Keep Her Cumming
(MM/ff, teen, size, inc, best)

by Kysa Braswell

What happens when hormones interfere with judgment? As we all know, things get complicated, and with Jordan, it was about to get complicated fast. She grew tired of listening to her eighth-grade girlfriends describe their sexual encounters with this or that boy. Grew tired of hearing about this boy's really big prick, or that boy cums a lot, or the other one goes down on girls well, and so forth.

By the time Jordan turned fourteen-years old last month, she felt like she was ready to lose her virginity. In fact, tonight should have been the night. She had a date with Riley and she was all prepared to go all the way, but it just didn't work out. They couldn't find a good place to do it and not get caught. Besides, Riley couldn't get his Dad's car, they tried the park, but every place they tried had people there, or some pervert watching. She didn't really love Riley, but he was kind of sexy and most of the other girls in school would have loved to go out with him. She had heard some girls talking that he had done it with one of their friends and he was really good with them. On top of that, he was available and she was ready.

He got her home about 10:30p like he had promised her Mom, and there was only a chance for some kissing and petting before her Mom came to the door and invited the both of them inside for a cold drink. When her Mom got to the door, Riley had one hand feeling her perfectly formed plump C-cup tits, and the other hand was just begging to explore her cunt on the outside of her loose jersey mini-skirt. Her Mom didn't notice what he was doing. Jordan was so hot and horny, and she really wanted to get fucked, but what was a girl to do?

Her Mom walked through the den to the open kitchen, followed by Jordan and Riley. He was close behind her and managed to get one hand on the side of her tit and another cupped under her firm tight ass. She squirmed and returned the favor with a good firm grip around his waist. Jordan sat on the couch and Riley sat in a chair across from her. While Mom was in the kitchen preparing some cookies and cokes, they sat looking at each other wishing they could get hot and heavy with each other tonight. Teasing him, Jordan parted her legs enough for Riley to see her tight bikini panties with a nice little wet spot showing how juicy she was, and how much she wanted him. She looked him directly in the eye, and with a devilish smile, she put one finger in her mouth to wet it, then rubbed it in a circle right along her slit as her eyes focused on the bulge in his pants. His cock clearly got the message she was sending, but there was nothing he could do.

Her Mom sat and chatted a few minutes while she drank her coke, then claimed laundry duty and excused herself. Jordan asked if she could show Riley her new stereo in her room and Mom agreed. The two teens broke speed records getting upstairs to her room where they immediately embraced and kissed as all four hands groped for each other's bodies. As she sank down on the bed her skirt came up to her waist as Riley's hand slid over her flat belly into the top of her size-6 panties. He was surprised at how much pubic hair Jordan had. Afraid to say anything to embarrass her, he massaged his fingers throughout her full bush which extended both wide and slightly beyond the top band of her panties. As he touched her virgin slit, she almost came from the anticipation of his touch. She heard her Dad, John, coming up the stairs calling to her. It was a mad scramble to get off the bed and yank her skirt back in place. He poked his head into the room to say hi. She introduced Riley. He was only on the room a few seconds, but they both knew that their window of opportunity this evening had closed.

They were both frustrated, and still two horny teens. Riley's nuts were still swollen and aching when he left for home, but Jordan didn't know about such boy problems yet. Her parents retired to bed as Jordan listened to some music while unconsciously petting Samson, her black Lab Retriever while trying to relived the frustrations of the night. In her anxiety she prepared for bed. She removed her blouse and couldn't help notice how beautifully shaped her breasts were. They weren't the largest in her school, or even among her friends, they were rather plump and full, filling out any blouse or shirt she wore. There was a gentle curve from her ribs upward to tiny nipples, no part sagged down to touch her chest. I guess she could consider herself the epitome of a lean, tanned, teenaged-girl's hard body. She lowered her panties to her knees and looked at her bush from several angles. Having taken showers in gym class, she realized she had a large bush, but she was proud of it, and loved playing with it. Not surprisingly, it made her pussy look huge on her petite frame, since her bush spread very wide and was longer up her belly than the length of her small hand.

Her hands cupped her breasts from the bottom and stroked over the tiny soft pink nipples. Her white skin was almost transparent, like alabaster, you could see tiny blue and pink veins just under her tight skin along the sides of her tits. It felt so good. A little shiver only made her hornier. Samson stuck his wet nose right into the wet crotch as he sniffed the wetness of her still heated pussy. Jordan pushed him away, but Samson was persistent. His long tongue began to lick the juices from her slit and the insides of her thighs. She pushed Samson away several more times, but his tickling tongue did feel good. With her feet still on the floor, she laid back on the bed and parted her legs so Samson could have better access to her crotch. Samson had his back legs on the floor and the front paws were between her white thighs. Now his tongue could really get to her crotch. He seemed to know just where her clit was and his tongue lapped at it eagerly. She was ready to cum within less than a minute of his ministrations, arching her back to let Samson get to her. It felt so good. Jordan pulled her knees up to her chest and spread her legs as far apart as possible so Samson could get his tongue deeper into her pussy. Samson cocked his head to the side as he gave a little whine, plunging his long tongue deep into her heated sweetness, lapping her teen juices. He wiggled the tip of his tongue deep into her as she came violently.

"AHHHNNnnnnnnggggggnnnn! Ohhhhhh, Samson... aaiiieeee, ohgod that feels so good boy! Good boy!!" she cried.

Jordan collapsed exhausted back into the bed, her naked body feeling a fantastic tingle all over. She had cum a few times before, but never like this. Her best orgasm up to that point had been a few weeks earlier after a sex education class in school. Her teacher had instructed the girls in the class to go to the grocery's produce department and buy a cucumber, or a zucchini if they wanted something smaller. In class the next day the teacher explained all about boys' anatomy and they practiced putting condoms on simulated dicks like bananas. In the store Jordan looked over all the cucumbers to find one that looked like her image of the ideal prick. She eventually picked one that was a nice healthy size, not the largest, although she did consider the largest one in the store. One of her friends, Whitney, actually brought one of those hot house cucumbers about 14 inches long. The girls in the class howled when she brought it out. That night, after the class, as Jordan lay in bed, she kept thinking about the penile cucumber and got hotter by the minute. She wondered how it would feel in her pussy. She was still a virgin and wondered how it would feel for the first time to be taken by a fruit rather than a real cock.

She reached into her schoolbag by her bed and felt it. It felt real, or at least how she imagined a real one would feel. She took it out of the bag and began to rub it on the outside of her short nightgown. Her legs parted slightly and it slipped right into the hairy grove of her pussy. One hand went to her fat breast and began to finger her nipple. It was beginning to really turn her on. Her pussy was getting really wet, she lifted her gown so that her fantasy prick was sliding up and down her slippery little cunt. She wasn't wearing any panties; heck she had not worn panties to bed since she was ten-years old.

Then it happened. The small end of her make believe prick started to enter into her pussy about two inches when she felt it hit against her virginity. She was so juicy and slippery that it was no problem getting it to go in this far. Her excitement was mounting and she was panting heavily by now. She wanted more, so she pulled her knees up as she spread her legs as it slipped in another inch or so. She really wanted to get fucked now, as she visualized Riley as she saw him one day in his speedo swimsuit with his prick semi-hard almost bulging out as he eyed some girls in their string bikinis at the beach. That was the day she decided she was ready to get fucked. The cucumber was about halfway in now and she clenched the muscles in her pussy like a milking machine. She knew this was going to make her cum. She had made herself cum several times with her finger, but only by rubbing her clit. Nothing had ever been inside her cunt before.

