspected the secret. If she asked, Gail wouldn't be able to lie, but she didn't want to volunteer any information. Besides, she hadn't succeeded totally. Daddy had stopped too soon. Gail needed one more time with him. Would she be able to get him alone some place tonight? The idea made her smile and shiver slightly. Ashley watched her sister and wondered what she was up to. She looked guilty about something, but instinctively Ashley knew that it was not getting fucked that her sister was hiding. Ashley knew she would be able to tell by looking at Gail if she had gotten to their father. No, that wasn't it, at least not all of it. Maybe she had tried? That could be it? But tried and failed. Ashley couldn't resist the temptation to bait her sister, flaunt her own success at her.

"There was something..."

Gail looked at her. "Yeah? What?"

"Arnie's got a girl in town. He screwed her."


Ashley grinned and nodded, the good news too much to hold back now. "Yep. He got back before Jeff, and Mom was cooling off at the bar so I followed Arnie and the girl. He took her in the woods and fucked her!" Ashley's voice was a hoarse whisper.

Gail sat up and leaned toward her sister. "You're kidding!"

Ashley shook her head. "Honest. They took off all their clothes and he fucked her there in the woods, in a little clearing. I was only a few feet from them and I saw everything. And I mean everything!"

Gail forgot her own secret in the excitement of hearing these details. "What happened?"

"They kissed and he started feeling her legs and ass; then he said he was too hot to wait. They got their clothes off and he pulled her down to the ground. He said he was so fucking hot he wanted her right away."

"Did they do it, then?"

Ashley sat on Gail's bed and leaned close. "They felt each other first. Arnie sucked her big tits and she found his cock and pumped at it. God, it was so big and thick! Even from where I was hiding I could see the wet stuff ooze out of it. Then he put his hand in her cunt and played with her. They were rolling all over, hot and sexy." She paused.

"Go on!" Gail punched at her arm.

"Then they did it."

"Tell me how, tell me everything!"

"He rolled her onto her back and got between her legs. God, he was so big; you should've seen it! He pushed it at her and she lifted her legs, and that was it, he was in. I could see his balls whacking against her ass and see the wet red lips of her cunt as he slid in and out of her."

Gail hugged her belly and moaned with imagined delight. She wished she had been witness to the scene her sister was describing. She listened breathlessly while Ashley gave details of the fucking session, telling her how it sounded, what the two people said, what it looked like.

When Ashley told about the date Arnie tried to make with the girl, Gail sighed. "Gosh, I'd sure like to see them."

Ashley sighed and shrugged. "I don't care about that any more."

Gail looked at her suspiciously. "What does that mean?"

Ashley smiled, unable to suppress the bubbling excitement at the prospect of telling her sister of her deflowering. She glanced toward the door to make sure it was closed, then leaned closer and lowered her voice.

"I went into the clearing after the girl left. Arnie knew I saw..."

"What?" Gail almost shouted.

"Shhhh, for pete sake; someone will hear us."

"You told him you watched?"

She nodded. "And I promised not to tell as long as he was nice to me." Her eyes glittered with excitement.

Gail peered at her. "What do you mean?"

Ashley giggled, unable to hold back her news any longer. In a rush of words she told her sister about hiding in the boat and coming out when Arnie had anchored far out in the lake. Gail listened eagerly and breathlessly as Ashley described the events that followed, how she talked her brother into it, how he tried to resist but couldn't, and about the final, wonderful results. Gail stared bug-eyed, unable to believe that her sister had actually gotten fucked, but knowing it was true. She asked questions, wanting to know everything. Ashley was eager and anxious to give intimate details.

"You can't imagine what it felt like," she declared. "Oh, boy, I mean he was so big and so hard in me! I could feel him all the way up inside me, every bit of his cock!"

"You were sitting on him?" Gail asked again in awe.

"Yep. Oh, boy, it was something. Then all of a sudden he said he was gonna cum, you know? Something happened to me then. It was like a fireball in my belly, all hot and flaming, like long fingers licking at my belly from inside. I could hardly breathe. The pressure was like a bomb, and all of a sudden it went off. He shot a whole load of cum deep inside my belly and, I dunno, it happened. I never felt anything so wonderful." She was breathless now remembering and trying to describe the feeling.

"You had an orgasm?"

"I guess that's what it was all right," Ashley agreed. "But a word hardly seems to describe it. It was like my whole body felt it, big waves washing over me, drowning me in the sweet heat and loving wetness. God, it was something!"

Gail swallowed hard. She was almost in tears. She was glad for Ashley, but at the same time she was angry because her sister had succeeded where she herself had failed. She thought about Daddy and his big cock almost going into her. Almost. But almost wasn't enough. It made her angry to think that Ashley had gotten fucked and she was still a virgin. It wasn't fair. Her anger made her more sure than ever that she didn't want to tell her sister about the time she'd spent with Daddy in bed this morning. No, she would say nothing until she, too, could tell an intimate detailed account of her loss of virginity. And she was more determined than ever that she would find a way to get her father to be the one who had her cunt the first time. Tonight. She would find a way to be alone with him tonight.

Martin Upton was nervous all day after the events of the morning with Gail. He was visibly shaken, and he was glad when Rebecca and the other kids got back and there were enough people around to relieve his fears of being alone with Gail. He had to steer clear of her, stay at a distance so he could not be tempted to do the things his body insisted on feeling when he was close to her. At dinner, which they didn't eat until after seven, Rebecca announced that she had promised a friend down the lake that she would go to a movie with her. Martin begged off, saying he preferred to relax and had some reading to catch up on. Actually he didn't want to sit in a show while his thoughts were racing over far more exciting things. He had watched all day for Melanie, hoping that she would be able to get away and that he could meet her again and be with her. But there had been no sign of her. He'd walked along the road, passing her cabin without catching a glimpse of her. It made him nervous and he wondered if she had been caught last night when she sneaked back into the house. But she wouldn't have told where she'd been. No, Melanie had as much to lose as he did and it was a sure bet she wouldn't risk discovery.

What then? He sweated out the rest of the day. He couldn't get Gail's strange behavior off his mind, either. And thinking about her made him even more nervous. Christ, that had been close. If Melanie would only come! He could screw her and relieve his frustrations, forget the wild thoughts about Gail that kept popping into his head. But Melanie didn't show.

Arnie asked for the car and Martin let him take it. He suspected that Arnie had a girl some place but he didn't ask. Both his sons were virile and active with girls. He accepted this fact easily and with some pride. Jeff was already talking about going back to the city instead of staying the week at the cabin. Martin knew it was because of a girl named Sheryl that Jeff was screwing regularly there. Arnie was more outgoing and aggressive, able to find a girl in any spot. Both boys vanished from the cabin shortly after their mother left. Martin tried to settle down with a book, but he couldn't keep his mind on the printed pages. He finally tossed the book aside and went outdoors. It was dark now, the kind of summer darkness that was alive with night sounds. The air was warm but not humid, and there was a hint of a breeze off the lake. Gail and Ashley were playing a quiet game in the yard, but he reminded them it was bedtime. They didn't protest, which surprised him. He watched them go inside, and some time later the light went out in their room. Martin sat in a lawn chair smoked several cigarettes. When he was pretty sure the girls were asleep, he crushed out the last butt and walked around the house. On the road, he headed toward the Dwyer house, still hoping he might find Melanie.

Lights were on in the Dwyer place, but he couldn't see into the rooms from the road. He tried to think of some excuse that might validate his going to the door and knocking, but he couldn't. He hadn't met either of the parents except to nod in passing. The boy, Sean, had finished his work for Martin several days before. And he couldn't ask for Melanie.

He kicked a stone and turned back toward his own house. Damn! Why had he let her get away without setting a definite time and place to see her again? It was driving him crazy not knowing where she was and when he would see her.

At the driveway to the Murphy place, he thought of the summerhouse where they'd met the night before. Maybe she'd come there. It wouldn't hurt to wait. She hadn't been able to get away until almost midnight the previous night. It was early, by that standard. He'd wait.

When Ashley and Gail went to their room, they got ready for bed and turned out the light. Then they sat by the window and watched the shadowy figure of their father in the lawn chair. They held a whispered consultation.

"Do you think he's going to meet Melanie?" Ashley asked.

"They didn't make a date; she said she didn't know if she could get out," Gail whispered back.

"He's waiting for something."

Gail peered at her sister in the dark room. "Ashley?"


"He's mine, I mean if we have the chance I get to try first. You had Arnie, it's my turn." Gail felt a tight envy in her chest as she thought about her sister's success and her own failure.

Ashley didn't answer right away but finally said, "Okay. But maybe I can help."

"Help? How?"

"Oh, I don't know. What I mean is I can watch and maybe join you..."

"No!" Gail turned and growled the word. "You stay out of it!"

"Okay, okay, don't get excited. Jeez!" Ashley moved away from the window and flopped onto her bed. Gail was jealous. That was it. She was just plain jealous. She was mad because Ashley had gotten fucked by Arnie while she was sitting around doing nothing. Well, she wasn't boss. Just because she was a year older didn't make her boss. Ashley would do whatever she wanted. She curled up with her pillow and closed her eyes. The day had been long and she was tired, more tired than she realized. In only a few minutes, she was asleep.

Gail saw her father walk around the cabin and to the road. She glanced at Ashley but she was quiet. Was she asleep? Gail got to her feet and tiptoed past the other girl's bed without disturbing her. She let herself out of the bedroom and the cabin.

She hadn't bothered with slippers and she had to move slowly so rocks didn't cut her feet. She could see a dark shadow moving ahead of her and she dared not get too close. Where was he going? She could see him walking slowly ahead of her. He didn't turn in at the Murphy cabin, and that surprised her. Was he meeting Melanie at her house? She doubted that.

He stood looking toward the Dwyer cabin for a long time and Gail ducked into the thicket of brush at the side of the road. After a few minutes, he turned around and started back. She held her breath as he went past. When he turned in at the Murphy place this time, she slipped out of her hiding place and followed him.

The moon wasn't as bright tonight and she could barely make out his figure in the summerhouse. He was alone, sitting and smoking. Gail found a good place to hide and settled down to wait with him. If Melanie was coming, she didn't dare go to her father now. She would have to wait. She was scared, and she wished she were home in a warm bed, her father's warm bed! She thought about this morning when she had felt his hot flesh on hers, had his wonderful hard cock so close.

She pressed her hand to her mouth to stifle the sob that erupted. She was hot for him; the warm, gushy feeling in her belly was spreading through her as she huddled in the trees. Knowing how close she'd been to having him changed things. Before, it had been fun to watch and think about having him. Now it was torture.

The minutes dragged by in the darkness. It seemed like a very long time before Gail was aware of another sound. Someone was coming. Gail peered toward the road. It was Melanie. Martin saw her, too, and he leaped to his feet and ran to meet her. He pulled her in his arms and smothered her with a soul kiss. Her warm tits glowed like hot coals on his chest and he began to search for a way under her shirt. She was still dressed in shorts and a knit top, not the free-flowing nightgown of the night before. He tugged at her clothes impatiently. She pushed away and gasped for breath.


"God, I've been waiting for hours! I thought you weren't coming." He kissed her again, breathing hard and feeling his cock stir and fill.

"Mister Upton, don't." She pushed at him again, trying to free herself from his embrace.

He peered at her. "What's the matter?"

"I can't stay."

"What do you mean you can't stay?" Anger filled Martin. The little bitch had kept him waiting for hours and now she was playing games with him.

"My father knows I'm out. He said if I wasn't back in the house in fifteen minutes, he'd come looking for me." Her voice was low and frightened.

"What! Does he know..."

She shook her head quickly. "No, of course not. But I have to go right back. Please let me go; I just came to tell you."

New fear filled Martin. Did the girl's father suspect that she was meeting someone or was this only a normal part of their family life? He knew nothing of the parents, the Dwyers.

"I saw you walking on the road," she whispered, rubbing her hand slightly on his chest. "I knew, that is, I figured you might be waiting for me."


"Gee, Mister Upton, I thought about you all night and all day. Just my luck that my old man is in a lousy mood and watching me. He does that sometimes."

"Tomorrow? Can you go somewhere with me tomorrow?"

"Gosh, I don't know."

"Maybe you can meet me at the end of the road. I'll have the car; we'll drive somewhere and be alone. God, Melanie, I'm so fucking hot for you."

"I'll try, Mister Upton. But I can't promise."

