Fuck Them All
(Fm+/ff, teen, oral, anal)

by Kysa Braswell

"Take your panties off!"

Terri stared at the boy, not believing what he had said. But he stood there, his hands on his hips belligerently, glaring at her. Next to him stood his brother, who looked just as aggressive. On the other side, standing a foot or so in back of the brothers was a girl, their sister.

"Why are you telling me to do that, Trent?" Terri asked. She had known the three for many years, had played with them. In fact, they had raced through this same grove of orange trees only the day before, laughing and chasing each other.

"Because we wanna see your cunt, that's why," the other boy, a year younger than Trent, said.

Terri looked at him. She was hoping to see compassion, perhaps help, on his young face. But all she saw was a burning interest in his eyes. She was starting to tremble as she faced them. Glancing at Sarah, Terri was surprised to see the blonde girl's blue eyes blazing strangely. All the time she had played with them, the many years that they had been friends, she would never have suspected them capable of doing anything like this. She turned her eyes back to Trent, the taller of the three. She thought he was funny, trying to cultivate the few hairs on his upper lip to a manly moustache. Trent was usually more playful with her, but there was nothing playful in his eyes now. She looked at his brother, Paul. Paul and Terri were the same age, almost to the day. They had entered their teens together. Yet Paul seemed to be the youngest of them all. There would certainly be no help coming from him. He was just as interested in getting her panties off as his older brother was.

Again she looked at Sarah. Sarah was a small girl, a sweet-looking little blonde with twin ponytails. She was the youngest, a year younger than Paul and Terri. The front of Sarah's dress strained over two burgeoning D-cup tits, and her hard little nipples poked against the garment. Terri's tits were somewhat bigger, shapely, E-cups. Terri had been proud that she had to wear a bra now, and she knew that Sarah was jealous of this.

"Why are you saying that to me," Terri asked again, shivering suddenly.

"We wanna have a look at your pussy," Sarah said, bluntly. "And you better let us see it or..."

"We'll tear your clothes off," Trent finished for his sister. "You don't want us to do that, do you, Terri?"

Terri could not understand this strange sensation in her body. She felt hot, like some boiling liquid was gurgling in the pit of her stomach. Also, there was a throb between her thighs, and her knees felt weak.

"Show her your cock, Trent," Terri heard Sarah say. "Show her your cock and maybe she'll get excited and take her panties off."

"Sarah," Terri said, surprised. "Shame on you,"

"Aw, you think you're such a goody-goody, don't you, Terri?" Trent said, sneering. "Sarah can say 'cock' all she wants. If you don't like it, you can shove it up your ass!"

"Make her show it to us, Trent!" Sarah said, her voice excited. "Make Terri show us her cunt!"

Terri saw Trent and Paul start toward her. "You better leave me alone!" she said, angry. "If you do anything to me, I'll scream!"

"Go ahead," Paul said. "We don't care."

Terri knew no one would hear her if she screamed. They were deep in the grove, and the nearest house was at least three hundred yards away. She backed from them, holding her hands up. Oddly enough, she didn't feel any fear of them. But she certainly didn't understand the unusual feeling between her thighs. She had never felt this feeling before, but it sure felt good.

Terri turned and started to dart away, but both Paul and Trent were too fast for her. They grabbed her and held her arms behind her back. Terri struggled, but they held her too tightly.

"Take her panties off, Sarah!" Trent yelled at his sister. "Come on, hurry up before she gets away!"

Terri wiggled and tried to prevent Sarah from getting her hands beneath her dress, but she felt Sarah's hands under it anyway. She yelled as her panties were pulled down, and as Sarah pulled them from her feet, Terri felt the coolness on her naked ass and cunt. She kicked out and struggled, but they held her tightly. Somehow her dress was torn, ripped from the hem all the way to her waist. Then there was another loud ripping sound, and the top of her dress was torn, her small bra exposed.

"Let's take all her clothes off!" Paul said, breathing hard as he held her arms. "Let's get her naked and look at her tits, too!"

Terri felt hot tears in her eyes, but they were not tears of shame, nor embarrassment. The thought slipped through her mind quickly that if they would turn her loose, she would take her own clothes off. However, Terri did not say this. There was something exciting about being stripped naked out here among the orange trees with her friends looking at her. Realizing that if she continued to struggle against them, her dress would be in total ruins, she stood still. Her dress was removed, then her bra. Terri stood naked before them, their eyes burning into her body. Her long, slightly wavy hair was dark, framing an unusually pretty face with huge, brown eyes and a small, pouting mouth. There was not a blemish on her creamy, smooth flesh. Her tits rose up and out like two small bowls, firm and ever so perky on her chest. Her two nipples, hard now, poked a quarter-inch out from light brown circles. Below her belly button were the dark curls of her cunt hair. Terri's pussy hair was not yet very thick, but the strands were long and curly, and the pink, moist lips of her cunt were easily seen. Her thighs were long and graceful, full but slender. Her ass, the cheeks tight and small, arched out in a saucy way, very lovely in their young smoothness.

"Terri has more hair than you do, Sarah," Trent said, gazing at Terri's cunt.

Sarah pouted. "You like her better than me now, I suppose?"

Terri could not help but notice the fronts of Paul's and Trent's pants were sticking out. She had heard of boys getting hard like this. She and Sarah had talked about it a few times. There was a warm flush on Terri's pretty face as she looked at the outlines of both those cocks. She wanted to jerk her gaze from them but found she couldn't. There was excitement rumbling all through her naked body. She stood there with her hands clasped behind her back, gazing at those hard cocks, wondering what it would be like to see the boys naked. As if reading her mind, Trent opened his pants and pulled his cock out. Terri gasped when she saw his prick. The cockhead was round and very swollen, and she saw fluid on the cockhead. She was awed when he gripped his cock in his fist and began to pump back and forth. She felt her excitement double when Paul pulled his prick free and began to do the same thing to his cock that his brother was doing to his.

"Let's fuck her," Paul said, his voice thick as he stared at Terri's naked body. "Let's fuck her, Trent."

Again Terri shivered, goose bumps visible on her smooth flesh. She wanted to turn and run race home, get away from them. But at the same time, she didn't want to leave. She wanted to stay here, watch them do what they were doing. She wondered what it would feel like to get fucked. There was a powerful tingling between her thighs, and her clit felt as if it would burst. She could feel the lips of her cunt twitching, too.

"Aw, come on, you guys," Sarah said, pouting. "You don't need her."

Terri glanced at Sarah. Sarah's lovely face showed jealousy.

"We wanna fuck her," Paul said, pulling at his cock hard. Terri wondered why his prick didn't hurt. "We wanna fuck Terri, don't we, Trent?"

"Yeah," Trent said and began moving toward Terri.

Terri's dark eyes continued to gaze at his cock, thinking how pretty his prick was. She stood there without fear as he came close. When he took her hand and placed it on his prick, Terri could hardly breathe. His cock felt so hard and hot against her palm. She knew his huge prick was supposed to go inside her pussy, but she couldn't see how his extremely thick nine-incher would fit without an awful lot of pain. She felt Trent and Paul pressing her to the ground, and she didn't resist. When they spread her legs, she lay there, waiting, almost breathless. She trembled again and again, anticipating one of those cocks sliding up her cunt. Trent dropped between her thighs, and Terri closed her eyes when she felt the swollen head of his cock pressing at her pussy. There was a short, sharp pain, but then the pain was gone. Terri's eyes popped wide open and she made a small mewling sound of surprise. There was such a hot, delicious feeling in her body, starting at her cunt and flowing all the way to her head and toes.

"Is it... is it in me?" she whispered, registering awe, hardly believing that Trent's hard, long ten-inch cock could actually be inside her cunt.

"All the way!" Trent said, snorting as he sprawled on top of her. "And you're gonna get fucked, Terri!"

He began to fuck his cock in and out of her pussy, and with each plunge, Terri felt more and more pleasure. She was not aware of the gurgling murmurs she was making nor of her hips writhing and twisting beneath him. The only thing she was aware of was this sudden, totally unexpected, ecstasy.

"She likes it, Trent!" Paul shouted from somewhere near her side. "She likes it!"

Something was happening in her pussy, Terri could feel. The sensation of pleasure was growing and swelling, just like a balloon. Her cunt seemed to be burning but not with pain. Her mind was reeling wildly, her emotions soaring, as the ecstasy bubbled hotly between her thighs. Whatever was going on in her pussy was the greatest feeling Terri had ever experienced. She didn't want the feeling to stop, not ever. She was gasping loudly now as Trent fucked his cock swiftly in and out of her cunt, and she thought she could feel his prick throbbing deep inside her pussy. But due to the pulsations of her own cunt, she wasn't entirely sure of that.

"I'm gonna cum!" Trent shouted, straining his cock up her tight, wet pussy. "I'm gonna cum!"

Terri wasn't sure what he was talking about, but she definitely felt his cock lurching now. His prick seemed to grow larger, filling her cunt, stretching her pussy. He wasn't moving his cock in her now but was holding his prick very deep inside her cunt. Then she felt the splattering of something hot and wet inside her pussy.

"Ohhhh," Terri grunted, unable to hold her cry back.

Something happened to her cunt. She felt her pussy suddenly contract, then there were a lot of spasms that seemed to make her whole body glow and shiver with the sweetest feeling of ecstasy she had ever felt. The feeling was such a strong, pleasurable sensation that Terri almost fainted. Her head twisted, and her body shook violently. She didn't want this feeling to ever stop, wanted it to go on and on forever. She felt Trent pulling his cock from her gripping cunt, and she moaned softly with disappointment. She started to reach for him, to plead for him to leave his prick inside her, but he was out and away from her too fast. Terri lay there on the ground, her legs and arms sprawled, the hot sun beating down on her steaming body, but she didn't care at all now what the boys did to her.

"Fuck me!" she heard Sarah squeal. "Come on, Paul! Fuck me now!"

Terri turned her head toward the voice, seeing her girlfriend holding her dress to her waist, her panties mysteriously missing. As Terri's eyes focused, she saw that Sarah had hardly any hair on her cunt, and what hair there was happened to be so light in color that it was difficult to see. Terri had no idea where Trent was and didn't even care. She found it exciting to be lying in the sun here in this grove, naked, with her playmates, found it exciting to see Paul on the ground with his pants around his knees, his cock standing up in the air. Terri looked at his prick and balls with burning interest as his sister grasped his cock and pumped up and down on his prick. She was surprised to see that Paul didn't have any hair on his cock or balls. She felt he should have some.

"You gotta fuck me now, Paul!" Sarah said, scrambling about until she was straddling her brother. "You gotta fuck me now!"

From where she lay, Terri could see the way Sarah's pussy opened about the smooth head of her brother's cock, and she felt that burning sweetness between her thighs again as Sarah sunk down onto Paul's cock.

"Oooooo!" Sarah cooed as she settled upon her brother's prick, wiggling her small ass in delight. "Ohhh, it sure feels good, Paul! Golly, I just love to fuck!"

Terri watched Sarah's tight little ass bounce up and down, her cunt lips stretched about her brother's hard cock, making his prick go all the way into her. Terri's pussy began to quiver again, just as hotly as her cunt had when Trent fucked her. It was very exciting to watch Sarah bounce and wiggle her naked ass on Paul's throbbing cock.

"My pussy is hot!" Sarah squealed childishly. "My cunt is so hot, Paul! I'm gonna fuck you real good! I'm gonna fuck your cock off!"

Terri finally saw Trent. He was stretched out near one of the orange trees, his cock still dangling from his pants. He, like Terri, was watching his sister fuck Paul. Terri wanted to go to him, play with his cock and get his prick back inside her cunt, but she still felt weak. Besides that, she didn't want them to know how much she had loved having his cock up her pussy. Sarah wiggled and twisted her little ass furiously atop her brother, giggling and crooning with pleasure. Her ponytails swung every which direction, and her face was screwed up with intense ecstasy. Terri knew just what the little girl was feeling; she had felt the same feeling a few minutes earlier. She wondered how long Sarah had been fucking her brothers. Surely she must have been fucking them for quite awhile. She didn't show any sign of embarrassment that Terri could see. Her eyes were fixed upon the way Sarah's cunt stretched about Paul's cock. It looked good to her, very good. She could see the tip of Sarah's clit glistening prettily. Terri felt an impulse to go to them, to play with Paul's balls as Sarah rode up and down his cock. She licked at her lips, feeling how hot they were. All kinds of sweet, delicious sensations were flowing throughout her naked body. She didn't really understand the feelings, but she wasn't going to question them, either. She liked the feeling, liked the sensations very, very much.

"Ooooo, Paul!" Sarah yelped happily, twisting her little ass down onto his cock swiftly now. "You're gonna make me cum! Ohhh, can you feel it, Paul? Are you gonna cum in me, Paul? Oh ... oh... Ohhhh!"

Terri saw Sarah's half-naked body shiver then begin to shake. It was strange, seeing this, but the sight was very exciting, too. Sarah wailed loudly as her body shuddered, and she ground her cunt down on her brother's cock almost mindlessly. She made soft yipping sounds now, and she seemed to be gasping for air. Her eyes were wide open, but Terri knew Sarah wasn't seeing anything.

"I'm gonna cum, Sarah!" she heard Paul shout. "I'm gonna cum!"

"Okay! Okay!" Sarah yelled, her ass grinding very hard. "Okay, Paul!"

Terri saw Paul arch his hips up, his fingers digging into his sister's thighs. He groaned loudly, and Terri watched with huge, amazed eyes as his balls drew up tight. Then Paul seemed to relax, and Sarah pulled from his cock, standing up. Sarah giggled naughtily as she searched about for her discarded panties. She slipped them up her legs and snapped the elastic about her hips. Then she did something that further surprised Terri...Sarah patted her cunt through her clothing.

Terri sat up slowly, looking around for her own clothing. Trent had shoved his cock back into his pants. Paul pulled his pants up. Terri sat on the ground, her torn dress in one hand and her panties in the other. Her knees were up, but apart, her cunt revealed.

"You're a good fuck," Trent said to her. "Maybe I'll fuck you again, Terri."

"Aw," Sarah said, running her hand over the front of Trent's pants. "You don't need to fuck her, Trent. What do you need with Terri when you can fuck me?"

"That's why I wanted to fuck Terri," Trent sneered at his sister. "I know I can fuck you anytime I want. But I don't live with Terri. I can't fuck her all the time the way Paul and I fuck you, Sarah."

"You're just jealous," Paul said to his sister. "You don't wanna let us fuck anybody but you."

Terri managed to get her panties on, but when she put her dress on, she found that it was torn so badly she couldn't cover herself.

"My mother is gonna be pretty mad," she said to them. "She won't like it because you tore my dress."

"You better not tell on us, Terri," Trent threatened, raising his fist. "You tell on us and you're gonna get it!"

"That's right," Paul agreed, supporting his brother.

"You get us in trouble, Terri," Sarah said, still showing her jealousy, "and I won't ever play with you again."

Terri watched them disappear into the grove. She stood where she was for a long time, trying to think. She knew her mother would question her about her torn dress. She had twigs and leaves in her hair and her body had dirt on it. Maybe she could sneak in the house and take a bath before her mother saw her.

She started home, winding her way through the scented orange trees. She could still feel that nice feeling between her thighs and even her nipples tingled hotly. Terri found herself giggling.

"What happened to your dress, Terri?"

Terri had entered her house through the rear door, trying to sneak through the wash room and down the hall to her room without her mother seeing her.

She turned and saw her mother in the doorway leading to the kitchen. "I... fell, Mom," she lied.

"Fell?" Janis stared at her daughter. "And tore your dress just by falling? What were you doing, climbing trees again? And you have dirt and leaves all in your hair."

"I gotta take a bath," Terri muttered and ran down the hall toward her room.

Janis watched her daughter, a frown on her face. She did not believe that story for a minute. A dress would not be torn in that manner by a fall. Janis felt exasperated again. Ever since her husband had passed away, she had been struggling to raise her daughter and son as best she could, along with keeping the orange grove up. The task was almost too much for her, and she often thought of selling out and moving into the city. There would be enough money from the sale for them to live for years if she was careful. Janis didn't like living way out here, away from neighbors. When her husband was with her, she loved it. But now she had no one except Terri and Greg. She wanted to enjoy herself, go out and meet people, preferably men. The word 'men' always startled Janis. But she was honest with herself. She was intensely sexual and was constantly horny. There were no men out here for her to meet except for the transient laborers, and she wanted nothing to do with them. What men there were had wives and families, and she wanted nothing to do with that sort of situation. She turned back to the kitchen where she had been juicing oranges. There was something wrong, she felt, but if Terri didn't come to her about it, she could not help her. She had never interfered with her children, always waiting for them to approach her. It was possible her daughter had torn her dress by falling, but somehow Terri did not act as if that was what had happened. For one thing, Janis had seen that unusual glow in her daughter's eyes. She finished with the oranges and washed her hands. Then she went to her daughter's room and, with Terri still in the tub, she examined the torn dress. There was a long rip from the hem all the way to the waist, and the front of it had been torn all the way down, too. Carrying the dress, she went to the bathroom and entered without knocking. Terri, sitting in a tub full of bubbles, looked up at her mother. Janis saw that the glow was still in Terri's dark eyes. She sat on the toilet with the dress in her hands. She gazed at her daughter until Terri dropped her eyes, and her sudden flush was not missed by Janis.

"Okay, honey," Janis said in a quiet voice. "Tell me how this happened. And I don't want any made-up story, you hear me?"

"Mom, I told you. I fell," Terri insisted.

"And I said I didn't want stories," Janis said firmly. "Look at me, young lady!"

Terri lifted her eyes shyly. Janis saw that warm glow in them, saw the excitement that her daughter still felt. She knew immediately what had happened. She had felt the same feeling too many times herself.

"Stand up, Terri," she demanded, dropping the torn dress to the floor. "Stand up and let me look at you."

Terri slowly stood in the tub, bubbles clinging to her naked body. She felt no embarrassment about being naked before her mother. There was no shame concerning seeing each other without clothing on. They didn't allow Greg to see them, of course, but they had seen each other many times.

"Get out of the tub," Janis said, taking the towel. She dried her daughter's body as Terri stood on the floor. Janis felt Terri tremor beneath her hands. When she had all the soap bubbles off, she looked at Terri's nakedness critically. Janis was on her knees, facing Terri. She looked over the small, flawlessly shaped tits, down the flat stomach, and for a brief moment gazed at the curling dark hairs of her pussy. Then Janis leaned a bit closer, reaching a fingertip forward.

"You're scratched, Terri," she said.

"Where?" Terri asked, looking down.

"Open your legs."

Terri parted her thighs, and her mother probed at a scratch very close to her cunt, perhaps half an inch long. The cut was superficial, but the location was like a bright, exploding light.

"How did this happen?" Janis asked.

"Mom, I told..."

"That's enough, Terri," Janis said sharply. "You tell me how this happened, and I want the truth, young lady."

"I-I can't, Mom," Terri stammered. "I can't tell you."

Janis looked into her daughter's face. "All right, Terri. Did one of the men grab you?"

Terri shook her head. "Oh, no! That wasn't what..." Terri began to cry.

Janis stood up and drew her daughter against her body, hugging her tightly. "There, there," she murmured. "You don't have to cry, darling. You weren't hurt, were you?"

