Can't Get Enough Black Cock
(M+/F, ir, size, preg, cuck)

by Kysa Braswell and Hank 

I came home one evening and found Kysa in bed with another man...

As I travel frequently, I was scheduled for yet another week out of town. I kissed my wife good-bye and headed for the airport. Two hours later as I was about to board the plane, I received a page canceling my trip. I returned to my home at nearly 10p. In the driveway was a strange car. Something about the situation made me suspicious. I drove around the corner and parked my car at the house behind ours, which was abandoned. The neighborhood is fairly wooded, and the houses spread apart by a good distance. I snuck up to an illuminated window of our living room and peered inside.

What I saw was the back of my wife, who was lying on top of a man on the sofa. She was wearing a short dress that I had not ever seen her wear that was pushed up to her waist as she made out with the stranger. A huge black man! I watched as the man kneaded her ass through her pantyhose and his hands roamed freely over the length of her body. He finally dipped his hands underneath her hose to cup both cheeks of her ass and pull her crotch to his groin. My own cock rose to attention as I observed the two embrace passionately. Kysa nuzzled against his neck as he continued to explore. Her hands too began to explore as they reached between the two of them in an obvious attempt to reach for his stiff dick.

The sounds of the night seemed to still, and I could hear Kysa's moans through the closed window. Staring harder I could see his hands had made their way to her womanhood. My own dick ached for relief, which I offered by releasing it from my pants. I couldn't help but stroke myself as I watched the two writhe in each other's arms.

After several moments, Kysa pushed herself off the stranger and performed a slow striptease, removing all of her clothing for both pairs of eyes that were watching her. Once undressed she turned her ass towards the man allowing his fingers to explore her body once again, this time unobstructed. Kysa expertly undid his pants and pushed them down his legs in an effort to get to his cock. When it was released I was amazed at the size of him. Even from my distance he looked huge with at least ten inches of manhood. I felt extremely small in my own hands as I stroked my cock and mentally compared the two tools.

Kysa lovingly lowered her head to his cock and engulfed as much as she could fit in her mouth. She had sucked my cock only once, and openly admitted she didn't like it. Obviously, she liked his. My cock already gave signs of cumming as I continued to watch and stroke it. Kysa's head bobbed up and down as she coated his ebony dick with her saliva, occasionally brushing her long blonde hair to the side affording me a terrific view. The stranger's fingers continued to massage and poke at her vagina, occasionally causing her to pause in pleasure.

Just as I was about to come, she finally slowed and turned to impale herself with her lover's dick. Kysa tore at his shirt as she slowly lowered herself onto his monstrous dick. She seemed to move in slow motion as if she were in immense pain, but looking at her face from the side as I was doing, one knew it was not pain, but rather extreme pleasure. It was obvious that no other man had ever stretched Kysa like this; it was as if her virginity was being retaken.

Kysa's lover let her mount him slowly at first until she finally embedded his dick to the hilt raising his ass off the sofa in the process and causing her to moan aloud again. Again the moan reached my ears, electrifying my cock and causing it to explode in release against the side of the house. Apparently Kysa's lover had other intentions of how he wanted to fuck Kysa as he pushed her up off the sofa and guided her to the end, where he bent her over the edge allowing her head to rest on the cushions.

After kissing her passionately, he positioned himself behind her and pointed his dick towards her open pussy. From this angle I realized his cock was even larger than I had first guessed. The stranger filled Kysa's cunt in one thrust causing her to wail. His pleasure too was evident on his face, but my gaze returned quickly to my wife's pussy, which eagerly accepted each thrust of his pelvis. My own cock still retained its rigidity, and I couldn't remove my gaze from the scene in the living room.

Kysa and her lover continued to fuck for another 30 minutes before I heard her wail in orgasm, and I watched as his buttocks contract as he delivered his first load of seed within her womb. His contractions continued for what seemed like eternity, and I watched his cock take on a creamy shine as it moved in and out of her. Kysa and her lover were just coming down from their high as I let go of another load of cum against the side of the house. They embraced passionately, and then Kysa took her lover's hand, helped him out of his remaining clothes, and led him to the bedroom.

I watched, as the bedroom light was switched on and pulled my own pants up to walk towards the bedroom window. Upon getting there I found there was no view but I could hear their laughter and then the sounds of their renewed lovemaking. Disappointed that I couldn't continue to watch, I made my way to my car, watched the house for nearly another hour, and finally resolved to check into a nearby motel. I lay in the bed and came a third time reliving what I had witnessed. At about 4:00 a.m. I decided to drive by the house again discovered the car still there, but the bedroom light out. I could only imagine that they would fuck one another again sometime before Kysa had to be at work in the morning and perhaps again tomorrow night. This time I'd be prepared, now that I had a week that Kysa didn't know about!

I stopped the car just down the street, made my way round the side of the house, and stood in the garden with my ear pressed against the window. I could hear Kysa moaning "Oh my God, Oh my God" and the hollow wet splattering sound of two bodies hitting hard. There was no sound from him at all, just Kysa's wails and the wet body sounds. My cock was ready to shatter as I stood there freezing in the garden. How long this continued I can't really recall, but it seemed forever. How long could this apparent sexual superman keep going without cumming? From time to time, Kysa's shrieking would increase in volume, the splattering sounds would grow louder and slower until they would stop for maybe a minute, and then slowly start again. Surely he wasn't coming and then recharging again without unhooking? I felt a shiver of apprehension run through me as I listened to my wife's pleading. Though I knew she loved me dearly, she sounded totally enraptured by this new man and his oversized cock.

I finally made my way back to the motel trembling with excitement seeing the images of my wife fucking and hearing her passionate moans. Incredibly, I was less jealous than I was overcome with a tremendous amount of sexual desire. I lay in the bed and planned how I'd try to watch Kysa again that evening. In the morning I rented a car so that she would not spot me. I sneaked into our house in the middle of the day and grabbed my 35-mm camera. I couldn't look anywhere and not relive the past evening, from the unmade bed to the sofa. I imagined that I could still smell the aroma of the two lovers' sexual pleasure. I fixed the bedroom curtain so that I wouldn't be denied a view again. I went back to the hotel and waited for evening to arrive, trying to catch a little sleep knowing that I probably wouldn't get much tonight! I did wonder if last night was a one-night affair and that perhaps tonight she wouldn't take a lover to her bed. I quickly discounted that given the lust I'd seen in her eyes the previous night!

At 9:00 p.m., I was parked at the house behind ours and called Kysa from my cellular phone (it was a routine we had when I left town). As soon as I hung up from her, I again sneaked up to the house and peered in the bedroom window. This time I saw Kysa coming out of the shower and preparing to dress. I admired her naked beauty as she dressed and even snapped several pictures of her! I watched, as she put on an incredibly sexy red dress that was very low cut and extremely short. She appeared to be pleased with her appearance as she observed herself in the mirror. I then realized that she was going out as she grabbed her purse.

I went back to my car and watched her leave in her car. I followed Kysa at a safe distance, and we drove for about ten miles before she pulled into a local dance club. The club, thank goodness, was quite large as my mind raced for how I was going to watch her within. I parked my car and slid down in the seat to watch her get out of her car and strut her body as she entered the establishment. Heads turned in the parking lot as she crossed the pavement. I gave Kysa about ten minutes before entering the club myself. As I entered the club, my eyes did a quick scan, and I quickly moved to a darker corner of the place to be unobserved. It didn't take much to spot Kysa. She was already on the dance floor with the same man I had seen at the house last night. They were dancing a slow song, and his hands were roaming her body as they did last night, causing her dress to expose herself to quite a few interested spectators.