She decided that she wanted to hold off and cum with it all the way in her. Letting go of her dildo for an instant, she flipped up on her knees as she pulled off the nightgown so that she would be completely naked for her virgin orgasm. It slipped out of her pussy onto the bed as she assumed the doggie style on her knees with her head on the pillow and her tight ass up in the air. One hand found her hardened tit and began stroking it. The other hand quickly found the slippery cucumber and put it up against the tight opening. It found its way back in easily, in this position her pussy was more vulnerable to penetration. With one hand holding onto the cucumber still and resting on the bed, she began to move her hips up and down forcing the green monster deeper into her tight throbbing young cunt and at the same time moving her knees closer up to her chest to open her pussy more, until within a dozen strokes, it was in. Letting it soak there for a minute or so she began to squeeze the muscles in her pussy again. It was not easy. The thickness of the cucumber was pushing everything outward inside her, feeling like she had someone's fist shoved inside her belly. She could feel every bump on the skin of the cucumber as her passion grew with each gentle downstroke. Her legs split wider and with one final violent thrust the whole thing was inside her, all nine inches of the monstrous fruit. The young teen breathed in struggling gasps, unable to believe that she had taken something so big inside her the first time. She felt increasing tingles of electricity in her cunt and belly as her first orgasm from penetration overtook her entire body. She wanted to lay down flat on the bed, but the fake cock was lodged so deep inside her that she couldn't move without pain. Submitting to her body's contractions, she came hard over the big instrument, wishing in her mind it was one of the boys' big cocks from school.

She remembered how the next day she had to get up early to do the laundry to get the lightly-colored blood stains and pussy juice off the sheets. That night her Mom was out and she was alone with her Dad. She fixed supper for him, and served a cucumber salad which he raved over. If only he had known where it had been the night before and how it had deflowered his young virgin daughter, he might have enjoyed even more.

Samson, however, had become much more fun than a cucumber. Samson wasn't ready to quit just because she had cum. He kept his tongue working in and out of her hole trying to lick up all that good juice. Some had dripped down her thigh onto her tight ass asshole and Samson was after that too. When his scratchy tongue got to her pink little hole she actually yelped and came again. Now his tongue was licking up and down her entire slit from her ass to her clit, back and forth. Her head was swimming as she came a third time in a row. She didn't know it then, but she could easily attain multiple orgasms, something that would drive men crazy in years to come. Samson still wasn't ready to quit. Jordan could see his reflection in her closet door mirror; his long red prick was humping against the side of the mattress. She had seen him on the hard and out of his sheath lots of times before. She even jerked him off a few times to see him squirt his cum. It excited her. She was watching Samson trying to fuck her mattress and wondering what he was thinking when he got another idea. With one spring Samson was up on the bed and that long hard prick was heading straight for her virgin pussy. The head of it had already touched the lips of her cunt when she turned over trying to push him away. Samson was perfectly willing to settle for her little pink ass ass as he tried to enter it. It was quite a struggle to keep from being tongued raped by Samson, so he had to settle for a handjob from Jordan instead. Several times after that, whenever she got horny from a date, or watching a sexy movie when her parents were out, she would let Samson lick her pussy until she quickly came. But she wouldn't let him fuck her no matter how hard he tried, and he did try hard. He would always have to settle for a hand job which he enjoyed nonetheless.

Then the day came when Jordan met Riley, and suddenly her friend Riley was history. Poor Riley, he never did get any closer to Jordan's pussy. Jordan met Riley while she was walking Samson along the park one afternoon. He was 26-years old, buff, good looking, bold and completely vile. She liked him instantly when she saw the way he eyed her as she walked. There was absolutely no doubt in her mind that he wanted to fuck her.

His first words to her were: "I love that gorgeous little tight ass you got going on there. Give me a chance at that and I'd bust you up, bitch. I would stick my tongue right up insides you, babe. You ever had anybody do that to you before little girl?"

"Maybe," she smiled, giggling into her buxom chest.

"I'll bet that hot little pussy of yours is starting to get wet already," he teased her lewdly.

She didn't answer, but he was right, nobody had ever talked to her like that before and it did get her feeling juicy and horny. He asked her if she would like to come up to his apartment across the street for a drink. She knew what that really meant: to get fucked! But she was still dying to get laid and this was her best bet yet. Someplace to go, no worry about the kids at school, a beautiful hunk, someone with obvious experience and he was really making her hot by the lewd way he talked to her, as if she was some kind of whore.

"OK, but I have to get home by 6p when my Mom gets home."

"Your Mommy? How old are you anyway, eight?"

"Seventeen," she lied as he took her by the hand and led her across the street to his apartment with her dog Samson in tow.

He let her go up the stairs first so he could eyeball her ass. His hands slid up under her skirt to her ass. He wasn't bashful. Jordan turned and smiled as she let him.

He reached her panties and said, "Do yourself a favor from now on and don't ever wear any fucking panties if you ever go out with me. Understand?"

"Okay, sure," she sheepishly answered.

This might get rough she thought as she had some second thoughts. He unlocked the door and they stepped in. "What a place," she thought with a quick look around. This was something right out of Playboy Magazine.

"You like it?" he asked as he swept her into his arms with a charming smile and a passionate kiss. He held her tight as he kissed her long and deep holding his full body against her. This was definitely getting better for her she thought.

"How about that drink now? What would you like, a little Scotch?"

"Sure, why not," she said boldly, not even knowing whether Scotch was whiskey, vodka, or rum.

He disappeared into the gleaming chrome kitchen as she heard the ice in the glass and the gurgling sound of something pouring. "Did I scare you back in the park?"

"Not too much, I kind of liked it the way you said what's on your mind. Most of the guys I know wouldn't have the guts to talk to a strange girl like that."

"Well I just kind of knew you were a horny little girl who needed her little cunt fucked like a little slut. Tell me the truth: how old are you really?"

"Well almost seventeen," she lied again, thinking that if she told him she was barely fifteen and still a virgin he would get scared and not want to have anything else to do with her. No he probably wouldn't, she reconsidered. He'd fuck the living shit out of me anyway. He came back into the room with their drinks.

"Follow me, I'll show you around." They walked through the gleaming kitchen, it was beautiful. Next was a den study with some papers scattered around, but neat for a guy's apartment. There was a giant TV and comfortable cushions scattered about. A fireplace in one corner had Jordan wondering how it would be curled up naked in front of it with this hunk. But it was June and that wouldn't happen yet. The bedroom had a black fur cover and lots of mirrors so you could see everything from any spot.

"This is where you are going to get your teenaged pussy raped before 6p," he said with a big smile. He took her in his arms again and kissed her like she she was a woman, not a girl. She could feel her pussy getting so hot between her thighs as the drink started to take its effect. His hands started from her waist up her sides to the side of her tits. Her arms went around his neck and she squeezed up against him, offering her wet pussy to his growing hard prick.

Suddenly she pulled away and said "I have something to tell you. I'm not 17, I'm barely 14, and I'm still a virgin, well technically anyway. I know you brought me up here to fuck me and that's fine with me, but I didn't want to lie to you. I'm anxious to learn about sex and you look like you have a lot of experience to teach me. So if you want to, just be easy with me for my first time, OK?"

"Fuck you, kid! If I hurt you, it won't be because I want to, but because you're too pussy to take my big cock, bitch. So don't go telling me how to fuck anyone, much less a goddamned virgin for christ's sake. After I get through busting your sweet little ass, you'll beg me to fuck you some more, I promise. Hell, the first time I saw you I just knew you were a horny little slut looking for a cock to bust her."

