Daughter for Sale and Breeding
(M+/f+, ped, inc, preg)

by Kysa Braswell

PART I   (Told in Kysa's voice)


Rita Braswell was a stunning young woman about the small town of Combray and was perpetually accompanied by her three year old daughter, Kysa. Kysa was deaf, but when spotted, could been counted on to have either a handful of her mother's skirt or an arm around her lower thigh, sucking her thumb. She was perfectly precious and cute in those moments, when her shyness would overwhelm her if she drew the attention of strangers.

While at the general store on this day, Kysa was doing just that: holding on to her Mom's thigh while she inspected various fabrics to make a shawl for herself. Sucking her thumb and looking at a couple across the aisle, her eyes grew wide with curiosity. Then the most proper lady met her eyes and addressed her, "Well, hello there. Aren't you the pretty one!" Kysa couldn't hear the words, but knew their attention was pointed her way, and with that she gave in to a wide smile that displayed the small teeth still clasping her thumb, then as if being tickled, was unable to continue looking at the lady, and dropped her gaze to the floor, curling behind Rita's thigh.

Rita noticed the address to her daughter and explained that she is naturally shy.

"How old is she?"

"Just turned three last month. She's growing up fast," Rita said.

"She looks just so perfect. Your husband must be so proud."

"He was, that is, until he died last year. That's when we moved here."

"Oh, I'm so sorry," the lady joined.

Rita went back to fondling the fabrics in search of the one pattern that would suit her for the winter. Meanwhile, the couple quietly began arguing with each other, however difficult it was to ignore them. Then the gentleman, who was on the cusp of 35 years old, spoke to Rita:

"I say, my dear lady, please forgive me for interrupting your examinations. I am Robert Macquarrie and this is my wife, Odette. Seeing that you must be in a financial strait, being a single mother and all, I'm wondering if you'd like to sell your daughter to us for a handsome sum."

Rita replied firmly, "Do what? SELL my daughter?"

"Yes ma'am. I assure you..."

"Are you crazy? I couldn't sell my daughter, no matter how much trouble she causes me on any given day."

"Yes, but surely a woman of your youth could have another child. We'd like to pay you very well for this one," he spoke.

"Now listen, Mister!" Rita loudly started before being interrupted.

"Hear me out, young lady. We are quite wealthy. I am a biogeneticist and my wife is a nurse. And we have more money than we'll ever be able to spend. Your daughter will attend the finest schools, will live in the finest homes both in the summer and winter; she will wear the finest linens and have the opportunity to travel the world. And we would gladly pay you $1,000 a week for her. On top of that, we would establish a trust this very day in her name for $250,000 so that by the time she reaches 20, she need never work a day in her life."

"And just how would I sell my daughter. That's illegal, isn't it? Besides, you must understand that my daughter is deaf," Rita said, as the couple noted a bit of relinquishment in her voice.

"Why no, madam, that's not a problem. We could transfer parental rights through a judge at any time."

"I will have to think about this. I can't imagine really doing it," Rita told herself out loud.

"Here's our card. Please contact us via this number at any time."

Rita thought it over for a week, while considering her limited resources for helping Kysa along in the world and setting her on a proper path of a lady. She also considered what how much easier her own life would be with $52,000 each year before she ever worked an hour. She spent the next week with Kysa, reluctantly coming to the realization that she would give her up out of love, so that she would have a life with better means than she could afford to give her.

Upon meeting the Macquarries again, she told them she could not let Kysa go for anything less than $65,000 a year. The gentleman raised his voice to argue with Rita, but Odette tugged at his elbow, telling him to give her whatever she desired, she wished this meeting over as quickly as possible. He agreed, and they proceeded to the attorney's office two blocks down the street. Kysa was carrying a box-shaped bag with three of her dresses packed tightly inside. After the papers were signed, Rita kissed and hugged a perplexed Kysa, whose eyes grew wide with fear. She was not aware this meeting was about her own status. The Macquarries took hold of Kysa's hand and led her out the doorway and down the long marble hallway in the old professional building. She cried and looked back for her mom, all the while wondering where she was being taken.

The Macquarries, however, ran the Balbec Institute for advanced sexual research. The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University was always years behind in their research compared to Balbec, and as the Balbec Institute only received private funding, it was not necessary for them to be controlled or audited by any governmental agency. They were free to do radical sexual research that pushed the boundaries of both taste and humanity.


Once settled at Combray, the town she would come to live and grow up in, it did not take long for Kysa to know that her new life was the opposite of her previous one. Growing up in a wealthy household, among the finest in society, brought with it some quite unusual expectations and compromises. For the next few years, Kysa was made to wear very tight-fitting clothing as she grew toward her teenaged body. Both Odette and Robert were nudists among the mansion and rarely were seen with clothes on during the evenings. Kysa was encouraged to shed her clothes or at least relax in dishabille around her new parents.

The true purpose of the Macquarries' purchase of Kysa was soon out: Kysa would make her money back for her own purchase, her own trust fund, and her mother's payments by virtue of child prostitution! The nonchalant nudity of the Macquarries served only to desensitize her to seeing men's cocks and women's fully grown bodies. Mr. Macquarrie himself was thickly endowed, even when soft, as he walked through the parlor his cock would swing heavily in each direction, alternately slapping his thigh. And Odette's breasts, though not as large as her mother's, were perfectly shaped and fitted to her own petite body.

Odette had the terrible habit of wanting to cuckold Robert. More often than not, she failed miserably. Whenever the three were out to dinner at a downtown restaurant, Odette would fasten her eyes on one of the servers, noticed aloud every outline of his body, from his shoulders to his thighs. She wondered to Robert how good he would be in bed, what his cock looked like, whether its dimensions were ordinary, thick and fat, or long and slim. All in front of Kysa. Kysa never picked up the intent of Odette's sexual longings toward the vulgar class of "servants" as Odette labeled them. However Kysa did notice Odette's constant visual attention to every beautiful man she saw. This, of course, did not normally bother Robert until Odette would not stop with the torment. After many such nights, Robert would grab Odette by the arm and drag her to the bedroom and proceed to tear off just enough of her clothing to allow him access to her cunt. Then he would proceed to viciously fuck Odette, whom the whole time smiled and talked to him, presumably in a naughty way. Sometimes he would viciously spank and beat Odette, making her cry in pain. The whole time during the vengeful fuckings, he would talk to Odette, apparently telling her what she wanted to know, and only later Kysa would discover.

By the time she was 8 years old, Kysa was regularly watching her new mother be fucked by strangers who paid for the privilege. Odette would talk to the men, making them look at Kysa and tell her their dirty thoughts about fucking the little girl someday. "She's going to be a knockout" was the most oft-heard phrase from her "clients." One particular fellow, Jim, had been taken with little Kysa and whenever he fucked Odette's brains out, he was tell her the dirtiest things of what he'd like to do with Kysa someday. Odette figured him to be the first in line the moment Kysa hits puberty. But whomever that person was who be Kysa's first fuck, he would pay dearly for the privilege.

Both Robert and Odette were scheming to sell Kysa's pussy to men just at the onset of puberty. Thence, part of the reason why both parents encouraged Kysa to walk around the mansion either nude or almost nude, so that they could track her physical development. They promised that the moment Kysa began growing peach fuzz on her pussy, they would proceed to sell her body to very select individuals who would pay very dearly for the privilege. And when the time was right, one man would be chosen to impregnate her.

When Kysa was 9 years old, Odette allowed a lesbian to pay handsomely for the privilege to teach Kysa to masturbate. Charlize met Kysa, and with Odette present, took her by the hand and removed themselves to the bedroom. Both women undressed the young girl, revealing a lean body with perfect, olive skin that was already beginning to develop shape about the hips and breasts. Charlize laid Kysa down on the bed and massaged her gently with her fingertips, bringing goosebumps all over her tender body. Charlize chuckled and kept moving her fingers all along her body, lingering at her nipples which were swelling, and then her pubis, focusing on her slit and tiny clit. Charlize kissed Kysa on the lips, then trailed her tongue down her belly until she licked her slit to complete wetness. Charlize began slowly finger-fucking the young girl. The fingers fucked faster. Before long, they pumped hard and deep, then ground from side to side. Spreading in a wide V, they pulled Kysa's pussy hole wide open. The fingers then quickly snapped together and fucked into the young girl's pussy once again. With each pump, Kysa gasped in desire and spread her legs as her cunt hole was forced to open. She wanted it, needed it, badly. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Uhhh ... uhhh, fuck that little whore ... ohhh, baby, you like that don't you Kysa?" said Odette. Fuck her little cunt! Frig that clit! Kysa could only manage some gutteral noises of "Nnnn ... nnnhhh ..." but Odette continued urging Charlize on: "ohhh, yes ... oh, yes ... that's it, honey ... take those fingers inside you! You love it don't you, girl?!! Ohhh god, Charlize, that is so hot ... do it faster ... harder!" Kysa's hips ground wildly from side to side, now trying to escape the onslaught into her tiny stretched pussy.

Charlize smiled again and told Odette, "My fingers are killing me. She's so tight, she's hurting ME!" Charlize used her other hand to massage Kysa's budding breasts and kept fucking the young girl's pussy. Sensing how good it was for Kysa, Charlize finger-fucked her harder. Swiftly, she jerked the two fingers back and made another one stiffen next to them. Then, without a pause, she fucked deeply into the Kysa's cunt. "Uuuggghhh!" gasped Kysa, her legs jerking wider. A grimace of temporary pain crossed her sweet face. Closing her eyes, Kysa threw her head back. The pain was quickly overcome by pleasure as her virgin cunt expanded and it throbbed. More of her slippery juices oozed out to lube the pumping fingers and her tiny little clit was engorged and reddened. Each pass of her Charlize's thumb across it squeezed a groan from Kysa's throat. Wanting more, Kysa grabbed her cunt lips and pulled. Like the petals of a flower, her pussy lips separated as her cunt opened wider to accommodate the two-fingered assault on her sweetness. Charlize's fingers sank in a little deeper as they pumped and swirled inside the open red cunt gash. "Yeahhh, baby! That's it, honey ... open your cunt ... keep that pussy hole open for me," whispered Charlize, knowing that Kysa couldn't hear a word, but went with the physical flow of her own body. "You like it, don't ya? You like having my fingers in your pussy, don't ya, Kysa?"

"Ohhh, yesss! Ohhh, yesss, I ... I know I do! Finger-fuck that little slut!" groaned Odette. Charlize leaned closer. "What? What did you say, you little bitch? I didn't hear you, Kysa. I said, you like getting finger-fucked, don't you?" shaking her head up and down.

Kysa acknowledged the nods and moaned, louder than before. "Fuck her, damn you!" Steadily, Charlize's fingers fucked in and out. Kysa could feel her inner cunt flesh dragging back and forth pleasurably, the friction driving her crazy. In and out, in and out, every time the fingers drove in deep, her cunt expanded wide to fit over them and a groan shot out as her pussy narrowed tightly, clasping the two fingers and pushing them outside her. Every time Charlize's thumb frigged her aching clit, Kysa groaned once more.

She tossed her head back. Her hips gyrated. Her body was flushed. A thin sheen of sweat glistened on her smooth perfectly unblemished flesh, her ripening little nipples rising and falling in passion. Her breath came in gasps of lust. Even as she thought it, she could feel the lust building to a climax. Inhaling deeply, Kysa felt the tremors beginning in her toes. The explosion made the air rush out of her lungs and fuck juice gush out of her cunt. "Nnnnnn! Nnnnnhhhhh! Nnnhhhhhhhh!" "She's cumming," Odette yelled. "Cum-fuck ... fuck ... fuck! You're cumming ... cumming ... cumming! Fuck that little whore, Charlize." "... Nnnggghhh ... nnn ... nnggghhh!" Kysa continued, amazed at the painful pleasure that could be created between her thighs.

Her muscles trembled and goose bumps flashed over her body. Her legs kicked out as spasms took over her pussy. Her pussy convulsed, juices spurting out, hot and sticky. It was all Charlize could do to keep up. She lay down with her face almost in Kysa's pubes. Wrapping one of her arms around the thrashing girl's thighs, she drove into Kysa's pussy again and again. Cunt juices were splattered over her whole hand as Kysa writhed in orgasm. Charlize thrilled to feel the clenching spasms of Kysa's cunt around her fingers. Kysa rode her orgasm hard and fast until, with a great heave, she slumped back onto the bed. Her cunt was on fire, her body sweating, her breathing labored. But she was satisfied and a warm glow pulsed through her body as she relaxed in satisfaction. Charlize's own body was tingling in arousal, having just witnessed the climax of her first little girl experience. Damn, it turned her on to make the little girl cum! Even though she had been frigging teen girls for almost a year now, the thrill of it never failed to get to Charlize. 

Odette and Charlize brought Kysa down slowly, letting her cool off. She doubled over, holding her pussy in pain. Licking her fingers, Charlize walked over to the buffet cabinet and wrote Odette and Robert a check for $7,500. "You're welcome anytime, Charlize. Thank you." And with that she was off to her own fantasies just created by Kysa's perfect little virgin body.


Kysa was soon learning how to pleasure herself, and not so secretly either. Robert once saw her in the shower, then in a bath, then in her bed. She was learning quickly, he thought. Her body was developing very nicely, which made his cock ever harder. He couldn't count how many times he had fucked Odette senseless while fantasizing about fucking the child someday. Now his cock just reacted instinctively to the sight of her naked, lithe body.

Catching her one night in the throes of self-pleasure again, Robert watched his daughter's orgasm with an expression of sheer lust stamped on his face. He squeezed then pumped his cock through his silk robe. It was stiffer than it had been in years and his massive balls ached for release. Even as his daughter's orgasms came to a close, he was disrobing. He couldn't take it any more. He simply had to have some of her pussy.

Allowing his robe to drop to the floor, Robert slid through the partially opened doorway and approached Kysa's bed. He stood before her, aware of what he wanted to do and nothing was going to stop him now. Robert fell to his knees, his cock bobbing wildly. Roughly, he grabbed his daughter's legs and swiveled her cunt to face him. Kysa was startled, gasping more in surprise than shock. Throwing her legs wide apart, he slid her slippery finger out of her tiny hairless cunthole and her slippery fluids trickled down the crack of her ass. He hungrily dove in with his mouth, fondling his prick and cupping his nuts as he mopped up his young daughter's thick, frothy cum with his tongue.

"Oooohhh ... wh-what ... huh?" squeaked Kysa. "Oooohhhhh!" When Kysa felt herself jerked around, her impulse had been to cry out in surprise. But before she knew it, her father's mouth was glued to her sloppy cunt. Goodness rushed through her body once again and she held her legs wide apart so her father could lick her sweet pussy clean. Robert inhaled rapidly and deeply, the clean, sweet smell of his daughter's cunt in his nostrils. His brain was full of lust as the taste of her fuck juices filled his mouth. He thirstily licked and slurped at her cunt, loving the taste of her horny young pussy. While he licked her slit, he slowly, lovingly jacked off, fondling his balls at the same time. The pleasure made him whimper. Kysa felt his tongue snaking up and down her slit and sliding between her cunt lips. The soft, warm wetness of his tongue felt great. She wanted his tongue inside her pussy. She stretched her cunt lips apart, making her pussy gape wide open for his mouth.

Immediately, she felt his tongue circle the inner rim of her cunt hole. The excited, reddened cunt flesh begged for attention and got it. The hot tongue swirled around, then licked up and down. Finally, when Kysa thought she couldn't take it any more, her father slid his tongue down her slit to her open hole. Kysa felt the slithering tongue slowly push in. The feeling was indescribable as her father proceeded to hungrily lick her cunt inside out, sucking up the cum that dribbled out of it. Kysa couldn't hold back her moans of lust. "Ohhh ugghhhnnnnnn, uuuhnnnnn, Ohhh ugghhhnnnnnn" were the only sounds that Kysa could make, not being able to talk. It was the sounds of deep pleasure and physical ecstasy, even at the tender age of 11.

Robert didn't even hear her moans. His brain registered sound and he knew it was encouragement. It had to be from the way Kysa was rubbing her cunt against his mouth. Oh, the sweet, soft cunt flesh between her legs tasted good. He thought he could spend the rest of his life between her soft, warm thighs. He let go of his cock and grabbed her firm little asscheeks. Squeezing them firmly, he lifted her cunt at a better angle for his month to get in it. He pulled his face hard into the hole and kept licking and slurping up her cum. He swirled his tongue deeply inside her cunt hole. He fucked in and out of it. Keeping his tongue deep, he licked from side to side. When most of her cream was cleaned up, he pulled his tongue out and slowly mouthed his way up her cunt slit to her clit. Licking around the swollen clit he was gratified to feel his daughter's body twitching in response. Raising his head, he looked at her clit, watching its pulsations of excitement. The girl's clit was small, he noticed, but ever so super-sensitive. His cock surged with lust and his mouth fastened over her clit. Kysa thrust her pussy at him as he went at it. Gently sucking, he licked in little circles. Noting how well the young girl responded, he went at it with gusto. His tongue flicked furiously back and forth over her clit. Then it circled several times before resuming its frenzied lashing. He gradually increased the suction, tentatively tickling the girl's asshole with one finger. In seconds, he felt the quivering of her thighs.

Kysa was simply amazed at how good her daddy sucked cunt. Why, he was going at it like a wild man! He knew just what to do, too. When his finger brushed her asshole and he began fingering her there, the pleasure overcame her brain. Shivering from her feet to her head, she knew she was going to cum. The finger sank into her asshole and her toes curled up. Screaming her desire, her orgasm hit her. "Aaahhh ... aaahhh! Ohhh, Ohhh ugghhhnnnnnn, Ohhh ugghhhnnnnnn! Aaaarrrgggghhhh!" Robert Macquarrie licked and sucked furiously. His daughter's hips swiveled in wide circles as she came. She pumped her cunt into his face, grinding hard as explosions wracked her smooth, slender body from head to foot. It was all the man could do to keep his mouth fastened to her clit.