A bartender started to serve me a drink but noted that my interest was in the couple on the dance floor. He offered that the couple was Kysa and Ray. "She's sort of a regular here, and Ray's the lucky guy this week! She's married to some loser who travels all the time, and when he's out of town, she stops by to find someone that can give her what her husband can't! She's just teasing Ray and the rest of us now. It won't be long, and they'll be on their way to her house. I hear she's a pretty good fuck too!" My cock stirred as this man was referring to my wife as the local slut!

The barman looked over at the pair of them again and then he chuckled and looked back at me. I asked him what he was laughing about, and he said, "I went to college with Ray. He had a bit of a reputation back then as a relationship wrecker. He would see it as a challenge to try and pull another guy's girlfriend and see if he could fuck her. I've never known him to fail."

The barman went on, "Once he pulled a girl I was really keen on, and she on me. Somehow Ray got into her pants, and, well, the first I knew of it was when I saw her walking funny. It seems Ray had fucked so hard she couldn't sit down for a week. She left me for him soon after that. I reckon Kysa's bitten off more than she can chew this time," he laughed.

I took my time sipping my drink, all the time cautious and conscious of the fact that I might be spotted and this whole ruse ruined. I didn't even let the thought enter my mind that my wife might leave me for this man. I told myself that she just wanted a good hard fucking, one that I couldn't give her. But I did want to see her get what she wanted and then some! Perhaps if she got some strange cock once in a while our relationship would last!

I couldn't help but watch the flirtatious and outrageous behavior of my wife. She shamelessly flaunted herself to everyone in the club and allowed her date to explore her body by moving his hands between her legs at the table or under the top of her dress that draped open if she bent over far enough to expose her braless 36D tits. When it appeared that Kysa and Ray had enough preliminaries, I quickly made my way out of the club and back to our house. I didn't want to miss any of their conjugal courting.

I arrived at the abandoned house and sneaked up to my hiding place outside the living room in time to see Kysa pull up in her car and Ray follow in his. They quickly moved through the front door and soon became passionately entangled at the foyer. I watched as Ray lifted Kysa's leg to wrap it around his waist and ground his crotch against her. My cock was already hard! Kysa threw both legs around Ray and they dry humped one another moving through the hallway. Instead of stopping in the living room though, they continued directly to the bedroom! I had to change my plans quickly and move to the bedroom window. I was thankful that I had prepared this window earlier. Not only did I move the curtain slightly but also I made sure that it was barely open so that I could hear from within!

Kysa and her new boyfriend did not immediately enter the bedroom and I panicked thinking that I was not going to watch tonight's show. I frantically tried to peer through other windows for a good vantage point to no avail. Making my back to the bedroom window I thought I heard a soft groan.

I watched through the curtain as they walked into the bedroom. I swear she looked out the window and froze thinking that she could see me. He put his arms around Kysa, but then to my surprise she started to fend him off. "Ray," she said pleadingly, "This feels so right even though I'm married. I love my husband, and we're trying to have children. I've stopped taking The Pill, but I'm not sure I can have a BLACK baby. It would be too hard on the child, my marriage, and society itself does not receive mixed-race children kindly."

Ray just looked at her and said, "It's a bit late for than now, Babe. What about last night's little dose? I must have shot a quart inside you." Kysa fell silent with a worried look on her face.

It seemed now that Kysa had seen me and my presence was known! Now I was sure. Kysa whispered something into her lover's ear, and he turned briefly to look out the window and quickly returned to what had him preoccupied.

What happened next stunned me. Ray walked over to the window, pulled open the curtain, and looked straight at me. "You'd better come inside," he said sharply. I couldn't think of anything to say. I heard Kysa gasp in bewilderment, and then I walked to the back door and down the hall into the bedroom. He motioned me to the chair in the corner and told me to sit down and shut up. Kysa's face glowed scarlet with both bewilderment and embarrassment.

Kysa stood by the bed, and Ray walked over to her and asked her how she wanted to do this. She answered by starting to undo the buttons on her blouse, but he stopped her and told her to leave her clothes on. With that he began to take his own clothes off until he was stark naked standing in front of her.

Kysa was watching him without saying a word, as if she was looking out of a window or something. It was as he pulled his underwear off that my brain exploded, and I began panicking. What the fuck was going on here? Why was this guy standing naked in front of my wife? What if he had AIDS or some other STD? Kysa wasn't on the pill? What about pregnancy? Did he have a condom? Those concerns hadn't even been in my head last night! I nearly jumped up to tell him to leave, but again something stopped me. I slumped in the chair in the corner of our bedroom.

As he pulled his pants off, his flaccid cock unfurled itself and hung like a large bloated salami to the middle of his thighs. Even soft it was longer and fatter than my cock when it was fully erect. I was stunned and began to think back to what the other guy had said in the bar. If Kysa was surprised, she said nothing. He reached out, took her hands, pressed them against his flaccid cock, and then rubbed them slowly around his cock and balls. Kysa's expression didn't change, but allowed him to do this with her hands.

When he stopped moving her hands, she didn't continue rubbing; though neither did she try to pull her hands away from his now semi-erect cock. If I thought his cock was big before, I got a much better idea now. From the outside of the house I had estimated it to be about ten inches long. But, now sitting in the same room, it had to be at least that big when it wasn't even standing up straight yet. My cock is just five inches long and 2.5" around and I had always thought it was enough to please Kysa. Kysa has small, elegant hands and wrists, and it looked to all intents and purposes as if she was holding a large salami. How did she ever manage to fit it inside of her last night?

When he saw she wasn't going to continue fondling him, Ray raised an eyebrow quizzically as if to say, "So that's how you want to play it?" and let her hands go. Her hands dropped to her side, and he told her to push her panties down to her knees.

Calmly she did as he had told her, slipping her skirt up to her waist and then slipping her brief white panties down, leaving them caught around her knees. The scene looked quite bizarre with my slim, short wife standing fully dressed in front of this totally naked guy who towered over her. Kysa then let her arms return to her side, and Ray put her hands on her shoulders and turned her around until her back faced me.

Stepping around so he was on the other side, in front of her, he lifted and pushed her skirt up around her waist and slid one of his hands down between her legs. I could see his fingertips massaging her pussy lips from my position behind her. Her legs were still quite close together, so he ordered her to spread her legs slightly. She complied with his order, and with a pounding head, I watched as he slowly slid one long extended finger inside of her body. Still there was no reaction from Kysa, even after three or four minutes of continuous in and out probing by his long finger. Even when he added another long finger after telling her to spread her legs even wider, Kysa didn't show any reaction.

I could see his hand working as he slid his fingers deep inside my wife's cunt, pushing them deep inside her, then pulling them right out again. Kysa stood with her hands by her side, looking slightly absurd with her panties round her knees, her skirt around her waist, and her long, slim legs spread about a meter apart, a naked guy finger-fucking her calmly. I could see that his probing fingers had slightly spread her lips open, and that they remained slightly agape when he removed his fingers.

The entire time Ray stared at her face intently while Kysa looked back at him as if nothing at all where happening. He leaned forward to kiss her, but she turned her head away from his to avoid his lips. He pulled his head back and pushed Kysa backward onto the bed. She flopped clumsily back onto her butt, her arms propping her upper body up, her legs splayed, and glared up at him angrily. Without saying a word, he grabbed her feet and then reached down and grabbed her panties and pulled them down over her high-heeled shoes, then, looking at me; he held the gusset of her panties to his nose and sniffed deeply. I saw Kysa flush bright with embarrassment, and then he grinned at me and threw her balled up panties to me. I caught them by instinct and was surprised how damp they were.