"Oh, no!" Terri sobbed, holding her mother's waist tightly. Then she blubbered out the story. "And they said they would beat me up if I told on them," she finished.

Janis held her daughter, feeling a weird excitement coursing through her. What her daughter had just told her sent bubbles of pleasure racing throughout her body. Although she was such a horny woman, she still felt strange that she could feel this way about what had happened to her daughter.

"They raped you," she said quietly.

"No they didn't, Mom," Terri insisted. "They didn't rape me. They just made me take my clothes off and then Trent fucked me. That's all."

"And Sarah fu..., er, did it to Paul," Janis asked. "And you watched it, Terri?"

"Y-yes," Terri sobbed.

Janis felt a tingling heat between her thighs, and she thought she would cum just picturing what her daughter told her. Her cunt swelled inside her panties and she became extremely wet. Her mind began to work, and she smiled as an idea formed in her mind. It would work, she knew, because she could threaten the kids with exposure.

"They won't harm you, darling," she said, caressing her daughter's naked back. "Don't you worry about a thing. I'll handle those kids."

"What are you gonna do, Mom?" Terri asked, feeling protected.

"Get dressed and come with me," Janis said in a husky voice. She left her daughter in the bathroom and went outside to the small shed where they stored tools and various equipment.

"Greg," she said to her son, who was sitting on a bench sharpening a saw, "let that go for the time being and come in the house. I have something I have to discuss with you and Terri."

Greg put the saw down and followed his mother. He liked the way she moved her ass, and he watched her ass wiggle in her tight jeans. Greg, a year younger than his sister, had been going out to the shed on the average of twice a day and jacking off while thinking about his mother. So far, his sister had not interested him that way but his mother was the most beautiful woman in the world, and when he discovered he could jack off and cum like crazy, it was always her body he had in his mind.

When he entered the living room, he found his mother there with his sister. Terri was wearing her robe and her long hair was wet. "You take a bath in the middle of the day, Terri?" he asked.

"I don't always wait until night," Terri snapped at him, "like some people I know."

"That's enough bickering," Janis said. "Greg, sit down and listen to what I've got to say."

Greg caught a peek of his sister's thighs, and his cock suddenly swelled into hardness. He crossed his legs and waited, wondering why the sight of his sister's legs made his cock get so hard. He had never felt that way before about her.

Janis told him what had happened to Terri, and his eyes went wide. He wasn't shocked or embarrassed by what his mother said. On the contrary, he felt jealous that Terri had been fucked and he was still just jacking off.

"Did you like it, Terri?" he asked before his mother realized what he was saying.

"None of your business!" Terri snapped.

"Okay, kids, stop it," Janis said. Then she looked at her daughter. "Did you, Terri?"

"Did I what, Mom?"

"Like it?"

Terri didn't answer, but Janis saw the sudden glow of heat in her dark eyes, and she did not miss the shiver or the soft smile on Terri's pretty face. "Yes, you liked it," Janis said. "Now, the question is... what are we going to do about it?"

"I can beat up Trent and Paul," Greg said, his voice squeaking. "I'll beat their asses good!"

"No. You won't," Janis told him. "You're smaller than they are. Besides, what I have in mind would be much better."

"Tell us how we're gonna get back at them, Mom," Greg said. "If I can't beat them up, how are we gonna get back at them?"

Janis took a deep breath. Watching her children closely, she outlined her plan. As she talked, she saw their enthusiasm. Terri squirmed on the couch and Greg's eyes glowed like hot goals. A peek at his lap showed Janis that his cock was very hard.

"Hey, that's a good idea, Mom!" Greg yelled. "I like it."

"How about you, Terri?"

"I'm all for it," Terri agreed. "It's gonna be fun getting back at them."

"Since we're all agreed to this," Janis said, her eyes flashing with pleasure, "I suppose we should carry it a little further, don't you?"

"Like what, Mom?" Greg asked.

"Terri loved it." When her daughter started to protest, she said, "Oh, stop trying to lie about it, honey. You know you loved getting that big cock up your cunt!"

Both Greg and Terri looked at their mother with shocked expressions. "What did you say, Mom?" Terri asked.

"I said you loved being fucked by Trent's cock."

Greg started laughing with glee. "You sure did, Terri! You loved his cock up your cunt!"

He shot his mother a questioning look. Janis laughed throatily, and Greg began to chant with pleasure. "Fucked your cunt with his big cock... fucked your cunt with his cock... fucked your cunt with his horse cock."

"Mom, make him stop that!" Terri shouted.

"Why, darling? It's true," Janis said.

Terri stared at her mother, then at her brother. Then she laughed. "Yes, I did love it! He fucked my cunt and I loved it!"

Janis watched her children as they said the words over and over, feeling a thrill deep inside her slender, curvy body. Her cunt was swollen inside her pants, and she knew she was very wet there. Her tits seemed ready to burst out of her bra and shirt, and her nipples tingled hotly.

Very deliberately, she reached over and flipped her daughter's robe open. Terri stopped laughing and grabbed for it but not before Greg saw her small, exquisite tits and dark cunt hair.

"Mom!" Terri gasped in surprise.

"Oh, we can all stop pretending now," Janis said. "With what we are going to do, why keep up this silly pretending?"

"That's right," Greg said, throwing his legs wide so his mother and sister could see the way his cock strained against his pants. He was gazing right at his mother's swelling tits.

Janis smiled at him, arching her shoulders to make her tits stand out even more. "That's a pretty cute prick sticking up there, honey," she said, pointing at his hard on. "I bet Terri would enjoy seeing it."

Greg was quick to open his pants and take his cock out. He sat there, proudly, with his prick exposed, standing high in the air. The head of his cock was very smooth and very swollen, the shaft throbbing. There was a glistening bead of moisture on his cockhead.

Terri and Janis stared at his cock, and Terri felt that new-found sensation bubbling between her thighs again. When her mother opened her robe once more, she did not try to pull it back. Instead, she sat on the couch, her tits fully revealed to her brother's hot eyes. When she felt her mother's hand on her knee, pulling her legs open wide, she didn't resist. She let her mother pull open her legs and was pleased at the way her brother's eyes burned while he gazed at her cunt.

"Pretty, isn't it, Greg?" Janis asked her son in a low, excited voice. "Isn't Terri's cunt pretty?"

"Gosh-a-damn-a-fuck!" Greg grunted, grabbing his cock tightly. He openly and unhesitatingly began to jack off.

"You can do better than that now, baby," Janis said. "You can fuck Terri instead of jacking off."

"I can?" Greg's voice was cracked with excitement.

"Tell him, Terri," Janis said, grinning wickedly at her daughter.

"Didn't we just say that, Greg?" Terri murmured. "What have we been talking about the past hour?"

"I thought..."

"This is part of it, honey," Janis interrupted, her voice low and husky. "Why stop halfway? Why not go all the way?"

"Oh, boy!" Greg grunted, gripping his cock hard. He stared hotly between his sister's thighs, his eyes burning with lust. "You mean it, Mom?"

Deliberately Janis ran her warm palm up her daughter's inner thigh, her finger stopping when they touched Terri's curling cunt hair. "Isn't that obvious, Greg? Terri's cunt is beautiful! Wouldn't you love to fuck it for her?"

Greg got to his feet and began moving toward his sister. Although it was his mother he had been dreaming of, Terri would do in the meantime. In fact, seeing his sister's cunt now, she would do anytime.

"Scoot your ass over the cushions, honey," Janis told her daughter, pulling at Terri's hips.

Terri wiggled her naked ass until her ass cheeks hung over the cushions, her thighs stretched as wide as she could make them go. Her furry pussy was totally exposed, the sweetness of her round ass easily seen. Terri was shivering already as she gazed at her brother's cock. He stepped between her thighs. She felt her pussy twitch with eagerness, and her clit swelled up painfully.

Janis, her eyes sparkling with excitement, suddenly darted her hand toward her son's eight-inch cock. She grasped his prick tightly in her fist, and jacked his cock quickly a few times. This was something she had been unable to resist now that his prick was so close to her. Besides, hadn't they just discussed a plan to revenge what Terri had gone through? Wasn't her son now going to fuck his sister as she watched? So why shouldn't she get to feel his sweetly throbbing cock?

"Oh, Mom!" Greg grunted with pleasure as he watched his mother's hand jacking his prick, the cockhead close to his sister's cunt. "That's good, Mom!"

"I bet it does feel good, honey," Janis replied. "But it's going to feel a hell of a lot better once you have your cock inside your sister's wet, hot little cunt!"

Janis pulled her son's cock to her daughter's pussy, then mewled as his swollen prickhead slipped between those delicate, pink, quivering cunt lips. Greg made a grunting sound and Terri sighed with pleasure.

"Your cock is in Terri's pussy now, Greg!" Janis said thickly. "Stick it all the way in and start fucking! Fuck your sister, Greg! Fuck her hot little cunt... now!"

"Yes, yes!" Terri yelped, grinding her naked little ass instinctively. "Ooooo, Greg, fuck me! Mom... Mom, this is so good, so wonderful! I love this, Mom!"

Janis's eyes blazed hotly, seeing her son's cock fuck in and out of her daughter's grinding cunt. It was so lovely, so exciting. Her own pussy was bubbling hotly. She squirmed her ass on the couch, cooing softly as she watched her two young children fucking. Her tits became swollen, her nipples extremely hard and tight. As she watched them, seeing Terri's delicate cunt lips stretching about Greg's cock, she began to fondle and caress her own tits, digging her fingers into her firm flesh. She was panting for breath, just as loudly as Greg was. Terri was whimpering with pleasure, her chin against her chest as she arched her cunt up, trying to see her brother's throbbing cock slide in and out of her.

"Fuck her cunt, Greg!" Janis urged, her voice very husky with excitement. "Fuck her little pussy! Oh, God, that's so beautiful! Fuck her with your sweet cock, honey! Grind your ass against him. Terri! Wiggle your little ass, baby!"

"Ooooo, I am, I am!" Terri wailed as the burning ecstasy flowed through her. "Oh, I am, Mom! Faster, Greg! Fuck me faster and faster and faster! Ohhhhh, I love fucking! I love it ... love it... love it!"

"You like that cock in your cunt, Terri?" Janis asked, clawing at her own tits brutally. "You like your brother's cock fucking you?"

"I love it, love it!" Terri yelped as she threw her ass up and down. "Oh, Mom... I love getting fucked!"

"Greg," Janis asked her son, her eyes blazing down as she watched his glistening hard cock fuck back and forth in Terri's pussy. "Do you like that cunt! Do you like your sister's hot, wet cunt!"

"Yes, Mom!" he shouted through gritted teeth. "Oh, damn yes!"

Janis had her hands inside her blouse now, against her bra. She could feel her rigid nipples burning through the thin material against the palm of her hand. Her hairy cunt was twitching with pleasure, her swollen clit pressing against the seam of her jeans. Her eyes moved up her daughter's naked body, pausing to gaze at Terri's lovely, firm tits. Then, feeling an overwhelming impulse to touch her children as they fucked furiously, she pulled her hands from her shirt. She dropped to her knees at their side, and shoved one hand underneath her daughter's grinding ass. She clasped one round, very smooth ass cheek, squeezing it. Her other hand fondled her son's flexing ass cheeks.

"Ooooo, Mom!" Terri mewled with ecstasy. "That feels good, what you're doing. Fuck me, Greg! Oh, fuck me good and fast! Feel me, Mom... feel me while Greg fucks me!"

Janis moved the hand on her son's ass, slipped it between his thighs and closed her fingers about his swinging balls.

"Ohhh, damn!" Greg grunted loudly, glancing at his mother's face. "You got my balls! Ohhh, that sure makes me feel different!"

Janis laughed, then leaned forward and kissed her son on his lips. Greg gasped in surprise as he felt her moist tongue suddenly inside his mouth. He didn't know what to do with it, but Janis was thrusting her tongue in and out of his mouth the way he was fucking his cock into his sister's cunt. She was holding his balls in her hand, squeezing and tugging on them. His sister's cunt was hot and wet on his cock.

Terri saw her mother kissing Greg. The hand holding her ass cheek felt so good, and Greg's cock was fucking into her burning cunt so fast. She was yelping softly as she arched her cunt against him. She felt her mother's hand moving on the small cheek of her ass, then the fingers were inside her warm ass crack. She felt a finger rubbing at the tight pucker of her ass, and Terri was surprised to find that this stimulation added to her already overheated sensations.

"Ohhhhh, fuck it, Greg!" Terri groaned, twisting her ass about wildly. "Fuck it for me, Greg! Ohhhh, I love your cock up my cunt! Fuck me, Greg! Mom, Oh Mom... squeeze my ass! That makes it feel so much better! Squeeze my ass, Mom! Hold my ass! Fuck my pussy, Greg... fuck my fucking cunt! I'm gonna cum! Ooooo, I'm gonna cum!"

Janis pulled her tongue out of her son's mouth and pulled at his balls and squeezed her daughter's ass hard. "Cum, baby!" she urged hotly. "Cum! Ohhh, that's what it's all about, Terri! Don't wait... cum, honey!"

"Oh... oh... Oooooo!" Terri wailed, her body shuddering. Terri had a tight grip on both her young sweet tits now. "I am! I'm coming! Ohhhh, wow, I'm coming!"

Terri's hips darted up and down fast as her brother fucked her cunt. Janis, once more looking between their bodies, actually saw Terri's cunt quiver in orgasm. Her puffy pussy lips flexed visibly and her glistening little clit throbbed.

"Shoot it in her, Greg!" Janis urged, tugging at his balls. "Squirt your cum up your sister's cunt, Greg! Cum in her fucking pussy! Cum on, baby... give your sister's hot pussy your cum! Fill her hot little cunt with cum, baby!"

Greg stabbed his cock hard into his sister's cunt and held his prick there. His face was screwed up, and his body was shivering. Janis clung to his balls as they became tight in her hand, then she saw him shake.

"There!" Greg shouted. "I'm doing it! I'm coming, too! Oohhhh, I 'm really coming... in your cunt, Terri!"

Janis ran her hot hands about their bodies as they panted. She fondled her son's ass and brought her other hand from Terri's ass and ran it over Terri's sweet, small, shapely tits. She continued to caress the kids as they slowly began to breathe slower and more normally.

Greg fell backwards, his cock gleaming with the moisture of his sister's cunt. Terri remained there, her ass hanging over the cushions, thighs wide. Her body shivered now and then, and there was a glow of utmost delight on her pretty young face.

Janis sat back on the couch as her children recovered, pleased with them and herself. Her shirt was still open, and somehow one of her swelling tits had popped from her bra. She noticed that Greg was looking up at her tit, and she smiled at him, cupping her naked tit and making her nipple poke through her fingers.

"Does my tit interest you, darling?" she asked, her voice soft yet excited.

Greg nodded his head, sitting up. "It's bigger than Terri's," he said. "But both of you have real pretty tits, Mom."

Much to his disappointment, Janis stuffed her tit back into her bra. "That's enough fucking right now," she said. "Watching you two fucking makes me too excited and it frustrates me." She stood up. "Greg, you can stop going into the shed and jacking off now."

Terri sat up. "Has Greg been doing that?"

"How did you know, Mom?" Greg asked, blushing.

"There isn't much you two do that I don't know about," she said, grinning. "But like I said, what's the use of jacking off when you have a nice hot cunt to fuck, right?"

"Yeah," he agreed, looking at his sister.

"I'm willing!" Terri shouted.

"That's obvious, darling," Janis said, caressing her daughter's dark hair. "That's very obvious."

The next day, about noon, Janis decided they should put her plan into action. Success depended on a bit of luck, however. Part of her plan was that the two brothers and their sister would believe Terri kept her mouth shut, and part of her plan hinged on the fact that they had always liked Janis. They trusted her, and she was almost like a second mother to them.

Terri was anxious to start, and Greg was just as eager. Janis, though, was more eager than her children. She was dressed in a skirt and blouse, unusual for her. It wasn't that she didn't like to wear dresses and skirts but working in the orange grove made it difficult to wear skirts and dresses. However her jeans and shirts were feminine, not masculine. She knew that she looked very exciting in her jeans and shirts, that fact was brought to her attention by the stares of the men she had to hire when it was picking time.

Her legs were well tanned, shapely and long. Her dark hair was gleaming, and she had no use for make-up. Her complexion didn't require any, and no make-up could possibly improve upon her natural beauty.

Janis hoped they could get those children one at a time. It would be easier, she thought. But if they were together, that would be all right, too.

She looked at her children as they prepared to start looking. Terri wore a pair of shorts and blouse. Her daughter, she noticed, was very beautiful and sexy. Her fine little ass was tightly encased in her shorts, and the curves of her asscheeks could be seen just beneath the legs. Her sweet little cunt was outlined by the tightness of the shorts. Greg, as usual, wore jeans and a shirt. He also wore cowboy boots. She and Terri had on sneakers.

"Mom," Greg asked as they stepped outside the house and into the warm sun, "I wanna fuck Terri before we go."

Janis looked at her son and saw that he was staring at his sister 's tightly outlined ass. Looking down his body, she smiled to see his cock hard beneath his jeans. She ran her hand over his hard on, squeezing his cock for a moment. "I can see you'd like to fuck something," she said softly. "But let's see what happens first. Maybe we'll get that cock of yours in Sarah's cunt, huh, baby?"

"I wanna fuck Terri," he pouted. "Look at her ass, Mom! It sure gives me a hard on."

"I know it does." She squeezed his cock hard and watched her daughter waggle her ass teasingly. "Terri, stop teasing your brother that way... he might cum in his fucking pants."

Terri giggled, looking over her shoulder at them as she started off through the orange grove. Janis laughed and took her son's hand, leading him along with her.

There was no particular place in the grove to look. The children had no favorite place they played. And the grove was huge, covering many acres of land. They searched for almost an hour and didn't find whom they were looking for. Finally they stopped for a few minutes near one of the irrigation pipes and drank some cold water.

"Maybe they're not in the grove, Mom," Terri said. "Maybe they're afraid now."

"I don't think so, Terri," Janis said, looking down at her. Terri sat on the ground beneath an orange tree, crossing her long, creamy legs as she leaned back on her hands. "I don't think they're afraid at all."

"Well, they're sure not around this part of the grove."

Greg was looking at his sister. He stared between her thighs but couldn't really see much. Her shorts were tight against her cunt but material was all he could see. Still, that was enough to make his cock throb inside his pants again. He took his prick out and began to unabashedly jack off.

"Kind of hot, Greg?" Janis asked as she saw what he was doing.

"I wanna fuck Terri," he said, pumping on his prick without embarrassment. "Mom, I wanna fuck her!"

"You can wait," Janis said, but her eyes gazed on his cock, hot with an inner heat. "I'm sure you can wait."

"I don't wanna wait!" Greg protested childishly, jerking on his prick faster.

Janis thought for a moment then made up her mind. "Well, shit!" she said. "Since you've fucked your sister, and we're going to do this thing to those three kids, I can't see any reason to draw lines."

"What are you talking about, Mom?" Terri asked, watching her brother jack off, fascinated.

"I'm talking about why should I be left out, damn it"' Janis reached over and took her son's cock in her hand. "I was so frustrated last night after watching Greg fuck you that I almost fingerfucked my cunt raw in bed!"