As he felt Kysa's asshole fluttering with convulsions, he drove his finger all the way into it. Wiggling it, he worked it from side to side. Not knowing how the girl would react to the penetration of her asshole, he let the matter rest for the time being instead of finger-fucking her hard and fast. Later, he promised himself, he would return to the subject of asses, certainly his very favorite subject, especially since he spent a tremendous amount of time inside of Odette's tight little ass, one place where she would not allow her clientele to probe. In the meantime, he sucked her cunt until she fell back on the bed and lay still. Kysa was physically exhausted. Robert smiled, glad to see she liked it. He lifted his head for a closer look at her cunt. What he saw made his prick pulse in hunger.

The swollen little cunt lips were pressed tightly together, as the slippery pussy juice slid down her slit out from between them. Her cunt hairs were so sparse that he had an almost unobstructed view of her pussy flesh. There was only a hint of peach fuzz, which indicated to him that it was time for Kysa to meet a real man and start earning her keep in the Macquarrie family. Wanting to see inside her, he spread her cunt lips with his thumbs. His cock leaped. His daughter's cunt was right in front of his face, spread wide open. What he witnessed so up close was pure visual heaven. All he could think of is how this tiny little virgin cunt would put a death grip on his cock. Kysa purred softly. Her father's lips and tongue felt good inside her cunt hole and she knew he was liking it from the way he smiled in pleasure as his tongue swirled inside her. She couldn't help returning the smile in satisfaction. She was in heaven as her father cleaned the inside of her cunt with his mouth. Too soon, it seemed, he lifted his head and leaned back, smacking his lips. Cunt juices shone on his cheeks, lips and chin.

"Baby," he panted, "you liked that, didn't you?" She couldn't talk, and therefore could not answer, but her eyes smiled and she pressed both hands onto her belly, pulling her knees up to her chest, then flopping them down on the bed, shaking Robert slightly. The man's heart lurched in his chest as he realized that she would soon be ready to pleasure men for the rest of her life, and that she was off to such a good start so far. Before tonight, it really had not registered. He had been preoccupied before with just the look of her Lolita act and body. He envisioned Kysa and the neighbor girl, Leslie Arnold, the two young, pre-teenaged girls sucking each other pussies in private. Oh, fuck, what he wouldn't give to get between them! He knew they explored their bodies, because he had caught the two kissing on several occasions.

He had a quick idea for now, and grabbing her notepad on the nightstand he wrote, "Honey, would you like to make me feel good, too?" Kysa's body was aglow with freshness and pleasure as she nodded yes without even having to consider. Writing on the notepad, "Sure, Dad. I want to make you feel good, too. What do you want me to do?" She knew what it was and the thought turned her on. "I want to fuck you, honey," he said, looking into her eyes. "Have you ever had a cock in your pussy'?" His nuts ached inside his huge ball sac, needing to be unloaded. Kysa inhaled audibly, caught off guard, thinking he was going to ask him to suck his fat cock, "No, you know I haven't, silly!" Her hand trembled as she finished the sentence, more nervous than she had ever been in her life. "Well, I'll bet you want to, don't ya? If you like fucking yourself with the hairbrush, you're gonna love this," he assured her, standing up.

Kysa gasped, seeing her father's stiff cock for the first time up close. Before she had only seen him throughout the house nude. It hung between his legs, swollen and menacing, slightly angled to the left, and seemingly far larger than it looked from across a room. The head was a big, swollen knob. It was much bigger than her finger she thought, probably more than two inches wide and as long as her forearm, too. Kysa quivered, wondering if her virgin cunt could take such a big cock inside it. True, she fucked her cunt with two fingers sometimes, but this was something totally different. She moaned and nodded "No" in protest, her hand again flying to cover her mouth. "What is it, Kysa?" He paused. "What's so big? Show me." She didn't understand what he was saying except knowing that he wanted her to continue. Kysa blushed as she gently stroked the lengthening member hanging before her with both hands. She released the heavy cock and quickly wrote on the notepad, "I can't take you inside me. You're WAY too big, you really are. "Shhhh, baby ... shhhh. Of course you can take it. Your cunt can expand to take any size cock inside it, honey. You'll soon discover that. Look, your mother has taken it hundreds of times and taken hundreds of men all different sizes. Baby, if she can do it, you can, too." He wrapped his arms around her. "Here ... feel it!" he wrote in response.

Kysa reached for the massive cock head. Hesitantly, she ran her fingers over the smooth flesh. Back to the notepad, "But, Mom's a lot older than I am, Dad," squeezing his cockhead. "I know, Kysa, but it doesn't matter. Trust me, though you're still young, your cunt can open big enough to take any size cock inside it. You like fucking yourself with your finger, don't you?" 

"Yes sir." 

"This will be ten times as good. You're gonna love it!" He pinched her puffy nipple. 

Desire flooded Kysa's brain. She fondled her dad's cock wonderingly, as if in a dream. As she felt its heat burning into her hand, something inside her stirred. Her cunt began buzzing, voluminous thin precum dripping from his cockhead. She could feel it dripping onto her thighs below and between her legs. She had seen pictures of other men and women fucking and she had long wondered how good a cock would feel plunging between her legs. Though she wanted to, she had never before dared try it but now it sounded like a good idea, a damn good idea! 

"Do it to me," she wrote, moaning, trembling with anticipation. 
"Okay, baby," said her father, squeezing her ripening tits more firmly than before. He pinched both nipples at the same time and pulled them outwards, noting his daughter's response. She seemed to melt in his hands and Robert chuckled. He was glad to find that she liked having her nipples pinched. For a while, he pinched and pulled them. Then his hands glided down her belly to her pussy where he began fingering her clit. "Lie back and spread your legs, Kysa," he commanded as his daughter tingled with pleasure. "Spread 'em wide!" 

Kysa immediately did as she was motioned to do. She opened her pretty legs invitingly and her father stared hungrily at her pink cunt. It shone with wetness. The tight, swollen lips were almost clamped shut. Robert imagined how good they would feel wrapped tightly around his ram-rodding cock. He also knew this would upset the plan he and Odette had for Kysa. Remembering, then just quickly dismissing the sale of her cherry to an interested party at a very high price, he crawled between her legs and aimed his cock at her pussy. The sweet scent of her beautiful little body hypnotized him. Kysa was trembling with anticipation as her father's bulk settled over her body. His warmth transmitted itself to her own body. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him close. The massive head of his cock nudged at her cunt lips. She spread her legs as far apart as they would go. Her cunt lips parted ever so slightly and the burning heat of her dad's prick knob seared the soft inner flesh of her cunt.

"Yeah, honey, that's it! Spread your legs for me, Kysa ... make your cunt open up," sighed Robert, talking her through every motion despite the fact that she couldn't hear a word. He felt his cock touching her cunt. He began pushing gently, but firmly against it. The soft, warm wetness of his daughter's pussy yielded as the first inch of his precum-soaked cockhead pushed into it. Kysa jerked throughout her spine, as if she had been stabbed. "EIIIIIAAAAAWWOWWWW!!" she cried, tears forming and quickly running down her cheeks. Kysa lay back, hoping the big prick wouldn't hurt her. She felt the cock head pushing between her cunt lips and felt them splitting apart. Her tight little cunt expanded, opening wide over his cock knob. The giant prick pushed more firmly and her pussy kept stretching open. She moaned, feeling a searing pang of pain. Her breathing came quicker and deeper, her cunt expanding until, finally, her father's cockhead fully penetrated her gaping pussy, almost two inches inside her now. That was enough for her. Kysa gasped as the physical discomfort eased up slightly and her tears receded. Once she was stretched to his thickness and he wasn't moving, allowing her to relax and take his cock more deeply, she could breathe again, though in rasping, hyperventilations. Robert raises her legs and pulled her knees back to her tits, allowing him full access to her little pussy for full penetration.

The girl closed her eyes tightly as she could manage, and held her breath as long as possible, exhaling loudly as he held himself firm inside her, pressuring another half-inch insider her. She raised her knees further and pulled them back. She could feel her cunt opening very wide. She tried to relax, to open it even more. She felt her father's cock head pulsating against the smooth, slick lining of her cunt. Then, as it began to get better, she felt the big head gently sliding backward. Before it got all the way out, however, it reversed and slid back in deeper than before, forcing her to gasp in pain, but thrilling her. Her pussy expanded even more widely than before to take the extra bit of prick sliding into her. She inhaled, growing more excited with each passing second. Robert felt like his cock was going to be squeezed right off his body. The only feeling this compares to is a painful cockpumping. As much as Kysa was in pain, he, too, was doing everything possible to take his mind off the pain he felt as she squeezed his cock, her cuntal muscles pushing him outward, forcing him to hold her tiny hips in both his hands to keep his cock at the current depth inside her.

"Oh, yes ... ohhh, yes ... so ... this is what it's like! Ohhhh, yesss, Goddamn Kysa ... yes!" he moaned, shaking his head. Kysa made no reply because her eyes were scrunched in pain. Was is supposed to hurt THIS much? she wondered. He was concentrating solely on getting his big cock wedged into his young daughter's tiny, virgin pussy. He was careful to take his time because he didn't want to hurt his little girl. He just wanted to fuck her and make her feel as good as her cunt was making him feel. He pumped slowly, forcing his cock deeper into her slippery pussy with each stroke. His eyes rolled back in his head as the wonderful tightness of her cunt got to him. By now Kysa was groaning almost nonstop as her father's cock sank deeper into her pussy. Her eyes were wet with tears from the gentle, but firm fucking she was getting. Her legs were spread wide and thrown into the air, her cunt stretched almost to the ripping point. Then he felt an internal "pop" in her vaginal canal and she screamed in tears. "OWWWWHHHHWWWAAHHHH..." she cried.

The man's stiff 8.5-inch prick was about halfway inside her cunt now and she wondered how it would feel when it was all in. Goodness was radiating from the stretched hole and filling her body. Her cunt was stretched so tightly that her tiny clit was rubbed, too. She couldn't help groaning with pleasure each time her father's cock scraped it. Ohhhhh, she was full of cock and she was beginning to love it! She motioned for her father to stop for a moment and let her adjust to his length now, since she was feeling so stretched. (She had no idea how sore she would be the next day.) Her father didn't want to stop, but he did as she asked. Later, he promised himself, she would be doing exactly as she was told. She wouldn't have any say in what use he made of her body. But for now, he wanted to break her in right. He wanted to make her love it, to give her a good first experience, so that she would never be afraid of sex, and grow into a total nymphomaniac. He wanted to make her need it, to want it as much as he did. And with her tight, hot little body, she was going to make him and Odette a fortune over the next 10 years! And he had no doubt that he could do exactly that. He paused, half his prick throbbing inside the girl's soft, tight cunt.

"Okay, baby, I'll stop," he told himself, but not for very long. He wrote on the notepad and showed it to her: "How's it feel?"

"It hurts a lot! I can't wait to get all of your cock inside me someday. I think you're right: my cunt will be able to take it all," she hurriedly scribbled, ecstatic. Robert balanced himself on his arms, but he didn't like having to hold back. He wanted to fuck. He wanted to fuck his daughter's cunt hard and deep. After waiting just a minute, he decided it was time to bury his prick in his daughter's pussy all the way to the root. "Okay, baby," he panted, "get ready! Here it comes!" Kysa braced herself, inhaling sharply. She felt her dad's body tense. His muscles bulged and he pushed firmly against her soft, yielding body, plowing into her. Her cunt expanded, chills flashing through her nervous system as she was filled with cock for the first time!

"Aaahhh ... ohhh ... ummmohhh, uuuummmmppphhhhh! Ohhhh!!" she cried, out of her head with painful pleasure. "Uuuhhh! Uuuhhh ... mmmmm!" howled Robert, just as pleased. The soft, warm wetness of his young, tender daughter's pussy completely enveloped his swollen cock. He leaned back, flexing his cock inside her, feeling it twitch again her womb. He had to be in uterus territory, because his cockhead was in severe pain from the tightness with which it was being held by Kysa's little cunt. He pulled out a couple of inches, then rooted into her, deep, hard, and making sure that every last bit of prick was buried in the slippery hole between her legs. "Arrrghhhh ... Oooggghhh!" grunted Kysa. "Ohhhh, yessss!" Her cunt was enlarged and swollen and she could feel her father's prick stretching her insides. She could feel its slick heat pulsating through her pussy. Her heretofore virgin cunt was stretched wider than ever before. The good feelings radiating from the split cunt hole almost overwhelmed her brain right then. "Oh, god! Oh ... oh ... oh, so ... so good, god! His cock's so big! So fat and hard! Uuuhhh ... ohhh, it's good ... oh, yessss!" she thought, whimpering, her head turning from side to side. Her clit was being ravaged by his thickness, being raked back and forth along his veiny shaft. Great pulses of ecstasy were flooding through her body. There was a fire burning in her taut loins and rather than putting it out, the thick cock inside her pussy was stoking the flames. She half opened her eyes and looked at her father through a haze of desire. She wanted his cock, wanted it like she had never wanted anything.

"eeeEEEEK!" yelped Kysa. I guess my splitting her 'cherry' had taken her by surprise. I figured it was better to break it quickly, rather than have her hurt for a long period of time. Sometimes this works out well, and sometimes it doesn't. This time it had. . . Or at least, her hurt seemed to end quickly. Slowly I began stroking in and out of the little girl; trying to take it easy on her, and at the same time wanting her to feel the good parts of sex as soon as possible. I guess it worked somewhat, because after a few strokes, Kysa wrapped her legs around me, and started fucking back.

"See," I said, enjoying the incredibly tight feel of my sexy little 11-year-old daughter's virginal young hole squeezing on my swollen prick. "I told you it would feel good, didn't I? Now work with me Honey, and Daddy will help make a baby in that cute little tummy of yours, just like your mommy is doing."

"But Daddy," wrote Kysa, tears running down her cheeks, "I don't WANT to have a baby." In spite of her objections, the little girl kept working her hips back and forth against me; trying to strip my prick of each precious drop of incestuous cum, no matter how she felt about getting pregnant.

"Oh shit," I said; my prick wilting. "I'd better pull out."

"Don't be silly, Daddy," wrote Kysa as she sniffled. "You already had cum on your prick when you put it inside me, and it's been leaking stuff in my vagina for the last 10 minutes. If I'm going to get pregnant tonight, I probably already am. I know you like the idea, so we might as well enjoy it while we can. Besides, it's starting to feel good. Please Daddy? I want to feel it at least once, while I can."

What could I say? "You're sure?" I asked. Kysa just wrapped both legs around me in imitation of what her mother was doing to her lovers. By now, Robert was almost ready to reach his second orgasm of the night in his little daughter's belly. Kysa ignored the immense pressure and pain in her loins and fucked back at me. So, I fucked her. It took a lot longer for me to get off, even though she was hotter, wetter, and MUCH tighter than Odette had ever been. I guess that having gotten off in my daughter, I was enough satisfied that I wouldn't blow my cool the moment I tried stick my big prick in that whore of a wife of mine. Kysa and I settled down to a nice long time of being mated to each other, before I finally lost it, and filled the little girl's womb with my seed. After sliding in and out for almost ten minutes, the sucking heat and tightness of my little girl's 11-year-old body got to be too much. By that time, her tight little hole was clamping rhythmically on my prick in a manner that few men would be able to resist, and I had no intention of even trying to. 

"Oh God Honey! Here it comes," I said; jamming my prick to the hilt in my daughter's 11-year-old body. "Feel it? Daddy's cumming in his little girl. I want you to see if you can feel this Kysa. Daddy's squirting the thick white stuff that makes babies, right up inside you, where it belongs. Oh Kysa, I'm doing it. . . I'm getting my own little girl pregnant. That's it Honey, squeeze your daddy's prick, just like that. Daddy's going to plant a baby in that cute little belly of yours. Oh! do that one more time. . . OH Jesus, GOD-DDDAMMNNN!!!"

With each "Oh," my prick jerked, as my body sent yet another thick white spurt of incestuous sperm jetting against my youngest daughter's fertile young womb. Each time it did, I jerked myself; trying to force my spasming cock as far up in the little girl as I could, so my seed would be planted as deep in the child's womb as possible. Surprisingly, Kysa was working just as hard as I was; jamming her little crotch up to meet the mighty thrusts of my prick, each time she felt me spew another thick wad of cum inside her. It felt as amazing as it looked. Here I was with my thick 8.5-inch prick shoveled as deep as I could go inside the little girl, and yes, the tightness her womb was absolutely KILLING my cockhead, but her pussy was so slick it was amazing, and it felt so unabashingly amazing when I slid in and out of that tight little pussy of hers. This little girl was built for fucking. I guess, that no matter what SHE felt, her body wanted to feel my baby growing inside her, almost as much as I wanted to put it there. Even her mind seemed to agree; as the thought of getting pregnant by her own father was a fantasy that seemed to both frighten and excite her. In my more clear moments, I knew that I really could not get her pregnant now. I'd have to wait and sell her womb to the highest bidder, otherwise I'll wind up paying this piece of ass the rest of my days to her mother, Rita.