"One o'clock? By the mailboxes. If anyone sees us we can pretend we're driving to the store."

"I'll try."

"Be there!"

She giggled. "You're hurting me."

He hadn't realized that he was gripping her tit, mashing it against her ribs. His need was so strong it blotted out everything else from his mind. He released her and she pulled away. "I'll do my best, honest. Now I have to go. He'll be out here..."

She pulled away from him and ran back to the road and vanished in the shadows. Martin swore softly under his breath, damning her and her father and himself. Shit, he didn't need her that bad. He could find someone else, sure, that's what he'd do. He'd drive down to the roadhouse a few miles away and pick up one of the local girls who hung out there. He'd have himself a good piece of ass and forget all about Melanie Dwyer. He started for the house, then suddenly remembered he had let Arnie take his car. He swore again and leaned against a tree. His guts ached with the need he had built up for the girl. His balls were hard and ready, his cock half-erect and hopeful. Shit! He needed a drink. He strode quickly to the cabin and went inside. He took the bottle of bourbon from the cupboard and got a glass from the dish drainer. He carried both of them outside and down to the lake. He didn't want to do his drinking where one of his sons or his wife might come in. He had to get calmed down before he could face anyone. Every time he thought of Melanie he got madder, and his cock stirred and grew. Little bitch. He sat on the pontoon boat, behind the striped awning that shielded him from view of the cabin. He poured himself half a tumbler of booze and began to drink.

Gail had watched her father and the girl in the driveway and heard the girl's excuses. She wasn't fucking her father tonight! Melanie had to go home, and Daddy didn't like it. Gail knew that he was probably hard for the girl. She grinned in the darkness of her hiding place. If he stayed hard, he might not be able to turn her down this time. She listened to them make the tentative plans to meet the next day. Then Melanie was gone, and her father was striding back toward the cabin. She watched him get the liquor and go down to the boat. Gail hovered in the edge of the shadows and thought about her father. Would the drinks help him or would they help her? She could see him splashing the booze into the glass and downing it quickly. She'd seen him drunk several times, when his parties went on late or if he had business conferences that kept him out until early morning. He was happy when he drank; she could recall times when he grabbed her mother and tried to undress her on the spot. Rebecca's protests had finally stopped him, but the two had vanished into the bedroom quickly afterwards. That must mean that drinking makes him more sexy, Gail thought. She sat on a small stool near the end of the dock and waited. The house was quiet; Ashley was asleep, and the others weren't home yet. The lights across the lake shimmered on the water and seemed to emphasize the silence of the night. Her father poured another glass of liquor and set the bottle beside the deck chair. Every once in a while, she could hear him mumble something softly to himself. When he raised the bottle to refill the glass the third time, Gail crept toward the boat. A board creaked when she stepped on the dock, but her father didn't turn around. Gail smiled and moved onto the pontoon boat.

She was beside the chair before he even realized anyone was with him. He turned his head and peered up at the blurred form.

"Melanie?" It was a whispered hope, a slurred plea.

Gail didn't answer. She knelt by the deck chair and put her hand on his thigh. She felt the muscles twitch and she rubbed lightly, inching her way up toward his crotch. Her father put his hand to her head and pulled her close. Quite abruptly, he stopped, suddenly aware that she was not Melanie.


"It's all right, Daddy, it's me." Gail caressed the large mound of his trapped cock under the slacks.

Her father sucked in his breath sharply.

"Gail?" The need was there but the hesitation, too. He moved as though to get up from the chair, but her insistent hand at his genitals made him relax again. It felt so good, so goddamned good.

"I love you, Daddy." Gail squeezed the pulpy mound and felt the first signs of response under her hand. She smiled and laid her head close to her hand at his crotch. She had to have him, had to feel his love in a physical way. She opened her mouth and pressed her lips to his cock, mashing softly through the cloth and letting her hot breath sear at his hidden flesh.

"Gail..." He knew he should move, pull away. His body was coming alive, feeling the hard pressure that had begun to build while he waited for Melanie and then was so abruptly denied when Melanie ran away from him. The longing had stayed; the pain had stayed. Now the desperate need was returning. He couldn't slide out from under the child's hand. His mind was blurred from the liquor, his senses sharpened. He felt the pressure of her hand then her lips on his cock and balls, felt the heat of her breathing on him. It flamed his desire, and he felt the answering twitch of his prick. He was getting hard.

"Gail, I..." He couldn't find words to say what he felt. Nor could he move away from her. In his daze, he realized that he wanted her. The tempting touch he'd had of her flesh this morning had left him dazed and shaken. He hadn't been able to rid himself of the lust he felt for her. His mind had denied it but his body held it. Now she was here, and she was making it clear that she wanted him, God! How could he refuse?!

Yet he sat paralyzed by his own conscience. He couldn't take her, not his own child...

Gail's fingers found the metal clasp of the zipper and began to work it down. Martin's breath came faster, searing his lungs and throat. Her hand went into the fly and felt at his shorts for the second opening. Then she was touching his flesh. The heat of her hand was a fire that ignited him. His cock sprang to life, growing tumid and trying to force its head through the noose of foreskin. Her fingers were tiny and light, yet her grip was coiled steel. She began to move her fist up and down on the solid shaft of sexy flesh. Martin gasped and leaned his head back against the deck chair. My god, he was coming alive at her touch! His need pounded in his guts and spread like molten lava to his balls. The pressure swelled and his cock, swollen and hard now, filled her hand. The head popped from the sheath of skin and surged upward. Her smooth young palm found it, and she moved her head closer as though peering at it in the dim light on the boat.

Gail held her breath as she unzipped her father's slacks and wormed her hand into the fly and under his shorts. He was so warm, his flesh seemed to burn against her hand, teasing her fingers and making her quiver inside. Her mouth was very dry, and she kept running her tongue over her lips. Then she was holding it, the glorious hardening column of maleness. She squeezed and began to move her hand up and down on the shaft. It grew harder and fuller with each stroke.

She could smell the heady male aroma of his body and she leaned closer to it. Then her mouth was open and the tip of the swollen cock touched her lips. She shuddered and pressed her face to it, mouth open wide and eager for the first taste of the tempting tool. The sensations that assailed her were overwhelming. The smooth skin of the cockhead brushed her lips like a silken caress. The hot drop of precum that had already collected at the slit scalded her tongue. The incredible, warm fullness of the organ filled her mouth as she pressed forward and took it quickly.

Martin gasped. "Aagghhh!"

She was sucking him. Her lovely young mouth, a virgin mouth, thrilled him and excited him more each instant. She was lapping her tongue over the smooth, throbbing head of the organ, knowing instinctively what pleased him most, pressing hard with her lips to force the foreskin back as far as it would go, then rubbing the wetness and heat of her oral organ under the ridge of thick flesh.

"Ooohh, baby!!" Martin could not sit still in the chair. His body was alive with passionate need and he wanted to feel her, feel the smooth young naked flesh. He groped for her shoulders, slid his hands down to the undeveloped tits beneath the thin nightgown. A tremor ran through him and his breath came very fast.

"Baby, baby." He pulled at the cloth and got his hands under it. He was on her naked tits now. He felt the tiny buds of the nipples on the almost flat plane of her chest. They were like two tiny fires burning at his palms. He cupped the soft cover of her flesh, trying to mound the tits under his palms. She whimpered and urged her body closer to his touch, liking it and wanting more. He could feel the hot trembling need of her child's body. Gail could hardly breathe. Her mouth was full of her father's prick and it drove far back in her throat with each thrust she made on it. It filled her, excited her, made her body shiver with need. Now his hands were hot on her breasts, feeling the pips of the nipples and making them turgid by squeezing and cupping her minute mounds of child flesh. She lapped furiously at his cock to tell him she liked it. He squeezed his answer back at her tits. She felt the hard need in his organ and knew that she had aroused him as thoroughly as he had aroused her. Now she wanted the final thrill of intercourse. She wiggled her ass and tried to climb on him without letting go of his cock. He laughed softly and lifted her head from his crotch.

"Baby, here, let's get down on the blanket." He lifted her from her knees and laid her gently on the beach blanket that was spread on the boat deck. His hands were gentle and caressing. His voice was a thick whisper. "Take off the nightgown, baby." He was already pulling off his sport shirt and dragging his slacks over his hips and thighs. He tossed the clothes down and came to her.

His flesh gleamed in the pale moonlight, and Gail felt as though a heavy weight were on her chest. Her breath was a fireball, caught somewhere under her ribs. Her father's hands moved over her tits, down her smooth, flat belly, to the hairless pubic mound.

"Baby, oh, my god, smoooth, lovely." He kissed her lips lightly, then kissed the same trail his hands had taken, her nipples, which were now hard stones on the tiny rounded mounds of preadolescent flesh, her smooth child-belly, where his tongue found the concave of her navel, to the delectable hill of her crotch, where no hair interfered with his appreciation of the heady youthful flavor of the child...

His tongue speared out again and he took her leg with his hand and pulled it aside. The V was open to him now, and in the moonlight it resembled a shadowed haven for his lusting, thirsting mouth, a fountain for his overheated tongue, He probed the dark place with his tongue. The child moaned softly and her torso trembled violently. Her virgin cunt was responding with ageless knowledge of woman. Martin felt the first hot, wet touch of her labia and his own need boiled in his belly. God, she was sweet and delicious! His tongue moved over the silky wet folds of erotic flesh, searching for and finding the untested and untried button which was her clit. Gail's entire body trembled now and she made passionate tiny sounds in her throat, whimpering sounds of desire and need. He forced his tongue into her cunt and felt the hard tissue of her hymen. A jolt of fire shot through him at the thought of breaking it with his cock. A throbbing pain coursed through his belly. Gail felt the tongue touch her tissues and it was a spear of fire. Her whole belly ached and tingled with excitement and need. She had never felt anything like this before. Having him touch her was far more satisfying and exciting than watching him touch someone else. This time, she knew he was going to go all the way. Nothing would deter him from having her now. She could feel the hard pressure of his swollen, throbbing cock against her leg, and she felt the trail of hot fluid that oozed from his prick and dribbled onto her flesh. Her hips twitched and her hands groped for him. He let go of her then and almost in slow motion climbed over her. He leaned close, breathing his whiskey-laden breath on her face. He smiled, and she saw the gleam of his even white teeth in dim light.

"Pull your knees up a little, baby."

She did and he was between them, bent over her body and crooning endearing words softly as he grabbed his cock and brought it toward the sweet promise of her cunt.

"Easy, baby, yes, ooooohhh, god!"

His hot, throbbing flesh touched her labia. Gail whimpered and held her breath. It was so hot, so smooth and silky yet so hard. He pushed and it parted the thick wet lips of her pussy. Fire on fire, she whimpered again.

"Darling, I'll be careful, I don't want to hurt you... easy." He pushed. The hot virgin folds caught his prick like a clamp and Jeff it into the fire. The tip touched the hard shield of her hymen.

She held her breath. He bent and kissed her mouth, gently at first, then with fire as his body pounded need into the cock and tortured his guts. He pushed his tongue into her mouth to keep her from crying out, and at the same time he shoved hard with his thick ramrod of flesh and broke through her virgin tissue. She cried softly into the kiss, her sounds muted by the lashing of his tongue at hers. He was in her now, and the tight cunt was gripping his cock with a wild fury that seemed to belie her virginity. Her body quivered and his cock throbbed. He began to fuck her, slowly at first, taking care not to hurt her tiny vaginal opening, but with increased passion and lust as his body was caught in the fire of hers. He was fucking her virgin cunt, fucking her for the first time, fucking the lust of her soul with his immense cock. Gail felt the first hard pressure of his entry. When he began to kiss her, she didn't realize at first that it was a cover for his penetration, his ripping of her hymen, a shield for the pain that tore through her. But the pain was quickly over, bathed away by the hot fire of his entrance all the way into her pussy. She was on fire, her whole body. Her womb was a hard hall of white-hot steel. Her cunt was a firepit of molten lava. She had known it would be good, but the actuality of it left her breathless and whimpering with delight. He let go of her lips then and began to move his cock in and out of her. He was fucking her! She clung to his flailing body, gripped him with hands and knees. It felt as if she were being torn in two by each thrust he made into her, but there was no more pain. Instead, the sheer ecstasy of his body in hers was pure pleasure.