Ray spun Kysa around like a rag doll and so her head was now hanging over the end of the bed, with her hair hanging to the floor between his knees. He was standing over her, his snake-like cock hanging down heavily and swaying between his legs, just inches above her face. He placed one of his hands on each of her ankles, and pulled her legs up toward her shoulders so her knees were resting on her breasts. Slowly he parted her legs in this position so he could lean forward toward her upraised crotch. Kysa's skirt was still bunched up around her waist, exposing her crotch to him obscenely, though she was still fully clothed apart from her panties that I held in my sweating hand.

I held my breath as Ray slowly bent at the knees until his long, heavy cock rested on my wife's tightly closed lips. He sawed his hips around in a circle, and I saw a shiny trail of pre-cum ooze from the eye of his cock and leave a shiny smear over her nose and lips. Still Kysa kept her lips closed. He stopped and told her to open her mouth or he was leaving. I saw Kysa's eyes look for me, and our eyes met, but still she didn't open her mouth. I heard Ray say, "Fuck it - that's it," and he started to straighten, when suddenly I saw her lips part slightly and allow the huge red glistening helmet of his cock slip between them.

Ray grinned down at her and said, "That's my girl," and began rotating his hips and thrusting slightly. Kysa didn't mouth at his cock, just merely allowed him to slowly slide the head of his cock in and out of her open mouth. I could see he had begun to harden further, and his cock grew even fatter and longer. That monster had to be at least 11 inches long! I was disappointed at how much of a slut Kysa had become so quickly for this guy.

As his cock stiffened he was able to insistently thrust more deeply into Kysa's mouth. I could hear her breathing noisily and deeply through her flared nostrils. As he began to push slowly but firmly deeper into her stretched out, gaping mouth, I could hear her gag occasionally, and see her throat work as she tried to swallow the mixture of her saliva and Ray's pre-cum pooling in her mouth. I could see her saliva shiny wetly on the thick, veined shaft of his cock now, but I could see he wasn't going to get much more than 3 inches of his cock in her mouth - it was just too big!

Though Kysa wasn't sucking on his cock, her mouth was now stretched open as wide as she could to minimize the discomfort. I saw Ray spit on his hand, and then lower that hand to Kysa's crotch to massage her pussy with the sticky mess. He repeated this a few more times until her crotch was dripping with his saliva. He massaged her cunt lips firmly, mashing her pubes with his slippery fingers and making her pussy gape open as he pulled and tugged at her lips. Wet sluicing sounds were coming from her crotch. He looked down at Kysa and asked her if she liked the taste of his cock.

She didn't acknowledge his question, but I saw her stiffen when he said with a grin, "Baby, just two hours ago that cock you're sucking on was jammed right up another man's wife too. Man, she was so wet it was like taking a bath. The juice was just pouring out of her when she came. You can probably taste her cum on my cock. Sorry, I didn't have time to shower, but you look like you didn't want to wait."

As he said this he pressed his cock even deeper into her mouth, and I heard her choke. Just when I was thinking of stopping him from hurting or degrading Kysa any further, he suddenly pulled his gleaming wet cock from my wife's mouth, and spun her round so her butt was now where her head had been on the edge of the bed.

He pushed her legs wide apart and well back and asked her if she was ready for the main course. Still Kysa showed no sign of enjoyment at all. I was starting to feel like a real prick for getting us into this obscene situation. Kysa stopped him and insisted he put a condom on, which he did after a moment's consideration. I was relieved that she was reconsidering her decision from last night! Kysa had purchased some extra large 'Mandingo' condoms just in case it came to this. As he peeled it on, it was stretched so tightly over his cock that I could see the massive veins on the underside of his cock pushing through the rubber, which was so transparent as to be almost invisible.

He pushed his hips further between her spread legs, until his oversized, bloated penis was resting against my wife's saliva coated crack. He looked over his shoulder and called me over. "Feed my cock into your wife," he ordered.

When I hesitated, he said, "Do it or I leave." So with my head pounding, I grasped his penis and positioned the head of it against my wife's pussy. I couldn't get over how thick it was, how heavy it felt, and how incredibly hot it was. Kysa's pussy lips were closed, so I had to insistently rub the large head of his cock against her lips to coax it into the opening. His saliva did the job, and I saw the pink inside of her pussy as the outer lips splayed open. I couldn't see how he was going to get this monster inside her without damaging her, but still I pulled his cock into her until her outer lips rolled inwards with his huge shaft, preventing him from going any further.

At this stage the head of his cock was fully inside her but none of the shaft. From between his and her legs I could see that Kysa was biting her lip with a pained look on her face, her eyes screwed tightly shut. He then told me to go and sit back down. Ray then began gently and slowly rotating and thrusting his hips, working his cock at her cunt. Millimeter by millimeter the thick shaft of his cock began to slide into her tightly stretched vagina. Slowly he continued to work away at her, more and more of his length sliding into her, so that now he had about four inches inside her. He increased the length of his strokes - now 6 inches of cock were sliding into Kysa, more and more, inch by inch.

I looked at Kysa's face. Still she had her eyes screwed shut, her face showing the pain of his insistent entry. I was beginning to get very concerned for her. His thrusts were long and firm, yet very slow. His cock was moving more easily inside her now as her cunt loosened to admit this unfamiliar cock. Was it my imagination or was there a dull gleam to his thick, red shaft of his cock? Apart from the last and thickest two inches of his cock, he was nearly fully inside her. Her face had now relaxed a little, but her eyes were still shut tightly. For maybe 15 minutes he slowly and steadily pumped in and out of her, with not a sign of reaction from Kysa. I felt a real heel for watching her. My mouth was dry and my head was throbbing, so I went out to the kitchen to get a drink.

Upon returning to the bedroom, I thought I heard a soft groan. Looking around the corner of the bedroom door, Kysa was lying on the bed on her back, her legs spread towards the window, with her bum pulled right to the edge of the bed. The guy was leaning over her with his baseball bat-like cock inside her, and he had her legs pushed as wide and as far back as they would go, with her legs hooked over his shoulders. He was slowly feeding his long, thick cock into her to the hilt, and then equally slowly drags it out of her. As he hit the bottom of her cunt, Kysa's mouth would gape in a silent round "O."

My heart lurched inside my chest. Never had I seen any sign of the white creamy froth that was literally squirting out of her with his every thrust. I couldn't tear my eyes off the thickness of his cock, covered in a thick viscous cream along its entire length. It was so thick, it had formed a thick ring around the base of his prick, and on every long thrust into Kysa's wet hole, another wave of thick white paste would be pushed to the flared base of his fat cock, to be deposited there with the rest. There was so much of it that it had begun to slither down to coat his heavy bloated balls, and as his ball sack slapped heavily against Kysa's upturned buttocks, the paste was churned into a foamy white mess. What had happened? Where was the rubber he was wearing? I looked up at Kysa and found her looking back at me with a blank expression on her face.

As we stared at one another, I was stunned at the change that had come over her. As I watched, I heard her breath start to come in short gasping pants, and a flush spread over her sweating face. Ray didn't alter the speed of his slow measured thrusting, though it was obvious she was coming. He just encouraged her gently, whispering, "Come on honey, cum for me, cum for me, feel that big black cock making you cum, making you a baby for me."

Her gasps turned into moans which grew louder with each hollow wet thud as his crotch meshed with hers, her eyes locked on his. I saw her mouth gape wide open as if in surprise as she came, but still he just kept polling slowly away at her. "I'll bet your husband could never make you feel like this!" This guy was obviously a professional.