"Oh Daddy," she wrote again, "Do it. Cum in me Daddy. I want to feel your stuff squirting inside me. . . Oh Daddy. . . Oh Darn, why can't I FEEL it?" I didn't have the heart to tell my daughter, that most women just CAN'T feel it when a man comes inside her, though some claim to. Cum, (being body-temperature) is just another fluid inside the body, and isn't hard enough to make an impression inside, where there are few nerve-endings. For almost a minute, we strained at each other, until I had left every drop of incestuous cum I had in the little girl. It was only afterward, when (with some regret) I pulled out of her, and saw the thick white drool of my potent seed oozing out of my 
own 11-year-old daughter's no-longer-virginal young cunny, that I remembered she didn't really want this. Such a disappointment. At least, it was obvious that she liked to fuck; otherwise I would have been worried about the fact that I might have effectively raped my own daughter. Kysa made it clear on that point; thank goodness.

'Thanks, Daddy,' her eyes spoke; snuggling up to me, after a couple of hungry kisses. I hadn't known the little girl COULD kiss like that. I wondered who had been teaching her. Still, SHE was thanking ME? Here I was worried that she might be mad at me for almost forcing her into having her first sex, and she thanks me? I was almost dying with gratitude to HER, for allowing me to be the first man in her life. Not to mention, the first virgin I ever fucked. My wife had been fucking for almost ten years, by the time we met; even though she was only 24, at the time.

"Thank YOU," I returned, in heartfelt fervor. Together, we cuddled for several minutes, while Marcia swapped partners twice, still begging for more. Damn. I was almost getting another hard-on, just listening to my little girl get gang-banged by her three horny brothers. My mind finally came back to earth though, as I remembered Kysa's earlier objection. "I'll have to take you down to the clinic tomorrow to get you on the pill," I wrote; still cuddling the little girl. "When was your last period?" I asked her.

"I dunno. . . About two weeks ago, I guess."

"Oh shit," again. Oh well. . . Most girls don't get pregnant on their first try. . . At least, so I hoped. In my worry, She showed me the notepad again, but I was distracted by thoughts elsewhere, so she waved it in my face. "Uh, What's that, Hon?" I asked.

"Do I HAVE to Daddy?"

"No," I reassured her, "you don't HAVE to have a baby. That's why I'm taking you down tomorrow to get you on the pill."

"No. I mean, do I have to go on the pill?"

"Well," I explained, "if you're going to fuck, and don't want to get pregnant, then I suppose there ARE other options."

"Daddy!" she objected.

"Oh," I said sadly, finally letting understanding filter into my brain. "I suppose, if you don't want to fuck like your mother, then you don't HAVE to, if you don't want to." Shit.
"Daddy! That's not it at all, and you know it!" The little girl wrote angrily now, for the first time. "What if I WANT you to get me pregnant?"

"Huh?" I said, "But you just wrote earlier..."

"I don't want to have A baby. . . just any baby. I only want to have the baby of the man I love. . . The person who really CARES about me having a baby." Here Kysa looked pointedly at the squirming bodies that constituted her older sister and brothers. "THEY don't care," she pointed out, "Only you do."
"Besides," she wrote, "I want my son to know his father wanted him. With them, I wouldn't even know which one the father WAS, let alone the fact that they don't give a shit about babies. As I said, only you do." 

What could I say? She had me cold. "Well," I capitulated, "if that's what you really want, that's what you'll get. Only your mother's going to get a little overworked, trying to take care of all three of the boys by herself." Kysa looked at where her mother was humping madly for the third (or was it fourth) time at her latest lover, Joe. It was obvious that Odette was finally starting to wear down from the vicious rabbit-fucking of Joe, but so was Joe. "There ARE times, when a girl isn't so likely to 'catch', aren't there?" she asked, thoughtfully. And that's the way it worked out.

I took Kysa into my bedroom, while the Odette's orgy continued in the extra bedroom. It's absolutely amazing how sexy it is to squirt your sperm in the sexy young belly of a child who is not only fertile, but actually WANTS you to plant a baby in her cute little tummy. Yes, there's nothing like the feel of a little eleven year old little girl squeezing the heck out of your prick with her tight little cunny, the feel of her smooth soft skin under your hands, her soft titties rubbing against your hairy chest, the sexy feel of her pre-teenaged belly slapping yours, and most-of-all, the sweet satisfying *spurt* of hot cum rippling through your swollen penis, as you send bolt after bolt of thick sticky baby-making seed squirting high into the child's developing vagina, where it belongs. Especially, if that sexy little girl is your own sweet little daughter, who is as excited about the idea of having her own father's baby growing inside her, as you are. Three times I managed to get it up, and three times I sent surges of incestuous cum jetting into my little girl's womb. When I finally couldn't get it up any more, I sent the child off to bed, to let my sperm soak into her uterus, while I went to check on her mother. What a mess. . . sperm and girl-cum and Lord-knows-what matted the Odette's cunt, while Joe lay collapsed in exhaustion beside her. His erection became flaccid from sheer exhaustion.

"Oh Robert," she said, opening her arms to me in almost heartbreaking entreaty. "I'm so close. I just need one more, and they all gave out on me. . . Please Robert?" Well, I'm no superman. Kysa had drained every drop I had in me. Still, my wife had taught me a lot about women, and one of them was that no matter HOW spent I was, it's 
not NICE to leave a lady hanging. (After twice being cut off for a week, to show me, "what it's like to be left horny," I got the message, and had her show me what to do.)

"Here, Honey," I said, motioning her over to the edge of the bed, "let me help." I guess she figured I was going to fuck her in that position (It IS a fun way to fuck, but what the heck, ANY position is a fun way to fuck.) but I was no more able to do that, than Joe was right now. However, as my wife had pointed out so many years before, "Your prick may be limp, but you've still got 10 stiff fingers; not to mention a tongue." I guess you can figure what I did. Yep. I first fingered her swollen pussy, and even stroked her "G" spot from the inside, until she was almost screaming with arousal; (As if she wasn't horny enough.) then I clamped my mouth on her little clitty, and gave her a tongue job that she'll never forget. I guess having three current lovers fuck her just kept getting her excited, but not quite getting off. None of the lovers, especially that idiot Joe knew enough to finger her clit while fucking her; so she just kept getting hornier and hornier, the more she got fucked. (I DID show Joe what to do the next time, so thankfully she never got left in this condition again.) My wife had taught me to ignore the sperm I ejaculated inside her when I licked her afterwards, (After all, it was mine.) so it was with no difficulty that I found myself licking out every drop of Joe's cum, while I got her off. It took almost ten minutes, but was well worth the effort. The grunting, groaning, screaming, and panting were something, but only audio effects. Having my wife almost break my head in two, by clamping her thighs around it, while she bucked and jerked in unmistakable orgasm, was (shall we say) overwhelming. Afterwards, I learned that Odette had yet to have an orgasm tonight; assuming that the pleasure she got from fucking WAS having an orgasm. As they say, "If you don't know if you've had one; then you never have." This was NOT to be her last.


Robert whispered to himself, 'I want my own daughter to suck my fat cock.' Kysa was feeling good and hot and her cunt was sizzling, then awoke to her Dad's heavy cock laying across her lips. Her brain was taken over by pleasure and it seemed that the heat in her young loins was all she had ever known. She thought about sucking her father's cock, imagined taking his huge prick in her mouth. She had heard about doing such a thing and the thought turned her on. She scribbled, "I've never done that before."

"It's okay, honey, I'll teach you. I know you'll be able to do it good." He pulled the girl to him, feeling the warmth of her young, lean body. His cock surged more powerfully as he thought about having his daughter take his prick in her mouth. "Kneel down in front of me, Kysa," her father instructed as he pulled her down out of the bed and onto her knees. Slowly, almost hypnotized, Kysa knelt. He motioned for her to unbutton his pants. Trembling, Kysa reached between his legs. She unbuckled her dad's pants, and then opened them. She saw the huge bulge over his cock and she breathed harder as she got closer to it. Moving more quickly now, she yanked down his pants and reached for his cock as it sprang free, bobbing so hard it accidentally slapped her left cheek. It aimed up and out as her father stood in front of her with his pants down around his ankles. The heat of his cock burned into her hand. Grasping it firmly, she felt of its satiny smoothness. With a sharp intake of breath, she imagined it in her mouth, the almost nine inches of hot, throbbing cock. His prick stared back at her with its one unblinking eye, waiting impatiently. Questioningly, Kysa looked up at her father. He made a smelling and tasting motion and she followed suit. Her heart was thumping as Kysa pulled the prick under her nose. She inhaled deeply again and again. Closing her eyes, she enjoyed the smell of prick, the smell of masculinity, pressing her nose against the purple cock head. Its heat burned her flesh as its excitement transmitted itself to her cunt. "Ummm ... aaahhh ... mmmm," she moaned. "Lick my balls! Feel them!" Kysa sniffed the underside of her father's cock, traveling down with her nose. His balls were huge, smooth and bloated. She smelled them. They smelled exciting. She hefted them in both her hands, feeling their immense weight and heat. They were heavy, and she wondered how men carried all that around with being uncomfortable all day. In wonder, she nuzzled her face between her father's legs, under his nuts. She licked repeatedly, her cunt juicing in excitement as the sweet smell filled her senses. Automatically, her tongue snaked out and she licked just underneath his balls. The wonderful, sensuous taste washed into her mouth. Her father gently held the back of her head. When she had finished licking the sweat from underneath his balls, he lifted her head. Holding his prick with one hand, he began rubbing it all over his daughter's upturned face.

"Feel my cock against your face!" Kysa felt the heat of the cock against the smoothness of her cheeks. First her father laid it along one side of her face. Down one check it slid, across her chin, then up the other cheek, leaving a distinct trail of slippery precum. There, at her right cheek, he laid the throbbing cock flat, searing her flesh with its heat. Her father then slid it over her forehead and down her nose. Finally, he rubbed it over her lips from side to side. Starting at one corner of her mouth, he worked it to the other. Then, reversing the motion, he nudged it back again. He laid it down the center of her face, from her forehead, across her nose, to her chin. "Lick it!" he commanded. Kysa's tongue flicked out, meeting the underside of his cock just above the root. The hot silky cock flesh burned into her soft tongue. It made her head swim with cock lust. Her tongue began slithering around and around, up and down, as she got hornier. She was glad to feel the big cock responding. "Oh, yeah, Kysa ... that's it, baby ... lick my cock! Oooohhhh, yeah ... Now, lick it all over! Hold it at the root while you do it!" Kysa lost no time in doing as she was seemed to instinctively know. She grabbed his cock with both hands stacked near the end of the cockshaft near the head, while Robert gripped his cock firmly at the base and jacked it slowly into her heated little mouth. She began licking the engorged prick, hesitantly at first, then more enthusiastically. She made it point straight up, swabbing the underside. She hungrily licked from the root to the crown and back again as she got into it. Up and down she went, noting how favorably her father responded. Robert's head tilted back and his eyes were closed in enjoyment. A smile creased his lips as his mind registered the effects of his daughter's sweet lips and tongue. "Yeah, Kysa ... now, move your tongue in little circles. Pay close attention to the spot right underneath the head ... ooohhh, yeah! That's it!" Kysa began lapping prick as instructed. Her tongue swirled around the underside of his cock from root to knob. When she got to the head, she licked underneath it. Her tongue sensuously swabbed the super-sensitive spot underneath her father's prick head.

"Now, baby... lick the sides and top, too. Wet the head good!" She couldn't hear any of this, but he wasn't going to receive a blowjob in silence. Quickly, the young girl seemed to understand anyway and did as he wished. Her tongue raced up and down one side, then moved to the other. When it, too, was gleaming with wetness, she swabbed the upper surface. Moaning softly, she made it shine in the light. After satisfying herself that it was just as her father had ordered, she slid her tongue to his cock knob. Before she licked it, though, she leaned back just for a moment to look at his prick. The head was purple, thick with blood. The hole was a little above center and a trickle of thin, clear precum was dribbling out of it. Something made her want to taste it. She wondered if it tasted any different than her own juices. Noticing her gaze, her father said, "Smell it, honey. Taste it ... he-heh! It's good!" It did smell good. The sweet cock smell filled her nostrils and made her want more. She held the cock in a firm grip and touched the tip with her tongue. A wonderful taste tantalized her taste buds and the precum was warm and sticky. Getting more excited, she licked up and down the slit, cleaning it. Stiffening her tongue, she tried to swirl it into the hole. The hole opened wide and she got the tip of her tongue inside it. The taste was good and her father's cock swelled harder. Mewling, she swabbed his prick head until it glistened. "Ooohhh, yeah, Kysa... lick my cock head! Oooohhhh! Okay! That's enough! I want you to suck it. Wet your lips and put them over the hole. Then slide your head down. Let your lips keep a good grip as my prick goes into your mouth. Careful not to scrape it with your teeth, though!"

Kysa's cunt was now juicing continuously. It was burning, screaming for attention. She wanted to finger-fuck herself and frig her clit. She wanted to throw her legs wide apart and let her daddy fuck her hard and rough again and again. Even though it was exciting to have her mouth on his cock, she wanted his cock in her cunt. But would he give it to her that way? She wondered. She had to find out! She grabbed the notepad and write, much to his unsettling distraction, "Oh, Dad I want you to ... to fuck me," she scribbled quickly. "Please ... fuck me like you did yesterday ... I want you to!"

Her father chuckled, shaking his head, "Noooo, Kysa ... not yet, honey. I want you to learn how to suck cock first. Believe me, baby, I know from experience. A girl who's hot-to-trot for some cock makes a damn good cock-sucker, 'cause she wants it so bad." He noted the downtrodden look on her face, then wrote, "He-heh, baby, don't worry, I'm gonna fuck you senseless when we get through with this," he said. Her face brightened. "Now ... suck!" The thought that she was going to get fucked later made Kysa a little happier, although it didn't do much to satisfy the craving between her thighs right now. Her left hand crept under her dress and found her pussy. It was grateful for the much-needed attention. Her hand automatically went to work, gently massaging and stroking. Goodness filled her body and she hungrily returned her attention to her daddy's cock. The swollen cock shone, slick and wet. Moaning softly, she encircled the hole with her moist lips. The taste of cock filled her mouth. Holding it with her left hand, she pushed her lips over his prick knob.

The searing heat of her father's cock was transmitted to her tongue as his prick knob slid over it. Her mouth opened wider and more cock slipped between her lips. As her mouth filled, she could feel the power, the excitement, pulsing through his swollen cock. The tingling in her loins grew more intense. She frigged herself faster, sucking cock with great enthusiasm. Her pussy juices dribbled down her thighs and her fingers slipped and slid effortlessly over and into her tiny little burning pussy. Chills of pleasure rushed through her body and she sucked more cock into her mouth. At last, she had about half of it lodged between her lips. "Ohhhh, yeah, Kysa ... that's the way ... oh, yes! Now, use your tongue, too ... lick underneath the head while you suck!" He winced. "Ooohhhh ... like that! Yeahhh! Do it!" Kysa went to sucking and licking like she had been doing it all her life. Her lips tightened around her father's cock. Her tongue swirled and stabbed over and over again at the underside. She held the root firmly, holding the big cock up and out so she could suck it. Robert leaned back and stared at his young daughter. She looked good on her knees in front of him. His cock surged in her mouth as he saw how good she looked sucking him. Damn, she was so young and pretty. And best of all, she was his daughter. That meant he could have her any time he wanted her. He was going to enjoy himself to the fullest. He held the sides of her head as her mouth worked its magic. Automatically his hips began moving from side to side. He slid his cock a little deeper and worked it around. Ooohhh, the softness, the sweetness, the warmth of her mouth. It felt incredible!

"Baby," he wrote while concentrating on keeping his cock super hard, "hold still. Keep your lips tight and keep using your tongue." His cock knob pulled almost all the way out of her mouth. Then her head was pulled down again and her father's cock sank between her lips. Her head was again pushed back, and then pulled down. Now her head was held still. This time, her father's hips pushed forward and his cock slid farther into her mouth than before. He started slowly fucking her in the mouth, moving his hips in little circles as his enjoyment increased. While he did it, Kysa's fingers slid over her pussy more nimbly and more quickly than before. She could feel her climax approaching, when she was pushed away. "Come over here, baby. I wanna sit down." Her father hurried over to the sofa and sat down, spread eagle, his cock and balls lewdly hanging low over the edge. Kysa followed right behind and knelt in front of him once again. Marveling at the stiff throbbing of his mighty prick, she caressed it. Her hands rubbed all over and she cradled his balls in both palms, then let them hang. Her heart was pounding in her chest as she smelled his cock and opened her mouth to take it in. "Yeah, baby, get back on it. Start sucking me!" There was nothing more in the world she wanted to do at that very moment than give supreme pleasure to her Daddy, and then she did. Robert moaned, then paused to write, "One other thing, honey. Bob your head up and down while you suck. Keep a steady rhythm and keep your throat relaxed."

"Mmmmm," she answered, her mouth full. Slowly, she slid her mouth down his cock. Amazingly, she found that she could now take a quarter of it into her mouth. It was really more than she could manage. She bobbed her head back up to the crown, then slid down again. Her mouth was full of hot, throbbing cock and it turned her on. She began pumping her head up and down in a steady rhythm, her fingers again tickling her clit while she sucked. "Ooohhh ... yeah ... ooohhh, suck it! Ooohhh, that's good, honey ... you learn fast! Aaahhhh ... suck my cock!" urged her father, rotating his hips and working his cock in her mouth. The heat of his cock burned into the young girl's mouth and she needed no other encouragement. It seared its way to her brain and expanded in her mind. She could feel it pistoning in and out, in and out, in and out. Her lips were going numb and her tongue was getting tired. But her pussy was still juicing and her clit was throbbing as her fingers slipped and slid between her legs. "Aaahhhh ... oh, oh, oh!" she moaned, shivers rushing through her body. She knew from this moment forward, she would be sucking cock until the day she died.