"Ooohhhhh...!" She tried to talk but she was beyond words. Nothing could describe the delight of that moment. Something new and even greater was about to happen now. She felt her body tense for it, felt his cock swell inside her cunt and threaten to explode...

"God!! I'm gonna cum, baby, I'm gonna cum, oooohhhh, yeesss, here it comes!!"

His explosion set off the time bomb in her virgin belly. Her female organs found the key to her passion, exploded with him. As his hot load of semen ejaculated into the tiny cunt, her body exploded with her first orgasm. It was wild and hot and hard, filling her and making her shake as though she were being tossed over a firepit. Huge waves of hot delight radiated through her young body, set off by the hot liquid that exploded from his cock and filled her cunt. His prick slapped into her, sloshing in the double wetness of her cunt juice and his load. Their bodies came together with wet, smacking sounds that seemed to be an echo of the throbbing lust that filled them. Gail could feel the soft, gentle smack of his balls against her ass, and that, too, excited and thrilled her. She was dripping with sweat, filled with delight.

After a very long time, her father slowed his hard-hitting motions and came to rest. He propped his weight on his arms along her sides. He was breathing very hard and she could see the sweat glisten on his body and face.

She smiled up at him. "Oh, Daddy, that was so goood, mmm, soooo goooddd!" She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his face down so she could kiss him.

His breath rasped harshly in his throat. After a few seconds, he pushed himself up and pulled his deflated penis from her sopping-wet cunt. He sat beside her on the blanket, his chest heaving as he tried to catch his breath.

He couldn't look at her. God! What had he done? He'd fucked his own child! And she was a child, not even into her adolescent years yet! He tried to find shame in what he had done, but his body was filled only with the pleasure of having had her. He had not cum like that for a very long time, if ever! It had been a very special experience, better than Rebecca, better than Melanie, better than any woman he had ever known. He chewed at his lip. A kid, his own kid, a baby. Baby cunt. And he had loved every fucking second of it. It wasn't just the drinks; he knew that now. He had wanted her so damned bad this morning when he woke up and found her in his bed. God, it hadn't gone away all day. He wanted her when he went to meet Melanie. He wanted her when he tried to drown his need with booze. And he wanted her when she crept to him in the darkness on this boat. He wanted her and he took her, and he was not ashamed. Very slowly, he got to his feet and pulled her up. He put his arm around her and wordlessly led her to the shallow-water end of the boat and helped her down into the water. She stood very still while he wiped at her body with his hands under the surface, splashing the cooling, cleansing water over her tits and belly, then using his hand to scrub the thick, swollen labia with cool, refreshing water. He put his fingers into her cunt and washed her out the best he could. He couldn't help wondering if he'd made her bleed when he broke her hymen. When he was done, he lifted her to the boat and wrapped the beach towel around her thin body and dried and warmed her. Then he helped her pull the thin nightgown over her head and shoulders. He kissed her lightly.

"Go to bed now, baby, I love you." He gave her a gentle push toward the cabin.

He sat for a long time before he dried himself and put on his clothes.

When Melanie Dwyer left Martin Upton, she hurried back along the road toward her own house. Her heart was pounding with excitement and with the daring excuse she had told the man. It had been a hard choice to make, but she hoped now that she would not be sorry. Upton had been great fun the night before, but somehow now that she had managed to seduce him, some of the thrill was gone. Not that he wasn't good, he was. Plenty good! But he'd appreciate her more if she weren't quite so available whenever he snapped his fingers. Besides, tonight she had a more exciting offer.

She thought again about the previous night, first with Martin Upton, then with her blackmailing fucking brother. It had been an exciting night all the way around. And this morning, her brother had come to her again with a deal. He told her how much he had liked fucking her, wanted more. His buddy Jeff Upton was due back from a canoe trip today, and why didn't she spend the evening with the two of them? He had a couple of six-packs of beer stashed away and knew where there was an empty cabin they could use. Jeff had been off in the woods for more than a week, and he would be ready for a good time and a good piece of ass. At first, Melanie had hesitated. She promised Sean her answer by dinner time. She had savored the memory of Martin Upton taking her. More and more she found herself wondering what his son would be like, and more and more she found herself liking the idea. And Sean. Her brother had surprised her last night, both in the size of his sex tool and his talent in using it. More than that, the prospect of having two of them at the same time was the strongest attraction. She'd never had more than one cock at a time before. She decided to spend the night with the two boys. It was sure to be more exciting than a few stolen minutes with Martin Upton.

So she met Martin and stalled him until the following day. She could have her cake and eat it, too. Now at the road to her house she stopped and peered past it into the darkness. At first she saw nothing, but then a shadow moved and she saw the pale glint of moonlight on a moving figure. It was Sean. He waved a hand and she followed his gesture. When she caught up to him, he slipped his arm through hers and hurried her along the dark road.

"Jeff's waiting for us," he said.

"Where are we going?"

He grinned and she saw the flash of white teeth.

"There's a cabin about a half-mile down the road that's been empty all summer. We've been using it, always straightening up when we leave so no one knows we've been there. Very convenient."

Melanie frowned. "Who's we?" she asked.

"Me, Jeff, a few of the other guys around." He spoke softly, almost in a whisper. They were walking past driveways to other cabins. Melanie rarely came this way along the lake, and she had no idea who was living at the cabins and which were vacant. But her brother seemed to know, and she followed him, half-running with quick little steps from time to time to keep up with his long, loping stride. Funny, she hadn't realized how grown up Sean was until now. He'd always been just a pesky brother, someone to fight with and resent. But now, he was an interesting young man.

About a half-mile along the road, the trees thickened considerably and the road was flanked on both sides with dark woods. Melanie had seen the cabins along this stretch of road. They were far apart, with high brush and woods surrounding them. Each one was virtually isolated from its neighbors.

Sean steered her down a sloping drive toward the lakefront. The cabin squatted near the water, a brooding, dark outline against the night sky. The sound of the lapping waves on the sand and rocks was the only noise. Sean held her hand and guided her up the few steps leading to the back door of the house. He rapped very softly, twisted the knob. Then they waited while soft footsteps inside the house came toward the door. The door swung in and they entered quickly. Melanie held her breath and clutched Sean's arm in the pitch blackness of the interior of the cabin. There were no lights, and the shades had been drawn at all the windows, blocking any outside light. She heard the sound of movement; then a match flared. Jeff Upton held it up and grinned at them.

"Let's get in the other room. A light here might be seen from the road." He moved toward the front of the cabin, the match flickering as the air caught it. Sean led Melanie through the small kitchen and into a larger room at the front of the house. "In the bedroom," Jeff said. "There aren't any drapes on the picture window. It's like a goddamned movie screen from the lake."

In the bedroom, Jeff closed the door, struck another match and lit a lamp on the dresser. "Welcome to my lair," he said with a grin.

Melanie looked around the room. It was a large bedroom on the corner of the house. The windows were covered by shades and over them heavy drapes of red velvet had been pulled. There was a huge four-poster bed at one wall, a large chaise lounge, a dresser, a vanity table and a metal stand with a small TV set. She was duly impressed, and grinned at the two boys.

"Who'd leave a joint like this empty all summer?" she asked.

Jeff grinned back at her. "Our fairy godmother!" He turned and lifted the top of a small cooler on the floor near the dresser. He extracted three cans of beer and popped the lids, handed one to each of the others, then lifted his own in a toast. "To the Edwards family. May they long rest in the city while we enjoy their pad!" He put the can of beer to his lips and drank. When he lowered the can, his lips were flecked with foam.

Melanie felt the excitement rising in her chest. This was going to be a night to remember. She drank some of the beer and liked the cool, tart flavor.

"Now," Sean said, "let's get comfortable. I vote we strip now and save ourselves the bother later."

"Hear, hear! I'll drink to that," Jeff said.

Giggling slightly, Melanie hid her surprise. They both knew what they wanted and they didn't bother playing games about it. Obviously, Sean had told Jeff about the night before, at least about the time he had spent with her. She wondered if he'd told the other boy that Melanie had also accommodated his father? The idea made her smile. Maybe they could invite Mr. Upton, too. She giggled again and drank down some more beer.

Jeff set down his can of beer and began to undress. "Come on, you two, get with the program!"

Sean grinned and glanced at his sister. Then he began to take off his clothes. Melanie watched in amazement and interest as the two boys became naked bodies in front of her eyes. She saw the jeans pull down over the slim boy hips, saw the dark, enticing triangles of pubic hair, then the thrilling long cocks dangling over heavy balls. She looked from one to the other of them, measuring with her eye and finding the pricks equally long and promising. Jeff's cock was perhaps a trifle shorter than Sean's, but it looked thicker around, as if it would have a hard time getting into a cunt because of its diameter. Even soft as it was now, it looked almost ominous. The difference in size and shapes of penises fascinated Melanie.

They were naked then, their clothes tossed on a chair near the bed. And they were both looking her, waiting. Jeff lifted his can of beer again and smiled at her. "Come on, baby." In slow motion, Melanie unfastened her shorts and Jeff them down over her wide, full hips. Jeff licked his lips and sipped some more beer. She was wearing thin nylon panties, bikini style. The haze of white cloth covered but did not hide her thick thatch of pubic hair, and the eyes of both boys were drawn to it at once. Jeff licked his lips again. She left the panties on while she skimmed the knit shirt over her head and down her arms. She knew even without looking that both boys were now staring at her tits in the sheer nylon bra. The bra was made of stretch nylon, and it clung to the heavy, full curves of her breasts, holding them lightly without binding them. Each move she made was translated to a jiggling, bouncing motion of the pendulous tits, and the boys' eyes widened in appreciation. As she tossed the shirt to the chair, Melanie glanced at the crotches of the boys and saw the first stirring of their excitement.

"God!" Jeff shook his head and grinned as he looked at the size of her tits. Even under the cloth, they were the most exciting things he'd ever laid eyes on. It was hard to believe she was only thirteen! He thought of his two scrawny kid sisters who hadn't even begun to develop yet. Christ, this was the kind of sister to have. He drank some more beer and felt his cock tighten as his juices stirred.

In panties and bra, Melanie stood a few seconds and let the boys enjoy the sight of her. Then she caught the elastic of the bra in her fingers and began to pull the flimsy garment up over her head.

It stretched, pulled hard over the mounds of her tits, popped as it released the heavy domes of flesh. She heard Jeff gasp in delighted astonishment, sucking air into his lungs as the full impact of her body's size struck him. She tossed the bra and quickly jerked down the panties. Her tits swayed and hung like huge melons as she bent forward to get her pants off and kick them aside. Then she stood up, very straight, with her shoulders pulled back hard so the tits jutted forward. She looked at her brother, then at Jeff. Jeff couldn't believe the size of her boobs. His mouth watered at the sight of them, and he could feel his cock getting a hardon just looking at her. He thought about what Sean had told him, how the other boy had fucked his own sister the night before, after she had come home from her dalliance with Jeff's old man. God, thirteen! And an accomplished little fucker! This was going to be a night to remember! He grinned at Sean and glanced at the boy's prick. It was expanding with need, too. Yeah, this was going to be quite a night! He polished off the rest of the beer and bent to the cooler for another can. Sean moved to the bed and pulled back the white fuzzy spread and the red blanket under it. He folded them carefully over the foot of the bed. They wouldn't be needing them. He sat on the edge of the bed and beckoned to his sister. "Come on over here where we can see you better, Melanie."

Melanie walked to the bed and sat down. Her brother's hungry eyes were taking in her naked body and it was like being caressed. Melanie liked the feeling. Jeff came around and sat on the bed behind her, pulling her backward and forcing her to lie down. She giggled and held up the beer so it wouldn't slosh. Jeff grabbed a pillow and stuffed it under her head so it was high enough for drinking the beer without sitting up.

"All the comforts, baby." Jeff grinned at her. His hand slid across her shoulder and to her breast, capturing the large dome under the palm that was cool from holding the iced can of beer. Melanie squealed and smiled at the boy.

"Nice," she said.

"You like?"

"I like." And she knew she was going to have a very good time.

Jeff felt the tit, high and ripe and full. He rubbed his palm over the corrugated patch of the nipple, pressed a finger into the soft cushion of coral. The nipple began to swell and emerge from the red nest. Melanie could feel the drawing sensation as her hormones stirred and began to pour out. Her cunt felt damp and hot already, even though neither of the boys had touched her there.