She told him the story about Riley and he got a big charge out of it. She was still pushing her pussy against his prick and it was getting wetter. He sat in a big cushioned bean bag type chair and told her to strip naked. She loved how dirty he was, and slowly unbuttoned her blouse as she looked him directly in the eyes. The bra came unhooked and she turned away while she uncovered it from her big tits. Teasingly she turned around with her hands still cupped over them.

"You like to tease don't you bitch? Well you're gonna find out what teasing leads to."

She gave him a come-hither smile and said, "Fuck you, asshole!" She unbuttoned the top button on her skirt and let it drop to the floor. Standing in her tight panties her hairy bush spilled over the bands of them. Her cunt was now soaked with the excitement and anticipation of what might happen next.

"Why don't you like girls wearing panties?" Jordan asked.

"I like panties just fine, but it really turns me on when I know a girl is daring enough not to be wearing any."

"Well take these off for me and you can keep them as a souvenir from your new virgin friend," as she walked over to his bag chair. He put his arms around her hips as he pulled her to him, kissing her belly and savoring the aroma of her sweet succulent virgin cunt. He let his tongue linger over her smooth skin. His hand went into the elastic waist band of her panties and with one rough jerk he ripped her panties off her. The leg band pulled sharply up against her slit as they were ripped off. It startled her, but she liked his forcefulness.

"Now remove my clothes, slut."

She wasted no time with his shirt and pants. As she slipped his jockey briefs down, his massive prick sprang upright, almost slapping her in the face. This was her first real look at a live prick. It was a good bit bigger and thicker than her cucumber, the long foreskin was shiny smooth and the tip was dripped with precum.

"Suck it, and get it all wet so it slides up your tight virgin little pussy nice and easy." This was a new experience for her, although it was one she had been looking forward to. Jordan toyed with it for a while, actually she was examining her first prick to see what it was all about. Lifting the heavy prick with one hand, she gauged its weight. Heavy, she thought. It swelled in her light grip. She lowered the shaft and milked it downward between his legs, noticing its length stretched well down his thigh. She put the head in her mouth and liked it instantly. Her tongue slipped all around it and she sucked every inch of it. He picked her up and carried her to his bed. He threw her on the bed with enough force to bite her tongue. The blood tasted sweet, but it just excited her more, if that was possible. He dragged her legs over the side of the bed and sat on the floor between them. His tongue started about her knees and traced up inside her thighs, kissing and licking along the way. Slowly he inched up the inside of her supple legs at the edge of her cunt.

"Another thing I like is hairy pussies, and it sure looks like you got that down, babe." He admired her hirsute pussy, noticing her bush was more than ample for his tastes. His tongue traced along the outside edge of her along her slit, but he never actually touched either. He continued up over her belly to her tit, around the world on it with a special lick around her soft pink nipple. Across the valley to the other hill repeating the whole scenario again, then down the side all the way, almost touching the clit again, but not quite. He traced just along the inside of her cunt lips, again savoring the aroma of a virgin cunt, but just avoiding going into the valley of love. Jordan was besides herself by now. She was squirming and panting like crazy, tossing her hips trying to get his tongue into her pussy or at least to touch her clit. All of a sudden, without any warning, his open mouth plunged down over her whole pussy and he caught her clit between his teeth.

In a muffled voice he cried "Make me cum you fucking bitch." She liked his naughty, lewd, insulting talk. It turned her on, made her feel so bad to be doing all this, and with this kind of guy. Samson began to see something he was familiar with and came over to the bed to investigate. He wanted to join in on the action, too. Riley asked quizzically, "Has this dog been fucking you?"

"No, he hasn't fucked me, but he does like to lick my pussy when I get all turned on." She was still as hot as a firecracker, and Riley continued licking all over her pussy. This time he stuck his tongue all the way up her pussy as she came again in a mini-orgasm. Next he started working around her tight little asshole.

"I told you I would like to stick my tongue right up your tight little teen ass." He plunged in, and Jordan could not believe anything could ever feel so nasty, and yet SO GOOD. He kept it up, slathering her ass crevice with his saliva while she came for the third time with an explosion. He carried her into the den and sat in his beanbag chair again. He pulled her down over him so that she straddled over him. His throbbing cock was just touching the lips of her spread open cunt. She really wanted it badly now. Jordan wiggled and squirmed trying to come down on his cock, but the pressure of his legs kept her away. Every once and a while he would let the head of his cock touch the lips of her pussy and go in about an inch.

Jordan couldn't stand it any longer, "Fuck me you pipehead! I want to feel your cock deep inside of me." But he smiled and withdrew from her.

"I told you you would have to beg me to fuck you," he said.

"Okay," she said. "Please fuck me, pretty please fuck me," she whimpered. She was almost in mock tears as she begged. Slowly he allowed her to wiggle down onto his big prick until the broad cockhead was about halfway inside her. He wanted to let her in total control as to how much of his big cock she wanted to take. After all he had promised not to hurt her. She could feel her cunt stretch as his big cock began slowly sliding into her inch by tortuous inch.

Fortunately she was as wet as she could get, and combined with the aid of his copious precum, their juices helped the big cock slide deeper and deeper until he had almost four of his massive ten inches inside her cunt. With one desperate lunge she came down on his cock with all her might as the pulsing prick slid home straight to her womb.

"ARRRGGGHNNNNNGGG, nnnnnnnnnn, mmmmmmm, ohgod, ohgod, ohgod, jeezus that hurts... ohgod, you're HUGE!!" she cried, now in serious and unexpected pain. She grew very still, holding her breath despite his violent plunging into and raping her tight little teenaged pussy mercilessly.

"Fuck back, goddamnit, you teen bitch!" he yelled. But she was obviously hurt and he finally noticed. "What's wrong?"

"It HURTS! Stop for a minute, let me catch my breath," she cried, tears streaking quietly down her cheeks. "Don't pull out... it's just that... you're so fucking big."

He groaned as he leaned into her neck, noting the clasping tightness of her cunt, and she moaned from the painful stretching of her virginal pussy. She worked the muscles in her pussy like she practiced and felt herself starting to cum again. His hands squeezed her ass hard as he told her to cum. She willingly obeyed again. Now his big ten-incher, as yet still unsatisfied, began to work in and out, very slowly at first, but surely deeper and faster. They fucked passionately for 15 to 20 minutes. Riley lost count of how many times Jordan must have cum. She really did cum easily he thought. At one point it seemed like it was one continuous cum for about two minutes. She moaned and wiggled constantly as his cock pounded into her, as if trying to escape his brutal attack. Finally he couldn't hold his load any longer. He told her he was going to cum too and he wanted her to cum with him at the same time. She moaned something about wanting to feel his hot cum squirting into her belly.

"Cum inside me, okay?" she asked.

"No problem. You want your little womb full of my seed - you got it, slut!"

He pumped into the young girl viciously for about seventy straight strokes, shaking her entire body hard on the big futon chair. Then his lust-swollen balls exploded, sending a pint of cum through his fat cockshaft directly into her virgin womb. They both came together and after a full hard minute of shooting his load into the teen girl, he collapsed into the chair, she still straddling over him. She woke up a while later as Samson was licking up the cum dripping from her pussy. She came again with Samson's long hot tongue up her cunt. God, that was divine to be eaten out by a dog after being fucked like a dog.