Quickly, she dug two fingers into her cunt. She swirled them in and then rocked them from side to side. Her thumb massaged her clit and she began furiously finger-fucking herself. Her sharp intakes of breath rang out each time her fingers dug deep into her swollen, juicing cunt hole. She bobbed her head as she fucked her pussy hard. Chills took over her body and her muscles spasmed then she came. "Mmmm ... mmm ... uummpphhh! Uuuhhhggghh ... nnnggghhh!" she whimpered, her cries muffled as she sucked. Her taut body convulsed, spasms rushing from her toes to her brain, her legs clamping together. Her lip-lock tightened around her dad's cock, squeezing it. Her eyes squinted shut, her cunt muscles clenching and unclenching with the sharp tremors. Cum flooded out of her tiny cunt hole and dripped down her thighs, joining the juices already smeared there. The smell of sweet cum filled the air as the dreamy stuff slowly oozed down her inner thighs. She grunted once more, loudly, and then the spasms stopped. 

"Ohhhh, ummmgghhhmmmm!" she moaned into his cock.

"Just keep sucking, honey. Ohh, yeah ... that's how to do it! It won't be long now, baby," he urged, his voice rising, "not if you keep that up ... uuunnmmm ... oh!" Kysa's brain cleared and she went back to pleasing her father. From the way his cock was throbbing, she gathered that she was using her mouth the way he liked. Gripping his prick firmly between her lips, she fastened them just behind the knob. Her tongue lashed the mushroom-shaped head again and again, making him squirm. His cock was rock hard, standing straight up. It was thick and engorged with blood, hot and throbbing. Sucking gently, she slid her wet lips down the length of the cock shaft. When she stopped, about two thirds of his cock was in her mouth. Steadily, she sucked back up until she reached the prick knob. She was glad to feel it surge in pleasure. When she rubbed his nuts, they drew up under her touch. She kept sucking and pumping her head, egged on by the pleasure evident in her father's voice. "Ooh, yeahhhh, Kysa ... ooohhhh, yeah! Suck it! Suck it! Ohhhh, yesss, baby suck my prick! Ooohhhh, I'm fixing to ... to cum ... I'm gonna cum, honey! I'm gonna cum in your mouth! Keep sucking! Keep sucking my prick!" Kysa sucked and licked for all she was worth. With both hands she massaged Robert's tightening balls and the root of his cock while he jacked his massive member off into the little girl's waiting mouth. She thrilled to feel it swelling harder. The excitement it felt transmitted to her brain through the soft tissues of her mouth and she sucked faster. Her tongue swabbed his hard cock and her lips gripped it wetly. Then she felt the spasms. As her father's cock swelled and surged inside her mouth, a sharp, quick spasm shook it at the root. Her father's left hand twisted in her hair and then her head was pulled down roughly. Her father's roars of lust pierced the air as he came in her mouth.

Kysa felt the mammoth cock expand in her mouth. It leaped powerfully and then her mouth was flooded with thick, warm cum. The first stream spurted out and landed on her tongue. The sharp, slimy flavor at first made her tongue recoil. But soon the flavor worked its magic on her taste buds and her brain. As rapid spurts of foaming cum showered into her mouth, she kept coming back for more. Shuddering violently, Robert jammed his exploding cock into his daughter's mouth. Keeping his grip in her hair, he pulled her face down. Pumping his hips, he manipulated his young daughter's head from side to side. Kysa did all she could do to keep sucking as her father roughly fucked her mouth as he came. Spurt after foaming spurt of cum shot into her mouth. The starving girl sucked and licked for all she was worth, greedily gobbling her father's cock until he could come no more. The spasms slowed, came farther apart, and then ceased. Her dad fucked into her mouth one last time and then fell back with a heave. Kysa knelt there, quietly nursing on his deflating cock until he pushed her away. She sat back on her haunches, her mouth filled with juicy, creamy cum. Swirling the cum with her tongue, she looked up at him with her doe-like, innocent eyes. The thick, sticky wads tasted good. Her father noticed that her mouth was still full. "Swallow it, Kysa," he ordered. 

Her eyes opened wide, she took a little at a time, letting the slippery stuff glide down her throat. When it was all down, the taste of it lingered in her mouth and she could feel a slimy coating clinging to her tongue. But she didn't mind at all. The taste served as a reminder that she had just sucked her father's cock and loved it. She only hoped he would let her suck his big cock often. As she leaned back, she noticed that cum was still dripping from his cock and onto her little titties and belly, and even lower down, she was suddenly re-aware of her juicing cunt. It was throbbing and begging for attention. It had to have it!

Kysa looked at her father, whose limp prick was lying on his stomach. Her father looked back at her, sensing what it was she needed. He patted the couch beside him. "C'mere, Kysa. Sit here, beside me." Without wasting time, Kysa sat down, her heart beating wildly in her chest. Their arms wrapped around each other and they kissed. Her flesh was tingling all over as her father's hand crept under her dress and felt between her legs. She arched her back and thrust her cunt forward in anticipation of his caress. At his touch, she moaned in bliss. Robert pushed the girl's panties into the gap between her legs. They were already soaked and they stuck between her cunt lips. He firmly rubbed his finger up and down her cunt slit, pressing down to make her cunt lips separate. They laid down beside each other and just caressed for a while.


Robert had taken a job at the Balbec Institute in Combray and felt very secure all of a sudden. This place, this job, these people had the quality of home almost. Yet there was something very different going on here. Different and strange. Balbec Institute had drawn the attention of the federal government for a good reason, and Robert was soon debriefed on it. The research conducted here was not only anachronistic, but also highly secretive, with the locals unaware of the treatments to which they were being subjected. The population of the small town had tripled in just over 10 years. But the project the government was funding through the Balbec Institute consisted of a fertility-treated water supply for the town.

Thinking that the country would need to quickly rebuild its population after a nuclear holocaust, fertility drugs were altered and adapted to use in water and food supplies for any given region – Midwest, desert, urban, mountain, and delta geographical environments. The effect would produce excessive fertility in both male and female subjects. Only problem was, the treatment worked only too well. And when the town's conservative religious leaders get it in their head that they're fulfilling some divine mission, they begin to openly encourage sexual unions of all kinds just to make more babies, thus the population explosion. How Kysa was fit into this was unsure.

PART II   (In this part, the story shifts to Robert's voice.)

As I was looking through the old store, a young man in came in, followed by a girl in her early teens, two smaller girls who looked about Kysa's age then (one 10, the other maybe 11), and a boy around 12 or so. Even though they appeared to be poor, clad in worn clothing and barefoot, they were strikingly attractive. Their light brown hair and beautifully tanned skin was evidence they spent a good deal of time outside in the sunshine. Their facial features were remarkably alike. Almost like clones - but of a different gender and age. If I thought something was strange before, these people confirmed my suspicions. There was indeed something very different going on here, and this family was doing its part to help the population growth. All three of the girls were visibly pregnant, at different stages.

Odette came from outside and audibly gasped when she saw the youngest one, who was also the furthest along in her pregnancy. She leaned toward me and whispered "My GOD Robert, that kid's no older than Kysa, and look at her... She's... she's HUGE. Look how pregnant she is!! What's going on here?" Odette was right. The kid she referred to was barely 4 feet tall, and her belly was so big she had trouble standing up without help. She had an extra large t-shirt stretched so tight across her middle, her belly stuck out like a medicine ball against the thin fabric. The poor kid looked like she would explode out of the threadbare shirt at any second. As she moved about, she had to steady herself on the tables to keep from falling over. Her back had to be either killing her or extremely strong to uphold that amount of mass.

Just then, the old storeowner made a comment to the younger man, "Lordy Jeb, them young-uns o' yours shore have growed. Looks like yer youngest is fixin' to bust outta her clothes."

"Yep," he replied, "Our little Monica is gettin big huh? Still got a couple months to go. She done good for the Lord. An' my oldest, Leon here, ain't gonna be far behind her now. Suzy done just got knocked up too, cain't ya tell? We think Bruce here done it." (Suzy had a slight bulge to her tummy, but nothing like her sisters. Her breasts, however, were considerably larger - a detail that was not overlooked by Odette.)

"That kid's tits are bigger than MINE are, Robert!!" she whispered excitedly. Odette was just shaking her head at this point in complete disbelief. Lenette, the oldest girl blushed, looked down at her blossoming tummy and swiveled her hips. She had on the shortest cut-offs I'd ever seen. Her butt cheeks hung out of them. They were unzipped halfway down to her crotch, and her pregnant belly spilled out over the waistband. Her haltertop did little to hide the expanse of flesh bulging out over her shorts. She looked to be about 6 months along. Bruce and Suzy disappeared all of a sudden, and I glanced around to make sure all my kids were accounted for. They were all chewing or drinking something. Kysa was downing her favorite diet soda and two other girls, named Lenette and Debbie, were fighting over the only bottle of spring water left in the store - they each seemed to be getting their share so I went back to observing the locals.

That youngest kid had my attention and she knew it. She smiled at me and propped both her hands at the small of her back - the position that very pregnant women assume when they're trying to keep their balance. It seemed like such a natural thing to her - like she'd had a lot of practice at it. It also made her belly stick out hugely in front of her. I began to think about how this little girl came to be so pregnant. And by whom. In a lot of cases I'd studied, pregnant girls this age were put in that condition by a relative - a CLOSE relative. And many times, not by their own choosing. I assumed her father - the young man in the store with us was responsible for his little girl's condition. When he mentioned she had "a couple of months to go" I began to wonder how many babies she was carrying. The kid already looked like she could give birth any second. I did not detect that anyone was ashamed of it in any way - it was as though they were all very proud of what they had accomplished, and they didn't seem to care who knew it. Odette punched my arm to remind me where I was and what we were supposed to be doing there, so I returned to the real world again. Dammit.

I hadn't made it to the bathroom yet, so after Odette and Kysa had taken care of business, I made my way to the back. When I reached the bathroom door I noticed a back porch on the old store through a small window. I heard some activity out there. Giggling mostly, and what sounded like a chair moving around on the old wooden floor, then some banging on the wall. I got closer to the window at this point as my curiosity continued to get the better of me. I heard a slap all of a sudden, and more giggling.

"Bruce, you keep that thang away from me, you hear!! Ain't you done enough already? I don't want no more of yer young-uns in me." I could tell it was the other two kids I'd seen inside. As I moved closer to the window I saw the two kids on an old bench. Suzy was sitting on the boy's lap, facing him, and Bruce had his forearm stuck up between his sister's breasts. The girl had quite a pair, as we'd noticed in the store, and her brother's arm was swallowed between them. I could tell from there she was quite a bit larger than my wife, who had eventually grown into a DD-cup bra after her college years.

"Let's just do it like this, OK?" The little girl was trying to reason with the boy. Then I saw something strange - I was moving even closer now. The girl wrapped her hands around the boy's arm between her breasts and started pulling on it. This was weird, I thought. First the girl, who's pregnant already, tells her brother she 'don't want no more young-uns in her', then she starts playing with his arm. Who's been telling these kids about the birds and bees? I finally got up right next to the window and kept at an angle where they couldn't see me. Then my jaw dropped again. That wasn't his arm she was pulling on!!

Both these kids, each in their own way, were extremely well-endowed. Bruce's 'thang' WAS as big as his forearm. The kid was hung like a fucking horse, only thicker. No wonder the little girl wanted to just 'do it like this.' He was bucking his hips pretty fast, jamming his big dick up between his little sister's tits. She mashed them together with her arms and yanked on the head of his huge prick for him with her little hands.

"Ya gonna squirt on me Bruce? Come on now. I know you like it on my big ole titties." God, this kid was a pro I thought. She was working her brother over good. Hell, she was about to make ME come. The boy's face twisted up and I could see he was losing it as his sister continued to pump her hands up and down the shaft of his huge prick. 'Damn' I mumbled, and Odette thought I was hung. This kid made me feel like a little boy as he let go a big wad of cum on his sister's face. It bounced off into her hair and some of it dribbled onto her tits. She moved back a little and aimed his second load right AT her tits. He splattered them. And I mean SPLATTERED. His monster cock was hosing the girl in long spurts; I lost count after 25 or so. The little girl was covered in cum and she started rubbing it in all over her big chest and giggling.

"Ya see, I TOLD ya it would be fun - ya don't always have to stick it in ya know." The boy had a big shit-eating grin on his face-obviously satisfied by his sister's manipulation. With a good bit of willpower, I dragged myself into the bathroom, raging hard-on and all, and took a leak. I was DYING from having watched all that, but didn't have time to "relieve myself" in any other way than I already had. It really was time to get back to reality, but the distractions around the town were proving to be pretty hard to ignore.

Back at the Balbec Institute, I continued to be debriefed and shown the research results from studies that were done on all facets of the testing over the years. All during the morning meeting, Candy, the director of nurses, had been twirling her hair with her fingers and looking at me like I was a piece of meat, while James told his tale of woe about the preacher and the fate of public health in Balbec Institute. I had an amusing thought about what Odette would do to Candy if she'd been there. She would have that woman's eyes in her fingernails right now. Candy let go of her hair and slowly pulled her shoulders back to stretch, as she smiled at me and then glanced down at her bosom. She practically popped a button on her blouse as the material stretched across the fullest part of her breasts. There were huge gaps near the middle buttons where I could see straight in to her enormous bra. She knew this I thought - why else would she continue to wear the uniform? I maintained my composure somehow as Tina the assistant relayed something she had overheard two little girl's talking about at the research clinic.

These kids are sitting there, can't be a day over 10 and one of them says, "Preacher told me it was time for me to do the lord's work. He found out I was havin' my periods from Mama, and I said was to get myself all prettied up an sit in Daddy's lap and rub myself on him . . . my butt he said... he told me to rub my butt on Daddy's lap and that would make Daddy happy and we could do the lord's work then. Then he told me I was startin' to get my breeding shape and that would get my daddy excited." The other girl sat there wide eyed, and finally said, "he must be talkin' about them titties you got, Jenny. What did yer daddy do?" Tina said she was about to go into shock when she heard this, and the girls quit talking when they noticed her interest.

"I can only imagine what that kid's daddy did," she said. "The one doing the talking looked like a fully developed woman with the face of an innocent child. And I mean FULLY developed. In fact, she could have already been pregnant at the time. Her breasts were incredibly swollen. At the time, I'd never seen anything like that before on a kid that age, but thanks to our treatments, now I see girls like that all over town."

"Very interesting," I said. It was about all I could muster. As embarrassed as I was about feeling that way, I had a hard-on that was about to break through my pants listening to all this. I relayed our experience at the store, and my surprise at the remarkable resemblance that family shared. I stopped short of telling them about the two kids on the back porch and their... ahem... abundance of male and female development. I was still in shock over it.

Candy finally put in her two cents worth, "We see it all the time in the emergency room...and it's gettin' worse I think. The whole family comes in, and there'll be 3 or 4 pregnant girls - identical triplets or quads it looks like - all fixin' to drop a litter like them. I think it's all the inbreeding that Preacher talks about, even encourages - we blame it on him." So, the multiple births are what's driving the birth rate up so high - that would explain the size of the girls bellies I'd seen, but how did THAT happen, i.e., what was the chemical component that brought on such hyper-fertility and hyper-hormonal activity in this little kids, I wondered. And what about the staggering bust development on these girls, and that HORSE of a boy? It all had to figure in somehow, along with the sexual tension that was as strong as static electricity in January. Everywhere we went.

The little town was like so many others I'd seen on visits to the North - a little square with a courthouse in the middle of it. The streets all around it were lined with old stores, government offices, lawyers and so forth. There wasn't a Wal-Mart within 200 miles of this little town, so it even had an old drug store - soda fountain and all. I felt like I was in a time warp. But what an ideal destination! I was grinning from ear to ear as I looked around.

Odette and I drove into town. "Kinda cute huh?" Odette chirped. I agreed with her, and suggested we visit the drug store. I always liked to know the person filling my family's prescriptions. A poster in the display window at the drug store made my jaw drop. That had become a regular occurrence in this town - my jaw dropping. The poster featured a photo of yet another pregnant little girl - Another VERY pregnant little girl. A bold headline above her read: "Have you planted YOUR seed today?" Her head was turned to look straight into the viewer's eyes, just like the girl on the billboard we saw. Her hands rested at the small of her back, and her body was angled expertly toward the camera to offer up just the right profile of her immensely swollen belly. The photo was taken from slightly above her, so she was looking up at the camera, and the camera was looking down on her bulging young body. At that angle, her tits looked gigantic. On top of it all, she had a sweet smile on a beautiful face. It was framed in golden blonde pigtails. The kid was so pregnant she literally burst out of her clothes. Her breasts were even larger than Odette's - her yellow sun-dress barely held together with a series of diaper pins - the kind with the colorful plastic clasps. These had little pink hearts on them. I worked my way down the photo from her head to her toes. The first diaper pin held the material on each side of her breasts together. Her bustline was so big the buttons on her dress were a good 3 inches from the buttonholes. The big diaper pin was barely able to bridge the gap. A deep breath would have ripped that material to shreds. Inside the gap, her endowments were pushed together by a (too small) lacey bra. There was easily 8 inches of cleavage bursting out the top of the child's brassiere, clearly visible behind the diaper pin. Above and below the middle of her belly were 2 more pins straining to keep the material around her together. They succeeded, but left a foot long expanse of bare flesh at the largest part of her tummy, which poked right through the front of the dress. Odette had a smirk on her face when she caught me ogling the girl on the poster, then I saw HER jaw drop when she got a good look at the kid.