When Jeff had brought the rosy twin pips to turgid attention he paused to drain half the new can of suds. He licked his lips and put the can on the bedside table, then bent to suck Melanie's dark, tempting tit. In the flickering light of the kerosene lamp, she looked very appetizing indeed. He grinned as he saw Sean bring his mouth down to the other dome of erotic flesh. Melanie moaned softly. She had a boy at each breast, and they were sucking and licking her until she could hardly lie still. Her body was coming alive with heat and need, a deep desire for a lot of sex-play. She knew that this would not be any rush job. Both boys planned on savoring everything she had to offer. The idea was exciting, in many ways. Carefully, so as not to disturb either of the hungry tongues at her tits, Melanie emptied the beer in a long swallow. She felt a little giddy from drinking it so fast. She had never had the chance to drink much, an occasional beer at a party when the adults weren't around. She liked the giggly bubbly feeling, and more than that, she liked the hot tongues on her tits. She reached to the side of the bed and set the empty can on the table. She snuggled down into the pillow Jeff had given her, and gave her whole attention to the loving session that was just beginning. Sean tasted the hot tit on his cool tongue and sucked at the slightly beery flavor of Melanie's tit-peak. He liked seeing his sister naked this way, in the light where he could appreciate the sight of her as well as the feel of her. The night before had been great fucking, but tonight he was going to feast his eyes and mind and body on her. Jeff had suggested the party when Sean told him about last night. Jeff's plans included some things that Sean had never tried before, like ass fucking, both of them doing Melanie at the same time, maybe even trying to get both cocks into her tight cunt for double-header fucking. God, he got all hot and bothered just thinking about it! And the nicest part was that they didn't have to rush. No one knew where they were; no one would disturb them. They had all night.

Jeff let go of the tasty morsel in his mouth and grinned at the girl. "Like it?"

She nodded eagerly. "Yes, don't stop."

He laughed. "Got something better in mind, honey; spread those creamy thighs and let me at your pussy!"

Melanie caught her breath and moved her legs apart. Jeff was at her crotch in a moment. His hands pried at the thick mat of pubic hair and explored the curtained doorway to her cunt.

"Holy shit! Look at that!" He had never seen anything so red and glistening and wonderful. He touched the slick, wet folds of flesh. Melanie gasped and her hips moved as she tried to push her body onto the teasing fingers.


"Come and look at this, Sean, God, look at this cunt!" Jeff's voice was full of delight.

Sean removed his mashing lips from Melanie's tit and turned on the bed so he could join Jeff at the V of his sister's legs. Jeff spread her cunt wide with his hands, exposing the pulpy wet flesh, the slivers of erotic flesh, the thick pussy, the thin petals beyond.

Sean sucked air into his lungs greedily. It was a beautiful sight. He saw the tiny outcropping of Melanie's clit and put his finger to it. She squealed and squirmed.

"Yeah, give it to her; play with her trigger," Jeff instructed. Although two years younger than Sean, Jeff was definitely more experienced in sexual matters, and he was definitely the leader of this little expedition. "Pinch it," he said.

Melanie could no longer lie still. Her whole body was on fire now with a raging desire that made her want to be all over the two naked boys. She wanted to feel them touch her, enter her, take her, she wanted to be fucked many times over. She twisted on the pillows and grabbed for both cocks. Grinning, the boys obliged by turning so she could reach them.

With a cock in each hand, Melanie began to pump hardness into the stirring organs. They were both swollen already, filling with the lusty need of youth. Jeff moved closer and turned his body sideways. "Eat cock, baby, go ahead, yeahhhhh!"

Melanie had the lovely hard tool in her mouth then, pushing back the taut foreskin to expose the thick mushroom head of the organ with its silky skin. It felt like hot liquid on her tongue. She realized then that he was already dribbling cock juice and she was licking it up eagerly. She closed her lips around the thick ridge of flesh, found the band holding the cap to the stem with her tongue.

It was Jeff's turn to groan with delight.

"Aaaagghhhh, jeeezzz, that's good."

"Let me suck her cunt," Sean said, pulling her hip so he could get in position.

"I'll hold it open for you. Jeez, you're licking my fingers!"


"Holy christ, I'm hotter than a pistol!"

"Suck me, ooohhhhh yessss." Melanie was going crazy. She moaned the words onto the cock she held tightly in her mouth. Her body was on fire, her belly aching for anything these two could give her, wanting and needing it all. Sean's tongue lashed into her cunt, lapping at the folds and beating an insistent tattoo on her clit. Jeff's fingers kept pushing deeper into her, coaxing out hot, spurting love juice for the other boy to guzzle. The cock in her mouth was a hot poker, stabbing deep in her throat as the organ got harder and bigger. She had been right in her supposition that it would be a mouthful. She could hardly breathe with the big, swollen shaft filling her air passages almost completely. But it was so tasty, so good, so sexy, it never occurred to her to let go of it. She could feel his pulse pounding in the column, his need dribbling from the tiny slit in the head. She poked her tongue into the minute space, felt that quick spurt of precum. He would cum if she kept it up, the idea excited her wildly. Her cunt was on fire with the hand and the tongue-lashing it was receiving.

"Yeeaahhhh, oooohhhh, baby! You're driving me up the wall!" Jeff's body began a rhythmic movement in and out of the hot, hugging tunnel of her mouth. She was bringing him to the boiling point, but he knew he could hold his orgasm, wait until the fire became a conflagration. He was going to shoot his load into that tight heavenly snatch Sean had bragged about. He wanted a piece of the real action first. Then she could bring him back, get him hard again and they could fuck in other ways, at leisure.

Sean's mashing mouth was glued to the pussy. He made thick slurping sounds as he drank the creamy fluid that poured from his sister's cunt and Jeff fingered her and excited her. His own cock, still in Melanie's hand, was a hard stick of dynamite, ready to go off. With his eyes open, all he could see was the rounded mound covered with hair, his sister's pubic mound, thick and enticing. He could smell the tangy female sex odor, and he could taste the heady delight of her body. He was very glad he had told Jeff about the night before and that the other boy had come up with the idea for this party tonight.

Jeff pulled out of the triangle first, breathing hard and forcing Melanie to let go of his pounding shaft of manhood. "Let's fuck her!"

Melanie watched wide-eyed as Jeff pushed her back on the bed and yanked the pillow from under her head. "Lift her ass," he instructed Sean. Sean grabbed Melanie's hips and raised them from the bed. Jeff jammed the pillow under her. Her body was arched upward, her belly stretched taut and her legs splayed wide. Jeff climbed over her.

"God, what a fuckhole! Let's try it out." He grabbed his thick ramrod cock and began aiming it at her spread labia.

"Christ, I'm so fucking hot I'll shoot my load watching you, let me fuck her."

Jeff grinned slyly. "Let's put both of them in her."

"How the hell?"

"We can try. If it doesn't work, one of us can take her ass. Ever fucked ass?"


"Oh, brother, you're in for a treat. Tight, hot and dry. Jeeeeez, what a body!" He aimed his cock again and touched it to her cunt. Melanie felt a stab of fire shoot through her. Then he pressed, hard and fast and penetrated her pussy in a swift motion. It was like a bullet piercing her flaming body. The first impact of his erotic flesh inside her cunt sent Melanie into a spasm of orgasm. Her womb erupted like a fireball, spewing hot lava all over his stabbing prick. She moaned, bit her lip and made unintelligible sounds deep in her throat.

"Holy shit, she's cumming already!!" Jeff grinned and fucked her furiously.

"God!" Sean was doubled over with a pain of lust. He wanted to feel his cock in the warm hole, too, he wanted to shoot his load into his sister...

Melanie gasped and finally slowed her frantic breathing. It had been wild and quick, a delight of orgasm that had caught her unaware. She tried to grin at the two boys.

"Hot fucking," Jeff said.

"You gonna let me in there?" Sean demanded.

"Sure, sure." Jeff bent all the way over the girl's body, arching himself to fit the curve of her belly. His hard cock pulled at her cunt, spreading it wide and putting new, tight pressure on her clit. Melanie already felt the new excitement stirring inside her wet cunt and womb.

"Try now. You'll have to stay up on your knees, jeeez, oooowwwww, hell, it slipped."

Sean tried again, holding his rigid prick and trying to force it into the slippery-wet hole Jeff was holding open with the pressure of his penis inside the girl's cunt.

This time, the head mashed against the column of Jeff's cock, flattening and slipping up along the other tool. It squeezed hard, forced partway in. Melanie whimpered. It hurt a little, being stretched so wide, but it was very exciting, too. She could feel the twin poles jabbing at her, the hard pressure of Jeff all the way in her and the threatening pressure of her brother at the open gate. Her muscles stretched; her cunt opened like a huge mouth to grab at the two tools.

"Aaaggghhh! Ooooohhhh, mmmm!!"

"I can't get in!"

"Push harder! Christ, I can feel you on my cock!"

"Shit, it's so slippery, so fucking hot and wet."

"Aaaaaahhhh, yyyeeesss." Melanie closed her eyes and bit her lip. A new orgasm was building in her guts as she thought about the twin probes in her pussy and felt the hard pressure as her brother tried to squeeze in beside the other boy's prick. But Melanie was too tight and Jeff was too big, Sean couldn't force into the cunt. Swearing, he pulled back and sat panting while he watched the other boy screw into the depths of her cunt.

Jeff felt the warning pressure in his balls and he began to fuck out his need. He slammed his cock into the wet, sucking hole, slapped his balls hard against the rough, curled hair of her twat. He watched her big tits bounce and bobble on her ribs and saw the grimace on her face as her pleasure erupted.

"Here it comes, baby; here comes my load of babyjuice!" And it did. The ejaculation blew like a boiler, spurting the steamy semen out of the hose and into the black wet pit of her throbbing pussy.

Melanie came, too, another violent rush of heat and juice that filled her and mingled with the boy's load of love juice. She felt him pull at her crotch hairs, heard his body smack wetly to hers, felt the heat radiate through her. And still he was rock-hard and fucking furiously. His cock refused to go down. He was good for all night!

Abruptly, Jeff jerked his still-swollen cock out of her body. She looked at him and started to protest, but he grinned quickly. "Roll over baby." He shoved at her and forced her onto her belly. His hands pulled her buttocks, and his finger traced a path down the crevice and stopped at her ass.

"What do you say, Sean, want to try this?" His finger poked lightly at the tight sphincter of her rectum.

"Christ, I'll never get in!"

"Sure, you will. Get some of her cunt juice on your cock." He pulled at Melanie's hips and raised her to her knees over the pillow. His hand went to her cunt, sloshed in the thick fluid that was dripping from her. "Here, have some." He rubbed the slime on the other boy's cock.


Jeff laughed and moved back out of Sean's way. "Go to it, man, you'll never be the same!"

Sean poised over his sister's ass, his prick slippery and hot, aimed at her tight ass. The tip touched, and the dry skin of her rump burned at his throbbing tool. He shoved it against the hole, felt pressure similar to when he had tried to enter her cunt with Jeff. Her rectum was sealed tight.

Jeff leaned over and got his hand under Melanie's chest, finding a breast and mauling it lightly. "Relax, doll, take a few deep breaths through your mouth, let old Sean in your back gate. Yeah, that's right, shove it up her ass, Sean." Sean pressed again and felt the tight muscle give, tighten, then give again as Melanie breathed deeply. Then he was in. The tight tunnel closed around him again, squeezing the cockhead like an orange for juice. His balls went into high production of fuck juice, his loins arched, he shoved hard into her. Then it was too much. The hot tunnel Jeff his load almost instantly. It was like a huge, hungry vacuum cleaner sucking up anything in its path. He felt the hot spurt, the quick grab of her muscles, and he shot off. His semen exploded into the narrow, dry passage and in a moment it was lathered wetly and bubbling over.

Melanie whimpered, stuffed her hand in her mouth and cut off the scream that built in her throat. The pain was wild, but the pleasure was wilder. The hot, spurting semen in her ass fused with the heat of her belly and she experienced another orgasm, different from the others yet basically the same satiating delight of all of them. She panted and gasped for air. Sean climbed off, sweating and limp with the explosion that had taken him so quickly. Man, that was something. He grinned at Jeff. The other boy winked and began to fondle his cock, which was still hard.

"What say we all have another beer and then we can get down to some serious fun!"

Melanie looked at him, then at her brother. Peering up from the pillow in which her face was buried, she looked comical. Sean began to laugh.