It was getting after 6p and Riley reminded her he had promised to get her back home before then. She regrettably got dressed and told Riley how much she enjoyed the afternoon and how much she wanted to do this again. He assured her that he had probably enjoyed it more than she did, and yes, they would do it anytime she wanted. Another long final kiss and she left. For the next few days she nursed a very sore and stretched pussy, daydreaming the whole adventure over and over again.

For the next two months, she and Riley met about three times a week. She learned a lot about sex. He taught her to be freaky and not afraid of anything in bed. To the distress of her parents, Jordan began to dress much sexier and got more daring because that was what Riley liked, and she enjoyed doing what he liked. Jordan's parents had met Riley only once, when he drove her home one night. They did not approve because though he looked younger, he was actually much older than she was, but they didn't exactly forbid her seeing him. Their reasoning was simply if they forbade her from seeing Riley, then he would become even more attractive to her. Whereas if they didn't make a big deal about him, she would move on to the next boy soon enough and be over her 'fad' with him. Besides, most of their sojourns were in the early afternoons when her parents were at work. Jordan figured what they don't know won't hurt them, so she didn't push the issue.

Some of her girlfriends from school were planning a pool party for one night when her friend, Whitney, knew her parents were going to be out of town for the week end. Jordan wanted to get a new bathing suit for the event, something daring that she thought would shock the rest of he gang. Jordan and Whitney decided to go shopping for some of the new thong bikinis. They both tried on several styles and were giggling and having a ball to see which one looked the sexiest. It was a laugh riot to see Jordan huge bush spilling out over every thong bottom she tried on.

Whitney spotted one under a shelf, "Oh my god," she cried, "look at this!" She held it up for Jordan, and it practically was non existent. The bottom was nothing but a tiny triangle of thin white cloth with what looked like transparent fishing line to hold it on. The top was made the same way. "Shit! Try it on Jordan. This looks like it was made for you. The boys will go nuts when they see you in this." They both went into the dressing room to try it on. Jordan agreed with Whitney that she would have to shave or at least trim her pussy, because there was no way the bottom would have covered the massive bush she sported between her legs. She was totally naked as she tried to squirm into and adjust the bottom. Whitney eyed Jordan's body with envy, not that she had to, because she had a magnificent body of her own. "Jordan, I think your tits are getting bigger, Riley must be exercising them a lot. Look like your nursing they're so swollen," she giggled.

"I think so, all my bras are getting tighter."

The tiny white triangle barely covered the lips of her pussy, the mound at the top was clearly visible. The elastic string around her waist was flesh colored and blended into her skin. She asked Whitney, "Should I pull it up around my waist, or let it ride down over my hips?" They decided on the low rider look. The other string went between her legs, disappearing between the deep crack of her ass, and tied onto the waistband. She twisted and turned checking herself out in the mirror. Her eyes kept going to her still bare tits as she admired their perfectly round shape. The top barely covered her large pink nipples.

Whitney said, "If you loosen the straps, your nipples will keep peeking out and drive the guys absolutely crazy." They giggled and agreed this was the one, and charged it on Dad's credit card.

When she got home she couldn't wait to try on the scandalous bikini again. It was absolutely outrageous for her to wear such a thing! Again she couldn't help noticing how her body had filled out and examined the mirror for flaws, but couldn't find any. It really was perfect. The girls in her Dad's Playboy had absolutely nothing on her. She knew he enjoyed looking at Playboy, and wondered if he would appreciate her body as much. She impulsively decided to find out. He was downstairs and her Mom wouldn't be home for a few more hours.

Halfway down the stairs she called, "Daddy, how do you like my new bathing suit? You just bought it for me with your credit card."

He turned to look at her and exclaimed "JEEZUS, Child!. It sure doesn't hide much; your Mother will be shocked."

"I know she will, but what about you?" She was almost within arm's distance now and she could see his eyeballs moving over every inch of her body. She loved the way he was looking her over. She turned slowly and teasingly, looking him in the eye the whole time. Jordan raised her arms and sucked in her belly to give him a good profile view and turned again so he could see her totally naked ass. Just like Whitney had predicted, her right nipple peeked out of the bottom and she smiled as she adjusted it back in. He was loving it and she knew it.

His eyes settled right on her pussy and he asked, "What... did you do, shave?"

"Yep, it's as bald as a baby's butt. You have to with these string bikinis, see?" as she quickly pulled it aside just a bit. "I charged it to your card. Was I a bad girl for doing so? When I was little you used to spank me when I was bad."

"Have you been bad?" he asked.

"I'm gonna be tonight" she replied.

"Well in that case, bring your ass over here, young lady." She obediently and playfully laid across his lap, but at the edge of his knees so that one of her legs went down to the floor thereby spreading her legs and giving him a better view up the crack of her ass. She knew he was dying to get his hands on the cheeks of her young ass. SCHWACK! One stroke hit it's mark followed by two more to the same spot. He put his hand inside of her thigh and pulled her closer to him, this made her legs spread even further apart. At the same time she moved forward so that her head was almost touching the floor. This put her ass in a perfect viewing position for him. The next two schwacks on the other cheek were more like love pats. "I hope I didn't hurt you," he said.

She was still in the same position. "It stings a little, but I deserve it more than you'll ever know."

"Your cheeks are all red."

He began to rub each with a soothing stroke. As he rubbed I noticed that he would gently spread the cheeks open so he could bet a better view of my pink ass and probably the bottom of my pussy. I am sure the little string didn't cover anything down there. If he could see that, he could see how wet and juicy it was getting.

"You're absolutely beautiful Jordan, I've never seen a more perfect body anywhere in my life." She felt proud and almost blushed as she climbed off his lap With all the brazenness and daring she could muster, she blurted out, "Daddy, would you want to fuck me?" She already knew that he did.

"Do you want me to, baby girl?"

"Maybe," she replied as she walked to go back up the stairs, "We'll see, I hope." She was amazed at how brazen and bold she was by talking to her Daddy like that. Riley would have loved to have seen that moment.

The pool party was just a few houses away so she walked. The beach cover up she threw over her new string bikini really didn't cover up too much. It was pretty see through. One of the neighbor guys did a double take as she passed, but couldn't muster the nerve to say anything. Four girls and their dates showed up for the swim party. The girls had planned it in school during gym, and they pretty well figured it would turn out to be pretty sexy. At least that's what they were planning anyway. Riley hadn't showed up yet as he was supposed to meet her there to avoid a confrontation with her parents. The other girls knew all about Riley and were most envious. They somehow thought that Jordan must be really good in bed to get a 26-year old guy to fuck her. They were all having sex, but it was always a problem finding a good place to do it, hard to find a young guy with a big cock, and moreover, some of the guys had loose lips around school.

Some of the guys had brought some cold beer which they were having inside the house when Riley arrived. It didn't take too long before the conversation got sexy and the beers began to work.

"Show everyone your new string bikini," Whitney yelled to Jordan. "Go on girl!"

Jordan pranced out into the middle of the living room floor. She slowly removed the beach cover and Riley almost shit his britches. The other guys just couldn't believe it, here was a perfectly beautiful creature, not like any other 14-year old they had ever known, as close to naked as they had ever seen, and she was starting to do this sensual dance right before them. She had the body of a playmate and was a cut above the other girls for sure. Her hips gyrated in a circular motion as she raised her arms and ran her fingers through her hair giving all a very sexy come on look. Whitney was right again, her pink nipples did peek out whenever she raised her arms. Jordan teased them with a look before she slowly tucked it back where it belonged.

"Come here you sexy little cunt," Riley demanded in front of everyone. He took her in his arms with a very hot passionate kiss began to explore her body.

Jordan asked him, "So, do you like the new swimsuit?"