"Mom, you didn't"' Terri gasped.

"Oh, yes I did!" Janis admitted, jacking her son's cock. "And I'm not going to deny myself any longer!"

She dropped to her knees near her son, closing her fist tightly on his prick, making his cockhead swell even more. There was a bead of liquid clinging to his flaring cockhead.

"Are you gonna let Greg fuck you, Mom?" Terri asked excitedly. Her dark eyes glowed as she sat upright, very much interested in what was going on between her mother and brother.

Janis said, "In a way, I suppose. Greg, how would you like to fuck me in my mouth?"

"What?" he asked, surprised. "In your mouth, Mom?"

"Of course," Janis murmured huskily as she jacked his cock. "A boy can fuck a girl a number of ways. If you don't know about them, then I'll be your teacher, baby."

"In your mouth, Mom?" he asked again.

"I love to be fucked in my mouth, darling," Janis murmured hotly. "My mouth is just as sensitive as my cunt, and I call it my cunt! I can even cum when I get fucked in my cunt, Greg! Come on, honey... fuck mother in her cunt!"

"Do it, Greg!" Terri squealed, moving close so she could watch this. "I wanna see you fuck mom in her mouth!"

Janis turned her son sideways, stroking his prick softly but firmly. She pressed her lips to his cock, kissing his throbbing prickshaft. The tip of her tongue came out, and she licked up and down her son's cock. Janis slipped her tongue along the bottom of Greg's cock, then flicked her tongue over his cockhead, licking away the dripping fuck fluids. Greg began to dance about with excitement.

"You got this cock up your cunt yesterday, Terri," Janis cooed. "Greg fucked you yesterday, and now it's my turn! I'm going to suck his cock off... make him squirt cum down my throat! Yes, Greg, I'm going to suck your cock off, and I want to taste your sweet cum splashing into my mouth! Okay?"

Greg didn't get a chance to reply.

Janis opened her mouth and closed her hot, wet lips about the swollen head of his cock. Greg almost came when the heat of her mouth engulfed his prick. Terri watched, eyes huge, as her mother sucked in every inch of Greg's cock, her lips stretched about his prickhead. Terri was shivering with such a pleasant sensation that she began to rub her hand between her thighs, her little ass swaying.

"Mmmmmm!" Janis whimpered as she sucked on her son's cock. She slipped her hands around his hips and clutched the cheeks of his ass, pulling him forward until his cock was deep in her wet mouth. "Mmmmmm!"

"Ohhhh, that looks nice, Mom!" Terri yelped, leaning so close her nose was almost touching her mother's cheek. "That looks good! I wanna try sucking his cock, Mom! Let me try that!"

Janis sucked off her son's cock and smiled at her steaming daughter. "It's my turn, darling," she said. "You had his cock last night. Give your mother a turn for some fun, too! You can suck his cock later."

But Terri quickly shoved her face close to her brother's cock before Janis could stuff his prick back into her mouth. Terri ran her tongue along one side of his prick swiftly while Janis began to lick along the other side. Greg, looking down at both those tongues licking his cock, almost came right then and there.

Terri pulled away, sitting on her heels and watching her mother suck his cock off. She spread her knees wide and rubbed at her cunt, breathing hard.

Janis sucked her son's cock back into her mouth and pulled his prick deep, clutching at his ass cheeks again. She made soft gurgling sounds of delight as she sucked. Then Greg began to fuck back and forth, thrusting his cock into his mother's mouth. Janis gave a muffled yelp of pleasure and her eyes flashed up at him. Her tongue twisted and twirled about his prick as he fucked her lips. He held the back of his mother's head, fucking his prick in and out of her gripping lips furiously. He groaned as pleasure flooded his young, small body.

Terri's eyes glazed over as she watched, her face only a foot away. It was beautiful watching her mother getting fucked in her mouth this way. She licked at her own lips with anticipation, her hand pressing hard into her cunt.

Janis kept her eyes turned up to her son's face, enjoying his expression of intense pleasure. She made her tongue fly all about his cock, twisting and licking. Her mouth filled with his dripping fuck juices, and she swallowed, gurgling with ecstasy. The taste of his hard cock against the insides of her mouth, scraping over her tongue, sent shudders of delight up and down her spine. She clawed tightly at his ass cheeks, drawing him deeper and deeper into her mouth. Her cunt throbbed powerfully, her hair-lined cuntlips swollen between her thighs. She swayed her ass convulsively.

Terri, hardly knowing what she was doing, ran her hand up beneath her mother's skirt and along her creamy thighs. She cupped a cheek of her mother's ass and found that Janis was not wearing panties. She felt her mother's quivering ass, and then her other hand went away from her own cunt and moved up under the front of Janis's skirt. Terri felt the long, thick, curling hairs of her mother's pussy, then began to press a finger about Janis's puffy, wet cuntlips as she continued to feel her mother's naked ass.

"Ohhhh, suck it, Mom!" Greg yelped, plunging his cock into her mouth in a frenzy of excitement.

"Suck my cock, Mom! Ohhhh, damn... I love this, Mom! You're mouth is sure hot and wet! Oooo, suck it for me!"

Terri, with her face close, her hands feeling about her mother's ass and cunt, began to yelp. "Fuck mom's mouth, Greg! Ohhh, fuck her mouth with your hard cock! Fuck mom in her cunt! Cum in her cunt, Greg! Cum in mom's cunt!"

"I'm gonna do it!" Greg shouted, his hips pumping faster and faster. "I'm gonna cum in your cunt, Mom!"

Janis gurgled a soft, excited reply, her lips closing even tighter on his cock. Her tongue flew about his prick. She felt his cock throbbing powerfully, and she dug her fingers into the cheeks of his pumping ass just in case he tried to jerk his prick from her mouth when he came. She loved the way her daughter felt her under her dress, and she twisted her ass in Terri's hands. Terri was rubbing at Janis's steamy clit now, and the action sent Janis's emotions into orbit. She was making soft, grunting sounds, and hips moved to and fro as if she were being fucked.

Janis tasted the first spurt of her son's cum. His cum splashed into her mouth hotly, coating her licking tongue. She mewled loudly and raced her tongue about his spewing prick, her eyes glowing up at his contorted face. She was flooded with ecstasy as he came into her mouth. Her cunt became tight as Terri rubbed at her swollen clit, and she suddenly went into strong shuddering orgasms, one after the other.

"I'm coming, Mom!" Greg shouted, his body shaking as he plunged into her mouth. "I'm coming in your mouth, Mom! Ohhhh, Damn... I'm coming!"

Janis swallowed quickly, her tongue licking swiftly about his squirting cockhead, tasting his cum. Her mind reeled with intense ecstasy. It had been so long since she had tasted a hard cock. She was coming in powerful waves of delight.

"Are you coming, too, Mom?" Terri asked her thickly. "Are you coming, too?"

"Mmmmmm!" Janis gurgled, her eyes flashing. "Mmmmm!"

She felt her son's cock dribble as he finished coming, and she pulled her lips along his prick until she held only the cockhead. She lapped at his cockhead to get every last bit of his cum then pulled her mouth off him.

"Oh, God!" Janis crooned. "That was good! Ohhh, Greg, your cock tasted so fucking good in my mouth! I loved sucking you off, baby!"

Greg stood there, his cock dangling, breathing very hard. His eyes were still wide, hardly believing what had happened to him. Terri's eyes were glowing with lust, too, and she once again started rubbing at her own pussy. Janis turned toward her daughter. "Terri, I liked your hands on my ass and pussy while I sucked Greg off. I think I have two of the most wonderful children in the world!"

Janis got to her feet, dusting her knees off. "Well, we might as well go back to the house. I don't think we're going to find those kids today."

They started back through the orange trees, Janis between them, all three holding hands. They took a different route, much shorter than the first one. The trees were thicker here, not yet pruned.

Then they stumbled upon Paul.

It happened so suddenly that the chance encounter startled all four of them.

Janis recovered faster than Terri or Greg. She smiled at the young boy. "Hello, Paul," she said, using the same voice she always greeted him with. "Where's Trent and Sarah?"

Paul glanced fearfully at Terri. "Home," he said, blushing. Janis caught his look.

She had formulated no specific plan when and if they came upon any of the children. Now she was almost undecided what to do. Paul was embarrassed, glancing shyly and fearfully at Terri from beneath lowered eyes.

"Paul," Janis said bluntly. "Why did you kids fuck my daughter yesterday?"

The little boy quickly looked up at Janis, and she saw the fear in his face. She smiled, trying to show he had nothing to be afraid of. "Yes, I know about it, Paul."

Paul started to turn and dart off, but Janis had anticipated this. She quickly grabbed his arm. "No, you can't run away, Paul."

He stood there, not struggling, but shaking and keeping his gaze averted, staring at the ground. Janis held him tightly by his upper arm. "I'm sorry, Janis," he muttered. "But I didn't do nothing! It was Trent! Trent fucked her, not me!"

"But you were with him, weren't you, Paul?" Janis said. "You wanted to fuck her, didn't you?"

Paul shook and glanced up at Janis when she said that, surprised. "No, not me, Janis!" he protested. "I didn't even wanna take her panties off!"

"Do you like to take girls' panties off, Paul?" Janis asked. "Do you like to take their panties off and look at their pussies? or course you do,"

"Make him take his pants off, Mom!" Terri said, excitedly. "Make Paul take his pants off the way they did mine!"

"Would you like that, Paul?" Janis asked, squeezing his upper arm. "Would you like us to take your pants off... the way you guys did Terri's?"

Paul shook his head vigorously, embarrassed. It was different with Terri and his sister, but this was a grown woman. A grown woman wouldn't make him do something like that, would she?

"Terri, Greg," Janis said, "Hold him."

Her children took Paul by each arm, holding the shivering boy tightly so he couldn't get away. Janis stepped back about three feet, looking at the shaking boy with amusement. She looked at the front of his pants, but there was no evidence of a hard on... yet.

"Since you like to look at girls without panties, Paul," she said in a low voice, "you can look at me!"

Janis lifted her skirt to her waist, exposing her cunt. "Look at this, Paul!" she demanded. "Look at me! I don't have panties on, either! I'm a girl, too. You don't have to force me to take my panties off!"

Paul peeked because he couldn't stop himself. He stared in awe at the thick curls that covered Janis's cunt. His mouth hung open. Terri and Greg, too, stared at their mother. Janis spread her feet and arched her hips forward. She ran one hand along her stomach, then through her thick pussy hair, parting it so that the pink lips of her cunt were fully revealed to the children.

"Take a good look, Paul!" Janis said. "Take a good look at my cunt! You like to look at girls without panties on, then look all you want!" She slipped her finger up and down her clit, then farther down until she had her finger plunged deep into her steaming cunt. Janis fingerfucked herself before the huge, hot eyes of the children, and she saw that Paul now had a nice hard on inside his pants, as did her son.

"Take his pants off!" Janis said. "Take Paul's pants off and let's see his little cock!"

With Greg holding Paul, Terri went to work. She quickly unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, then tugged them to his feet. Paul's hard cock jerked in the air, his balls dangling. Janis was amused to see that he was practically hairless. "Why, that's a cute little cock, Paul!" Janis said. "You should be proud to show it off to us."

She moved toward the shaking boy and took his cock in her hand. She squeezed his prick, then jacked on his cock. "Now that you have this nice hard on, what should we do with it, Paul?"

"I-I wanna go home," Paul stammered. "I won't do it again! Please let me go home!"

"But that wouldn't be fair, Paul," Janis said. "That wouldn't be fair at all. You didn't let Terri go home when she wanted to. No, we must do something with this nice hard on you have first."

"Make him fuck you, Mom!" Terri yelped. "Make Paul fuck you!"

"That's an idea, I suppose," Janis said, pumping on his cock. "Yes, that's just what I'll do. After all, it's only fair since your brother fucked Terri that you fuck me."

Janis helped her children pull Paul to the ground, placing him on his back. His cock stood straight up. He might have been afraid, but his cock was hard as a rock, already dripping at his cockhead. Janis stood above him as Greg held Paul's hands above his head, Terri sitting on his feet. Throwing one foot over him, Janis straddled the boy, holding her skirt about her waist. Greg and Paul both stared up between her thighs, looking at her hairy cunt as Janis squatted. She felt her daughter's hand on Paul's cock, and she maneuvered her boiling pussy. She felt her daughter place the swollen head of Paul's cock against her cunt lips, then Janis settled down upon him, taking his prick deep into her pussy.

Terri felt her mother's hairy cunt against her hand. Her eyes glowed as she saw the creamy cheeks of her mother's hot ass start to bounce up and down.

"I'll fuck you, Paul!" Janis grunted as she rode up and down his hard, throbbing cock. "I'll fuck you the way your brother fucked Terri! That's fair, isn't it, Paul!"

Greg got hard again as she fucked the boy. He wanted to turn loose of Paul's hands and go to his sister, shove his cock up her cunt and fuck her. But he was afraid to turn Paul's arms loose right now.

Janis was delighted when the little boy began to arch his cock up into her pussy. "That's it, Paul!" she urged. "Fuck me! Fuck me the way you fucked your sister! Yes, I know you and Trent are fucking your sister, Paul! I know all about it! Now, fuck me, Paul! Fuck my hot, hairy cunt! Ohhhh, fuck me good, baby!"

Paul was squirming about wildly, his head up and staring at the bushy cunt as her pussy devoured his cock. He was no longer afraid. "Ohhhh, Janis!" he grunted as he strained his prick into her now-grinding cunt. "Ohhhh, I like it! You're different than Sarah! I really like it!"

"That's good, Paul," Janis said in a tight voice. "Because you're going to cum in my cunt! I'm going to fuck your hard little cock with my hot, hairy pussy and make you cum inside me!"

"Fuck him, Mom!" Terri shouted from behind Janis. "Fuck his cock off! Ohh, Mom, I can see your hairy cunt fucking Paul's cock! Ohhh, that's pretty... the way you shake your ass, Mom! Pour it to him... fuck the piss out of his cock!"

"I am, Terri!" Janis groaned as she felt a burning orgasm ballooning up inside her body. "I am fucking the piss out of his cock!"

"Make Paul cum up your pussy, Mom!" Greg yelped, watching his mother's hairy cunt ride the boy's straining prick. "Make him shoot in your pussy, Mom!"

"I will, Greg!" Janis grunted loudly, ecstasy flowing like boiling liquid through her body. "I'll make his cock squirt up my cunt! Ooooo, I'm coming now! Ohhh, God... I'm coming now!"

Paul felt Janis's cunt squeezing at his cock. The feeling was so different than when he fucked his sister, almost like this hairy pussy was a hand squeezing him. His balls drew up tight against the base of his cock. Terri saw it, and she quickly grabbed his balls. Her mother's ass came down and began to grind furiously. Terri shoved Paul's balls against her mother's naked, creamy ass and felt the spasms there when Paul suddenly spewed cum into Janis's flexing cunt.

"Ooohhhh, Paul!" Janis yelped. "You're coming in me! Oh, God! I feel your cock squirting up my cunt! Fill my pussy with your sweet cum, Paul! Ooooo, fill my hot, hairy cunt with it! Cum! Cum in me, baby!"

Terri saw her mother's body shudder, the cheeks of her round beautiful ass tighten up. She pressed Paul's balls between her mother's ass cheeks, holding them as her mother and the boy came in trembling waves of ecstasy.

When the forced fuck was over, Janis lifted her cunt from Paul. She stood on shaking legs. "You can turn him loose now, kids," she said.

Paul sat up, fear no longer in his eyes. He looked at them, an expression of delight on his face. "You... Gosh! I don't know what to say!"

"You liked that, Paul?" Janis asked.

"Gosh, yes!"

"Then you can keep your mouth shut about this," Janis said. "You aren't to tell Trent nor Sarah about it."

"I won't!" he promised solemnly. "I wouldn't ever say anything about this! I liked it!"

"Would you like to fuck me again, Paul?" Janis asked. "And Terri, too? Would you really enjoy fucking me and my daughter? You didn't get to fuck Terri yesterday, did you?"

Paul shook his head. "No, I didn't," he said.

"But you want to fuck her," Janis repeated. "And fuck me again?"

"Oh, yes!" Paul agreed eagerly.

"If you say anything to Trent and Sarah," Janis threatened, "I won't let you fuck me. Nor Terri! Is that a bargain?"

Paul was quick to agree.

They let him pull his pants up, and when he was dusted off and ready to go home, Janis hugged the boy against her tits tightly, kissing his mouth. When she turned him loose, Terri grabbed him and did the same thing only she pulled his hand down to the crotch of her shorts and pressed his hand into her pussy.

"You get my cunt if you don't tell," she reminded him. They left in one direction as Paul went off in another.

It was late afternoon, and Janis was still amused by her actions in the orange grove. Paul had been extremely excited. Once he overcame his fear, realized he really had nothing to fear, the sweet boy had enjoyed himself very much. It had been sheer accident they caught Paul without his brother and sister with him, and Janis was hoping they could do the same with Trent and Sarah. She didn't anticipate any problem even if they didn't get them one by one. Not after what Terri had told her. Her cunt tingled the rest of the day. That had been the first time she had gotten fucked since her husband had died. That is, fucked by a cock instead of her own finger. She was delighted that her children, Greg and Terri, had taken to her incestuous plans so willingly. Terri had disappeared somewhere, but Janis wasn't worried. Greg or she were always taking off someplace during summer vacation. There was nothing out here that would hurt them, and they had grown up on this grove. They knew it even better than she did. There were approximately eighty acres, and those kids knew each tree.

Greg moped about the house, now and then asking his mother if she knew where his sister was. He had never been this way when Terri was gone before, and she was wondering about the way he was acting. Finally she understood... Greg was walking around with a beautiful hard on. She watched her son, amused and feeling sorry for him at the same time. She noticed he rubbed his cock now and then as he wandered about, looking very lost. The house was old but in excellent condition. It had been built over a hundred years ago and had a porch running along the front and part way down the south side. There was a porch swing that she often sat in during warm evenings. Also beneath a huge, ancient oak were some lawn furniture, wrought iron with pads, a fairly large table and a couple of benches. The house sat off the road perhaps a hundred yards, totally isolated from those who passed by the thick orange trees. Privacy was assured by the original owners.

Wearing her familiar western shirt and tight jeans, Janis sat on the swing as the sun started going down. Her thoughts, as they had been all afternoon, were on this recent development in her life and her children's' lives. Finally she got out of the swing and walked down the steps. There were bits of paper scattered on the lawn, and she started picking them up. Standing in the doorway of the house, Greg watched his mother. He loved the way her jeans fit, and he was always gazing at her thighs and ass when she wore them. All this did right now was make his cock harder, throb almost painfully. The full, round, tight curves of his mother's ass were boldly revealed by her tight jeans, and he loved the slight movement her ass cheeks made when she walked. With his cock straining against his pants, he went to the lawn and sneaked up behind his mother, his hands itching to feel that pretty ass. Janis was standing there, her arms folded over her swelling tits, thinking, when Greg came up behind her. She had no idea he was there. She was deep in thought. Greg stood a few feet in back of her, looking at his mother's round ass. Then he stepped closer and cupped her ass cheeks in his hands.