"What do you say, Sis? Game for more?" he asked.

Melanie hesitated. Then she grinned widely. "You'd better believe it! Give me two beers and I'll take both of you on at the same time, all you can give!!" Jeff laughed and climbed off the bed for the beers.

Arnie turned the car into the driveway, still angry and swearing softly. He'd driven all the fucking way up to Wakefield and that little bitch Jean was nowhere to be found. He'd told her he'd be back, almost promised. What the hell did she expect from him? She could've waited a few hours to find out if he'd show. No, the dumb little broad had such goddamned hot pants she couldn't sit alone for a few hours. Right now she was probably in the back seat of some car with one of her local boy friends. Jeez, he got mad all over again just thinking about the time he'd wasted running after her. She was just a piece of tail; he could do without her. There were plenty of other girls who'd be anxious to make him happy.

He snapped off the lights and ignition and sat in the dark car for several minutes. It was still early; he should've gone out looking for some action. The trouble was, this isolated lake area wasn't exactly a swinging community. Mostly private parties. Private parties, what was it Jeff had said about a party at an empty cabin down the road? Yeah, he'd said they were having one tonight and invited his brother along. Arnie had only half-listened since he'd been full of his own party plans with Jean. But now, he was at loose ends. Maybe Jeff's party might be fun. He tried to recall if his brother had given him any details about the party, but it was all very vague. Something about some kids down the lake. Hell, it would probably be a very dull minor beer bust, but it would beat sitting around the cabin with nothing to do. Unless... no, that was suicide. He had to steer clear of Ashley. God! What a surprise she had given him this afternoon in the boat. A nine-year old kid, his own sister, wow! But as much as he liked the idea of playing around with her again, he didn't dare go anywhere near her, unless he could get her far away from his folks and any chance of being caught. God, his father would kill him if he knew! He got out of the car and walked slowly up the drive. He wasn't exactly sure where the cabin was that Jeff had mentioned, but he had a general idea. He figured he'd be able to find it. If not, the walk might cool him off. He was still plenty damned mad about Jean.

In the house, Ashley woke when the headlights of the car flashed across the bedroom window. She was instantly awake, aware that she was alone in the room. When had she fallen asleep? She had planned to watch Gail, follow her if she left to pursue her seduction of their father. But she had conked out, and Gail was gone.

She climbed out of bed and walked lightly to the window. The car headlights had gone off, but she could see the figure sitting behind the wheel in the gloom. Not her mother, Arnie then. He was back.

Ashley peered at the tiny illuminated dial of the clock on the dresser. It was early, only eleven. She smiled to herself. That had to mean that Arnie hadn't found that girl, the one from the woods he'd tried to make the date with. He was back far too early for a night with her. Ashley pressed her fists to her belly. Mmmmm, if Arnie hadn't found his girl, he'd be hot and hard for wanting her. Ashley thought about the wonderful hour she'd spent with her brother out in the boat this afternoon. The taste of sex that she'd had whetted her appetite for more. Already she was getting horny, her thighs dampening as love-juice began to trickle from her cunt. Maybe, if she went out to Arnie, maybe he'd fuck her again. Ohhhhh, her belly ached from thinking about it. She groped under the bed for her slippers and opened the bedroom door quietly. The entire cabin was hushed, empty. No one else was home. She padded across the living room, through the kitchen, and opened the back door. Outside, she stood a moment letting her eyes get accustomed to the night. She moved toward the car. She was right up to it when she realized that Arnie was no longer sitting behind the wheel. The car was empty. She almost called out his name, but caught herself just in time. She looked around the yard. He hadn't gone inside; she would've seen or heard him. She caught sight of a white moving blur near the road. It was Arnie. He was walking up the driveway and turning down the road. Without hesitation, she hurried after the vanishing figure. She wasn't sure why she didn't call to him. Instinct made Ashley stay silent and follow her brother down the road. Ashley knew the road well, since she and Gail explored the entire lake shore, knew all the families along the road. But there were no kids her age and she rarely did more than walk past the houses.

Arnie didn't turn in at Dwyers, and that surprised Ashley. For a few minutes she'd thought about Melanie Dwyer and her brother Sean, who was Arnie's age. He might've been seeing them, especially after what Gail had told her about Melanie's sexual expertise with their father. She giggled at the thought. Where was Arnie headed then? There were no more kids along there at all. Few cabins were even occupied.

Arnie stopped and looked down a driveway. He seemed undecided for a few seconds, then resumed his even pace down the pale ribbon of the road. The woods were thicker here and the moonlight didn't penetrate to the dark road. Ashley kept her eye on the white patch of her brother's shirt, staying a few yards behind so he wouldn't hear or see her. When he stopped again, he seemed to be listening to the night sounds. Then he turned and walked carefully down a driveway. Ashley chewed at her lip. No one was up at this place. The cabin had been standing empty all month. The owners, a young couple who did a lot of drinking and partying, had spent two weeks' vacation here in July, but hadn't returned since. But Arnie was already out of sight, and she pressed forward.

She saw her brother listen again at the door, then turn the knob and let himself into the dark house. She ran down the remaining feet of the driveway and onto the tiny porch. She pressed her ear to the door and could barely hear the sounds of music and voices inside. She smiled. Arnie knew something she did not. There was a party going on here, a hidden and secret one. Someone was using the cabin for their own fun. Carefully she turned the knob and let herself in. The door was the kind that opened and locked with an old-fashioned key and it had no bolt or snap lock. The owners had apparently forgotten to lock it when they left, and Arnie and whoever else was here had discovered the fact and helped themselves to the place. The music and voices came from some place beyond the kitchen. Ashley saw the outlined doorway and headed for it. The living room was dark, too, but enough light came through the large picture window which faced the lake, so Ashley had no trouble seeing. Her brother was standing outside a closed door; beyond it the voices were louder, the laughter strong. Ashley stepped back to the shelter of the kitchen doorway when Arnie opened the bedroom door. Light flooded out, looking very bright at first but then subdued. It seemed to flicker, and shadows leaped along the walls.

"What the, My god, Arnie, you scared me outta ten years growth!" Jeff laughed then, relieved to discover that the sudden unexpected intruder was only his brother. "Hey, man, glad you came back. Join the party!" Jeff held up his can of beer and slapped Melanie's bare ass playfully. "Which will it be first, beer or the broad?"

Arnie grinned at the threesome on the bed. Stark-naked, they were a twisted mass of legs and arms and bodies. He could see Melanie's huge tits, one resting on Jeff's thigh and the other caught in her brother Sean's mouth. The girl's head was at Jeff's crotch. She had looked up startled when the door opened, but now she came down again with her open mouth on Jeff's hard, spearing cock. Jeff jerked with pleasure and settled back on the pillow to enjoy the fellatio she performed on him. He raised the beer can and drank with gusto.

"Looks like she's plenty damned busy already," Arnie commented, watching Melanie.

"Hell, she can take another one, no sweat! This little cunt is the wildest thing this side of the Mississippi. Come on, take your goddamned clothes off and join the party."

Arnie moved into the room and closed the door behind him. He didn't need any more coaxing. The urges that had stirred in his guts at the thought of seeing Jean again tonight were still strong, and he could use a good time. He began to strip off his slacks and shirt. The girl watched him without slowing down her sucking motions on Jeff's prick. Sean pushed his hand between his sister's damp thighs and forced her to open her legs so the newcomer could get a good view of the red, luscious pussy in the cocoon of golden hair. Arnie jerked off his socks and went to the edge of the bed. His clothes lay in a heap on the floor near the door, just where he tossed them. He hadn't bothered to untangle or hang them. Not when he had a promising hot body like Melanie's waiting for him only a few feet away. Christ, she was a tempting morsel! His mouth watered at the sight of the golden-haired pussy. The tight curls of hair were flecked with moisture, hers and maybe even some cock juice from earlier copulations. The smooth, rounded hump of her ass made his fingers itch. He was on the bed then, his face pressing into the tunnel formed by her open legs, his lips and tongue delving immediately in the haven of hot, waiting love. She was delicious, sweet and intoxicating. He drank greedily, feeling the instant twitch of life in his balls and the springing alive of his prick. He grinned and shoved his mouth harder into the golden nectar of her body.

When Arnie entered the room and closed the door, Ashley moved silently across the darkened room. She had caught a glimpse of the naked kids on the bed, recognized Jeff and Sean Dwyer. She had only seen the girl's long blonde hair and the huge F-cup tit Sean was sucking, but she knew it had to be Melanie Dwyer. She giggled silently, thinking how worried she had been about seducing her own brother. And here Melanie Dwyer, the girl her father had lusted for and taken, was obviously fucking her own brother! Maybe all the things Shannon had told her were true at that. There seemed to be plenty of men and boys who thought it was perfectly okay to screw around with their own flesh-and-blood relatives. So if Shannon was right, that meant all men also liked young girls, young, unhaired, undeveloped girls like herself! She knew that she wanted to join the party in the other room. Fucking Arnie had given her a taste of things to come, and now she had the chance to take a giant step forward in her sex education.

She put her hand on the doorknob and turned it slowly. The four people on the bed were so engrossed in one another that they didn't hear the slight sound of the door swinging open. Ashley slipped into the room, and the door closed quietly behind her. She gaped, staring, trying to take in all the action at once. Each of the foursome was at some part of another's body, the three boys swarming all over Melanie, hands roaming her naked flesh, mouths licking and nibbling at tits and cunt. Only Jeff was at all passive, lying back sipping his beer while his hand mauled Melanie's big tit, pulling lightly at the hard, jutting nipple, while the girl's mouth beat a hungry tattoo on his swollen and erect cock. One of Melanie's hands was clawing at Jeff's thigh, rubbing in the crotch hair that surrounded his cock and cupping his monstrous, hanging balls. The other hand was around her brother's hard, thrusting cock. Her knee was between Arnie's legs, pressing upward onto his sex organs and making his penis sway and dribble threateningly. Ashley licked her lips. She wanted to be there with them. She pushed her foot against her heel and got her slippers off. She lifted the hem of the short nightgown she was wearing and skinned it over her head. It fell to the floor. She walked to the bed.

It was Jeff who saw her. He looked up from his can of beer, and his face paled. "Ashley!" His cry was a strangled sound of surprise and fear. For a moment the others didn't react. They were too engrossed in their own needs and pleasures. Jeff tried to pull himself away from the tangle of bodies, staring at his kid sister's naked body only inches from him. "How the hell, What are you doing here!"

Ashley's breath was a tight coil in her chest. Jeff seemed angry, but she was not going to leave. She wanted to join them. She tried to smile. "I followed Arnie."

At the sound of her voice, the others looked up, aware now that someone else had arrived on the scene. Sean and Melanie looked shocked, then amused. Melanie's hand came up Jeff's cock and closed around it. She began to pump at it in slow motion, as though defying Ashley to stop her or to turn off Jeff's apparent interest and need. Sean simply stared, not knowing what to make of the kid standing there as naked as a jaybird. She was just a kid, no pubic hair, no tits, yet he could not take his eyes from her tanned flesh. Arnie was so startled he stared with his mouth open. She had followed him! The dumb little shit had been waiting for him to come home, then she followed him here! He grinned, and ran his tongue over his wet lips, tasted the cunt juice that still clung to them from his recent sojourn at Melanie's pussy.

Jeff glared at Ashley. "Get the hell out of here, you little snoop! Put your goddamned clothes on and go on home to bed where you belong!"

Ashley shook her head, scared of her brother's anger but unyielding in her determination. She was all hot and wet inside now, and she didn't want to leave.

Jeff waved the empty beer can in her direction. "Go on, beat it! And keep your goddamned mouth shut, you little shit!" He was slightly drunk, breathing very hard and trembling slightly.

Arnie looked at Ashley. The corners of his mouth turned up in a small smile. Arnie turned to Jeff. "Leave her alone, Jeff."

"What? What the hell do you mean?" Jeff was struggling to sit up, but Melanie wouldn't let go of his prick, and he fell back onto the pillows. "What are you talking about! Damned brat, she needs a good paddling!"

"Cut it out," Arnie said sharply.

Jeff turned to glare at him, his confusion evident on his face. "What!"

Arnie grinned and looked back at Ashley. "Let her stay. You might be surprised at how much your kid sister can add to the party!"

The room was silent for a few seconds. The boys on the bed were staring at each other, then at their sister. Jeff frowned.