She spoke after gawking for a minute, "My God... she's even bigger than last month's poster girl... would you look at the TITS on that kid - she's bigger than I am!! (Odette gave a little pout as she reached up and cupped her own, smaller breasts.) Where on earth did they find THIS one?... DAMN... is she knocked up or what?... Lookit ... she's coming out of her dress... and she can't be more than 12!!" Odette's reaction, and the sight of this well endowed, enormously pregnant girl made my dick so hard I thought it would break. Odette was still pouting as I continued to look over every inch of the photo. I knew how she felt. It reminded me of the way I'd felt when I saw that kid at the store, tit fucking his little sister with a dick the size of his arm. She must have felt inadequate as she gazed at that girl half her age - a girl whose breasts dwarfed her own substantial pair. Odette was right when she accused me of it so many years ago - I was (and am) obsessed with big tits. When they're bulging off the chest of a very pregnant woman, I go over the edge. I never thought I could get excited over a 12 year old girl, but this kid with her enormous tits spilling out of her bra, and her knocked up tummy poking out the front of her dress, was about to make me cum on myself. I'd been so busy drooling over the picture I hadn't noticed the message in smaller type right under the girl's belly: "There is no greater gift to mankind, no greater honor in the service of the Lord than the gift of life. Glorious life - brought forth from the wombs of our most precious God given resources. Our wives, our daughters, our sisters, our aunts, our mothers and our grandmothers were all meant for one purpose - the ultimate service to their creator. They were meant to bring unto the world, new life - and to bring it forth in abundance. It is your God given duty to play your part in HIS divine plan. If your resolve is firm, HE will make her fertile and she will bear fruit. So we say unto you, as the Lord has said: BE FRUITFUL ... MULTIPLY." There was even more information at the bottom, under her dirty little bare feet - "This message was brought to you by: THE UNITY CHURCH OF THE HOLY SEE, LeRoy Fontenbleaux, Pastor. Pictured is September poster girl Emily Walton, daughter of Jed and Ellie Walton. Emily will be on hand to autograph copies of this poster on Saturday, September 15th at this month's sponsor store - Dixon Drugs, on the square. Emily is a 5th grade student at Combray Junior High. She is 8 months pregnant with triplets. PRAISE THE LORD."

It was easy to see what was going on in this little town. The Institute was using the residents as guinea pigs in a human experiment of its fertility drugs, and what we were seeing were the horrendous side effects of physical abnormality in untold proportions. Like a conspiracy, everyone was in on it – the mayor, the ministers and priests, the school, the businesses, even the Women's League and the Rotary Club – all conspired to keep what was good going. These people were simply addicted to the libidinous side effects that these drugs were producing in them, and they either weren't aware of what was happening, or they didn't care, or was it that they welcomed this sad state of affairs?

All I wanted was some water at this point, and a place to sit down and compose myself. Mr. Dixon grabbed a quart bottle of Balbec Institute spring water off this huge in-store display. "Help yourself, son," he said, as he sat the whole bottle in front of me. I read the label... "purest water anywhere, from the fountain of life to you." I turned the bottle up and took a big swig. It was wonderful. Almost sweet, but really pure and natural tasting, just like it claimed. No wonder the kids liked it, I thought. There was something addictive about the taste. I drank some more. Soon I'd polished off the whole bottle. Dixon chuckled.

"People do seem to love our water - here, have all you want son, it's good for you." I thanked the man, took another bottle and asked him about Odette's aspirin. He said they were out of the small bottles, but he had some in bulk he'd put in a subscription bottle for me. He came right out with it. "Here, these are on me, son." Candy, the nurse from the hospital who was to be our town tour guide for the day, came out and kissed Dixon on the cheek, making it a point to brush her big tits across his arm in the process, and told him we were off to tour the square. Just then we heard a woman call out from the back.

"Who's out there in the store, Matt?" I guessed it was Dixon's wife and I was right.

"It's Candy from the hospital, and a new fella from the city, dear." Dixon's wife came rushing out. Well, waddling out would be a better description. Although Mrs. Dixon appeared to be her husband's age, her long gray hair pulled back in a ponytail, she was quite pregnant. About 11 months worth I'd say. She had the biggest pregnant belly I'd ever seen in my life. Her huge breasts rested at the insides of her arms and wobbled visibly as she walked toward us. She was obviously braless. I wondered how many children she'd suckled to make those things that huge. Mrs. Dixon made Candy look like a grade school girl in the bosom department. I was in shock over Mrs. Dixon's condition, and I think she could tell what I was wondering.

"We had a little help," she said as she smiled and smoothed her dress across her swollen middle. She pointed to a display almost hidden behind the check out counter. It contained several shelves filled with bottles of pills. The sign above the display read: "The Lord helps those who help themselves." It went on to explain that if older women needed some "extra help" bringing new life into the world, as the Lord would have them do, these special "aids" were provided free of charge by he Unity Church, and Dixon Pharmacy, "to the glory of god." Pictured on the bottle was a smiling woman in her mid 60s at full term with a multiple pregnancy. "If I can do it, so can you," the woman was quoted on the label. I was flabbergasted. The pharmacist was handing out fertility drugs! But how did they make post-menopausal women ovulate? And it still didn't explain the little girls either. It was getting more and more complicated by the minute, I thought. I began to feel that I would never figure it out, but one thing I knew for sure - the combination of elements responsible for this phenomenon worked. And it worked VERY well.

As we approached the hospital grounds, I was impressed with the size of the facility. I expected a little run down string of one story buildings connected with open walkways. Balbec Institute had quite an attractive facility, beautifully landscaped. The main building was a modern three-story A-framed glass structure capable of housing a couple hundred beds. It looked more like a cathedral than a research hospital. It appeared to have an even taller building behind it. The main structure was flanked with four 'clinic' sized one-story buildings that were attached to each corner of the building with enclosed walkways. We drove around to the back, and my jaw dropped once again. Attached to the rear of the hospital was the most imposing structure - "The Balbec Institute Maternity Wing." The wing was easily twice the size of the main building. Amazing what you can do with enough tax dollars and the right asshole in office.

"In there," Candy said, as she pointed at the left side of the structure. "That's where your lab will be. Like I said, there's plenty of room."

She wasn't kidding. It was one of the biggest maternity wards I'd ever seen, and it appeared to be bustling with activity. The parking lot was jammed with cars and trucks, most of them rusty, beat up old relics of the 60s and 70s with missing hubcaps and bald tires. Inside, gurneys were flying down the hallways in every direction, most of them carrying young girls - girls from 10 to 15 years old. Many were swollen to a ridiculous girth with twins, triplets or more inside their bulging, ready-to-pop pregnant bellies. Some were screaming for their mommy or daddy. I felt sorry for them. Sorry for the loss of innocence, and for the huge burden they were carrying. All of it 'to the glory of God.' While my loftier notions had me feeling pity, my baser instincts had my crotch bulging - again. We approached the admissions desk. Candy wanted to check in for her messages and let her supervisor know where we'd be. There, in a waiting room designed to seat 50 people, were 60 to 70 girls with their mothers, waiting to be admitted to the hospital. Some of the girls were doubled over in pain. They should be inside already, I thought.

"But nurse... my young-un's water done already broke! How come we cain't git in?" I heard one woman pleading with a nurse at the desk. As Candy and I got closer to the front, I realized this 'woman' I'd heard was no more than a teenager. The child hugging her waist was 9 years old - tops. She could have been even younger, though I dismissed that as unthinkable. Her belly was as large as some of the 12-year-olds' I'd seen bulging out of their dresses. The kid had more than one baby ready to come out of her - that much was obvious. Her belly stuck out two feet in front of her little body.

She was simply HUGE, and unlike some of the other girls, the child had developed no breasts or hips at all. She looked like a normal nine-year-old rather than a scaled down adult, with one BIG exception. Her enormous pregnant belly completely overwhelmed her tiny frame. With no breasts or hips to balance the immense protrusion in front of her, she'd have been incapable of standing on her own. But she had mama, the comely teenager she hung on to, for support. It didn't take much arithmetic to figure out that the little girl had been even younger than my Kysa and her friend, Melissa, when she got pregnant - or that her mother had been that same age when SHE got pregnant with the child clinging to her. What a cycle, I thought. No wonder the area had come under scrutiny. With each new child they brought into the world, the federal government was soaked for another welfare payment. And these people were breeding like rats in a grain barrel. The nurse behind the admissions desk informed the teenaged mom that there wasn't a room to be had in the whole ward - "We've already doubled up on the occupancy of each room dear, and all 400 rooms are full right now - we're trying to get some of the overflow sent to the ER and spare rooms in the main wing. You'll just have to be patient - September is a VERY busy time of year in maternity. Have a seat, and we'll call you." Candy confirmed that there were a LOT of babies being made in January and February there.

The pretty teenager was livid, "But they AIN'T no place to sit, you BITCH!! And my young-un is gunna bust wide open right here on yer floor!!" The nurse remained calm. Better than I could have. The young mom's ranting worked on her.

"Bring her around here ... we'll get her to the ER," the nurse said. An orderly came around with a wheel chair for the poor child, and I watched her mom bend over to give her a kiss goodbye. Her breasts swayed heavily inside her tank top. I'd been too busy looking at the pregnant little girl. I hadn't noticed that her young mom had two of the biggest tits I'd ever seen in my life. Candy noticed her then too, and gave another pout. The girl was braless, and as she walked back toward the waiting room her huge breasts wobbled and slapped together with every step. My eyes were riveted to them. Her nipples were the size of big cherries and poked right through the material of her skimpy top. I followed her into the waiting area, like a hound dog following a bitch in heat. Candy was steaming, I could tell, and she was right on my heels. The busty teenager sat down next to a woman Candy's age who I guessed was HER mother. The woman waited with a baby in each arm. I watched from across the room as the girl's nipple area became darker. It was easy to see all of a sudden, that her areolas were the size of beer coasters. Then it hit me - her tits were spurting milk! And the two babies her mom held were waiting for it.

"Jesus, no wonder she's so huge," I muttered.

"I heard that," Candy sniped. Candy pouted, as I stood there with my mouth open watching the girl yank her top down and under her simply ENORMOUS tits. The girl's mother handed the babies over and nature took its course. They appeared to be just a few months old and still tiny. The babies were barely able to get their little mouths around her oversized nipples. The girl had a pair of spigots, I thought to myself. Just then, one of them lost control of a nipple and confirmed my thoughts. The milk GUSHED out of her left breast drenching the mother's lap and the baby along with it. It cried for a minute, but was soon settled back into its little routine. As I watched these suckling babies, I couldn't help but notice the size of the girl's areola again I'd never seen anything quite like them, even though Odette had developed quite a pair. Each was larger than the baby's face next to it, and stood in such contrast to their little pink cheeks. The kids were sucking away contentedly, as mother and daughter sat there waiting for news of the impending delivery. Candy grabbed me by the arm and pulled me toward the corridor leading to my lab.

"Let's go mister, it's getting late," she said - and not too sweetly. I could tell she was jealous, and I guess I didn't blame her. We made our way back to the area I'd been given to work in. There was a spacious office with comfortable guest chairs - even a couch, and plenty of bookshelves. It would be very suitable for the interviews and subject consultation I'd need to conduct. It would be a nice place to study when I needed solitude - away from the distractions at home.

The adjacent lab had the latest equipment I'd need to conduct my research including an T3 internet connection for efficient collaboration with my colleagues. Like I said, the feds spare no expense in determining how to save money. And it was money (or maybe OTHER favors) that had exchanged hands to get all the federal support necessary to build this enormous facility. All designed for an indigent population. The cost must have been staggering. And still the system was strained by the demand from these people. I had my work cut out for me, but it was time to get home to my family and see how school and the house hunt went for them.


The next morning, remembering Odette's comment about paying more attention to our first born, I knocked on their door to say goodbye before I left for the lab. "Ya can't come in," Jenny yelled, "The little COWS are massaging their udders with skin cream." I decided to leave them alone and asked Odette to have a 'heart to heart' talk with them as soon as possible. I didn't know what to say to them really, except that I loved them, and that might not have been enough right then. Fortunately, I was getting an early start. With five hours sleep, a good breakfast and a hot shower, I was on my way to the hospital by 8a. On the way there I reflected on what Odette teased me with to get me so hot the night before - she'd SEEN me ogling our daughter - she knew what it had done to me - and she didn't care. I believe she'd even picked up on Kysa flirting with me. Did she think I wanted to do more than look, and would she even care about THAT? She had used it successfully to make me cum my brains out. And if I knew Odette, she would use it again.

It was all too strange and I would have to sort it out later, but I began to wonder about what she'd said, and I really DID think about how big my girl's breasts would get. And worse, I even wondered what Kysa's tummy would look like a little more, well, you know. I forced myself to think about work then. The first order of business would be to send the spring water out for analysis. I stopped by Candy's office to say hello on the way in. She hadn't made it to work yet so I proceeded to my work area to get started. The hospital had equipped the lab completely, including an adequate supply of clean white lab rats, neatly organized by reproductive development, size and sex. I had the water sample hand delivered to the nearest facility that could isolate the chemical elements; it had to be driven to Bismarck, ND over 150 miles away. The nurse that recommended the lab said their results were reliable, but it could take up to 3 days to get a complete report from them. In an effort to forge ahead, I injected a few CCs of spring water into 2 of the female rats marked 'adult' among the group of cages lining the back wall of the lab.

There were other groupings marked 'pre-pubescent', 'possibly (or recently) fertile' 'pubescent' and 'young adult'. I thought I'd better test all the groups to have a valid comparison, and hopefully observe some short-term reaction to the chemical makeup of the water. I proceeded to inject the same amount of water into 2 female rats from each of the other groups. It would only be physical evidence, but that was all I had to work with, and it may prove enough to draw some initial conclusions. All I could do was wait then, so I familiarized myself with the surroundings and got my thoughts organized. I went out to the van to get the box of personal items I always kept at my desk: photos of Odette and Kysa, favorite pens, paperweights, and such. I saw a flyer on my windshield and it was an ad for the personal appearance of that poster girl I saw at Dixon pharmacy. I started reading the flyer, which included a more recent photo of the girl than I'd seen on the poster.

"September 15 is here", it said. "The day we've all been waiting for and the day every Balbec Institute poster girl looks forward to. Twelve-year old Emily Walton is due to deliver her triplets any day now. In tribute to that blessed event, she will be available to personally autograph a copy of her poster for you today at Dixon Drugs from 11AM to 1PM." My hands were shaking as I looked at the girl's photo on the flyer -- it was identified and dated: 'Emily Walton on Sept. 1st, at 8 months and 2 weeks pregnant.' The kid's belly was substantially larger than it was in the poster. I kept reading:

"Fathers, you owe it to yourselves to witness, in person, the promise of new life being fulfilled within this growing child of God. You've seen the poster photo taken one month ago, now see the miracle that has blossomed forth since then, bringing this very pregnant young girl to full term. Emily will truly inspire you to do God's work in your own homes." My dick was already hard just looking at her picture. I wouldn't have trusted myself at my own home just then. I thought about how fucking HUGE that girl would be in person, two weeks after that picture was taken. There was more to the flyer: Today is also the final day to register for next year's poster girl photo sessions. Bring your girls to the Unity Church Community Center, right off the town square. Remember, as always we'll need a picture from each month of their blessed development -- so mark your calendar for your assigned photo appointments. Judging for November's poster girl contest begins next week. All entries will be reviewed today at the Community Center."

I knew that I'd have to see that girl for myself after that 'come on' in the flyer. And I had to know what those photo sessions were all about. Something sounded fishy about the whole thing, and I was curious. On the way back in, I figured Candy must have made it in to work, so I stopped by to thank her for the tour of the town, and for her help in getting the lab set up. She had made sure everything I'd asked for was there, and I told her I was truly grateful. Candy had a rosy-cheeked 'glow' about her, and I commented on how happy she seemed.

"Little Luke came to see me this morning Robert, for the first time in 3 weeks. I think he got excited by what he saw, if you know what I mean." She smirked at me and poked her tummy out as big as she could. "I believe you two boys have the same taste in girls" she said giggling. Candy reeked of cum and pussy juice, and her knees were wobbling. She limped over to me, rested a hand gently on my shoulder, and whispered in my ear: "The kid's gotten bigger Robert. I don't know how, but his prick was simply gigantic today. MUCH bigger than it was, and he fucked me so hard I nearly passed out. Even now I can barely stand up."

Candy sat down behind her desk then and suggested that her 'Little' Luke and the rest of the McCabe's might make an interesting case study. "If you saw that 'boy', you would know something wasn't normal Robert." I told her about the other family I had coming in that Monday and asked her to see if the McCabe's were interested, and find out when they would be available. I had plenty budgeted for that sort of case study, and the more data I carefully gathered, the more valid and reliable the results.

I was anxious to see what results, if any, my little rats had for me. Candy said her workload was small that day and asked if she could join me in the lab for just a little to see what I was up to. I could use an assistant I thought, so I said, "sure, why not" and informed her of what I'd done already on the way back. I opened the cage with the adult females and examined one that I'd tagged and injected. Candy grabbed a normal one for comparison and turned it over. I heard a "WOW" from Candy as her eyes darted from one underbelly to the other. "It's not a very big difference, but there it is -- the pink nubs on your rat are bigger" she said. It was a noticeable difference, and it happened in less than an hour. It would be interesting to see what happened by the end of the day. We went to the opposite end of the spectrum to the pre-pubescent group and found no changes there. That didn't surprise me. The next results did.

Candy grabbed one of the rats I'd injected from the 'possibly fertile' group, and I grabbed a normal one. She almost dropped hers when she looked down at it. "OHMYGOD!! Come and LOOK at this Robert. I don't fucking believe it. It can't be, but it is. HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!" I threw my rat back in the cage and went over to where Candy was standing. Her young female rat had developed 6 marble-sized protrusions on its underbelly capped by fat pink teats as big as the end of my finger. I'd used rats for a dozen years in countless experiments. Never in my experience had I seen anything like this staggering amount of development. The chemical responsible for that phenomenon was both powerful and expedient. And I suspected it worked directly on the pituitary gland. Nothing could have produced that degree of change without impacting the pituitary in a BIG way.