"Oh!" Janis yelped, startled. She whirled and faced her son. "Greg! You frightened me, you little..."

Greg giggled, and his mother laughed with him. "You're getting kind of brave, aren't you, young man. Sneaking up on your mother and grabbing her by the ass."

"I like it, Mom," he said. "You have a great ass."

"I'm glad you like my ass," she said to him, "but you don't have to sneak up on me. If you want to feel of my ass and play with it, go ahead. But stop startling me."

"I can?" Greg asked, his voice cracking with excitement. "I really can, Mom?"

"Why not?" she countered, stepping close to her son and hugging him against her tits. "I'd like it, too."

Greg's hands immediately went to his mother's swelling ass cheeks. He had dreamed of this for months, had seen her ass in his mind as he jacked off in the shed. He gripped his mother's ass tightly, his fingers digging into her firm flesh.

"Mmmm, I like that, baby," Janis cooed softly against the top of his head. "Squeeze me, Greg! Squeeze my ass tight and hard! Oooooo, nice!"

Janis ground her cunt against his lower stomach, her clit sweetly distended. His cock throbbed against her thigh, making her shiver with anxious delight. Greg's hands moved about her ass, feeling her through her jeans. He ran his fingers and palms all over her swelling asscheeks, and Janis began to tremble as desire boiled between her long thighs.

"Just a minute, honey," she said in a thick voice, pulling from him. "Let me get out of these pants for you."

She stripped her tight jeans from her body, pulling her boots off as she balanced herself with a hand on his shoulder. She then stood before her son, wearing only her shirt. It came part way to her hips, and all her inviting dark cunt hair was visible to him in the fading light. His cock almost ripped through his pants.

Janis spread her feet a foot apart, arching her pussy forward. She shook her ass. "Well, honey," she said in a throaty voice, "are you just going to stare at me? I thought you wanted to feel me up, Greg."

His hands shook as he reached out to touch his mother. He slipped one hand through her long pussy hair and cupped her cunt. His other hand burned against the naked flesh of her round ass. While he was feeling her up, Janis fumbled with her son's pants and they slithered to his feet. She grasped his throbbing cock and began to jack on his prick slowly, her fingers very tight.

"Oooo, you have a sweet hard on, baby," she cooed in a soft, excited voice. "It's so hard, Greg! Mmmm, I bet you could make a girl's cunt cum and cum and cum!"

Greg's hand dug into his mother's ass, his fingers in her warm, enticing asscrack. His other hand was between her thighs, his finger stabbing in and out of her hot, slippery pussy.

"Want a piece of my ass, Greg?" Janis murmured as she writhed her body in his hands, her own hand pumping his throbbing cock with alternate squeezes of his hairless balls. "Would you like to have a piece of mother's ass, honey?"

"Oh, yes, Mom!" he gurgled.

"Do you love me, Greg?" she teased. "Do you really love me?"

"You know I love you, Mom," he replied, his voice almost shrill.

"Would you do anything for me? Would you do anything I wanted... make me happy?"

Greg's hand dug harshly into the cheek of her ass, the finger of his other hand fucking quickly into her cunt. Janis pulled at his hard cock, feeling moisture smearing the palm of her hand.

"I'd do anything you asked, Mom!" he said hurriedly. "Anything at all!"

"You really like my ass, don't you, Greg?"

"Oh, yes!"

"Would you give it a nice hot kiss?"

Greg looked up at her face, seeing the fire in her dark eyes. "You want me to, Mom?"

Janis pulled from him, turning her back. She writhed her naked ass at him, looking over her shoulder in a tantalizing way. "Kiss it for me, honey! Kiss mother's hot ass... Oooo, I love to get my ass kissed, Greg!"

Greg got on his knees behind his mother quickly, his hands holding her hips. He shoved his mouth against one of her creamy, smooth ass cheeks and began to kiss her ass hotly and excitedly. Janis shivered as her son's lips burned kisses on her ass.

"Use your tongue, darling!" she urged. "Lick your tongue around my ass, Greg! Ohhh, lick my ass for me... lick it, honey! Ohhhh, that's so nice! Ahhh, Greg, Greg! Your tongue is so fucking hot and wet! Mmmmm, lick it!"

Greg ran his tongue all over the cheeks of his mother's ass, excited beyond anything he had ever imagined. Her ass was so soft, yet firm, creamy and smooth. Her ass flesh was so hot against his mouth, and he was thrilled by the way she wiggled her ass against his face.

Janis leaned over, bracing herself by placing her hands on her knees, arching her naked ass into her son's face, whimpering with burning desire. Greg quickly slipped his tongue into her warm asscrack, licking up and down. He probed the tip of his tongue against her ass, making his mother squeal with pleasure. He lapped at her ass, his tongue slipping along the hotness of her hairy cunt now and then. His mind was in a turmoil because he was tasting his mother's cunt and ass at the same time. Never in his wildest dreams had he thought of doing this. All he thought of when he jacked off was looking at his mother's beautiful, round, tight ass. Janis was getting very weak as her son licked about her cunt and ass. She finally had to drop to the soft grass on her hands and knees. She waggled her naked ass up in the air for him, then placed her head on the lawn. Greg was on his knees already, and all he had to do was lean forward. But for a long moment, he teased himself by looking at his mother's creamy thighs, at the way her hairy cunt puckered between them, and by looking at the tight pucker of her light-brown ass. His balls pulled tight against the base of his throbbing cock, and he groaned softly.

"Ohhh, honey, kiss it!" Janis whimpered, waggling her ass for him. "Kiss my ass, baby! Come on, Greg, kiss my ass! Lick my ass again, darling! I love it, love it when my ass is licked! Suck it for me, Greg! Suck my ass!"

Greg shoved his young, smooth face into his mother's ass. He ran his tongue up and down her hairy, wet cunt a few times, then lapped furiously at her tight ass. Janis wiggled her naked ass with growing pleasure, delight filling her as his tongue thrilled her ass.

After three or four minutes, Janis wanted more. She wanted her son's eight-inch cock inside her. "Greg, baby, fuck me! Ohhh, darling, fuck me! You've got my cunt so fucking hot, I need your cock in me! Shove your sweet cock in my pussy and fuck me, Greg! Come on, fuck mother! Ohhh, I'm so fucking hot for it! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

Greg pulled his face from his mother's ass and eagerly shoved his prick to her hair-rimmed cunt. Janis reached between her thighs and took hold of his cock. She brought the swollen head of her son's prick to her waiting, burning cunt. Holding his cockhead at her slippery pussy lips, she shoved her ass back slowly. Greg's eyes were unfocused as he looked down, watching his mother's cunt swallow his hard cock.

"Oh, Mom!" he grunted in a thick voice. "You're sure wet and hot in your cunt!"

"Yes, baby! Oh, yes! I'm wet and hot and want you to fuck me, Greg!" Janis yelped in a tight voice. "Give it to me, darling! Fuck mother's wet, hot cunt! Fuck me fast, honey! Ohhh, I love your hard cock up my pussy! Fuck it, Greg!"

Greg pumped his cock in and out of his mother's writhing pussy, watching her ass shake. He held her hips, his fingers holding her tightly. He could see his mother's ass flexing in the fading light, and he began to rub at her ass with his thumb.

"Oooo, yes!" Janis squealed, arching her ass to meet his thrusts. "I like that, Greg! Ohhh, play with my ass and fuck my cunt, Mmmm, baby! You fuck me so good! So very good! I love it, Greg! I love your sweet, hard cock fucking my hot, wet cunt!"

Greg grunted, fucking his prick in and out of his mother's pussy swiftly. "You're good, too, Mom!" he grunted. "Your cunt is so fucking hot... it's really hot! I like my cock up your pussy, Mom!"

"Fuck it, baby!" she urged in a loud voice. "Fuck that pussy, Greg! Give that hot cunt all your sweet, hard prick! Ohhh, what a cock, darling! So fucking hard... so hard! Fuck it, darling, really fuck mother's cunt! Give it to my cunt, Greg! I'm burning up for your hard cock! Give that cock to me!"

Greg fucked harder and faster into his mother's slippery pussy, grunting with his effort. He felt his mother's cunt become tight around his prick. Then her pussy seemed to squeeze his cock reflexively.

"Ohhh, baby, baby!" Janis shouted happily. "You're making me cum! Ohhh, my cunt is burning up! I'm coming, Greg! Your sweet cock is making mother's cunt cum! Ooooo... Ohhhh... Ahhhh! So good, so fucking good! I'm coming, darling! I'm coming!"

Greg felt his cock lurch deep inside his mother's cunt. His balls were so tight that they actually pained him, but it was a good feeling. He was close to coming himself. Janis was aware of this, despite the ecstasy that rumbled about her body and fogged her mind. She gave a loud squeal and suddenly jerked her cunt free of his cock.

"Mom, don't!" Greg yelled in a panic. "I was almost coming! Come on, Mom... let me stick my cock back in your cunt!"

"Up my ass, Greg!" Janis yelled at him, reaching between her thighs and trying to get his cock into her ass. "I want it up my ass, honey! Hurry, stick your cock up my ass before you cum!"

"Your ass?"

"Yes, damn you!" Janis shouted. "Hurry, I said! You're about to cum, Greg, and I want you to cum in my ass!"

Greg was surprised, but he wasn't going to question his mother. This was far more than he had ever dared hope for, fucking his mother in her beautiful, round, creamy ass. He gripped his cock and brought his swollen prickhead to the tightness of her ass. He pressed forward and his mother shoved backwards.

"Uunnnhhh!" Janis grunted, shoving hard. "Shove, baby! Push hard! It will go in my ass, don't worry! I love getting fucked in my ass! Shove your cock up my ass, Greg! Push... shove ... Ohhhh!"

Greg saw his cock pop into his mother's ass. Her ass was so tight he almost came right away. "Mom, ohhh, your ass is tight! And so fucking hot!"

"Fuck it now, honey!" she urged, shaking her ass. "You're going to fuck me in my ass, baby! And you're going to love my ass as much as you love my cunt! Fuck it, fuck my ass, Greg! Fuck it hard... bang my hot fucking ass!"

Greg plunged his cock all the way up his mother's gripping ass, his balls banging at her dripping cunt. Once more he held her hips tightly with his fingers, fucking his throbbing prick furiously now.

"Mom, Mom!" he grunted excitedly. "I love this! Oh, I really love fucking you in the ass! Oooo, so fucking tight, Mom! I wanted to fuck you in your ass for a long time, and now I'm fucking you there!"

"Ram it to me, darling!" Janis shouted, her head on the grass, her ass moving with him. Her knees were drawn underneath her shivering body, and she bounced her ass back and forth. "Fuck my hot fucking ass with your sweet, hard cock! Oooo, I love it up my ass! Fuck that ass, Greg! Fuck mother's hot, tight ass!"

Although the light was fading fast, there was still enough so that Greg could watch his cock disappear into his mother's tightly gripping ass. This thrilled him so much that he shook with ecstasy. Janis, her hands above her head, was clawing at the blades of grass, whimpering and mewling with ecstasy, urging her son to fuck her ass faster and harder.

"Baby, baby! You're going to make me cum again! Greg, oh, sweet, sweet Greg! You're going to make mother cum again! Ahhh, I love a hard cock fucking me up my ass! Ooooo, I'll cum ... in a fucking minute! Fuck it, darling! Oh, fuck my ass! Please, baby, please! God, how I love a hard cock in my ass!"

Greg was grunting with his own ecstasy, straining his eyes in the fading light to see his cock being gripped by his mother's ass. He was trembling violently by this time, and his mother's uplifted, naked ass was shaking just as much.

"Ooooohhhhh!" Janis screamed loudly. "I'm doing it again! Ahhh, darling, I'm coming again! Feel it, baby! Feel me cum? Ohhh, harder and faster! I'm coming, coming, coming!"

Greg felt his mother's ass close so tightly on his thrusting cock he could hardly fuck her. Her ass squeezed his cock, then relaxed, squeezed again and relaxed. He had never felt this sensation before, but he had only fucked his mother this one time and his sister the day before. Fucking was so much better than jacking off.

"Oh, Mom, Mom!" he grunted, driving his cock as deep in her ass as he could, pressing himself there and his body going stiff. "I'm gonna cum! I'm about to cum, Mom!"

"Do it, do it!" she shouted. "Cum in my ass, Greg! Oooo, I'm coming... cum in my fucking ass! Ahhhh, I love to feel a cock squirting cum in my ass! Cum in me, honey! Cum in mother's hot ass!"

When her son's cock spurted, Janis felt his hot, thick cum spew deep up her ass. She screamed her delight, and began to cum again, stronger and more powerfully than before. Their gasping and panting was loud in the still evening air, but they didn't care about that. They didn't care if anyone heard them. Besides, the only one who could have heard was Terri, and she wasn't even around. Their ecstasy was unlimited, their half-naked bodies shaking with violence. Janis felt drained, her muscles so weak she could no longer keep her ass in the air. She sprawled forward, her son's cock coming free of her clinging ass. She lay on the grass, panting and gurgling with glowing pleasure.

Greg saw his mother's ass twitching and could not resist leaning over to kiss and lick her creamy, beautiful, round asscheeks again.

Early the next morning, Janis awoke to the voices of her children. She stretched in her bed, then sat up, yawning. A smile was on her face as she felt the tingle in her ass. Slipping her legs from the bed she stood up and went into the shower. She scrubbed herself clean, a daily ritual she never failed to do. After brushing her dark hair, she pulled her robe on and started toward the kitchen. It was almost ten o'clock. She seldom slept that late, but after all the fucking getting, it was no wonder she slept so soundly.

She didn't make it to the kitchen.

"I did so!" she heard her son say angrily. "I did do it, damn it!"

"Did not!" Terri's voice taunted her brother. "You're just making that up, Greg!"

"You never believe anything I say," Janis heard her son say, and she knew he was pouting as usual. She walked to the door of his bedroom and looked inside.

"That's because you say the wildest things," Terri said in a superior manner. "How can I believe the things you say?"

Janis stood there, amused by their bickering. It was something they always did, bicker with each other. But she didn't really mind because they seldom became really angry with each other. Greg was sitting up in his bed, leaning against the wall, the sheet covering his lower body. Terri, still in her nightgown, sat on the edge of his bed.

"What did you do, Greg?" Janis said, entering the room and sitting on his bed. "And why don't you believe him, Terri?"

"Mom, you should have heard him," Terri said, shaking her head. "Greg can sure tell some whoppers. He's got a good imagination."

"You tell her, Mom," Greg said, glad to see his mother. "You tell her I did so do it!"

"I don't have the faintest idea what you're talking about, either of you," Janis said, smiling at her children. "Why don't you tell me what it is you did, Greg?"

"Tell Terri that I fucked you up the ass," he said. "She won't believe it, Mom."

"How could I believe such a thing?" Terri asked, looking at her mother for support. "A girl can't take a cock in that little old hole! Why, that's what her pussy is for, isn't it, Mom? It would hurt if a cock went up my ass!"

Janis smiled at this. "Greg isn't lying to you, Terri," she said softly.

Terri looked at her mother, her eyes wide. "You mean he really did that... to you?" Her expression showed disbelief. "I don't believe it!"

"But he did fuck me up my ass, Terri," Janis said with a smile. "And a girl can take a cock in her ass just as easily as she can in her cunt."

"Not me," Terri said, shaking her head. "I don't think I could take Greg's cock in my ass. It would rip me apart, I bet."

Janis laughed. "Just wait and see, honey. One of these days you might want to try it. I love it, and I have an idea you will, too."

"Did it make you cum, Mom?" Terri asked, looking amazed. "Did it make you cum, being fucked in the ass?"

Janis hugged herself tightly, shivering with remembered ecstasy. "Oh, did it! I really cum when I get fucked up the ass!"

"Oooo," Terri mewled, aroused by her mother's obvious pleasure.

Janis grinned wickedly at her children. "When Greg tells you he did something with me, you can believe it from now on, Terri." She reached over and pulled the sheet from her son's lower body, exposing his cock and balls. "Just look at that! Greg has a hard on, Terri."

Terri and Janis gazed at Greg's upstanding cock, his prickhead very swollen and dripping. He cupped his balls in his hand and fondled them, looking very pleased with his hard cock.

His sister reached out and took hold of his prick, stroking her fist up and down his cockshaft. Janis shoved her son's hands away from his balls and began to fondle them. Greg sat there against the wall, his legs out straight, watching his mother and sister play with his prick and balls. Janis's robe had come open, and he gazed at her flawlessly round tits. He ran his fingers over her hard nipple, then began to squeeze her large tit. He shoved his other hand out and caressed one of his sister's smaller tits at the same time. Terri pulled the strap of her nightgown down her arm, revealing her tits.

"I'd like to suck his cock, Mom," Terri said in a low, almost childish voice. "I wanna try and suck Greg's cock off."

"Well," Janis said, tugging at her son's balls. "I was about to fix breakfast, but that can wait. After all, your brother has this hard on, doesn't he?"

She pulled at her son's legs until he was flat on his back, his cock standing straight up, throbbing toward Terri's face. "Go to it, Terri! Suck your brother's cock... just take it in your mouth and suck up and down. Use your tongue to lick, though. A boy likes it when a girl uses her tongue to lick while she sucks."

Terri sat cross-legged at her brother's hip, looking at his dripping cockhead as she stroked his cock. Janis scooted about on the bed until she was lying on his other side, her cheek resting on his thigh, her face only inches from his prick and balls.

"Lick that juice off his cockhead, Terri," Janis murmured hotly. "Go ahead and lick at his cockhead! You'll love the taste, honey!"

Terri leaned over, looking at her brother's cock as if his prick would suddenly bite her. The tip of her tongue came from her mouth, and as she held the base of his cock tightly in her fist, she took a light swipe at his dripping cockhead. Her eyes were huge as she ran her tongue over his prickhead once again and again. She lifted her head, her expression one of surprise.

"You're right, Mom," she moaned, giggling naughtily. "It does taste good!"

"Suck it, Terri!" Janis urged in a heated voice. "Suck your brother's cock off! Put it in your mouth and suck him! You'll love it, baby! You're such a hot little piece, I'm sure you'll be a fantastic little cocksucker, too! Go on, suck your brother's prick!"

"Oh, yes! I will!" Terri squealed with anticipation. "I'm gonna suck his cock good, Mom!"

Greg looked down his body at his sister and mother. He could see their naked tits. Their nipples were hard. He wished he could stretch that far with his hands, wanting to play with their tits. Terri opened her mouth and shoved her face down onto her brother's cock. Her eyes were wide with pleasure as she closed her lips about his swollen prickhead. She held his cock there for a moment, her tongue lapping lightly against his seeping cockhead. She was breathing hotly, her excitement at sucking a prick for the first time obvious in her pretty face and shining eyes.

"Get more of his cock in your mouth, Terri," Janis instructed. "Take as much of his hard prick as you can inside your mouth!"

Terri shoved her lips down, feeling the smooth head of her brother's cock scraping along the roof of her mouth and flat surface of her tongue. The more prick she swallowed, the more surprised she looked. Finally, her lips were down tight against the base of his prick, and she stared in happiness at her mother just inches away. She found the way her brother's cock stretched her lips and filled her mouth a very pleasant sensation. She decided immediately that she enjoyed a throbbing hard cock in her mouth, the way her mother did.