"What do you think you hot little slut?"

"OK, last one in the pool has to go in naked." someone yelled. Everyone dashed dangerously fast toward the water.

Whitney's date, one of the football jocks, was last so everyone yelled for him to take it off. He did, willingly, and his huge nine-inch cock sprang out at attention. I guess Jordan's dance was too much for the poor guy. He dove in and headed underwater straight for Whitney. With one swipe he brushed her bikini bottom aside and plunged his hard cock right into her cunt. She was pretty turned on anyway from the activities and anticipation of the evening. Whitney didn't care who was watching and wrapped her legs around his waist so he could go deeper.

Riley wasted no time in removing Jordan's suit completely. He wanted her to suck his cock under water. One of the other girls, Sandra, was also completely naked, sitting up on the side of the pool with her legs spread as her date delved into the depths of her hot juicy cunt. She put her arms behind her and spread her legs as far as she could. It didn't take long for her to cum, and her guy climbed out of the pool and began fucking her right where she was. Everyone in the pool could see his ass pounding up and down as she wrapped her legs around him. The drunken teens cheered the two of them on, enjoying the free sex show. First Sandra pulled her legs up around his neck. He was pounding his cock into her as deep and as fast as he could. He had a good stroke motion on him, smoothly pounding his big cock into Sandra's pussy.

Everyone was really getting turned on watching these two on the side of the pool. Everyone, that is, except Jordan. She was underwater sucking Riley's prick. The party was turning out just like the girls had planned. Jordan came up for air and kissed Riley hard. "Lets go inside, I want you to fuck me with your big cock!"

Inside they found a nice soft cushion on the floor and Jordan laid Riley down on his back with his big prick standing straight up in the air. She gave it a few licks as she crawled up his body rubbing her breasts all along the way. When she got to the right spot she sat upright and put his prick into the opening of her wet pussy. With one stroke she plunged down to the hilt of his massive cock. She collapsed down on his chest with a moan and came. Then she started fucking him fiercely. Sliding back and forth as her ass pounded up and down. Whitney and her date entered the room too. They had just finished fucking in the pool and wanted to watch Jordan and Riley in action. They sipped beers and kissed. Within ten minutes, Riley was cumming inside her, filling her cunt with a pint full of his hot seed. She loved the feeling of hot cum squirting deep into her womb and came every time, loving the idea of having her belly full of his cum. But she still had to do something about starting to go on the pill, or something. From sex ed class she knew she was taking a chance, but god, it felt so good. Riley had refused to use a condom, and insisted on going bareback any time he fucked a bitch.

After he came he asked Jordan to get him a drink. She pranced into the kitchen naked with cum dripping down the inside of her thighs, and started getting some ice and the Scotch that he liked. While she was doing this, Riley came in to get drinks for them also. He couldn't take his eyes off her body and she was teasing him just a little. He was standing behind her so that she could feel his swollen cock against her ass. His hands circled her tits and gave them a playful squeeze. Whitney turned to him and looked down at his cock. He was uncircumcised and she had never seen a prick like that. Playfully she felt it and toyed with it by pulling the long foreskin back to expose the broad wet knob on the end.

"I've never seen one like this before" she told him.

"Well, would you like to suck it?"

Whitney didn't answer, but dropped to her knees and examined it close up before plunging it deep into her mouth. It didn't take him long to grow his erection to its full length while looking down at her sweet, tight little 14-year old body. Just imagining fucking Jordan's best friend made him cum quickly. She swallowed every drop and left with the drinks without a word; just a smile that said it all.

When she got back in the room she was surprised to see Riley on top of Whitney just fucking her for all he was worth. Whitney spied Jordan and gave her a big smile and said, "I just had to try him." Jordan couldn't get mad, after all, she really didn't love Riley. She watched Riley plunge everything he had into her friend, fucking Whitney every bit as good as he always fucked her. Riley banged the young teen, and then exploded his cum deep into her pussy while she came too. Riley sat up and took his drink from Jordan looking right into her eyes. Whitney was still lying on her back with her legs spread wide. A trickle of thick white cum trickled out of her pussy down the inside of her thigh.

Riley told Jordan, "Get your ass over here suck all of my cum out of her cunt."

Always one to take a dare and then try to double it, she said, "I will, but only if you fuck me in the ass while I am doing it. Can you?"

"Can I? I can get my prick hard at just the sight of you bitches. You come over here and slide your tongue inside her and you'll see this cock get hard enough to bust your sweet little ass soon enough, goddamnit... smartass," he muttered to himself.

Whitney stayed just as she was as Jordan got down on her hands and knees and plunged her tongue into Whitney's hot cunt. She remembered how Samson had done it, sliding his tongue deep inside and slurping the juices from inside. She could taste Riley's familiar cum and some that she just had tasted only minutes before. Riley wasted no time juicing up her pink ass asshole in preparation for his cock. The other couples were all in now enjoying the show. Some of them were doing their own swapping. One girl went into the kitchen and got a pat of butter for Riley to lube Jordan's ass. He spread it all around her hole and inserted a finger deep into her. Jordan moaned and came. Whitney was getting so excited from watching Riley finger Jordan's asshole, and the expertness of Jordan's tongue in her pussy, she came along with Jordan. But that didn't stop Jordan, Riley was just starting to insert his big cock into that tiny ass. The first inch was hard, but the second went in easy. The butter must have helped. In about the same time it took to get Riley's cock all the way into her cunt the first time, it was all the way into her ass. As soon as his balls made contact with her asscheeks she knew he was all the way in.

Riley whacked her hard on her asscheek, telling her, "Cum for me, you fucking little bitch. I want to know you can cum with a dick shoved up your slutty ass!"

She wasted little time. He didn't hurt her, but with only three inches inside her, it felt so good that she gave herself over to an intense orgasm that made her pause at Whitney's creampie. God, this was the best orgasm she had ever experienced. First it was with her finger, then the cucumber topped that, then it was her dog's tongue in her pussy until Riley busted her cherry; now an ass fuck while she was eating her best friend's pussy. What could top this? she thought. It took Riley a long time to reach a climax as this was his third cum that evening, having taken a jack before arriving at the party. Jordan didn't mind, she was loving the assfucking and kept cumming regularly thinking about her sucking Whitney's pussy.

Finally Riley pulled his prick out and shot a huge load all over Jordan's ass and back. Some even splashed in Whitney's face and tits. Jordan told Whitney it was all right as she moved up from her pussy to kiss the cum from Whitney's face and tits. The two girls, face to face started giggling and Whitney suggested they clean off with a dive in the pool.

In the pool the girls rubbed all the cum off each others bodies and held themselves in a tight embrace. Whitney said, "Jordan, that was so fun. I didn't realize how good you were at giving head! I owe you one, next time it'll be my turn to pleasure you."

Everyone agreed that the pool party was a huge success. Jordan walked home from the party by herself. She hadn't bothered to but the bikini on, just the beach cover. When she got home, it wasn't too late, but her Mom was already asleep in front of the TV. Her Dad saw her, but she motioned for him shush and gave him a wink as she walked upstairs.

John wasn't pleased with her at all. He wasn't stupid and knew his daughter had become a whore. At age fourteen, she was far too young to be out fucking. Determined to either put a stop to it or start something else, he followed her to his room.

"Jordan, I want you to take off all your clothes, right now."

"Daddy!" she smiled, "I'm glad you're here." She began seductively removing her bikini until she was standing fully nude in front of him.