I stood mesmerized. Now that Kysa had cum, Ray now wanted to show us each how he could pound a cunt. He picked up his pace in rapid jackhammer fashion and made sure that the entire length of his cock stretched Kysa's vagina. Kysa now held him tightly, digging her nails into his back and raising her ass off the bed to meet each thrust of his shaft. Perspiration formed on his back and even on Kysa's contorted face a she grunted at the force of each entry of his shaft. Ray pummeled Kysa's cunt and the only sound in the room aside from the moaning and grunts was the sloshing that Kysa's over lubricated vagina emitted as Ray's monstrous cock slammed against Kysa's cervix.

My own cock erupted without me even touching it, causing a large wet spot in my trousers as I watched the scene in front of me. Finally, in unison both Ray and Kysa exploded in orgasm. Kysa wailed, and Ray grunted as his buttocks contracted, and he released his sperm into Kysa's wanton belly. It seemed that Ray continued for several minutes in an attempt to deliver as much of his potent baby juice as he could within Kysa.

Kysa exclaimed, "Yes, give it all to me," as she milked his cock with her cunt muscles. Both looked up at me as they came down from their shattering orgasms. Ray dismounted my wife and spoke at me with a sharp tongue, "I think you've got some explaining to do to Kysa, WUSS! As for you Kysa, I don't think you'll have to worry about needing another dose of my cock to get you pregnant now! I'm sure all of my potent sperm are swimming for your egg already! But any time you want a good fuck, call me!"

With that Ray got up and left the room. I still stood there not knowing what to say or do.

Kysa still lay on the bed, her legs splayed open wide. She looked totally depraved, her entire crotch area looking like someone had smeared shaving cream all over it. The bedcover was dark with a wet slimy spot about 12 inches across. Her cunt was splayed open, stretched and swollen. Gobs of pure white thick sperm would occasionally slurp out and slither down to the juncture of her thighs to drop to join the wet pool on the bed. If I hadn't just blown my load inside my pants, I would have jumped right in and fucked her. The sight of Ray's sperm running out of her made my blood boil with desire. Like the barman had said, he had decided to fuck my Kysa, and that was that.

"What happened to the condom?" I asked her.

"He made me pull it off him while you were out of the room," she replied.

She tore her eyes away from mine and I heard her mumble, "I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me, his cock was driving me out of my mind. I've never felt anything like it."

Neither of us spoke, and Kysa laid like a limp dishrag on the bed with her head tilted up looking at me. My view was better than any picture I could have gotten from a magazine as my eyes fixed on her gaping pussy oozing spent cum.

Suddenly Ray walked back into the room, ignoring me, and pushed Kysa onto her back. With one hand he grabbed one of her ankles and pushed it up over her head and held it there. Her other leg was still splayed open to the other side of the bed. With his other hand he scooped some of Kysa's frothy secretions from around her gaping hole and smeared it along his semi-flaccid length. I was still amazed at its size and thickness, despite it not being fully erect. It flexed and wobbled in a strange manner, as if it had a life of it's own. I watched it grow in length and stiffness as he slowly stroked it almost lovingly. Kysa's breath was coming in short gasps, though he wasn't actually doing anything physically to excite her. He had tapped into her mind. He didn't need to touch her to get her to come. Kysa seemed to know what was coming and began to moan softly as she watched him, her eyes pleading with him silently. I gasped as he moved his hips forward and rubbed the huge helmet of his cock over her splayed open cunt and then slipped the head inside her.

I heard Kysa wail loudly and waited for him to start driving into her, but to my surprise he held his hips still, and continued fisting his cock firmly and slowly, his hand and the swollen red shaft smeared and gleaming with my wife's vaginal secretions. Ray had his eyes screwed shut, and I could see his buttocks tighten and begin to quiver. He obviously intended to simply masturbate himself inside her. But he had more surprises in store.

Just as I though he was going to blow another load inside her, he stopped his stroking and motioned me over to sit behind Kysa on the bed. "Get your ass over here," Ray ordered. When I got to where he indicated, he continued, "Pull her legs back, far as you can".

In hindsight now, I should have killed him there and then, but lust does strange thing to your mind, and I did as he asked, as if in a daze. As I pulled he legs back, he looked at Kysa and said, "You know what to do, Babe," and I watched Kysa crane her body up as far as she could, and begin milking his wet glistening shaft with both hands.

He only allowed her to have the fat head of his cock inside her. He was grunting loudly now, Kysa was moaning continuously, the only other sounds being the slick, wet, slithery and clicking sounds of Kysa's hands trying to wring the sperm out of his cock. His breath started to come in short bursts, and then I heard him groan loudly. He quickly pulled his hips back, jerked his cock out of Kysa's open cunt, and slipped one hand behind the head of his cock.

Kysa squealed in disappointment, but it was quickly followed by a wail as incredibly long and powerful jets of his sperm began to jet inside her still gaping sex. I counted at least 15 good strong jets. Ray grunted loudly with each jet, and I could hear the hollow, wet splats as his seed struck the back of her vagina, and began to fill it up.

As the strength of his spurts diminished, he put the head of his cock back inside her and then locked his eyes on mine. I couldn't tear my eyes away from his, as I saw his body begin a long slow drive forward into Kysa. The sounds that emanated from the junction of his cock and her cunt were loud and obscene. No man should ever have to hear the sounds of another man's cock making his wife's cunt belching trapped air, sperm and female cum. It filled my ears, and my head began to roar. I came in my pants again as I remained locked in his stare, listening to those dreadful, yet incredibly erotic, sounds. I fell backward on the bed, letting go of Kysa's legs, as he jerked himself out of her and walked naked out of the room, chuckling to himself.

"Oh God! I knew he was going to do that to me, and I wanted him to! I wanted it! I wanted his massive horse dick and his cum inside me! I don't know if I'll ever be able to explain to you what has come over me adequately. He's the first man I've ever been with who hasn't cared about my pleasure, only his, and I wanted him to use me like he did! To him my cunt was... is purely a depository for his fertile sperm. Given his huge cock and his reputation for fucking, I had to find out what he was like!" Kysa spoke but it was almost as if she wasn't really talking to her husband. There was no sense of remorse as she spoke.

Kysa fell back in my arms totally spent. She looked into my eyes, which were roaming her naked wanton flesh. "I love you honey, but I needed a cock like his so badly!"

Kysa watched for a reaction on my face, which was still in shock and lust. "Which begs the question, WHY aren't you in Denver like you said you were 3 hours ago and WHAT were you doing peeking through our bedroom window?" I couldn't respond as my mouth had dried.

"When I saw you, I was so shocked that I didn't know how to react with Ray. But when you stood there and did nothing, and I could see the lust in your eyes as you watched him fucking me, I knew that I needed to continue and experience the feel of his large cock inside me regardless of the consequences! And you know what those consequences might be, don't you honey? Ray might have made a BABY inside me tonight. How does that make you feel?"

My brain was scrambled with thoughts of jealousy, rage, anger, pity, and horniness! "Since you seem to have wanted to watch so desperately, why don't you take close look at my pussy!"

Kysa pushed herself out of my arms and pulled my body so that it was lying down between her splayed legs. My chest lay in the pool of cum that coated the sheets, and my face stared at her still pulsating cunt. When she did speak, I noted that her tone was filled with excitement and demanded that I carry out her wishes. "That's it honey, get a close look at how Ray's huge cock stretched me out."