"Suck up and down, Terri!" Janis urged, kissing at her son's balls now. "Suck up and down on his cock, and don't forget to lick with your tongue at the same time!"

Terri began to bob her mouth up and down her brother's cock, her eyes staring hotly into her mother's face as Janis began licking at Greg's balls. She gurgled hotly as she sucked on his prick, getting to her knees by drawing them underneath her body. She held her shoulders up by a hand on each side of Greg's hips, her pretty face moving up and down eagerly.

Greg, his sister's ass in the air, found that he could slip his hand up her gown and over her thighs. He ran his hand over the curve of her sweet little ass, then probed a finger at her cunt. When Terri felt her brother's finger dip into her pussy, she squealed and twitched her ass for him. Janis gazed at her daughter swallowing Greg's cock, her eyes flashing with pleasure, mewling as she sucked his balls into her mouth. She enjoyed the way the corner of her daughter's lips brushed her upper lip when she went down. She could feel her son's balls throbbing inside her hot mouth, and she lapped at his balls with her tongue.

Greg whimpered with pleasure as he watched his sister's mouth suck up and down his cock. His mother's mouth was hot and wet, stuffed with his hairless balls. He slipped his finger in and out of Terri's cunt in a rhythmic way, a motion that matched her bobbing lips. The sensations their two mouths gave him was unbelievable. Even in his wildest imagination he had never considered anything this good.

"Oh, Terri, suck me!" he grunted. "Suck my cock, Terri! Ohhh, I love it... you sucking me off! Mom, suck on my balls! Suck my balls, Mom! Suck my cock... suck my balls!"

Janis shivered as she listened to him, sucking hard on his balls. She kept her eyes wide so she could see Terri swallowing his cock. Janis's cunt was quivering and becoming very wet, and she knew that she would cum. She rolled her son's balls about in her hot, wet mouth, sucking hard on them as Terri cooed around his throbbing cock. She was delighted that her daughter took to sucking a cock so quickly, but she was not surprised. Both her children were as erotic as she was, and they would probably do anything she would do, which was anything and everything a man and woman could possibly do with each other.

"Mmmmm!" Terri moaned as she sucked her brother's cock. Her cunt was squeezing his finger as his digit fucked in and out of her pussy. She began to suck up and down faster as her pleasure increased, and soon Terri was bobbing up and down so fast that her hair flew about in wild disarray.

"Ohhh, you two will make me cum!" Greg shouted, arching his cock up. "You're gonna make my cock cum, Terri! You're gonna make my cock cum in your fucking mouth!"

Janis raised from his balls long enough to shout, "Cum in her mouth, darling! Shoot your sweet cum into your sister's cocksucking mouth!" Then she was back on his balls again, taking them all the way into her mouth and sucking furiously. Terri's eyes were getting wider and wider, and suddenly she jerked her mouth from Greg's cock.

"What the fuck are you..."

Greg had stabbed his finger into her ass before his sister had realized his digit was not in her pussy. He giggled and fucked his finger in and out of her ass.

"Oh, wow!" Terri yelped, writhing her ass, surprised at this unexpected sensation. "Hey, that's good, Greg! Mom, Greg shoved his finger up my ass! He's fingerfucking me in my ass!"

"You like it?" Janis said as she pulled his balls from her mouth. "You like a finger in your little ass, Terri?"

"Oooo, yes," Terri gurgled, shoving her ass against her brother's hand. "Ohhh, that's good, Greg! Keep on fucking my ass while I suck your cock!" She dived down hungrily on his prick again. Now she was sucking his cock even more furiously, her ass twisting about as a sensation of strange ecstasy flooded her small body.

Janis once more had his balls inside her hot, wet mouth, sucking just as furiously as her daughter was on his prick. Greg was trembling violently, and he was close to spurting cum into his sister's mouth.

"Suck hard, Terri!" he yelled at her. "I'm gonna cum! Suck my cock harder! Ohhhh, you're gonna make me come in your fucking, cocksucking, hot mouth!"

Terri sucked hard, feeling her brother's cock swell bigger. His prick throbbed between her stretched lips, and she licked as best she could with her tongue. Janis tugged at her son's balls, feeling them throbbing in her mouth. She knew he was very close to spurting cum, and she hoped that Terri would not jerk her mouth away. If Terri did, Janis was prepared to take his prick into her own mouth and swallow his cum herself. Greg grunted, then arched his cock up and his prick spewed. Terri's eyes went wide, and she moaned as his thick cum suddenly splashed over her tongue. For a moment she couldn't suck or lick. She found the taste of his cum very delicious. She squealed and began to suck in a frenzy, her tongue licking wildly. But Greg was spurting so much that some of his cum escaped the corners of her tight lips and ran down the side of his throbbing cock.

Janis saw the seepage and turned his balls loose, quickly licking the cum up with her tongue. The tip of her tongue licked at the corner of her daughter's stretched lips, and they both tasted Greg's cum as he squirted time and again. Terri's body shuddered and her eyes went glassy. She was coming from Greg's fingerfucking of her tightly gripping ass. Janis, too, was coming, and no one, not even herself, had been playing with her cunt.

Terri slipped her mouth off Greg's cock, her expression one of pure, amazed delight. She sat up on the bed, her small beautiful tits revealed, her nipples hard. Janis propped her head up on her hand, looking at Terri with a big smile.

"Well, darling?" she asked. "How was your first blow job?"

"Golly, Mom!" Terri squealed in delight. "That was great! You're right...I loved sucking cock! Ohhh, when Greg shoved his finger up my ass, then started coming in my mouth, I thought I would explode, it was so good!"

"Then you know a girl can take a cock up the ass, too, right?" Janis asked. "Wasn't Greg and I right about that, honey?"

"Well," Terri said, looking doubtful, "a cock is bigger than a finger. But I bet I could take Greg's cock in my ass!"

"You sure could," Janis told her, getting to her feet. "Now, let's all get some breakfast. We can't spend all day fucking and sucking each other."

"Why not?" Terri asked. "It's fun!"

Janis said, "It sure is, but we have to eat just the same. I mean food, not cock!"

After finishing a few chores about the house, Janis and her children decided to try and catch either Trent or Sarah in the grove. They did not expect to have the same luck they had with Paul...catching one of them alone. However Janis anticipated no problem with the remaining two.

None of them were thinking of this as revenge but more as an adventure, something that was fun. From the beginning, they had not felt hatred for the three children. There had been no damage to Terri, and she had loved what happened to her once it had started. Now, as they started out through the groves, they laughed and played, talking of how much enjoyment they were having with this new aspect of their lives.

This day, like all the days of summer, was turning quite warm. All three wore shorts today. Greg wore only a pair of cut-off jeans, fringed at the legs. Terri was in a pair of tight white shorts that cupped her sweet little ass perfectly, with a white sleeveless blouse. Janis also wore shorts and a blouse, hers being a light green in color. Unlike her daughter's, Janis's shorts were cut low on her hips, exposing her lower stomach and dimpled belly button. The legs were high, and the curves of her ass were exposed. There was a zipper down the front. She wore no bra, and her two nipples pressed invitingly against her thin blouse, almost visible through the material.

They made no effort to keep quiet as they strolled about the trees. Greg hung behind his mother, his gaze steady on her fine, curvy, swelling ass. The way the lower curves of her ass flashed made his cock hard, and his prickhead showed under the fringes of the shorts. There was a whiteness to the cheeks of his mother's ass that contrasted erotically with the light golden tan of her thighs.

"Are you gonna make Trent fuck you, Mom?" Terri wanted to know as they wandered through the grove.

"We'll see, honey," Janis replied.

"That's what you made Paul do," her daughter said. "Maybe you'll suck Trent's cock off, huh?"

Janis smiled. "I said we'd see, Terri. First we have to find him."

Five minutes later they came to one of the wind machines. It was not working of course, not in the warm weather. They had been chattering away as they approached. At the base of the machine was a faucet, and Janis turned the tap to get a drink of water. "Someone has been here," she said, pointing to the fresh puddle of water on the ground.

"Maybe it's Trent or Sarah," Greg said, looking around. "None of the workers are in this area today."

Janis had a drink as Terri and Greg searched behind the trees, finding no one. She stretched in the warm sun, and saw Trent trying to conceal himself up on the wind machine.

"What are you doing up there, Trent?" she called up to him. "You can get hurt, you know? You get down from there!"

She stood with her hands on her hips watching the boy climb down. Greg and Terri had heard her and they now stood with their mother. When Trent reached the ground, he tried to pretend everything was as before.

"Hi, Greg," he said. "H-hello, Terri. Nice day, ain't it, Janis?"

"Take off your pants," Janis said.

"Wha..." Trent's eyes became huge as he stared at this grown woman. "My what?"

"You heard me, Trent," Janis said in a firm voice. "I said take off your pants."

"Why should I do that?" Trent asked, a tremble going through his body. "What's going on here, Janis?"

"Isn't that what you made Terri do, Trent?" Janis answered. "Didn't you make my daughter do just that the other day? Didn't you make her take her panties off and then you fucked her?"

"Ah, that wasn't my idea," Trent replied, a flush on his face. "I didn't wanna do it... not me!"

"Of course it wasn't your idea," Janis said, opening her blouse. "You were told to do it, of course."

"I was! Yes, that's how it happened," Trent said. His eyes gazed hotly at the way Janis now pulled her blouse open. Her curvy, shapely tits were fully exposed now. Janis slipped her blouse off and dropped it to the ground, standing there in her shorts. She cupped her tits, her hard nipples poking through her fingers, her dark eyes staring steadily at the boy.

"Make him do it, Mom!" Terri urged. "Make him take his pants off the way he made me do it!"

"He will, honey," Janis promised. "Get those pants off, Trent. Or do you want Greg and Terri to hold you while I take them of?"

"I think I better go," Trent said, but he wasn't moving. "I don't want anything to do with this, Janis. I better go on home now."

"Take them off!" Janis snapped.

She was pulling at the zipper in front of her shorts, pulling it slowly. When the bushy hairs of her cunt were revealed, Trent's eyes became huge with interest.

"That's... what are you gonna do?" he asked, licking his lips nervously. But he could not take his eyes from the thick beauty of her cunt hair. His cock was swelling inside his pants, bulging out. Janis smiled as she saw his hard on and tugged her zipper all the way down.

She shoved her shorts down her hips and thighs, leaving them on the ground. She stood there before the three children, naked and proud, her feet slightly apart. "I'm ready now, Trent...get out of your pants and shirt! Do it now!"

She rubbed a hand up and down her hairy cunt, her eyes blazing at the boy. Terri and Greg stood on each side of their mother, ready to do whatever she asked. There was no need to grab Trent...he began to undress willingly, sensing he was not in any danger. He dropped his shirt and started on his pants. His cock came free, and Janis gazed at his prick as she rubbed her cunt.

Greg was looking at his mother, his own prick swollen now, his cockhead out past the fringed legs of his cut-offs. Terri was doing as her mother was...staring with hot interest at Trent's cock and balls.

Janis stepped close to the now-naked boy, taking his cock in her hand. "You enjoyed sticking this thing in my daughter's cunt, didn't you, Trent?" she asked. "But you had to hold her down, didn't you? That wasn't nice at all. You aren't supposed to force a girl to fuck. Didn't you know that?"

"I didn't wanna do it, Janis," Trent explained. "They made me do it. Paul and Sarah made me do it!"

"Don't lie, Trent," Janis said, pumping on his cock with her firm grip. "I know all about it. Now, let's see, what should we do with you? Do you have any ideas, kids?"

Greg was too interested in his mother's body to answer, but Terri reached down and cupped Trent's balls while her mother jacked on his cock.

"I know what he's going to do," Janis said before Terri could speak. "I think Trent should give my hot cunt a nice kiss."

"Aw, no," Trent said. "I ain't never done anything like that before, Janis. Don't make me do that."

"That's just what you're going to do, Trent." Janis stepped back and spread her feet, arching her hips forward as she framed her cunt with both hands. "Get down on your knees, Trent. You're going to kiss my cunt until I tell you to stop! Hurry up, Trent!"

Terri turned loose of his balls, shoving him toward her mother. "You better do it, Trent," she said.

Trent stumbled forward, and Janis placed her hands on his shoulders, pressing him down. Trent was on his knees, his eyes staring into her hair-lined pussy. Her puffy cuntlips glistened with moisture as Janis stroked them with the tips of her fingers. He was about a half a foot away from her pussy.

Janis ran a hand over the top of his head, mussing his hair. Then she placed her hand on the back of his head, feeling him tremble. She pulled at his head, spreading her legs wide. "Kiss it!" she demanded. "Kiss my pussy, Trent! Put your mouth on my cunt and give it a nice, wet, hot kiss!"

She shoved Trent's face into her hairy pussy, grinding her cunt against his mouth. Trent tried to pull away, but she held him there, her hot inner thighs pressing against his smooth cheeks.

Terri stood at one side, watching her mother writhe her pussy into Trent's face. "Make him suck your cunt, Mom! Make Trent stick his tongue up your cunt and fuck you! Make him tongue-fuck your pussy, Mom!"

"You hear what my daughter is saying, Trent?" Janis's eyes blazed down into the boy's upturned eyes. "You heard what Terri said! Start sucking my pussy! Eat it, Trent! Tongue me, damn you! Stick your fucking tongue up my cunt and fuck me!"

She pressed her wet cunt hard into the boy's face, twisting into his mouth. Greg had become so excited that he could not stand still. He danced from foot to foot behind his mother, his eyes burning on her flexing, writhing ass cheeks. His cock stuck rigid from the legs of his cut-offs, and his fist was gripping his prick hard.

"Eat my cunt, damn you!" Janis yelled, holding Trent's face hard against her crotch. "Eat it... suck my pussy!"

Trent felt he had no choice, as indeed he did not. For one thing, he could not pull his mouth away because Janis was holding him too tight, and her inner thighs seemed to burn his cheeks as she closed them against him. He had to put his hands on her thighs to help brace his body as she began to work her cunt to and fro. His tongue came out in a tentative stroke, and Janis yelped with pleasure.

"That's it, Trent! Lick it for me! Lick my cunt, Trent! You made my daughter fuck you, and I'm making you eat my pussy. Fair is fair, Trent! Eat it good for me! Lick it for me... suck it... eat me!"

Caught up in the tonguefucking, Trent's tongue slithered into Janis's cunt, and he fucked in and out. Instinctively, he began to suck on her distended clit, making Janis wiggle and sigh with pleasure. Her thick, curly cunt hair tickled his nose and chin. He ran his tongue in and out of her slippery, steamy cunt, tasting her seeping fuck fluids. He found, to his surprise, that he loved tonguefucking a cunt. He moved his tongue faster and faster, making Janis moan with bubbling ecstasy.

Terri could not keep her hands off Trent. She dropped to her knees at his side, grabbing his cock in her hot, tight fist. She began to jack him off as he sucked on her mother's hairy, hot pussy.

"That's it, Terri!" Janis urged in a hot voice when she saw what her daughter was doing. "Jack his cock off, baby! Jack his fucking cock off while he tonguefucks my cunt!"

"I am, Mom!" Terri yelped with excitement, watching her fist beat on his throbbing, hard cock. "I am jacking him off!"

"Make him cum, baby!" Janis shouted as she writhed her hairy cunt into the boy's face. "Make his cock cum!"

"I will, I will!" Terri mewled as she tightened her fingers on his cock, pumping his prick swiftly.

Greg, his own cock in hand, was on his knees behind his mother's naked ass. He could no longer stand there and watch her ass cheeks writhe and shake. He used his free hand to feel her ass, running his hand all over her creamy, shapely, writhing ass. Moving his face close, he kissed his mother's ass cheek moistly.

"Ooooo, Greg!" Janis cooed when she felt her son's mouth on her naked ass. "That's good, darling! Ohhh, kiss my ass, Greg! Kiss mother's hot ass... eat my cunt, Trent... jack his cock off, Terri!"

Her legs were shaking, becoming weak. Trent's tongue felt as if he was licking everywhere in her boiling cunt. He was licking furiously, fucking his tongue in and out of her wet pussy, then drawing his tongue up and flicking at her sensitive, throbbing clit. Janis's naked body trembled with growing ecstasy as he sucked her clit between his teeth, his tongue flipping eagerly over the tip. She could feel her daughter rubbing the head of Trent's cock along her lower legs, and even that sent thrills racing through her.

Greg ran the flat surface of his tongue up and down the sweet, smooth cheeks of his mother's ass, pumping on his cock furiously. He felt another hand reaching for his cock.

"Let me!" Terri shouted with intense excitement. "Let me jack your cock off, Greg! I wanna jack both of you off while you lick on Mom's cunt and ass!"

Greg turned loose and grunted as his sister's hand closed tightly around his throbbing cock, jacking his prick swiftly. He slipped his tongue all around his mother's writhing hot ass, thrilled almost beyond his senses. He slipped his tongue up and down her ass crack, then probed deeply between her hot, shaking ass cheeks. He lapped at her tight ass, making his mother yelp with pleasure.

"Ohhh, honey, honey!" Janis groaned, reaching one hand behind her body and holding her son's head to her ass, still clinging to Trent's head in front. "Lick it for me! Lick my ass, baby! Suck my cunt, Trent... Greg, lick my ass! Ohhh, this is good! It's so fucking good! Two tongues licking me... one at my cunt and one at my ass! Oooo, I'm going to cum so good! Eat me, both of you, eat me! Tongue-fuck my pussy, Trent! Lick my ass, Greg! Jack those hard, sweet cocks, Terri!"

"Oooo, Mom!" Terri gasped as she pumped the two cocks. "Mom, they're so fucking hard! Their cocks are so fucking hard! I'm gonna make both of them cum!"

"Yes, Terri! Yes!" Janis moaned.

Trent was running his tongue up and down her cunt with swift, pressing strokes, making sounds in his throat as Terri jerked his throbbing cock. His face was becoming smeared with her slippery fluids and that seemed to thrill him, too. He gripped her thighs hard as he tongued and licked at her hairy pussy.

Try as he could, Greg could not shove his tongue up his mother's ass. The position was not right for him and he had to satisfy himself by licking around her ass. The cheeks of her ass were hot against his face, and he could hardly breathe because his nose was trapped between her ass cheeks. But that didn't matter to him...he was so excited he could have held his breath... as long as his sister kept jacking his cock and his tongue kept licking his mother's ass.

Terri was hardly aware that she was pressing her lips against her mother's hip as she jacked the two throbbing cocks, kissing the smooth flesh. Her own little pussy was throbbing as powerfully as the cocks in her hands. She felt as if she might cum at any time.

Janis's naked body was shuddering with intense delight, her naked tits jiggling and her nipples painfully swelling. She turned her head into the hot sun, eyes closed as ecstasy flooded her slender, curvy body, her mouth open, gasping in pleasure. She could feel her orgasm bubbling hotly in the it of her trembling pussy. She could hardly wiggle her hips because of the two young faces against her cunt and ass.

As much as he loved to fuck or suck a hard delicious cock, Janis had never felt so much pleasure as she was feeling at this moment. This was a totally new experience for her having two hungry mouths at her body, at her cunt and ass.