Without speaking, John pulled off his belt and lunged toward her. Grabbing her right arm, he began whipping the child, lashing her ass and the back of her thighs with the belt, leaving horrible red welts, making her scream and cry in pain.

"OWWW, DADDY! WHAT DID I DO?" she begged.


"Don't you ever think I'd let you get away with being a goddamned slut, little lady! I'll beat your little ass to a pulp if you ever come home with a pussy full of cum again. Is that understood, goddamn you, Jordan?"

"Y, yes, yes... sir," she whimpered, massaging the welts on her legs that were quickly bruising to a nice blue hue.

"You just make SURE you never pull a fucking stunt like that again, or it will be the belt for your ass!" he said, then stormed out of the room, slamming the door so hard it shook the walls.

For the next week her Mom was leaving early for work, as soon as she would leave she would go to the bathroom and brush her teeth and open her bedroom door. She liked sleeping naked now and she knew her Dad passed her room in the morning and would see her lying in bed naked on top of the sheets. She pretended she was still sleeping and had just accidentally kicked the covers off. The first day he stopped for a good look at her naked ass as she lay on her tummy. The next day she was on her back with one leg cocked up completely exposing her naked shaved cunt. He must have liked that view more because he stayed longer to look. It made her look like a little girl all over again, and his cock involuntarily grew hard with the image overwhelming his mind.

By the third day, he came into the room and sat on the bed. He rubbed his hand up and down her back to wake her up. "Honey, what time do you have to get to school?" She opened her eyes like she was just waking up and turned on her back, making no attempt to cover anything or to even giving any indication that she was aware that she was totally naked.

"Oh Daddy, I was hoping that I could skip school today and just stay home."

"Do you feel all right, sweetie? Does your tummy hurt?" His hand started to rub over the flatness of her belly. He acted like he didn't even notice that she was naked.

"Oh, that makes it feel good, don't stop." She turned more so that he could reach her tummy even better. At the same time she raised one knee up so that her legs were opened enough so that her shaved pussy was opened enough to expose the wetness inside her lips. He wasn't taking the bait yet so she turned over on her tummy and asked him to give her a back rub. He willingly obliged. After a minute or so, she was expressing great pleasure with her soft moans and squirms. "Go lower," she urged him. His hand was now right at the top of her ass crack.

Suddenly he rubbed the cheek of her ass and said, "I'm really sorry I spanked you so hard the other night."

"That's all right" she said, "it was kind of exciting, did you notice?" He didn't answer, but started massaging further into the crack of her ass. "If you're really sorry you spanked me, you can kiss it and make all well for me."

He didn't wait for a second invitation. He kissed all over her ass, then he started licking the whole cheek area. From the top of her crack, down to the top of her thigh, both cheeks. "Oh Daddy, that feels so marvelous, start at the tip of my fingers over my head and do it all the way to my toes, would you?" A second invitation was not needed.

He maneuvered on the bed to position himself to suck and lick her fingertips, now reaching completely over her head. In this position his crotch was just about even with Jordan's face. She could see a immense bulge in his pants and wondered what it looked like. She had always wanted to see his his cock, but somehow never could get a peek at it. The closest she ever came, was one night when he and her Mom were watching a sexy video tape, she came out of her room and saw them fucking on the couch. She couldn't exactly see his cock because it was buried deep into her Mom. She had always imagined it would be rather large as he was a very strong and virile man. At 36-years old, he was very handsome, muscular, and tanned from the construction work he did. Now that mysteriously elusive cock was bulging just inches before her face.

His licking and kissing worked over each finger, sucking each like a miniature prick, down the soft white inside of her forearm, along her neck, her ear and her cheek. He paused a long time kissing her cheeks; he was in no hurry. He gave her a long deep tender, but passionate, kiss on the lips. Jordan had to repress every nerve in her body to hold back from grabbing him and ramming her probing tongue deep into his mouth. He continued the kissing and licking across her throat to the top of her chest. He took a long pause and hard gaze at the beautiful young right tit just under him before his kisses and licks continued over the top, then to the underside and up again to the soft small nipple. He raised his head again for another look before opening his mouth and engulfing her entire breast into his mouth. Slowly, but with a powerful suction, he let it slide out of his mouth until just the soft nipple was in his mouth. He devoted a great deal of time and attention to that part with sucks, tongue licks and an occasional nibble. Jordan was now squirming and going wild. It took every bit of mind control she knew to stop from cumming, but she refused.

His torturous pleasure continued down her belly to the mound just above her now steaming cunt. He bit down hard on the mound as it went almost entirely into his mouth. His licking now mostly started over that mound, then down to the swollen lip on the right side of her soaked cunny. His tongue expertly traced along the inner part of her lip, just avoiding any contact with her clit just millimeters away. Jordan wanted to cum in the worst way, but she still refused. Down and down his tongue went across the insides of her thighs, the back of her knees to her toes. Then he torturously switched to the other leg and started the rise on the other side until he was back at the lip of her juicy cunt on the other side. Jordan was flat on her back and he placed both hands under her knees and raised them so they were touching her tits. He pushed them so far that her ass was raised off the bed and pointing straight at the ceiling. Her cunt was now totally spread and exposed to his view. As he pulled back and took a long view, he puckered his lips and he blew a gentle stream of breath straight at her clit. Jordan clenched and squeezed her pussy as tight as she could to avoid cumming. Her eyes were closed so Jordan didn't see her Dad open his mouth wide and engulf her beautiful, wide open juicy pussy with a hard suck and several tongue flicks to her clit. That was it, she began to cum over his mouth, the most explosive shuddering climax of her life. But her Dad wouldn't quit, he continued the cunt flicks and tongue probes as she came several more times almost in a continuous scream. Was this a guy thing or what? That was exactly what Riley had done to her, tease the living hell out of her, then suddenly grab her clit and make her explode unexpectedly.

Jordan bolted upright in the bed as she pulled him up to her face and kissed her juices from his face. "Now it's your turn," she said. "Do you still want to fuck me?"

Slowly he pondered the question and replied, "Do you want me to?"

"God, yes," she whispered, leaning forward to kiss him on the lips, which seemed even more intimate than having his lips on her cunny.

"But first I want to see what your prick looks like and put it in my mouth." Jordan began pulling off his clothes and getting his pants down. He was standing before her as she sat on the bed and when his jockey shorts were pulled down and his prick sprang loose, Jordan was shocked. It was absolutely... huge! She had always imagined it was big, but never THIS big. It had to be almost a foot long and as big around as a beer can. She tried to encircle her tiny hand around it, but failed to grasp it. She closed her eyes to mentally measure it against the size of a beer can. Wow! it was big - my god, my father had a really big prick!

Jordan bent down to put the tip of it in her mouth. It almost didn't fit, but she kept trying until all of the head was in. She licked all along the sides down to his balls. She put one ball gently in her mouth and sucked and massaged it.

"Are you still sure you want to do it all the way?" he asked. She didn't answer, but smiled at him in a way that he knew the answer. Jordan pushed her Dad back on the bed and straddled over him until his rigid cock was sliding along the grove of her pussy lips. "I know you've been sexually active, Jordan, but how many boys have you fucked?"

"One," she confessed, "just one, you're the second, and you just missed being the first by only a few weeks." She smiled and bent over to kiss him again. As she did so she could feel his cock rubbing against her little ass. She sat back upright and grabbed his pole as she slid the head across her ass and into her slit. She positioned it in the right spot and slid down. It went in about two inches as she remembered how the cucumber went in, and how Riley let her control how much and how fast she wanted his prick. She savored the two extremely thick inches as she slid up and down the huge shaft a half dozen times. Her cunt was so wet and slippery she decided to take more. To her total amazement it felt so good she decided to freak him out by going all the way down on his big prick to show her father what kind of girl she really was. She pushed, then pushed harder. Grunting in agony, she corkscrewed herself down onto the huge prick.