Kysa raised her ass off the bed and offered her sloppy pussy to my probing eyes. I inspected every inch of her used hole, watched as cum still trickled out, and ran into the crack of her ass. "Get a good look since you seemed to have wanted to see me fuck Ray tonight! Were you at the window last night too? Did you know I let him fuck me all night long last night? See what a satisfied pussy looks like! Get a closer look! Taste me! That's what you really want, isn't it! You enjoyed seeing me get fucked as much as I enjoyed the feeling Ray's nigger dick stretching your white wife's pussy, didn't you!"

Feeling both revolted and excited, I began to lick at her loose and swollen labia, tasting both the slickness of her own secretions and the thick sweet taste of Ray's semen, which continued to stream out of her pussy hole. My mind was in turmoil, one minute feeling ashamed, and the next crazy with lust. Kysa was slowly grinding and rotating her profusely leaking cunt against my nose, mouth, and chin, soaking my face with their juices. In a seemingly constant state of orgasm, I could hear her moaning quietly, "Oh God, I need him again, I need his cock," over and over.

One part of me couldn't wait to see it happen again, the other part of me was crushed and deflated. Eventually, exhausted by her constant cumming, Kysa pushed me away, and rolled over, falling asleep almost immediately in a fetal position, her hands cupping her wet and swollen pussy as if trying to hold it closed. I slumped down beside her and crashed into a deep sleep.

When I awoke the next day, Kysa was still sleeping. I got up and cleaned up the room. I found her discarded panties on the floor beside the bed. It was slightly stiff and almost crispy with what I realized was the dried remnants of the frothy paste that I had seen Ray elicit from Kysa's pussy. I threw them in the bin, ashamed at my part in last night's madness. I didn't think I could face Kysa, so I went into the garage to work on the car.

All day Kysa and I really couldn't talk to each other, staying out of each other's way. In fact it stayed that way all week. We didn't try to have sex at all week. I was feeling shattered and deflated, and I assumed she was feeling pretty guilty too. Kysa's period turned up a few days later. I was elated that somehow Ray had not impregnated her and I noticed she seemed more relaxed and a little happier. I hoped the whole event was behind us.

However, Kysa's next "ovulation day" came around and Kysa told me that we would go out that night for a "romantic evening," and try for that baby again. We hadn't had sex since before Ray had fucked her, and she was getting pretty horny to say the least. I had noticed that Kysa became particularly horny when she was ovulating, and now was no exception. When I got home from work, she was dressed in a tight black knit woolen mini dress that hugged every curve. Even the dimple of her belly button showed. I felt my cock stiffen. I asked her where we were going, and she said not to worry; it was a surprise, and it was all arranged.

I dressed with the anticipation of sex with my wife. Pre-cum oozed from my dick thinking about how hot she looked in that dress. Still something nagged at my brain. "Don't worry, everything's been arranged." Over the past weeks I'd resolved that while it had definitely been exciting to watch Kysa with another man, it wasn't worth the risk of losing her. Still my cock always became electrified when I relived her words, "Oh God, I need him again, I need his cock," as I lapped at her pussy on that last fateful night!

Walking to the car I couldn't help but be impressed with my beautiful wife. The way she strutted in that dress with her air of complete confidence, she just seemed to exude sex! As I watched her sit in the car, I glanced at her legs, and swore she wasn't wearing any underwear under her dress. Driving, I reached out and tried to run my hands up her exposed legs, but she fended me off saying that, "You'll just have to wait a little while longer, honey."

I felt rejected but eased my mind with the fact that I'd have my cock buried in her later in the evening and that would make up for everything. Kysa wouldn't talk much about the evening only saying that, "I know you'll enjoy yourself!"

Kysa gave directions, and I quickly realized we were headed to the club that I had spied on her in on that fateful night! I started to get a little worried and lightheaded. The feelings of the past weeks again pounded at my brain. Again I was excited but also nauseated! As we pulled into the club, Kysa reached over and kissed me deeply exclaiming, "I love you very much honey. Let's go have some fun tonight!"

As we entered the club, Kysa spotted Ray at a table already and took my hand leading the way towards him. Kysa was the first to speak as we got to the table. "I don't think there's any need for introductions, do you Ray?" looking at Ray first and then me. I heard her giggle as she let go of my hand and pressed her body fully up against Ray.

"Nah, I think your hubby remembers me! How you doing WIMP, gettin' any lately? Nah, I suppose not!" as he broke into a laughter! My worst fears were realized! I wanted to grab Kysa and bolt us out of there, but something made me want to stay. Besides the way Kysa was molded in his arms, and I could tell she wasn't leaving with me now! Kysa was the one to get us all to sit with her in the middle and noticeably closer to Ray than me. Her body pressed against his and his hands started to roam already up and down her thighs. Ray spoke up, "So do you like the dress I picked out for Kysa?"

"Oh I guarantee he likes it, I had to push his hands away in the car several times on the way over here," Kysa responded for me as if I weren't even present.

Ray sneered, "Don't worry, you paid for it!"

The barman came over to get an order for drinks. It was the same one who served me several weeks ago. I wanted to hide but couldn't. Ray spoke to the barman, "Hey Jeff, we'll have our usual. Oh, and say hello to Kysa's hubby!"

Kysa glared a demeaning look at me, "You remember Jeff, don't you honey! He's the guy who served you when you were spying on me!"

The barman murmured something like, "I warned you, buddy."

Ray continued, "Yeah, Kysa's hubby seems to get a kick out of knowing she's being fucked by other men! Guess he came to the right place, huh Jeff?"

Kysa added, "It seems he can't get enough of wanting me to be a slut for a big cock! He collects magazines on the subject and even makes tapes with phone sex operators having them pretend to be me telling of their slutty ways! Ray and I decided to invite my hubby out so he can see just how much of a slut he's married to and how well I handle a big cock!"

Kysa reached between Ray's legs, grabbed Ray’s dick, and exclaimed, "Especially this one. This is the largest piece of cockmeat I've ever had, and we have plans for it tonight, don't we Ray!"

The blood drained from my face, my pulse raced, and my skin got clammy. Here was my wife, who kissed me and told me she loved me before we walked in, telling some stranger and her lover about my fetish and things I didn't even know she knew about!

"Speaking of magazines," Ray jeered, "Kysa says you like to take pictures of her in the nude, but you're not exactly a good photographer, getting amateurish shots coming out of the shower and the like. Perhaps you'll appreciate the ones I've gotten Kysa to pose for over the past week?"

He reached into his coat pocket and removed a couple of envelopes. "Hey Jeff, what do you think?" As the two of them flipped through the photos, Jeff looked at Kysa and let out a low whistle to which she bent her head in proud acknowledgment.

After they had gone through the entire stack, Kysa took them and handed them to me with a grin. "Don't come in your pants yet. The evening is still young, honey!"

Kysa gave me a peculiar mocking look, "What's the matter, you didn't think I knew about your fantasies? I KNEW, and I've KNOWN for some time now! Look around the room, honey! I've fucked most of the men here! Why do you think I was so relieved to find out that I wasn't pregnant last month? I wouldn't have known who the father was. For all I'd have known, it could have been you! After Ray and I fucked, I knew who I wanted to father our child. Ray's cock fills me more than any man I've ever known! Ever since he fucked me in front of you, I've had to have him. He's had his cock in me ever day since then!"

Ray sneered, "We've decided that since you want your wife to be a slut, then she'll be one! Just my slut though! Look at the bright side, she gets all the cock she can handle, you both get the baby you want, and you get to lap at her well-used cunt when we're done! I don't want a wife, I just want to fuck the brains out of your SLUTTY wife. And besides, I don't think your pathetic dick would be much good to her now that her cunt's stretched to fit my cock!"