Part of the rush I got from my work was uncovering developments like this. My heart was racing. I was on to something now, and I couldn't wait to check the other groups. We had two groups left. When we looked at the pubescent samples, I'd expected to see even more astounding results, but they were less dramatic. They exhibited more of a change than the adult rats had, but less than the 'possibly fertile' group. It was the same story with the young adult group. Aside from the youngest, they had all shown evidence of growth at varying degrees. My conclusion at that point was that somehow the drug acting on the pituitary had a more profound effect at a certain developmental stage. That stage, according to this evidence, was right at or just prior to the onset of puberty.

I thought about my little girl, Kysa, for a minute, and about Odette. It hit me squarely between the eyes then that the pattern of their development matched what I'd seen at the lab that day. Kysa and and her friend Melissa had just started having periods when they began to guzzle the water. The results were impossible to ignore. Kysa had shown a more modest amount of growth, though it had been amazing in its own right. As for Odette, there was still some mystery there, though her weight may have held the answer. When she gained weight, much of it went straight to her chest. She had been eating a lot lately, and knowing what I do, I NEVER discouraged her from that. Maybe the combination of that and the water made her so large all of a sudden. My thoughts turned back to the children. I became even more concerned about my reaction to my daughter, and her flirtatious behavior toward me. Try as I might, I was not able to get her out of my mind. It had become difficult for me to focus for very long on anything else, and I didn't know what to do about it. I was fixated on the image of my daughter Kysa and her burgeoning chest. I could see her smirking, looking at me with her pretty blue eyes while she pushed her big tits together. I could hear her asking me: "See how big I am Daddy?"

Odette complicated matters by getting me so hot over my own child. I knew it was wrong to feel the way I did, and I fought it, even if Kysa was adopted. At the same time I felt helpless. I couldn't help thinking about that image Odette had used on me and I pictured Kysa's tummy pushing out the front of a tight pair of jeans. Gently at first, then the button wouldn't close. She'd have to move the zipper down a notch soon as her bras became oh-so-tight from the strain of her swelling breasts. She looks up at me again and says: "See daddy -- I'm HUGE for you."

Candy had me by the shoulders, shaking me. I'd gone off the deep end. "Robert, are you OK? I thought we'd lost you." I came back to the world of the living and realized it was time to head downtown for the poster signing and to see what all this photo session business was about. Emily Walton would be worth the trip. I could feel it.

As I listened to Emily describe what would happen to the little girl, and the sequence of events that made it work, something clicked. Someone had developed out a formula here, a combination of timing and dosage that could trigger premature puberty, staggering growth, increased fertility and who knows WHAT else. This was a major breakthrough for me. The first thing I would do is to have the contents of those "vitamins" analyzed. I asked Dixon if he had a bottle he could spare. He took one off the table in front of Emily and handed it to me. When I opened it and examined one of the pills, the color drained from my face. Dixon knew why, and I saw a faint smile cross his face. The pills were the same size and had the same markings as the 'analgesic' I'd given Odette for her headache, a big capital A. My mind was reeling with the implications of all this. I didn't know what to do right away, so I just went outside. I had to get away from the distraction in that store because it had put me in a trance. I kept wondering if there was some mind altering substance involved in this whole scheme too since I'd felt that same sense of euphoria in the store that I'd felt when Candy got her way with me in the lab.

All of a sudden something else hit me: I realized that Odette taking those pills wasn't the worse thing that could have happened. I remembered my daughters complaining that their breasts hurt them. I knew then how it felt to grow so fast -- it WAS painful. I shuddered when I thought about what Odette might have given them to ease that pain since those pills were all she had at the hotel. I had to find out if they'd taken any of them already, and stop them if I could.

With my head clearer, I went back inside to use the phone. The desk clerk at the hotel, a nice young man who'd been friendly and helpful to us, said Odette had gone to town to get the girls some new clothes. "Sir, I don't know how to tell you this, but hell, I guess you'll see for yourself." I think I knew what I'd see for myself, and I ran out the door to find my wife and kids. I figured I could catch up with Candy at the community center after I'd found Odette. I suspected Odette had gone after some new bras to help contain my daughters' swelling breasts. From the sound of that desk clerk's voice, there was a reason my girls needed new clothes. I found Odette just where I thought she'd be - at the little maternity shop on the square. The girls were in the back getting fitted for bigger bras Odette said, and told me I should probably not stick around. She didn't want me to see them until they were 'properly' clothed as she put it, and she'd had a chance to talk to me.

"Robert, I think you'd faint if you saw them now," she said.

My big concern at that point was to find out if she'd taken any more of that 'analgesic' and God forbid, if the kids had gotten any of it. I asked Odette what she'd done with that medicine bottle. I told her we had to destroy the contents, at least until I could determine what the chemical composition was. Then I told her why. My suspicions, the possible results from ingesting them. "Oops," is all I heard. I hated it when she said that - it ALWAYS meant trouble. Odette didn't have the bottle. The girls had been complaining about their boobs being sore and hurting so bad she said, "And Robert honey, there's a very good reason they're so sore, and hurting so badly." I couldn't take it anymore. I went to the back of the store only to see Deb and Kysa throw a pill into their mouths and wash it down with a glass of water the shopkeeper handed them. The woman looked at me and cracked a faint smile, the same kind of smile I'd just gotten from Dixon.


When I made it inside the community center, I almost went into cardiac arrest. Everywhere I looked there were pregnant little girls - hundreds of them - some standing in line with their mothers to get pictures taken - others standing in line with their fathers or brothers to use one of the 'conjugal' rooms. I guess the men couldn't wait till they got home. After seeing Emily's bulging pregnant body at the drug store, and all the other girls so big with babies and swollen tits, I appreciated their predicament. There were knocked-up children of every size and shape all around me - ranging in age from 8 to 12 for the most part. It looked like an epidemic had hit that age group - but they weren't alone by any means. I spotted about a dozen pregnant teenagers, each with a couple of very young, VERY pregnant children in tow. There were girls at every stage of pregnancy, too, from one kid with slightly tight pants to another with a belly big enough to have a calf inside her. I began to think that the younger these girls were giving birth, the younger their offspring were able to conceive. There also seemed to be a lot of multiples resulting from those young pregnancies. Among the children of the teenage mothers I saw, several were carrying more than a couple of babies in their bellies. That would prove to be a complicated phenomenon to sort out.

The community center was set up like a gymnasium with bleachers pulled out of the side walls. A big stage was at one end, in front of me. That's where the pictures were taken. There were 4 screened off areas - 'studios' where the different photographers were set up - two on either side of the stage. The conjugal rooms were on the end of the building I'd just entered opposite the stage wall. There were 16 rooms in all. There was quite a line in front of each door, so long that some of the people waiting were sitting in the bleachers. I could hear some of the activity through the cinder block walls as I came in. Banging noises, from the girls' heads pounding against the headboards, I figured, and loud moans. These were the moans of an instinctual craving being satisfied, not the moans of pure pleasure. These poor people had unknowingly been turned into animals. Here were fathers, for god's sake, rutting their own daughters with the unimaginably huge cocks. And these weren't "loving" sex sessions. These were all-out, tear-the-little-girl-in-half vicious animal fuckings. I don't care who you are and what turns you on, to see a 9-year old girl taking a 15-inch cock all the way inside her over and over and over again until her brains are rattled is unnatural. Then I remembered how Odette was so sore from the vicious fucking that Luke had given her that she couldn't even stand up. She's an adult, so I tried to imagine how these little girls must feel after their fathers and brothers rip their little pussies to shreds day in and day out.

The girls and their fathers listened intently as they waited their turns. I sat down on the bleachers at the end of one of the lines and watched a little girl rub her father's prick through his jeans. The man was a hulk. The child's shoulder barely came up to his crotch, and she'd reached around from behind and slipped her arm around his leg. She gently stroked the inside of his left leg then until a long fat bulge appeared, tenting out the fabric of his jeans. The man's prick continued to swell under the girl's manipulation. She looked up at him and smiled then, proud that she had the power to make her father's dick stretch the leg of his jeans so tight. She did the same to mine as I watched the child stroke his prick with one hand and her big belly with the other. She was simply gigantic, as large as Emily. The man had knocked her up with God knows how many babies, and she couldn't have been a day over 10. I thought about what my own 11-year-old Kysa would look like with a belly that big, and I almost came in my pants. Kysa had taken 8 of those 'vitamins' Emily was passing out at the store. The same pills this kid probably took before her father fucked her silly and pumped her full of sperm. She looked like such a little slut too, the way she was rubbing the man's prick.

She started teasing him verbally: "Ya like it, huh Pa? Ya like it when I play with yer big ole thang? It's gettin really big now Pa!" The head of the man's prick was close to his knee then, and she started giggling. "Ya like me all swole up don't ya Pa? I done good this time huh? You made me so big with young- uns I cain't hardly stand up no more." The girl wasn't kidding. It would have been tough for her to stand without her father's leg to hang on to. She kept rubbing the man's dick, faster and faster until he looked like he was about to cum. She looked up at him again and just grinned. "Pa, I'm gunna make you mess yer pants OK? I want you to cum Pa. Look how big my belly is Pa - that always makes ya cum. Then we can take a long time at home - an' fuck real good OK? I'm horny, Pa - you know how I git when I'm this big with young-uns and my tits are all swole up. I want ya to be ready to fuck me all night till I ain't horny no more." The kid kept up her taunting, jerking on the man's dick through his jeans so hard and fast, he looked to be in pain at one point. She stuck her belly out as far as she could, and said: "Look what you done to me Pa." Then he lost it - he soaked the bottom half of his pants leg with semen while the little girl giggled with delight. The kid was very proud of her accomplishment.

"I knew that would do it to ya Pa! When my belly gits this big, it's easy to make ya cum huh?" The man just smiled down at his pregnant daughter and put his arm around her shoulder. Neither of them acknowledged my presence, or seemed concerned that ten other people were watching them. My dick was about to break through my pants at that point, but even worse, my balls had started to swell. I'd become very uncomfortable and I knew I'd have to find a bathroom to relieve the pressure soon. I was not accustomed to having my balls fill to bursting so quickly. I'd just dumped a big load inside Candy, and splattered what was left on her tits, no longer than a couple of hours ago. It seemed unreal, but I had to deal with it. I couldn't 'mess my pants' as the little girl had made her daddy do. I limped back toward the entrance to the building. I saw the restroom signs - the men's was to the left, down a long corridor that ran behind 8 of the 16 conjugal rooms. I made my way down the long hall and inside.

The bathroom sounded like the peep show stalls at a porno house. There were moans and grunts and horny utterances from at least 8 people fucking in there. It sounded more like 20. The place reeked of sex, and there were ropes of dried cum caked on the stalls and mirrors. One pair hadn't even bothered to close the door to their stall. A huge man was sitting on the toilet, his little girl impaled on his prick. She was facing away from him, toward the stall door. His massive hands held her by the hips and moved her pussy up and down on his prick as easily as he might have moved his fist. His head was cocked around the side of her body, so he could see her reflection in the mirror, as her big tits bounced and slapped together. The girl had a slight bulge to her tummy, but she didn't look pregnant - more like she'd just given birth. Her tits told the story there. They were engorged, like they were so full they could burst. They started dribbling then milk began to drip steadily from her fat nipples as her father fucked the living shit out of her. She smiled at me as I stood there with my mouth open watching her get fucked, then she spoke:

"Mister, you about to bust outta them britches! Why don't-cha pull that big ole thang out an' yank on it while you watch Pa knock me up again. You got a BIG one mister - it's makin' me horny looking at that thang. You can cum on my tits like the last man that was in here." Sure enough, the kid had a fresh load of cum all over her enormous milk jugs. I don't know what came over me. I couldn't believe I was actually doing it, but I did. I pulled my dick out and began whacking off right in front of that 10-year-old kid with the big milky tits. I beat off like a teenager with his first Playboy while the little girl rode up and down on the biggest dick I'd ever seen in my life. It looked like she was sitting on a two-liter plastic coke bottle. Though I'd grown, the girl was being kind telling by me I had a 'big one'. Compared to the man fucking her, I felt like a kid again. She grabbed her nipples all of a sudden - she started squirting them at me, and giggling. "Look Pa, I'm makin' the man all milky. Put it in my mouth mister. I want to feel that big dick in my mouth. I wanna suck on ya while Pa fucks me. Then, I want ya to come on my tits while he squirts baby juice in my tummy and makes me big again. It'll be just like when I suck James at home... you know... while Pa's fuckin' me. Come on mister.... Pleeeze." She started coaxing her dad again: "Oh Pa... FUCK me... that's it... that feels good... I want some more young- uns in my belly... squirt some baby juice in little Jenny." She was really working her tits while expertly tugging at her nipples. Milk was spurting everywhere. Then she smiled and opened her sweet little mouth, just waiting for my dick, as she bounced up and down. I grabbed the back of her head with one hand, and guided my prick into her mouth with the other. I angled her head down so her mouth would bob up and down on MY dick as her dad yanked her pussy up and down on his. Mine had swollen to the point I had to really cram it in her mouth, but it made it. She was making loud slurping noises from her cunt and her mouth at the same time as her dad and I fucked her little brains out. I was face fucking a 10-year-old nursing mother with huge tits, while her own father tried to get her pregnant again. It seemed like a 'Twilight Zone' episode. Had I lost my mind? Probably so, I thought, then I shoved her head down harder on my prick as her father's rutting became faster, and harder. I felt my nuts swell up, and saw the twisted look on the man's face as he bellowed an ear-splitting GODDDDDDDDDDAMMMMNNNNNN MOTHERFUCKER THAT IS GOOD GODDAMNED PUSSY! JESU-FUCKING H. CHRIST IN HELL, I LOVE YOU BABY GIRL!!! - I knew we were about to fill both ends of his daughter with potent sperm. I spewed the first of my load down her throat, causing her to gag and cough. I pulled my dick out to give her some air and she coughed as my cum gurgled out of her throat. A big wad of it hung on her chin, dribbling slowly in strings onto her swollen tits. I plastered her face with the rest of the cum that came spurting out of my cock in huge globs. I heard her father grunt and start to let go in her fertile womb. "Oh baby, Pa's gunna dump a load in you an' make you HUGE" he said.

"Knock me up Pa... that's it... cum in me... git me all swole up with babies again. That's how you like me to be, eh?" The man just kept yanking her up and down and grunting as her pumped her young pussy full of baby juice. I wiped the sweat off my brow and gave the girl a little kiss on the cheek I'd just splattered with cum.

The kid gave me a sweet smile and whispered in my ear "Mister, the next time you see me, I'll have a great big ole belly for you to cum on. Pa just knocked me up, I can tell." As much as I'd have loved to stay there and watch that milky little girl empty her tits, I decided I better get my ass in gear. I splashed some water on my face and made my way back to the area in the community center where Candy was sure to be waiting, and furious. I looked over at the kid once more, sitting on her father knees, her hair glued to the side of her face with my cum. It was hard to leave her, but I did. About midway down the corridor to the gym area, I saw a door with a "private" sign on it. I'd been in too much of a hurry on my way to the bathroom to notice it. It was padlocked, but somehow the lock hadn't completely snapped shut. I touched it and it fell open. Being a natural born snoop, I had to see what was inside. Considering the corridor ran behind the line of conjugal rooms, I wondered what the hell that door was doing there. I looked in both directions outside the door and decided to go in, knowing full well I'd be very late to meet Candy and get on with the day's work. Inside the door, lined up along a narrow path to my right, were 8 video cameras on tripods and they were RUNNING. What the hell is this, I thought. I walked over behind the first camera and damn near fell out. It was pointed at a big picture window. What I saw behind the window is what gave me the shock. A little girl was looking into the window the camera was pointed at. She was talking to a man in the room behind her. She felt her big breasts and swollen tummy and asked the man: "Do you think I'm pretty when I'm swole up Grampa?" Then she kept staring at the camera.

I don't know why it took me so long, but it finally hit me like a ton of bricks - she was looking into a mirror - or so she thought. Somebody had put one-way mirrors in the conjugal rooms and set up video cameras behind them to film all the action. It was dark in the narrow corridor, but I could tell I'd kicked something. I reached down to pick it up; it was a videotape with a label on it I could barely read. I moved closer to the one-way mirror. "Daddy's Pregnant Pumpkin - Melanie at 9 months", read the label on the tape. I stuck it in my lab coat pocket and moved down to the next 'window'. There was a 9 or 10 year old in that room sitting on a bed sucking her father's dick. The next room had a girl sandwiched between two burly men who were fucking her silly, like the kid we'd just finished with. In yet another room, a huge-breasted young girl stood in front of the glass and studied herself as she kneaded her palm sized areola and tugged on her fat nipples then she squirted her big nipples in a shower of milk all over the mirror. 

"See daddy, I'm a little cow," she said. There must have been a camera situated behind a one-way mirror in each and every one of the 16 rooms - recording these very pregnant children as they got their young brains fucked out by their well-hung fathers. I wanted to stay and see what each and every room had in store, but I knew I'd never get home, and my ass would be DEAD if I got there too late. I decided to find Candy, get the results back from the lab and get home to my wife. It was the only sensible thing to do at that point. When I got into the lighted corridor, I could read the smaller print on the tape's label: "You'll drool as you watch this pretty young girl stroke her big belly and swollen breasts. Little Melanie is only 9 years old, but she's at full term with a set of twins in this 30-minute feature, and her belly is simply enormous. If you're a fan of big breasts, this child sports a pair that stretches her FF-cup bra to capacity. She is truly a sight to behold." The label said other titles were available at: www.knocked-up-young-uns.com, or sister site www.genetic-marvels.com.