"Oh GOD, you're so big, Daddy! I never dreamed it could hurt so good... oh god, I... don't think I... can take it... all. You're so... BIG... SO... OUCH!! ...HUGE!" she stuttered in between deep gasps.

They both groaned as he bottomed out against her womb, she was completely filled with his cock, feeling as if she had his entire arm up inside her. This was no longer as good as it should feel. Still, he had another two inches of prick not yet inside her.

Jordan began to move her ass up and down slowly getting adjusted to the painful stretching of her cunt. Her swollen tits dragged against his chest as she slid back and forth moving her legs into various positions trying to ease the stretching and finding a position to take more of his massive cock into her cunt.

She had already cum twice in as many minutes, but she felt the big one coming. She whispered in her Dad's ear, "I am going to cum, and I want you to cum with me. I want to feel your hot cum squirting deep into my womb. And if I get pregnant, then it will be your baby," she said in a lusty voice. Just hearing her say that was enough to make him shoot on the spot. His prick was against the neck of her cervix and trying to get into it when he shot a long steady stream of hot cum into her womb. She came at the same time, the muscles in her cunt clenched his cock hard and milked every drop from him.

"Oh god, Daddy, you came inside me! We're gonna make a baby together!" She was so excited as this was definitely the next step in her sexual deviance.

They lay like that for a minute or so, both catching their breath. His cock was still very much hard and in her all the way. Without any warning he pulled her to him tightly and with one mighty flip they both went into the air as he flipped her over on her back with him on top.

"Now I am going to fuck you like a dog, you horny little bitch."

"Oooo, ya, Dad, fuck your daughter like the slut I am!"

What had been a long slow tender fucking now turned into a hard fast pounding as his cock rammed into her as fast and as hard as he could. He pulled her knees up and out so that her heels were behind his neck. This opened her pussy more and between his cum and her juices lubricating her, even more of his huge prick rammed into her This was exciting her still further, and she was cumming almost continuously now. This little sexpot was driving him nuts. He had often wondered what it would be like to have sex with his beautiful young daughter, but this was more than he could have ever imagined. He spewed another stream of his hot cum into her pussy again. He didn't have to worry about waiting for her to reach a climax, for she was in almost a continuous climax.

They lay coupled like that for a few minutes as she felt his cock grow smaller and finally slip out of her cunt. She smiled as she looked deep into his eyes. As they kissed tenderly and passionately he whispered to her, "Thank you, baby doll."

"Anytime,... I'm yours whenever you want me, Daddy," she softly replied.

He got up to dress for work, when old Samson started sniffing around as he climbed onto the bed and tried his tongue near all that juice in Jordan's cunt. She was still on her back, legs parted as she playfully pushed Samson away. Her Dad said, "Jeez, he sure wants to fuck you."

"I know, he's been sniffing around and licking at me for a while. He's tried to fuck me, but I haven't let him."

"Why not? It's okay. Your Mom used to have a Boxer that she fucked all the time, especially when I was not available."

"Maybe I'll give him a treat soon," as she parted her legs further and let Samson do his thing with his long, strong tongue.

Her Dad kissed her goodbye and patted Samson on the head. He didn't bother to stop licking, just looked up with his eyes. As she heard the car drive off she closed her eyes and thought over the events of the morning. Wow, what a fantastic day. She pondered over each event and was starting to get all aroused again. Samson was doing his best to get her juices flowing again, and it was working. She came again for the umpteenth time that morning with an explosive shudder. Jordan parted her legs further to let Samson get to her even better as she came again. She was getting even more excited as she thought about what her Dad said about letting Samson fuck her. He sure wanted to. If she didn't slow down, she thought, she would wear her pussy out.

Jordan got out of the bed and on the floor on her hands and knees with her head resting on a pillow on the floor. "C'mon Samson, you want to fuck me? Go ahead! Come on boy, do it. But first we have to do something about those claws that are ripping me up."

She found the answer, a pair of her old gym socks over each paw held in place with a rubber band. She could already see his long red prick was out of it's sheath and ready. It always got like that when he sniffed her pussy juices. Samson didn't need any encouragement, he instinctively knew what to do. He gave her pussy a final few licks and then licked her ass before he placed his socks covered forelegs around her waist. The first jab of his long prick jabbed into her thigh, the second was too low and struck her clit.

"That felt wonderful Samson, but that's not it." His third jab was right on the mark and sank home to the hilt into her pussy. She was so slippery and stretched from her father's fucking, that Samson's long prick didn't encounter any resistance whatsoever. He humped like he had to finish before Jordan changed her mind, but there was no chance of that happening as Jordan started cumming almost immediately. Jordan reached down between her legs to get a finger on her clit. She could also feel Samson's prick sliding in and out oh her. He was pounding furiously now. She spread her knees further so that her belly slid down to the floor. Samson had a little trouble keeping it in at that angle and his prick slipped out. He immediately tried to get it back in, but missed the hole and got Jordan's ass instead. Before she realized it Samson had his prick deep into her ass and was pounding furiously again. It felt real good, so she let him. It didn't take too long before Samson wailed and she felt a load of his hot cum squirting up into her ass. At the same time she could feel what felt like his balls also going into her ass and he couldn't pull out. Jordan came a couple of more times thinking about this long prick locked in her ass. Eventually she extracted him from her ass and she lay on the bed, exhausted, now fucked out.

After a long hot bath she finally got dressed and went to school after lunch. She told the teacher she had a doctor's appointment and would bring a note from her father tomorrow. He believed her because she did look totally beat and almost dazed.

It seems like for the next few weeks Jordan's sex life slowed down dramatically. That was actually good, because her tight young pussy needed some recuperation from the brutal fucking her father had given her. Jordan hadn't seen much of Riley, and since that morning with her Dad she really hadn't been fucked. Riley was good, but she was getting a little tired of the same old thing, besides he was working a lot lately. Even Samson hadn't tried to push things.

One day as she was walking home from school with Whitney, they passed the spot in the park where Riley first met her. She had never told Whitney the whole story about how she met Riley, and their first encounter. Jordan was in very talkative mood and they had no where to go, so Jordan told her the whole story, how Riley picked her up and fucked her. She told all the details of her sex life, of how she fucked her Dad, how Samson had sucked her, fucked her, and fucked her up her ass. She elaborated on all the details and Whitney was flabbergasted. Whitney was also getting very aroused hearing all about these sex stories. It made her twice as hot knowing that it was all true and had happened to her friend. Whitney had her book bag on her lap and Jordan couldn't help notice that Whitney's hand under the books was fingering her clit as she parted her legs open.

"Oh Jordan, you're making me so horny with all those stories. Your Dad's big cock sounds fantastic, I wish something like that could happen to me."

Jordan had a hot idea. "Look, my Mom has to go to a convention this Saturday for a few days, why don't you come sleep over, we can tease the hell out of my Dad and I'll bet he would fuck both of us, besides, you owe me one, remember?" Both girls agreed and Whitney couldn't wait to rush home and get to bedroom where she could lay on the bed and fingerfuck herself. She didn't know which fantasy to visualize, the sex scenes Jordan had told her about, or trying to cram her best friend's Father's big cock into her pussy. She came once for each.