My head reeled as I took in the words they both spat at me. I was revolted and suddenly wanted to leave. "If you leave honey, then I won't ever let you come back, nor will I come back to you! You've made your bed, now you have to lay in it!"

She laughed loudly, "What I should have said is Ray and I will lay in it!" reaching down and massaging Ray's cock once again. Kysa glared at me and insisted rather curtly and spitefully, "From now on we're playing by MY rules in this marriage, or we're not playing at all!"

Ray cut in and focused on me, "Starting tonight, the only cock Kysa gets is mine! When she finally is pregnant, then it's up to her whether she fucks you, or anyone else for that matter. But until then, you only get to clean up the dregs!"

With that Ray took Kysa by the hand and led her towards the dance floor. I sat there wondering how I'd let this situation get so far out of hand. I drank my drink quickly and ordered another. As I watched Ray and Kysa on the dance floor, my cock stirred. He felt her up in front of every body there but made sure that I had the best show in the house as he massaged her ass, making the dress ride to her waist. She was wearing panties, but only the thong style, so I, as well as everyone else, got a terrific view. For her part, Kysa massaged Ray's cock through his pants, and between the two of them practically dry humped on the dance floor. She turned and smiled in my direction as she ground her pelvis against him and then closed her eyes as if she were anticipation of the night to come.

Kysa and Ray finished their dance and made their way back to the table I was sitting at. Kysa could see I was feeling a bit shattered and came to sit beside me to console me, but Ray grabbed her hand and jerked her back toward him.

"We're going out to the van," he said, and putting his hand on Kysa's firm tight butt, he guided her out to the door. I saw the barman and few of the guys at the bar looking and smirking at the sight of my wife and Ray heading for the door. I sat there nursing my drink until it was gone, telling myself I wouldn't go out to watch them. I tried, but my stiff dick won.

I walked to the door hearing chuckles from the others in the bar behind me, and made my way to the car. I could see body movement inside, and peering through the back window, I saw Kysa lying across the back seat, with her legs pulled back so her heels were actually on the roof of the van, with her cunt upturned toward the roof. She was still fully dressed, her woolen knit dress bunched up around her waist, and Ray was crouched over her, one foot on either side of her buttocks like some obscene giant-dicked frog.

The van interior light was on, and I could see him simply lifting himself up and down with his thighs, dropping his cock vertically down into Kysa's cunt. He wasn't fully erect and he needed a hand to support his shaft as his cock bent and squirmed as he tried to push it down into her, but already I could see the first half of his dick was starting to shine wetly. I could hear Kysa moaning and sighing through the partially open window and the squeak of the upholstery. I could hear Ray whispering something to her and craned my ears to hear. Finally I could make his words out, "...feel the cock growing inside you, Babe? Can you feel it growing? Can you feel your cunt stretching?"

Kysa would groan louder in answer, each time he asked her. My eyes were riveted to Kysa's crotch. Although his cock only semi-soft, it was still more than twice as big as mine was when fully erect. I could see him starting to get firmer now and his cock was starting to push in side her. Wet, soft, clicking noises were coming from Kysa's lubricating cunt. I saw him drop downwards with his hips, so his semi-erect cock bent in half, but then slowly forced it's was into her as her lubrication smeared it's length, though he was still a long way from the size I had seen him last time.

As the base of his cock jammed itself up against Kysa's labia, she let out a deep groan. His hips stopped their plunging motion, and he began the tiniest little rotations with his hip. I heard him say, "I'm already much bigger soft than hubby is hard. Now feel my cock grow inside you? Can you feel it Kysa? Can you feel it getting fatter? Can you feel it getting longer, the head pushing deep into the back of your wet cunt? I can feel you getting wetter. Come for me baby, come for me."

The words seem to turn Kysa on, and she began whining and trying to drive her hips up and down, but they were pinned down by his weight. For maybe two or three minutes he just kept up his hip rotations. Kysa was wailing loudly, screaming at him "Oh God, oh God, I can feel it, I can feel it. God its so thick and so long!"

My brain was boiling again, my dick was ready to pop, but deep inside I was crushed. Suddenly Ray stopped grinding his hips against Kysa's and slowly lifted himself up. Though I had seen it before, I was still both stunned and crestfallen at the size of his penis. As he drew up out of her, there was a deep sucking noise, followed by a wet slithery sound as his cream-smeared and now fully erect cock drew out. Kysa's labia were flared up and outwards, clinging wetly around his shaft, her wet pubic hair matted down to her skin. It seemed to go on forever, his wrist-thick cock sliding out, Kysa screeching. Finally the head slowly came free with a soft erotic plop, and Kysa's sex still gaped open. Ray then dropped his cock back down inside her and began punching his cock full length in and out of my wife. Kysa was in a constant screaming orgasm, he was grunting loudly, and the wet sucking sounds emanating from the van seemed unbearably loud.

I watched as Ray continued to drive his monstrous cock into Kysa. Her breathing became quick and shallow and her moans seemed to be never ending. Ray kept chiding her with, " big my cock feels stretching your cunt walls versus that pathetic dick hubby has."

I couldn't help but think that with the depth that Ray's cock was reaching into Kysa's vagina and the pace that he kept hammering her with and the stamina he had, no wonder Kysa wanted only his cock. Granted he was arrogant, but watching his ability to fuck, it seemed he had the right! The shame I felt was overpowered by the pent-up sexual tension that had built in my loins. I hadn't even touched myself yet my cock was ready to explode! The pre-cum that secreted from my dick had already started to dampen my pants as if I'd had to piss and couldn't find the men's room.

Suddenly my cock twitched, and I exploded hot jism into my pants! In one instant the pressure released from my cock and immediately built in my head as my brain realized that I had was still excited at watching another man fuck my precious wife! Moments later I heard Kysa wail and Ray exclaim, "That's it baby, keep coming for me! Now let big Ray come for you! Here it comes baby! All that fertile sperm in my balls wants to get to your egg now! Feel it. Here it comes! Just for you baby! Just what you want! Aaaghhh!"

Kysa wailed again, "I feel it! Ah, yes! I feel it splashing against my cervix! Oh God, Ray, give it all to me! Keep cumming deep inside me! Fill me! Don't stop! Keep it cumming! Oh God, I LOVE what your cock does to me!" Then she reached up and pulled his head down to her lips, French-kissing him, saying, "Oh, Ray, I want your nigger baby in my womb, please make me pregnant, please?"

Ray let his cock linger in Kysa's womb allowing her to milk the last bit of cum from him. When he did remove himself, I could hear a plopping sound as if air was rushing into a vacuum. Kysa let her legs relax but kept them splayed wide open as if she were allowing Ray to get a pornographic view of her wanton glory hole. Kysa's body still twitched from the last orgasm that shattered her! Ray whispered something to her, and I heard her call out my name. "Okay honey, Ray says you can now get yours! We knew you'd want to watch!"

I sheepishly made way from the back of the van as Ray swung the door open. Ray chuckled as he pulled up his pants, "Go get her tiger, but don't be too long about it! I'll want her again, soon!"

Ray strutted off towards the club leaving me there to stare at my wife's gaping hole. Kysa stared defiantly at me, "Come on, hon. Here's what you want," spreading her legs yet farther with her hands.

She took my hand and pulled it to her wet gash. The thick dregs of Ray's cum were like an oil that lubricates. "Come on, baby. Get a taste of the cum Ray just left for you!"