"Her? Aw, come on, you gotta be kidding." He tried to laugh, but the sound wouldn't come out. He had the strong feeling that Arnie wasn't kidding at all.

Ashley watched Jeff, waiting for his next words. She straightened her thin shoulders and pushed her breasts forward. Arnie had stuck up for her, he had actually admitted she was good sexually! She was glowing with pride, and she was also burning with new lust and desire. She didn't want to be sent away like a child. She wanted to stay right here and enjoy the pleasures she knew her body could bring her.

Jeff looked at her. His glance slid from her face to her body, lingering at the undeveloped tits with only coral patches to indicate the womanhood that lay there hidden beneath them. Jeff's tongue flicked over his lips, and his glance moved again, over her taut smooth belly, tanned deeply but marked with lines where her shorts and halter ended, to the high mound of pubic flesh. It stayed there, piercing his own doubts and coming to accept his brother's testimonial. It was hard to believe, but Arnie wouldn't con him, not now, not here. A smooth baby cunt, but usable. He smiled, then looked back at Arnie. "No shit?"

"No shit, Brother. I tried her out this afternoon. It was something to remember, I'll tell you!"

Jeff looked back to Ashley, and his tongue moved again over his full red lips. "You wanna play?" he asked softly.

Ashley nodded. "Yes, please let me, I'm all hot and hurting."

"Good god!" Sean stared at the kid. His guts were a hot ball of fire at the idea of screwing a young piece like that. She didn't even have any cunt hair, and she was talking about fucking like a pro! Jeez, this was going to be a party!

Melanie looked the naked kid over carefully. Little bitch. What did she have to show up now for? Damn her. Melanie liked the idea of having the three beautiful fucking cocks all to herself. Besides, what did Ashley have to offer? What did the brothers and her own kin see in the kid? She verbalized her protest.

"She's just a kid, for crissake. Make her go home!" She petted and pawed Jeff's cock to coax him to side with her.

Sean sat up and slapped Melanie's naked rump. "Look who's talking, baby sister. Hey, you guys know how old Melanie is?" Sean giggled.

Arnie looked at the big tits and the wide-open cunt in front of his face. "Sure, sixteen."

Sean laughed.

Melanie said, "Shut up!"

"She's thirteen! That's all. Thirteen!"

"Aw, you're kidding."

Sean shook his head and burped softly. "Nope. She won't be fourteen for three months yet. She's stacked like a starlet, has been since she was eleven. Quite a dish, my little sister. Yeah, quite a dish!" He poked his fingers into the wet, spread cunt and wiggled them suggestively. "So what's your objection to the other kid, huh? You ain't the only kid with hot ass to go." He laughed again and rammed his hand deeper into the hot tunnel of Melanie's pussy.

Jeff giggled and Arnie grinned. Sean pulled his feet sideways on the bed, pushing his naked body closer to the girl already on the bed.

"Come on, baby, climb aboard!" He winked at Ashley.

Ashley laughed and scrambled onto the bed near her brother. Jeff made a grab for her. "If you tried her this afternoon, then give me a chance now, Brother!"

Sean laughed, still hand-fucking his own sister. "What about me? I'd like to try her, too."

"Hey! Take it easy, boys, plenty for all. Right, Ashley?" Arnie slipped his arm around Ashley and pulled her down to the bed. "I think she'd like to try lots of things, right, baby?" He grinned at Ashley. "Want us all to fuck you? Want to suck each and every cock? Want someone to suck your cunt while you suck someone else's prick? Want to get fucked in the mouth? In the ass?" He was talking softly to her, leaning over her and breathing the words heavily. She felt his hot breath on her face, his hand at her tit.

Ashley was trembling with anticipation now, quivering inside where the fire had been fanned to flaming desire. "Yes... oooohhh, yes, I want all those things, please, yes."

Arnie laughed. "See, what did I tell you?" He glanced at Sean and Jeff. "Ashley is an eager and apt pupil, so what are we waiting for?"

"Hot damn! Let's roll."

Jeff scrambled and grabbed for Ashley's legs. He pulled her around and lifted one leg so he could peer at the lovely unblemished, hairless crotch, into it, into the thick red wet lips of her pussy. "Holy christ!" His mouth was watering already.

Arnie turned to Melanie. He noted that Sean's hand was still deep in his sister's cunt. He said, "Hey, take those fucking fingers out and let me slip my dick up there. Christ, I've been hard all night and waiting for a warm, hungry pussy."

"Be my guest, Arnie. She's in rare form tonight, horny as hell. We've been fucking up a storm for two hours almost. She can take you, then come back for more."

Arnie ran his tongue over his lips. He was hot and hard, his cock ready for action. He'd been on the verge of an erection ever since this afternoon when he'd fucked Ashley so wonderfully. The memory and thoughts of his kid sister had kept him at fever pitch. He'd thought to relieve it when he saw Jean, but then she had crapped out and his hardon wouldn't vanish. Now he was going to get his release. He was eager for it. He grinned at Sean.

"Why don't you let Ashley suck you off? She has a talented tongue."

Sean crawled closer to Ashley and she opened her mouth eagerly. Jeff was fingering her cunt now, getting her even hotter and wetter than she was, rousing her deep need and making her whole body throb. She accepted the hard spear of flesh that the boy jabbed toward her face. It was smooth and hot and pulsating. She closed her lips around it, and he sighed, pushed forward so the tool sank farther into her mouth. She pulled at the layer of foreskin and felt for the ridge of the cockhead with her tongue. He was as big and as delightful as Arnie, she liked him, she liked what she tasted. She also liked what her brother, Jeff, was doing to her cunt. His hands were at it, pulling the thick, hairless lips apart and teasing at the wet red folds beneath them. Ashley sighed and sucked harder on the other boy's tool. He tasted so good, and the harder she sucked the hotter she got.

Jeff was fascinated by the ripeness of his sister's inner folds of flesh. He had never dreamed that a kid, a nine-year old kid, would look so exciting, be so sexy. The flaps of red tissues winked and blinked at him in the flickering lamplight. The soft, glowing light made everything slightly shadowed, more exotic. But in any light, this cunt would be worth looking at, and feeling. He knew he was getting very hard in Melanie's fucking mouth because touching Ashley was turning him on. He wanted to sink his prick into this sweet little swamp hole, this new fertile field of loving, god, look at it, the tiny bud of her clit winked at him wetly. He touched it and the child shivered, pushing down and forcing his hand to slip into her opening. He grinned, wondering if she had done it knowingly. It didn't matter; he liked the feel of the wet, silky flesh, the heat of her cunt washing over his probing fingers. He twitched them, sinking the tips into the tight walls of the young muscle. She had no cherry. Had Arnie popped it this afternoon? Lucky bastard. Ohhhh, man, he was aching he was so hot! He pushed his thumb against her clit and fucked her with the other four fingers in the cunt. Her little hips were dancing all over the place now. She was so eager, she was having a hard time staying put. Only the firm pressure of Sean's prick in her mouth kept her down.

Jeff tugged at Melanie's hair, rumpling it with his open hand. "Let go, doll, I'm gonna shove that hot dick up this little girl's cunt! Oooohhh, man, I have to feel her wrap that twat around me, let go."

He pulled and Melanie reluctantly let go of the swollen shaft. But she didn't have long to miss it. Arnie rolled her onto her back and crawled between her widespread legs. He grabbed his cock and aimed it at the target of her sweet sex-hole. He scored a bull's-eye on the first try and rammed it deep into her. Melanie cried out with instant orgasm.

"Ooooohhhh, yyeess!" She clamped her knees to his sides and clawed at his shoulders with her hands. She was cumming again, and this new cock was wonderful, big, hard, thrusting, my god, already a second wave of excitement was building, flowing into her body with red-hot heat as Arnie slammed his cock with repeated hard thrusts into her pussy. He was almost there, he felt the pulse pounding in his organ, felt the hard pressure of the semen at his starting gate, felt the hot need build and finally explode.

"Here it is, baby. HERE IT IS!" He let go then. The thick wad of love juice gushed from the depths of his belly and filled the hot twat of the girl. It triggered another orgasm for her and she rode with him, coming up with her hips to meet each slam. Her mouth was pulled taut and her teeth clenched as she gurgled and gasped with the new pleasure.

"Mmmmmm, ahhh!!" Melanie felt the satisfying tremors of need fulfilled.

Jeff heard the sounds as his brother fucked Melanie and they added to his own heat now. He grinned down at Ashley, who was staring at him with huge eyes. She was still sucking Sean's swollen shaft of flesh, but he was doing all the work now. He was very hot, and he was fucking Ashley's willing mouth just as he would a cunt. Her hot tongue lapped and loved him like a nice, tight pussy. He had moved around so he was at the side of her head and out of Jeff's way. Ashley could look up and see his bouncing balls as the prick drove deep into her throat. She was so turned on now she was trying to grab both the boys on her.

Jeff got between his sister's legs and spread her pussy with his fingers. She was slimy and oozing juice. He touched the swollen labia with the tip of his cock and she moaned softly on the mouthful of cock. Her eyes told Jeff she liked it. He grinned and pushed in. Ashley felt the hot spear jab into her cunt, and the excitement in her belly reached fever pitch. It was like falling into a tub of hot water, the excruciating delight of pain almost overwhelming her at first. Then the rays of pleasure coursed through her fully; the memory of the first fucking she had gotten, this afternoon, came back to assure her of the joy that was in store for her now. Her brother began to move in and out of her with an even-paced beat.

Jeff got hot very quickly in the lovely little cunt. His own sister, his own fucking sister, god, the idea excited him, too! She was tight and smooth and lovely. He had never dreamed it could be fun to fuck a kid, a hairless, flat-chested kid with a baby cunt. But jeez, it was better than any girl he'd ever had, so nice and tight, so eager and fresh, holy shit, he was going to cum.

He heard Sean grunt and saw the tight grimace on the other boy's face. "Give it to her, Sean, yeah, we'll blow together, god, now, NOW!" Jeff felt Ashley's cunt tighten in the quick spasm of orgasm. His cock was squeezed like a ripe orange, taking the juice from it. He gasped, and felt the hot new load of semen spurt into the gulping pussy.

Jeff felt Ashley's body twitch as she came, too. Her belly quivered and her hips bounced. At that moment, Sean moaned.

"Ooooohhhh, here it comes, kid, here it comes!" His cock exploded hot lava into the kid's mouth. She gagged, strangling, as she could not breathe with the thick load clogging her throat. He pulled back quickly to let her have air, and the rest of his ejaculation squirted all over her face. The kid closed her eyes and swallowed the thick mass, then licked at the dribbling trails of semen that trickled over her mouth and face. She looked absolutely ecstatic, reaching as far as she could with the tip of her tongue to find more of the glorious nectar.

Ashley was only dimly aware of what she was doing. For one blinding moment she had thought she was going to faint. She couldn't breathe, and the gigantic waves of pleasure filled her whole body. Her orgasm was breathtaking, exciting, complete. The hot cock pounded in and out of her cunt, setting off aftershocks of the earthquake that had rocked her. The hot hose in her mouth exploded and she choked on the thick wad of slime that shot to the back of her throat and cut off her air. Then she was swallowing the sweet brine, and she felt the warm splash of more semen on her nose, cheeks and lips. She groaned softly and licked at it, wanting all of the tasty nectar she could find. When her tongue could reach no more, she lifted her hand to wipe at the rivulets, then put her fingers in her mouth and licked them voraciously. Mmmmmmm, it was so gooood!

She lay with her eyes closed, savoring the full pleasure of her satisfied body and the delight of her palate. She felt Jeff rubbing her thigh with firm fingers, and realized he had pulled his prick from her. Slowly, she opened her eyes and looked at the two boys who had delighted her so. She smiled and they both grinned back at her.

"Like it?" Jeff asked.

"Oh, yes, it was wonderful!" She took a deep breath, and she could still feel the undulating rays of pleasure seep through her flesh. Her belly was a solid ache of delight, throbbing and quivering warmly. Her legs tingled; her toes felt as though they had curled. She was totally satisfied. Her second excursion into the grown-up world of sex had been wonderful, even more wonderful than the first. She hugged her arms to her breasts and rocked with delight.

Arnie was grinning at her, too. He and Melanie had fucked with pagan pleasure until they were sated with each other's body, filled with the lusty, loving juices they had to offer.