That Saturday Whitney arrived in the late afternoon looking like the sweet innocent little schoolgirl for Jordan's Mom's benefit. She wore her hair in pigtails and a pleated school uniform skirt. Mom didn't know there weren't any panties under the skirt. She was just leaving and cautioned the girls to behave and not to go out that night and to obey the father. Later both girls went to Jordan's room to try on some new clothes that they both had bought recently. Whitney had found a low cut blouse, really low cut, and a pair of short shorts that revealed the cheeks of her tight hard ass. Jordan has a short mini-skirt like those worn for the Sadie Hawkins dance. Her top was thin wispy shirt that barely revealed the shape of her tits underneath. Neither girl wore any underwear.

Jordan's Dad called to the girls to say he had some hamburgers on the grill and to come down to the patio for supper. He had absolutely no idea of the surprises the girls had planned for him. They giggled as they ran down the steps to join him. He took a long hard look at the two revealing outfits and asked: "What are you two little hotties up to - where are you two going tonight?"

"We're not going anywhere, we're staying home with you tonight, just like Mommy said." They fixed their hamburgers, and Whitney dropped her fork and as she bent down to get it, knees straight, she gave Jordan's Dad a perfect view of her ripe naked ass. The material between her legs was barely half-inch thick and the shorts were French-cut high up on her hips. The legs were so loose, and the material stiff enough so it was away from her belly. In fact, at the right position someone could look inside one leg, right across her hairless pussy, and out the other leg hole, thereby viewing her entire pussy. She looked over her shoulder at Jordan's Dad giving him a big smile and at the same time exposing all of her tits for him. He playfully whacked her ass with the hamburger spatula leaving a red imprint covered with sauce. As she jumped up and screamed, her tits almost popped out of the revealing top she was wearing.

Jordan howled with laughter and said, "Now you'll have to kiss it and make it all well!"

The rest of the dinner went without incident, just some giggling and glances between each other. After dinner the girls went upstairs to take a shower and get ready for bed. They decided to shower together and had more giggles as they took turns washing each other, making sure each other's breasts and pussies were perfectly clean. As they dried off in their bedroom Jordan's Dad poked his head in the open doorway and suggested they come downstairs to watch a movie he had rented. Neither made any move to cover their nakedness, they just let him look. Both pulled on some t-shirts. Whitney's was just a bit too short, barely covering her peach-fuzzed cunt, and showing at least half the crack of her ass. Jordan's shirt wasn't much longer, but it was a lot thinner and clung to the shape of her jutting tits. They bounced down the stairs completely unconcerned about what was covered and what was visible.

All three sat on the big overstuffed couch with Dad in the middle. As the movie got started, it wasn't exactly x-rated, but there was a lot of simulated sucking and fucking as all three started to get horny. Jordan's pussy was starting to flood with juices as the fucking and sucking in the movie got hotter.

John said, "I thought you little hotties would enjoy this as you don't get much of a chance to see this stuff and I know you are interested. Jordan leaned back in one corner of the couch with one leg up against the back and the other on the floor. Her cunt slit was completely open, her pussylips parted wide. With her shirt pulled up to her waist, but her Dad couldn't see because his back was toward her. She pulled him back to lean against her as her arms encircled him. Whitney was curled up on her side in the other corner with her legs pulled up to her chest, her completely naked ass was pointing right at him. He put his foot against her ass and began rubbing it all around her cheeks. Whitney responded by rubbing his toes and putting his foot right between her legs directly on her naked shaved pussy. He kept rubbing his foot in a circular motion right on her clit. Jordan watched with interest as she teasingly rubbed her finger tip over his nipples and she could see it was having an effect.

She pulled his head back and whispered in his ear, "Whitney would like to see how big your cock is, why don't you take off your pants and show it to her?"

"You do it!" was his reply. Jordan started unbuttoning his shirt and she caught Whitney's eye.

"Take his pants off, then we'll all get naked." Whitney hated to move his dancing toes off her swollen clit, but this could be interesting too. She pulled off his pants and was astounded by the bulge under his briefs. She couldn't wait to pull them down. When she did, this whopper popped out right toward her face.

"What did I tell you Whitney?" Jordan exclaimed.

"My god, you weren't kidding... it's HUGE!!"

Whitney didn't add anything more, but turned around to get the huge cock in her mouth. Her ass was high in the air as her head began to bob up and down on his huge cock. Samson was getting the scent of fresh cunt juice and came around the back of Whitney to but his paws around her waist as he tried to mount her like his mistress had taught him. The first jab hit right on the mark and his long red cock slid right up to the hilt. Whitney acted like she had been hit with an electric prod. She jumped and screamed and poor Samson didn't know what to do. Jordan and her Dad laughed and told her Samson only wanted to fuck her.

"After all he's only just a big puppy, a teenager just like you two horny youngsters." Jordan told her that Samson fucked her all the time and that he was really good. "Let him have some fun too!" he urged. She settled back down to trying to get the huge cock as far in her mouth as she could, and stuck her ass up in the air again. Samson didn't hesitate, his red cock disappeared into Whitney's cunt.

The whole scene was getting too much for Jordan as she freed herself from under her Dad and stripped off her t shirt. His head was down on the sofa as she lowered her wanton slit over his waiting mouth. She leaned forward so that her mouth came directly to Whitney's lips as they slid over the huge pulsing cock. She kissed Whitney on the mouth as they took turns sucking her father's massive cock. Samson was still fucking Whitney good and she had cum several times. Jordan's cunt was getting a professional working from her father's tongue.

"I want to fuck him," Whitney exclaimed as she straightened up, pushing Samson out of her cunt. She crawled along his body until her cunt was just over his rigid cock, and sank down plunging it deep into her juicy throbbing pussy. Samson had certainly lubricated her thoroughly. He may have even cum in her she thought. She rode his pole wildly bouncing up and down cumming several times on his big huge prick. Finally he groaned and pulled her down to him and kissed her deeply as he came deep into her teen cunt. He was thinking, what a wildly fantastic thing this was, with these two horny teenaged sluts trying to fuck his brains out. Jordan knew her Dad's prick wouldn't be ready to go down after such a horny scene. She knew his cock was still very hard inside her friend's dripping cunt. Jordan pulled her Dad off the couch onto the floor dislodging Whitney with much disappointment. She pulled him on top of her and begged him to fuck her. His cock, still dripping with Whitney's juices, slid deep into her eager cunt about seven inches, and then on the second stroke, he pushed it all the way to the hilt. He pounded his monstrous pole into the little girl unmercifully as deep as it would go. She came repeatedly as his balls slapped against her ass. After several minutes she noticed his pace quicken and his breathing almost stop. She knew he was ready to bathe the insides of her cunt with his hot thick cum. They exploded together in one fantastic orgasm. She felt Whitney pulling her off her Dad and turning her over on her back.

She knelt down between Jordan's legs. "Let me suck his cum out of you, like you did for me. Whitney leaned over and licked the still rigid cock as she said, "Will you fuck me in the ass while I lick your cum out of your daughter?"

Later, all three climbed into bed and swapfucked the rest of the night and deep into the morning. Whitney and Jordan remained the best of friends all through school and beyond, they shared everything. There were a lot of sleepovers at Jordan's house throughout their teens, and John, or their boyfriends, joined in whenever they could.

Not surprisingly, by the time Jordan was only 19-years old, she was married to a man named Jake. But Jake never knew that her first two babies were actually her father's! Within five years after getting married, Jordan had giving birth to five babies, three from her husband, but her sexuality had evolved into being nothing more than barefoot and pregnant!

The End
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