I leaned forward and was hit with the sweetness of fresh cum that dripped out of her cunt. Kysa grabbed my head and pulled my face right into the swampy mess that was left between her labia. Sweet cum and Kysa's own juices were instantly smeared around my face as Kysa tried to pull my face into her womb. "That's it, honey. Eat me out! Just think of all that baby making sperm that's coming out and imagine how much of it you'll never get to eat because it's making it's way deep inside me already! Now all that's gonna stop me from getting pregnant is nature! Oh honey, I can't help myself! I want Ray's cock in me all the time now! What do you think of your SLUT now! You made me like this! YOU wanted me like this! And now I don't want to stop! When you're done cleaning me up, Ray's gonna have me again! And again! And again!"

Kysa came again as my tongue swirled around her used orifice. As Kysa calmed from her last orgasm she said to me, "Come on baby, time to get back inside!"

I started to clean my face but Kysa stopped me. "No, you're part of the entertainment for the night, honey. Everybody was placing bets as to whether you'd follow us and then want to go down on me! We've got to at least let the winners know who they are! I wonder if anybody bet whether you'd cum in your pants?" she giggled and pointed towards the enlarged spot of my trousers. Kysa took my hand again and led me towards the club.

As we walked through the door into the bar, I quickly wiped my face to remove any evidence of my humiliation. My efforts were in vain. As we approached the bar, the barman pushed a beer toward me and said, "I guess you'll be wanting to clear your throat," and gave me a wink and a smirk.

I started to stammer an excuse but thought better of it and grabbed the beer and followed Kysa, who was walking over to where Ray was standing. I heard a burst of laughter behind me and heard someone say, "Jesus, will you look at the size of that stain on the back of that broad's skirt? It looks like she's sat in a bucket of cum! Looks like Ray's filled up another one."

My draw dropped when I followed his gaze to Kysa's swaying firm buttocks. There was a gleaming wet patch nearly a foot across, obviously caused by her and Ray's combined juices. She seemed totally oblivious as she sat beside Ray. The humiliation was too much for me, and I left the bar to go and wait for Kysa at home, the sound of laughter ringing in my ears. I went straight to bed to try to forget the evening's events and fell into a fitful sleep.

I was awakened at 3.30 a.m. by the sound of Ray and Kysa's laughter. I heard them walking up to the front door, but then they fell silent. I lay there in bed wondering what they were doing. Finally it got too much for me, and I went to into the lounge to look out through the bay windows onto the porch. The front light was on, and I could clearly see Kysa squatting on her haunches in front of Ray, her hands behind her back. He had his pants unzipped, and Kysa had the head of his cock in her mouth. She was staring up at his face, with a look of total submission, as Ray slowly stroked the long, thick length of his pole, jerking himself off in a leisurely fashion inside her widely oval lips. I could see Kysa's nostril flaring with each intake of breath. Her hair was sticking to her forehead, slicked wet with sweat and her cheeks were flushed bright red, his cock occasionally bumping into her cheek and distorting her pretty face.

I watched as Kysa drained Ray's cock and the cum dribbled out her chin as he exploded in her mouth. She never did get the whole thing in her throat, but obviously she had pleasured Ray! As his monstrous hard-on began to deflate, I watched as Kysa continued to caress his balls. Not wanting to be spotted again, I quickly made my way up to the bed and feigned sleep. I waited there for Kysa to come up, but she took a long time to get there. I realized that I had made a hasty retreat as she was surely being fucked yet again. This time I couldn't watch as she let Ray use her body once again to deposit his fertile sperm. I tossed about at all I had witnessed and the tone she had used when speaking to me about knowing my secret! I felt ashamed that she knew how much I had enjoyed spying on her and how I got excited by the fact that she had been fucking another man!

Kysa finally entered the room and flipped on the light switch. I didn't move in hopes that she would think that I indeed had gone to sleep! "Don't try to pretend you're asleep! I know you've watched Ray and me again! Did you masturbate to your pretty bride fornicating with him?"

I peeked up at her and noted that she was totally nude. My gaze went immediately to her crotch, and I saw cum dripping from her vagina. Kysa threw back the covers to reveal my hard-on, which she laughed at. "If you ever do get to fuck me again with that thing, I won't even know if you're inside me! Ray's cock has stretched my cunt so that all I ever want now is a large cock that can appreciate my enlarged cunt!"

Kysa climbed above my head and lowered her crotch to my face. "Wasn't tonight romantic, honey! Ray's cock made a baby in me this time I'm sure! He's so virile and insatiable and large that I want him inside me all the time!"

Kysa ground her cunt all over my face the whole time she was speaking. "Come on, honey. This is the way you can make me cum! Eat my cunt and get every drop of Ray's baby making sperm out of me! You know the only thing protecting me from getting pregnant tonight is nature! I loved having Ray's bare cock inside me! I'm going to let him fuck me every day until he makes me pregnant! Then you'll might get your chance to put your puny dick inside me. That's if you don't cum before you get it in!" With that my cock dribbled it's last cum for the evening.

I woke up the next morning with my head pounding. I don't remember much of the next day. It passed in a blur. I can only remember having an erection so hard it hurt, yet I was filled with shame and embarrassment. People spoke to me, and I ignored them. My phone rang unanswered. One part of me wanted the evening to come around quicker; one part of me quivered in fear at what the evening might bring.

The day finally drew to a close, and I drove home. I entered the lounge to find Kysa sitting on the couch reading the label on a bottle intently. She looked up and saw me, her face radiant and glowing with excitement. She spoke to me excitedly, "Ray called and told me to go and see a doctor friend of his who specializes in fertility. He's given me these pills to take."

She handed me the bottle, and I read the label on the rear, "Use only as directed. When used in the prescribed dosage, the medication will cause the cervix to dilate for a period of approximately one to two hours. An increase in sexual excitement and hypersensitivity of the genitals may be experienced."

I looked at Kysa. "Are you sure you want to take this stuff?" I asked, not really believing she would do so. I guess one part of me still thought that she had only been "acting" the part of slut bride, not really wanting to live the part.

"I've already taken some," she said with a giggle. I nearly fell over. My mind began to work overtime. What if I took her to bed now, and impregnated her before Ray could enact his plan and ruin our lives? I sat down beside her and began kissing her. She looked at me in surprise, but responded warmly. After 5 or 10 minutes, I picked Kysa up and carried her up to our bedroom, where we undressed one another and began to gently make love on top of the bedspread. Kysa wanted me to go down on her, which I did half-heartily, wanting to get on with my plan for beating Ray to the punch. Kysa was moaning and writhing gently.

I eased myself up, slipped between her now widespread and slightly upraised thighs, and inserted myself inside her damp pussy. I began thrusting steadily, working myself toward a quick orgasm, keen to release my seed inside my wife's womb, but I could hardly feel any friction. Kysa's moans had increased, and she was asking me to give her more, almost irritably. I was almost there, panting loudly and feeling my balls starting to tighten, when I heard a chuckle come from behind me that made my cock wilt almost immediately. "Good of you to warm her up for me, fella," Ray's voice rasped, and then he roughly pulled me aside, jerking me out from between my wife's spread thighs.

For the first time in my life, I wished that I had cum too quickly. If I had, then my sperm would be implanted in my loving wife now! I would have beaten Ray to the punch and surely have delivered the seed that would be OUR offspring! But now Ray was mounting her. He made no effort to comfort her as I had done, no effort to make her feel as if she were being made love to. Rather I watched as his monstrous cock was beginning to impale Kysa cock purely for his own sexual gratification. Worse yet, she was responding more emphatically to the cock that had now sunk to the hilt in her cunt.

Kysa cooed, "Oh God, that's how all cocks should feel inside me! I wish every man could touch me where you're touching me now!"