She began to cum in a series of clutching hot waves, mewling and whimpering softly as they grew with intensity. She felt as if she couldn't take much more of this, that if her orgasms became any stronger, she would fall to the ground in a faint. The pleasure was getting to be too much for her to bear. She yipped and shouted loudly, her mind senseless to her surroundings, to everything but the sweet, hot ecstasy that was filling ever fiber of her being.

"Oooooo!" she groaned, the sound becoming louder and louder. "Oh... oh... Ohhh! Sweet, sweet fuck! Ohhhh, fuck it, fuck it, fuck it! I'm going to cum, cum so fucking much! Eat my pussy ... Lick my ass! Ohhh, tongue-fuck me... tongue-fuck my cunt ... tongue-fuck me up my hot ass! Ooooo... Ahhhh, shit! There... Oh, there! I'm coming again! Damn, damn, damn! I'm coming... coming so fucking hard!"

Terri pumped furiously on her brother's and Trent's cocks pressing her cheek against her mother's twitching hip. She was pulling on their cocks so hard that the two boys grunted. Their tongues brought Janis to the very peak of ecstasy.

Then there was a grunt from both boys, a loud, drawnout grunt. Terri felt their cocks jerk powerfully, in her fists, then their thick cum spurted. She jacked as they came, her fists becoming smeared with fuck juice. Her little ass jiggled and swayed, and she whimpered softly against her mother's hip as she came in sweet pleasure.

Janis felt the cum of the two cocks splash onto her legs and gave another yelp, her cunt bubbling over against Trent's mouth, her ass flexing against her son's tongue. Terri pulled away, taking her hands off the two cocks, sitting back.

"Mom," she said, giggling. "You have cum all over your legs!"

Greg and Trent moved from her naked, shivering body, and Janis looked down. She saw the pearl-white smears on her legs and laughed. "I felt them coming off," she said. "I liked it, too. It was so warm and slippery when they shot their cum on me."

She picked up her shirt and cleaned her legs with it. "We better get back to the house now," she said. "Trent, I don't think you should say anything about this to anyone. You did enjoy it, didn't you?"

Trent gulped and began to pull on his clothes. "I sure did, Janis! I didn't expect this to happen when I fucked Terri."

Janis kissed the boy. "You don't have to force her to fuck you, Trent. You don't even have to be afraid of fucking me. You would like to fuck me, wouldn't you?"

"Oh, yes!" he gurgled.

"Then don't say a word to anyone about this," Janis cautioned him. "Keep your mouth shut and I'll let you fuck my cunt... soon. Promise?"

"I sure do!" he agreed quickly.

"Then you run on," Janis said, kissing him. "We'll see you later."

Dressed, except that Janis carried her blouse and let her tits stay naked, they started home. "What if someone sees us, Mom?" Terri asked, looking around.

"They can just go fuck themselves," Janis said, laughing, holding their hands as they walked.

That evening, after dinner, Janis sat with her children in the house. She had not put on a blouse for the rest of the day, enjoying this freedom of nakedness. Terri, too, with a lot of naughty giggling, decided to go without her blouse. Greg, needless to say, was highly pleased to see his mother's and sister's naked tits. His cock stayed hard almost constantly, due to this delicious stimulation. Of course, his mother and sister teased him, now and then grabbing for his prick.

When the sun started to go down, they went out and sat under the ancient oak. Both Janis and Terri thought it was great fun to be almost naked outside. Greg could not keep his hands off them, caressing and twisting at their nipples playfully. He took his mother's tit in his mouth and sucked her nipple as he fondled his sister's tits, then switched, sucking on Terri's as he played with his mother's large tits.

After the sun had gone down and the full moon was high in the sky, casting a silvery light upon them, Greg pulled his cock free, letting his prick stick out hard from his cut-offs. His mother and sister thought he looked funny, walking around with a hard cock pointing the way.

When he stepped close to his mother, fondling her naked tits again, Janis leaned over and sucked his prick deep into her mouth. She loved the way her son's hardness throbbed between her lips, and she sucked on his prick slowly, lovingly, her tongue licking sweetly. Terri gripped his balls by sliding her hand between his thighs, rolling and twisting them in a gentle way as her mother sucked his cock.

When Terri leaned forward and began to lick his ass, Greg thought for sure he would cum. But he did not. His mother's mouth was hot and wet on his prick and his sister licked all about his quivering ass cheeks, and finally delved her tongue into his ass crack. Lapping at his tight ass.

"Let's make Greg cum, Mom!" Terri said, pulling her face away from his ass. "Let's make his cock cum all over the fucking place!"

Janis sucked off his hard prick, laughing. "Would you like that, Greg? Do you want Terri and I to make your sweet cock squirt?"

"I wanna suck his cock, Mom!" Terri squealed. "I wanna make him cum in my mouth again!"

"Why don't you suck each other?" Janis suggested. "That can be a lot of fun."

"Yes!" Terri agreed hotly. "Come on, Greg, let's suck each other!"

She stripped her shorts off quickly, her eyes burning on her brother as he removed his. At their mother's suggestion, Terri lay on the grass, and Greg leaned over her, his face above her almost-hairless cunt. His cock dangled above his sister's mouth. He slipped his hands underneath her saucy sweet ass and cupped her ass cheeks.

"Fuck your sister's mouth, Greg!" Janis urged in a hot voice from behind him. "Fuck Terri's mouth... and eat her pussy at the same time!"

Greg shoved his mouth against his sister's wet cunt, licking swiftly. His cock was engulfed by Terri's hungry mouth, and he began to fuck in and out. His tongue shot as deep as he could make it go into his sister's tight, slippery pussy.

Janis watched his cock fucking in and out of her daughter's mouth and rubbed at her crotch. Her eyes were bright with excitement. She loved to see her two children fucking and sucking, and the sight made her so damned hot she almost came without being touched at all. From where she sat, she could see Terri's lips tightly stretched around Greg's cock, his hairless balls banging about her nose and eyes. His tight ass flexed visibly in the light of the full moon. The soft mewls and murmurs her children made sent chills of pleasure through her. She pressed her hand hard against her cunt, rubbing with a rolling motion.

"Ohhh, kids!" she murmured. "That is so damned beautiful! Watching you two eat each other is so fucking beautiful! Ahhh, it makes me so hot! My cunt is actually burning just from watching you! Suck your brother's cock, Terri! Eat her hot little, oh-so-sweet cunt, Greg!"

Leaning forward Janis rubbed her rigid nipple on her son's ass, trying to poke her nipple against his ass. She managed to get the tip against his ass, and felt his ass flex at her nipple.

"Oooo, I'm fucking you up the ass with my tit, Greg!" she cooed hotly. "Can you feel mother's tit against your tight ass, honey! Ohhh, I wish I could get my nipple inside your ass!"

Terri gurgled moistly as her brother's cock slipped in and out of her clinging lips. She lifted her little ass and ground her slippery cunt into his face, feeling his tongue fucking in and out, his chin pressing her steamy little clit. She loved the way his balls brushed at her nose and eyes, and she cupped his ass cheeks as her mother probed his ass with her nipple.

Greg shoved his tongue deeply into his sister's slippery cunt, fucking his tongue in and out. He could feel the way her pussy flexed on his tongue, and the mewls she was making told him she was coming. He could taste her fuck fluids, and he had to swallow now and then. He lapped at her cunt swiftly, making her jerk her ass about in ecstasy.

Then Greg felt the wetness of his mother's tongue against his ass and gave a soft yelp as her tongue suddenly plunged into his ass.

Janis shoved her tongue up her son's ass and thrust her tongue back and forth, clinging to his thighs with tight hands. He was no longer fucking his sister in the mouth, but Terri was sucking in a frenzy as she came time and again, her excited gurgles filling the night air.

Janis stabbed her tongue quickly in and out of her son's ass, mewling her own pleasure. Her lips surrounded his ass. She tried to suck at the same time her tongue fucked, feeling his body shiver. Then she felt his ass become very tight on her tongue, and knew he was coming, gushing his cum into his sister's mouth. The way Greg's ass flexed on her tongue sent a hot flow of pleasure from her tongue to her cunt, and Janis was amazed that this, too, made her cum. Everything was making her cum lately. Her tongue fucked Greg in his ass.

When she slipped her tongue free of his ass, Greg pulled his cock from his sister's sucking mouth. There was a silvery glob of cum clinging to the cockhead, and Janis quickly licked the cum away.

After a while, Janis said it was getting late and they should go in and get ready for bed. Gathering up discarded clothing, they started for the house. Janis thought it was very enjoyable seeing her children naked this way. There was something fresh about their sweet, young bodies. Terri's little ass was so smooth and kissable, just as Greg's was.

"I'm gonna sleep with Terri tonight," Greg said as they went through the door. "I'm gonna sleep with Terri and fuck her all night long!"

Janis laughed. "You couldn't keep up with your sister, honey," she said.

"I wanna fuck her up the ass, Mom," he said. "I wanna fuck her in the ass like I did you, Mom. I like my cock up your ass!"

"You're turning into a little ass fucker," Janis laughed. "But that's up to Terri, not me."

"I wanna try it," Terri murmured, grabbing the cheeks of her ass. "I'd kinda like to see what it's like, a cock up my ass!"

Fortunately, the shower in the master bedroom was large enough for all three, but just barely. They squeezed into it and soaped each other. There was a lot of laughing and feeling going on. Janis felt wonderful being able to play with her children this way. She felt as though her children were the best children any mother could possibly have.

After drying each other off with Greg spending a great deal of time rubbing the towel about his mother's and sister's naked asses, Janis said, "I think we can all fit in my bed. It's a big one and we won't be all that crowded."

Terri and Greg jumped onto the bed with gleeful giggles. Janis sat on the edge watching them with affection. She fondled her naked tits as they wrestled about. Her eyes gazed at the flashing cock and balls of her son, at the scantily haired cunt and small, but very shapely, tits of her daughter. They looked, somehow, like two innocent children to her. And they were, really. She scooted to the head of the bed and leaned against the headboard, drawing her knees up.

"I see you!" Greg cried, pointing at his mother. "I see you!"

Janis looked down, then smiled at her son. "Just what do you see, honey?"

"Your hairy cunt, that's what I see!"

Janis opened her knees and revealed her pussy to his wide eyes. His cock was standing up again, throbbing and ready. "Look all you want," she said. "I have nothing to hide any more, do I?"

Terri grabbed for her brother's cock and began to jack on his prick firmly. "You're always getting a hard on, Greg," she whispered. "I like your cock when it's hard. Are you still gonna fuck me up my ass?"

"You wanna try it?" he asked.

"Oh, yes!" Terri squealed, squeezing his prick hard. "I sure do wanna try it!"

"Come on, darling," Janis said, becoming excited now. "You just shove your ass over the edge of the bed. Lie on your back."

Terri was quick to comply, her rounded little ass dangling over the edge of the bed, her feet on the floor. She opened her legs wide. "I don't see how it's gonna work this way, Mom. Shouldn't I be on my hands and knees?"

"It will work," she replied. "Trust me."

She had Greg get on the floor between his sister's spread thighs. "Draw your knees up to your sweet tits, Terri," Janis instructed.

Terri did so, and the action caused her ass to lift. Her sweet young cunt was revealed as was the tight pucker of her ass. She held her legs by her knees, holding her head up to watch, eyes wide and glowing with anticipated pleasure. She was already breathing swiftly, her small tits rising and falling as her excitement increased.

Janis stood on her knees at Greg's side, her hand holding his cock at the base. She pulled his prick forward and rubbed his swollen cock head about Terri's flexing ass.

"Oooo, nice!" Terri gurgled when she felt his prick there. "It feels good so far, Mom!"

Janis placed one hand on her son's ass as she held his cock against Terri's ass. She pushed with her hand, watching the swollen head of his cock press against the pucker of Terri's ass. "You have to shove harder, Greg," she said. "It's harder to get in an ass than a cunt! Push harder... it will go in!"

Terri was shaking with this new pleasure, already mewling softly. She felt her brother's cock pressing harder against her tight ass, and his touch sent a ripple of ecstasy flowing through her naked little body. She held her ass up for him, her eyes becoming unfocused.

"Push, Greg!" Janis urged, pressing against his ass. "It's almost there! Push it up her ass!"

Greg pushed hard, his own eyes wide as he stared down. He looked at Terri's tender cunt and saw the way her clit glistened. He could also see the head of his cock sinking into her ass.

"Ohhhh!" Terri grunted.

Greg's cock slipped into the tightness of his sister's ass, and his prick went all the way in, pressing his mother's hand between Terri's hot little ass and his balls.

"Oooo! Ohhhh!" Terri whimpered, her face twisting with momentary pain. "Is it all in me? Does Greg have all of his cock in my ass, Mom? Ohhh, it sure feels big in there! Oooo, it feels good, too!"

"It's all the way up your ass, darling!" Janis said in a husky voice. She took hold of her son's balls and tugged lightly at them. "Fuck her, Greg! Fuck Terri in her ass now! My God, that looks so beautiful! Fuck her, baby, fuck your sister's cute, tight ass!"

Greg began thrusting his cock in and out, his hands resting on the smooth backs of Terri's thighs. He could hardly believe the hot tightness of her ass. The puffy lips of Terri's cunt were wet, and he could not resist running his fingers over them as his cock fucked in and out of her gripping ass.

Janis stared with hot eyes, gripping her son's pumping ass in one hand and his balls in the other. "Fuck it for her, Greg! Fuck her little ass good and hard!"

Terri was squealing with the intensity of this surprising pleasure. Her ass felt as if her ass were on fire, burning up. But the sensation was so good she did not want his cock pulled out under any circumstances. She wiggled her ass against him, mewling and whimpering with delight.

"Oooo, wow, This is good, Mom!" she squealed in a pleased voice. "I like it, I like it! Fuck my ass, Greg! Oh, fuck me up my ass! I had no idea it would feel this good, being fucked up the ass! Fuck it, Greg!"

Janis saw her daughter's hand race down between her thighs and watched as Terri began to fingerfuck her slippery pussy as Greg drove his cock deeply up her ass. She was overjoyed at the reaction of her children, never dreaming they would be so damned erotic, so willing to engage in every act of sex imaginable.

"Greg, Greg," she whimpered in a thick voice, "Fuck her little ass! Oh, honey, fuck Sari's tight, little oh-so-hot ass! Fingerfuck your cunt, Terri! Doesn't that feel wonderful... fingerfucking your cunt with Greg fucking you up the ass?"

"Ohhh, it sure does, Mom!" Terri wailed, writhing her ass wildly. "I wish... I wish I had a cock in my cunt, too! Both at the same time! Oh, Mom, I'd die with so much pleasure for sure!"

Janis knew the feeling. She gripped her son's ass cheek tight, still clinging to his balls, watching his cock fuck back and forth, seeing Terri's finger diving in and out of her scantily haired pussy. She loved the hot sounds they made, sounds that filled the room. She loved the movements and twisting and murmurs of intense delight. She was almost completely satisfied to watch them fucking but not quite. She wanted something up her cunt and ass too, but she would not take this pleasure away from her daughter. She knew her turn would come later. She wanted her children to enjoy all this wild, abandoned sex to the fullest. Janis knew she would not be ignored.

Greg plunged his cock deep into his sister's ass, grunting with the hot pleasure. Terri's eyes were still wide with the surprise of this ecstatic sensation, and she was gurgling hotly. Her finger stabbed in and out of her cunt, now and then drawing up to rub almost brutally at her swollen, throbbing clit.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" Terri wailed as she tried to throw her naked little ass higher. "Ohhh, I love it... a cock up my ass! Fuck my ass, Greg! Ooooo, fuck my ass! I think I'll cum pretty soon! Fuck me in my hot ass, Greg! Oh, fuck me in my hot fucking ass!"

"Uh... uh... uh!" Greg grunted, his fingers digging into his sister's thighs now. He was straining hard into her ass, gasping hotly.

Janis, still holding the cheek of his ass tight in her hand, his balls in the other, was licking at her lips as pleasure rippled throughout her naked body. She could feel her own cunt bubbling wetly, the insides of her thighs becoming slippery. Her tits were very swollen as she pressed one against her daughter's thigh and the other at her son's hip.

"Fuck your sister's ass, baby!" she urged hotly. "Ohhh, that's beautiful, watching your hard cock fucking Terri in her ass! My God, it's going to make me cum, too, just watching! Give it to her, Greg! Give Terri all that hard cock! Ohhh, such a sweet, hard cock, baby! What a wet, hot cunt you have, Terri ...and such a hot ass! Fuck her, Greg, fuck her good and hard! Squirt it up your sister's ass! Cum in her hot fucking ass, baby!"

"I will, Mom!" Greg shouted as he pumped his cock in and out furiously now. His body was shaking and she could feel his balls becoming very tight in her hand. "I'm gonna cum up her ass! I'm gonna shoot it right up Terri's tight fucking ass, Mom!"

"Yes, yes!" Terri squealed as she rocked her naked ass in all directions. "Cum in my ass, Greg! I wanna feel you coming up my tight ass! Oooo, I'm gonna cum, too! My pussy is gonna cum, too! Ohhh, I think my ass is gonna cum... it feels so fucking good!"

"I'm doing it!" Greg shouted suddenly, ramming his cock hard and deep into his sister's ass. "I'm coming, Terri! I'm coming up your ass!"

"I feel it!" Terri shouted, her naked little body trembling violently. "I feel your cock squirting up my ass hole! Ohhh, it feels good! Your cock is filling my ass up, Greg! More, squirt some more in me! I'm coming, too!"

Terri's finger was fucking in and out of her flexing cunt, and Janis could almost feel it herself. Her cunt was steaming, but she did not cum. Her immediate pleasure was in the sight of her two children. Her hands gripped Greg's balls tightly, but the one on his ass had gone, now squeezing her daughter's shaking ass.

Greg became so weak he could no longer stand on his knees. His cock slipped from his sister's ass with a soft, moist pop and he sat on the floor, gasping heavily. Terri's legs came down and she lay there, her knees wide apart, her naked body trembling. Her face held the expression of a young girl that had just experienced one of the most ecstatic feelings a person could have.

Janis crawled upon the bed and stretched out, waiting for her children to recover. When they were in the bed with her, one on each side, she wrapped her arms about them lovingly.

"We still gotta catch Sarah," Greg said sleepily. "She's the last one now, Mom."

"We'll get her, darling," Janis said, hugging him against her tits. "Don't worry, we'll get her, too."

They awoke late the following morning. They were tangled around one another, arms and legs pressing. Greg had his lips close to his mother's nipple, and while his eyes were still closed, Janis gently shoved the nipple into her son's mouth. Greg, half asleep, began sucking on her tit, making comfortable sounds.

Terri, rubbing her eyes, sat up and looked. She giggled. "He's just a little baby, and he's gotta have his titty for breakfast."

"Don't be cruel, Terri," Janis said. "I've never known a man...or boy...that didn't love to suck on a tit once in a while."

Greg opened his eyes, drawing his mouth off his mother's tit. "Okay, you asked for it!" he said, and jumped on his sister. She went sprawling back, arms and legs flying, still giggling. Greg latched onto one of her small nipples and sucked her tit vigorously. She held his head tightly against her tit, cooing with pleasure now.