My biggest concern at that point was how to keep my family safe from the same fate that had befallen these simple poor folks in the sleepy little village of Combray. Given my state of mind, maybe it was too late. I'd already been sucked into it by all the sexual energy around me. I shuddered to think what would seduce me next. I found Candy finally. She was furious as I'd expected. I told her I was sorry and asked her if she was ready to get back to the hospital. As she drove us back, I was consumed with a fantasy vision of my daughter Kysa. She stood in front of me in the living room of our new house, in nothing but a bra and panties. Her breasts were swelling inside the bra, bulging over the cups as she stared at her chest in disbelief. Then her belly began to grow... and grow, making her look very... VERY pregnant. The vision of my swollen pregnant daughter smiled at me and said "I'm getting bigger for you Daddy - see how big Kysa is?" The next thing I knew, Candy was shaking me by the shoulders: "Earth to Robert, time to get to work." We'd arrived at the hospital again, and it was time to check the test results.

It was easy enough to get the samples of food together. I had to go to the hospital and have the courier get them to the lab. While I was there, I stopped in at my own lab to check on things - the rats were all passed out in their cages. Candy had left the males in with the females. They must have drained their little balls until they lost consciousness. My computer sat there like a beacon. Calling me to it. I had a high-speed Internet connection, paid for by the feds, all in the name of research. Thank god for little pleasures. I decided to do some research at 'genetic-marvels.com', one of the sites mentioned on the videotape. I was, after all, a genetic scientist. I felt it was my duty to check it out. On the left-hand side of the homepage was a young boy. They identified him as 'James Ray', age 10. There were several paragraphs of text under the bold headline "Mother Nature's Special Gift" to the right. The text explained that in certain parts of the country, inbreeding was a common practice. "And there are consequences to that inbreeding" it went on to say. They explained that in some poor rural areas, it had been a way of life for many generations. There was more: "Our film crews have captured footage that must be seen to be believed. This repeated inbreeding, so rampant in the families we've documented, has produced some rather astounding sexual characteristics in the younger generations. Let's just say Mother Nature went a little overboard here. Yes, the young people featured in these films are endowed beyond your wildest dreams - in ALL the right places. And they're driven, like animals in heat, to fuck each other silly. You will drool as you watch James's little 8 year old sister lick and slurp and suck her way up and down his massive prong, rubbing it all over her sweet face, shoving it up between her swollen young tits. Suzy simply worships her brother's big dick, and she knows what to do with it." The description went on after I hit the link to the next page: "You'll gasp as he enters her gaping hole, shoving his big horse-cock so far up his sister's pussy he splits her open, ripping her pussy so big that she is ruined for a normal man for the rest of her life. Your tongue will drag the floor as you watch this boy fuck the living shit out of his sister - jerking her little body up and down on his monster prick like she was a rag-doll." BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE, it said: For a limited time only - on our BONUS TAPE - you'll get to watch little sister Suzy as her belly swells with her brother's babies. You see, we filmed James fucking the little girl about a year ago - and month after month, following that very HOT piece of footage, we shot scenes of Suzy's progress. That's right - you'll see little Suzy's pants get tight. Then she won't be able to button them at all. Soon, she'll leave the zipper hanging open - then you'll witness a miracle of transformation. AND AS AN ADDED FEATURE, you'll see James shoving his horse-cock into Suzy month after month during her pregnancy, forcing her to breed even in her third trimester!!"

I guess I knew what was coming next in their description. I had to take my prick out of my pants before I split them open. The head of it was hovering right under my chin after I let it loose. I'd become so excited over this narrative, my prick had swollen so big it was frightening. As I scrolled down, a picture of James and Suzy came into view. It was an outtake from the first video. Suzy was on her knees, licking the underside of her brother's prick. Her little hands were wrapped around the middle of his prick - but both of them together could not reach around the fucking thing - his dick was that fat. He was easily 14-inches long and he couldn't even begin to get both his hands around it. Suzy looked like such a little slut, licking on his big prong. The next picture showed Suzy with that big prick stuffed up inside her young pussy - it was hard to believe she could take it all - but she had a devilish grin on her face, obviously enjoying it. Her pussy lips were stretched so tight they looked like they would split open at the seams. I scrolled down to yet another shot of her - an obviously PREGNANT Suzy. She'd grown so large, her zipper was hanging open and her bulging belly spilling out of her jeans. The narrative started up again, as my prick began to twitch.

"This is just the beginning of a transformation you will not soon forget. Suzy is only 8 weeks pregnant in this bulging belly shot. You'll watch her swell with each coming week of her pregnancy - you'll see her belly get rounder, fuller - HUGE, as James continues to stuff every fat inch of his monster up her knocked up hole. Little Suzy gets hornier by the day as her bulging abdomen expands with the growing children inside her - yes, Suzy will be the proud mother of triplets at the tender age of 8. We follow her swelling pregnancy all the way to labor day - you simply will NOT believe the size of this child as she enters the delivery room. ORDER NOW."

Well, they didn't offer a shot of Suzy at nine months gone that would have cut down on tape sales I guess, or maybe it would have increased them. At any rate, they got to me. I had my credit card out before I knew what hit me, and I ordered the damn thing as I ogled Suzy's tummy bursting out of those jeans. I heard the door to my lab open. Had I been THAT forgetful - leaving the damn door open? I scrambled to stuff my prick in my pants and close the window in my browser when I heard a familiar voice: "Relax mister, it's just li'l ole me." Candy had a key to the lab, and had let herself in. She walked over to my computer station and leaned over my shoulder to see what was on the screen - mashing her tits into me. 

"Oh my goodness, just what does my favorite scientist have here? Doing some genetic research I see? Genetic-marvels.com, huh? Now I wonder what's so interesting about this site?" Candy reached around my right side for the mouse, squashing her entire chest into me then. She scrolled down to another shot of a pregnant Suzy getting stuffed with James's cock. "Now I see! James's been a bad boy, looking at naughty pictures of knocked up little girls. Ooo... this one's getting FUCKED, and fucked good. Jesus Robert, that kid's bigger than YOU are. My GOD that's the biggest fucking DICK I've ever seen in my life. What do they say made him so HUGE?" I told Candy they claimed it was all the inbreeding that turned these kids into freaks of nature, then drove them to do nothing but fuck all the time. Candy was reading the part about the bonus tape and commented on the little girl then: "I see where all that fucking got HER, huh Robert? That's what's got your attention, I know you mister, you wanna see that girl's belly the day she delivers, all swollen to bursting with those three babies in her tummy. She will be ENORMOUS Robert. Just like I'm gonna be soon. I'll make that kid look like a shrimp, sweetie - you know that? Ooo, I think all this talk about big pregnant bellies is making Robert VERY horny - maybe Candy needs to make Robert feel better."

I knew that was coming. Candy had been rubbing her tits on me the whole time she was looking over my shoulder at the screen. I could feel them swell as she mashed them on me - I knew she was horny. She let go of the mouse and reached for my throbbing prick. She jerked the head of my dick for a minute, and then spun the chair around so we were facing each other. She got on her knees in front of me and started jacking me off with both her hands. I couldn't take my eyes off Candy's tits. Her uniform had grown even tighter that day, and her tits simply OOZED out the top of it. She had to leave the top 3 buttons open she'd gotten so big. Her belly had swollen to the point she had to leave a couple buttons open there too. She was about to pop out of that uniform.

"Ooo, I think I'm gonna climb in your lap and stick this THING of yours in my pregnant little twat. Oh God, I'm so WET Robert - you make me so HORNY. I don't have any panties on - see?" She'd hiked her skirt up to show me her glistening pussy. Candy was dripping, sopping wet alright - her juice was running down her thighs and my big dick slid into her like she was greased with butter. Candy was bouncing up and down on my prick so fast then, she looked like a blur in front of me. She looked more pregnant than ever, her big belly mashing into mine as I fucked the daylights out of her. She grabbed the back of my head then and pulled me into her bloated breasts, smothering me with all her bulging tit-flesh. I slobbered all over her cleavage like a madman - rubbing my face over every inch of her fat pregnant bosoms. She lost control of herself as my dick ran in and out of her pussy - her hair was flying in every direction, and she started moaning and panting. "Oh, God...FUCK me Robert...oh, I was hoping you'd come back here tonight, I wanted to fuck you so BAD... oh Robert, GIVE it to me... shove that big fucking DICK in me. I wanna make you CUM in me!" The way Candy was moving, she'd get her wish very soon. I didn't last long. I came and came and CAME inside her until it gushed out of her pussy, running out onto the chair seat under us. That was quite a workout, and Candy looked so pleased with herself afterward.

"You really just can't resist a big ole pair of tits and a swollen tummy can you Robert? She giggled like a little girl then. "Candy's gonna get so big for you... I'm gonna to drive you right out of your mind with my big pregnant body. That's right Robert - I'm getting more pregnant every day - I can SEE it. I can feel it too - I'm swelling like a balloon - bigger Robert. My belly is getting HUGE baby. I'm going to have a belly FULL of babies bulging out in front of me. Right in front of YOU, every day you come to work.

Candy was such a tease. I thought about what she'd said that night, and for days afterward. That is, when I wasn't thinking about Kysa and her expanding chest. It was hard to avoid thinking about Kysa, since she and her friend Melissa were staying in the room with Odette and me. I'd see her in her little flannel pajamas - her breasts about to pop the buttons off the top - her widening hips and plump round butt about to split the seams on the bottom. She needed a bigger pair already, and Odette had just bought those pajamas a week earlier. I would drift off now and then, lost in a fantasy over how big my daughter's tits would get. Kysa caught me going off into the ozone one day while I was propped up at the headboard, sitting in bed. I guess she could tell I had a far away look in my eye. I heard her all of a sudden, as though she was calling me from a distance.

"Daddy, what are you thinking about? You look like you're not even here." When I came back to reality, Kysa was sitting at the foot of the bed looking at me. Odette had left me alone with her while she and Melissa went to the store. The child was smirking, as she looked down at her chest. My pretty little daughter sat there, braless, in a skimpy tank top stretched across her swollen tits. She gently rocked her shoulders, causing her bosoms to bounce and wobble around inside the top. "You aren't thinking about THESE are you daddy? My boobies? They're pretty, aren't they daddy? See how big they're getting?" I just sat there with my jaw hanging open while she started to giggle. Then she shook her tits from side to side for me, looking me right in the eye with a big smirk on her face. "I know you like 'em daddy. You stare at 'em just like Peter does, with this funny kinda' look on your face." I promised Odette I'd be firm with Kysa, but as I sat there looking at her, my prick began to twitch like a snake with its head cut off. Kysa was staring at it as she began to mash her tits together from the sides. She tugged on her nipples - twisting and pulling on her fat rubbery areola till they were big around as doorknobs. She was grinning from ear to ear. Then I noticed her bare tummy - her tits stuck out so far, they drew up the bottom hem of the tank top - there was a 6-inch gap between it and the waistband of her panties. She looked like she'd had not put on any weight at all in her middle. Her tummy looked so taut, it made her breasts look bigger than I'd ever seen them before. I knew how much she'd been eating, and it turned me on more than it should have to see where the extra weight was deposited. I felt as though Kysa was torturing me. She grew more voluptuous every day, and I could do nothing but watch. She wobbled around braless in front of me. She teased me and taunted me, knowing how much it turned me on to see her breasts growing bigger. She loved every minute of it, and I could do nothing but watch. I had to put a stop to the madness. I told Kysa she shouldn't dress like that in front of her father or play with herself like that. I told her she should wear a bra and a shirt instead of that little top and to put some pants on. She gave me a little pout and mischievously hugged my thigh, of which my cock lay against, the little tramp.


The next morning, I was grateful for the good night's sleep I got. It was a big day. I'd been hounding the lab I'd sent the food sample to. For a week, they'd promised me the results - then I found out the idiots lost the samples. I sent more - then they got backlogged again. The day had come when I was finally to get the analysis on the meat and milk products my family had consumed at the Dairy Queen that day. The fax was 3 pages long - detailed descriptions of a dozen hormones and the possible side effects to humans if they were ingested in enough volume. The beef was riddled with testosterone - known to increase aggressive behavior in male as well as female subjects. That helped explain my kids' particularly forward behavior. One chemical in the milk was designed to increase the size and quantity of milk ducts in the dairy cattle. Maybe that was the reason Debbie's nipples were so huge, I thought, but what about the rest of the girls? Would they be next? The analysis continued: "bovine fertility drugs, sperm count enhancers, estrogen;" the list went on and on. Finally, the report said that the FDA had approved none of the experimental methods. They were in serious violation of normal experimental standards, as well as those of the EPA, and they posed a health threat to the entire community. The lab had called the Dairy Queen and gotten the name of their beef and milk purveyor - Balbec Institute Farms - and reported them to both agencies. There would be feds in town within a day's time to investigate. I was not pleased. I was hoping to have time to fix this myself, and I could have safely brought these people off these drugs given the time.

Candy walked in and saw me reading the fax. She told me the FBI had been at the hospital, asking questions about all the underage girls in the maternity ward. They had apparently  discovered that someone in the valley was operating a child pornography site that involved pregnant girls. That same week, I was to be joined by my cohorts from the welfare department to help sort out the 'problem' in the valley. The place would be crawling with people from four different government agencies in a matter of days, and I was up to my eyeballs, right smack in the middle of the 'problem.' When I got home that night, I couldn't help looking at my daughter and Odette, looking for any changes that may be the result of the chemicals I'd read about. I don't think it was my imagination; their nipples were more pronounced, fatter, and longer. They had a look of lust in their eyes, and they were groping each other, or me, at every opportunity. It was behavior, and physical development consistent with the chemicals listed in the faxed report.

I was so pissed off at this moment. What I wasn't aware of was that the Federal Government was not only funding, but running the operation the whole time! Everyone knows that 95% of all child-molesting perverts online are nothing but the hordes of FBI agents trading kiddy porn with EACH OTHER! No arrests are ever made because they can't find each other, until they lure poor Tom Delay, a wheat farmer in Nebraska, into their ring and urge him to trade with them, then only to show up Waco-style, at his doorstep within a month, finding all the kiddy porn that the FBI had given him! It's a sucker racket if there ever was one, but one that is unconscionable when ran BY and for the government. Rumors are that George Bush himself fucks his two daughters and that is why they gained weight and are ugly, to make themselves unattractive for his sick little cock.


Robert Macquarrie was soon removed from the Balbec Institute due to his snooping. By sending the test samples to the private lab, he had inadvertently triggered a security breech of the Institute's own research policy and promptly replaced. Despite the setback, Robert and Odette kept on plan. Armed with the knowledge of the chemical composition of the fertility drugs, he could market it himself online from an offshore website all the while staying on plan to prostitute Kysa. But because of the setback, he would have to move up Kysa's sexual training sooner than he expected. He would start tonight…

A year later, Kysa (Braswell) Macquarrie lay back on the bed, her eyes closed, feeling the last waves of tingling sensation flicker through the wetly spread lips of her palpitating pussy. She had never experienced such ecstasy with a man sucking her pussy like that. In the past year she had learned a lot from her stepdaddy, Robert Macquarrie, such as how to suck his huge and lovely cock, making him feel good swirling his tongue around his throbbing shaft and fat balls. She loved her Dad's energy and the lusty way he did things to her, but she was no match for her stepmother Odette, who often fucked Robert two or three times a day. After just one fucking from Robert, Kysa was done for the day, her 12-year old little body exhausted. He continued to lace the family's drinking water with the potent fertility drug, which kept his cock at horsean proportions and both Odette and Kysa's breasts hanging down to their waists.

She sensed her father's weight press up on the bed next to her, and then felt his hand pressing against the softness of her thigh. His face was a flushed crimson, his lips pouted slightly and his eyes glazed over in lusty anticipation of what he would do to her next. She looked down to his belly to where the round bulbous head of his cock thrust upward, the blue-veined underside of the angry red shaft throbbing gently as he squirmed over closer to her. God, but it was huge! It waved monstrously against the soft hairs of his belly, pulsating hotly as though it had a life of its own. At 15 inches long and 11 inches thick around, Robert himself often had trouble concealing his monstrous cock in public. He was forced to wear large designer gym pants all the time, tying his cock to his thigh so that it didn't freely dangle in his shorts and accidentally cause an erection, which would be an felony offense in his case!

He pulled his cock out of Kysa's mouth and slapped her tits hard, bruising the pillowy flesh, and slinging precum until her breasts were completely moistened by it all. "We're not finished, are we, young lady?" he said hoarsely.

She moistened her lips. "Mmmmm, what do you want to do next?"

He reached to her hand and placed it on his hotly pulsing cock. Responding immediately to the gesture, she snuggled down until her eyes were directly across from the monstrous cock. She studied it carefully, her gaze lighting on the huge blood-filled head that seemed to be growing and swelling even larger with desire. She extended a finger, and stroked the fleshy ring below the rubbery smooth crown, her fingernail touched lightly at the heart-shaped underside beneath the cap, and the throbbing penis leapt to her touch.

"Jeezus, Daddy, you're just TOO big, even for me!!"

Kysa scraped her fingernail down the entire length of his sperm-inflated hardness, and then curled her hand around its base.

"Mmmmmm," Robert heaved. "GODDammmmmmn!"

His daughter sat up on one knee, directly to the side of his hip and began massaging his still stiffening cock with one hand while the other slipped down his thigh until it cradled the tender softness of his huge balls in her gently kneading fingers. "Arrrgh, uhh," he panted as she jerked her hand up and down over his hardened fleshy shaft in perfectly timed strokes, her thumb and forefinger flicking lightly at the lining of circumcision just below the cock-head. His buttocks raised lightly on the mattress, quivering in response to her fingers that squeezed the sperm-swollen sac of his balls, and writhing lustfully as the girl increased her pressure and speed on the tightly flexing rigidity of his cock.