My cock still stood rigid, and I cursed my own manhood for not being able to satisfy Kysa like that. Ray spoke loud enough for me to hear, "I'm more like the kind of man your pussy needs, aren't I Kysa? Tell your husband how you want my cock to make a baby inside you now!"

"Oh yes, Ray, fuck me! Shoot your seed inside me! Make a baby for me! Please Ray, cum in me now! I want to feel you bathe my cunt with your juice!"

"Not until you tell your husband how much you want me to make your baby! Tell him now while he's watching! He wants to be humiliated like this. Tell him so he knows how much you like to be fucked by a real man while he watches and only imagines! TELL HIM!"

Kysa rolled her head to look at me. The look in her eyes told she loved me but couldn't help herself from feeling this way. Her eyes spoke of the pleasure she was experiencing at the end of Ray's cock! Her hips forced back at Ray's torso as he pounded relentlessly within her cunt. I realized from the few short moments that my cock had been inside her that her cunt muscles would probably never be satisfied with the size of my cock again. My heart reached out to tell her that I understood!

Kysa moaned between Ray's thrusts and almost apologetically professed, "Oh God, honey, I can't help myself! Ray's cock does things to me that you'd never understand! I need his large cock to make me feel like a woman! I can't help but let him cum inside me! If you knew what it felt like to feel the force of his cum as it shoots in me... Oh Ray, I need you! Fuck me faster and harder and deeeper... AAAAGGHH! Oh God, yes!"

Ray started to buck at her and raise her off the bed with each thrust he made. Kysa whimpered and cried tears of joy. Just then I noticed Ray arch his back and stab as deep within Kysa's womb as he could go. Kysa cried aloud, "Oh YES, that's it baby... Oh I can feel you cumming! Yes... yes... AAAGGHHH!"

I watched as Ray deposited his seed in my bride, and my gaze went to their joined crotches where I could see sperm being forced out around his massive dick with each subsequent jab into her hole!

Ray's hips never stopped pumping! I was waiting for him to stop his thrusting, but he just kept on whacking his cock deep, wet, and hard into the swampy mess of Kysa's crotch. Her eyes sprang wide open in surprise as she too realized he wasn't going to stop. His lips were drawn back, exposing his teeth in a grimace of concentration. A river of sweat ran down his forehead to drip from the tip of his nose, dropping down to mingle with the pool of sweat that was growing between Kysa's breasts. Loud slurping sounds were filling the room as he dragged the huge head of his cock out of my wife, and then relentlessly began its inward plunge again. Ray's cock was still as hard as when he had first thrust himself into Kysa.

Kysa was silent, her mouth so wide open in a silent scream that I could see her tonsils. Her lips twitched frantically, but remained wide open, as if sucking on a huge but invisible cock. Her eyes still bulged, and she was snorting in short bursts, her nostrils flaring. It looked as though she was desperately trying to reach another orgasm, but something was preventing her from reaching it.

Ray stopped thrusting and merely pushed himself balls deep inside my wife, his balls distorting in their sack as he began a strange rotation of his pelvis. Ray chuckled looking down at Kysa. "Feel that babe?" he questioned her.

Kysa seemed incapable of speech, but nodded her head frantically. "I can feel your cervix on the head of my cock." He wriggled his hips from side to side. "Aaahh, that's it," he moaned, closing his eyes and leaning his head back for a moment.

"Can you feel your womb opening?" he groaned. "Can you feel it? It's spreading around the head of my cock, like a tight little fist," he said, turning his head to look at me. I could hear a rushing sound in my ears, the sound of blood pounding through my veins.

"Yes, that's it, it's in!" he gasped. I thought Kysa was going to have a heart attack, and she howled so loud that the neighbors must have heard! I flicked a nervous glance out of the bedroom window and saw someone looking up at our house through the curtains of the house next door. When I looked back at the depraved scene on the bed, though almost still in up to his balls, Ray was making short little thrusts into Kysa. He looked over at me, with almost a look of pain on his face.

"Here it comes, my cock is right up inside her uterus. God it feels good! You've got no idea how good it feels to get your cock truly right up inside a woman," he grunted.

I thought surely that Ray would split Kysa wide open! And by the way her face was racked in pleasure/pain, I'm sure Kysa felt that she was being torn. Her moans were coos of pleasure, but the winces were surely from the pain of receiving that massive cock within her womb. At that moment I wanted him to cum! I wanted to take the pain away from Kysa for fear that he might certainly hurt her! But Ray had other plans.

"Okay Kysa, now that you know where I'm gonna shoot my next load of cum, let's make sure hubby has a bird's eye view!" As I stood there dumbfounded and still naked with my cock sticking straight out, I watched as Ray ordered her onto her belly. She rolled over slowly, and Ray never allowed her to be free of his cock in the process. Even when I was certain that it would fall out as she maneuvered her body, the stiff iron-like cock with it's massive girth and extended length, stayed rooted inside her birthing canal!

Once Kysa had settled down, Ray had her raise her hips allowing about twelve inches of space between the bed and their locked groins. All through the twisting movements, Kysa continued to moan softly as she ground her pelvis to feel Ray's cock massage her vagina from the inside. Ray then looked over at me and spoke abruptly, "Okay, buddy, now it's your turn! Since you're the one that has wanted to see your wife get fucked so much, I want you to get the best seat in the house! Climb under your wife and watch my dick fuck her like she wants to be fucked!"

"Put your head down there..." as he pointed to the opening between Kysa and the bed, "and turn your head up so you can see every inch of my cock as it drives your wife crazy with lust!"

Kysa had her head laying on the bed facing me with her ass uplifted obscenely to Ray's cock. Her eyes were glazed over with lust, and I don't think she could focus to see me anymore. She looked as though the pain was now gone, and the tiny movements she made with her rotating hips told my eyes that she was ready to accept again the assault that Ray's cock would soon deliver. I wouldn't/couldn't move. Ray snapped "If you don't get under her right now, we're leaving! And trust me buddy, she'll leave gladly with me to get more of my cock! Those pills have made her so horny and open, that the only cock she wants in her right now... the only one that can put out her fire is mine!"

I moved slowly to get into position under Kysa and Ray. Kysa raised her hips even more to accommodate my head as I slid it under her. The rest of my body was twisted but exposed along the side of Kysa. My cock was still stiff and seemed to harden even more as the mustiness of their joined crotches hit my nostrils. Cum and sweat and Kysa's own juices were matted in Kysa's pussy hairs and ran down the inside of her thighs. Looking up, I could see her cunt spread abnormally wide to accommodate his massive cock. Ray pulled his cock partially out of Kysa's vagina, and I was amazed at the shiny, whitish coating that enveloped the exposed portion of his cock.

Ray spoke in an abrasive tone, "You like that view buddy? Get ready to get wet! When I unload my cum in your pretty wife, she won't be able to hold it all? And then you'll get what you want first hand as it dribbles down to you! Kysa's gonna get what she wants too! Did you know the most probable position for a woman to be in to get pregnant is from the rear! When I open her cervix and shoot my cum into that wanton uterus of hers, she's gonna get the baby she wants, the cock she needs, and you'll get to watch the whole show first hand! Enjoy it buddy! Who knows, I might even let Kysa give you a hand job!"

That's the way my life has been since I caught Kysa with another man. I can't say as I like the outcome, but I do get to have sex with Kysa every night now... even if it is only oral sex! Kysa's pregnant now with Ray's child, and I'm hoping to get to fuck her now. I know that I can't make her feel like Ray does nor any of the other men she's been dating since she got pregnant. Especially since her pussy is so stretched out by all the hung guys she fucks. But Kysa says she still loves me and knows I'll never leave her!


The End
Kysa Braswell