Janis sat up and watched them for a moment, smiling at how happy they were. Then she crawled from the bed and went to the shower. She could hear them giggling and playing on her bed as she washed herself. She was hoping they would catch Sarah alone as they had managed to do with Trent and Paul. So far luck had been on their side. But catching the beautiful little blonde girl alone would be too much to ask for.

Drying herself, she went back into the bedroom and saw Greg fucking his sister furiously, grunting and laughing as he fucked against her upturned ass. Terri was on her hands and knees, watching their fuck in the mirror of the dresser. Her tight little tits jiggled as Greg banged into her, and she laughed gleefully.

"Just like a little puppy dog," Terri said. "That's what it looks like, Greg."

Janis could hear the soft, moist fucking sounds they made, and once again she felt her cunt responding. She dropped her towel to the floor and began to rub at her hairy pussy as she watched. But this morning, watching was not enough for her. She walked to the bed and crawled up beside her daughter, drawing her knees underneath and waving her rounded, naked ass in the air.

"Fuck me, Greg," she said. "Fuck me for a while!"

Greg pulled his cock from his sister's clinging pussy and slipped his prick into his mother's moist, hot cunt. He banged her a few times, then turned back to his sister's shivering, upturned ass. He fucked into her pussy a few times, then returned to his mother.

"I'm gonna fuck both of you," he said in a husky voice. "I'm gonna take turns in your cunts!"

"You do that, baby!" Janis shouted. "You just go right ahead and take turns fucking our cunts! But don't stay in one too long. See which cunt can make your cock squirt, Greg!"

Greg was almost beside himself as he went from his mother's hairy cunt to his sister's slightly haired pussy. Their two asses, up in the air this way, sent him into a shivering ecstasy. He kept one hand on his mother's naked ass and one on his sister's, feeling them as he fucked a few times in one then moved to the other. Both of their cunts felt identical to him, but there was still a subtle difference. He couldn't really tell what the difference was, and he was surprised to find them both just as tight, just as wet, and just as hot.

Janis waggled her naked ass when he was fucking her, sighing in pleasure. She held one of her tits with tight fingers. She cooed and mewled, and wished she could keep his sweet, hard, throbbing cock up her pussy. But that would not be fair to her daughter, who was gurgling and shaking her little ass, desperate for her brother's cock just as much as she was.

When his prick was up her cunt, Janis squeezed her muscles, gripping his fucking cock hard, almost as if she were sucking his prick. Each time Greg withdrew, his mother's pussy clung to him tightly, reluctant to let his prick come free. His sister's pussy was doing the same thing, and he was fighting hard to keep from coming just yet. He was having fun fucking both of them, going from one to the other, but it was so exciting to him, seeing those two round asses in the air, his cock going from one cunt to the other, that he was swiftly loosing the battle.

"I gotta cum!" he shouted loudly. "I gotta cum!"

His cock was inside Terri's cunt, and when he yelled, he fucked deep. Terri's pussy suddenly convulsed, and she screamed as her orgasm exploded. Her small, shapely ass shivered, and her pussy gripped her brother's cock with reflexive waves, closing and opening.

"Me, too!" Terri yelled. "I'm coming, too!"

"Shove your cock up me, Greg!" Janis yelped. "Shove your cock up my cunt, too!"

Somehow he managed to pull his spewing prick free of his sister's clutching pussy, shot a gob of cum directly against her squeezing ass, and rammed his cock into his mother's cunt just in time to squirt more cum up her pussy.

Janis felt his cum splash into her pussy and she exploded with a high-pitched squeal of pleasure. "I'm coming, too! Ohhh, baby, you came in both of us! You came in Terri's cunt and in mine, too... and made both of us cum! My God, who would ever believe that possible!"

Greg stood behind them, looking at them. Both still had their naked, sweet-looking ass cheeks up in the air, and he could see their cunts twitching between smooth thighs. Giggling childishly, he suddenly pressed his lips to his mother's ass, kissing her ass hotly. Then he did the same thing to his sister's quivering ass.

Both Janis and Terri turned to face him. "I think I might have been wrong last night," Janis said. "Perhaps you can keep up with Terri after all. Darling, you're more of a man than I suspected. Is that cock of yours always so hard and ready to fuck?"

"It sure has been the past few days, Mom," Greg observed.

"Just keep it nice and hard, Greg," Janis said. "We still have to find Sarah, and it's you that's going to fuck her. Do you think you're up to it?"

"I'm sure ready, Mom," he panted. "I've been wanting to fuck her ever since this started. She's kinda pretty, too."

"You two clean up while I fix us some breakfast," Janis said. "We've got to finish this today, if possible. I just hope Trent and Paul haven't warned their sister."

She watched them race off to the shower, laughing with youthful exuberance. She heard the shower start and from the giggles, knew they were playing around in there, too. She smiled to herself and went to the kitchen, not thinking about clothes at all. Clothing just didn't enter her mind.

By the time they came to the kitchen, Janis had platters of eggs and sausage with buttered toast. She also poured two huge glasses with cold milk for them. They were surprised to see that their mother was still naked, but all they did was giggle. Terri had pulled on shorts and blouse again, and Greg wore his cut-off jeans.

"I can't help it if I'm just a hot-assed mother," Janis said. "Besides, I never know when I'm going to get fucked around here ... this just makes it easier, that's all."

"Greg fucked me again in the shower," Terri volunteered, "up my ass!"

Janis laughed. "I thought so," she said. "I wish I knew about your cock before, honey. I had no idea you could stay so fucking hard!"

He grinned happily.

"You sure like his cock up your ass, don't you, Terri?" Janis asked.

"It's different," Terri murmured. "It feels a lot different than in my pussy. Yes, Mom, I like him fucking me in my ass."

"Where are gonna look for Sarah?" Greg asked.

"I hate the thought of tramping through the grove today," Terri said. "It's gonna be a hot one today, too."

"We could call her," Janis suggested. "Make up some excuse to get her here, couldn't we?"

"Suppose Trent or Paul told her about what we're doing?" Greg said. "She wouldn't come here then."

Janis frowned, thinking. "You know, I have an idea she knows. I'm willing to bet they've told her already. Terri, didn't you tell me Sarah was fucking her brothers?"

"She fucked Paul that day," Terri replied.

"Then I would say she was a hot-cunted little girl, wouldn't you?"

"She was that day," Terri laughed. "She fucked the piss out of Paul!"

Breakfast finished and the dishes done, Janis went to her room and dressed. Again she wore tight jeans and a shirt. She knew by this time that her son loved to see her in tight jeans. She did not wear a bra, enjoying the feel of freedom, her nipples poking at the thin fabric. She liked the way her tits were slightly visible.

The day was getting hotter, and she suspected they were in for a new heat wave. They sat under the huge oak at noon, sipping on ice-cold lemonade. It was just too hot to go searching the grove in the chance of catching Sarah alone. She was the last one that forced Terri to fuck Trent, and Janis was determined to get her hands on the beautiful little girl. No thought of revenge was in her mind now, only the pleasure she was getting, and the obvious pleasure her children got from this. She had no doubts now that both Paul and Trent had enjoyed themselves and felt they had no fear of her.

There was only the slightest breeze, and Janis opened her shirt to it, her tits naked. Terri, seeing this, did the same to her blouse. Greg, of course, was shirtless.

"I sure am hot," Terri complained.

"Where?" Greg teased. "Between the legs?"

"Oh, you!" Terri said, laughing. "All you think about is cunt, Greg."

"What am I supposed to think about with all this naked tit in my fucking face," he retorted. "Besides, you only think about hard cock lately, so what's the difference?"

"That's enough, you two," Janis said. "It's too hot to argue."

"We could fuck instead," Greg suggested, rubbing the front of his pants.

"Not out here," Terri complained. "We'd have to go in the house and turn the air conditioner on."

Janis spread her legs. "I should have put on shorts," she said. "Or at least a dress. And no panties!"

"I'd like that," Greg murmured, rubbing his finger along the head of his cock beneath his cut-offs.

"Maybe I could catch some air between my legs then."

"It's for sure you'd catch something between your legs, Mom," Greg said.

"I know." She smiled at him. "Like your hard cock, huh?"

Greg didn't seem to be affected by the heat at all. His cock was standing hard inside his shorts, his swollen prickhead protruding openly from the fringe. He wasn't even sweating as his mother and sister were doing. He pulled the leg of his cut-offs to one side, so his cock was free. Despite the heat, both Terri and Janis looked at his prick with interest. His cock was dripping from his cockhead, and Janis licked at her lips with anticipation. Beads of moisture stood on her upper lip, and her tits were wet with sweat, too. Terri, also, had sweat running down her tits, but her eyes glowed as she looked at her brother's throbbing cock.

"Come here, honey," Janis said. "I'll suck your prick off for you. Rather, you can fuck me in my mouth. It's even too hot out here for me to suck."

"We could go in the house," he suggested. "It's cooler."

"I don't want to move right now," his mother said, slumping in the lawn chair, her legs wide apart, her tits swelling with the heat. "Fuck my mouth, okay?"

Greg stood at her side and Janis turned her head to him. With his cock sticking from the fringed leg of his cut-offs, she opened her mouth as he shoved forward. Closing her lips about his prick, Greg began to fuck back and forth. Terri, on the other side of her mother, watched with interest, her hand inside her shorts now. Greg fucked slowly in and out of his mother's lips, fucking her. He was not in a real frenzy to cum, but simply enjoyed the sensation of her hot, wet mouth on his cock.

Janis closed her eyes and relaxed, but kept her lips tight on his prick. She, too, enjoyed the throbbing hardness of his cock fucking her mouth. Despite the steamy heat of the day, she could always enjoy this... if she didn't have to move very much. She found herself enjoying her son's cock more and more.

She had, also, enjoyed fucking Paul and making Trent suck her cunt. Perhaps it was their youth. But she had always loved to fuck and suck on a cock. The idea that all of them, including Greg and Terri, were just children seemed to increase her erotic desires. There was something fresh and exciting about their young bodies that appealed to her erotic nature.

Her tongue licked slowly as her son fucked in and out of her mouth, the hardness of his prick throbbing against her lips, making them tingle with pleasure. She loved the way his smoothly swollen cockhead felt against the roof of her mouth and tongue, the way his prick dripped until she had to swallow frequently. She loved the way he held the back of her head, stabbing as far as he could into her mouth, his round prickhead brushing at her throat. She especially loved when his cock was almost out of her mouth, with just his sweet cockhead inside, spurting his delicious, sweet-tasting cum over her tongue.

Greg fucked his mother's mouth slowly, without the furious movements he usually used. It gave Janis more time to savor his cock, more time to taste and enjoy his prick. Sometimes she wanted him to fuck her mouth in a brutal frenzy of delight, and other times she wanted to be mouthfucked nice and slow as he was doing now.

Greg felt his balls draw up tight, and he fucked a little faster. Janis felt his prick throbbing stronger between her lips and gave a soft mewl of pleasure, realizing he was about to cum. Her tongue moved about his hard cock, licking in a faster movement.

When his prick spurted, Greg held himself still, not moving at all, just the head of his cock between his mother's lips. Janis murmured softly as his cum splashed over her tongue. The sweetness of his cum thrilled her, as his cum always did. She swallowed, lapping the tip of her tongue over his spewing cockhead, soft moans of pleasure bubbling from her.

Finished, Greg pulled his cock from her clinging lips. Janis reached up and caressed his prick, then kissed the very tip of his cock. "That was sweet, darling," she whispered, licking her lips.

They heard a soft giggle, and Janis, Greg, and Terri looked up in surprise. Sarah stood near the edge of the orange grove peeking at them.

"Mom, she saw you!" Terri shouted.

Janis remained where she was, gazing at the pretty blonde girl. Greg, shocked, stood next to his mother with his cock hanging from his shorts. Sarah stared back at them.

"Don't worry, Terri," Janis said, noticing the fear in her daughter's voice. "We certainly don't have anything to be concerned about, remember?"

"I forgot," Terri murmured.

Sarah remained where she was, still staring at the three. She was wearing jeans and a sleeveless blouse, scuffed sneakers on her feet. As usual, her hair was pulled back in twin ponytails. Janis thought the girl looked far too sweet and innocent to have been fucking her brothers, let alone a party to what they had done to Terri. Sarah looked as if she had never heard of sex, not even the word.

Lifting her hand, Janis crooked her finger at the girl. "Come over here, Sarah," she said in a quiet voice."

Sarah approached. There was no fear on her sweet, innocent face. Her blue eyes seemed to sparkle with an inner mischief. She came to stand near Janis's knees, but her eyes were now fixed upon Greg's still-exposed cock.

"How long have you been standing there, Sarah?" Janis asked, her voice still quiet. "What did you see?"

With her eyes still gazing at Greg's cock, Sarah replied, her voice soft, "I been there long enough, Janis. I saw what you did to Greg."

Janis was silent for a while, looking at the girl. Finally she said, "Does that interest you, Sarah?"


"Greg's cock," Janis chuckled throatily. "You're certainly staring at it hard. Does my son's cock interest you, honey?"

"I never saw it before," Sarah said in a voice that was becoming excited.

"But you've seen the cocks of Trent and Paul, haven't you?" Janis said. "You've seen those cocks. Is there a difference?"

Sarah glanced accusingly at Terri. "You wasn't supposed to tell, Terri," she accused.

"You mean you don't know?" Janis asked. "About your brothers?"

"Know what?"

Janis realized that Trent and Paul had not said anything to their sister. Sarah did not know what she and her children had done with them. She dropped her line of questioning for the time being. Janis saw that her son's cock was swelling again, arching up from the fringes of his cut-offs.

"Lift your dress!" Janis said suddenly.

Sarah's eyes widened, turning back to Janis. "But I didn't do anything, Janis," she protested. "All I did was help hold Terri. I didn't do anything to her."

"You helped hold her," Janis replied. "Don't you think that's enough? Terri didn't want to fuck, did she?"

"She said she didn't," Sarah conceded.

"Then why did you hold her for your brothers?"

"They wanted to fuck her," Sarah said, as if that was all the explanation necessary.

"Lift you dress," Janis said again.

"I don't... don't wanna do that," Sarah protested, but she was once more gazing with interest at Greg's cock, now straining up in full hardness.

"Terri didn't want to either," Janis reminded the blonde girl. "Now this will make it even. You helped your brothers fuck my daughter, so it's only right that I help my son fuck you. Now, lift up your dress!"

Sarah had no choice, and she knew it. She pulled her dress up, stopping at her hips.

"To your waist," Janis said. "I want you to pull your dress to your waist."

Sarah did as she was told, and Janis was amused to see the little girl shoot coy, flirting glances at her son. Sarah had on a pair of very tight white panties. She looked appetizing, standing there with her skirt about her waist.

"Terri, pull Sarah's panties off," Janis said.

Terri was eager to comply, and she began to strip the tight panties from the shaking girl. Sarah stepped out of them, still holding her skirt high. Janis saw the girl had the faintest of blonde fuzz on her sweet-looking young cunt, fuzz that was quite appealing. She told the girl to turn around, and all three of them looked at the sweet swell of her saucy ass. Greg could not keep his hands off Sarah. He moved close to her and felt about her sweet ass cheeks. Janis was amused by his interest, thinking of how he was always feeling her ass.

"I think my son wants to fuck you, Sarah " Janis said. The heat of the day was forgotten during the excitement. None of them were bothered by the temperature now.

"She's gotta suck my cock, Mom," Greg said, his voice cracking with excitement. "I want Sarah to suck on my cock!"

"But I didn't... my brother's didn't do anything like that with Terri," Sarah protested, her voice barely a whisper. The sweet cheeks of her saucy ass quivered, and Janis wasn't sure if her tremors were from fear or desire.

"Have you ever sucked a cock, Sarah?" Janis asked.

"No." The girl shook her head.

"Terri had never been fucked before either," she reminded the girl. "Since you have been fucked, then you're going to have to suck on Greg's cock."

Sarah was facing them again, still holding her skirt high, as if she had forgotten it. Her eyes darted to Greg's throbbing prick again, and she licked her lips nervously. "I don't... do I have to, Janis?"

"You do," Janis replied. "Get on your knees, honey. You might learn to like being a cocksucker! Okay, let's not fuck around anymore... get down on your knees!"

Shaking, Sarah dropped to her knees, and Greg immediately stepped close to her, his cock waving in her face. He was holding it tightly, arching his hips forward, his eyes burning with desire. With his other hand he grabbed Sarah by one of her long ponytails, bringing her face close to his cock. He smeared the dripping cockhead back and forth on her lips.

"Mmmmm!" Sarah grunted, her lips tightly together. She was trying to shove him from her face by placing her hands on his hips, but it didn't do her any good.

"Open your mouth!" Greg demanded, pressing his cock against her tight lips. "Come on, Sarah! Open your fucking mouth!"

"Don't be so rough, baby," Janis said. "She'll suck your cock. Just don't be so rough with her." She watched her son stop shoving. "Sarah, you've got to take his cock in your mouth. Open your lips. You'll love it, I promise you that."

Sarah allowed her lips to open slightly, and Greg brushed them with the head of his dripping prick. He felt her teeth against his cock, then her teeth moved aside. He pressed his prick into the kneeling girl's mouth. Sarah closed her lips about his cock, and her blue eyes gazed into his face. She held his hips still but was not trying to push him away now.

"There, you see," Janis said. "That isn't so bad, is it, Sarah? Just start sucking on his cock! That's all there is to it! Suck him Sarah! Suck Greg's cock, honey!"

Janis saw the change in those blue eyes. Apprehension was no longer in them. Now they sparkled with a deep interest, with a desire. Sarah began to suck on Greg's cock slowly, becoming accustomed to his prick in her mouth. As she felt more comfortable, she began to use her tongue to lick on his cock as her lips glided back and forth. Her small, but very shapely body, trembled, but the tremor was from bubbling pleasure now. Her mouth filled with his dripping juices, and she had to swallow often. Janis remained in her chair. Terri now stood beside her mother. They both watched the blonde girl sucking on Greg's cock, excited smiles on their faces.

"She likes sucking his cock, Mom!" Terri said. "She really likes it!"

"I would say so, darling," Janis replied, squeezing at her tits. "Yes, I would say that Sarah is going to be a very good, and very eager, little cocksucker!"

Greg was dancing about with enjoyment, holding the back of Sarah's head as she sucked him. "Her mouth is sure hot and wet!" he shouted to no one in particular. "Wow, I like the way Sarah sucks cock!"

"Eat him up, Sarah!" Terri urged in a thick, excited, little-girl voice. "Eat his cock up! Suck him off! Make Greg cum in your fucking, cocksucking mouth!"

Greg moved his hands to the girl's shoulders, pumping his cock back and forth as she sucked him. He was so excited by having Sarah suck his cock, he could not remain still. He pulled the fringed leg of his cut-offs far to one side, so his balls were exposed, too. He would have taken his shorts off, but that would mean Sarah would have to take her mouth off his cock, and he didn't want to lose this pleasure, not for a second.

"Ohhhh, suck it, Sarah!" he yelled. "Suck my cock! That's good, Sarah! Suck it good for me!"