"Does that feel good, Daddy. Am I doing it right?" she licked her lips.

"Yes, but you have to make sure that you pay attention to ALL of a man's cock, Kysa. You can't simply suck and fuck a man to pleasure. You must 'worship' his cock, treating it like the Holy Grail, and your quest should be to bring him ultimate and untold pleasure… a pleasure that he will never forget, and one that make him pay to return to fuck you again and again." Suddenly, he pulled up on his side, facing Kysa who was still crouched on her knees beside him. He gripped one hand around her back, drawing her down until she lay spread on her back before him. Then, he turned, and raised one leg over the smooth whiteness of her taut, flat belly, and slid all the way up her slippery perspiration-soaked body and finally straddled the full rounded mounds of her HH-cup breasts. Robert could feel the tight bulges squeeze out under the cheeks of his buttocks as he sank down on them, pushing them down to her chest. He looked at the full length of his hotly pounding cock standing straight out from his naked belly, with the blood-engorged head just a few scant inches above his young daughter's mouth.

"Oh, what an absolutely perfect cock you have, Daddy, it's huge!" Kysa wrote, crinkling her nose in delight. "Is every man as big as you, Daddy?"

"Not by a long shot, baby girl. Most men's cocks are tiny, say, about 5-7 inches on average. That's why your pussy must be flexible enough to pleasure even the smallest cock, while accommodating a man of my size. You will service men who are close to my size, but not many."

"I wish they were ALL your size, Daddy, cause you've ruined me for sure!" she laughed.

A lewd sadistic grin lined his lips as he reached down and rubbed the underside of the cock-head in a slow teasing circle around Kysa's open lips. Her tongue licked hungrily out from between her teeth, licking at the tiny opening in the head of his lust-swollen cock. A thin string of lubricant seeping from it stretched across her open mouth. She strained forward, the cords in her neck standing out, trying to suck the teasing cock up into her mouth. But Robert laughed at her and kept it just out of reach, allowing only the tip of her tongue to lick up and the underside on the semen-soaked ridge beneath.

"Now it's my turn to play with you!" he looked obscenely down at her. "Get down on your knees and spread your thighs until you feel your pussy lips peel apart."

"Yes, Daddy, I love these games, do whatever you want to me!" she wrote as she got on her knees and split her thighs apart, enraptured by the throbbing length of his penis.

He grunted and pushed forward, at the same time seizing her long hair with his hands and pulled her head off the mattress. A momentary expression of fright crossed the young girl's face. God, it was even larger than Luke's, she thought as she assayed its thickness again. He thrust forward, the blunt moist cockhead pushing in through her lips and pressing warmly against the insides of her cheeks, not giving her a chance to even reject the obscene intrusion. Instinctively, she began to suck, drawing her lips tightly around the rapidly palpitating head on the instroke and fluttering her tongue along the swollen ridge of his hardness when he withdrew. She could feel his foreskin tickling lewdly against her tonsils as he thrust smoothly up into the dripping wet cavern of her mouth, and the tingling sensation incited her further, causing her to clasp her lips more tightly around his hotly skewering penis. Even with an erection, he foreskin didn't peel back down his cockhead, but Kysa loved it, thinking it was perfect, because once she did unpeel his foreskin, she felt like she was unwrapping her 'gift' from Daddy. Moisture filled her mouth, puffing her cheeks wide as he shoved forward, and rivuleting in a tiny circle of wetness on the outside of her warmly sucking lips.

"Damn, Goddamn," her Dad moaned above her, his thrust more furious now. He arched up over her, his knees settling down into the mattress on either side of her head and his hands pulling her face so that her mouth appeared to be one long fusion of his semen-bloated cock. He could feel his balls brushing obscenely against her chin, slapping tantalizingly against her skin as he plunged wetly in, and sending an electrifying sensation up through his warmly burrowing shaft that intensified with the momentum of each of his long smooth strokes.

The girl gurgled and swooned beneath him, her passion building steadily in fury. She pushed one of her hands down beyond his sensuously undulating buttocks until it rested in her lust-moistened pubic mound, sliding down farther until her middle finger parted her softly quivering vaginal lips. She stroked wildly at herself, working her fingers in a frenzy around the wetly sluicing pussy, fingering the rising bud of her clitoris, and dipping a finger, then another into the warmly clasping vaginal passage. Yesss, her mind droned in its heat of passion, she liked touching herself like this and sucking on that long thick prick that tasted so sweet and wet with her own moistness and glistening with the moisture that mixed with her warm saliva; oh... yes she loved sucking his cock like this, it was such a lovely prick, and felt so fine rubbing the way it was against her cheeks.

Now as he levered up over her, his knees pressing against her hair that spilled out in long black strands over the bedspread, her Dad could feel it coming, his sperm building in his rapidly ballooning balls. And she continued to suck and draw, suck and draw at his cum-inflated hardness, his penis straining with each thrust he made up into the girl's hotly clasping mouth. He groaned as he felt her tongue fluttering teasingly just below the lust-turgid crown of his cock, feeling the tip stroking gently up and then more firmly against his wildly palpitating pleasure-center. He turned sideways for a moment, just moving his head so that he could see Kysa's fingers skewering in and out of her hotly gushing cunt, the vision spurring him onward into greater spasms of lust. The thought that he was fucking into his daughter's mouth fused with the image of Kysa working her fiery cunt lips and finger-fucking into her wildly sluicing sweetness as though her middle finger were another cock, and he let out a gasping agonized groan that merged with the obscene smacking sound of his sperm-bloated balls slapping against her lewdly bobbing chin.

"Good God, Kill the fucking Christ!" he moaned, shoving his bloated member another quarter-inch forward.

Kysa sucked and licked harder, swirling her tongue beneath the moistened cap as it plunged inexorably into her throat, and fucking herself with three fingers that were now implanted in her warmly seeping pussy all the way up to the palm of her hand. She could feel his tautly pumping buttocks brush obscenely back and forth on the swaying mounds of her breasts as he rose and dipped over them, her hard erect nipples touching each of his ass-cheeks with each downward movement he made over her quivering breasts, and this drove her onward, her mind reeling with the buffeting assault on her nakedly reclining body.

"Oh," she mewled through her lips that clasped and unclasped rhythmically around the full pulsating length of his long fleshy shaft. She could feel her second orgasm coming now, flickering out in hot spasms through the walls of her wildly palpitating cunt as she finger-fucked in and out of herself, her cheeks tightening obscenely around the lust-maddened cock that fucked in and out of her mouth in a violent flash of ecstatic sensation that rippled up through her loins and into her nakedly squirming belly. She sucked and sucked, willing it to end and groaning out around the lewdly thrusting cock as her orgasm flooded in great sensual waves of cum around her viciously rummaging fingers up inside her cunt, seeping in warm rivulets out of the vaginal lips clasped tightly around the top of her hand and down the insides of her quivering thighs.

At the same time, her Dad heaved and groaned above her flailing head and rammed into her tightly ovalled mouth more violently, holding her head in the prison of his heavy hands like a steel band. The recurring thought that he was screwing into his own wife's sister triggered it, and his cock began a sudden jerking motion and spewed with a vengeance the hot jets of cum blew into her mouth. Feeling her gulp automatically, swallowing the sweet pungent male cum hungrily as though to fill her entire being with the remains of his lust, drove him onward into 24 more spurts later, and in his final spasm, he drew his entire rocking frame over her, plunging his hotly disgorging cock almost perpendicularly down the gasping girl's throat. A thin stream of viscous white semen rivuleted down the prone girl's chin, pooling obscenely on her neck. She continued nibbling gently at the quickly deflating cock in her mouth as he stroked her hair above, whispering softly to her as he slowly withdrew.

They lay quietly side-by-side for a long time. It had happened so unexpectedly, so spontaneously, Robert thought, that he hadn't had time to consider the impact of what they had done. Well, this afternoon he would be flying to Haverbrook to meet with Kysa's real mother, Rita. During the week in New Massachusetts he would try to put himself in a composed mood and figure out what the consequences of his adultery with his daughter might be on his relationship with her real mother. He turned to his side and looked at the girl lying beside him. She smiled, her face guiltless, her eyes half-closed, gazing blankly up at the ceiling.


Within six months, Robert had prepared Kysa for mating with a suitor who could breed her. The man was Charles Montmorency, and he paid $500,000 to have not only his overly-endowed son, whose name was Adrian, virginity taken, but to breed his son and produce several male grandchildren for his own posterity. The money was transferred into Robert and Odette's account, and Kysa was prepared. Problem was, Kysa was TOO prepared. She was so horny for cock she would've taken any male by this time. Two months short of her 13th birthday, Kysa's body was that of the most sexual Lolita you will ever see. Along with a lithe, athletic body, her 30J cup breasts were simply stupendous.

Adrian arrived to the "breeding parlor" as it was called (a large bedroom with every amenity), and Robert beckoned to Kysa and led her into Adrian's room. The introductions were brief. Adrian greeted her with a pleasant enough grace and an interest that seemed genuine. Kysa wondered how big Adrian's cock was. She soon found out when he dropped his robe, exposing a semi-hard member of at least 10 inches already. Was it genuine? Surely Adrian must find some women who wanted him. He was certainly handsome. But Kysa was not afraid of his size unlike every other woman, who often responded to Adrian's cock with a, "Ohmygod! You should be doing porn!" and soon would leave with only a blowjob which was unsatisfactory for the most part.

"Well, I must be going. See you two lovebirds in a couple of hours." Robert smiled knowingly, then withdrew and the door closed behind her.

Kysa turned to the man who would presently be mating with her, and regarded him with interest. The effects of his scent were strongly affecting her and it idly passed through Kysa's mind that perhaps her eager Dad had administered a double dose of fertility drug in the water recently to guarantee her affections toward the stud.

At the man's bidding, Kysa unfastened her blouse for the second time that morning, discarded it and slipped out of her skirt which she folded neatly over the back of a chair. The sight of her nude body had a stimulating effect on Adrian. He ushered her to the shower and for a time they soaked in the water's warmth but she soaped his lengthening member with both hands, applauding him in her mind for sporting such a huge cock at only 14 years old. Even though still not fully hard, the cock had a heaviness, a weight to it that astounded and fascinated her. She told herself that if he wanted to, he could kill her with this beautiful cock. He returned the favor by soaping her swollen breasts, tugging obscenely at her thumb-sized nipples. His attentions made her pussy drip with desire for him. They finished, and as he led her towards the bed she could see that he was rapidly becoming hard. The bed was surprisingly soft yet did not yield much, 'all the better for screwing' thought Kysa with a giggle.

She lay back in its softness and let the stud fondle and caress her to a desire for him. He was kneeling above her now and all at once an unusual thought occurred to her. Nobody had said anything about fellating so she wasn't sure whether it was 'not done' today for Adrian, but on an impulse she leaned forward and took his cock in her mouth. Adrian seemed momentarily surprised, but he did not object. He remained half crouched above her as she began to suck, feeling his thick hardness filling her mouth.

Then he turned about and sank down until he was lying by her side. She felt his hand brush against the tops of her thighs and her legs parted slightly to feel his finger tracing the outline of her slit. She was very wet now. He turned her until she was lying on her stomach, and then edged beneath her body and as he did so Kysa felt her legs fall on either side of his upturned face. He kissed her against her slit then she felt his tongue penetrate her lips in a languid lapping. As she lay straddling his body her own lips lay almost against his cock and so once more she took him in her mouth and began to suck. For a time they clung together in a passionate embrace; Kysa felt herself rising on a wave of pleasure as the insistent darting of Adrian's tongue urged her higher and higher. She sucked him hungrily then shuddered in an orgasm as her mouth suddenly filled with the warm rush of Adrian's climax. Like her father, Adrian kept shooting and shooting his cum in her mouth. She felt at least 20 powerful squirts filling her mouth, much of it lost on her right breast and neck, by virtue of her inability to swallow quick enough to keep up with the spewing cock.

For a few moments they lay in a drowsy intimacy, and then Adrian came above her with an urgent stiffness, wanting her, and as she clung to him the swollen shaft slid into her thighs in a rhythmic thrusting and again intended to fully impregnate her with his humongous cock.

Kysa tried to imagine what it was like when men and women shared equal capacities in breeding, but eventually gave up the effort. Some part of her could comprehend it because researchers had proved it was so but it seemed remote from everyday experience. After all, did not one bull take care of many cows, and one stallion many mares? It was repeated everywhere in nature; how natural then for a chosen few breeders to service the female population and let the rest of them get on with the tasks of living. As time went on the breeders became more adapted to their specialty. She had bought into Robert's vision for her as a exalted 'breeder' who could bring forth superior babies in lieu of so many infertile women out there. And getting started at age 12 was even better, so that by age 20, she could have produced as many as 20 babies through successive triplet-births. It almost seemed that in the demands placed on girls like herself, they drained the psychic energy of the rest of the female population leaving them impotent in order to fuel their own abundance. Of course the special drugs helped, but perhaps not so much as was made out, or so Kysa suspected. Kysa wondered whether anyone was looking in the port window provided to allow others to watch her breeding activities. Her senses were filled with male sex and her body seemed vibrant and alive.

Suddenly she didn't really care - in fact the possibility of a voyeur gave her a mild thrill of amusement. Let them watch!

Her reverie was abruptly ended as Adrian flexed his huge cock inside her again, his cock stiffly erect and ardent for her body. 'I don't believe it,' she thought, but of course she did, because as he came nearer, she spread her legs for him and felt his huge size filling her vagina as he penetrated her once more to the hilt. For a time they lay together in a passion and fucked and Kysa lost all sense of time while she drifted in and out of a haze of wet pulsings coming in her thighs and the orgasmic tremors that periodically wracked her body. She LOVED the fact that Adrian could fill her like her father could. Her cunt was now dripping with what seemed the aftermath of a dozen ejaculations and her mouth tasted of male sex where she had first fellated him. This time the sensations of his thrusting were very intense. Although just under 5 feet tall, Adrian flailed away at Kysa's pussy, essentially raping her with his spear-like cock. She moaned until the pain of his depth hit her, opening her mouth into a loud, hyperventilating gasp, "OWWWWHHHHHHWWHH!!!" she cried. Adrian grabbed her breasts and hooked them underneath his armpits and plowed into her with violent fury, shaking her long hair and body with the jackhammering of his enormous cock ripping through her sweetness. This scene, in a variety of positions, went on for over two hours. Kysa was crying, exhausted and could barely breathe from the pain of the vicious fucking she had just survived. When he climaxed she felt Adrian's spurting coming deep in her thighs and she cried out and shuddered in her orgasm and at the same time knew, that at that moment, she had been impregnated with a new life. He pulled his cock almost out of her, but his inflated cockhead was stuck inside the ring of her pussy and her involuntary contractions around it would not allow him to pull out. She yelped in pain and quickly covered her stretched pussy with both hands, when he ripped his cock out of her. She was sobbing and he leaned over her, kissing her breasts and cheeks, apologizing. All the while his cock continued to heavily drip cum onto her belly and pubic hair, and within a couple of minutes, she was covered in it.

He calmed her down with caresses and kisses, and they had been talking for the past quarter of an hour. It must be time soon to leave. On an impulse Kysa wrote, "I saw a girl in magazine once and she was getting it up her ass. I was surprised because I didn't think guys would be interested in such a thing." Kysa handed the note to him, but after a moment added another to his hand that read, "It made me wonder what it felt like - would you like to...?"

"Of course, if you want. You don't need to feel hesitant about it. I think every girl would like it that way, even needs it, but would never think to specifically ask for it." He turned her over. "Lie on your stomach. No, like this."

The stud grasped Kysa's hips and drew them upwards until there was enough room to slip a pillow underneath. He was gone for a moment and when he returned she felt his cock probing at her bottom. "Just try to relax. It's often a bit uncomfortable at first."

He was right. Kysa drew a sharp breath inwards as his penis urged slowly into her bottom. It definitely hurt. Where was the pleasure in that? Perhaps she had made a mistake. It was getting worse and she felt as though her bottom were being split in two. Then when it seemed as though she must cry out and withdraw, she felt the weight of his body covering her back. A finger probing between her legs slid into her cunt and lightly pleasured it. Her whole pelvis seemed filled with an alien hugeness. She didn't know whether the sensation was pleasurable or distasteful.

Then Adrian began to thrust, slowly and only a little at a time, but he was definitely up her bum. She forced herself to relax as he kept whispering to her in reassurance. His finger rolling around her clitoris gave an exquisite sharpness of pleasure, and then he urged the rest of his cock into her until she had taken him up to the hilt. Kysa gave a sharp cry then felt a strange pleasure spreading through her thighs as the thrusting stimulated her in ways she had never known existed. Higher and higher she rose in a mad spiral of ecstasy. Adrian had urged more of his fingers into her cunt until she was stretched to the limit in both openings and the sensations induced in her a wild pleasure of abandon. Her stud lover thrust urgently for a few moments paused on the brink then exploded inside her in a hot pulsing. Kysa shrieked and shook uncontrollably in the throes of an orgasm so total and overwhelming that she almost fainted from the pleasure of it.

Finally Kysa found enough energy to rise from the bed. She slowly began to dress. "I don't know where you get the energy from," she marveled. "I'm completely wrung out."

Adrian smiled, "Unless I am mistaken, my next client is peering through the view window. I mustn't keep her waiting. It's been a pleasure meeting you... same time tomorrow?"

And with that, Kysa became a breeder to several men like Adrian who were abnormally endowed, and who could sexually service a woman as many as a dozen times a day thanks to Robert's theft of the fertility chemicals from the Balbec Institute. It was good day to get impregnated, indeed!

The End
© Kysa Braswell