"What do you think of your kid sister now?" Arnie asked.

Jeff shook his head. "Like, wow!"

They all laughed then, enjoying the wild abandon and freedom they had found. Even Melanie was no longer angry or jealous. If the little kid helped make these guys horny, it was okay with her. Each of the boys, Jeff and Arnie Upton, and her own brother Sean had long since proved they had enough to go around. It was a shame that so much of the summer was gone.

Melanie lay back on the rumpled bed and stretched like a cat. Her big tits jutted upward and each of the boys looked at them appreciatively. The nipples were hard and thrust out, the coral patches huge circles of dark exotic skin on the golden mounds of flesh. Melanie knew she had a nice body, and she was proud of it, proud that men and boys liked it and wanted it. She glanced at Ashley with her flat chest and skinny hips. Then she smiled as she saw the other girl staring at her. The smile was reassuring, telling Ashley that she would develop soon and have the body she coveted. Melanie laughed silently. She had the feeling that when Ashley did develop, she was going to be stacked, really big. And with the knowledge the kid already had of fucking, she'd go crazy with need and drive everyone else crazy, too. Boys, that is. Men. Melanie thought about Martin Upton and wondered what he would think or say if he could see three of his kids right now!!

"God, what a night!" Sean said, flopping back alongside Ashley on the bed.

"Let's have some more beer," Jeff said. He pushed himself off the bed, half-rolling to the floor in mock exhaustion, then grinning and crawling to the cooler a few feet away. He lifted the cover and pulled out a six-pack and shook it to get the water off. Then he ripped the cans one at a time from the plastic collar and tossed them to the others on the bed. He almost threw a fourth can for Ashley but suddenly remembered she was too young to drink. He dropped the cover back onto the cooler and snapped the lid of the can open. He put the cold brew to his lips and guzzled thirstily. Then he got to his feet and walked back to the bed.

"Hey, what do you say we plan another party?"

Eager faces turned to him.

"When?" Melanie asked.

Jeff shrugged. "We need enough time to recover from tonight but we don't want to wait so long that anyone becomes a case of need!" He grinned. "How about next weekend?"

Arnie looked thoughtful. "It's Labor Day."


"This cabin may not be empty. Lots of folks make the lake scene on three-day weekends."

"Don't sweat it," Sean said, lowering the beer can from his mouth and licking the foam from his lips. "I know another place we can use."

"Where?" All eyes turned to him.

"I've been working up at a place, an old farmhouse that's been remodeled. The new owners aren't moving in until October. I'm finishing up some scraps of carpentry and yard work." He grinned. "I have the key, and the place is fully furnished, right down to a great big bed."

"Hey, sounds great! Where is it?" Arnie asked.

"Across the lake. We can go by boat or around the road by car. And the best part is that the house is set back from the lake and there are plenty of trees to hide it. You can't see it from the road or the water. We can have all the privacy we need."

"Sean, you're a genius!" Melanie hugged her brother.

"Next Friday night then?" Jeff asked.

Heads bobbed in agreement. Jeff looked at his kid sister. "We'll have to find a way to sneak Ashley out when Mom's not looking," he said.

Ashley laughed. "I won't have any trouble," she said quickly. She thought about how easily she and Gail had been sneaking out these past two nights.

Gail. She had completely forgotten about her sister. Gail had not been in bed when Ashley woke tonight. Where had she gone? The thought hadn't occurred to Ashley until now, but her sister's vanishing act could only mean one thing. Gail had gone after Daddy!

Ashley looked at her brother. "Jeff?"

"Yeah, baby?"

"Do you suppose that, I mean, well, can Gail come to the party, too?"

He looked startled, glanced at Arnie questioningly. "I dunno."

"It's okay," Ashley reassured them. "She knows."

"Is she a virgin?" Jeff wasn't sure what his purpose was in asking.

"I, I don't know, but I do know that she doesn't want to be one!" Ashley said.

That made them all laugh. Jeff patted his sister's naked shoulder, then let his hand rest on the undeveloped mound that would someday be her tit. "Okay, kid. We'll take your word for it." He grinned at Sean and Melanie. "Next Friday then."

In the morning, Ashley was groggy and tired when she heard the sound of the car. She wondered who was driving off so early, then glanced at the clock and saw it was past ten. She had slept late, but it had been after one o'clock when she crawled into bed so as not to disturb her sleeping sister. Now she glanced at Gail's bed and saw that the other girl was waking, too. Ashley grinned.

Gail rubbed her eyes. She looked rosy-cheeked and glowing, and Ashley knew at once that Gail had succeeded in her mission the night before. She jumped out of bed and scrambled to sit on her sister's bed. "Tell me about it." she demanded.

"What?" Gail pretended surprise.

"Don't try to fool me; I know you got to Daddy last night! I can tell by the look in your eyes!"

Too excited to pretend any more, Gail quickly admitted what had happened. "I'm not a virgin any more!" she squealed.


"Uh-huh. Oh, Ashley, it was just as wonderful as you said! I was so excited, and it felt so good. Honest, I've never felt anything so great in my whole life!"

Ashley grinned. "Tell me all about it!"

She settled back while her sister recounted the details of the seduction of their father. Ashley hid her smile when Gail told how Melanie had claimed she had to get right back home. The little liar. She was planning to meet Jeff and her brother all the time.

When Gail finished her story breathlessly, she hugged her knees to her chest. "Do you think he'll want me again, Ashley? I mean, he seemed kind of scared when it was all over. God, I can't live without him! I have to have him again!"

Ashley grinned. "Whoa, take it easy. Sure, it was good, but I made a very interesting discovery last night."


"Well, I found out that when you get sexy, it doesn't make much difference who fucks you or how. You can cum real easy as long as you have a guy. Or guys."

"Guys? More than one? Aw, you're kidding me." Gail peered at her younger sister.

Ashley shook her head. "Nope, it's true." In a low voice she told Gail what had happened the night before, her following Arnie, finding the others partying at the empty house down the road. Gail's eyes almost bugged out of her head as she listened to the exciting events and intimate details. She broke in often to ask questions about the comparative sizes and talents of the boys. It seemed almost too much to believe. She shook her head when Ashley finished the story.


"And that's not all. We're gonna have another party on Friday. And I asked them if you could come."

"Can I? Can I?" Gail was jumping up and down on the bed.

Ashley nodded. "Yep. The more the merrier, Arnie said."

"I can't wait!"

Ashley laughed. "Shhh, we can't let Mom hear us. We'd better get up before she comes in to see what's the matter."

At breakfast they learned that their father had driven back to the city without explanation this morning. That had been the car that Ashley had heard, she decided. She couldn't help wondering if his sudden departure had anything to do with his fucking Gail. Was he remorseful now? Was he afraid his wife would find out? When she asked her mother when he'd be back, Rebecca shrugged and said she didn't know.

The next three days went very slowly. Ashley wanted to be close to Jeff and Arnie all the time, but Jeff warned her.

"Look, if you start hanging around us every minute of the day and wanting to go off with us at night, Mom's gonna get suspicious. So cool it, kid. It will be Friday before you know it and then you can have your fun. In the meantime, bug off, hear me?"

Ashley agreed reluctantly. But she knew he was right. She and Gail devoted themselves to sunning and swimming and taking long walks where they could talk over the things they had experienced about sex. Then it was Friday. Dinner was over; Mom was off to town to a movie. No problems at all about getting away. Arnie decided they would go by boat since neither family car was around. Sean had an old clunker and would drive himself and Melanie over to the farmhouse. That way, they could get away by land or water if anyone had to leave. Arnie was a bit worried about his mother coming in and finding them all gone. She wouldn't worry about the two boys, but she would wonder about the girls. It was important to have a way to get them home at some reasonable time so she wouldn't miss them. The farmhouse was everything Sean had promised. Isolated, it was almost desolate in the thick stand of pines and birch on a knoll on the other side of the lake. A not-yet-repaired boat dock jutted into the water, and Arnie tied the boat securely to one of the posts. He and Jeff led the way up the hill, along a narrow, twisting path through the trees.

Melanie and Sean were already there. Sean had driven his car down the rutted driveway and parked it out of sight. He told them that he had closed and relocked the gate so that no one could venture down by mistake, surprising them. Then he took them on a quick tour of the house. The huge living room downstairs seemed the most ideal for the party, and Sean had laid a fire in the huge stone fireplace. The kitchen, only a few steps away, had a large refrigerator which was stocked with beer. The boys had been bringing it in all week. They had thoughtfully provided Cokes for the two younger girls, too. A radio played soft music and Sean pulled all the shades. A big bedroom opened off a small hall at one end of the living room, and the spread was pulled back to show the inviting white crisp sheets. Anyone who wanted could move in here from the other room if he tired of the soft furry rug on the floor or the big sofas along the walls and in front of the fireplace.

Gail's heart was pounding with excitement. They were all so casual about the party. She had scarcely been able to eat or sleep for three days because of thinking about it. Their father hadn't come back to the cabin, and with the boys forcing them to keep their discreet distance, Gail had grown sexy from waiting. She dreamed, day and night, asleep and awake, about the hour she had spent with her father on the pontoon boat. She closed her eyes and imagined she could feel his lips on her tits, his cock sliding up between her legs, the tremendous pressure when it hit her hymen and the flood of pain and relief when it finally broke through. Yet Ashley assured her that the sex she would have tonight with her brothers and Sean Dwyer would thrill her equally if not more. It was hard to believe, but now she was here. She wished they would start, but she didn't have the nerve to say anything. The boys and Melanie seemed more interested in drinking beer.

She watched Melanie. It was hard to believe she was only thirteen, not sixteen as she had told them. She was so well developed, already built like a woman. Gail sighed and wondered when her figure would form and if it would be as nice as the other girl's. Melanie giggled and tossed an empty beer can aside. She got to her feet from the rug where they were all sitting and lurched to the radio, turning the dial until she found a station with a good-beat song. Then, grinning, she turned and began to dance.

"Watch this," Melanie said with a laugh. "I'm practicing to be a stripper when I grow up!"

She began to sway to the music, wiggling her hips, bending her knees slightly, then bumping up with her crotch thrust forward. She looked at the others through half-closed eyes as she continued the dance. At first it looked silly, like a dumb kid game. But then something changed. Subtly, Melanie became a woman dancing. Her body swayed and moved with the music; her hands traced sensuous paths to outline her body. The boys were fascinated and couldn't look away from her. They smiled and watched her over the rims of the beer cans. Melanie moved her open palms along the sides of her rib cage, fingers spread and seeming to grab for the peaks of her tits. Very slowly, the hands moved under the full domes of ripe F-cup flesh, cupped them, lifted. It was obvious that she wore no bra, and the hard pips of her nipples veed the cloth of the shirt. They seemed to grow larger and harder as they watched. Still dancing, Melanie moved her hands to her waist, over her hips. The fingers were splayed wide and pressing into the taut white cloth of the girl's shorts. Her hips were never still, swaying, bending, jutting. The fingers crept toward her crotch.

"Hey, hey!" Jeff yelled and clapped his hands.

"Take it off," Sean said with a grin. "Take it off!"

Even the two girls had to smile at the dancer. She was exciting everybody. In exaggerated slow motion, Melanie caught the bottom hem of her shirt in her fingers and began to inch the cloth upward. The boys whistled and banged the beer cans. The music got faster, and Melanie moved faster in time with it, except for the painstakingly slow movement of her hands skimming the blouse. After what seemed like a very long time, the bottom rims of her tits began to show. They swayed with hidden promise, bounced with the twisting, gyrating dance. Then she tugged at the cloth again and it snaked over the peaks of her boobs, exposing the colored highlights of the peaks. The shirt caught on the jutting nipples and seemed to stop, then skimmed up again. The full beauty of the spheres came into view. The jogging, jiggling tits seemed to rotate in circles as well as bounce up and down, and none of the boys could take his eyes from them.

Melanie pulled the blouse over her shoulders and head. For a few seconds, her face was covered by the red cloth as she continued the swaying dance that made her body move so sensuously. The blouse finally came free of her head and she held it at arm's length for an instant before she tossed it to a chair at the side of the room. Melanie danced lightly in circles a few times, letting her breasts swing out with the force of her spinning. When she stopped, the twin mountains of golden flesh with the rosy peaks bounced to a stop. Melanie's hands went to the shorts and she began the same slow-motion removal of them, pushing downward, rolling the cloth, pausing, inching more naked flesh into sight. The flat belly gleamed like burnished gold. The top edge of her triangle of pubic hair a darker line of glittering golden fleece which slowly grew thicker and narrowed to a tempting V. All three boys were leaning forward now, intent on watching and viewing all they could.