Sarah could feel his cock throbbing against her tight, wet lips. Her tongue rolled and lapped, and she felt as if her little mouth was stuffed more than her mouth had ever been stuffed in her life. Yet she found having his prick in her mouth was good, almost as good as having her brothers' cocks fucking into her tight, hot little cunt. There was no thought in her mind what she would do when he came. She was far too involved just from sucking him right now. She liked the hotness of his prick, the smoothness of his cockhead sliding over her tongue. She enjoyed the way his body trembled against her hands, and her little, tight ass twisted and writhed, her cunt throbbing and becoming extremely wet between her smooth thighs.

Janis could see the excitement and pleasure Sarah was experiencing, and she knew there would be no difficulties with her, just as there had been none with her brothers. Her mind was going over the possibilities, the things she could enjoy with all five of these erotic-minded children. She was rubbing one hand up and down her cunt now, the other still clawing and feeling her large tit. Terri, too, was feeling herself. Mother and daughter watched the blonde beauty sucking Greg's cock, bubbling with a swelling desire that made them wish they, too, had a cock to suck or fuck. It was beautiful and sweet, the way Sarah's lips stretched around Greg's cock, the way she sucked the full length into her mouth now without any difficulty. It was a pleasure to see her hungrily sucking, the shining heat in her blue eyes and the soft gurgles that bubbled from her now. It was beautiful the way she twisted her cute little ass, her movements showing the intense pleasure she was getting.

Greg was getting very close to coming, and he shook violently as the pretty girl devoured his prick in desperate hunger now. Her tongue was flying about his prick wildly, and she was mewling softly.

"I'm gonna cum!" Greg shouted, his straining body shuddering. "I'm gonna cum! Ooooo, suck hard, Sarah! Suck hard on my cock! I'm gonna cum!"

"Squirt it, Greg!" Terri squealed. "Squirt your cum in her cocksucking mouth! cum in her fucking mouth, Greg!"

"Give her a taste of your sweet cum, baby!" Janis urged, pressing her hand hard into her cunt. "Don't let her jerk away when you cum! Make her take it all... swallow your cum! Cum, baby, cum in her little, hot, cocksucking mouth!"

"I am! I am!" Greg snorted, his eyes closed and his head high. "I'm coming! I'm coming off in her fucking mouth-now!"

Sarah had been so absorbed in sucking his throbbing cock, enjoying this new sensation, she had not really heard their voices. Her eyes popped wide as her tongue suddenly became coated with his thick cum. For a moment she was startled, not knowing what had happened. Then she tasted his cum, and a loud squeal of delight erupted from her. She sucked very hard on Greg's cock now, her tongue fluttering all around his prick. She continued to squeal and gurgle as she swallowed, her smooth throat working in a gulping manner.

As Greg began to pull away, Sarah's face followed him, her mouth reluctant to let his cock free. But he pulled from her lips, then looked down at the pretty girl. "You're good," he said. "Was that really the first time you sucked a cock off, Sarah?"

She nodded her head shyly, her eyes flashing bashfully at Janis.

"Did you enjoy it, honey?" Janis asked.

Again Sarah nodded her head.

Now that the excitement was over, the heat came back to them. Janis got to her feet, her cunt burning. "Let's go inside, kids," she said. "I'll make us some more lemonade."

The children followed Janis into the house, and they sat in the cool living room, sipping their drinks. Janis smiled when she caught a peek under Sarah's dress and realized her panties were still out there on the lawn, forgotten. She questioned Sarah about fucking her brothers, and Sarah gave answers in a shy, hesitant way. She was not really embarrassed by her incestuous fucking, but her actions indicated she didn't want everyone to know about it, especially her parents.

"No one will ever know," Janis said. "We certainly won't say anything. But there's something you've got to do for us."

"But I did what you wanted me to do," Sarah said.

"Not everything," Janis replied. "That was only to find out if your mind was like ours."

"What do you mean?"

"We had to know if you liked to fuck and suck as much as we do... and your brothers." Janis saw the little girl's eyes go wide. "Oh, they love it! They love fucking very much." She then told Sarah what they had done with Paul and Trent.

"That's what they deserve," Sarah said. "I didn't really wanna force Terri. They made me do it."

"I believe you," Janis said. "But none of that matters anymore. Terri enjoyed being fucked, she wasn't hurt, and it brought us a lot of fun. But there's still something you must do for us."

"Okay," Sarah replied. Greg was sitting next to her, feeling her small, tight tits. "I'll do it, whatever you want."

"I want you to call your brothers and tell them to come here," Janis said. "They might find excuses if we called."

Sarah didn't question Janis. She picked up the telephone and called. She spoke to Trent, telling him where she was and that he and Paul were to come there right away.

"They're coming," she said after she hung up the phone. "They're coming right now."

While they waited for Trent and Paul, Janis fixed a light dinner for them. She prepared sandwiches and more lemonade. The house was comfortably cool because of the air-conditioner. She was very excited, thinking how wonderful things were turning out for her.

When she carried the platter of sandwiches and frosted pitcher of lemonade into the living room, she saw that her son was sitting next to Sarah, his hand under her dress, feeling her little cunt. She smiled at them, sitting the food and drink on the coffee table. Sarah was no longer as shy as she had been at first. She acted like a young girl who was preparing to get involved in something that was deliciously naughty.

Half an hour later, there was a knock on the door. Janis opened it to admit Trent and Paul. The two boys entered the house almost bashfully, looking at one another, wondering what was going on.

"Have yourselves a sandwich," Janis offered. "There's going to be a little party, just the six of us."

The brothers sat on the floor near the coffee table, taking a sandwich and eating. They looked at Greg, who was still feeling their sister up beneath her dress. Terri came over and sat between the brothers and immediately placed her hands in their laps. Both boys wore pants, and their faces turned red as she felt the cocks.

Janis laughed and said, "Don't be shy, kids. After all, everything that has happened has been fun so far, hasn't it?"

There were a few muffled agreements. Janis sat next to her son and began to fondle his cock by shoving the fringe of his cut-offs to one side. Both Trent and Paul stared with open-eyed surprise at her.

Greg shoved Sarah's dress to her waist, pulling her legs apart so her fuzzy little cunt was exposed. He slipped a finger into her pussy and stabbed back and forth as his cock began to swell in his mother's hand. Trent and Paul looked at one another again past Terri. Their cocks, too, were now as hard as they could be.

"Don't be bashful, kids," Janis said in a low, thick voice as she stroked her son's cock, running her fist up and down his prick. "Feel my daughter up. She loves to get her little pussy felt up, don't you, Terri?"

"Oooo, yes," Terri squealed, squeezing at the two cocks. "I love to have someone fingerfucking my cunt!"

"You should take off your shorts, darling," Janis said. "The boys can't get to your little pussy."

Terri immediately unzipped her shorts and shoved them off, giggling. She then removed her blouse and sat between the boys naked, giggling with excitement. Sarah, caught up in the excitement now, encouraged by Greg's fingerfucking of her steamy little pussy, quickly removed her remaining clothing and sat there as naked as Terri. Her firm tits were as shapely as Terri's and just as small. The only real difference was in the nipples... Terri's were dark brown whereas Sarah's were a pale, delicate, pink color. Once she was naked, Sarah spread her legs wide and scooted her little ass to the edge of the couch, and Greg was feeling her up once again.

"I think you and Paul should take your clothes off, too," Janis said to Trent. "And Greg, don't be shy, baby! We'd all like to see you naked, too."

The three boys removed their clothing swiftly, and. Janis gazed from cock to cock. Her eyes burned with desire, and her body was shivering with growing, pleasurable, anticipation. She was now the only one with clothes on, and her jeans felt suddenly too constricting. Even her shirt felt too much against her sensitive, swelling tits. She slowly unbuttoned it, teasingly so. She slipped it from her shoulders as the kids watched, eyes shining with pleasure. She dropped the shirt to the floor and sat next to her son for a few moments, caressing her large tits, twisting lightly at her nipples. She could see the excitement burning in the eyes of the boys, and both Terri and Sarah looked a bit jealous.

Finally she stood up and, once her boots were off, opened her tight jeans, shoving them down. She wiggled her hips as she shoved them down, and paused for a long moment as the thick, curling hair of her cunt was exposed. She let the children look at her for a moment or so, then shoved the pants down until all her pussy hair was revealed. Then Janis turned her back to the kids, wiggling her ass as her jeans slipped down past her creamy, round ass cheeks.

Janis was getting a thrill from undressing before those young, burning eyes. Her tits swelled up and her nipples became even more rigid, trembling with her movements. Her cunt throbbed and was very wet, her clit swollen almost painfully. She shoved the jeans down and stepped from them, then turned about slowly, letting the kids view her naked beauty, pleased with their interest.

"Now," she said, sitting back on the couch next to her son, spreading her legs wide and revealing the moist, pink lips of her hairy cunt to them, "we're all naked. Isn't this nice?"

There were gurgles of agreement, the three cocks standing up tight and hard, dripping.

"This is so much better than running around in the grove, fucking and sucking in the dirt and heat, isn't it, kids?"

The five were so excited they could only nod their heads in agreement. Both Paul and Trent were now feeling Terri. Trent was fondling her small tits, and his brother was playing between her thighs. Janis again took hold of her son's cock and stroked his prick while he caressed Sarah's throbbing cunt.

Terri suddenly sprawled out in the floor on her stomach between Trent and Paul. She shoved her face into Paul's crotch, licking at his cock and balls. Then she turned to Trent, doing the same thing. Janis watched her daughter suck the cocks in turn, her sweet, tight ass writhing. Janis leaned over and placed her lips about her son's cock and sucked his prick. Trent and Paul growled with surprise as they saw her do this.

"You suck your son, Janis?" Trent asked. "You really suck his cock?"

Janis sucked off Greg's cock and told him, "Of course I do."

"Does Greg fuck you, too?" Paul asked in his high voice. "Do you let Greg fuck you, Janis?"

"Why not?" Janis asked. "It's no different than you two fucking your sister, is it?"

"I guess not," Trent said.

Janis moved from the couch and lay down on the floor with her head in Paul's lap. She cupped his balls and lifted them to her lips. She kissed them, then pulled his balls into her mouth, sucking gently. Terri was doing the same thing to Trent, and Greg had slipped to the floor and had his face between Sarah's slim thighs. He was kissing and licking at her fuzzy pussy happily.

"Oh, hey!" Trent grunted as Terri sucked his cock into her mouth. "That's good, Terri!"

"I'm getting sucked, too!" Paul squeaked, watching Janis's head bobbing up and down on his cock. "I like this, don't you, Trent?"

"Yeah," his brother grunted. "Look at Greg! He's licking Sarah's cunt! Why didn't we ever think of that before?"

Sarah was squealing softly as she wiggled her pussy into Greg's face. "Lick it for me, Greg!" she squealed in pleasure. "I'll suck your cock off again if you lick my cunt and make me cum! Ooooo, I like your tongue inside my pussy, Greg! Ohhh, that feels like your cock, almost! Golly, that is sure good!"

Janis bobbed her head up and down on Trent's cock swiftly, her tongue flying about his cockhead. She writhed her hairy cunt against the carpet, her ecstasy bubbling hotly through her naked body. She could hear her daughter's muffled sighs and grunts of delight as she sucked on Paul's cock. The sounds Sarah was making filled her ears, too, and the lewd noises all increased the roaring, erotic pleasure.

Sucking sounds filled the room along with murmured sighs of delight. Heavy breathing mingled with moist, sucking sounds. Greg tongued Sarah's sweet-tasting pussy eagerly, lapping up and down her honeyed cunt lips and about her hard, rubber-like clit. Sarah wiggled her cunt hard into his face, her eyes almost unfocused as she watched Terri and Janis sucking the cocks of her brothers.

Trent and Paul gurgled in pleasure, watching the naked asses of Janis and Terri quiver and writhe while the girls sucked vigorously. This was more exciting to them than taking turns fucking their sister.

Sarah was close to coming, and her small body was twisting from the waist down, grinding her cunt into Greg's face. "Ohhh, Greg, Greg! Lick my cunt... make me cum! Oooo, you can fuck me... anytime you want... if you'll make me cum! Golly, I love this! I love being licked and sucked! Oooommmm!"

Greg shoved his tongue as deep as he could into her tight, hot cunt, wiggling his tongue about. Sarah suddenly arched her pussy hard against his mouth.

"I'm coming!" she squealed ecstatically. "Ohhh, I'm coming! Eat my pussy, Greg! I'm coming... coming!"

Greg felt her young cunt flex on his tongue, and he fucked his tongue furiously in and out. He kept his tongue-fucking up until he felt Sarah relax, her ass dropping back to the couch. Then he lifted his face away, his cheeks smeared with her slippery fuck fluids. His cock was throbbing very hard as he turned to watch his mother and sister.

"I think I'm about to cum!" Paul shouted, his young, smooth face contorted with pleasure. "Suck hard, Terri! Ohh, I'm about to cum!"

Terri sucked fast, her tongue fluttering as she bobbed her lips up and down his cock. She uttered a loud whimper of delight as his cock gushed, filling her mouth with his thick cum. She swallowed quickly, not wanting to lose a drop. When he finally dripped to a stop, she ran her tongue about his cockhead, then sat up, wiping her mouth in a dainty way. Paul was breathing hard, but his expression was that of a boy who had just experienced the most blissful thing in the world.

The four of them now turned to watch Janis as she sucked in a frenzy on Trent's cock. Trent's naked body was shuddering, and he had shoved his hips into the air as if trying to press his cock down Janis's throat. His eyes were wide open, but he wasn't seeing a thing. Janis was sucking very hard on his cock now, hungry to taste his cum splashing into her greedy mouth. She was making soft, animal-like sounds as she sucked, her lips gliding to the very tip of his cock, then shoving down swiftly to his balls. Her ass writhed and trembled, her tits bobbing against his thigh.

Trent gave a loud grunt, and Janis tasted the thick sweetness of his cum. She swallowed convulsively as her tongue raced about his spewing cockhead, drawing all his cum from his tight balls. Then she sat up, grinning, spreading her legs.

"Well, kids," she said. "Isn't this much better than forcing someone to fuck?"

There were quick agreements. Greg's cock was still extremely hard, standing out cutely. But there was time to take care of his prick. It was still early in the evening, and Janis had offered to drive the three kids home after dark. They sat around the coffee table, finishing up the sandwiches and lemonade. There was a great deal of hugging and kissing between them.

"This could get to be a regular thing," Janis said, running a hand over her son's throbbing cock and fondling the balls of Paul. "That is if you kids would like it. It seems all six of us are just about as hot as they come. Of course, we can't let your parents know about it."

"You want to know a secret, Janis?" Trent said. "I think my dad would like to fuck you."

Janis stared at him. "Why do you say that?"

"Because he's always looking at you, that's why," Trent replied. "Every chance he gets, he just stares at you. I saw him get a hard on once, too."

"Hmmm, that's interesting," Janis said, pleased.

Paul looked about as though he had a burning secret that was begging to be told.

"What is it, Paul?" Janis asked. "You've got a funny look on your face. Come on, no secrets here. Tell us."

"Well," he said, blushing. "I caught our mother one time."

"What do you mean, caught her?" Trent asked. "Caught her doing what?"

"Playing with her cunt,"

"Aw, come on, Paul," Sarah said. "You didn't see her doing that."

"I did so," Paul insisted. "I saw her with her finger in her pussy, and she made me show her my cock,"

"You're telling us the truth, Paul?" Janis asked. "Is that the truth?"

Paul insisted it was all true, and Janis believed him. She smiled. "That certainly gives me an idea or two. I bet... I'd just bet your parents are as hot assed as the rest of us."

This new development excited Janis, and she began turning it over in her mind. She knew she could find out if what the boys said were true or not, and she was already deciding on how to go about it. Their father was a good-looking man, and she certainly would not turn him down if he wanted a piece of her ass. Their mother, too, would be a very good partner. She was a nice-looking woman, still slim and attractive. Greg might enjoy fucking her, and there was no doubt that both Trent and Paul would love fucking their mother.

They talked of the possibility, and of course the horny conversation sent their emotions into ecstatic readiness again. Terri had crawled about until she was on top of Trent, twisted about so that she was sucking on his cock, her little cunt pressing into his face. They watched the two for a moment, then began reaching for each other.

Janis sprawled onto her back, spreading her legs wide and pulling Paul between them. "Come on, Paul," she urged hotly. "I want that hard little cock of yours up my cunt! I want you to fuck my hairy pussy with your prick, baby! Come on, hurry up and shove that cute cock up my twat!"

Greg and Sarah watched, their excitement increasing by leaps and bounds. She was pumping on his prick and he was fingerfucking her pussy.

"Wanna try something new, Sarah?" he asked her, his eyes glowing. "Wanna try it a different way,"

"Oh, yes!" Sarah squealed hotly. "I'll try it any way you wanna try it!"

"How about up the ass?"

Her blue eyes stared at him. "Up the ass? Greg, you can't put that cock in my ass! That wouldn't work at all!"

"That's what you think," he said. "I already fucked my mom and sister up their ass! Come on, let me fuck you in the ass!"

"Well, I don't know..."

"You said I could fuck you anytime I wanted when I licked your pussy," he reminded her.

"Sure, but I didn't mean in my ass," she replied.

"You never sucked a cock off before," he argued, "and you liked that, didn't you?"

"Well, yes, but that was different."

"No, it ain't," he urged. "Come on, get on your knees and let me fuck you in the ass! Come on, Sarah!"

Janis had heard this as she clawed at Paul's pumping ass, her legs wrapped about him tightly, his cock plunging excitedly into her pussy. "Do it, Sarah," she encouraged. "I did it and so did Terri! You'll love it up the ass, honey! It feels good, getting fucked up the ass!"

"Well, I'll try," Sarah said, reluctantly. She got on her hands and knees, her sweet, round ass wiggling in the air. Greg caressed her ass cheeks, then began to kiss at them, licking his tongue over the smooth hotness. When he probed his tongue against her tight ass, Sarah squealed with sudden pleasure.

"Oooo, if your cock feels like your tongue, I'll love it in my ass!"

Janis banged her cunt up and down as Paul fucked her, his mouth level with her swollen tits, sucking on her nipples. Next to her, Terri and Trent were eating each other hungrily, Trent gripping Terri's naked ass tightly as his tongue flew in and out of her twitching, wet pussy. Terri's mouth devoured his cock with glee, soft moans rippling from her as she dug at his tight ass cheeks with her fingers.

Greg pulled his face out of Sarah's ass, looked at the tightness of her ass, then got to his knees behind her. He shoved the swollen head of his cock against her tight pink ass. Sarah gave a soft yelp but she didn't try to pull away. Greg gripped her hips with both hands, pressing hard.

"Ohhhh!" Sarah yelled as his cock slipped up her ass. "Ohhhh! That don't... don't feel too good, Greg!"

"It will," he grunted. "Give it time."

He shoved the full length of his cock up her ass, then began to fuck in and out. Sarah's yelps turned suddenly into squeals of surprised pleasure.

"Oooo, golly! It does feel good!" she gurgled, working her round little ass back against him. "You were right, Greg! Ohhh, it does feel good! Fuck me, Greg! Fuck me in my ass! I love your big cock up my ass!"

Janis turned her head to watch her son fucking the sweet girl up the ass and writhed and bounced her naked ass up and down, cooing as Paul fucked her. Through all the flowing ecstasy, her mind was turning over just how she was going to involve their parents.

The End
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