At the side of the room, Gail and Ashley were getting impatient. They had come here to have fun of their own, not just to watch Melanie perform. Gail glanced at her sister, and with unspoken agreement, the two sisters began to take off their own shorts and shirts. Let Melanie get the boys excited, that was okay. As long as the two of them could get into the action quickly. Ashley nudged her sister and pointed at Arnie's crotch. Gail saw the obvious hardon forming under the taut cloth of her brother's slacks. His cock was bulging and straining against the seams of the pants. Gail licked her lips and felt the quick ooze of wetness between her thighs. Seeing Arnie's hardon quickened the excitement that had begun with Melanie's dance. Gail quickly got off her shorts and shirt. She bent over and yanked off the tennis shoes. Stark-naked, she stood watching her brother and breathing very hard. It was like the night before, even more thrilling, because there was no doubt about her getting what she wanted. Gail moved up behind her brother and sat beside him, her hand on his thigh. Arnie barely glanced at her. Melanie's dance had become a visual lust. Her mouth was open and she was breathing heavily. Her hands were roaming all over her body, touching, exposing. She bent forward, turning her ass toward her audience. Her hands crept between her legs, fingers feeling erotic places. She leaned farther down, and her huge tits swayed along her arms. The room was filled with the music and the sound of the girl's harsh breathing.

Arnie gaped and his own breath was a strangled sound in his throat. Gail looked at him, then moved her hand along his thigh and to his crotch. Her fingers curled over the high mound of turgid flesh, grasping its solid length and trying to free it from its prison of cloth. Arnie moaned softly. Gail smiled and used her other hand to work down the zipper of his pants, then inserted her hand inside the opening. Arnie's body was warm and hairy. It was Gail's turn to gasp. He felt so big. She had the end of his prick in her hand now, and it was pushing hard against her palm. She forgot about the girl who was dancing. She forgot everything but the wonder of the thing she held. She undid the pants the rest of the way and laid open the trousers.

The eleven-inch prick was so incredibly long. It was thick and hard, but the foreskin was still covering the head, a tight noose of skin closed over the large bulge. Gail stared. Her throat was very dry for a moment, then suddenly her saliva began to flow as though she were viewing a tempting ice-cream cone on a hot day. Her mouth was watering for this cone, She bent her head and took the cock to her lips. Warm, smooth, silky, hard, She pressed her mouth around it, felt the quick surge of the head. The foreskin slid with her pressing lips and the blood-filled tip of the organ shot from the trap of skin and onto Gail's tongue. She moaned, sighed and began to suck him.

Arnie felt the new delight but was not instantly aware of what was happening. He was too enthralled watching Melanie's dance, his mind translated physical touch at his crotch to the same image. Melanie was naked now, and she lowered her body backward into a deep bend. Her legs were apart, feet wide to balance her. She had turned to face the boys now, and her golden crotch was a gleaming, flittering morsel before them. Her crotch was spread wide, the red lips clearly visible, a dark shadow between them hinting at the canyon of her womanhood beyond. All three boys were entranced with the sight. They could actually see her cunt juice dribble and wet her body.

Sean moved first. He crawled forward, almost falling to his hands and knees from his cross-legged sitting position. He moved between Melanie's legs and pressed his face to her crotch. He began to lick and suck at his sister's cunt with a desperate and wild fury. While he did, he fumbled with his jeans, unsnapping them and trying to get them off without stopping his love-licking at her pussy. Melanie moaned, teetered slightly, then regained her balance. She was gasping air into her tortured lungs. She was very hot. She had fanned her own flames of desire with the dance she had done. Now, Sean was eating her cunt, and she was going crazy!

Watching all of them, Ashley felt the pressures rise in her belly. She followed her sister's lead and crossed behind her other brother, Jeff. She knelt in back of him, reached forward and found his zippered fly. She had it undone in a second, and her hands were hot and groping at his naked cock. He turned, grinned at her, moved back and dragged her to the floor with him. He got her turned so they were in the sixty-nine position, and he shoved his cock toward her face as he spread her legs to accept his tongue. In moments they were lost in the ecstasy of each other's love juices. Ashley felt her passion grow and her body tighten. Ohhhhh, he was so good! His tongue speared deep into her cunt, rimmed the entire thick gateway opening, tickling her clit and sending shivers of pleasure through her. She was very hot now, very hot, Then, quite suddenly and without warning, she came. The huge wave of erupting orgasm sprayed through her and touched every inch of her body, yet her mouth never broke its sucking beat on the delightful, hard cock. It was as though the driving force in her mouth were the trigger for the jolting shock in her belly.

Jeff felt the quick spurt of her juices and he gulped quickly to catch them all with his lapping tongue. The little bitch had cum! The idea delighted him. She was something, this kid sister of his. He licked the smooth mound surrounding her cunt. God, she was tasty and sweet! He lifted her leg higher, pressed his face between her thin thighs, running his tongue deep in the crevice of her buttocks. She whimpered but kept right on cocksucking. Jeff felt the hard pressure building in his balls. His tongue found the tiny tight pucker of her ass and probed at it. She made a small sound then, and her body quivered in his grip. He forced his tongue to her ass again, rimming it as hard as he could and trying to dig into the tight rosebud. Her thighs clamped on his head like a vise. For a second, his breath was cut off as his nose and mouth crammed against her young, fleshy rump. Then he grinned and shoved his tongue harder... hard enough to force it slightly into the sphincter. Ashley moaned and almost sank her teeth into his cock.

With effort, he pulled away and turned her body. He raised her to her knees, grabbed a pillow from the couch and stuffed it under her upended belly. Then he leaned over and told her what he was going to do.

"I'm gonna fuck your ass, baby!"

Ashley could scarcely believe her ears. She felt her brother's hot breath on her neck as he whispered the words to her. Then he was backing up, his hands were pulling her buttocks apart, his cock was pressing hard against the tight muscle of her ass. She took a deep breath and felt the instant insertion of the hot tip of his big prick in her tight hole. She opened her mouth to cry out, but he pushed harder, and she sucked air deeply again. His cock forced its way inside her body.

That night Arnie had said something about her being fucked in the ass. She recalled the words now, but she had never given it any more thought, until now, My god, he was in her ass! He was so hard and so long, shoving and pushing into her, she felt the hard pressure force her organs aside, probe a new path of lust. Her womb seemed impaled on the spearing end of the flaming cock. She was so hot she could barely breathe. Her breath was a tight ring of fire in her throat. Jeff fucked in and out gently in the hot, hugging tunnel.

He felt his own need reach explosion level. He grunted, and pushed deep into the tight pit, exploded with a force that surprised both of them.


Ashley felt it, and it set off her own second orgasm. The rushing tide of lava that exploded from her brother's cock filled her ass, but her womb responded as though the cock were in her cunt. The orgasm made her moan and cry with delight.

"Yeesss, oohhh, aaaaahhhhhh!!"

Arnie had become aware of his sister at his side, her mouth on his fucking prick. He was so damned hot from all he'd seen and all the loving the kid had been lavishing on him, that he was ready to cum. He grabbed Gail and was delighted to discover she was stark-naked. With a grin, he pulled her around and onto his lap, cunt down and onto his jutting cock. Her eyes opened wide with shock and pleasure as he sank his swollen, throbbing prick into the pit of her child cunt. God! She was tight and hot and wet, just like Ashley when he had taken her in the boat, but there was no cherry to pop. He didn't care, she was still hot stuff. He slammed her the rest of the way down and his cock buried itself in her pussy. He felt her smooth pubic mound against his crotch hair, felt his balls slap on her young round ass. He grabbed her hips and began to bounce her up and down on him, skewering the swollen prick deep into her cunt with each thrust. She liked it. He could see the wild passion building in her eyes. She liked it very much, and her hot little twat was going to send him off in a second...

Gail felt the hard stab of the column of flesh as it plunged into cunt. It hit the farthest reaches of her tiny cunt, poked against the thick muscle wall, pushed it out of shape. He pounded her onto his shaft again, and this time she felt the sting of erotic pain as the inner muscle leading to her womb was forced open by the cock-tip. It set her on fire, erupting her passion in a moment of furious lust.

"I, I'mmmm cummiinngg!" She no longer needed his hands to guide her hips. She slammed her body to him, forcing him far into her cunt, forcing the power of her clutching cunt to suck out his orgasm. He gasped and bit his lip.

"Oooowwww, babbyyy, ride it! I'm cummiinngg tooo!" He felt the quick lashing thrust of his ejaculation as it spewed into her.

Melanie had not been able to stand the mounting pressure of her lust and she had collapsed to the floor and grabbed for her brother. His hot, lapping tongue had excited her beyond reason and now she wanted fulfillment. He had gotten his pants off and now she quickly helped him discard his t-shirt. She grabbed his cock then, bending over him. She dragged her tits over his belly and sex organs, was rewarded with the quick completion of his erection. She grabbed her own tits, laid the hard cock between them, squeezed them together. She could feel the heavy pulse of his body beating in time with her own.

"Christ, Melanie, lie back!"

She did as he wanted, but pulled him with her, holding the cock and immediately putting it between her tits again. He straddled her waist and let his balls hang lightly to her belly. The touch seemed to burn both of them. Melanie craned her neck and tried to touch her tongue to the gleaming red tip of the organ. He helped her by shoving forward. But it only excited them more. She took his cock in her mouth then, sucking it hard and fast with greedy, eager motions. In moments he knew he had to have his sister's cunt. He was too hot not to and she was too hot to deny him.

He inserted his throbbing, heavy prick in her cunt in a quick, accomplished motion. Instantly, their bodies came together in pursuit of the hot need they both felt. He watched her bouncing tits continue the dance she had started earlier, but he kept his own rhythm in her body. She was good. Damned good, a hell of a lot of cunt, wild and wet, hot and hurrying yeah.

"Here it comes, Sister."

"Give it to me, Brother, I want all you've got! Fuck me, FUCK ME!"

They met in mutual orgasm then, heady, huge waves that engulfed their youthful bodies and drained their lust. They fucked hard and furiously until they knew they had both given and taken each other to the fullest. When Sean finally stopped and fell across his sister's naked body in temporary exhaustion, the room was quiet.

A moment later the six kids looked at each other. They had moved into a quick, natural kind of loving lust, and each had gotten the first fun of the evening. The first orgasms had taken the desperate edges of need off, or at least slightly dulled them, and now they could settle back and move at a more leisurely pace.

Sean grinned at them. " 'Bout time for a beer; what do you say?"

"I'll drink to that!" Jeff said, slapping Ashley's little ass. "And bring a Coke for my friend here, she's too young to drink!"

They all laughed then, and Sean padded naked and barefoot to the kitchen for the cold drinks.

Late Saturday afternoon Martin Upton drove back up to the lake cabin. He'd spent four days alone in the city house, thinking and sweating out his problem. He had left that morning before Gail was up so he wouldn't have to face her, look at her after what he had done the night before.

In the four days of hard thinking, Martin had come to several conclusions. First, he had thoroughly enjoyed the sex session with his ten-year old daughter. The first guilt and remorse gave way to analysis and rationalization. He had decided that it was a natural attraction. He loved the child, and when she came to him that way, his instincts had turned his love to natural desire. He had wanted her and he had taken her. He no longer felt guilty about it. He could not change what had happened. He didn't want to. He would cherish the memory of that night for a hell of a long time. But he had come to another conclusion and decision. He couldn't let it happen again. He couldn't fuck his own daughter again, no matter how much he wanted to. And he had to tell her. He had to make it clear to her that she could not try to get him alone, could not try for a repeat of the actions of that night on the boat. She wouldn't like it, he knew, but it had to be done. She would have to wait until she grew up and then find her own man.

The thing that surprised Martin Upton most was how readily Gail agreed when he stated his case that night. She smiled at him and said, "Okay, Daddy. I understand. Is it okay if I go for a boat ride with Arnie and Jeff and Ashley now?"

"Sure." He watched his child run down the bank and climb into the speedboat where her sister and brothers were already waiting for her. The boat sped off, leaving a trail of whitewater behind it. Martin Upton shook his head and marveled at the resiliency of youth.

The End
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